National Rorschach Test

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Staley: Worried about possible slurs toward players vs. BYU
로동당의 전사들 하나로 뭉쳤다 빛나는 새 승리 우리를 부른다 어서가자 빨리가자 천리마 타
ContraPoints Talks Internet Fascism and Cancel Culture | Offline Podcast
“you should always challenge the things that you intuitively want to believe”
John Vervaeke: Meaning Crisis, Atheism, Religion & the Search for Wisdom
Conversation so Intense It Might as Well Be Psychedelic John Vervaeke JBP Podcast |
How Small, Conservative Campus Paper Did A Better Job Covering BYU Volleyball …
pearl necklace A sex act whereby semen is ejaculated onto a partner’s neck.
Can Democrats Hold Georgia? did everything right to win state in 2020—Republicans …
Right-wing conspiracy theory involving Duke volleyball player is absurd | Opinion
Perspective: The BYU-Duke volleyball story became a national Rorschach test
Puzzling Duke-BYU volleyball story is not undergoing the national scrutiny it deserves
B.Y.U. Is Still Investigating Racial Slurs at Women’s Volleyball Match
“The more you know, the more you know you don’t know.”
BYU on trial in the court of public opinion …where do we go from here?
How Corporate Media Sold The BYU Race Narrative With Zero Corroborating Evidence
Outrage Industrial Complex in Overdrive Over ‘Racist’ Taunts at College Volleyball Game
What Stephen A. Smith is saying now about the Duke-BYU racism allegations
listen to your skin: erotic reading & open-mic series
Server Divides People With Viral Rant Begging People To Tip More
Production of Whiteness in Education: Asian Students in a College Classroom
“TWO STEPS FORWARD-THREE STEPS BACK,” Poetry Games with Michael Sindler
Does My Son Know You? Fatherhood, cancer, and what matters most
BYU says it found no corroborating evidence of racial heckling toward Duke women’s …
A statement from BYU Athletics regarding investigation of Aug. 26 volleyball match
Stephen A Smith Reacts to Made up Story Rachel Richardson Duke Volleyball!
Maintaining Standards in Standardized Testing | Glenn Loury & John McWhorter
Trump’s China Tariffs Helping Pakistani Garments Exports to America
Dad Of Duke Black Volleyball Player ACCOSTED By Racial Slurs At BYU Game Speaks Out
Martial, the twelve books of Epigrams, translated by J.A. Pott and F.A. Wright
Зикр в Алды посёлке 4 сентября 2022 г.
norman vincent peale ~ martial ~ eagle ~ beep
decandence ~ ga senate ~ cnn ~ duke ~ jay bilas
chaplaincy ~ mollena ~ anarchy ~ renitta shannon ~ duke hoax
chicago stadium ~ lessa pamplin ~ edgar winter ~ hank johnson ~ dennis cooper
parable ~ nick challies ~ baseball fields ~ simon owens ~ debbies barium swallow
soho press ~ lesa pamplin ~ fake hate crimes ~ tom selleck ~ black menaces
@BatchlorIV ~ @DrIbram ~ duke ~ byu ~ gimp circle
10 evil books ~ duke thread ~ ozzy ~ sam quinones ~ pure flic ~ sober podcast
Anaïs Nin Henry Miller ~ La Guerre des mondes ~ sam quiones ~ open mike
so it was an amazing day at LAF. as i was coming in, there was a young man ahead of me. spaghetti skinny, long hair, pale legs with a tasteful touch of fuzz … looked to be about 19 … when i was working on the weight machine, he started at a station across the aisle from me. he would do a set of something, then spend five minutes looking at his phone … finally, i was up in the mezzanine, riding the stationary bike listening to a podcast about the sex pistols. my new bf was on some machine in front of me downstairs, still working the weights about 10 percent as much as he looked at his phone. … it was charming ~ My best guess: the original quote has become so corrupted over time that searches for a source will produce everyone and no one. ~ I want to also address a percolating narrative that BYU (and even Duke) did not do anything to address the situation. When the complaint first surfaced, BYU head coach Heather Olmstead immediately took action. Four staff and a uniformed police officer were placed in the student section. They were later joined by an athletic administrator from Duke. Coach Olmstead’s reaction in alerting event management staff was immediate and decisive. The crowd was large and boisterous but there were no observations of racist behavior. ~ @lumpen_princess kyle rittenhouse’s sorority blonde girlfriend making cloyingly cutesy tiktoks with him is the closest thing there is to a true fascist cinema in the 21st century. she is this generation’s leni riefenstahl ~ Look, I tried the cat experiment. On the third trial, the cat was dead. On each of the subsequent 413 trials, it remained dead. Am I doing something wrong? ~ White Man who shouted the N-Word at Women’s Volleyball Match Captured ~ I was in the cove. It was a former business of some kind, off Monroe Drive in back of the park. The cove is no longer standing. When the city built a sewer plant on the site, they had to decontaminate the ground that the cove stood on. Today, it is an empty lot, next to the driveway to a parking garage in the park. One night, I was in there with Jim, this man I was hanging out with. He was intoxicated, as usual. I was much less drunk. In those days, Jim would order a glass of vodka, and a beer. He would mix half the beer with the vodka, and give me the rest of the beer. In those days, that was enough for me. The dj played a song, “rock the boat” by the Hues Corporation. Jim grabbed me by the wrist, and dragged me out onto the floor. Within 30 seconds, I realized that I was having a whole lot of fun. I haven’t stopped since, even if my deteriorating body might wish otherwise. I don’t remember if it was raining that night, and i wasn’t dance addicted … yet … to dance in the parking lot. so there was no dancing in the rain that night. ~ pictures today are from The Library of Congress. ~ selah

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