Russia Strategy Has Backfired

Posted in Library of Congress, Weekly Notes by chamblee54 on August 1, 2022

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Java Monkey was destroyed by fire November 12, 2018.
Our Russia strategy has backfired Biden is more likely to be toppled BY Anusar Farooqui
No. 22-609 Detroit Families’ Experiences with COVID-19 and School Attendance
Ethan Hawke Says Filmmaker Peter Weir Retired After Johnny Depp ‘Broke Him’
Omicron BA5 is the dominant variant of SARS2 in USA at the moment …
How the Ukraine War Ends | Robert Wright & Rajan Menon
College Football Can’t Be Killed. But It Can Be Changed for the Worse.
Raymond Carver Reads “What We Talk About When We Talk About Love”
Murder Mayhem CIA Acid Parties Let’s give a bunch of criminals acid, see what happens
No, Facebook doesn’t have a new rule that allows it to use people’s photos
Michael Moore Gives 5 Scary Reasons Why Trump Will Win
ALEC Takes on “Woke Capitalism,” Bodily Autonomy, and More at Its Annual Meeting
Your “Do Not Sell My Personal Information” Rights under the CA Consumer Privacy Act
Billy Porter Slams Supreme Court, Calls for New Political Messaging: ‘The Change …
Sex deniers are the new flat earthers Those who deny biological sex are dangerous …
How the ”Science-Based Medicine” blog succumbed to the pressure of trans ideology
Monkeypox Risks From Everyday Activities: Trying on Clothes, Attending a Festival …
Twitter is silencing Gay Men My appeal for freedom of speech in online gay politics
Cosmologist Katie Mack shares tips for spotting, combating physics falsehoods online
A Heat Wave Is Not The Time To Eat On the Patio. Stop it!
A new Georgia voting law reduced ballot drop box access in places that used them most
Against False Privilege .. biggest blunders of modern activism is promotion of guilt and …
More Baldwin: Whoever debases others is debasing himself
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AMBIENT KYOTO ~ theresa ~ kirley’s ~ repost from 2016 ~ boys in the buff
Java Monkey ~ repost from 2016 ~ spiller park coffee ~ defamation ~ fripp
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I will glad to chat with you more and know each other better. Can you let me know your email, I will write to you more and send to you my pictures. … … Thank you, I will mail to you soon. Wish you very good day! Hugs ~ @vanguardngrnews Moment US Pastor, Congregation was robbed during church service. An American pastor, Bishop Lamor Miller-Whitehead and members of his congregation were robbed of about $400K in jewellery during a live-streamed church service on Sunday. ~ short end of the stick ~ At 1:39 of this show, Константин Кисин taught me something. In the Soviet Union, people would say something. A state official would tell the person “That is factually correct, but politically incorrect.” ~ Cemeteries, Funerals & New Jersey Taxes The New Jersey Cemetery Act, 2003 (N.J.S.A. 45:27-1 et seq.) accords a broad range of tax exemptions in recognition of the vital public health and welfare benefits cemeteries provide. This bulletin explains the Sales Tax treatment of sales and purchases by cemetery companies; sellers/installers of gravestones, tombstones, markers, and mausoleums; and funeral director ~ @DSA_LosAngeles Red Hot Socialist Summer is officially in effect. Thank you to everybody who joined us for our Annual Local Convention on Saturday! It was incredible to come together with workers from across LA to reflect on our victories, and gameplay for the challenges that remain @FilmThePoliceLA This group doesn’t have a single Black person? No wonder Hugo and the DSA are so willing to throw Black people under the bus. ~ this poem is from a writing prompt. The prompt was to use all the words in this headline, “Unidentified man saves grandmother and her relatives as their home is nearly swallowed by Kentucky floodwaters” … grandmother saves Kentucky floodwaters, as home is nearly swallowed by their relatives, unidentified man transitions into daughters, placebo and her geebow wonder what gives ~ Dax Shtraus ~ abc aqc abc aqc abc abc aqc abc aqc abc ~ pictures today are from The Library of Congress. Inter-city beauties, Atlantic City, 1926 ~ selah

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