Seven People Killed By Police

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@ShaunKing “7 people were killed by American police…YESTERDAY. That’s more people than police in most developed nations kill in an entire year.” 3:26 PM – 21 Apr 2017. This tweet does not tell us much. Mr. King likes to stir trouble, without citing sources. Mr. King made a similar tweet last year, which inspired a chamblee54 google party, Six People Killed By Police. Pictures for this repost are from “The Special Collections and Archives, Georgia State University Library”.

The Counted People killed by police in the US. was the ultimate source last year. This fine service closed shop at the end of 2016. The site used to research today’s feature is Killed By Police 2017. It is a numbered list of people killed by police, in the United States, in 2017. At the time this feature is written, police have killed 357 people. The total for 2016 is 1092.

Today’s report will focus on 345-352. The names are: (345) Steve Seagraves, white (346) Marion Lee Holliday, white (347) Jose A. Trejo, hispanic (348) Damarius Butts, black (349) Ray Raymond Valdez, hispanic (350) Robert Lee Clark Jr., white (351) Joel Anthony, white, and (352) Brandon Pequeno, hispanic. All of the deceased are male. None of the eight deaths showed apparent bad behavior by police. Four of the incidents involved an exchamnge of gunfire, with five officers shot. Mr. King’s tweet referenced seven people killed. The eighth, Joel Anthony, died Thursday, after being injured, in a traffic accident, on Monday.

Two of the deaths involve vehical crashes. Joel Anthony,6, died on Thursday, after being injured in a car crash on Monday. The vehicle made a left turn in front of an “Albuquerque (NM) Police Department officer racing to a call…” Robert Lee Clark Jr., 30, led police on a motorcycle chase. Mr. Clark slowed down. A Berkeley County, SC, police cruiser crashed into him from behind.

Ray Valdez, 55, “is a convicted murderer and was released from prison in 2002. Thursday evening Valdez and his girlfriend were involved in a fight, according to police. At some point in the fight, Valdez’ girlfriend was able to break away and flag down a park police officer. She told the officer Valdez had assaulted her while holding a knife. “The officer deployed his taser,” said Chief William McManus with SAPD. “It was not effective. He continued toward the officer. The officer deployed his firearm and fired multiple times and he was struck three times.” The incident was in San Antonio, TX.

Brandon Pequeno, 25, is the closest thing to a “bad police killing” in this story. “…Pequeno, who was believed to be driving a stolen vehicle, rammed other vehicles in an attempt to flee officials and did not comply with the officers’ commands.” A 17 yo female passenger was critically wounded by gunfire. Her relationship to Mr. Pequeno is not known. There are suggestions that she was kidnapped. The incident was in Glendale, AZ.

Jose A. Trejo, 26, shot two police officers before being fatally wounded. “Trejo died at the scene of the 432 Sanders Road disturbance when three Hardeeville (SC) police officers and a Sheriff’s Office deputy were called to the residence around 6 p.m. after a report of a “domestic situation,” (Jasper County Sheriff Chris) Malphrus said. Trejo, a resident of the home, allegedly fired a gun near his mother’s head before police arrived. Malphrus said she was treated for powder burns to the side of her face and eye at an area hospital Thursday night and released. As two officers entered the home, Trejo allegedly exited a bedroom and began firing. …The officers returned fire, killing Trejo. … Deputy Justin Smith was struck by a bullet in the left hand and collar bone … Sgt. Kelvin Grant of the Hardeeville Police Department was struck in the arm by a bullet and on his left side by a bullet fragment.” Both officers are expected to recover.

Marion Lee Holliday, 64, was killed in Logan County OK. “Holliday had a previous arrest in reference to possession of narcotics. The investigation into whether Holliday had a mental illness and why he was holding the gun is still ongoing… Deputies said they responded to Simmons Rd. and Douglas Blvd. about 4:40 p.m. Thursday in reference to an irate man walking in the roadway carrying a shotgun. Holliday was hiding behind some trees and exchanged words with deputies. Officials said Holliday then raised his shotgun to point it toward deputies, investigators said. Deputies then fired at Holliday, who was pronounced deceased at the scene, authorities said.” “Initial reports indicate that the alleged suspect barricaded himself in a wooded area and was threatening the deputies. … The reported shooting occurred just two days after the sheriff’s office lost one of their own. Logan County Deputy David Wade was shot and killed while serving an eviction notice on Tuesday morning.”

Steven Camacho Seagraves, 40, died in Guam. “The pursuit began at about 5 a.m. Friday at the House of Liberty Game Room in Barrigada, when GPD received a report that a man armed with a gun was at the game room. Officers from Barrigada pursued the suspect’s vehicle. The pursuit ended at Chalan Langet in Dededo when Seagraves lost control and ran off the roadway. Seagraves then allegedly opened fire on officers, who returned fire. Seagraves was pronounced dead on the scene.”

Damarius Butts, 19, died in Seattle, WA. “The suspects robbed a 7-Eleven at First Avenue and Cherry Street about 1 p.m … The suspects had reportedly stolen beer from the store before they were chased out by a clerk. … (This tweet displays the stolen merchandise, worth $28.42) … The bicycle officers, who were nearby, confronted the suspects about two blocks away and a fight ensued … While one officer fought with a male suspect on the ground, the 17-year-old girl struck the officer over the head with a bottle … The suspects then fled, and one fired at police, who returned fire … The suspect who opened fire then barricaded himself in the building … That man was later found dead…” Three police officers were shot, with one critically wounded. This video shows part of the chase.









2018 Murder Statistics

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Crime in the U.S. 2018 has been issued by the FBI. It is more statistics about crime than you could consume in a lifetime. This blog published reports on these numbers for 2015, 2016, and 2017. Pictures today are from The Library of Congress, and the Galveston Bathing Review, 1926.

Expanded Homicide Data Table 1 is the source of murder statistics. These numbers are broken down by race, gender, ethnicity, and other factors. (Hispanic or Latino (hereafter known as Hispanic) is considered an ethnicity, rather than a race. Hispanic people are included in FBI statistics according to their race.) In 2018, there were 14,123 murder victims. The gender breakdown is 10,914 (77.2%) male, 3,180 (22.5%) female, and 29 unknown.

Quick facts, from the U.S. Census Bureau, is the source of population numbers. On July 1, 2018, there were 327,167,434 people in the United States. White people were 76.5% (250,283,087), and Black people were 13.4% (43,840,436). Hispanic people were 18.3% (59,871,640).

2018 had 14,123 homicide victims. This breaks down into White 6,088, Black 7,407, other race 395, and unknown race 233. (25 of the unknown race victims were also unknown gender.) Hispanics are counted separately, and had 2,173 victims. If you divide the number of murder victims by the population, you get the number of homicide victims per million, or vpm. The overall population lost 43.1 vpm. For White people, there were 24.3 vpm. For Black people, there were 168.8 vpm. For Hispanic people, there were 36.2 vpm.

