Magical Drug Mansion

Posted in Library of Congress, Weekly Notes by chamblee54 on July 27, 2020

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Driver shot, killed on I-85; shooter still on the loose
Please Don’t Put Your Suitcase on the Bed, Ever
Tribe finds casino opportunity in Oklahoma, following failed attempt in Glynn County
A new intelligentsia is pushing back against wokeness
Chicago shootings leave at least 49 people shot and seven dead this weekend
These Truths, These Untruths, These Really Big Numbers
Racism, inequality, and conflict: an interview with Prof. Robert Sapolsky
Americans tune in to ‘cancel culture’ — and don’t like what they see
Kelly Loeffler: WNBA support for Black Lives Matter could make some fans ‘feel excluded’
John McWhorter, Michael Eric Dyson discuss Robin Diangelo’s White Fragility,
The 20 Best Joni Mitchell Songs Written About Her Famous Friends and Ex-Lovers
Super Bowl Arrival Press Conferences – Colin Kaepernick Jan 27, 2013
Colin Kaepernick calls out NFL: ‘Stop running from the truth, I’m ready’ – 2019
Culture of shaking hands ‘probably gone forever’, says top scientist
North Georgia city to rename street named after ‘Jim Crow’
Two famous leftist icons are heading for history’s trash heap
Family of slain 13-year-old Chicago girl welcomes help of federal agents
Police identify two men killed at busy shopping center
Erik Davis on High Weirdness: Drugs, Esoterica, Visionary Experience in Seventies
Gunmen ambush group of people outside Atlanta house, 2 dead, 2 injured
One dead, NHCSO investigation at the home of UNCW Professor Mike Adams
Historic Louisville, GA house demolished by fire
Disappearance of Conservative Sites Might Have Exposed Blacklist
Biden says Trump is America’s first ‘racist’ president
Americans’ Bible engagement dramatically declining amid COVID-19: survey
The Truth about Working in Gay Porn | Waking Up With Richie West Episode.
Washington Post settles lawsuit with Covington Catholic student Nicholas Sandmann
Roman Warm Period was 2°C warmer than today, new study shows
‘White people may have to die for black communities to be made whole’
Fighting White People Is a Skill 1/18/2019 Irami Osei-Frimpong – The Funky Academic
The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down, by The Band
The Secret Society Of Twisted Storytellers® PENT UP!
Officer Who Pressed His Knee on George Floyd’s Neck Drew Scrutiny Long Before
‘Target Basket Karen’ Video Is So Weird, Over-The-Top, People Are Calling It Staged
Part Two: A Tragic Death, The Sheriff’s Failure, Jackie Johnson’s Protection Of Her Own
This magical drug mansion in Upstate New York is where the psychedelic ’60s took off
Truth about “Transgenders” ~ the band ~ joan baez ~ Irami Osei-Frimpong
The Wombwell Rainbow ~ the interbelt ~ annie ross ~ know talent
trans respect ~ tripe ~ critical race theory ~ psalm 91
@hollymathnerd I’ve been writing a dystopia for awhile now that takes the current social justice insanity and fast-forwards a few years. They’re trying to make my dystopia reality before I can even finish writing it, y’all. ~ The original title of today’smonday morning reader was “Alex Jones Explains.” A wiser authority prevailed, and it became “Auntie Social And Uncle Distancing.” ~ Nikema Williams is best known for being arrested at an illegal rally. After her arrest, she shamelessly grandstanded, and claimed to have been strip searched. Georgia Democrats can do better than this. ~ From H.L. Mencken’s review of The Social Objectives of School English by Charles S. Pendleton (March 1925): “I present Dr. Pendleton’s laborious work as overwhelming proof of a thesis that I have maintained for years, perhaps sometimes with undue heat: that pedagogy in the United States is fast descending to the estate of a childish necromancy, and that the worst idiots, even among the pedagogues, are the teachers of English.” ~ @evanmcmurry Navy vet seen in viral vid clashing w/federal officers in Portland tells @ABC he wants to use attention on him “to refocus this whole discussion back to Black Lives Matter.” “If I had been a black veteran…do you think I would have gotten as much attention as I did?” ~ @fyeahmfabello People often ask why, as a person with the politics that I hold, I don’t hate Taylor Swift. And the reason is simple: Because Taylor Swift is me – is all of us white women. And distancing ourselves from her whiteness is white supremacy, too. ~ changing someone’s racial attitudes by calling them racist is like changing their sexual orientation by calling them f****t ~ @chamblee54 It is fun to compare @GlennLoury to the mindless nonsense of @MichaelEDyson on @MSNBC with @JohnHMcWhorter “i’m an amused and interested consumer of these events” ~ pictures today are from The Library of Congress. ~ selah

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