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Posted in Library of Congress, Undogegorized by chamblee54 on December 3, 2021

People who like to share opinions have been posting “Best podcasts of 2021” pieces. PG is a podcast consumer, and has written on the subject before. (one two three) This is a good time to catch up on 2021. Pictures today are from The Library of Congress.

The sport of downloading podcast files continues to evolve. If a show is no longer available, there will be a dozen more. Sometimes, you are not smart enough to find a link, and must listen to the show at a website. Another option is the megaphone feed. This is a page, with many lines of code. You scroll down the page, and see title, and the name of the episode. You scroll a bit further down the page, and see an .mp3, usually in blue letters. Highlight this file, left click, select Save Link As, and click ok. These shows depend on support from listeners. If you want to help, all these shows will offer you a way. If you support a show, you are a wonderful human being.

Blocked and Reported comes out at 10 am, EST, on Monday. It is a star podcast for 2021. Perpetrated by Katie Herzog and Jesse Singal, BAR tracks various instances of internet wierdness. K&J have a good natured antagonism which borders on obnoxious, but does not go over the line (yet.) K&J cover many social justice embarrassments, with quotable results.

Once Upon a Time… at Bennington College is a sequel to OUAT … In the Valley, which chamblee54 discussed here. The current show is about the college adventures of Bret Easton Ellis, Jonathan Lethem, and Donna Tartt. Host Lili Anolik has a slightly tacky style, which works well for a slightly tacky story. Bret Easton Ellis is heard from, unlike Donna Tartt. She has sent lawyer letters, telling the players to take down the show.

Bret Easton Ellis has his own podcast, which has long been a PG favorite. That is, when BEEP is available for free. Bret plays the paywall game, which is tons of fun. BEEP was available on stitcher earlier this year, then it wasn’t. PG got into the habit of googling BEEP rss, hoping to find the show. A few weeks ago it turned up on Stitcher again. Who knows how long it will last.

PG was delighted to see BEEP return because of The Shards. This was a 27 part serial about the high school days (daze) of young Bret. TS has sex, drugs, high school drama, murder, more sex, much more drugs, conspicuous consumption, money, more sex, and more drugs. One BEEP disappearance was 13 episodes in, so when BEEP returned, there were 14 episodes to binge on. Mental health is overrated.

Blog pioneer Andrew Sullivan has a show. A few of the episodes were great. The Glenn Greenwald episode had two aging queens taking potshots at each other. Michael Wolff goes on about the mental illness fueling Donald Trump, and never bothers to mention his racial attitudes. The Democrats did America a disservice by making “the resistance” all about racism.

Bari Weiss has a dandy show. The first edition that PG heard was about Amy Cooper, the “Central Park Karen.” That story has a lot of details that never got widespread circulation. Ms. Weiss is someone that PG takes a cafeteria approach to. Many of her podcast episodes are excellent. OTOH, some of her opinions about Israel are beyond horrible. Another opinion comes from The Root: “Bari Weiss, a fellow white woman who is in the running for Kareniest Karen who ever Karened in the history of Klanned Karenhood.”

Cocaine & Rhinestones returned for season two, and it is a doozy. Many shows last over an hour, and open with a discussion of topics ranging from bullfighting to refrigeration. This season focuses on George Jones, and Tammy Wynette. There is so much to wade through here.

Love is a Crime tells the story of Joan Bennett and Walter Wanger. The latter was known to say “Everyone talks about agents, but I’m the one who did something.” LIAC was co-hosted by @KarinaLongworth. She is the host of You Must Remember This, and perhaps the ad reader in podcast land. YMRT is continuing to crank out shows, with Sammy and Dino telling the story of Dean Martin, and Sammy Davis Jr. YMRT is well crafted, and fun to listen to.

No Place Like Home tells about the disappearance of the Ruby Red slippers, worn by Dorothy in “The Wizard of Oz.” To Live and Die in LA returns for a second season, full of slimy characters doing awful things. This is another show that PG stumbled onto after a few episodes, and spent a few lost days binge listening to all the criminality. There are lots of other shows out there … and out there is the appropriate phrase to use. Just remember to eat, and get enough sleep. You will be ok.

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