Molecular Surveillance

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Who likes whom? The interaction between perceiver personality and target look
Brazil prosecutors bring graft charges against Bolsonaro’s son: report
Los Angeles County lifts ban on indoor worship after Supreme Court rulings
Members of Church Say They’re Being Pressured Not to Report New COVID Outbreak
Men in Surrey treatment and recovery centre learn how to knit together
President Trump’s Post-Election Conduct, ‘Threats’ Violated Ku Klux Klan Act
This Is Not a Barbie Doll. This Is an Actual Human Being.
Bob Dylan’s ‘Neighborhood Bully’ Gets Memory-Holed Me, I romp and stomp …
Billions Going to Foreign Aid In Spending Bill: ‘Gender Programs’ in Pakistan …
What Exactly Is Molecular Surveillance—Why Are HIV Advocates Freaking Out?
$10,000 reward offered in shooting of 7-year-old girl near Phipps Plaza
A Peculiar Kind of Racist Patriarchy We are frequently told by commentators …
The CASE Act Is Just the Beginning of the Next Copyright Battle
The Most Dangerous Way to Drink Your Coffee, According to Science
Flint Has Clean Water Now. Why Won’t People Drink It?
Heather Morris Apologizes for Defending Her Late Glee Costar Mark Salling
Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About System Exclusive (Part 1)
Living With Karens A white woman calls the police on her Black neighbors.
Why I’m Losing Trust in the Institutions The CDC came scarily close to …
So what exactly are white people superior at? | Keep it 100: Black in Americacv
PCR, antigen and antibody: Five things to know about coronavirus tests
Alleged Vandals Responsible For Desecrating Quincy Nativity Scene Drew Tilton And …
Georgia SOS asks for changes to state’s ‘no-excuse’ absentee ballot voting
12 injured after fleeing DUI suspect causes chain of crashes on Buford Highway
I like being miserable you need a nice girl to be miserable with
It would be easier to just Google ‘not equals’ and then copy and paste it.
U.S. newsrooms are very white. So are critics and journalists that cover them.
A Student Mob Took Over Bryn Mawr. The College Said Thank You
flat earth ~ tea dance ~ Klara Shagenovna Kasparova ~ unicode ~ open secrets
act blue ~ adl hate symbols ~ noir jazz ~ michael alig ~ emily dickinson
Hermance ~ emmylou ~ ccr ~ proud mary ~ jamie lee curtis ~ xmas story ~ you’re the top
pappalardi ~ hackney herbal ~ food talk ~ hunter s thompson ~ aita
butch trucks ~ peachtree shooting ~ goad ~ emmylou harris ~ Harrison Bergeron
i say like a lot and uh you know i it’s a whenever i see myself doing it when i watch myself on video i don’t like it but the fact that a supposed opcw official is saying like a lot he says like we were there like like he sounds like a young guy not a veteran inspector ~ BREAKING: Lawsuit filed today against educational agencies, teachers, principal, & CEO responsible for hosting workshops requiring children to make public professions about their racial, sexual, gender & religious identities, some of which were singled out for interrogation. ~ De Mortuis Nil Nisi Bonum ~ @chamblee54 youtube transcripts no longer use the magic word ~ what “what kind of negro i’m sorry i’m not supposed to use that word kind of [-] because that’s the way it would be said that [-] don’t know you know that [-] don’t you know that’s what they’re saying” ~ when everybody starts saying [ ] [ ] [ ] ~ What is a deepfake? Channel 4 to parody Queen’s speech on Christmas Day using convincing video technology ~ In 1991, the Goodyear blimp flew out of Peachtree Dekalb Airport. My attic apartment was under the flight path. After a big game downtown, I could hear the blimp going back to the base. ~ @atlurbanist “three things we need to begin: 1). Leadership; 2). Some leadership; 3). Any leadership.” Bold criticism of the mayor. Hmm. I understand the frustration, but also I fear the potential for conservative dog whistling about crime and the effect it could have on 2021 elections. ~ this poem was written during a writing workshop: bubba the red neck reindeer, had a very shiny neck, and if you ever saw it, you might say what the heck. all of the other reindeer, used to give him the blame, they paid to let poor bubba, lose in all of the redneck games. then one stormy nascar eve, jim bob came to say, bubba with your neck so bright, won’t you steal my wife tonight. then all the reindeer loved him, and they shouted out with beer, bubba the red neck reindeer, go and get on out of here. ~ pictures today are from The Library of Congress. ~ selah

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