Toxic Corrosive Still-Vibrant

Posted in Library of Congress, Weekly Notes by chamblee54 on August 31, 2020

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Athens police officer, father of 6 recovering after horrific crash with fleeing suspect
Hollywood’s Fame Scholar Is Reinvigorated Karina Longworth dug deeper than ever before
Protesters Take to Streets After Black Man Seriously Injured in Police-Involved Shooting
billionaire who vowed to pay off student loans … facing a criminal tax probe
The Burning of Minneapolis Visiting the site of the American Golgotha reveals an ongoing …
Four Ways to Escape a Sex Panic Allegatations against Mayor Alex Morse sought …
After Nur, more women recall toxic working experience at ‘Patriot Act’
Kenosha Business Owners Speak Out After Rioters Destroy Buildings
Sex Offender Registries Often Fail Those They Are Designed To Protect
NYers accused of gun possession released without bail at more than double the rate …
Has Downing Street calculated the real cost of quarantine?
3 minutes passed between when Kenosha police arrived and when Jacob Blake was shot,
Report in Breonna Taylor Death Investigation Shows How Involved She Really Was
Complaints about parking deck costs, lack of finance put 3 Atlanta developments …
Raw Police Scanner Audio of Jacob Blake Kenosha Incident
@ZaidJilani I have never seen a headline like this
The Kenosha Shooting Suspect Was In The Front Row Of A Trump Rally In January
“how does that factor in with it being rooted in slavery i don’t know glenn”
1,000+ RSVP for President Trump boat parades on Georgia lakes
Nicholas Sandmann speaks at 2020 RNC
Church youth leader indicted on over 80 counts of sexual abuse
The Democrat Party’s Riots They’re getting what they asked for—good and hard.
Man accused of attempted murder, hate crime yelled ‘Black lives matter’ before stabbing
Terry Crews calls for boycott of popular Atlanta strip club Magic City
In This Summer Of Loss, I Watch Movies With My Daughter
Kyle Rittenhouse charged with murder in Kenosha shootings that killed 2
Anthony Huber, Joseph Rosenbaum: what we know about Kenosha shooting victims
Covington Catholic teen Nick Sandmann slams media, left for ‘cancel culture’ after viral video
No one has been victim of unfair media coverage more than President Donald Trump
Why Evangelicals and Social Justice Warriors Trigger Me in the Same Way
Kamala Harris, Ben Crump Explain Why Police Reform Starts With Economic Justice
Phoenix police body cam footage shows shooting of Ryan Whitaker, aftermath
Ryan Whitaker: Arizona Man Shot & Killed By Police After Noise Complaint
9 Unmissable Books by Trans and Non-Binary Sci-Fi and Fantasy Authors
7 Habits of Highly Effective Allies
America Reckons With Racial Injustice One Author’s Argument ‘In Defense Of Looting’
Bronx Shopkeepers Battle Back from Looting Amid Stalled Promises of City Help
NYT Critique of Ronan Farrow Describes a Toxic, Corrosive, Still-Vibrant Trump-Era …
Facts, entertainment: 16 fascinating things we’ve learned from podcasts
The battle cry of the politically homeless
What’s happening with mailboxes and mail-sorting machines?
1-year-old found safe after being kidnapped at gunpoint, 2 in custody police say
1 killed as Trump supporters, protesters clash in Portland
Schrödinger’s Cat When Nobody Is Looking
comorbidity ~ donate blm ~ @_NatalieEscobar ~ Chadwick Boseman ~ george taft
magic city ~ bosguy ~ blm ~ ben crump ~ breonna taylor ~ rgb color charts ~ 57th
@chamblee54 “it’s emotionally taxing and i’ve been doing it for long enough now that i know i’m ready to move on” This was 17 minutes in, and it is the first thing you said about your title. That title was clickbait Richie, you are better than this ~ @chamblee54 “given that new york is roughly 55 black or hispanic what percent of shooting victims and murder victims are black or hispanic … the answer is ninety-six percent” “how does that factor in with it being rooted in slavery i don’t know glenn” ~ Do you know anyone who ever called this line? Did they have a positive experience with it? Most of us have had horrible experiences with telephone help lines. While I am sure the NAMI line has good intentions, I feat that the day to day practice of this concept might not work out. What if you are suicidal, and get put on hold? Or get through to a person speaking with a thick accent, on a bad connection, so that you understand about ten percent of what they say? I can see how this would make things worse. ~ @chamblee54 This is a very strange picture. Speaker Lady is standing in front of a flag. This flag is hanging in such a way as to display a sinister cartoon face. #nodebates ~ In which @kausmickey makes the startling announcement that “I’m a swinger” Is the parrot room a family friendly place? @robertwrighter ~ There was a writing workshop. The idea was to write a poem, based on your initials. The first letter of the line was the appropriate initial. The line had as many beats as the corresponding number for that letter (a=1, b=2, c=3 …) ~ lost soul shooting up in our bathroom hailing satan, can we talk, may your genocide be an abortion distortion ~ pictures for the last day of pandemic august are from The Library of Congress. ~ selah

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