Between Trump And Raffensperger

Posted in Library of Congress, Weekly Notes by chamblee54 on January 11, 2021

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Children of Bodom’s Alexi Laiho has died at the age of 41
Best Kept Secrets to Prevent, Halt, or Even Reverse Macular Degeneration
$6 million equestrian estate hits the market on Chattahoochee River
BATTLEGROUND BLOG: Report: Dems Ask FBI For Criminal Probe Of Trump Call
For those who want to fight antisemitism, the choice in Georgia is clear
Here’s the full transcript and audio of call between Trump and Raffensperger
You Paid For It: St. Louis police chief discusses city’s homicide rate
Read the full transcript of President Trump’s call with Georgia’s Sec. of State
Trans women retain athletic edge after a year of hormone therapy, study finds
Joel Kim Booster Isn’t Afraid to Swear, Explain His ‘Big Mouth’ Job, or Say …
An open letter: why I’m leaving the cult of wokeness by Africa Brooke
Here are 5 counties to watch as the Georgia Senate election results roll in
Leading in two Georgia races, Democrats on verge of Senate control
Johns Hopkins … Preparedness for a High-ImpactRespiratory Pathogen Pandemic
Trump tells supporters he ‘will never concede’ presidential election
James Lindsay: An Interview About The War on Reality
activist inside U.S. Capitol says woman killed was first to try and enter House chamber
Computer shop owner sues Twitter over Hunter Biden laptop story
Sidney Powell Sued by Dominion for $1.3 Billion Over Vote-Fraud Claims
Sen. Hawley’s campaign sends fundraising text at height of Capitol siege
Host of ‘The Daily’ Clouds ‘N.Y. Times’ Effort To Restore Trust After ‘Caliphate’
Video shows fatal shooting of Ashli Babbitt in the Capitol
Shooting Storming Of US Capitol In Washington DC (View Discretion Is Advised)
New reports show other ways Trump tried to interfere in Ga. election
jack offs trump ~ roseanne boyland ~ @Ashli_Babbitt ~ dankula ~ calm down caren
stacey prayer candle ~ ray folds ~ repost ~ woody allen ~ otolaryngologist
STACEY ABRAMS Prayer Candle – Black Lives Matter – $15.00 ~ Saint Stacey Abrams Prayer Candle ~ @TwitterSafety As a result of the unprecedented and ongoing violent situation in Washington, D.C., we have required the removal of three @realDonaldTrump Tweets that were posted earlier today for repeated and severe violations of our Civic Integrity policy. @TwitterSafety This means that the account of @realDonaldTrump will be locked for 12 hours following the removal of these Tweets. If the Tweets are not removed, the account will remain locked. ~ @TwitterSafety Future violations of the Twitter Rules, including our Civic Integrity or Violent Threats policies, will result in permanent suspension of the @realDonaldTrump account. ~ @getongab To the people whining about us turning off replies to tweets: it’s called marketing genius. In order to respond you have to quote tweet and promote what we are saying to your followers. ~ i just i don’t get into defining racism ~ pictures today are from The Library of Congress. ~ selah

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