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Wir benötigen Ihre Unterstützung Cookies helfen uns, unseren Journalismus zu …
Can We Trust What the Bible Says? Holy Scripture The Canon Josh Buice
Trump’s Fiscal Legacy: A Comprehensive Overview of Spending, Taxes, and Deficits
Seth Rogen’s Sausage Party Is Coming Back as a Streaming Series
How the Media Can Help Prevent Mass Shootings Sensationalized TV coverage of mass …
Darrell Brooks Flips Out When Prosecutor Reveals He’s a Sex Offender
Man who drove SUV into Waukesha Christmas parade found guilty of homicide
BeltLine: Last missing Westside Trail piece won’t open for 2.5 years
How ‘Science Vs’ Accidentally Invented A Gender Dysphoria Desistance Statistic
Pfizer board member Scott Gottlieb secretly pressed Twitter to censor me days before …
Racists proudly run rampant on Twitter after Elon Musk buys app — see their tweets
N-word on Twitter jumped by almost 500% after Elon Musk’s takeover …
LeBron James: Musk should look into ‘scary AF’ increase in N-word on Twitter
LeBron Calls On Elon Musk To Address ‘Scary AF’ Explosion Of ‘N Word’ On Twitter
Paul Pelosi told attacker he needed to use the bathroom, called 911 from there
From Child Star to Convicted Criminal: The Life of Dana Plato
Man who avoided bathing for 60 years dies after finally washing up
Bizarre Trial of Darrell Brooks: Outbursts Oddities of Waukesha Parade Attacker’s Case
the #DarrelBrooks trial got 1% of the coverage given to #kylerittenhouse
Corporations File Amicus Briefs in U.S. Supreme Court in Support of College Admissions …
Woman Says John MacArthur’s Church Taught Her to Stay With Abusive Husband
Stacey Abrams and Raphael Warnock have been a team for quite a while.
good people ~ good people ~ darrell brooks ~ gusto! ~ bevis & butthead
white privilege ~ mentally divine ~ shoes ~ obscured by time ~ David DePape
paul pelosi ~ soundtrack ~ stars above us ~ WaPo ~ porch music
drowsy ~ twitter magic word ~ hear snow fall ~ dubby & dreamy ~ Euromaidan
repost ~ infinite ambient ~ dude wipes ~ war on words ~ Poltergeist
elliott street pub ~ elvis & jerry lee ~ darrell brooks ~ pics ~ colorado murder
gilda’s club ~ leslie jordan ~ dawgs ~ stacey ~ repost
UPDATE: This is a repost from October 28, 2014. This whimsical post serves as a time capsule to a simpler, more innocent time. Many of the traumas that have obsessed us in the last eight years … The Trump Presidency, COVID … would have been dismissed as bad fiction in 2014. Meanwhile, seven time zones away, the Euromaidan revolution was going on. It was little noticed in the United States, which was more interested in racist halloween costumes. Ukraine has had severe complications for the world, and might lead to nuclear disaster. Cher’s halloween costume will not be very important when the nuclear fallout hits. ~ “Paul Pelosi was able to dial 911 himself after telling the intruder he had to go use the bathroom and then calling from there, where his phone had been charging, according to a person familiar with the situation.” ~ According to police, DePape allegedly entered the house and at some point confronted Paul Pelosi. Pelosi told the intruder that he had to use the bathroom, then made a surreptitious 911 call on his cellphone and left the line open, sources familiar with the attack told The Times. Dispatcher Heather Grimes could hear Pelosi talking to his attacker and alerted officers to the scene. In a communication between a dispatcher and a police car, the dispatcher says “there’s a male in the home and that he’s going to wait for his wife. The dispatcher said the man on the line “doesn’t know who the male is, but he advise that his name is David and then [said] he is a friend.” The caller, she added, “sounded somewhat confused.” … When officers arrived and knocked on the front door, Scott said, someone inside opened the door. The officers saw Paul Pelosi and DePape, “each with one hand on a single hammer,” he said. After officers ordered both men to drop the hammer, DePape “immediately” pulled the tool from Pelosi and “violently attacked him with the hammer,” Scott said. ~ my favoritie things … mft is a jazz riff on a show tune, which is all about culture cross pollination, also happy pollination is what we have … i am on the 14th floor of the healey building running prints for one of the architects that work for oscar, and what the third eye of his designer sees i look out at the sky over woodruff park, and see the gold dome of the capitol catching that one snatch of sunlight to slip through the clouds i look at the painting with my third eye, which always tells me more than the two globes behind thick glasses the host muted me, just like oscar muted me for five years not that that ever stopped me there was a war in iraq during those days, and the escalator at marta did not work the first day of the land invasion and i took that as a bad sign the lavender stripe at ground zero of mte serves as the stand in for this mythical organ once a gallery at gsu had an exhibit called the healing machines, where a farmer in iowa made 3d images out of junk, that could heal the sick but the third eye, which is often fueled by the fifth bottle is at play here getting back to the view out of the 14th floor, on the last view of the friday before the super bowl, someone placed a huge izzy doll in woodruff park izzy was the mascot of the olympics, which has been mercifully forgotten in the 26 years after the games, by which time i was working in an office park in doraville and safely out of the healey building that day when i learned that my time in oscar’s office was, for a few minutes, my favorite thing ~ @MurphyAJC On a call with reporters, @staceyabrams says high voter turnout in Georgia so far does not correlate with the absence of voter suppression from SB 202. “More people in the water doesn’t mean there are fewer sharks.” ~ The Winnebago, moving with such innocent optimism across deserted Western spaces, may be blundering into a valley of palimpsest. ~ @OctopusCaveman in light of kanye’s recent actions I am cutting ties with Kanye West and i will no longer be doing Kanye related diarrhea tweets ~ selah

