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Posted in Library of Congress, Weekly Notes by chamblee54 on February 24, 2020

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14 Paris Museums Put 300,000 Works of Art Online: Monet, Cézanne, more
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Adult Film Shot At Santa Monica Public Library During Business Hours Sparks Outrage
A word so dreadful and rotten Antonia White’s coming-of-age novel Frost in May …
Woman Told an Abortion Joke on Tiktok and Twitter Is Not Happy About It
When Did Food Companies’ Social Media Get So…Weird?
twitter death match between arbys and dennys the loser winds up on the menu
Fast Feud: The Strange, Refreshing, and Biting Humor of Food Twitter
Snarky Twitter feeds: Wendy’s and White Castle’s most dangerous weapon
15 Fast Food Chains That Threw Major Shade on Twitter
Wendy’s, Waffle House, Denny’s taunt IHOP for IHOb name change
Wendy’s burned IHOb so hard with this pancake diss
Brokeback Union: the gay porn stars speaking out about performer pay
Arkansas author Charles Portis, who wrote ‘True Grit,’ dies at 86
A brief history of presidential lethargy
Black HS student says white teen used phone to make ‘whipping’ sound
Dear Lucy McBath, Gun Violence Did Not Kill Your Son, Racism & Racial Profiling Did.
Liberals who claim Electoral College is ‘racist’ need a history lesson
Air Force Issues New Guidelines for Beards, Turbans and Hijabs
The Problem with Sedevacantism ~ Dealing with a Sedevacantist Priest
Snoop Dogg is worth $124M, but doesn’t have a will
“Sedevacantist Singles” Employees Not Sure Whether To Recognize Authority
Mega Church Pastor Hits Us With His Rhythm Sctick!
“watch something spiritual like the simpsons”
Stacey Abrams takes heat for defense of Michael Bloomberg’s cash-rich campaign
How To Tell If Polyamorous Relationships Are Right For You
Los Angeles is now the least affordable housing market
Project breathing new life into forgotten medieval chants
Here’s how Hollywood ruins the black community every single year
I Hope This Is Because It’s Your First Time Eating In A Restaurant
In my late thirties, intuition had tried to warn me about possibility of a midlife struggle.
Restaurants Roasting People Who Gave Them Negative Reviews
I Was the Judge in the Stop-and-Frisk Case. I Don’t Think Bloomberg Is Racist.
When Bloomberg loses can we please stop talking about money in politics?
Should the White Man be Completely Removed From The Face Of The Planet?
2020 Democratic Presidential Debate | NBC News (Live Stream Recording)
Full transcript: Ninth Democratic debate in Las Vegas
Atlanta Beltline Announces Acquisition of ‘Key’ Westside Property For $5.1 Million
What is “racial reconciliation”? Is it biblical? Many evangelicals seem to think it is.
Stacey Abrams’ image is weaponized in Georgia Senate race
This is a screen shot. It is from an article about @staceyabrams in the fishwrapper.
New Year’s Resolutions People Of Color Have For White People
Why Callout Culture Helps Mike Bloomberg
Democratic base has been crying wolf …

