Who Is Ijeoma Ukenta?

Posted in Library of Congress, Weekly Notes by chamblee54 on July 19, 2021

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Defense attorney warns against ‘rush to judgment’ in triple killing
Atlanta Golf Pro & 2 Others Allegedly Killed By Up & Coming Rapper B Rod!
Las Vegas charter school sued for curriculum covering race, identity
Family sues school that won’t let student out of class promoting anti-white racism
sues school for forcing biracial son to take class teaching ‘hostility toward Whites …’
Want to Save America? Don’t Act Like a Conservative Right’s Love Affair with Losing
Hanson Running For GOP’s 6th Congressional Nomination
Soc 119 race and culture taught by Dr. Sam Richards at Penn State University
1st DCA rules Marsy’s Law privacy applies to police
Tell Congress to Invest in Library Facilities Today!
Authentic Socrates Quotes From His Dialogues Found In Various Books
FTM uses doctor to suction their clit – buceta brazzers doctor dokter سكس امريكي مترجم pump
Witch Trial at the Legal Aid Society Maud Maron was a model public defender. Then ….
Racial obsessions make it impossible for NYC schools to treat parents, kids as people.
How Political Reporter at Local Non-Profit Broke Hannah-Jones Tenure Story
NASA: Moon “wobble” will cause dramatic increases in coastal flooding
‘Duine de dhath’: New phrase for ‘person of colour’ added to Irish lexicon
Athletics is waging a war of transphobia and misogynoir
Guitarist Maria Barbieri covers Crimson’s “impossible to play” Fracture
Pappy Daily, Gene Pitney and How George Jones Came to Be on Musicor
Code rage: The “warrior gene” makes me mad! (Whether I have it or not)
Texas man arrested on charges he voted in 2020 Democratic primary while on parole
Florida’s anti-protest politicians shift their tone for Cuba protesters
Ed Litton, SBC President, Is Seriously Accused of Plagiarism
Victoria’s Secret Woman has wild freak-out … After Being Recorded
Nevada inmate whose execution was twice called off found dead in cell
George Floyd Mural Struck By Lightning In Toledo, Ohio
Lawn Mowing Simulator Takes Cutting The Grass Very Seriously
Is America a racist nation? Join Braver Angels to debate.
Biden administration ‘flagging problematic posts for Facebook,’ Psaki says
Wilmington play ‘Thursday Night Bridge Circle’ looks at Southern culture, racism
The US Government Wants Palestine to Fade From View. Don’t Let It.
It’s Time to Name Anti-Palestinian Bigotry Peter Beinart
Ideas Industry: How Pessimists, Partisans, Plutocrats Transform Marketplace of Ideas.
Rep. Cori Bush, Who Wants To Defund Police, Spent Just Under $70,000 On Private Security
This Is Not a Novel To Be Tossed Aside Lightly. It Should Be Thrown with Great Force
AITA for telling my housemates to not leave animal feces on the kitchen sink?
Who is Ijeoma Ukenta? Black Muslim woman attacked by Abigail Elphick
Police investigating how cops handled dispute between shoppers at N.J. mall
Police will investigate response to viral incident at Short Hills mall
@donovanreyno1ds History of Forsyth County GA’s Former Sundown County (a thread)
AITA for being surly, rude and mean at a wedding and leaving early?
#hats #menswear #notsponsored Why Did Men Stop Wearing Hats?
Plagiarism, Homosexuality, Pastoral Integrity and the State of the SBC
Despite sexual misconduct confession, Morgan Spurlock’s ‘Super Size Me 2’ to be released
Morgan Spurlock Had No Idea His #MeToo Confession Would ‘Decimate’ His …
Antarctica could melt ‘irreversibly’ due to climate change, study warns
Germany cuts short Olympic warmup with allegations of racism
What makes an economic sector likely to be dominated by a monopoly or oligopoly?
A Lesbian history of Britain: love and sex between women since 1500
The Curious Case Of Queen Victoria And The Lesbians by jasonloch
Germany’s contribution to colonisation of Palestine has been ideological …
Invasive Bradford pear, 3 other species to be banned for sale in SC
Shaun King Accused Of Creating Fake Twitter Account To Defend His Actions …
Why Atlanta’s Must-Try New Food Hall Is a Culinary Destination
Historical Racism Is Not the Singular Cause of Racial Disparity
Marietta’s Big Chicken has new, bigger competition in south Georgia
Cuba ~ iambic pentameter ~ washington football team ~ snooze ~ xanax
oakland stadium ~ chad ~ chattahoochee food works ~ the gay deceivers ~ health halo
