Krog Tunnel

Posted in Georgia History by chamblee54 on July 2, 2022

PG had some time to spare downtown. The 2019 pictures from the krog tunnel had run out. In the thirteen months since he was there last, the tunnel had accumulated a few layers of paint.

It was down to a routine. You make two trips, back and forth. The first time, you focus on the outer walls. The second time, you take in the columns, with the cars going past you. When you finish the west side, you move on to the east.

The pictures in this gallery are from the east side columns. It was the last of the four rounds. PG was getting tired, his bike-wreck damaged shoulder was complaining, and the vehicle was not in a safe parking spot. By this round, PG was not trying to chronicle everything he saw, but going for the highlights. A few shots of the column supports, with the rest of the tunnel in the background, began to appear. That is what this gallery is today. This is a repost.

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