Back To Normal Social Distancing

Posted in Library of Congress, Weekly Notes by chamblee54 on March 23, 2020

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Rose McGowan Blasts Donald Trump, Murdochs, Networks in Open Letter
A Bottle of Wine Contains More Philosophy Than All the Books in the World
Coronavirus Outbreak Emerged from Bats, Genomic Findings Suggest
Here are the coronavirus guidelines released by the White House
The two dark sides of COVID-19 by Peter Singer and Paola Cavalieri
‘Virus Hunter’ Epidemiologist Talks Science of COVID-19
Emergency Dispatch: the 1918 flu and the movie industry
No, The CDC Is Not Telling People to Shave to Avoid The Coronavirus
Is Social Distancing Now Considered a Lack of Faith?
The two nights in 1968 that Milwaukee experienced Jimi Hendrix at The Scene
Tom Brady Says Goodbye To Patriots, Thanking Belichick And Kraft
“Blacks and Indians” explores complex relationship between Black and Native Americans
“The unadulterated Irish language”: Irish Speakers in Nineteenth Century New York
The CDC was Fighting Racism and Obesity Instead of Stopping Epidemics
Biden’s Top 12 Running Mates, Ranked He says he’s going to pick a woman.
#158 The Case of the Missing Hit
‘Awful and fake’: Oprah Winfrey hits back at false sex-trafficking rumours
CENTCOM commander wrongly suggests ‘splinter’ Taliban group carrying out attacks
Woody Allen memoir may still go ahead in France, despite controversy
Italians over 80 ‘will be left to die’ as country overwhelmed by coronavirus
We’re not going back to normal Social distancing is here to stay
Former Brookhaven Mayor Williams remembered as an ABC News ‘superstar’
11 Podcasts Feminists Should Listen to While Social Distancing
China’s Ghastly Blame Game Amid the tsunami of dread and panic this week …
The History of Murder Ballads and the Women Who Flipped the Script
Hotep Jesus Self-Quarantines after coming in contact with Possible COVID-19
Atlanta drag queen Sharon Needles in hospice care
Cop who killed Georgia Tech Pride leader won’t face charges
It Is Now Illegal To Return Your Hoarded Groceries
Sen. Kelly Loeffler Dumped Millions in Stock After Coronavirus Briefing
Financial Disclosure Reports Database Office of the Clerk – U.S. Capitol, H154, (202) 225-7000
Bar Where I Meet Tinder Dates Goes Out of Business: A Shakespearean Tragedy
The Accusations Were Lies. But Could We Prove It?
chart shows America needs to immediately brace itself for historic unemployment
You ain’t heard nothin’ yet: the moment Al Jolson sounded the birth of the talkies
Mourning in America: On the memorial service that wasn’t, for Rebecca Chase Williams
How Iran’s Dictators Laid the Foundation for the Country’s Coronavirus Crisis
REPORTS FROM THE HOLOCAUST The Making of an AIDS Activist Larry Kramer
“An Open Letter to Dr. Anthony Fauci” San Francisco Examiner, June 26, 1988
15 Women Who Changed Hollywood Forever
people are often in a rush to talk in an educated manner about things they know nothing about
Mary Dejevsky Coronavirus and the myth of ‘Blitz spirit’
Why I’m tired of white gay men telling queer stories
FIRST EVER GUN CAM police shooting – Vernon TX officer destroys pedophile
4 Ways to Control Your Emotions in Tense Moments
Claudia Rankine ~ howmanyofme ~ non zero china ~ ventilator blues
sensationalism ~ tulsi’s brother ~ HHS 1050 ~ musicland
covid-19 talk ~ metaphors ~ dust ~ Found Footage Festival ~ cleo monster ~ oyster flatulence
