The Senate Runoff

Posted in Georgia History, Library of Congress by chamblee54 on December 22, 2020

You can’t make this up. The control of the US Senate has come down to runoff elections in Georgia. There are two seats being contested. The four candidates include a Jew, a Black minister, a blonde, and a white man. None of the four candidates deserves your vote.

One way to look at this mess is by the candidates. David Perdue is the elected incumbent. He survived the primary/runoff/general obstacle course to get elected in 2014. Very few people can remember what Sen. Perdue did before he went into politics. He is a conservative republican, which means saying rude things about Nancy Pelosi.

Sen. Perdue might be the least offensive candidate in this runoff. Sen. Perdue thinks that being loyal to President Trump, and his efforts to overturn the Presidential election, will pay off. If Sen. Perdue wins his race, then the republicans will control one more seat in the senate, and be assured of a majority. This is a powerful reason to vote against him.

Jon Ossoff is the democrat challenger running against Sen. Perdue. Mr. Ossoff (the candidate with a normal title) was unknown before running for the GA06 seat in 2017. That was another bizarre race. The incumbent resigned to take a job in the Trump administration. Tom Price would be brought down by scandal, but not before leaving the GA06 post. A special election was called.

The democrat challenger for GA06 was Mr. Ossoff. He took in oodles of out-of-state money, and ran a hideous campaign. One of his attack points against republican candidate Karen Handel … another awesomely yuckky performer … involved a travel allowance. Mr. Ossoff managed to lose to Ms. Handel. He is the only candidate, in the last eleven years, to lose a major race to Ms. Handel.

Normally, there is only one senate election. This year, there are two. Republican Johnny Isakson retired in December 2019. Kelly Loeffler was appointed to replace him, until a special election could be held. The “winner” of this will serve two years.

Kelly Loeffler was not well known when she was appointed to the senate. Apparently, Sen. Loeffler has a lot of money, and was generous to the republican party. Many say that she bought her appointment. Sen. Loeffler has made some unsightly financial transactions while serving.

The democrat challenger is Reverend Raphael Warnock. As you may have guessed from his title, Rev. Warnock is a Baptist minister. If you go to youtube, and search “Raphael Warnock sermons”, you can see dozens of videos. Rev. Warnock has a big mouth. It is an occupational hazard. The man says incredibly offensive things. There are too many of them to be explained away.

“America needs to repent for its worship of whiteness.” In 2016, Rev. Warnock was talking about Donald Trump. A popular democrat attack point was to call Mr. Trump, and anyone who supported him, racist. This method of attack has led to a great deal of racial hatred, and division, in America. Hating people, because of their racial attitudes, is seen as being morally righteous. This cynical practice poisons America with racially based hatred.

Nobody is really sure what whiteness is. Whiteness is a racially based insult. If you don’t like something, you can say it is whiteness. Since white people are perceived as having power, trash talking whiteness is seen as punching up. This toxic practice of denouncing 72% of Americans, for whatever agenda is convenient, is what Rev. Warnock supports.

The nauseating reality is that Georgians have to choose between a professional jesus-worshiper, and Senator Barbie. The US Senate is at stake. Picture today are from The Library of Congress.

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