Look at Texas Right Now

Posted in Library of Congress, Weekly Notes by chamblee54 on March 9, 2020

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Police searching for Jeep that hit, killed teen standing near the sidewalk
Rebekah Neumann’s Search For Enlightenment Fueled WeWork’s Collapse
No One Has Ever Lost Money Underestimating the Intelligence of People
Yes, The Left Needs to Keep Infighting – Here Are 6 Reasons Why
Three years after the I-85 fire, Basil Eleby is turning his life around
doing really immature things like throwing dildos at the window and trying to get them to stick
Black-owned business featured in Target ad inundated with racist reviews
Ignorant Boomer Shares CNN Article Thinking It’s Real
Former Vice-President Joe Biden’s verbal gaffes
Sweeping Bill To Expand Ga. Gun Laws Could Force Atlanta To Sell Confiscated Firearms
Checkers employee shoots customer upset over wing order, manager says
The Sad Send-Off of Amy Klobuchar | Black Lives Matter Shuts Down Her Final Event
@billscher has a severe reaction when @mattklewis says good morning
Klobuchar’s Rally Cancelled After BLM Protesters Storm The Stage Over Murder Case
Wild video shows drivers doing donuts on I-285, shutting down traffic
Man accused of killing girlfriend, then wife hours later
Athens-Clarke Ditches Electronic Voting Machines For Hand-Marked Paper Ballots
Vietnamese curator banned from event – ‘Asians are seen as coronavirus carriers’
Want a Great Example of GOP’s War on Voting Access? Look at Texas Right Now.
“I have not been tweeting snakes at Elizabeth Warren”
Israel, Abortion There Is Legal — and Often It’s Free
It’s OK for People to not Drink Alcohol and You Shouldn’t Be a Dick About it
Blaming ‘Low Information’ Black Voters for Not Cleaning Up White Folks’ Mess
10 Things You Need To Let Go Of To Get Yourself Back On Track
“How Dare You, As A White Woman” Tell Me How To Interpret MLK Jr.
Nina Turner – March 5, 2020 – CNN Chris Cuomo
Hilary Rosen apologies after first apology to Sanders surrogate Nina Turner sparks uproar
Bill Maher Goes Full Sexist, Defends Chris Matthews and Mocks His Accuser
British Writer Pens The Best Description Of Trump I’ve Read
New sneakers claimed to resemble Adolf Hitler
Mother-In-Law Wondering If You Two Raw Dogging Enough to Put a Baby in Them Guts
Google tracked his bike ride past a burglarized home. That made him a suspect.
Vogue 2020 Pride Gala and Award Ceremony
Meth & Cocaine Addiction Overtaking Opioids in Georgia
These Are the Questions We Should Be Asking About Coronavirus
Virginia And Colorado Have Officially Banned Hair Discrimination
Twitter suspends NY Post writer after he exposes Carlos Maza’s riches and hypocrisy
A Pig’s-Eye View Of Literature
Stacey Abrams Is Building a New Kind of Political Machine in the Deep South
tips for reading ~ letters from dickinson to higginson
nonzero bernie ~ Hilary Rosen ~ rhps ~ oates ~ Birmingham jail letter
croz at aspen ~ covid 19 ~ baldwin ~ bye pete ~ nyc crime
@DothTheDoth My sexual orientation is emerging from fog-covered woods to vote & then exploding in thousands of crows. ~ “I’m not going to lie, but some people are like don’t ask about genitals, but its like thats important to some people” ~ @chenchenwrites Everyone quotes this, but it really is so good “If I read a book and it makes my whole body so cold no fire can warm me, I know that is poetry. If I feel physically as if the top of my head were taken off, I know that is poetry. These are the only ways I know it.” Emily Dickinson ~ I think we know each other well enough that I can put the question this way without fear of offending you do you do you have any idea how much of an asshole you sound like in this tweet ~ Mrs. BB stole that joke from Bill Maher. The porn star in question had an amusing comeback. @StormyDaniels Loving that Bill Maher is still butthurt about the time I was funnier than him on his show. You’d think that he’d have learned from the last time he tried to slut shame me that it doesn’t work. Kinda impressed that this time he was dumb enough to include the whole porn industry ~ A Closer Look at ‘White Fragility’ Theory So, research should allow us to determine whether white fragility is pandemic or hogwash or something in between. … People who write about “whiteness,” like DiAngelo, say repeatedly that they are talking about social structures, not about biology and skin color. But in practical application this distinction disappears: At the level of individuals and group dynamics, “whiteness” and white skin color become synonymous. Inborn characteristics rather than degree of participation in racist social structures defines a person’s social standing and the value of their lived experience or ideas. ~ @LADYBUNNY77 Just heard the news that a drag queen has been booted from @RuPaulsDragRace for pretending to be a female casting agent and forcing people to appear in a string tasteless, demoralizing videos. But wait! How can they fire the show’s host? ~ Things move fast on twitter. I spent all day on a movie set, and left my phone in the car. When I got home, #ElizabethWarren was not even trending. She was already old news. ~ @ninaturner was asked about problems with @BernieSanders She did not answer the question, but made a speech about “The President FDR” and “the spirit of” MLK. ~ “Digital blackface is basically the use of a GIF or meme featuring a black person by a non-black, most specifically white person. When a white or non-black person uses a reaction GIF or meme featuring a black person, in that moment they are choosing to metaphorically don the skin of a black person for the sake of making a point.” ~ You have to decide who you are and force the world to deal with you, not with its idea of you ~ @ihatejoelkim Whenever I see insanely broad generalizations about a group I belong to on here? I simply sit back, remember I am one of the good ones and then tweet out their home address. ~ pictures today are from The Library of Congress. ~ selah

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