50.8% of the population is female, according to the census bureau. We will use this 50.8/49.2 breakdown in this next section, even though there are indications that the percent of females is higher for black people. The male/female ratio for homicides is male 10,914 (77.2%), and female 3,180 (22.5%). For White people, it is male 4,255 (69.8%), and female 1,832 (30.0%). For Black people, it is male 6,237 (84.2%) and female 1,168 (15.7%). For Hispanics, it is male 1,752 (80.6%), and female 421 (19.3%). On a per capita basis, males had 67.8 vpm, and females 19.1 vpm. White males had 34.5 vpm, with White females losing 14.4 vpm. Black males had 289.1 vpm, with Black females losing 51.4 vpm. Hispanic males had 59.4 vpm, with Hispanic females losing 13.8 vpm.

The numbers are down from 2017. 2017 had 15,129 homicide victims (w 6,579, b 7,851, h 2354). 2018 had 14,123 homicide victims (w 6,088, b 7,407, h 2,173). This is with an overall population increase of 1,448,256. Most of the other numbers were lower in 2018.

The Washington Post reports 998 people killed by police in 2018. The breakdown: White 452, Black 229, Hispanic 164, Other 40, Unknown 107. (Using these numbers for comparison may be tricky. The FBI groups Hispanics into White/Black/Other as appropriate, while WAPO considers Hispanics to be a separate racial category.) If you divide the WAPO number by the total number of victims, you get a killed-by-police percentage. For White people, this is 452/6,088=7.4%. For Black people, this is 229/7,407=3.0%. For Hispanics, this is 164/2173=7.5%.







C.S. Lewis

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There was a facebook link to a feature, Ayn Rand Really, Really Hated C.S. Lewis. It turns out to be verbatim droppings from Ayn Rand’s Marginalia : Her Critical Comments on the Writings of over Twenty Authors. If you are interested in details, there are the links. 55% of the comments were one-star. This is a repost, with pictures from The Library of Congress.

Miss Rand has read more C.S. Lewis than PG. There was a copy of a CSL work at a yard sale once, which PG invested a quarter in. He read as far as the appearance of a pig named trufflehunter. Maybe it was a bad day for books, but PG put CSL down, never to make another attempt.

There was a sixth grade english teacher at Ashford Park named Mrs. Ruff. Lots of people talked about how sweet she was, but PG was not impressed. One day, between handing out mimeographed copies of poems to be memorized, Mrs. Ruff started to talk about Narnia. It was a fantastic and amazing story. With a hint of primness, she told the class that Narnia was really about Jesus.

Chavius Hollis And Joseph Villanueva

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Chavius Hollis and Joseph Villanueva were killed by police in Georgia this week. Here are the stories. While public attention is focused on a few sensational cases, incidents like these two make up the majority of officer involved shootings. Fathers day pictures are from The Library of Congress.

“On Tuesday, June 12, 2018 … an officer involved shooting that resulted in the death of Chavius Hollis, age 26. … at 11:08 AM, Walton County deputies received a 911 call from 3775 Lovers Lane, Monroe, GA, reporting a disturbance by a family member with a gun. He was also reportedly exhibiting erratic behavior. When deputies arrived, a family member and multiple deputies entered the home. The family member was present in an attempt to calm Hollis down. During the encounter, Hollis raised his gun, discharging the firearm and striking the family member. Subsequently, one deputy fired shots, striking Hollis. He died at the scene. … Hollis’ family member sustained a gunshot wound to the leg and is being treated for his injuries. He is expected to recover. “

“On Thursday, June 14, 2018 … a 911 call was made … at approximately 6:40 AM. The caller indicated a Hispanic Male was walking in the area of Ridgeway Drive armed with a handgun. Deputies responded to Ridgeway Drive where one deputy encountered a Hispanic Male subject walking between mobile homes. The subject showed the deputy his gun. The deputy attempted to make contact with the subject but he ran. The subject ran up a hill and encountered a second deputy and charged towards this deputy with his gun pointed at him. Deputies fired at the subject and hit him multiple times. The subject died at the scene. The subject was identified as Joseph Villanueva, 29, from California. Villanueva will be transported to the GBI Medical Examiner’s Office for an autopsy which is scheduled for Friday, June 15, 2018. Evidence indicates that Villanueva fired his gun during this incident.” Ridgeway Drive is in Hall County, Gainesville GA.

NFL Kneelers

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The football players who won’t stand for the national anthem is the story that won’t go away. Few people have said exactly how this is going to prevent police from killing people. This slack blogger has said little about Kaepernickgate, but has had a thirty part series, Killed By Police. This series, like most factual reporting on police killings, is mostly ignored by the same people who are hysterical about NFL kneelers. It is a strange country we live in.

A theme in the modern meme mania is the notion that the protest is about police brutality, and not about the flag. Or something like that. While the original intent of the kneelers is to protest police killings, the result is to disrespect a display of patriotism. It should not be a surprise that many people feel the NFL protests are an insult to the United States. To say that the protests are about racism, and not the flag, is not right. The result of this well meaning gesture is to insult millions of patriotic Americans. Facebook rubs it in by saying it is your fault.

Blackface used to be a popular form of entertainment. If you were to ask the performers, they probably would have said that this was not intended to insult anybody, but just a way of having fun. That would have been the intent. The minstrels would have to be dumb not to have known that their performances were insulting to black people. Sometimes, your intention is not all that counts. You should consider how other people feel about your entertainment.

It is not known what these protests are going to accomplish. They will probably achieve as much as shutting down a freeway. Others say that the police killings are a symptom, rather than the disease. With millions of weapons in circulation, the police know that anyone they meet might try to kill them. With all that is demanded of police, they are going to make mistakes.

Pictures today are from The Library of Congress.

Killed By Police The End

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Chamblee54 has published a report on police killing, every Sunday morning, since October 15. The series is coming to an end. The primary source, Killed By Police, has not posted since April 30, and appears to be shutting down. KBP is a volunteer project, and is always looking for donations. It is a lot of work to keep something like this going, and evidently KBP has come to the end of the road. The Washington Post has a database for police killings, but it is difficult to use. The Guardian shut down its database at the end of 2016. There were 29 reports in the chamblee54 series. A partial report published 05/06/18 will not be included in this report.

Here are the numbers. 645 were killed by police between October 8, 2017, and April 30, 2018. White – 250 (39%) black – 125 (19%) latino – 47 (7%) native – 14 (2%) asian – 2 (.3%) unknown – 210 (32%) female – 33 (5%). When looking at the cases, there are two details that come up every week. This is whether the victims fired at a LEO, and whether the victim displayed a weapon. 163 people (25%) fired at an officer. 279 (43%) displayed a weapon. The latter category covers a lot of ground, from holding a knife, to attacking people with a knife, to pointing a gun at an officer. It should be noted that this information is taken from media reports, which are not made under oath. LEO do not always tell the truth. While these numbers should be viewed with skepticism, they give a reasonably accurate view of the truth.

This series has taken some time, and work, to produce. There has been very little feedback. Sometimes, I wonder if anyone has been reading. For all the turmoil we have about police killing people, especially African Americans, there is little interest in a day by day accounting of the cases. People want to be riled up by angry shouting on certain cases, but show little interest in the bulk of the stories. As Paul Harvey used to say, here’s the rest of the story.

