White Men With Annoying Voices

Posted in Library of Congress, Weekly Notes by chamblee54 on May 3, 2021

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Sen. Raphael Warnock calls Georgia’s voting rights fight “an inflection point.”
A Note of Thanks to Roman Mars – 99% Invisible, Inc is sold to SiriusXM
Surveillance video shows moment pregnant teen shot in Prince George’s County
Why’s everyone pretending to be mad about Critical Race Theory?
Lead prosecutor in Arbery case leaving Cobb County DA’s office
Joe Zawinul talking about the loss of Jaco Pastorius
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Andrew Nagorski discussed his new book, “1941: The Year Germany Lost the War,”
A Ban on Menthol Cigarettes Will Lead to More Confrontations Between …
Suit against Clayton Co. sheriff “he strapped man to chair, threw him into cell for hours”
Sheriff Victor Hill faces federal indictment for use of restraint chairs
Sheriff Victor Hill Arrested on Civil Rights Charges
“THE CRIME FIGHTER” The High Sheriff at Clayton County Sheriff’s Office
No substantive comments allowed in the replies to my typographical corrections.
Suspect arrested in vicious, unprovoked assault on Asian man in Manhattan
CO Cops Injured a 73-Year-Old Woman With Dementia, Joked About It On Video
Andrew Brown Jr.: Court hearing today about release of bodycam video
Georgia’s GOP lt. governor says Giuliani’s claims helped lead to voting law
Bar owner who called for LeBron James to be expelled from NBA: ‘never been busier’
‘Astounding’: Big-name Republicans are skipping a matchup against Warnock
Citing ‘infidelity,’ Hillsong Church Montclair’s creative director resigns
No dough for the occupation! Join the call to boycott Pillsbury
Liberals Think America Is A Worse Place Than Minorities Do
“you go down there looking for justice, thats what you find, just us”
The secretary who turned Liquid Paper into a multimillion-dollar business
Over 450 past Jeopardy contestants call on show to address alleged ‘white power’ symbol
Margaret Sanger, ” [Hitler and War] ,” [1939] . Typed draft statement.
“The Sanger-Hitler Equation” Search for Margaret Sanger’s name on the Internet …
armored dinosaur fossil unearthed in a western Canadian oil sand mine highlights …
Three Generations of a Hackneyed Apologia for Censorship Are Enough
Man charged in killing of 61-year-old woman on Royal Street
Reckoning with Foucault’s alleged sexual abuse of boys in Tunisia
Eric Kaufmann On Race And Demographics In The West
Penguins of Madagascar and the Smallpox Vaccine
Records: Ma’Khia Bryant’s sister sought help before shooting
why the times decided to publish the magic word spelled out in all its six letter glory
Basecamp sees mass employee exodus after CEO bans political discussions
“I Don’t Like Barriers”: Podcast Could Be Weighed In Trial Of Killing Of NYPD Officer
Jordan Peterson | The Ben Shapiro Show Sunday Special Ep. 114
Asian Americans and the Legacy of Antiblackness
White Privilege and College Admissions: the real threat to fair admissions
The Numbers Tell a Different Story About Police Killings of Minors
Do you like listening to white men, with annoying voices, that do not know how to shut up?
Ma’Khia Bryant ~ sports arena ~ dead051070 ~ jane wyman ~ enya
werner herzog ~ job ~ repost ~ What Up Holmes ~ Jessica Beauvais
latinx ~ n–word ~ mind games ~ blogtalkradio ~ ga capitol portraits
lester’s last stand ~ singular/plural nouns ~ margaret sanger ~ novus homo ~ just us
here to help ~ biden 100 days ~ 100days ~ dead042672 ~ more stacey
birthdae ~ andrew brown jr ~ churchill’s dick ~ marion lewis ~ stone mountain
@prageru Have you heard of Critical Race Theory? If you haven’t, you will. It’s coming to a high school, college, or workplace diversity training session near you. What do you need to know about it, and what can you do to stop it? @ConceptualJames has it covered. ~ @tariqnasheed A white Holiday Inn Express worker has a nervous breakdown after he got scolded by a Black customer because of a mistake in the reservation system. ~ @tariqnasheed I be making white supremacists BIG mad ~ @kevinDAtruth88 The brother Tariq Nasheed posted 1 video of a white guy having a breakdown and the mayonnaise militia went crazy Smh if you cant handle 1 video what makes you think that you can handle a race war? all of this talk about WS being so powerful they seem pretty pathetic to me ~ @tariqnasheed Self-proclaimed ‘race-baiter’ posts video of white hotel clerk having breakdown after being ‘scolded’ by black customer — RT USA News ~ @tariqnasheed Since there are a lot of white supremacists hopping on my timeline, triggered… Don’t forget to send money to my PayPal and cash app for #WhiteMoneyWeds On Wednesdays, I only accept money from white people to help me and other Black people cope with systematic white supremacy ~ @tariqnasheed The Holiday Inn employee video I posted that went viral, has a lot of white supremacists using the man’s disorder as a way to project their anti-Black racism. He admitted he had a disorder. But he also admitted he was drunk on the job. So did that contribute to his breakdown? ~ @HMD_132_Wow only in a racist anti black (American) country can a white person come to work drunk unstable and deliver piss poor customer service to a hard working black American and b defended by suspected white racist and anti black american immigrants. ~ @LILWOAH It’s crazy how Victor hill rules with a iron fist now he’s on the other side of the law but then I’m thinking they don’t come down this hard on white officers that killed black ppl ~ @graceisforyou I’ve wondered if it’s worth sharing “my story.” I’m a pretty private person so it feels weird to share. But I think it’s worth it bc we all need encouragement that ordinary ppl can do something about what’s happening to our country. So, why do I talk about Woke stuff? ~ @chamblee54 I stumbled onto this episode after writing the above post. There is another free speech quote by OW Holmes, that you ignored … about falsely shouting fire in a theater. It was from Schenk vs US, the first espionage act case to go before the court ~ pictures today are from The Library of Congress. The men were Confederate soldiers in the War Between the States ~ selah

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