The John Green Meme

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“We have discovered as a species that it is useful to have an educated population. … So let me explain why I like to pay taxes for schools, even though I don’t personally have a kid in school; it’s because I don’t like living in a country with a bunch of stupid people.” John Green

This turned up on Facebook the other day, beside a picture of John Green. I am a major fan of The Anthropocene Reviewed, a podcast created by Mr. Green. On AR, Mr. Green “rates different facets of the human-centered planet on a five-star scale.” Mr. Green also talks a lot about his wife and children. This made the comment about “I don’t personally have a kid in school” seem a bit odd. I made a comment about the meme.

“Let me explain why I like to pay taxes for schools, even though I don’t personally have a kid in school…” “Green lives in Indianapolis IN, with his wife, Sarah Urist Green, whom he married on May 20, 2006, and two children.” “I am a John Green fan, mostly because of The Anthropocene Reviewed podcast. In it, he rates the human experience on a scale of one to five stars. I give this meme one star.”

”meme or no meme I still support people becoming educated. I know some folks that are very low on the educational scale (related to some actually) those folks can vote and still repeat the lies about the 2020 election being stolen and other conspiracy theory BS. The common factor, lack of intelligent education. There are many people out there getting their education and News from Facebook and other social media. It’s alarming.”

“I am not opposed to education. I am also a John Green fan, and I suspect he would not like having a sixteen year old meme used to promote education. Part of education is critical thinking. Lack of ct is why people believe that Donald Trump won the 2020 election. My critical thinking hobby told me that this meme was not a good way to promote education. I give the meme one star.”

I went to google to get the text at the start of this post. While I was there, I found a couple of tasteful comments. “I love posts like these because it really allows for logical exercise since there are so many fallacies contained. It’s like an Easter egg hunt for the illogical!” “I’ve never seen someone complain about the idea of public education. If anything, people are upset about public schools receiving too little. I like John Green, but it seems like he is just setting up dominoes to knock them down.”

There was one other item about John’s children, in or out of public school. On February 14, 2013, Mr. and Mrs. Green appeared on Obama’s 2013 Google+ Fireside Hangout. Mrs. Green asked President Obama for advice on what to name the daughter they were expecting. Mr. Green has a talent for promotion, and probably had connections that got him on the hangout. President Barry even said to tell their daughter “not to forget to be awesome.” This is one of Mr. Green’s sayings.

Anyone who goes on facebook has seen memes. You see rude things about politicians, examples of hypocrisy, and quotes from famous dead people. It doesn’t matter that the famous dead person never said it … the mememonger agrees with the idea. Memes are a substitute for thinking. You just see something that you agree with, and share it on your timeline. Sharing a flaky meme is not a sign of effective education. I give facebook memes one star. Pictures today are from The Library of Congress.