Are African Americans unfairly targeted? I don’t think so. There may be individual cases where the LEO acted inappropriately, both black and white. The talk of genocide, and targeted killings, is way, way overblown. What I have seen in the 29 weeks is not genocide. The hysterical rhetoric surrounding police killings does not serve America well.

The numbers used today are from 2016. The sources used are The Guardian, The FBI, The US Census Bureau, and chamblee54. On July 1, 2016, there were 323,127,513 people in the United States. White people were 76.9% (248,485,057), and black people were 13.3% (42,975,959).

In 2016, 1093 people were killed by police, including 574 white people and 266 black people. On a per-million basis, this works out to 10.3 native, 6.66 black, 3.23 latino, 2.9 white, and 1.17 asian. (These numbers can be confusing. The FBI, and the Census Bureau, lump hispanic/latino people in with what racial group is appropriate, and do not count them as a separate racial category. At these sources, hispanic/latino is seen as an ethnicity, rather than a race. At The Guardian, hispanic/latino is considered a separate category from white and black. In the chamblee54 series, latino is considered a separate category, rather than lumped in with other races.)

The United States had 15,070 homicides in 2016. This is white 6,576, black 7,881, other race 400, and unknown race 213. (29 of the unknown race victims were also unknown gender.) If you divide the number of homicide victims by the population, you get the number of homicide victims per million. The overall population lost 46.63 people per million. For white people, there were 26.46 homicide victims per million. For black people, there were 183.38 homicide victims per million.

If you divide the number of police killings, by the total number of homicides, you will get another number. The overall percentage (1093/15070) is 7.25%. For white people (574/6576) the percentage is 8.72%. For black people (266/7881) the percentage is 3.37%

Women were 5% of the people killed in this report. Women are 50.8% of the population. Does this mean that men are being unfairly targeted by police?

Two cases were noteworthy enough to justify a standalone post. These incidents involved Andrew Finch, and Stephon Clark. Mr. Finch stepped onto his porch, after a fictitious 911 call. Mr. Clark ran from the police, after a 911 caller reported him breaking the windows on his truck. The case of Mr. Finch generated about one percent of the outrage generated over the case of Mr. Clark. On April 12, authorities announced that no charges would be brought against the officer who shot Mr. Finch. Another video was released while the chamblee54 series was in progress, showing the Las Vegas police shooting Daniel Shaver.

A lot of people in the United States own a firearm. This is not going to change. When a police officer goes on a call, he knows that there is a very good possibility that person is armed. Keep this in mind when you trash talk police. If you don’t want to do that, maybe you can watch this video. It is only 2 minutes long. Police are searching an apartment. They look in every room, until the come to the last closet. A man jumps out of that closet, with an 8″ kitchen knife aimed at the police. The officer has less than a second to fire, before being cut. This is what a LEO faces every time they answer a call.

Here are the links to the 29 reports, covering October 8, 2017, through April 30, 2018: 10/15/17 10/22/17 10/29/17 11/05/17 11/12/17 11/19/17 11/29/17 12/03/17 12/10/17 12/17/17 12/24/17 12/31/17 01/07/18 01/14/18 01/21/18 01/28/18 02/04/18 02/11/18 02/18/18 02/25/18 03/04/18 03/11/18 03/18/18 03/25/18 04/01/18 04/08/18 04/15/18 04/22/18 04/29/18 Pictures for the killed by police finale are from The Library of Congress.

Killed By Police May 6

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6 people were Killed By Police in the United States last week, according to the kbp database. The last killing shown there was on April 30, and the kbp operation may be shutting down. If this happens, then the chamblee54 series will end. Here are the links for this week: 413 Brian Scott Tietze 414 Joshua Ewing 415 Brandon Busher 416 417 Michael Scott Knibbs 418 Abadi Gedregziber. Pictures are from The Library of Congress.

3 of the victims were white. (415, 416, 417) 418 Abadi Gedregziber was black. The race of 2 of the victims is unknown. (413, 414) 2 of the victims fired at an officer. (413, 414) 3 of the victims displayed a weapon. (416, 417, 418)

“At approximately 9:40 p.m. Sunday , April 29, Redlands Police responded to a call of a residential burglary at a home in the 1600 block of Calvary Circle that was under renovation. Officers arrived approximately 10 minutes later. According to a police report, while investigating the reported burglary, officers announced their presence numerous times both prior to and after entering the residence. While searching the residence, officers located the suspect hiding inside a closet. Officers ordered the suspect numerous times to show his hands from his position of concealment. After several commands, the suspect rapidly exited the closet, holding two weapons in a raised and aggressive manner. The suspect advanced on the officers, ignoring all commands. An officer-involved shooting occurred and the suspect was killed. The suspect’s weapons did not include a firearm and no other injuries were reported. The suspect is described as a 42-year-old white male adult. He was last known to be a transient out of Riverside County. His identity is being withheld while the San Bernardino County Coroner’s Office attempts to locate next of kin for notification.” (416)

“It was about 11:40 Sunday night when a call came into Macon County’s 911 center from a Pheasant Drive resident, who registered a complaint about his neighbor. “And I had some friends over here, had a fire tonight,” the neighbor told 911 dispatch. “And he’s put boards in the road so that we can’t, my friends can’t leave. And they’ve got nails in them.” Sheriff’s office officials said the resident was armed and confrontational when the deputy arrived just before midnight “The deputy made several commands for him to put his weapon down. The individual made an aggressive action toward my officer, at which time, in a self-defense manner, discharged his firearm striking the individual,” Sheriff Robert Holland said. … deputy Anthony Momphard fired his service weapon, fatally wounding, Michael Scott Knibbs.” “A neighbor told WYFF news 4 that deputies were called because they were afraid Knibbs would get into a fight with them if they tried to move the boards. The neighbor said he heard someone yelling “put it down” several times before he heard several gunshots. Scott Knibbs died at the scene. The attorneys hired by Knibbs’ family released a statement Tuesday. The statement describes Knibbs as being at home with his wife of 25 years, his 13-year-old son, his 22-year-old daughter and his 5-month-old grandson. The news release said, “Scott told a man who had pulled into the Knibbs’ driveway looking for a house party next door to leave and not return. Around midnight, a man’s voice was heard yelling from the front of their home. “There was no patrol car parked outside the Knibbs’ home, no blue lights, and no advance warning that a rookie police officer was approaching their home. Scott was concerned for the safety of his family. Scott retrieved the shotgun he kept in the bedroom for self-defense. Scott then walked towards the front door to see who was yelling at his family’s front door. “The man yelled demands from outside on the porch. Seconds later the deputy fired multiple shots from outside the Knibbs’ house, through a front window, striking Scott. Scott never had a chance to open the front door or speak to the officer. Scott bled to death just a few steps away from the front door in his own dining room. The Deputy did not administer first-aid while he awaited backup from other officers and EMS.” The attorneys said that the boards in the road that appear to be the center of the dispute were “actually speed bumps placed in the common roadway to slow visitors down as they passed the Knibbs home due to the children who frequently played in the front yard.” … The Knibbs family’s attorneys said, “We have promised the Knibbs family to learn the truth of why Scott was killed in his own home from shots fired from outside his residence by a rookie officer.”” (417)

