Student Questioned Microaggressions

Posted in Library of Congress, Weekly Notes by chamblee54 on April 12, 2021

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Black Lives Matter activists intimidate an Asian nail salon in Milwaukee.
Byron York’s Daily Memo: Finally some sanity on Georgia’s voting law?
Social Distancing and Masks Must Remain For Another YEAR to Avoid …
Professor Pushed Back Against ‘White Fragility’ Training. … Investigated for 9 Months.
7 Lessons on Racism That White People Need To Learn
MLB moves All-Star game out of Atlanta over Georgia voter restrictions
Georgia church, kicked out of the SBC for allowing gay members, wants …
Boycott In Black Mecca Atlanta’s business community might be navigating a boycott …
Coca-Cola general counsel gets tough with law firms that fail to meet diversity goals
General Counsel Will Hit Biglaw Firms Where It Hurts If They Don’t Increase Diversity
LawNext: Coca-Cola GC Bradley Gayton On His Dramatic Demand for Diversit
Boom Goes The Cannon Capitol police arrested State Rep. Park Cannon last night.
‘I wish I had taken steroids’: How marijuana testing wrecked baseball careers
Janet Yellen’s proposal to revolutionize corporate taxation
Lawmakers embrace pecans, skip sports bets in 2021’s masked session
Without Asian American Studies, We Can’t Understand American Racism
Let’s wait before turning slain 13-year-old Adam Toledo into a martyr
State’s county election takeover in voting law ripe for abuse, critics say
GraceLife Church shuttered by authorities after flouting COVID-19 rules
Rate the sophistication of the arguments of this editor at Science
Jesse Singal Got More Wrong Than He Thinks
A Medical Student Questioned Microaggressions. UVA Branded Him a Threat …
The Social Construction of Racism in the United States
Village Theatre asked job applicants to disrupt ‘toxic whiteness’ of musicals
Criminal Charges Dropped, Civil Case Being Considered for Lawmaker Arrested by …
Earl Nightingale – The Strangest Secret (FULL) – Patrick Tugwell
Father of York County mass shooting suspect says son killed 5 others, then himself
‘Gotta stop letting gooks in Miami’: Buccaneers’ Carlton Davis deletes tweet
White supremacy is the root of all race-related violence in the US
Sam Harris and the Myth of Perfectly Rational Thought
“Academia is just second to the military in rates of sexual harassment”
What if we brought color to 50 Shades of Grey? | Patricia Hawley |
How mindfulness changes the emotional life of our brains | Richard J. Davidson
What Representing Men in Divorce Taught Me About Fatherhood | Marilyn York
The 43rd Virginia Cavalry Battalion, also known as Mosby’s Rangers, Mosby’s Raiders
Christopher Hitchens on the Left, His Favourite Authors – P. G. Wodehouse
Gaetz is is not really a hypocrite, he didn’t pretend that he was anything but a douchebag
Why celebrating ‘mixed-race beauty’ has its problematic side Natalie Morris
After Rock Hill shooting by former NFL player, community left with questions
‘Terrifying prognosis’: Navy veteran Rep. Crenshaw has surgery on remaining eye
New York City police arrest man for 3 separate attacks on Asian Americans
corporate executives consider freezing donations over laws curbing voting access
Aaron Long got treatment for sex addiction at rehab that promotos ‘ex-gay therapy’
bad allies ~ dead041071 ~ Tehillim Part IV ~ zach garcia ~ absentee ballot application
jesse singal ~ Garrett Bimstefer ~ garrett bimstefer ~ Garrett Bimstefer ~ science editor
charlie parker ~ 08/22/1914 ~ open mic ~ patricia hawley ~ graphic
Dr. Robert Lesslie ~ phillip adams ~ anti asian covid ~ nunchucks ~ microagrressions
tage rai ~ israel vs iran ~ whiteness ~ areo ~ graham lineham
In many cases, yes Just because a woman has a penis doesn’t mean she can’t still be a lesbian. Therefore, if lesbians refuse to have sex with a woman with a penis because she doesn’t fit their definition of a woman, they are most definitely a bigot and a transphobe. ~ Smatchet, Prickmedainty, Cupboard-Lover, Fustilugs, Ultracrepidarian, Cumber-World, Smell-Feast, Flibbertigibbet, Epistemophiliac, Knipperdolling ~ @tage_rai I’m friendly w/@paulbloomatyale. As a rule, I tolerate colleagues having up to 3 bigoted friends b/c otherwise I’d have no professional network. It sucks, but its the reality of academia. Still, I have a responsibility to call out bad actors even if I don’t want to deal w/it. ~ @tage_rai Update: This is important- I’ve started getting anonymous phone calls in the last hour, which I have not answered. Now one of Jesse Singal’s followers finally left a creepy phone message. That’s serious shit. Academics who are friends w/Jesse, this is the guy you’re siding with. ~ GENERAL ASSEMBLY OF NORTH CAROLINA Short Title:Youth Health Protection Act. DRS45273-NB-92*A BILL TO BE ENTITLED AN ACT TO PROTECT MINORS FROM ADMINISTRATION OF PUBERTY BLOCKERS AND CROSS-SEX HORMONES AND OTHER RELATED ACTIONS, PROCEDURES, AND TREATMENTS ~ Towards the end of your episode about threesomes, you talked about repression. Specifically, you meant people who don’t tell a partner they listen to SWS, because repression of sexual feelings is so strong. Earlier in the show, you talked about Aaron Long, the GA spa shooter. (He is Aaron. The three name business is a problem.) You went on about how “sex addiction” is not recognized as an official addiction by the psych industry. After a few minutes, I had to skip ahead in the show, because I, an Atlanta resident, am incredibly tired of talking about Aaron Long. My point here is that Aaron Long had a sexual repression problem. He is a severe Baptist. He spent time in a rehab facility, for wanting to have sex. The murderous outburst by Aaron Long is a result of sexual repression. He calls it addiction, which seemed to throw you off. Usually, people with this problem, if they are going to kill someone, commit suicide. Mr. Long decided to kill other people. You could do a show about the fukced up ways that religions deal with sexual desire. What happened to those spa workers is just another chapter in a long story. ~ Hi Luther, thanks for reaching out. I completely agree. Repression is going to be a major theme in both the masturbation episode I am currently working on and the deep dive into the Christian sex shame industry I want to do. I recently learned that the “rehab” Long attended costs $50,000! I wonder how many men have gone through it multiple times. I guess I was more focused on the lie of sex addiction than the repression of it all, but it’s not something we will shy away from moving forward. Cheers, Chris ~ “Academia is just second to the military in rates of sexual harassment” – this was just one of the shocking statistics Professor Pat Hawley shared during her talk at the Human Behavioural and Evolutionary Sciences (HBES) conference this year. At the end of her inspirational talk, Prof. Hawley received a standing ovation, for not only the content and delivery of the talk, but also for having the strength to stand up and approach the topic ~ pictures today are from The Library of Congress. ~ selah

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