Putting The N Back In Twitter

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@JoshuaPHilll “Elon Musk: I love free speech!! The free speech:” “Use of N-word on Twitter jumped by almost 500% after Elon Musk’s takeover as trolls test limits on free speech, report says” This message was dutifully retweeted, and showed up in my feed. The bs detector will not quit buzzing. The Washington Post is the source for Business Insider.

WaPo relies on a tweet by Network Contagion Research Institute. @ncri_io “Evidence suggests that bad actors are trying to test the limits on @Twitter. Several posts on 4chan encourage users to amplify derogatory slurs. For example, over the last 12 hours, the use of the n-word has increased nearly 500% from the previous average.” The only documentation offered is a bar graph.

What to make of this? We don’t know who is using the magic word. It might be #BlackTwitter, which is permitted to use America’s favorite naughty word. Does The Washington Post see twitter as competition for ad revenue? Other people might have a motive for bashing Mr. Musk.

@kevinhoff Replying to @BusinessInsider “I bet anything it is manufactured. Tune the bots to post the word over and over and over again. Write a post about it. Blame @elonmusk Continue to turn a blind eye on all diverse communities. Rinse and repeat. I will also bet this will all change once everyone gets verified.” There are plenty of possibilities to consider.

Who is the NCRI? It appears to be a well funded operation, with plenty of A-list clients. Two of the displayed studies deal with COVID: “Russian disinformation campaigns are trying to sow distrust of COVID vaccines, study finds” (Paywall) “QAnon’s corrosive impact on the U.S.” The CBS article has a header ad for Pfizer. Pictures today are from The Library of Congress.

Terrible Family Vacation

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@howboutyouwrite “what if the collapse of the world trade center took place during a terrible family vacation” … Most americans were at at either work, or school, on the morning of September 11, 2001. For many people, these institutions provide a family of sorts. Highly dysfunctional in many cases, full of people that you cannot get away from fast enough when you can. You can learn something, or make money, or take up space.

For me, nine-eleven was a blueprint shop on West Peachtree Street. The man across the room was the worst co-worker in my experience. An loud, aggressive Jesus worshiper, who used his religion as a weapon to fight his battles. The whole business gave me a PTSD of sorts, and it makes me unhappy to talk about today … just like a terrible family vacation (TFV).

A vacation is either too short, or too long. It is defined by time off from your everyday assignment. You either go somewhere, or remain in place … a “staycation.” In a sense, America was the TFV. Mom and dad were perpetually on the verge of divorce. Big brother was on dope, with a looming court date. Sister was on dope, terminally depressed, and spent her days watching soap operas. You were newly sober, and not sure how you fit in to all of this.

