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I disconnected the iphone7 yesterday. If you want to call me, I am available at the same number, on the att flip phone I had before last November. It was a horrible experience.

On November 1, 2020, the house had no electricity, and was facing major renovations. I felt I would need access to email during this time. While I was at the att store, charging the ip7, the house issues began to resolve themselves. By that evening, the power was back on. And I was stuck with an ip7.

I had gotten by just fine with a flip phone and desktop computer. Fine. I saw the rest of America with its nose in a phone, constantly, and did not want to be like that. For the next three months, and 23 days, I tried to join in. I failed. Miserably.

My best friend had moved to Mexico. There was a device, whats app, that would enable me to talk to him. I tried to download the app. This was one of my first experiences with the ip7 password computer. It is tiny, and sensitive. It does not tell you when you have punched the correct button, and whether you hold it for .01 second, which might work, or whether you hold it for .02 seconds, which does not work. If you get enough of the password correct, it might let you in, or it might tell you that a computer in California is using your id, and would you like to change your password? A apple support did not resolve this, after an agonizing hour and twenty minutes.

Whats app finally went through, and life went on. I was able to talk to Mexico. I also started to put pictures on the ip7. Graphic poems are what I do. A series of eight to ten pictures, displayed in 123 order. The ip7 does not allow you to store pictures by name. They go in chronological order, period. You then try to rearrange them by image. Instagram simply did not work. That is another story.

Ip7 has a camera. When you take a picture, it takes a two second video of the still photo. Why? Who knows, except some “genius” in California. It takes another act of congress, and a dozen bizarre youtube videos, to resolve this issue.

So I decided to go take a picture of some trees, to use as a background. While I was in the forest, I hit the wrong button to wrong way, and the screen went dark. After that was resolved, I checked the emails, and deleted all of them without quite knowing what I did. Another call to apple support straightened that out.

When I got home from the woods, Joe Biden had won the election. I think this was better than the other guy winning, but not by much. America went into celebration of a new president. Georgia was beginning to realize that it was facing a double runoff, for the US Senate. Soon, the hateful content of Raphael Warnock’s sermons was in your face. The elcction from hell finally ended.

On November 20, some ios updates were made. Suddenly, voice mail messages appeared out of nowhere. I had no idea that the vm was not working. This is such a basic, simple feature.

December went by without much ado. The presidential transistion was fitfully happening. Covid raged on, and on, and on. Finally, at the end of the year, I was facing another crisis with the house. I was going to need access to voice mail. Numerous calls were made to att, and apple support. Both A-companies blamed each other. Finally, an appointment was made for the apple store at perimeter mall, to see a “genius.” By this time, the house crisis had resolved itself.

On Wednesday, an costumed army stormed the US Capitol. The immediate reaction on twitter was to blame white privilege. America was losing its mind.

On Thursday, I went to the Apple store. After waiting in a socially distanced line for 45 minutes, I went in to see the “genius.” He was a nice man, but did not resolve the issue. Remember, this is voice mail, an incredibly basic feature. A phone appointment was made for when I got home.

I will never forget what happened next. As I walked away, with my tail between my legs, an large black man came up to me. “Did they resolve your problem ?” “No” “What was the problem?” “Who are you?” “Apple security” “Am I free to leave?”

I had apple security called on me. I will NEVER own an apple product again, until the day I die.

When I got home, I spent two hours on the phone with apple and att, and the voice mails started to appear. In February, I came down with a non covid flu, and spent two weeks in bed. As I began to recover, I got an invitation to get the vaccine. I made an appointment. Yesterday, I drove to the appointment site, so I would know where to go Thursday morning. After the first drive past the site, I realized I did not know where it was. I entered the address into the phone, and got visual instructions. No voice spoke to me. I had to look at the phone, which is illegal in Georgia. Finally, I found the site, talked to a voice on a call box, who told me this was the correct place to be.

I got home, and called att. They were totally unhelpful on the phone. I went to the att store, and the lady cleaned out the ip7, disconnected it, and got the flip phone back on. There are some billing issues to be resolved, but they can be done. For now I am free of the ip7. That hideous chapter in my life is over. Pictures today are from The Library of Congress.

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  1. Covid Vaccine | Chamblee54 said, on February 27, 2021 at 6:46 pm

    […] it can be helpful to know where you are going. I had never made friends with the gps on the iphone7. After the first failed attempt, I pulled into a parking lot on Lake Hearn Drive. It was in use as a […]

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