jonathan buttram ~ spurlock mea culpa ~ ssm2_yt ~ ss2 tanscript ~ super size me 2
exxxotica ~ sci hub ~ nyt disney ~ tour maps ~ silence is golden
repost ~ wh briefing ~ repost ~ Scott Raymond Dozier ~ wicker 1984
creampie ~ cuba ~ Ijeoma Ukenta ~ victorias secret meltdown ~ repost
maron vs legal aid ~ quaaludes ~ tomorrow club ~ ts madison ~ j. carter winward
apology of socrates ~ socrates ~ ted turner drive ~ repost ~ cherry blosssom festival
ga archive ~ sonnets from the portuguese ~ Elizabeth Barrett Browning ~ music law 101
B Rod arrested KIDNAPPED 2 of his ENEMIES, Took them 2 a Golf Course & MURKED them & ALL WITNESSES ~ The lawsuit suggests that William Clark–who is biracial–was singled out for privilege checks because of his White appearance ~ Lawsuit filed today against educational agencies, teachers, principal, & CEO responsible for hosting workshops requiring children to make public professions about their racial, sexual, gender & religious identities, some of which were singled out for interrogation ~ the language is important always we don’t want to offend in our language i get that but would you at least admit calling a mom a birthing person could be offensive to some moms that they don’t want to get like a happy birthing person card in may ~ His defence, his APOLOGIA or the APOLOGY as it is generally called, is the subjecl: of the little book which here follows. This book was written by Plato, his friend and pupil, who was present at the trial; but as it was not written until many years later, from the memories which he had carried away, it cannot well be taken as a literal report of what then took place; still, that in the main it is correct, may be taken with reasonable certainty. As a rule the Platonic writings, which are held in the dialogue form, make use of the mouth of Socrates for the Expression and development of Plato’s own system of philosophy, and are not at all, what they might appear to be, reports of conversations and dis cussions which actually took place. But in the Apology we find a true picture of Socrates the man, as his friend remembered him at his trial; his manner, his adions, his living ways and so through the few short pages of the Apology ~ @chamblee54 #AbigailElphick : Talk to an attorney #IjeomaUkenta is defaming you, and is going to receive $78k from @gofundme #victoriasecretkaren ~ press briefing about covid and facebook ~ we’re flagging problematic posts, for facebook, that spread disinformation ~ “There’s about 12 people who are producing 65% of vaccine misinformation on social media platforms” ~ @chamblee54 @bloggingheads @GlennLoury @JohnHMcWhorter Here is Glenn’s definition of crt… which needs to be in lower case letters A higher percentage of white homicides are committed by police Nobody seems to know this ~ Magnificent Adult Baby @QiaochuYuan a few days ago i took a medium dose of acid and wrote for several hours straight and admitted some things to myself, mostly about money. let’s start here: last august my mom gave me $100,000 for my birthday. i resented her for this and also suppressed the resentment – a thread ~ You know, consumers crave this food. They’re not willing to sacrifice the taste. But there’s this interesting shifting definition of health, so it’s not necessarily 100% healthy for you. It may be bad for you, it’s fried, but it’s got some vegetables in it, so you feel better about it. -So it’s a perception. ~ people are always demanding what’s your definition of critical race theory and you offered one it was a two-part definition i want you to correct me if i get this wrong one part had to do with separating children by race and encouraging whites to think of themselves as privileged presumptively in virtue of their race and as oppressors and encouraging blacks to think of themselves presumptively in virtue of their race as victims yeah that’s that was one part the other part of it was making this idea of countering disparities of power or influence into the central mission in life you’re here to get an education so that you can be a warrior on the battlefield of equity on the battlefield of social justice that yeah and and you think the marriage of those two things basically defines critical race theory it defines practice today in schools right and as opposed by the people who are up in arms about it ~ pictures today are from The Library of Congress. ~ selah

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