Blue Writing

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Police Telling People

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Police telling people to avoid part of midtown after three shot, gunman on the run
Woman Who Fatally Shot Two People in Atlanta Used to Work for BDO USA
College football player turned pastor urges clergy to speak out against CRT, BLM
No matter how much the gov’t. admits they’re wrong, some people just dig in! Leonydus …
Racial Disparities in Performance Evaluations at The New York Times
Raissa Kenge Bust Them Dope Move By Doing A Deadly Triple Midtown Atlanta $hooting
Gospel Singer Kirk Franklin’s GAY SON Arrested – Possibly In Connection w/ MURDER
Four Simple Reasons Smart People Shouldn’t Believe in Races
Midtown shooting suspect was possibly looking for fourth target
Law firm consulted by alleged Midtown Atlanta shooter releases statement
Former BDO USA Employee Charged in Shooting Deaths of Ex-Supervisor …
Cybersecurity Talk About ‘Fraud in Accounting,’ Accused Victims of Committing …
Why keeping girls in school is a good strategy to cope with climate change
former FBI agent looks back on bizarre bank robbery that inspired an iconic New York …
Midtown shooting suspect gets into bizarre exchange with judge during 1st appearance
Officers Garrett Rolfe and Devin Brosnan Exonerated in Rayshard Brooks Killing
Rantz: Despite ‘concerning’ transgender study, UW kept quiet because of positive coverage
TTAB – FUCT Owner Can’t Trademark ‘Fuck’ Because That Word Belongs To All Of Us
Atheist to send Texas schools ‘In God We Trust’ signs written in Arabic
NAHJ, AAJA, NABJ Condemn Racial Disparities in NYT Performance Reviews
See this before it is deleted. Raïssa Kengne essentially admits to killing those two men.
dick cavett ~ lbj library ~ literally ~ scott henry ~ corcoran letter
ttab precedent ~ trans lash ~ rania khalek ~ law 360 ~ Raïssa Kengne
Raïssa Kengne ~ eldritch ~ incipit ~ orange face ~ bill crane
wesley freeman ~ michael shinners ~ Зикар Атаги 1 ~ r. crumb ~ kiwi farms
ozymandias ~ tim pool ~ story killers ~ kerry connelly ~ racist
big girl now ~ howard13th ~ bulwer-lytton ~ tim dillon ~ @PodcastMovement
“When decrying racism opens no door and teaches no skill, it becomes a schoolroom tattletale affair. It is unworthy of all of us: “He’s just a racist” intoned like “nyah nyah nyah nyah nyah!”” .@JohnHMcWhorter ~ woke-vs-racist is a boring discussion narcotizing dysfunction is where you hear so much about something that you tune it out … amateur definition alert … i am so sick of racist-vs-woke that i could scream ~ @PodcastMovement Hi folks, we owe you an apology before sessions kick off for the day. Yesterday afternoon, Ben Shapiro briefly visited the PM22 expo area near The Daily Wire booth. Though he was not registered or expected, we take full responsibility for the harm done by his presence. ~ “I do not fear death. I had been dead for billions and billions of years before I was born, and had not suffered the slightest inconvenience from it.” -Mark Twain – Here’s what he actually said. This is from his autobiography. “Annihilation has no terrors for me, because I have already tried it before I was born—a hundred million years—and I have suffered more in an hour, in this life, than I remember to have suffered in the whole hundred million years put together.” ~ Cheeseball Used one time after a person says something silly, goofy or corny, or behaves in a similar way. ~ the writing prompt: “the misadventures of eating” ~ one evening i was on the back porch of a community in tennessee, eating dinner. it was lit by candles, and not very bright. this was fine, because usually the food was good here, and i was not worried about what i put in my mouth. i put a lot of things in my mouth on this property, but that is another misadventure, or, to be honest, a mister adventure . ~ one time in particular this half lit dining turned out horribly. i made a peanut butter and honey sandwich. At the time, there were a lot of yellow jackets on the premises. one of them landed in the honey, and did not fly away before i put a slice of bread on top of it. this did not end well, though not as bad as i feared. daddy told me one time if you got bee stung on the tongue, you will die. only one of those two things happened. ~ the midadventure that inspired this post involved wasabi. i was not aware of the lethal properties of wasabi, and put a generous portion on something. I ate a very large sample of wasabi in one bite. i considered having my mouth amputated afterwards. ~ I was retaliated against by my former employer BDO USA, LLP BDO USA, LLP because I reported a fraud perpetrated by Wesley Freeman Wesley Freeman, CPA, CISA, CFE, CITP and covered by Scott Meier Scott Meier ~ BDO leverage their relationships with Beacon Management Services and the 1280 West Board members in the condominium I live in in order to gain unauthorized access to my home, break into my safe and delete evidence that I had; thereby breaking so many laws that it is hard to believe. BDO and its agent went from committing a white collar crime to a criminal crime. APD has been reluctant in providing me with information related to my case. I will post a series of videos to show the policy’s response to the crimes committed against me. ~ I will keep you updated on the status of my case because it is relevant to anyone who has spent many years combating fraud in their professional lives. AICPA Public Company Accounting Oversight Board (PCAOB) U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Atlanta Police Department #cpa #accounting #management #police ~ The court document is attached. On page 52, they list 32 expressions, that include fuck, that are registered trademarks. “Namaste as fuck” is included. ~ … and does not function as a trademark to distinguish Applicant’s goods and services in commerce and indicate their source. Team Jesus, 2020 USPQ2d 11489, at *18-19. Consequently, Applicant cannot appropriate the term exclusively to itself, denying others the ability to use it freely. “‘[I]t is the type of expression that should remain free for all to use.’” Univ. of Kentucky v. 40-0, LLC, 2021 USPQ2d 253, at *36 (quoting Eagle Crest, 96 USPQ2d at 1230). ~ Los Beatles y su accidentado encuentro con Jayne Mansfield ( Agosto 26, 1964) ”Whiskey-a-Go-Go” West Hollywood, California ~ When Jayne Mansfield met John Lennon … Jayne , wearing a Persian cat coat, and Lennon told her “I’ve been dying to meet you, Miss Mansfield” , to which she corrected him by saying, “Just call me Jaynie” , adding,”I’ve been dying to meet all of you wonderful guys too—but where are the others?” Mansfield then suggestively stroked Lennon’s hair, whispering, “Is your hair real?” to which Lennon replied, looking down at her prominent bust, Mansfield ‘s most celebrated attribute , “Well, and these are real.” ?” …to which Mansfield undeterred replied: ”There’s only one way to find out, right?” Lennon prepared cocktails for her and her companions, mixing gin, vodka, red wine and cocaine as ”ingredient secret”… pictures today are from The Library of Congress. ~ selah