In a writing prompt, you have the option of saying it does not work, and moving on. This was not the case on nine-eleven. In the case of TFV, mom can threaten to call off the trip if you two don’t quit fighting. Maybe that is the best alternative. Pictures today are from The Library of Congress. They were taken at Irwinville Farms, Georgia, May 1938. The photographer was John Vachon.

Pass The Popcorn

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This is a repost from 2014. PG was editing pictures from “The Special Collections and Archives, Georgia State University Library”. Some of these images decorate this post. He had been working on a batch of pictures. It was time to blow through the remaining 200 images, and get them out of the way. Focus on what you are doing, and ignore the distractions.

Sometimes, the old fashioned interruptions intrude. At one point, the telephone rang. The recorded voice of Pat Boone (?) urged PG to vote for David Perdue in the coming election. Did you know that Obamacare is causing cutbacks in Social Security? Did you know that the Republicans think you are a total idiot for believing this nonsense?.

One status provoked 139 comments. PG ran out of popcorn. “White queers should really check themselves when you think it’s okay to show up to a party in blackface. Whether or not you think it’s artsy there is a history of racial oppression that goes with blackface. You’re not being cool, you look foolish, you should edit yourself and check your fucking privilege.”

Someone in New York had a Rocky Horror Show party. A person paid homage to the opening number, which features a pair of lips against a black background. This detail did not come out until 45 comments had hit the innertubes.

It was a lively discussion. PG is a known caucasian. He does not know what it is like to live as a POC. PG does suspect that some incidents do not merit high octane rhetoric. In this virtual town hall meeting, an party costume became a chance to opine about “the relationship between systemic racism and oppression.” So many big words, so little time.

“… epic insensitivity to the experiences People of Color face in our white supremacist society, which is totally uncool, and an example of implicit racism. The fact that Cher would not even consider that painting her face and body could be offensive is blatant proof of her privilege. … To dismiss someone’s comments and to challenge the fact that Cher’s look resembles blackface and could offend someone is the exactly a page from the playbook of white supremacy. The very act of saying this isn’t racist is you forcing your asinine opinion on people. … We can only move forward with open dialogue and not by dismissing people’s feelings.”. … “I mean for real. No shade let’s talk about trauma and white supremacy. … The reality that white supremacy is a constant trauma white folks can choose to pay attention to is real. The fact that “lifetime minority status” for people of color shortens the lifespan is fact. Any ou going to tell my home girl that she is out of line for developing community, decolonizing and coping strategies smash that system girl it’s tired and dying out anyways. I’ll be dat black supremacist for you any day of the week.”

“We can only move forward with open dialogue and not by dismissing people’s feelings.” Holy hypocrisy, Batman. Have you ever tried to offer a non-compliant opinion? Unless you are an emotional masochist, or have very thick skin, *stay in your lane*.

Eventually, PG ran out of steam, and went to sleep. The next morning saw the end of the pictures, while listening to Peggy Caserta talk about Jania Joplin. Miss Caserta wrote a book, Going Down With Janis The opening line: “I was stark naked, stoned out of my mind on heroin, and between my legs giving me head was Janis Joplin.”

UPDATE: This is a repost from October 28, 2014. This whimsical post serves as a time capsule to a simpler, more innocent time. Many of the traumas that have obsessed us in the last eight years … The Trump Presidency, COVID … would have been dismissed as bad fiction in 2014. Meanwhile, seven time zones away, the Euromaidan revolution was going on. It was little noticed in the United States, which was more interested in racist halloween costumes. Ukraine has had severe complications for the world, and might lead to nuclear disaster. Cher’s halloween costume will not be very important when the nuclear fallout falls, or any of the other looming disasters hit.











Talking Warrior Pigeons

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@howboutyouwrite “what if the only thing that could stop a poltergeist attack were a plucky team of talking warrior pigeons” Writing prompts should always be in quotes.

Poltergeist attack could come at any moment. It would be a stroke of extreme good fortune to have a team of warrior pigeons at your beck and call … peck and call … in the event of such a catastrophe.

There was a movie called Poltergeist. As usual, I did not see it in a theater. I did get to see it one night, at the Peachtree Garden Apartments. The townhome was filled with all of the things boyfriend bought, while the vidiot stayed home and drank.