“Columbus Police responded to an apartment complex on Walford Street on a report of a stabbing just after 9 a.m. According to Columbus police, three women were stabbed inside an apartment. Two women were transported to Riverside Methodist Hospital and both died from their injuries. A third woman was taken to Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center and remains in critical condition. Officers located a male suspect in the yard of the apartment complex. Columbus Police say the officers tased and shot the suspect. (Abadi Gedregziber) He was transported to the hospital where he was later pronounced dead.” (418)

Killed By Police April 29

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16 people were Killed By Police in the United States last week. Here are the links: 395 Timothy Wayne Anderson 396 Matthew Hartman 397 Miguel Escalona Vivas 398 Carlos Deone High 399 400 Demonjhea Jordan 401 402 Jesse Paul Schlegel 403 Charles Boeh 404 Isaac Jackson 405 Michael Snyder 406 407 Myra Lisa Micalizio 408 Shukri Ali Said 409 410

6 of the victims were white. (395, 396, 402, 403, 405, 407) 3 of the victims were black. (398, 400, 404) 397 Miguel Escalona Vivas was latino. The race of 6 of the victims is unknown. (399, 401, 406, 408, 409, 410) 2 of the victims were female (407, 408)

2 of the victims fired at an officer. (400, 401) 12 of the victims displayed a weapon. (395, 396, 397, 398, 399, 402, 403, 404, 406, 408, 409, 410) A taser was used on 2 victims. (405, 408) 3 of the victims were in a domestic dispute. (395, 406, 408)

“Carlos Deone High, 37, died during the confrontation Monday near the Ikea store on Mayfield Road. Police had approached High’s vehicle for a welfare check around 1:30 p.m. after a 911 caller reported seeing a man slumped over in the car. When they saw that he had pulled out a rifle, they unholstered their guns and nonlethal weapons and attempted to negotiate for High to put his hands in the air. Grand Prairie Police Chief Steve Dye said Monday that High had fired at officers and, fearing for their lives, they fired back. On Wednesday, police said that “investigators have been unable to locate any evidence the decedent fired his rifle despite initial witness accounts that were immediately shared by Chief Dye.” Evidence from the scene, including video footage, did confirm that High pointed the weapon — which police referred to as an assault rifle — at officers at least three times before the officers used deadly force. Investigators also confirmed that High ignored verbal commands to lower the weapon, police said, and that at least one officer fired a stun gun, which was ineffective because it hit High’s rifle. Authorities are conducting tests to determine whether there was gunshot residue on High’s hands. High’s criminal history included convictions for drug possession, as well as for carrying a weapon in a prohibited place and recklessly discharging a firearm. On April 9, he was arrested on a marijuana charge in Tarrant County.” (398)

“Police on Tuesday fatally shot a man armed with a .45 caliber pistol who was trying to break into rooms at the Embassy Suites hotel in downtown San Antonio, officials said. Hotel staff initially encountered the suspect, a man in his 40s, around 5:15 a.m. in the lobby. He ran to the second floor, then took an elevator to the fifth floor, where he tried unsuccessfully to force his way into a room, police said. Around 6:15 a.m., the San Antonio Police Department’s bike patrol and park police divisions confronted the man on the seventh floor and the situation escalated. San Antonio Police Chief William McManus said it is unclear if the suspect ever raised his weapon or fired at the officers, “but they felt compelled to use deadly force.” McManus said the man didn’t appear to be a guest at the hotel or know anyone staying there.” (399)

“A burglary suspect was shot by an officer following a police chase early Wednesday in Old Colorado City. No officers were injured in the incident, which began as a call for a burglary in progress at O’Brien Typesetting and Printing on the 1000 block of 19th Street. “When officers arrived on scene they made contact with a business owner … and received information that the suspect in the burglary in progress was in an area just outside of the building,” said CSPD spokesperson Lt. Howard Black. Officers tried to apprehend the suspect, who took off running. “A foot pursuit ensued. At least one shot was fired. No officers were injured. The suspect was hit and transported to a local hospital, where he was pronounced deceased,” Black said.” (402)

“Isaac Jackson, 42, died at the University of Louisville Hospital from gunshot wounds after he was shot in the 400 block of North 43rd Street Wednesday night, according to Jefferson County Deputy Coroner Charles Edelen. LMPD Chief Steve Conrad said police were called about some type of trouble in the home around 9:46 p.m. When officers arrived, family members talked to them about a dispute with another family member, who was inside. Police entered the home and encountered Jackson, who they said was armed with several knives. One officer was injured by a knife. MetroSafe said Jackson then started a fire in the house. At some point, officers fired their guns at him.” video (404)

“Officers were called to an apartment complex near 7th Street and Camelback Road around 6 p.m. for an unknown trouble call. Officers learned that the suspect, 39-year-old Michael Snyder, was discovered inside the victim’s apartment without permission and a fight broke out. An officer deployed a Taser on Snyder while he was resisting arrest. Witnesses assisted with taking Snyder into custody. During the arrest, Snyder became unresponsive and officers attempted life-saving measures until Fire personnel took over. He was taken to the hospital where he later died.” (405)

“It’s all connected to an early morning report that was issued by [the Norman Police Department],” Texas DPS SSgt. Dan Buesing said. … officers responded at about 7:30 a.m. Thursday to a domestic disturbance call in the 1200 block of 36th Avenue NW. By the time police arrived a woman had been allegedly kidnapped. The reporting party gave officers descriptions of the suspect and a description on the vehicle he was driving. Buesing said at about 8:30 a.m., a Burkburnett police officer saw the vehicle, the driver fled, and a pursuit ensued, The chase continued for about 50 miles on U.S. Highway 287 through Wichita Falls, Iowa Park and Electra. An Electra Police Department officer and Texas DPS Trooper deployed spike strips, or stop sticks, forcing the vehicle to a stop about five miles east of Vernon, Buesing said. According to police, the alleged kidnapping victim and suspect exited the vehicle, and the man started stabbing the female with a large knife. Buesing said two Texas Highway Patrol Troopers shot and killed the man.” (406)

“The caller told dispatchers that an unknown woman, later identified as , Myra Lisa Micalizio, 56 from Palermo, was trespassing on their property and when asked to leave, she refused and made threats to shoot the residents. … Once on scene, the deputies found Micalizio in the front yard and her vehicle parked in the driveway. Officials said as the deputies approached her, she had her hands behind her back, refusing directions from Deputy Lair to stop and show her hands. Officials added based on the threats to shoot to the residents, the deputies were worried Micalizio was armed with a gun. Micalizio continued to ignore Deputy Lair’s commands to show her hands and then walked to her vehicle and got in the driver’s seat. Officials said she quickly started the vehicle, put it in reverse, and accelerated backwards at a high rate of speed towards Deputy Lair. As the vehicle came close to Deputy Lair, he attempted to move but noted that it appeared Micalizio was steering the vehicle towards him. Fearing he was in danger of being ran over, Deputy Lair fired seven shots from his gun into the vehicle. Officials said at the same time, Deputy Barker, who was standing nearby, fired six shots into the vehicle as she too was concerned that Deputy Lair was in danger of being struck by the vehicle.” (407)

“Shukri Ali Said, 36, was killed by police, according to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, when she refused to relinquish a knife she was allegedly brandishing, even after being Tased. Johns Creek dispatchers said they received reports of a “demented person” with a knife shortly after 7 a.m. Capt. Chirs Byers said the report came from a home in the 300 block of Winherst Lane. While en route to that address, officers encountered Said a short distance away, near the intersection of Abbot’s Bridge and Sweet Creek roads.Byers said Said had a knife when officers encountered her. Byers said an altercation occurred at that point, which resulted in officers firing at the woman, wounding her.During that altercation, several attempts were used to de-escalate the encounter, including a Taser and a foam exact impact round, in order to get Said to drop the knife, to no avail.” (408)

Pictures are from The Library of Congress.