Dark And Stormy

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Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Contest 2022 Part Three

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Part Three of the 2022 chamblee54 report on The Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Contest is here. (BALL wear LIT uhn) Parts one and two are there. Pictures are from The Library of Congress.

Jimothy walked into the joint like he owned the place, which he did, but not like a typical owner of a place like this; more like a classy, silver spoon owner, except not classy like wearing tuxedos to horse dancing and equine NASCAR event classy, but an eating a gas station hotdog with a knife and fork, napkin on his lap kind of classy. Elliott Cox, Clover, SC

Doris learned two things working at the Post Office—the first was that when Jake came in and asked her if she wanted to see a really big johnson, he didn’t mean he wanted her to go through The Special Limited Presidents stamp collection, and the second was that she didn’t need to head outside at the end of each shift with a bag of envelops and a trowel because it turned out the dead letters were not, in fact, actually dead. Susanne Antonetta, Bellingham, WA

While scrolling through the online catalog of the Acme website trying to decide if he should order rocket roller skates, TNT, and an anvil, or—Fool-Me-Twice fake tunnel paint, the Coyote suddenly realized, ‘Hey, I could just order food.’ Rusty Hamilton, Candby, OR

I’d just lost my third game of solitaire in a row, and was eyeing my last two Chesterfields, when she walked in, wearing an outfit that said “hospital orderly” but whispered “French maid” (a couple of the buttons were straining, but I didn’t feel sorry for them) . . . there was a package on her hip and a question on her lips—she had the legs of a supermodel, long and shapely: “Shall I leave them here on the slab, Dr. Frankenstein?”—and when a dame’s got gams like that, it’s hard to say no, especially when they’re so fresh. Benson Smith, Somerville, MA

As Bridgett the Discount Dominatrix flicked the length of clothesline she used as a whip, he licked the ball gag, which was really a tennis ball held in place by a length of duct tape, and thought, *Dad was right, you really do get what you pay for.” Andrew Nance, St. Augustine, FL

Pfandrilys was a classic beauty of her star-faring race, and Brian’s love was immediate, their kisses were magical, if scaly, and the alien sex was mind-blowing, and if only Brian had read more exobiology, perhaps he wouldn’t have been surprised that, when all was done, and they lay spent in each other’s arms, she bit his head off. Thomas Hill, Mountain View, CA

