QAnon Woke Up

Posted in GSU photo archive, Weekly Notes by chamblee54 on August 15, 2022

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DOJ pushes back against Eastman effort to reclaim his cellphone
Attacker Used Hola Free VPN as Denial of Service Botnet
QAnon Woke Up the Real Deep State An open letter to QAnon, “stop the steal,” and …
18 Famous Musicians Who Went from Rich to Bankrupt
Incelmatics on the C-Realm Podcast 562: Broken Monogamy
No Monkey Business with Monkey Pox in NYC By Kambiz Shekdar, Ph.D.
How breastfeeding actually works is awe-inspiring … marvel at this miraculous process.
man upset over cold McDonald’s fries arrested after police learn he’s wanted for murder
Hardcore History lost episode: Dan Carlin on Richard Nixon
Weighing the pros and cons of Beto O’Rourke dropping an f-bomb on a heckler
Notes of Debates on the Articles of Confederation, Continued July 30. 1776.
Notes of Debates on the Articles of Confederation, Continued July. 26.
The Roads Not Taken … explores role of Russian history in Ukranian war.
‘I just swallowed a bee’: Ontario Premier Doug Ford creates buzz after insect episode
Whistling Jack Smith – I was Kaiser Bill’s Batman (1967)
Rules for covering DeSantis visit to Pittsburgh pose ethical quandary, experts say
How the 1968 Psychedelic Film Head Destroyed the Monkees & Became a Cult Classic
Meet Mercury, the Atlanta Rapper-Skateboarder Who Keeps It Extreme
More Black men are dying in Portland homicides than anyone else
The Espionage Act Gets An Instant Makeover – law reviled by liberalism ten minutes ago …
immune supplements bought on Amazon found to have labels that don’t match contents
Anne Heche Was Working On Sex Trafficking Film Before Death
“I’m Trans, But Regret My Penis Inversion Surgery” : MtoF Detrans Speaks Out
Justice Department under pressure to explain raid on Trump’s estate
Ask Not What They’re Doing to Trump — Ask What Trump Did For You
Украинские бойцы “перестали стесняться” на поле боя – Арестович Виолетта Орлова
logistics ~ Linda Faye ~ walton county ~ the shovel raid ~ trump
Mike Sammes ~ doghouse roses ~ townes van zandt ~ lagrade ~ anne heche ~ griftart
#odyl ~ smashburger ~ swallowed a bee ~ country ass town ~ thirteen lives
repost ~ deauthentication ~ disengage ~ ar 15 ~ repost
naps ~ paxlovid ~ sylvia plath ~ gaza ~ @glossitis
@chamblee54 @glossitis I am reading a story, “Weird Fucks.”There is a lady who dries her hair in the oven. Maybe that is what Sylvia Plath was doing. ~ @OptimoPrincipi 1) The Corinth Canal is one of history’s greatest engineering feats. The 4-mile canal cuts through the Isthmus of Corinth allowing ships fast access between the Ionian and Aegean Sea. Though opened in 1893, it was actually a Roman superstar that first broke ground on the project. ~ “Slaves rather weaken than strengthen the State, and there is therefore some difference between them and Sheep. Sheep will never make any Insurrections.” Dr. Franklin. ~ @ChicagoCritter Dash cam footage of hit & run in the Jackson Park Highlands neighborhood that occurred at about 5 a.m this morning. #chicago #chicagosscanner ~ @chamblee54 @kittypurrzog @helenlewis Marx said Religion is the opiate of the people Today, “Politics is the amphetamine of the people” ~ so much water so close to home ~ When news broke that Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate had been raided by the FBI on August 8, people on one side of the Left/Right social construct were jubilant. People on the other side were outraged. I didn’t feel much of anything. I care roughly as much about Donald Trump’s well-being as he cared about mine. ~ @chamblee54 I tried to post a quote from this on facebook. “Posts that look like spam according to our Community Guidelines are blocked on Facebook and can’t be edited.” ~ @TrentTelenko Alright folks, let’s strap in for the most important logistical thread🧵of the Russo-Ukrainian War. This thread is about how much artillery ammunition the Russian Army has left over from the Cold War and what shape it is in. It’s going to be a ride. ~ pictures today are from “The Special Collections and Archives, Georgia State University Library.” ~ selah

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