Early Voting

Posted in Georgia History, Library of Congress, Politics by chamblee54 on October 23, 2020

PG took his brother GP to early voting. Georgia/Dekalb county sent PG an absentee ballot in the mail, which he did not ask for. He considered trying to cancel it, but decided that was too much work. The AB was mailed in last week. It is a great relief to ignore the political noise, with a clear conscience.

Early voting is conducted at a gym, on Will Ross Court in Chamblee. WRC is the type of industrial side street you would never notice. By coincidence, PG used to go there. A company printed labels there. PG used to raid their dumpster, to get stickers for his pictures. Eventually, the label company got an enclosed dumpster, and PG had to go elsewhere.

A few years later, a duplex neighbor worked at the label company. Bob was a short guy, who always held a lit cigarette. Bob has a series of roommates, most of whom had been in prison. Bo, Bob’s bf, was one. One time I noticed that Bo was missing. Bob said that he was “out of town.”

Bob and Bo were always nice to PG. Eventually, they got evicted. The landlord said that they did not fight the eviction, but just said ok, and moved.

Dozens of yard signs marked the roads to the voting place. The label company building company now houses ZYCI. “CNC Machining with Urgency for the Aerospace, Defense, Robotic and Commercial Industries.” The building is painted bright colors.

The plan was to drop GP off at the front door, and go find a parking spot. There was an empty spot behind him. When you go early voting, and there are lots of empty parking spots, that is a good sign. There had been horror stories about the first day of early voting. PG questioned the wisdom of having much publicized early voting, without the capacity for election day. Perhaps the way early voting is conducted should be re-thought.

At 1:05, PG decided to record the time. He had been parked for about 10 minutes. At 1:06, GP walked up to the vehicle. Pictures today are from The Library of Congress.

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