Whoever figured out that combining basic cyber-bullying techniques with third-generation sex robot AI technology would tap a gigantic market among submissives was a freaking genius, mused Mistress Tiffany 3.1 as she toweled off and plugged herself in to recharge.
G. Andrew Lundberg, Los Angeles, CA

Whenever Elvis graced the bar stools at the steakhouse, he never failed to order a rare steak, bordering raw, and oozing greasily at the edges; and during the interviews after the musician’s untimely death, none of the waiters could deny that he loved meat tender.
Leah Dagenbach, Loveland, OH

“Not again!” exclaimed Dusty the absent-minded trail boss, as he suddenly realized that he’d led the cattle drive to the wrong tumbleweed-infested prairie town, although a good time was soon had by all at The Saddle Sore Saloon, especially when the nattily dressed piano player started taking musical requests, including the lively square dance tune “Don’t Cry On My Shoulders ‘Cause You’re Rustin’ My Spurs.” Joanne Morcom, Calgary, Alberta,

Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Contest 2022 Part Two

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Part Two of the 2022 chamblee54 report on The Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Contest is here. (BALL wear LIT uhn) Parts one and three are there. Pictures for this affair are from “The Special Collections and Archives, Georgia State University Library.”

It was a dark and stormy night, made darker still by the melancholy that gripped the drainpipes of my soul in a plumber’s wrench of despair that opened the u-trap of my consciousness to remove the last, great greaseball of hope. Jim Anderson, Flushing, MI

I stood transfixed at the eerie sight before me, so strange, so odd, so peculiar, so weird, so bizarre, so eldritch—Gods, mine ocular ducts weren’t meant to witness such blasphemous heresy—so indescribable, beyond all possible descriptions, at least in any kind of adjectival way!
Gabriel Burch, Edmond, OK

Even though the heavy snow forecast threatened transportation problems at the mountain pass leading to the social engagement of the season, every invited member of the party had RSVPed in the affirmative, for the single reason that the Donner family chef was nationally recognized for his all-vegan menu. John Hardi, Falls Church, VA

Clear, plump jellyfish lay scattered across the beach, like so many discarded breast implants.
Sara Corris, Brooklyn, NY

The trees sighed with pleasure as the wind caressed their limbs, the lake lapped contentedly at the shore, the grass waved cheerily to all and sundry, and the moon smiled benignly between the playful clouds while George buried his latest victim. Nick Waites, Bishop, Auckland, UK

“The clouds resembled an endless roll of runaway toilet paper that unspooled itself into a massive fluffy pile, the sound of the lightning banged like hundreds of inadvertently dropped toilet seats, and the rain quickly flooded the street and spilled over the curb like a toilet clogged with who-knows-what,” reported eyewitness to the sudden storm and flash flood, Steve Talbot of Steve’s Plumbing. Mark Meiches, Dallas, TX

The pallid North Dakota winter coughed its phlegmy wind in my face, spattering my face with its icy spittle. Andrea Dumas, West Fargo, ND

I’m very very good and I know this because momma told me and all her bridge friends that I was an angel she got when the stork dropped me from the sky and she says I’m such a good girl so if you want to be with a real honest to goodness angel tonight come on down to the corner of Bitcoin and Pussycat Way for a very special time with an angel who accepts American Express.
Sharon Durken, Port Wing, WI

When Big Rita was on parade in a tight skirt, moving like a burlap bag full of bobcats, the men in town sat up and took notice, knowing the hunt was on, for she had run the gamut from wealthy philanthropists to dopeheads and bikers, though, until today, she had maintained a shred of dignity by always rebuffing English professors. John Hardi, Falls Church, VA

White Boy

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Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Contest 2022

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The Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Contest has announced the results of the 2022 competition. Every year, B-LFC solicits opening sentences for bad novels. The “winners” of this competition receive heartfelt condolences from all concerned. Chamblee54 uses B-LFC as an excuse for text to go between pictures every year. Parts two and three are available. Pictures today are from The Library of Congress.

