Unusual Mortality Event

Posted in Library of Congress, Weekly Notes by chamblee54 on January 24, 2022

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New Life For Former San Marco Bath House … purchase 1939 Hendricks Avenue.
‘Unusual mortality event’ leads to record number of manatee deaths
DeKalb Planning Commission Conditionally Recommends Approval of …
Amanda Palmer and Armistead Maupin – Art of Asking Book Tour 2014
St. Augustine’s civil rights movement: A look at Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s legacy
478 Dorothea Lange Photographs Document Internment of Japanese During WWII
Bitcoin emissions alone could push global warming above 2°C
Fairfield Residential Files Building Permit at the Former InTown Suites Site
Meta-Analyses Do Not Establish Improved Mortality With Ivermectin …
Happy Birthday Dolly Parton, Paula Deen, Janis Joplin, Robert E. Lee
Michael Pascoe: What if Omicron bedlam is not a cockup but intentional?
Nikole Hannah-Jones Recites Dr. King’s Speech to ‘1619 Project’ Critics on MLK Day
Creator of the 1619 Project to give MLK commemorative talk
Nikole Hannah-Jones Gives ‘1619 Project’ Critics The MLK Tribute They Deserve
NYT’s Bret Stephens Torches Colleague Nikole Hannah-Jones’ ‘Failed’ 1619 Project
American Education and the Cult of Victimhood In the February 2022 edition of …
Frank Sinatra discovers Tallulah Bankhead’s flag, and asks why it is at half mast.
A Dozen Red Roses Yard Sign Kit (13 Piece Set) The Golden Girls
Hannah-Jones brags about tricking audience into thinking MLK quotes were her words
Hannah-Jones as MLK Day speaker sows dissention at Union League Club of Chicago
Read More: Kanye West Defends Punching Man Who Wanted Autograph – XXL
Critical Race Theorist Nikole Hannah-Jones should not be headlining an MLK event
Father Pfleger celebrates 1st mass back after 5 month hiatus due to abuse allegations
The US Must Prepare for War Against Russia Over Ukraine
Woman Pranks Fiancé’s Snooping Mother By Leaving Embarrassing Notes Around
source of violent crime in Atlanta isn’t mysterious: It’s desperation, born by inequality.
The right-wing threat to free speech Republican campaign against crt has become …
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johnny cash ~ black magic ~ louis prima ~ larry page ~ fast food
@jessesingal Respectfully – what the fuck am I supposed to do with a dude this pretty? @memoir_author Set him up with David Hogg. ~ @nhannahjones NO! That’s next week. And I intentionally did not say whom because my hosts were very gracious. ~ “Members of the Atlanta Woman’s Club, during a luncheon for retiring president W.F. Milton, in the AWC banquet hall, in Atlanta, Georgia, March 5, 1937.” ~ Tallulah Bankhead was a staunch Democrat, as is fitting for the political family she was raised in. During the McCarthy era, an actress friend of hers was accused of being a communist. Miss Bankhead made a statement of support for the actress on the radio, and then asked her, are you a communist? The actress said that her daddy was a republican, and so she guessed that was what she was. Miss Bankhead was horrified. “A republican! That’s worse than being a goddamn communist.” ~ UPDATE: The MLK Day speech was given at Union League Club of Chicago. ~ @DanielBolnick I’ve been hesitant, frankly afraid, to wade into the fray over EO Wilson, the Scientific American diatribe, Razib Khan’s response, and my various friends & colleagues who co-signed Razib’s letter. But something about this really bothers me, so here goes (deep breath)… (thread) ~ In One Twitter Thread, Nikole Hannah-Jones Just Owned Every White Conservative Who Tries To Whitewash MLK ~ when i was on the 3rd/5th floor of Reed hall, it was 69 steps to the lobby ~ i found a furnace filter that will fit … i only had to go to 3 stores ~ when i was going home the red light was broken on peachtree, and i had to turn right, go turn around, and by the time i got to the light it was working ~ i went through this red light, and i thought i was going directly ahead, but it turns out there was a lane i did not know about, and a bunch of cars driving by me, fast, like they were in the right lane … it was unnerving ~ there are two roads going under 285, glenridge and peachtree dunwoody. I usually take glenridge, but, the home depot was on p. dunwoody, so i took that one. glenridge is very straightforward, i always know what lane to get in. pd, otoh, is always confusing. both coming and going today i got in the wrong lane, and had to change lanes with tons of drivers-in-a-hurry behind me ~ well let’s see what this looks like I booted the machine turned off a few devices and the robot secretary seems to be taking dictation a little bit better now of course I haven’t told stories about fagots that grew up in New Orleans horror houses that seemed to throw it off the last time but we’ll see how it goes I don’t really have a whole lot to say this right now and I might but it’s good to know that this thin….k better the next time i wanna use it ~ there would be rules ~ pics today are from The Library of Congress. ~ selah

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