In Hot Water Over

Posted in Poem by chamblee54 on August 24, 2020

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Unknown Hinson in hot water over Dolly Parton comments
Chatham County Commissioner James Holmes, 82, dies after fight with COVID
professor at Iowa State University has threatened to dismiss students who …
‘Like token blacks’: Diamond and Silk offered $150,000 to ditch Trump
officials figuring out how to bring students back to campus resemble Challenger …
The Guitar-Tuning Odyssey of Joni Mitchell
Rose McGowan Calls Out Kamala Harris Over Harvey Weinstein
Amber Tamblyn Slams ‘Predatory’ James Woods in Open Letter
Tens of thousands gather in Minsk for biggest protest in Belarus history
DNC Speaker Susan Molinari Made Millions Lobbying For Russia
BLM mob beats white man unconscious after making him crash truck: video
Utah grandmas ‘lovingly peer pressure’ grandkids to register to vote
father of a 5 yo boy killed in North Carolina says suspect was a neighbor for 8 years
Figuring out what to read – This has not happened to me in a very long time …
NY Times, Leftists Label Susan B. Anthony ‘Racist’ After She Gets A Trump Pardon
How an Insurgency Threatens Mozambique’s Gas Bonanza
Coddling of the American Mind: How Good Intentions, Bad Ideas Are Setting Up …
Presbyterians join Monday for ‘Awakening to Structural Racism’
The Reason Why No Photography is Allowed in the Sistine Chapel
Goodyear responds to zero-tolerance policy slide labeled by employee as discriminatory
Destiny of the ‘Gilligan’s Island’ Cast 55 Years Since the Show Release
Why the NBA has a serious viewership problem it needs to fix
Former Trump adviser Steve Bannon charged in fraud linked to border wall fundraising
How to Be an Anti-Intellectual – book about antiracism is wrong on its facts …
Anti-racist Arguments Are Tearing People Apart What a viral story reveals about …
Pastor John MacArthur’s Religious Freedom Upheld in Court
Non-Lincoln “You Cannot” Quotation You cannot help poor man by destroying the rich.
Gwinnett police respond to viral video showing officer shocking woman with Taser
Donald Trump’s Brother, Robert Trump, Died at 71 — What Was His Cause of Death?
Mother of rapper killed at Airbnb party said banning parties won’t stop violence
The TERF Industrial Complex: Transphobia, Feminism and Race
How much risk comes with attending a UGA football game in 2020? Is it worth it?
Want the perfect printable that allows you to document your month on OnlyFans
Why we cannot ignore Institutional Racism ~ Why Anti-racism is so Popular
Wokeness: old religion in a new bottle
Tennessee legislature cracks down, making it felony to camp overnight outside Capitol
Poems by William Wordsworth: including Lyrical ballads, Miscellaneous Pieces …
A Simple Acronym Sums up What’s Wrong With Social Media
Hector Black ~ Algorithm apocalypse ~ yeahwrite ~ Nouthetic ~ randy taylor ~ racist coffee
@chamblee54 It is tough to take @Eric_Alterman seriously after this gem “most of the lies were told for one of two reasons one was because of the country’s commitment to white supremacy” His lips were moving when he said that @JohnHMcWhorter @bloggingheads ~ @chamblee54 his lips were moving again “is it true that thomas jefferson had a romantic relationship with sally heming no he he raped her because you can’t have a romantic relationship with a slave” ~ pictures today for this boring edition are from The Library of Congress. ~ selah

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