My friend had Poltergeist playing on his luxury tv. I went there with a co-worker, and was dutifully scared. There were no talking warrior pigeons, which may account for the next thirty nine years.

Not much is left from that evening. PGA has gone the way of all Atlanta brick and mortar, and is now a super center. The LA fitness that I haunt is there, with a team of talking warrior pigeons in the Costco parking lot. There have been no reported poltergeist attacks.

The PGA resident got aids, and succumbed in 1992. The co-worker had a heart attack in 1998. I stumble on from day-to-day. The talking warrior pigeons work for a movie company in Fayette County. Pictures today are from “Special Collections and Archives, Georgia State University Library.”

Stacey Abrams And Raphael Warnock

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While not as toxic as the last three major elections, there is plenty of nastiness in 2022. Stacey Abrams (D) will probably lose to Incumbent Governor Brian Kemp (R.) Incumbent Senator Raphael Warnock (D) is favored against Herschel Walker (R.) There is a connection between Abrams and Warnock, dating back to 2014.

In 2014, Ms. Abrams was an ambitious state representative. She led the New Georgia Project, an effort to register minority voters. NGP had some serious issues, and failed to deliver results.

“Interviews with more than a dozen Democratic lawmakers, strategists, staffers, and voter registration activists suggest that something isn’t right with the numbers and the narrative behind the initiative’s massive efforts. … numerous sources, some requesting anonymity due to employment concerns, question how many of NGP’s allegedly missing voter registration applications actually existed. If the applications existed, Abrams raised millions from donors but failed to register 120,000 minority residents as she had pledged. If the unprocessed applications never existed, then Abrams, perhaps in an attempt to distract from her group’s failures, sued an official with a reputation for voter suppression, potentially knowing the case was unlikely to be won …”

“At Abrams’ behest, NGP staffers first met with (Secretary of State Brian) Kemp’s office in early June. During the meeting SOS chief investigator, Chris Harvey, suggested NGP could improve its protocols. … Formal NGP complaints subsided for two months. Around the last month of NGP’s voter registration drive, which ended Sept. 15, six different election registrars filed complaints relating to 29 applications. Kemp’s office received reports detailing forgeries and canvassers telling residents about voter re-registration requirements — both of which are illegal and can artificially inflate new registrant figures. Fulton County Registration Chief Shauna Dozier, whose office didn’t file an NGP complaint, found forms with missing names, missing signatures, and illegible handwriting. … On Aug. 22, NGP leaders briefly met again with the secretary of state’s office, but complaints continued to trickle in from across the state. …”

“Harvey says something had changed, however. He wasn’t just seeing isolated problems in different counties. Multiple reports were emerging out of the same election offices — a sign of a larger problem. “It reached a tipping point in my mind. We got enough complaints from enough counties of confirmed forgeries. This was something that we needed to look at on a much larger level.”

”Rev. Dr. Raphael Warnock, the senior pastor at First Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta and a spokesperson for NGP, said that many people of color in Georgia saw the tactics as part of a long history of voter suppression. “This narrative of voter suppression is one that communities of color understand and understand deeply, and it will backfire on those trying to suppress votes.”

“But there is an aggressive subpoena that, Abrams says, “essentially demands every document we have ever produced.” She calls it a “fishing expedition” meant to “suppress our efforts.” A spokesperson for the New Georgia Project, the Rev. Dr. Raphael Warnock of Ebenezer Baptist Church, was a little more explicit. “I see this move by the secretary of state as the latest effort in voter suppression in the state of Georgia.”

This was eight years ago. Ms. Abrams made Voter Suppression® the central issue of her 2018 run for Governor. Four years later, she is making another bid for Governor, in a different political environment. The unpopular POTUS is a Democrat. Many voters do not believe the rhetoric about Voter Suppression®. The polls are not looking good for Stacey Abrams.

Raphael Warnock is another story. He has been blessed with some of the weakest opposition anyone running for the senate has encountered. In 2020, with an Anti-Christ POTUS, he defeated Kelly Loeffler, aka Senator Barbie. In 2022, Rev. Warnock faces Herschel Walker, in a squalid mudslinging exhibition. This election cannot be over soon enough.