Killed By Police April 22

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16 people were Killed By Police in the United States last week. Here are the links: 378 Ruben Stewart 379 Raymond Lyle Bell 380 Lonnie Marcel Bowen 381 Justin Monjay 382 Sanchez Lowe 383 Justin Oakes 384 Dytadious Mobley 385 Delorean Pikyavit 386 David Gino Teneyuque 387 William Ray Simcoe Sr 388 Charles Whitley 389 390 James Bauduy 391 Kendall Lemoine 392 Lockwood Adrian Gibson 393 Terrance Carlton

6 of the victims were white. (379, 381, 383, 387, 388, 391) 6 of the victims were black. (380, 382, 384, 386, 390, 393) 2 of the victims were native american. (378, 385) The race of 2 of the victims is unknown. (389, 392)

2 of the victims fired at an officer. (384, 391) 6 of the victims displayed a weapon. (378, 379, 383, 386, 387, 389) 3 of the victims were in a car chase. (380, 388, 392) 2 of the victims used a vehicle as a weapon. (381, 382)

Two of the cases were in Georgia. “According to the GBI, Cobb County Police encountered a group of people in a hotel room at the Guest Inn in Austell. Officers smelled an odor consistent with marijuana and made contact with the occupants of one of the hotel rooms. While awaiting a search warrant for the room, Sanchez Lowe, 25, ran from the room and attempted to flee in a vehicle. Cobb County officers attempted to stop Lowe, and one officer was dragged by the vehicle. That officer fired his weapon, striking and killing Lowe.” “The officers called in for a warrant, and while they were waiting, an African-American suspect, later identified as Lowe, dashed out of the room and into a vehicle, officers said. Lowe tried to drive away. Officers tried to stop him, and one officer was dragged by the vehicle, according to the GBI. That officer fired at Lowe, killing him, according to the GBI.” (382)

“Police say the man, later identified as 32 year-old Justin Oakes, walked into the facility around 10:30 p.m. Tuesday night and was seeking shelter. A couple of hours later, around 2:15 a.m. Oakes called 911 from the bathroom of the facility and claimed he had been poisoned. Oakes, who was armed with a knife, barricaded himself inside the restroom in the main lobby of the building. Two deputies were able to push their way into the bathroom. When the deputies saw Oakes was armed, they attempted to subdue him by deploying a Taser gun but were unsuccessful. Oakes stabbed one of the deputies in the leg before the injured deputy fatally shot him. Another deputy also sustained a wound to his leg but it is unclear how that deputy was injured.” (383)

“… the deadly chain of events began at approximately 3 a.m. when Valley Emergency Communications Center (VECC) received a 911 call from an agitated male. The news release from the UPD said the caller stated: “Tell your officers to back off, or I will shove this knife through her throat.” The unknown male on the line also requested to speak to a hostage negotiator. VECC transferred the call to the UPD Dispatch Center. “Not knowing who made the call, or if the threat was legitimate, and having no officers in the vicinity, UPD Millcreek officers were dispatched to the area of 3698 S. 900 East, the location of the phone ping,” the news release said. “Officers did not notice anything out of the ordinary, other than a truck leaving the area. Officers were able to get the license plate of the truck before it left.” At approximately 4 a.m., UPD received information that the West Valley City Police Department was in pursuit of the same truck that was observed leaving Millcreek. The pursuit started at 5600 W. 3100 South, continued west through West Valley and into Magna. During the pursuit through Magna, WVCPD officers deployed tire spikes to disable the truck and it eventually came to a stop at 2750 S. 8400 West. “A UPD officer, who arrived to assist at the stop location, approached the vehicle and fired at the male inside the cab of the truck,” the news release goes on. “Medical aid was rendered but the suspect passed away at the scene.” The female who was also inside the truck was not struck by gunfire. She was transported and treated at a nearby hospital for injuries inflicted upon her by Bowen. It’s not clear at this time what the relationship was between the woman and Bowen.” … “The deceased has been identified as 41-year-old Lonnie Marcel Bowen of Salt Lake City, the Unified Police Department said in a news release Tuesday afternoon. On a Facebook page titled ‘Lonnie Natalie Bowen,’ a man who UPD spokesman Lt. Brian Lohrke said officials “believe” is the same person, posted a 4-minute-35-second video. “The Salt Lake PD are killers, and they responsible for anything that happens to me, death wise,” the video states. “They want to kill me. Why cos, I don’t know, that’s just the way they do shit. And I’m ready … I’m not hostile in any kind of manner, I’m not armed, or anything. They’re going to make my death look like a drug deal gone bad, or gang violence, or something like that, but that’s not the case, the case is they want me dead, for whatever reason they want me dead.” Phillip Bolin “U should know the facts that is a cover up n slpd excuss n justifcation of his murder his fiancee was sittin in his lap trying to calm him n kissing him telling him it would be ok n day shot him they been after him fo months” Rae Gonzalez ” Maybe you should know how slpd is they’re trigger happy mother fuckers who’ll kill anyone. They been killing homeboys left and right for the stupidest reasons “wrong person for the search warrant” like seriously get your facts straight or don’t speak at all. You look straight stupid.” (380)

“The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation says law enforcement officers in Tishomingo fatally shot a man who was using his vehicle to ram a patrol car. The OSBI says two Tishomingo officers and a Johnston County deputy were responding to a family violence call Tuesday night when 39-year-old Justin Monjay rammed the patrol car. The agency says Monjay continued to push the car backward and the two officers and the deputy opened fire.” (381)

“A U.S. Marshall task force looking for Dytadious Mobley, 31, found him Wednesday night in the area of Sunrise Boulevard and 9th Terrace. When Fort Lauderdale police moved in to make the arrest, they ordered him to get out of his vehicle. “The subject refused to come out so less than lethal methods were deployed,” said Fort Lauderdale Police Chief Rick Maglione. “The suspect responded to the less than lethal efforts by discharging a firearm at the police officer on the scene.” Police said several detectives returned fire and killed Mobley. No police officers were injured in the exchange of gunfire “I don’t want you to think of him as a monster,” said John Mobley, Dytadious’ uncle who showed up at the shooting scene Thursday afternoon. John described his nephew as a loving father to six children. “Very family oriented. The whole situation doesn’t define his character,” he said. Mobley had been on the run since January when Fort Lauderdale police say he shot and killed 55-year-old Bernice Jefferson during an argument. It happened in front of the children he had with Letraveya Jefferson, who is Bernice Jefferson’s daughter. Letraveya also showed up at the shooting scene Thursday and expressed frustration over the outcome. “There were plenty of other ways they could have handled that situation. He was shot over 100 times,” she said. “I would rather him go to jail cause I’m a motherless child and my kids are fatherless. For me justice hasn’t been served” (384)