As a “value added service,” chamblee54 compiles a list of noteworthy author names and locations. None of the participants are from Georgia. This years notables: Brent Guernsey, Springfield, VA, Joe Tussey, Daniels, WV, Vivien Doyle, Buxton, Derbyshire, UK, Neil Prowd, Ballarat, Victoria, Australia, Emily Ho, Los Angeles, CA, Jim Anderson, Flushing, MI, Jordan Peace, Mountlake Terrace, WA, Nicole Postorino, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Mark Meiches, Dallas, TX, Andrea Dumas, West Fargo, ND, Joanne Morcom, Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Sharon Durken, Port Wing, WI, Leah Dagenbach, Loveland, OH.

“Hoist the mainsail ye accursed swine” shouted the Captain over the roar of the waves as the ship was tossed like a cork dropped from a wine bottle into a jacuzzi when the faucet is wide open and the jets are running full blast and one has just settled into the water with a glass of red wine to ease the aches and pains after a day of hard labor raking leaves from the front yard.
Joe Tussey, Daniels, WV

It was only when the booming voice of the Sergeant-at-Arms rang out declaiming the surprising order for each and every member of the firing squad to shoot the Sergeant-at-Arms himself and then turn their rifles on each other, an order assiduously followed by the well-trained soldiers, that the cigarette-smoking, blindfolded Gerry Corker truly appreciated the seemingly endless hours his mother had denied him on the baseball field during his lonely childhood, instead sending him every afternoon to Crazy Barney’s School of Mimicry and Ventriloquism.
John Shafer, Tonbridge, Kent, UK

Three bears arrived at their den to discover a yellow haired girl sleeping, and as she was neither too hot nor too cold, neither too soft nor too hard, but just right, they ate her.
Neil Prowd, Ballarat, Victoria, Australia

The Director of Child Protective Services was aghast, and needed clarification, “Let me get this straight—You were rocking your baby on the tree top, and when the wind blew, the cradle rocked and the bough broke, the cradle fell, and down came baby, cradle and all?” John Tracy, Palm Desert, CA

The detectives wore booties, body suits, hair nets, masks and gloves and longed for the good old days when they could poke a corpse with the toes of their wingtips if they damn well felt like it.
Jim Anderson, Flushing, MI

They called Rock Mahon the original hard-boiled detective, and it wasn’t because of his gravelly voice, or his crusty manner, or his chiseled jaw, or his cement-like abs, or his feldspar fists, or his iron incorruptibility, or his calcite cynicism, or his uzonite unsentimentality, but because of his goddamned, geezly, infuriating habit of polluting every crime scene with shells dropped from the hard-boiled eggs he munched without surcease. Barbara Stevenson, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

The heat blanketed the small village in much the same way a body bag blankets a murder victim, except that a body bag is usually black, which the heat wasn’t, as heat is colorless, and the village wasn’t dead, which a murder victim usually is. Eric Rice, Madison, WI

It was a Dark ‘n Stormy night: Dark n’ Stormy cocktails were half-off at Tata’s, the breast-themed barbeque chicken restaurant. Ross Ozarka, Auckland, New Zealand

It was a dark and stormy night; the rain fell mainly in the plain —except for occasional intervals when it was checked by Andalusian fields full of grain (for it is in Spain that our story takes place)—and the heroine of our story, Pam Plona, was in the middle of giving birth to a minotaur after running with the bulls. Joe McKenna, Iowa City, IA

Intellectual Bulimia

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One of the touted TED talks in the weekly email is Color blind or color brave? It is by Mellody Hobson, a POC in the investment business. It is the standard call to talk more about race. Talk, talk, talk, and talk some more. The word listen is not used.

At the 3:13 mark, Mrs. Hobson makes a remarkable statement. “Now I know there are people out there who will say that the election of Barack Obama meant that it was the end of racial discrimination for all eternity, right?” (Yes, this is a TED talk.) It is possible that someone has said that. There are also people who say the earth is flat.

