#1619Gate Part Four

Posted in Library of Congress, Politics, Quotes, Race by chamblee54 on January 19, 2022

@nhannahjones “I was invited to give an MLK speech today and a small number of members of the group hosting me wrote and then leaked emails opposing my giving this speech, as it dishonored Dr. King for me to do so. They called me a “discredited activist” “unworthy of such association with King”” “So, I scrapped my original speech and spent the entire first half of it reading excerpts from a bunch of Dr. King’s speeches, but without telling anyone that I was doing so, leading the audience to think King’s words were mine. And, whew, chile, it was AMAZING.” … “Oh, the uncomfortable silence as I read Dr. King’s words at a commemoration of Dr. King’s life when people had no idea that these were his words. When I revealed that everything I said to that point was taken from his speeches between ’56 and 67… Can you say SHOOK!”

Nikole Hannah-Jones is up to her orange-haired mischief. A twitter thread details her latest adventure. The adoring media heaps uncritical praise on her antics.

At least one person did ask where the speech was given. @nhannahjones Replying to @BlueCrew2018 “NO! That’s next week. And I intentionally did not say whom because my hosts were very gracious.” The “next week” reference is probably Northwestern University. UPDATE: The MLK Day speech was given at Union League Club of Chicago.

Mrs. Hannah-Jones is also speaking at UW-Madison. “The speaker’s fee to bring Hannah-Jones to campus is $55,000, which is on par with past speakers for this event, McGlone said. Gift funds will be used to pay the speaker’s fee.” Another appearance will be at University of Colorado Boulder. Between speeches, Mrs. Hannah-Jones is a tenured professor at Howard University.

A search on youtube does not turn up the speech. This search did reveal two fun items. A robot voice describes Mrs. Hannah-Jones as the “author of the best selling book, the one thousand six hundred nineteen project.” Another video announces “Activist Ida B. Wells gets her own Barbie lookalike”.

Somebody needs to question this. Who, outside of nit-picky historians, is publicly calling Mrs. Hannah-Jones a “discredited activist”? Even if those leaked emails exist, how does that justify the cheap stunt Mrs. Hannah-Jones is boasting about? Presenting the words of Dr. King as your own, and then bragging about it on twitter, does not honor the legacy of the civil rights leader. Pictures today are from The Library of Congress. More #1619Gate episodes are available. One Two Three Five

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