“A man was shot and killed by police outside a home in Sugar House after officers responded to a reported domestic violence situation there Wednesday afternoon. … When officers arrived at the home, they tried to talk to the man, later identified as 32-year-old Delorean Pikyavit , who then went inside the house. That prompted police to switch tactics and treat the situation as if they were dealing with a barricaded person and a hostage. For the next hour, police attempted to talk to Pikyavit, and he came outside eventually, (Salt Lake City Sgt. Brandon) Shearer said. It’s unclear what happened next, but officers shot Pikyavit about 2 p.m. “He came out of the home and approached officers. His actions caused the officers to respond, at which time the suspect was shot,” Shearer said.” “Police did not release information Wednesday about what Pikyavit did to prompt police to shoot or whether he was armed. … Police originally described Pikyavit as “suicidal…” (385)

“The Fayette County Coroner’s Office says Charles Whitley, 40, died from a gunshot wound Thursday morning, two days after the shooting. Kentucky State Police say the Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office responded Tuesday morning to a report of a suspicious vehicle, but the car wouldn’t pull over. Burkesville police and Kentucky State Police joined in the chase, which ended when the suspect crashed into the deputy’s vehicle. An officer’s weapon was fired during the pursuit, but authorities haven’t identified exactly when the shot was fired or which department the officer was with. A female passenger wasn’t injured and was arrested on outstanding warrants.” (388)

“Florida deputies have fatally shot a man suspected of killing an 82-year-old woman. Orange County Sheriff’s officials say James Bauduy fatally shot Elfriede Asendorf in her home Thursday and then stole her daughter’s car. Authorities believe the daughter is Bauday’s ex-girlfriend. Two deputies say they approached 48-year-old Bauduy on Friday but he refused comply with commands so the deputies fired their weapons. Sheriff Jerry Demings said the deputies believed the man was armed. The sheriff did not say whether they recovered a weapon.” (390)

“Police say it began about 12:30 a.m. with a shooting call in the 800 block of Berclair. One male was found shot and taken to Regional One in noncritical condition. About 20 minutes later, police responded to another shooting in the 700 block of Berclair. An alert was put out for a suspect, who was spotted by an officer in the parking lot of a real estate office on Summer Avenue near Berclair. Some type of altercation occurred between the officer and the suspect, (Terrance Carlton) and the officer fired at the suspect, MPD said.” “The officer involved in the use-of-force incident spotted an individual matching the shooting suspect’s description walking on Summer Avenue. The officer attempted to stop the subject and ordered him to show his hands. Reportedly, the subject did not comply and attempted to leave the area. He then stumbled and fell to the ground. As he attempted to get up, the subject simultaneously reached for his waist and made a statement threatening the officer’s life, resulting in the officer firing his service weapon at least twice, striking the subject,” (393)

Pictures are from The Library of Congress.

Killed By Police April 15

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29 people were Killed By Police in the United States last week. Here are the links: 347 348 Juan Markee Jones 349 Elijah James Smith 350 Russell Bowman 351 Robert George Issa 352 Zachary Glen Hoven 353 Daniel Carver 354 Shawn Michael Hubbard 355 Mark Powell 356 Grechario Mack 357 Antonino Thomas Gordon 358 Kenneth Ross Jr. 359 Betty Lemoine 360 Dominick Alexander Hernandez 361 Grizelda Hernandez 362 Keith A. Kent 363 Rumondale Jones 364 Benjamin W. Evans 365 Dashaun Shepard 366 Steven Brooks 367 368 369 Kenneth Warren Resendez 370 Bruce Arnold Allee 371 Angel Lopez 372 373 374 375 Jessie Thedford

11 of the victims were white. (350, 351, 352, 353, 354, 357, 359, 364, 369, 370, 375) 7 of the victims were black. (348, 349, 356, 358, 363, 365, 366) 3 of the victims were latino. (360, 361, 371) The race of 8 of the victims is unknown. (347, 355, 362, 367, 368, 372, 373, 374) 2 of the victims were female (359, 361)

3 of the victims fired at an officer. (359, 365, 373) 15 of the victims displayed a weapon. (347, 350, 351, 352, 354, 355, 356, 362, 363, 364, 366, 367, 369, 370, 372) 2 of the victims were suicidal. (354, 364) 4 of the victims were in a car chase. (353, 366, 372, 374) A taser was used on 4 victims. (348, 351, 352, 368) 2 of the victims died without a shot being fired. (368, 371) 5 of the victims were in a domestic dispute. (347, 348, 351, 354, 363)

The killing of Dominick Alexander Hernandez and Grizelda Hernandez is the case of the week. “A U.S. Border Patrol agent has been arrested after the bodies of a woman and a 1-year-old child were found near a rural park in South Texas. The bodies of 27-year-old Grizelda Hernandez and her son Dominick Alexander Hernandez were discovered about 15 feet apart near the banks of the Rio Grande on Monday. Ronald Anthony Burgos-Aviles, 28 — the Border Patrol agent who reported finding the bodies — was arrested on two counts of capital murder, Laredo police announced Tuesday afternoon. Burgos-Aviles and Hernandez had been in a romantic relationship, police said at a news conference.”
“A supervisor for the U.S. Border Patrol killed a woman with whom he was romantically involved and her 1-year-old child before calling 911 claiming to have discovered the bodies near a park along the border with Mexico … Ronald Anthony Burgos Aviles, 28, was being held without bond in the Webb County jail on two counts of capital murder. Joe Baeza, police spokesman in the border city of Laredo, said Burgos Aviles was identified as a person of interest within an hour of the 911 call Monday, but Baeza declined to elaborate. He said Grizelda Hernandez, 27, and her son, Dominick Alexander Hernandez, likely were killed Monday near the park, which is adjacent to the Rio Grande and just south of the World Trade Bridge that carries traffic between the U.S. and Mexico. Burgos Aviles and the woman were in a romantic relationship, Baeza said. The investigation will determine if Dominick was Burgos Aviles’ child.” (360,361)

Phoenix AZ had two incidents on April 14. “Sgt. Mark Tovar, a Phoenix police spokesman, said officers responded to two separate reports of shots fired near 28th Avenue and Bethany Home Road at approximately 2 a.m. They determined the man was driving a dark-colored car. Officers located the car at about 3 a.m., and the driver refused to stop for police before he continued into Ahwatukee and then the Scottsdale area, Tovar said. Officers were unable to stop the car with spikes. The man attempted to steal a car near an off-ramp near the Loops 101 and 202 in Tempe, but the female driver refused to give up her car, Tovar said. “The suspect also pointed a weapon at a DPS officer at that location,” Tovar said. At some point, the man switched from the dark-colored car to a white minivan. Tovar said he did not know how the man got the minivan, but police do not believe it was a carjacking. The man then fled the scene, but two of his tires were damaged, Tovar said. He continued west driving on rims before the car came to a stop near 13th Avenue and Thomas Road at approximately 5 a.m. “He engaged officers,” Tovar said. “He did have a weapon. He pointed a weapon at officers.” Officers fired at the man, striking him at least once. Tovar said the man, whose identity was withheld, died at the scene.” (372)