@parisreview “I’m saddened and angered equally by work made of contempt, hatred, misogyny, and too many adjectives.” —Grace Paley ~ @rolandsmartin JUST IN: @AndrewGillum announces he’s headed to rehab: “After conversation with my family and deep reflection, I have made the decision to seek help, guidance and enter a rehabilitation facility at this time. This has been a wake-up call for me. Since my race for governor 1/4 ~ @OverheardOnDuty Just a reminder that crime is illegal during a pandemic, just like normal. So if you could stop fucking around and act like decent members of society and work together, it would be great. I should not have to go out and settle a debate over a parking spot. ~ There was a moment. You were walking across a lawn, feeling down and out. When all seemed lost, you looked down and saw a dandylion. When you told this story in a video interview, a clock bell rang while you said this. This morning, I stepped onto my front porch. In the front yard, dandylions are popping up. ~ pandemic anagrams as med panic ~ @Mother_Faulkner Any helpful tips for helping my trans daughter change names? She’s showed a definite interest in picking a new name, but she doesn’t yet read, which poses a bit of a challenge ~ Seventeen years ago, Iraq teetered on the edge of regime change. It was obvious what was going to happen, at least at first. America was going to storm in, kill a bunch of people, and take over. ~ Son is amazed to find HUNDREDS of vintage toilet paper rolls from the 1980s stocked in his late father’s unit years after he died – and is now offering them up to people in need ~ @atrupar HANNITY, March 9: “This scaring the living hell out of people — I see it, again, as like, let’s bludgeon Trump with this new hoax.” HANNITY, March 18: “By the way, this program has always taken the coronavirus seriously. We’ve never called the virus a hoax.” ~ @chamblee54 just eat a reeses peanut butter cup, and cry like the ugly mammal you are, go on twitter to tell the people wassup, never ever ever let them drive your car ~ Baltimore Mayor Begs Residents To Stop Shooting Each Other So Hospital Beds Can Be Used For Coronavirus Patients There was a story in Rolling Stone years ago. John & Yoko sang “Imagine” for an audience that included Nelson Rockefeller, then the Governor of NY Mr Rockefeller was said to have a “what has God wrought” look on his face ~ 44:37 WHAT DO YOU SAY TO AMERICANS WHO ARE SCARED, THOUGH. NEARLY 200 DEAD, 14,000 WHO ARE SICK. MILLIONS, AS YOU WITNESSED, WHO ARE SCARED RIGHT NOW. WHAT DO YOU SAY TO AMERICANS WATCHING YOU RIGHT NOW WHO ARE SCARED? 44:49 >> I SAY YOU’RE A TERRIBLE REPORTER. THAT’S WHAT I SAY. I THINK THAT’S A VERY NASTY QUESTION AND I THINK IT IS A VERY BAD SIGNAL THAT YOU’RE PUTTING OUT TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE. THE AMERICAN PEOPLE ARE LOOKING FOR ANSWERS AND THEY’RE LOOKING FOR HOPE. AND YOU’RE DOING SENSATIONALISM AND THE SAME WITH NBC AND COMCAST. I DON’T CALL IT COMCAST, I CALL IT CONCAST. LET ME SAY SOMETHING. THAT’S REALLY BAD REPORTING. AND YOU OUGHT TO GET BACK TO REPORTING INSTEAD OF SENSATIONALISM. LET’S SEE IF IT WORKS. IT MIGHT, AND IT MIGHT NOT. I HAPPEN TO FEEL GOOD ABOUT IT. BUT WHO KNOWS. I’VE BEEN RIGHT A LOT. LET’S SEE WHAT HAPPENS. ~ This Side of Paradise: A Letter from F. Scott Fitzgerald, Quarantined in the South of France by Nick Farriella NOTE: This is a work of parody and is not an actual letter written by Fitzgerald. ~ Making the situation all the more potentially explosive was the fact that many Iranians have a special antipathy for China, as it is one of the few powerful countries that has openly supported the Iranian regime. News of Chinese tourists heading into Iran, some of them potentially sick with a contagious disease, predictably inflamed public sentiment. On social media, especially Instagram, I saw videos of Chinese tourists being cursed and shouted at by Iranians and being told to return to China with “their virus.” ~ “give me a break I mean we don’t talk enough about a corporate welfare you know in this country we don’t talk about how we pay for cuts and subsidies to the wealthiest people the wealthiest countries companies in this country but yet when it comes to putting a down payment on Main Street folks want to raise that issue” ~ pictures today are from The Library of Congress. ~ selah

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