PG asked Mr. Google about this. The top two results are about the TED talk. The third result is an article in Forbes magazine, Racism In America Is Over. It is written by John McWhorter, one of the “black guys at” Dr. McWhorter does say racism is over, sort of. The problems that remain are a lot worse. Too much food for thought, for a population with intellectual bulimia.

There is a quote in the Forbes article that is pure gold.
“When decrying racism opens no door and teaches no skill, it becomes a schoolroom tattletale affair. It is unworthy of all of us: “He’s just a racist” intoned like “nyah nyah nyah nyah nyah!””
There are a lot more results. PG is getting tired of looking. If you want to see for yourself, google “the election of Barack Obama meant that it was the end of racial discrimination for all eternity.” Except for a rogue title editor at Forbes, almost nobody has said that. This is a repost. Pictures today are from “The Special Collections and Archives, Georgia State University Library”.









‘Traumatic Childhood’ After Mom’s Murder

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The Best Way to Cheer Yourself Is to Try to Cheer Somebody Else Up
When the rich rob the poor, it’s called business. When the poor fight back, it’s called …
Risk of SARS-CoV-2 Acquisition in Health Care Workers According to Cumulative …
The Rolling Stones Rock n Roll Circus – If Guitars Could Speak… #18
Rachel Maddow Connects The Dots On Trump And Espionage by Jason Easley
Anna Martinez Has Nothing Nice to Say “I don’t even see “nice” as a nice word anymore.”
Ukraine has found Russia’s Achilles’ heel in Crimea 16 August 2022, 10:12am
Homemade bug sprays – 6 recipes to keep pests away from plants
How to Use Rubbing Alcohol and Dish Soap to Kill Mealybugs
Путин. Миллер. Газпром Газпром называют Но Путин превратил его в бездонный
Derrick Hamilton Spent Over 20 Years in Jail Over False Murder Conviction
Scott Woods: Nobody Asked You … your unprompted response isn’t needed.
Doing the Work at Work What are companies desperate for diversity consultants …
A winter energy reckoning looms for the west growth still requires fossil fuel production …
Dating in 2022: Why Do So Many Straight Men Hate Astrology? by Izzie Deibe
Covid has caused a psychiatric disorder, it’s not what you think; please help me name it
Who Was Flannery O’Connor and Why Is She Being Canceled?
Everything That Rises Must Converge by Flannery O’Connor
Anti-Gay Hatred & Abuse from Trans Activists & Gender-Identity Ideologues
Robert Blake’s Daughter Speaks Out About ‘Traumatic Childhood’ After Mom’s Murder
Reported Legal Abortions by Race of Women by State of Occurrence
Dumpster, and other trademark names that might surprise you
Open science, COVID-19, and the news: Exploring controversies in the circulation of …
“Hurt Feelings” Other Lies thoughts regarding recent stabbing of Salman Rushdie
40+ Illustrations Of The Everyday Life As A Couple Camila Costa
Mother claims she was denied an abortion despite baby’s condition
No One Is Born in ‘The Wrong Body’ William J. Malone, Colin M. Wright, Julia D. Robertson
rachel glaser ~ flannery ph.d ~ tetanic ~ nejm ~ brandon tatum
krishnamurti ~ unconscionable. ~ 25 worst neighborhoods ~ relevation ~ chicago council surveyrepost ~ Dumpster ~ abortion rates ~ analogies in chains ~ pronoun pin
duck ~ repost. ~ flannery ~ flannery racist ~ sunday long read
the river ~ flannery o’connor ~ disco duck ~ vic romero ~ lyttle lytton
repost ~ bored ape yc ~ 120 minutes ~ chen chen ~ zorn substack
jussie smollett ~ terrorism works ~ boen wang ~ infinities ~ gni ~ otessa moshfegh
mama kim ~ stochastic terrorism ~ cdc monkeypox ~ synanon ~ sacred geometry ~ honest woman
@chamblee54 “When the rich rob the poor, it’s called business. When the poor fight back, it’s called violence.” … source … When the poor rob the memory of the rich, it’s called facebook ~ At the spring gathering, I had conversations about the labyrinth. I decided to make a picture of one when I got home. The final size is 11″x17″. The medium is sticker paper on plastic film, creating an image when lit from behind. This is similar to stained glass. The labyrinth is a powerful instrument of transformation. Unfortunately, a two dimensional labyrinth image is boring. For this image, I chose to use the twisted sister of the labyrinth, the maze. The colors were chosen for visual appeal, without any symbolic meaning. If the viewer wants to assign meaning to these colors, that is their privilege ~ The videographer story was not homophobic as much as dumb. He was afraid of being raped by a bunch of gay nudists. The truth is, those queens were more likely to want the videographer to rape them. ~ “Unsurprisingly, hate-speech laws have continued to expand, vigorously enforced by constabularies who find persecuting Twitter perps more rewardingly trendy, and less dangerous, than arresting armed burglars.” ~ @jonkay I just got sent the 136 pages (!!!) of slides for the “decolonization” training at a B.C. government office. Let’s take a look, shall we? It starts with the two instructors “acknowledging [their] positionality and power” … ~ “Drawing on Critical Race Theory and whiteness studies, Chapter One analyzes the ways in which O’Connor critiques the unjust racial practices of the South in her stories and other writings, yet unconsciously upholds them.” ~ Mark 6:4 But Jesus said unto them, A prophet is not without honour, but in his own country, and among his own kin, and in his own house. ~ @existentialcoms I don’t think people should pile on when someone comes out with a really stupid “leftist” critique of a novel or whatever, because here’s the thing, we can’t expect every leftist to be smart. Complete and total dumbasses must have a place in our movement too. … history has shown that without dumbasses on board you will never reach the critical mass needed to affect change ~ pictures today are from The Library of Congress. ~ selah

