Is Opie A Liberal?

Posted in Library of Congress, Politics by chamblee54 on February 24, 2020

A bit of autolabelism surfaced on facebook last week. The coming out piece, on the theme “I am a liberal,” was said to be written by Ron Howard. PG saw the essay, thought about it, and wanted to know more. A google search quickly revealed @GallagherWitt as the author.

The post begins, in true coming out fashion, with people surprised that the author was, gasp, a liberal. PG began to wonder about Ronald William Howard. PG is the same age as RWH, a fact that PG is well aware of watching “The Andy Griffith Show.” RWH has gone on to direct highly entertaining movies. PG wonders if someone as multi-talented, as the director of big budget movies, would post anything as simplistic as this list of fifteen “liberal beliefs.”

Ron Howard trashes Trump on Twitter, calls him a ‘morally bankrupt ego maniac’ A few weeks ago, RWH was in the news for his politics. PG decided to look on twitter, and see if RWH commented about the facebook hoax. What he saw was a bit surprising. A few spots down from the top, RWH retweeted @MikeBloomberg “As president, I will reverse the Trump tax rules that benefit people like me and undermine the middle class. I’ll raise $5 trillion from the wealthy to pay for public investments in health care, infrastructure, education, climate resilience and affordable housing.” The tweet is dated “10:31 PM · Feb 19, 2020,” right after the Las Vegas debate.

RWH retweeted several more @MikeBloomberg tweets. (one, two, three, four) This cannot be construed as an endorsment, but it does demonstrate a degree of support. Retweeting @MikeBloomberg is not proof that RWH “is a liberal.”

@Moana125 Replying to @RealRonHoward “I love your movies. I know you are a Liberal so you probably won’t agree with me. I respect @ClintEastwood a lot. He has had several movies that have been snubbed by Hollywood. Richard Jewel was excellent! Also 2017!” @RealRonHoward “I have massive respect for #clinteastwood who has made two fine movies for @RealImagine #TheChangling w/ #AngelinaJolie & #JEdgar w/ @LeoDiCaprio He also gave me good & supportive directorial advice after an early screening of #Frost / #Nixon He’s a friend w/ true integrity.”

While their politics may be different, many comparisons can be made between RWH and Clinton Eastwood Jr. Both are popular actors that became directors. Both acting, and directing, require skills that have little to do with the liberal/conservative quagmire.

Hollywood, for all the bleeding heart pretension, is about making money. A major motion picture involves the investment of millions of dollars, with all the strings attached. This is the infrastructure that “I am a liberal” mentions in item 13. “Which means those with privilege — white, straight, male, economic, etc — need to start listening, even if you don’t like what you’re hearing, so we can start dismantling everything that’s causing people to be marginalized.”

“Go ahead, make my day.” In an ironic touch, Clint Eastwood is back in the news. Clint Eastwood endorses Michael Bloomberg over Trump. Pictures today are from The Library of Congress.

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  1. Skates On Lake Mendota | Chamblee54 said, on March 2, 2020 at 12:09 am

    […] “I am a liberal” Supposedly .@RealRonHoward wrote it The true author was @GallagherWitt is opie a liberal? @GallagherWitt For the record, someone named Ron Howard shared it on FB, then people began sharing […]

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