The New Georgia Problem was written in 2015, and is a key source today. This article has many details missing from this post. Pictures today are from “The Special Collections and Archives, Georgia State University Library.” The spell check suggestion for Warnock is Warlock.









Homicide Part Two

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Restaurant Drama

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the spell check suggestion for fentanyl is entangle
Double Elvis Team Grows Storytelling Success Through Podcasting Series ‘Disgraceland’
With alderman’s help, police find human remains buried in north St. Louis
Beavis and Butt-Head – ‘New Zealand Girl Eats 10 Big Macs’
Conservative academic Pamela Paresky suspended from Twitter for raising awareness …
A War Correspondent on Russia-Ukraine | Robert Wright & Seth Harp
FBI raided ABC News journalist over classified info. Then he “fell off the face of the earth”
Everything You Need To Know James Corden Restaurant Drama – “tiny Cretin of a man” …
Tulsi Gabbard Doesn’t Really Stand for Anything …makes total sense that ex-Democrat …
Gwinnett mother accused of killing child after using oven to heat apartment, police say
The Purpose of the Moon Tom Robbins (1979) Vincent van Gogh cut off his ear and sent …
Joe DiMaggio … Sending Six Fresh Roses To Her Grave Thrice A Week Until He Died
Art historians claim Van Gogh’s ear ‘cut off by Gauguin’
Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears; I come to bury Caesar, not to praise him
Georgia’s Democrats have registered more than 85,000 minority voters (and counting) …
Man dressed as superhero knocks himself unconscious after tying his wife to the bed.
DOD REPORT State of Competition within the Defense Industrial Base
From White Racist to White Anti-Racist t h e l i f e – l o n g j o u r n ey
The Los Angeles City Council Crack-Up | Glenn Loury & John McWhorter
DCMWG And Ts Madison Talks Being Acknowledged By Beyoncé, Verbiage Used Today …
The Bottom Molecule Vol. 1: 1860-1960 The History and Mystery of Poppers
always forgive your enemies nothing annoys them so much
You’ve hit Enterprise exclusive content. … google search for streisand effect
0923 like ~ music for healing ~ jj audubon ~ jj audubon ~ ayatollah
lester maddox ~ Darris McCord ~ Реклама на ТАСС ~ diwali ~ western novelties
voltaren ~ voltaren ~ caleb51498 ~ richie west ~ damien kyle
john cale ~ writers block ~ twain quotes ~ rosenbaum house ~ lgbt aging
watermelon ~ ambient piano ~ repost ~ gora ~ [ _ ] [ _ ] [ _ ]
charles k carter ~ tear gas ~ pfizer ~ jared millet ~ marilyn truther ~ poetry saves time
carter center ~ haiti ~ abstinence ~ this is great ~ radical gender theory ~ off the tracks
Did Gary Puckett and the Union Gap record different songs, over the same instrumental music? ~ @chamblee54 #GeorgiaVoters Early voting is now taking place. Your #secretballot participation is appreciated. If you are not a registered #Georgia voter #STFU #StacyAbrams #HerschelWalker #RaphaelWarnock #BrianKemp ~ “I don’t know what specific videos we’re talking about I can’t watch that [ __ ] um I’ve seen too many people killed in real life and I don’t even like to watch Hollywood you know violent Hollywood movies whenever I see those type of videos posted on social media I really don’t spend too much time looking at them like I said like I assume that both sides are committing summary executions both sides are torturing prisoners that’s what happens in every single War um and um you know I think the idea in some ways this is taking it I’m not sure if this is where you meant to go with the question but the idea that you could do a war uh where one side is playing by some sort of uh just War principles and conducting itself in a purely professional way um that’s a very uh American idea and it’s also in some ways a very dangerous idea because I think all of our Elites and our institutions assume that we can go and prosecute these wars in like a professional and like a professional and ethical basis but that’s not what war is war is mass murder mechanized mass murder that’s carried out by one side against another” ~ Someone at yt has a sense of humor. Moon Unit Zappa was talking about recording “Valley Girl,” and how much fun it was to hang out with her dad. YT interruped this for an attack ad about Herschel. ~ @chamblee54 Tulsi has some issues. However, her stated opposition to wars of choice is very appealing. The culture wars are a shiny object, taking attention away from the military industrial nightmare. ~ @chamblee54 Replying to @DailyRobbins Vincent van Gogh cut off his ear and sent it to Marilyn Monroe. She used it as a bookmark. Some photographer wanted a picture of Marilyn reading a book. He gave her “Ulysses” because that is supposed to be unreadable. Marilyn thought that the ear would help her keep her place. ~ @chamblee54 You tube ads attacking Raphael Warnock allow you to skip the ad. Ads attacking Herschel Walker force you to watch the entire ad ~ “I’m not attacking President Obama he was aggressive on the war on terror he made a lot of aggressive uh decisions” ~ repost ~ UPDATE Expensify is still in business. A google search for expensify politics does not have any matches for the last week. The expensify stock price appears to be falling. ~ Oscar Wilde, An Ideal husbandsir robert chiltern No; that money gave me exactly what I wanted, power over others. I went into the House immediately. The Baron advised me in finance from time to time. Before five years I had almost trebled my fortune. Since then everything that I have touched has turned out a success. In all things connected with money I have had a luck so extraordinary that sometimes it has made me almost afraid. I remember having read somewhere, in some strange book, that when the gods wish to punish us they answer our prayers. … “When the Gods wish to punish us, they answer our prayers.” – Oscar Wilde This does not appear in Oscar’s wikiquotes Search terms used: Gods, wish, punish, answer, prayers ~ @MsBlaireWhite If your identity requires constant validation from strangers, you don’t have a gender issue. You have a narcissism issue. ~ pictures today are from The Library of Congress. ~ if you are not a registered #Georgia voter, keep your opinions to yourself ~ selah