Look At All That Money

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It started Wednesday. Steve put a note on facebook that he needed a ride, from midtown to south atlanta, sometime early afternoon thursday. It had a medical sound to it. PG had been feeling the need to do a good deed, and sent a reply. After various negotiations, PG agreed to meet Steve on Howell Mill Road at 8:30am. They go back to South Atlanta when it was all over.

Thursday started at 7:40. I-85 is crowded, as usual, but moving. After several folders on the thumb drive, PG settled on Aphex Twin. This has a science fiction feel… going down an eight lane freeway, jam packed with modern vehicles, past ghastly condo projects, before you get to the megabuck medical center. Judy Jetson is a recovery nurse.

The first sign of induction into the medical machine is getting a parking ticket. The instructions were to go to level p6 of parking. The signs were small and confusing. It took a bit of searching to find p6. By this time, Steve had called from the surgery center. He had forgotten PG’s last name.

You walk into the surgery center. Steve caught a much appreciated lyft. The driver has to stay in the building all day. They can only leave the surgery waiting room after Steve goes back to be prepped. This waiting room has a tv, with the sound cut up loud. On the tv, some lady entertainer is singing, and the audience shrieks. It is not pleasant to listen to.

After a while, Steve goes back into the machine. PG goes down to the lobby, and is directed to the cafe. $2.35 later, PG walks out with a cup of coffee. The downstairs lobby is a marvel. Big, QUIET, full of the latest in medical interior design. Generous funding is invested in this facility.

The only problem is the seating area. There are two chairs on either side of a column. A small table is in front of the column. Instead of being in the center, between the two chairs, the table is off to one side. This lack of balance disturbs PG.

Soon, PG is back in the noisy waiting room. He is ushered into a prep area. Steve is in a surgery costume, with blood pressure cuff, iv drip, and other medical paraphernalia strategically positioned. Every where you look, you see $tate-of-the-art nurse toys. PG is reminded of the time when he heard a man say, regarding a field of cattle, look at all that money.

