A Pretty Monstrous Experience

Posted in Library of Congress, Weekly Notes by chamblee54 on May 18, 2020


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Human: A Pretty Monstrous Experience and Blood Drive
UPDATE: GBI arrests man after social media threat to Ahmaud Arbery protests
EXCLUSIVE: Man who recorded shooting of Ahmaud Arbery speaks out
Scunthorpe Sans, a self-censoring font based on Aileron w/auto-censoring ligatures
I tell you I’m warming up to that girl
Megachurch Pastor Who Frequently Attacked Atheists Dies By Suicide
Crowds gather to buy new Air Jordans in Atlanta after lockdown lifted
The Story Behind Dylan Thomas’s “Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night”
Real Stories Of Called-Off Weddings You may not kiss the bride. CLICKBATE
New 911 call made by accused killer released in the Ahmaud Arbery case
Remembering the Nakba, 72 years on Harba Abu Zakri is a survivor.
Who Controls the Rainbow? Memoir By Stevie Phillips Revisits Judy Garland Myth
What 74 former Biden staffers think about Tara Reade’s allegations
LeBron James’ Teen Son Blasted For Preferring White & Latina Girls!!
LGBTQ entertainer, bar manager Regina Simms dies at 61
Greg McMichael lawyers: More than 1 video of Arbery shooting
YouTube bans Piper’s “Coronavirus and Christ” – “violating community guidelines”
Ahmaud Arbery’s Accused Murderer Was Encouraged by Cops to be a Vigilante
Caravan calling for justice in Ahmaud Arbery case to hold rally in Georgia today
The Virus, the Press, and the Comfortable Class
like to have those Trump days back again Trump was great … make Trump great again
What the Color ‘Haint Blue’ Means to the Descendants of Enslaved Africans
Forrest Gump ~ pickle surprise ~ GSEMH ~ handicap access ~ sweet tomatoes ~ slate arberry
It is important to post the monday morning reader before noon. This week has an assortment of links about Ahmaud Arbery. I was wondering why this murder was getting more attention than the dozens of killings that take place every day. Then I edited this post. The third link from the top is an example. This case deserves some of the hysteria being devoted to the Arbery incident. You will not have to look very far to find more. ~ Nothing Is Certain, Except Death and Taxes (Great thanks to Luther Mckinnon whose tweet on this topic led QI to formulate this question and perform this exploration. Mckinnon pointed to the 1789 letter by Benjamin Franklin. Thanks also to Dave Hill who participated in the tweet thread. In addition, thanks to previous researchers such as Fred Shapiro who identified the Christopher Bullock and Edward Ward citations.) ~ @WISTquotes Travel, trouble, music, art, A kiss, a frock, a rhyme — I never said they feed my heart, But still they pass my time. Dorothy Parker (1893-1967) American writer “Faute de Mieux,” Enough Rope (1926) Faute de mieux means “for lack of something better or more desirable.” ~ “Men of faith know that throughout history the crimes committed in liberty’s name have been exceeded only by those committed in God’s name.” Mills E. Godwin, Governor of Virginia (Dec 1966) On KKK cross-burnings. Quoted in various papers of the time. ~ I just got a letter from the US Department of Treasury. From the moment I got it out of the mailbox, to the moment when I was able to open it, I was worried. When I looked inside the envelope, I saw a familiar signature at the bottom. The letter told me that the economic stimulus was on the way. That is interesting, because I got the check a couple of weeks ago. What a waste of money. A useless letter, from a useless president. ~ @TylerMahanCoe This info deserves to be public, so I unlocked last month’s Patreon update for everyone. The true and untold story of how “You Never Even Called My By My Name” was written & recorded, ft. John Prine, Steve Goodman and David Allan Coe. ~ @OverheardOnDuty Adam Slater stabbed his wife and took his one year old. He then got into a wreck when fleeing the scene with his one year old. A bystander tried to save his one year old out of the wrecked car and Adam stabbed him. Adam then threw his one year old off a cliff to die. Evil exists. ~ “JUST DISCOURSE: Do not bandy words with your father, nor treat him as a dotard, nor reproach the old man, who has cherished you, with his age.” Aristophanes (c.450-c.388 BC) Athenian comedic playwright Clouds, ll. 998-999 (423 BC) [tr. Athenian Soc. (1912)] ~ You must log in to this network before you access the internet ~ pictures today are from The Library of Congress. ~ selah

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