Covid Vaccine

Posted in Georgia History, Library of Congress, Undogegorized by chamblee54 on February 27, 2021

By the start of February, I had taken three or four covid tests, all of which were negative. The news of a vaccine was recieved with skepticism. How could a vaxx be produced this quickly, and safely. The hard core, pro vaxx, sales pitches did not help. It was time to wait and see, again.

Then the email came from Northside Hospital. Since I was over 65, and worked with a Northside Doctor, I was eligible to receive the vaxx. A bout with non-covid, intestinal bug put me in bed for two and a half weeks. After I was able to stay out of bed all day, I answered the email. I felt like a sheep at first, but signed up to recieve my first dose in two days. I quit saying baa quickly. I never had to mention which Northside Doctor I worked with.

When you have a medical destination, it can be helpful to know where you are going. I had never made friends with the gps on the iphone7. After the first failed attempt, I pulled into a parking lot on Lake Hearn Drive. It was in use as a staging area for the perimeter construction tragedy. I entered the address of the building, and got a screen with a map. No helpful voice on the phone was forthcoming. This was the moment when I decided I had enough of the iphone7. I pulled the plug that afternoon.

I found the building somehow, and talked to a man. He was on the parking deck speaker box. He told me to come back on Thursday, and there would be people to tell me where to go, and what to do.

Thursday morning, a black man of indeterminate nationality told me where to take my vehicle, and to be sure to remember where it was. I could go in the building five minutes before my appointment. A pickup truck, with a black man inside, pulled up next to me. A couple of minutes before I would be allowed in, I got out of my vehicle. The man in the pickup truck got out. He wore a baseball hat, indicating some sort of military service. We has a friendly little chat as we walked up to the door.

There has been a lot of racial turmoil in America, for as long as I can remember. On this day, about half the people were black, and half were white. Maybe someone, somewhere, had problems. It was not me. It was just another day in America.

FWIW, this was a big money production. It was well organized, and took place less than a year after the meltdown. This effort was orchestrated by the government. led by Donald J. Trump. There is going to be serious re-evaluation of his presidency, and of the resistance nonsense.

I got to the doors, and was greeted by the first person. A young man asked to see my reminder text. You go to the next door, and talk to the next person. There was someone literally every twenty five feet. There was a long escalator going down. Someone asked if I was comfortable riding it.

I got downstairs, in the futuristic office class A space. I go to the desk, show my picture ID, and the man confirms my registration. The next person says to wait here, until a person waves me into a cubicle. Is Campbell Mckinnon a hyphenated name? They did not have hyphenated names in 1954.

Not looking at the needle is a basic survival skill. You are ushered into a chair, where you sit down for fifteen minutes. This is the first time I have opened my book since I got here. I did not want to leave. The fifteen minutes went by quickly. I got home, and made the appointment for shot number two. This one is supposed to be tougher. Pictures today are from The Library of Congress.

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