The procedure is scheduled for 10:30. For some reason, PG is sitting by Steve this whole time. It should be noted that PG and Steve are somewhere in the spectrum between friend and acquaintance. While there is mutual enjoyment of company, the two are not terribly close. The recovery instructions that PG hears are promptly forgotten. The Piedmont buddy system does have its advantages. Once, at a competing facility, PG lay alone, prepped and glasses-less, for 45 minutes. The only advantage to that was the take-home socks that are part of the surgery outfit. Steve got some Dunwoody banana yellow socks, while PG got vibrant purple.

Steve goes back into the procedure portal, and PG goes downstairs to the quiet lobby. His book for today is Half Asleep in Frog Pajamas, read in fits and starts. The other people in the lobby are scrutinized. Places to go meditate are considered, but nothing has the perfect feng shui. Soon, a call from the facility comes. PG cannot get to his phone in time to answer. Since the surgery center is just one flight up, PG goes upstairs. All the call said was that everything was going well. PG decided to stay in the noisy waiting room, but not before getting the lady to cut down the sound on the tv. By now, it is The View, with Whoopi Goldberg going Whoo Pee Doo, in technicolor and dolby sound, to the horror of The View‘s blonde of the moment.

At 12:14, PG is ushered into the Physicians Consultation room. The PC room is a marvel. Seven feet wide, seven feet long, eight feet tall. Three chairs, a lamp, a table, a land line phone, and a tasteful framed print. Walls painted JAP beige, with not a trace of dirt to be seen. PG wishes he could have spent all his waiting time in here. At 12:37 the surgeon stuck his head in the door to say all was well. At 12:43, PG was forced to leave the PC, to make room for the next friend-of-a-procedure.

The next stop was the recovery resort, which looked very similar to the prep spa. PG sat in the chair. Small talk was made, and recovery instructions read. Eventually, it was time to get the vehicle, and drive to the patient pickup spot. PG got a couple of feet out the door, and decided to go back inside to use the restroom. Coming out of somewhere, a familiar face walked by. PG knew who it was, as did the familiar face. Somehow, when you see someone unexpectedly in a medical facility, you wonder what the story is. The two made nervous small talk for a minute, and hurried on.

PG and Steve got on the freeway, still full of vehicles. The drug store was on Boulevard. After that, the route went past the prison, and down into the ninth most dangerous neighborhood in America. The patient was dropped off, goodbyes were said, and PG got back on the interstate to go back to Brookhaven. Pictures today are from The Library of Congress. This is a pre-COVID repost.


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You have probably heard Donald Trump quoted as saying the White House is a dump. The quote was in a Sports Illustrated article, First Golfer: Donald Trump’s relationship with golf has never been more complicated. This comment is one of many unflattering comments about DJT in the article. Once the dump comment got publicity, it was *officially* denied. @realDonaldTrump “I love the White House, one of the most beautiful buildings (homes) I have ever seen. But Fake News said I called it a dump – TOTALLY UNTRUE” This is a repost.

Facebook jumped into the matter with a tasteful meme. The top part is the TrumpDump comment. The bottom part is a picture of BHO, with a quote: “In the evening, when Michelle and the girls have gone to bed, I sometimes walk down the hall to a room Abraham Lincoln used as his office. It contains an original copy of the Gettysburg Address, written in Lincoln’s own hand. …”

Most BHO quotes are legitimate. He is still a celebrity, and a record of his every word exists. It is not like historic quote magnets like Marilyn Monroe and Mark Twain. When you see a beautifully illustrated quote, with a famous dead person at the bottom, the odds are very good that the famous dead person did not say it.

This does not stop a skeptic like PG. Once you get started investigating, there is no telling what you are going to find. The BHO quote is documented by Huffington Post, Obama Pens Letter Commemorating Gettysburg Address On 150th Anniversary Of Remarks. The Lincoln bedroom at the White House does have one of the Copies of the Gettysburg Address.

The comments by BHO were originally posted at When you follow the HuffPo link, you see this: “Thank you for your interest in this subject. Stay tuned as we continue to update” The letter from BHO is no longer on A cached copy is available.

Pictures are from “The Special Collections and Archives, Georgia State University Library”.