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The story was getting attention, not all of it good. “Expensify urges millions of users to vote for Biden in email blast” The company “is the world’s leading application for expense management, receipt scanning, and business travel.” This is a repost from 2020.

@expensify “Yes, we emailed all users.” Apparently, the company has upwards of 10m email addresses on file. The message in question urged users, in very strong terms, to vote for Joe Biden.

“… the only way to ensure a peaceful transition of power is to ensure this election is an overwhelming, undeniable landslide in favor of Biden. Any excuse to question the election is an opportunity for Trump to refuse to leave the White House, plunging this country into a Constitutional crisis bordering on civil war. No matter how slight that risk might be, the consequences of it happening would be so catastrophic to society and the economy, we need to do all we can to prevent it.”

Not everyone is pleased with this email blast. PG felt alienated from the Biden campaign after hearing about this clumsiness. He feels that this message is going to have the effect of turning undecided voters to President Trump. PG has already voted, and is unlikely to be persuaded by this type of nonsense. Others might react differently.

@papawhit210 “Calling on all CEO’s to cancel their subscriptions to @expensify for a serious breach of business ethics by using secure business emails for a personal political agenda. #Expensify” Mixing business and politics has long been frowned upon. This email blast involves the use of email addresses used for business communications. Many see this message as being a violation of trust.

@CSteckroth “I guess the CEO is exempt from abiding by the guidelines set in Expensify’s EULA. This is not integrity, this is abuse of customer data.” This tweet has a photo selection from the Terms of Service. “As part of your use of the Expensify Service, you agree not to do any of the following: … Send any unsolicited or unauthorized advertising, promotional materials, email, junk mail or junk messages, spam, chain letters or other form of solicitation …”

“A vote for Trump is to endorse voter suppression, it really is very basic. This isn’t about party politics: if Biden were advocating for half of the voter suppression that Trump is actively doing, then I’d be fighting against Biden, too. This is bigger than politics as usual: this is about the very foundation of our nation.” Voter suppression is presented as the number one reason to vote against President Trump. This tactic worked very well for Stacey Abrams.

The truth is that elections are locally governed. In Georgia, the majority of election administration is done by the counties. Other states may be different. The federal government has very little impact on the way elections are conducted. President Trump could not suppress the vote, even if he wanted to.

While the email did not mention race, we should note that racism is a key part of voter suppression culture. Calling President Trump a racist is a proud tradition with Democrats. Is warning about civil war a dog whistle, saying that President Trump is a racist?

@KathyGrosskurth “I deleted it without reading. Guess I need to read it to see what all the fuss is about! #Expensify” It is tough to say how much the #ExpensifyEmail will influence the election. Many people have already voted. Many, many more have their mind made up. Pictures today are from “The Special Collections and Archives, Georgia State University Library”.

