Hero Status Will Be Stamped

Posted in Library of Congress, Weekly Notes by chamblee54 on June 29, 2020

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Brett Favre Kaepernick Similar To Pat Tillman … Hero Status Will Be Stamped’
Why There Are No Nazi Statues in Germany What the South can learn from postwar Europe.
Henry Winkler shades Trump by performing feat of drinking water one-handed
Tom Petty’s family issues cease and desist to Trump campaign after song played at rally
Over 90 shot, 14 fatally in violent Father’s Day weekend in Chicago
‘Tear Them Down’: Shaun King Demands ‘White European’ Jesus Statues Be Removed
Did Caroline Small have to die? Police shooting … was ’worst’ ever seen,
Why Glenn Loury offers essential conservative reading on mass incarceration, crime
People take over property where Rayshard Brooks was killed, set up roadblocks
Armed protesters remain at Wendy’s where Rayshard Brooks was killed. So what’s next?
FBI investigating noose hung in NASCAR garage
The Economy Is A Mess. So Why Isn’t The Stock Market?
Sun Ra Arkestra Announce First New Album in Over 20 Years, Share New Song
Project Veritas: Facebook Moderators Say They Delete Everything Conservative
Are You BUYING The Bubba Wallace NASCAR Story?
FBI: Noose found at Talladega was there as early as Oct 2019
41 Shot, 6 Fatally Monday in Chicago
How is Face Recognition Surveillance Technology Racist?
The author discussed his book, Stars in Their Courses: The Gettysburg Campaign.
Law Professor Destroys Student Protesting Her Wearing a ‘Black Lives Matter’ T-Shirt
Graffiti artist strikes back after SF queer bar’s mural is painted over during Pride
White Supremacist Infiltration of US Police Forces … It’s more than “a few bad apples”
The scenes on Bournemouth beach make Britain look like the jackass of the world
In What Kind of Crazy do You Get Promoted After Saying ‘White Lives Don’t Matter’?
Why Biden is Rejecting Black Lives Matters’ Boldest Proposals
Over 150 College Athletes Contracted Coronavirus After Being Pressured to Practice
Man who stood on burning police car during protests arrested for arson
increasing size of icons, tool panels, etc. GIMP
COVID in Atlanta | Video of crowd at well-known Atlanta nightclub raises questions
18-year-old charged for assaulting Macy’s staffer caught on viral video
Facebook Market Value Plummets $56 Billion as Advertisers Flee Platform
push for bill making it illegal to discriminate against someone over hair style
50 True Crime Podcasts We’ve Been Hooked On This Year
Stop Firing the Innocent Punishing people who did not do anything wrong harms …
Cambridge Professor Insists ‘White Lives Don’t Matter,’ Calls To ‘Abolish Whiteness’
RuPaul on Cypress Steet in Atlanta filming his movie “Voyeur”
8 Revolutionary Ideas for Your Garden from Thomas Rainer
Black Lives Matter Organizer Resigns as Chair of Atlanta DSA
Is the My Little Pony Fan Community Really Full of Nazis?
Police investigating shooting outside Campbellton Road nightclub
SF bar, Holocaust survivor, his lawyer helped change tides on gay rights in 1951
After long legal fight, life of Black Cat Cafe comes to an end
bruising experience of inadvertently becoming target of a Twitter feeding frenzy
On “White Fragility” … America’s smash-hit #1 guide to egghead racialism
How Blondie’s Debbie Harry Learned to Deal With Superficial, Demeaning Interviewers
black cat cafe ~ Hohenzollern ~ intl. fairy day ~ bubba repents
bubba wallace ~ Dr. W.J. “Dub” Greenway ~ evil n ~ Washington’s Teeth
Rayshard Brooks told police Natalie White was his girlfriend. Now, a woman with same name is wanted for burning a Wendy’s ~ “Mrs. Dora Stainers, 562 1/2 Decatur St. 39 years old. Began spinning in an Atlanta mill at 7 years, and is in this mill work for 32 years. Only 4 days of schooling in her life. Began at 20 cents a day. The most she ever made was $1.75 a day & now she is earning $1 a day when she works.” The photograph was taken in March 1915. ~ Wrongfully Arrested Because Face Recognition Can’t Tell Black People Apart That headline is a bit much. I can accept that problems exist with the technology, and police use of it. However, to go directly to “Can’t Tell Black People Apart” is a stretch. It is also inflammatory, and might increase racial tensions … at a time when race tensions are already bubbling over. How is Face Recognition Surveillance Technology Racist? I don’t think it is inflammatory to say something that is factually accurate and that highlights another example of systemic racism. … Lets put it this way. If you were defending a system in court, and the opposing attorney said “This technology cannot tell black people apart”, would you object? …There is also the matter of how you package the headline. The youtube headline said “Wrongfully Arrested Because of Flawed Face Recognition Technology.” That is fine. Whereas, the ACLU article headline said “Wrongfully Arrested Because Face Recognition Can’t Tell Black People Apart.” Same message, but the latter will inflame emotions much more than the former. There is so much tension right now. We should be careful how we say things. ~ University Avenue cleared of barricades near property where Rayshard Brooks was killed ~ The Civil War, there’s a great compromise, as it’s called. It consists of Southerners admitting freely that it’s probably best that the Union wasn’t divided, and the North admits rather freely that the South fought bravely for a cause in which it believed. ~ 1 Copy wikiquotes page of reputed source into word document 2 CNTL + F, search for a word in quote 3 If you cannot match that word to quote, try another word 4 If the quote is not in WQ, it might be not be legitimate. WQ is not definitive, but a good place to start. ~ @chakrabsumita Some folks who I believe are well-meaning are saying that the Michael Dickman poem in @poetrymagazine Poetry critiques whiteness. I strongly disagree, and I would like to tell you why via my only skill: close reading! In This Essay I Will; Or, God Help Me, It’s Thread O’Clock ~ To Our Readers Regarding “Scholls Ferry Rd.” by Michael Dickman ~ Scholls Ferry Rd. ~ @chamblee54 Is the poem even available online? Yes denounce it all you like, but let me read it for myself. I do not want to buy a print edition to do so. What privilege! ~ @chamblee54 Putting out a thread like this, without a link to the poem, is rude. The link should be in the initial tweet, so we can read it for ourselves ~ @chamblee54 You should copy this thread into an essay, post it in the comment section of the print edition, and delete the twitter thread. If you continue to post your commentary on twitter, you should make “Scholls Ferry Rd.” available online. 1/2 … If you want the greater viability of an online commentary, then it should be accompanied by access to the source material. 2/2 ~ Scholls Ferry Rd. ~ pictures for this constipated collection today are from The Library of Congress. ~ selah

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