“Sgt. Mark Tovar, a Phoenix police spokesman, said officers were called to the area on a report of a car that had crashed into a fence at approximately 2 p.m. Police found the vehicle and the driver in a field just north of Third Street and St. Charles Avenue. Tovar said the man pulled out a gun while sitting in the car after an initial conversation with police. He then exited the vehicle and shot “in the direction” of police, according to Tovar. Officers returned fire, Tovar said, and took cover when the man shot back. The man “was stopped” after he was struck at least once in a second exchange of gunfire with police, Tovar said.” (373)

Billings MT saw two officer involved shootings April 10. “The two deaths mark the latest in a string of suspects killed by law enforcement in recent months as Billings struggles to contain a surge in violence and property crimes. Authorities say the lawbreaking is largely driven by illegal drugs coming into the city of 110,000 people.” “Zachary Glen Hoven, 29, was shot and killed Monday morning by a Billings police officer at a downtown apartment. Officials said Hoven was waving a knife, threw knives at officers and was advancing on them when he was shot repeatedly. An earlier attempt to subdue him with a stun gun failed.” (352)

“Officers initially responded at 12:45 a.m. to a report of a man with a gun involved in a domestic disturbance at a home several blocks away on Yellowstone Avenue, (Billings Police Chief Rich) St. John said. By the time officers arrived, the man (Shawn Michael Hubbard ) had left. His ex-wife told police he had yelled something about going to rob a casino, St. John said. Police later saw the man in the casino parking lot. An officer ordered him to stop, but the man entered the casino. Officers were delayed getting “buzzed in” through the front entrance, St. John said, likely because staff’s attention was directed toward the suspect. They had to break through a window pane in the front door and crawl through it, he said. By the time officers got inside, the man was at the far end of the casino, waving what appeared to be a handgun, pointing it at patrons and apparently threatening to take hostages, St. John said. There were around a half-dozen customers inside the casino, he said. “Once inside, the officers saw the suspect waving a gun and threatening people,” St. John told reporters. “Patrons inside were yelling, screaming, ducking for cover or looking to escape.” After the man ignored “clear instructions” to drop the weapon, Becker fired his AR-15 patrol rifle several times, striking the man in the torso, St. John said. The chief said he believed the man was hit by multiple rounds. He dropped the gun, fell down and then appeared to be reaching for something on the floor, St. John said. Becker then fired and hit him again, St. John said. The man was transported to St. Vincent Healthcare, where he was pronounced dead.” “A police officer shot and killed a man authorities said was waving a black pellet gun and threatening patrons inside a casino early Tuesday — the second fatal shooting by officers in Montana’s largest city in less than 24 hours. … It was unknown whether the man fired the pellet gun, which Becker had believed to be a firearm, St John said. The gun “looked exactly like a black, semi-automatic handgun, very realistic,” said Billings Police Capt. Kevin Iffland.” (354)

“Cathedral City Police said officers responded to a domestic violence call just before 6:30 a.m. Sunday morning on the 33000 block of Wishing Well Trail. According to police, the caller said her boyfriend had assaulted her and had a handgun. Once officers arrived, they found the woman had escaped the home. … “In the process of doing the investigation, the suspect came out of the house and pointed the firearm at officers and the female. Officers engaged the suspect and asked him to drop the gun several times. He refused and continued to point the gun,” Commander Julio Luna told reporter Katie Widner at the scene. “An officer-involved shooting occurred. The subject was injured and was transported to Desert (Regional) Hospital shortly after by paramedics and unfortunately succumbed to his injuries at the hospital.” Luna said the suspect did not fire any shots. According to police, officers discovered the handgun displayed by the suspect was a replica firearm. The replica had all safety markings indicating it was replica removed and appeared to have been purposely altered to look as a functional firearm. The suspect’s girlfriend was also taken to the hospital for her injuries. The nature of them and how she received them were unknown, as was an update on her condition. Neighbors told our crew at the scene that they heard gunshots this morning and that there was a group of individuals drinking and partying from 5 p.m. last night to 6 a.m. this morning. Neighbors said they were surprised to hear the news.” (347)

“The series of events began when officers were called at about 1 a.m. Sunday to a parking lot in the 2300 block of North Main Street for the report of a domestic assault. While responding, the caller — described by police as a 22-year-old woman — told dispatchers she went back to her home in the 200 block of Sunset Drive “in an attempt to escape her attacker,” a news release stated. The suspect (Juan Markee Jones ) followed her there and tried to force his way into the home, police report. When officers arrived on Sunset Drive they found the woman and suspect outside. “Physical evidence at the scene supported the woman’s allegations of an assault, which gave the officers probable cause to arrest the male,” the release stated. Police reported as the officers approached the man, he began walking away from them and ignored their “repeated commands to stop.” He then got into a vehicle and drove into a wooded area nearby. “He again refused the officers’ commands to, this time, show his hands and to exit his vehicle.” the release stated. “The male suspect finally exited his vehicle but refused to show his hands.” A Taser was used to try to apprehend the suspect. Then, police report, the suspect “suddenly turned on the officers in a threatening manner.” That’s when officers fired their weapons at the man.” (348)

“According to West Valley Police Chief Colleen Jacobs, around 3:15 p.m., West Valley City officers responded to a theft at a cell phone business near 3400 S. Redwood Road, where the suspect had fled. Later, an officer spotted a male matching the suspect description and approached him near 1940 West 3500 South. The suspect (Elijah James Smith ) fled on foot with officers pursuing. Chief Jacobs adds that at some point during the pursuit, the suspect broke into a home. After a confrontation with the owners, the suspect fled the first home. The suspect then broke into a second home with three children inside. Officers went inside the home and at some point, shots were fired. The suspect was pronounced dead at the scene.” (349)

“A man died Sunday evening in Pleasure Ridge Park after he (Russell Bowman) was shot by Louisville Metro Police officers who were responding to a report of a disorderly person. Police responded around 7:45 p.m. to the 4600 block of Crawford Avenue, off Dixie Highway, where police said a man was acting erratically, according to a news release from LMPD. The officers shot the man after an altercation, police said. The man died at the scene.” video (350)

“At about 10 a.m., the two officers spotted a gold SUV similar to the description of a vehicle reported stolen that morning in a LoJack alert in the area. The officers pursued the man driving the vehicle in a brief chase, until he stopped near the intersection of Corbin Avenue and Victory Boulevard. There, the man got out and fled on foot toward Hamlin Street, with the two officers getting out of their cruiser and giving chase. Minutes later, shots were fired. … By Monday afternoon, the man killed in the shooting hadn’t been identified. Sandoval only described him as a man in his early 20s … LAPD officials didn’t say whether both officers fired their weapons or what prompted either of them to shoot, though police later found a revolver at the site of the shooting. Sandoval also didn’t have details on whether the suspect fired a weapon, or how many shots the officers fired.” (353)