UPDATE Expensify is still in business. A google search for Expensify politics does not have any matches for the last week. The Expensify stock price appears to be falling.






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LBGlass - 227z

Poetry Saves Time

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There is another Marilyn Monroe story floating around. “Someone told me that Marilyn Monroe once remarked that she enjoyed reading poetry “because it saves time.” I like this quotation so much that I’ve never dared to confirm it; I’d feel disenchanted to learn it was bogus.”

Poetry Daily seems to think the quote is legitimate. “That great aesthete and reader Marilyn Monroe once said: “I read poetry because it saves time.” In the age of Twitter, and other tweet-like utterances from all sorts of birdies, not to mention attention deficit disorder on an epidemic national scale, it’s refreshing to find poetry that both saves time and enlarges it. “

PG applied the wikiquotes test. Miss Monroe said in Look Magazine, March 5, 1957, “I’ve been on a calendar, but never on time.” Many people who worked with her agree.

Wikiquots also has a telegram, sent to Bobby and Ethel Kennedy. Marilyn was widely rumored to be seeing Bobby. This was a few weeks before her untimely death. “”I am involved in a freedom ride protesting the loss of the minority rights belonging to the few remaining earthbound stars. All we demanded was our right to twinkle.” (Telegram from Marilyn Monroe declining a party invitation from Bobby and Ethel Kennedy. June 13, 1962.)

A google investigation into the poetry quote led to Did Marilyn Monroe really say all those philosophical quotes? This is in DataLounge, where you “… get your fix of gay gossip, news and pointless bitchery.” The question on top of the thread was “I notice that the must fucked up of my female friends absolutely worship Marilyn Monroe, and are forever quoting her. What’s up with that, and are all those quotes real?? by: Mrs. Johnstone”

There are 148 comments in the thread. Some say Marilyn was an airhead, and some say she was bright. There are some quotes, many of which are probably made up. There is a letter, supposedly written to Albert Einstein. Shelly Winters says the two might have had a special relationship.

“Were I to pursue physics instead of my first love, acting, I would attempt to solve these problems by understanding the reason for these discrete energy states, which are probably due to the fact that standing waves only exist at discrete frequencies. My theory would predict that energy exchanges will be discrete, as observed;… But as I said, I want to be an actress.”

Once, on the set of Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, Marilyn Monroe and Jane Russell discussed embryological parallelism. Marilyn Monroe: Ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny. Jane Russell: I was about to say the same thing.

One of the comments had a link to a fun story. Film legend Marilyn Monroe went to bed with fellow actress Joan Crawford – but the lesbian sexual experience only reaffirmed her attraction to men. Monroe left Joan gasping for more liaisons, much to Marilyn’s chagrin. Monroe described the encounter herself in conversations taped by her psychiatrist Dr. Ralph Greeson, recordings which were obtained by the Los Angeles Times newspaper from former prosecutor John Miner, who helped investigate her death. Monroe said, “We went to Joan’s bedroom… Crawford had a gigantic orgasm and shrieked like a maniac. “Next time I saw Crawford she wanted another round. I told her straight I didn’t much enjoy doing it with a woman.”

This is a repost. Pictures are from The Library of Congress. HT to Andrew Sullivan.







Homicide Part One

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Where Is That Place

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This blog has an email address listed. It is seldom used. The host is a faded internet company that rhymes with booboo. Once proud email has become a spam magnet. The email address there is checked every once in a great while. Yesterday was one of those times. There was a surprise.

Friday, June 5, 2015, 2:52 PM
Do you know exactly where the Agora Ballroom was in the Georgia Terrace Hotel Also I am trying to locate photos of the following locations – Does you any that we can use? Please let me know ASAP – I am on an extremely tight deadline need photos by Monday morning if possible. Exteriors or interiors are great. Please let me know if you have any.

