Aaron Long

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Shootings at 3 Georgia spas leave 8 dead; Man in custody blames ‘addiction to sex’ Most of you are familiar with the basics. Aaron Long is a super Baptist 21 y.o. He felt that his sexual urges were a problem. Mr. Long got kicked out of his parents house, and went to a gun store. He bought a 9mm handgun, and went to a massage parlor on Highway 92. Four people were killed: two Asian women, a white woman, and a white man.

Mr. Long went to Piedmont Road in Atlanta, just up the hill from the scene of the I85 fire. Soon, four Asian women died, in the two massage parlors where they worked. Mr. Long took off down I75. His parents called police, to tell them about a tracking device on his vehicle. The authorities caught him in Crisp County. “Yesterday was a really bad day for him and this is what he did.”

Since six of the eight victims were Asian women, the crime was immediatly assumed to be a racism motivated hate crime. Mr. Long was a twice baptized super Christian, who had severe sexual anxiety issues. The massage parlors are widely assumed to be whorehouses. To the facebook mob, this is not as important as the nationality of his victims.

Mr. Long spent a few months in Maverick Recovery, a residential, 12 step based treatment facility in Roswell GA. Mr. Long was treated for “sex addiction.” One can only imagine the things his counselors told him, to go along with the teachings of his family and church.

Did Mr. Long have same sex attractions that troubled him? Why was he unable to find a romantic partner, or even a friend with benefits? Did he have some physical limitations? Or, did he feel anger at himself for having these urges, and at those who provided an outlet? These are very powerful emotions. Mr. Long would not be the first man to kill because of sexual anxiety.

This is coming at a time of increased attacks on Asians, particularly in California and New York. Most of the reports do not specify the race of the attackers. In at least three videotaped attacks (one, two, three) the perps were black.

One high profile case is the attack on 84 y.o. Vicha Ratanapkadee, by 19 y.o. Antoine Watson. The video of the incident has been widely seen. A curious thread on twitter turned up.

@DionLimTV “WARNING: this video is hard to watch. Another shocking attack in Oakland’s Chinatown. 8th and Harrison Streets. Outside the Asian Resource Center. 20+ robbery/assault incidents in the neighborhood according to the Chinatown Chamber president.” @danieldaekim “The skyrocketing number of hate crimes against Asian Americans continues to grow, despite our repeated pleas for help. The crimes ignored and even excused. Remember Vincent Chin. #EnoughisEnough. @danielwuyanzu & I are offering a $25,000 reward.”

@but_im_kim_tran“Listen, if you don’t understand why it’s problematic to offer 25k for information about a Black man in Oakland, I need you to stay off all the goddamned panels.” @but_im_kim_tran “This is the moment we need to ask ourselves, to what end? If it was for an accountability process, okay, but I highly doubt that. Lastly, this looks a lot like a bounty on a Black person funded by Asian American celebrities. I have major, major doubts.” Pictures today are from The Library of Congress.

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  1. […] religions deal with sexual desire. What happened to those spa workers is just another chapter in a long story. ~ Hi Luther, thanks for reaching out. I completely agree. Repression is going to be a major theme […]

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