not being too paranoid. All of us remember 2016, we remember is efforts by Russians
Did Ron Howard Pen the ‘I Am a Liberal’ Essay?
Ron Howard is politically outspoken, but he did not write this Facebook post
Running against Bloomberg isn’t easy. I know. I was his opponent in 2001
do I need to get a lawyer? it sounds like i’m in deep shit
bbc series on how to argue with a racist
Slain Atlanta officer was respected, beloved by department
5 gang members arrested in murder of 14-year-old girl during home invasion, sheriff says
I’m A Lesbian Woman & I’m Leaving The INSANE “Progressive” Left
Exclusive: CSX to reactivate Hulsey Yard, frustrating neighbors’ dreams for site
Ron Howard trashes Trump on Twitter, calls him a ‘morally bankrupt ego maniac’
How to Get Inspired to Write an Argumentative Essay
This mom went viral for calling 911 because she needed baby formula
TS Madison Manager QUITS +SPILLS the REAL TEA PART 1
This New Optical Illusion Exhibit Coming To Atlanta Is A Mind-Blowing Mental Trip
Lawyers could question 8 years of cases amid racist messages sent from judge’s phone
Linking Politics to Racial Identity: Race Change and Vote Switching in 2012-2016
a conservative is a liberal who has been cancelled
Man Rushes Girlfriend To Hospital To Have Quintuplets, Finds Out She Lied To Him
3 teens, child arrested for robbing pizza delivery driver, police say
why, eight years later, Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman story won’t go away
james taylor ~ nonzero 022220 ~ authoritarianism ~ 688
original liberal ~ promotion ~ the idiot ~ michael dunn
liberal opie ~ wallers ~ alcohol and cancer ~ prince ~ richie in vegas
Sedevacantism is False ~ Sedevacantism ~ dazl ~ abortion joke ~ Old Book Illustrations
@ChrchCurmudgeon If they had cast Matthew Broderick in “Iron Man,” would his name have been Ferrous Bueller? ~ A young Ru/Paul and C/harlie Bro/wn star in /Al Clayton/’s 1980s p/hotography/ show, “Dr/ag Queens 89 characters ~ @DrLindseyFitz “Victim of the Beast” – the mysterious gravestone of Lilly E. Gray in Salt Lake City Cemetery. She’s been dead for over half a century, yet precisely who she was, and how she died, remains a puzzlement. Learn more about it on my Instagram page the gray lily project ~ @ReporterJCB McDonald said he didn’t stomp on suspect. He said he was trying to place foot on shoulder. Subject moved, foot missed his shoulder and hit his cheek, McDonald testifies ~ okay so the next question I got was what are your preferred pronouns so this was kind of a surprising question but just so you know my preferred pronouns are he/him him.he sir I do identify it as a male and I was born male and I identify as a male and I take pride in being a male so yes I’m a him ~ Boyce Watkins is talking about the importance of having a will. Apparently, Snoop Dogg has a huge fortune, but does not have a will. This is what the man said: god forbid god forbid if something happened where snoop uh went out in a Kobe Bryant situation where he his wife and his children are all on the same airplane and the plane goes down then it’s gonna be a big mess white white folks will have a field day white supremacy is gonna have a big party ~ unfortunately too many rappers and I’m not dissing snoop on this but too many rappers unfortunately are given powerful platforms to promote ignorant ideologies and it’s not their fault it’s white-supremacy’s fault because white supremacy kind of picks certain black people to pull up and prop up at the top of the pile ~ what you guys think in that way so people like me are here to counter some of the narratives that white people are promoting to you all right they’re taking your greatest heroes and they’re promoting to you the most ignorant ideas that they can possibly find and I’m not a fan of that I think black folks have to be intelligent I think intelligence is the key for us overcoming this white supremacy thing that’s just my two cents ~ because Prince didn’t have a will all of his assets went into probate .. the IRS which is very white because they used it all that money to support white supremacy so he wrote one of the biggest checks and support of white supremacy in the history of all mankind so again as I speak to you black people I’m talking can I talk facts here we don’t talk about just things that are gonna make you emotionally reactive everybody wants to see black people react emotionally to something I’m here talking logically and strategically ~ so again as I speak to you black people I’m talking can I talk facts here we don’t talk about just things that are gonna make you emotionally reactive everybody wants to see black people react emotionally to something I’m here talking logically and strategically ~ Man kidnapped woman, forced her to watch ‘Roots’ miniseries ‘so she could better understand racism’: authorities ~ Is it cultural appropriation to post .gif s of black people making faces, or just plain tacky? ~ Lizzie Warren took an ax, Gave Old Bernie forty whacks, When she saw what she had done, She gave Mike Bloomberg forty one ~ Apparently, the death of Mr. Peanut has created a job opening. State Sen. Larry Walker, R-Perry, has introduced legislation to designate the pecan as the official state nut of Georgia, according to our AJC colleague Maya Prabhu. From the text of Senate Bill 396: The pecan is the only edible nut native to North America and is this country’s most successful homegrown tree nut crop. It is known for its health benefits; scientists have discovered that pecans’ golden kernels are good for the heart, with antioxidants and cholesterol-lowering effects. The pecan traces its origins back to the 16th century, and the name ‘pecan’ is derived from the Native American word ‘pacane’ that translates as ‘nut requiring a stone to crack.’ ~ The domestication of the pecan is attributed in large part to a Louisiana plantation slave known as Antoine, a master gardener who developed a method of grafting that led to the birth of the commercial pecan industry. By 1920, Georgia was producing 2.517 million pounds of pecans; half a century later, the Georgia nut had grown so iconic that organizers for the 1996 Olympics crafted Muhammad Ali’s torch handle out of pecan wood. ~ BS had an ad on youtube. It was played a lot. In it, he says “I have a SMWALL favor to ask you” That is the part that comes before I can click on skip ad. He sounds like one of those queens in “Paris is Burning” who are going to the “bwall.” Every time I see that ad, I like BS a bit less. ~ The word [liberalism] has drifted into a farrago of usages. You have to question whether it’s useful anymore. ~ comedy in a weird way is a spiritual pursuit for the person who’s making it because you’re putting together thoughts and ideas and you’re trying to get it into these people’s minds in a way that elicits a response that makes them feel good and the only way that you could really do it is you have to hit those notes you have to reach that that resonance you have to find that frequency whatever it is that works on them and you can’t be thinking about yourself too much and you can’t be pleased with yourself can’t be happy with yourself you always have to be analyzing … your ego will fuck this up if you let your ego say oh I’m the fucking man you’re gonna ruin this whole thing you have to you have to be aware of what this is like this this this ride requires you to stay within a certain frequency you have to stay inside that frequency as soon as you start going yeah everything’s fucking awesome it all goes away ~ pictures today are from The Library of Congress.
This poem, i131 Shackjob Betty, was read last night in decatur:
the way my shackjob betty and i stunk ~ death will tremble to take our infection
to find out where god is go ask a drunk ~ dig yourself out of a pile of junk
nothing glorious about confusion ~ the way my shackjob betty and i stunk
just waiting in line and feeling it funk ~ morning after a good beer distraction
to find out where god is go ask a drunk ~ hangover was brutal he really sunk
stupid ones are full of regulation ~ the way my shackjob betty and i stunk
get laid by an idiot groupie punk ~ drink bad breath barbie degeneration
to find out where god is go ask a drunk ~ halfpint of grandad for my hungry skunk
urinal is gurgling with reaction ~ the way my shackjob betty and i stunk
to find out where god is go ask a drunk ~ selah

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