12th Gate Coffee House (located on 10th street in Midtown,) Club 112 (located at Lavista and Cheshire Bridge,) Lenny’s (either or both of their two locations in the Old Fourth Ward,) Great Southeast Music Hall (either or both of their two locations Lindberg Plaza or Cherokee Plaza,) Echo Lounge (located in East Atlanta,) Hedgens (located in Buckhead,) Agora Ballroom (located in Georgia Terrace hotel,) Muelenbrink’s Salon (located at the Underground.) Joeff Davis Photo Editor Creative Loafing

Thursday, July 9, 2015 11:12 PM
Hey I apologize for the tardy answer. I don’t use this email very often
The Agora was at the end of an alley off Peachtree. It was next door to the Ga Terrace Hotel, though not in the Hotel building itself. The ballroom was in a fire in the early eighties, and was torn down. I don’t have any of the pictures that you needed a month ago.

Friday, July 10, 2015, 11:49 AM
Thanks here is the piece we did: That was then, this is now.

Friday, July 10, 2015, 1:21 PM
Hey thanks for getting back to me. The article was cool, even without my contribution. This seems like a good excuse for a blog post. I have a some comments about some of the locations listed. For instance, my mother bought groceries at the Cherokee Plaza A&P every thursday for 37 years.. I would like to use your letters, and link to your article, in my post.

Chamblee54 has had posts about four notable Atlanta performance venues: 688 Spring Street, Georgian Terrace Ballroom, The Great Southeast Music Hall, and Richards. Two were on the list of requests. As for the other two, 688 Spring Street, home of Rose’s Cantina and 688, is now a doc-in-a-box facility, Concentra Urgent Care. The site of Richards, across from Grady stadium on Monroe Drive, is now the meat department at Trader Joe’s.

The CL article, That was then, this is now, is fun to look at. There are some good pictures. There are a couple of mistakes in the piece, which this post will try correct.

The Great Southeast Music Hall is the scene of many cherished memories for those of a certain age. The post linked here has more comments than any other Chamblee54 post. There are two google earth images, one for Broadview Plaza, and one for Cherokee Plaza.

In Broadview, (now known as Lindbergh something or another,) the Music Hall was in the corner of an L shaped building. The space is currently a part of the parking deck for Target. According to google earth, the Home Depot takes up almost the entire parking lot of the old shopping center.

In Cherokee Plaza, the space where the Music Hall was is the south part of a Kroger. CL says it was in the parking lot, which simply is not so. This parking lot is too small, which is one reason the Music Hall failed there. In the nineties, the A&P expanded, and took over the space occupied by the theater. In 1998, A&P closed their Atlanta operations. The stores were taken over by Kroger.

The third google earth image is for the intersection of Peachtree Street and Ponce De Leon Avenue. This is the location of the Georgian Terrace Ballroom. This was the setting of Alex Cooley’s Electric Ballroom and The Agora Ballroom. This facility was in a fire, and torn down. An annex to the Georgian Terrace Hotel was built. This annex is roughly where the Ballroom was.

One of the places CL mentions was Backstreet. A picture of Lang Interiors, on Peachtree Street at Sixth Street, is included today.This is the building that became Backstreet. This building was a series of nightclubs in the early seventies. Backstreet opened in late 1974. It was the premier chacha palace in Atlanta for many years. When the property became valuable enough to attract the money of developers, the city discovered enough violations to shut down the party. (1974 was somewhat of a golden age for Atlanta nightlife. The Great Southeast Music Hall, Richards, and Alex Cooley’s Electric Ballroom were all in operation in 1974.)

Club 112 catered to an African American clientele. The space had been many businesses over the years, with a Fred Astaire dance studio next door. Around the time Backstreet was getting started, the space was called the Locker Room. A drag show, featuring the Hollywood Hots, performed there. The Locker Room was a “private club,” and was able to stay open on Sunday night. It was the only place open on Sunday, and was packed. The Locker Room was owned by Robert E. Llewellyn, who was later convicted of having a business rival murdered.

The 12th gate was in the middle of the block, somewhere on tenth street. It was not on the corner of Spring Street. A seedy Jim Wallace gas station was nearby. This place was mostly before PG went out much. There is a hazy memory of seeing the Hampton Grease Band there. After the show, Mr. Hampton walked up to PG, holding a thumb and finger making a circle in front of one eye. Mr. Hampton asked PG what sign he was.

By the time Lenny’s was in business, PG was a retired drunk. He seldom went downtown after dark. Somehow, the party went on without him. Pictures today are from “The Special Collections and Archives, Georgia State University Library”. This is a repost.