“The incident occurred around 5:45 p.m. Tuesday at the Baldwin Hills Crenshaw … where officers were responding to a call about a man with a knife, … When officers arrived inside the mall they found a black man brandishing a long knife in an aggressive manner, LAPD said. Officers repeatedly ordered him to drop the knife, but he did not. Authorities described the man as “very agitated” and said it seemed he was intoxicated or suffering a mental health crisis. The man was then shot by police as he ran toward mall patrons with the knife still in hand, according to LAPD.” “The family of a man shot and killed by LAPD officers Tuesday after wielding a knife at the Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Mall have spoken out Wednesday. Grechario Mack, 30, was shot after he allegedly refused commands to drop the knife. His grieving family remembers him as a loving father who received medication for mental health issues. “He was schizophrenic, he had anxiety attacks,” Catherine Walker, the man’s mother said. “I felt as though they threw my baby aside and said he’s just another John Doe. He’s not a John Doe; he’s my baby!” The man’s step-father, Quintus Moore, and his mother do not believe he deserved to die. “They could have used non-lethal force on my child,” Walker said. “They got to learn to recognize dealing with mental illness.”” (356)

“A driver was fatally shot by police after he fled a traffic stop Tuesday in Royal Oak, authorities said. An officer tried to pull over the motorist around 6:10 p.m. near 13 Mile and Woodward but the man did not stop, investigators said in a statement. The same officer soon spotted him about a block away, at a White Castle drive-through near Coolidge, according to the release. Police did not describe what led the officer to open fire but acknowledged the driver was wounded, fled east from the parking lot and struck a vehicle on 13 Mile near Shenandoah.” (357)

“A man was shot and killed by police in Gardena on Wednesday, April 11, closing Van Ness Avenue in both directions from El Segundo Boulevard to 135th Street for several hours while authorities investigated, officials said. A Sheriff’s Department statement said a male suspect (Kenneth Ross Jr.) was struck by gunfire at 2:24 p.m. and soon after pronounced dead at a local hospital. As Gardena police officers arrived at the 12800 block of Van Ness Avenue following a report of shots fired, they spotted a man running southbound on Van Ness Avenue; multiple witnesses told officers that he was involved in the shooting. The officers chased after the suspect to Rowley Memorial Park, in the 13200 block of Van Ness Avenue, and the officer-involved shooting occurred. Sheriff’s detectives said the suspect was struck at least once in the upper torso and was transported to a local hospital, where he died. How the incident played out was not detailed by authorities. A firearm was found at the scene, authorities said. No civilians or officers were injured during the incident.” (358)

> “a man called 911 about 2 a.m. Thursday and said he heard gunshots in the area of North and Woodlawn avenues in northwest Atlanta. When Atlanta police officers arrived and approached the house, police said the man, later identified as Dashaun Shepard, started shooting at them. No officers were shot, but one suffered a minor head injury when he ducked for cover. Officers called for backup and SWAT was sent to the scene, police said. Shepard refused to speak with negotiators, according to police. As of 7 a.m., police told Washington they had still not been able to make contact with him. Police told Washington just after 8:15 a.m. Shepard was "down" but did not release a condition. They later confirmed he died. At one point during the standoff, Shepard recorded a Facebook Live. “Understand this, this is not a game. Share my message. I aim to fight for my people. I’m not playing. I’m about to shoot it out with these cops to fight for my rights, for my people,” he said in the video. “We’re going to war, cause that’s what I am, a warrior for the people.” (365)

“Around 9 p.m. Thursday night, Trinidad police officers were dispatched to 705 W. Adams on a disturbance call. Upon arrival at the scene, officers noticed a front window had been broken out of the residence. According to officers, after entering the residence they contacted a male individual holding a large piece of broken glass. Officers told the man to drop the glass but he refused. The man then advanced towards the officers and they drew their firearms and shot the man. The Las Animas County Coroner declared the man dead at the scene.” (367)

“One suspect is dead after officers deploy a taser at a residence in Elbert County on Thursday. Deputies arrived at a home after a 911 call. One deputy deployed a taser after it was determined that suspect had a gun. The suspect died. The 18th Judicial District Critical Response Team is investigating and has said that it does not appear that any deputy discharged a firearm. The final cause of death will be determined by the coroner.” (368)

“Police responded to calls from a house in the 3800 block of Speight Avenue shortly after 8:30 a.m., Swanton said, where a man was reportedly hitting and breaking things in the house, and the family members felt threatened. Two officers entered the house, he said, and saw a man armed with a handgun telling the knife-wielding man to calm down and put down the weapon. The officers were also told that a firearm had been discharged before they arrived, Swanton said. He said one of the officers felt threatened by the man with the knife, shot the suspect and began administering medical aid while calling for an ambulance. The suspect died soon after, Swanton said. … Neighbors told the Tribune-Herald the homeowner is a local pastor and his sons were involved in the disturbance prior to the shooting.” “Family members have identified the man killed on Speight Avenue as Kenneth Warren Resendez. . The incident was witnessed by Resendez’s uncle, James Yoder, who says his nephew had no history of drug use and was extremely stressed out about not seeing his kids and being jobless. He says this frustration hit a boiling point on Friday. Yoder confirms the officers account Resendez became so aggressive, and his father fired shots in self-defense. This is when Resendez turned the knife on officers. “That’s when the officer shot him in the chest,” Yoder says. “He stumbled back, and then Kenneth came after them again. That’s when the cop shot him in the head.” According to the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, Resendez has a troubled history. He was sentenced to five years in prison when accused of choking his daughter in July 2016. He was paroled in 2017, until 2020. The family believes a history of seizures could have been a factor in his behavior, but are waiting for the autopsy.” (369)

xxx The incident occurred at about 9 p.m. on Friday around 10800 Killian Parkway. FHP public information officer Lt. Alex Camacho said the bicyclist “traveled into the path of the FHP trooper” who was traveling westbound on Killian Parkway. “The trooper/bicyclist consequently collided causing the bicyclist to sustain fatal injuries,” FHP said. The bicyclist was described as a 17-year-old Hispanic male. He was identified Saturday as Angel Lopez of Miami..” (371)

“The incident began when Winslow Township Police received a 911 call about a man and woman who had been found shot in a home on Woodhaven Way. … After the shooting, police saw the man’s vehicle traveling near the Winslow crime scene and initiated a pursuit. The chase ended in Millville on Holly Berry Lane where the man was shot by police around 9:10 a.m., according to officials.” (374)

“… at approximately 10:21 AM, the Carroll County Sheriff’s Office received a 911 call regarding a dispute between Jessie Thedford and his landlord at 217 B Littleriver Road in Carrollton. Upon arrival, a deputy made contact with Thedford who was not cooperative or compliant and was detained. A second deputy arrived on scene and Thedford was searched and a substance suspected to be methamphetamine was discovered on him. Thedford was placed under arrest, handcuffed, and placed in the back of a patrol car. At some point, Thedford moved his hands in front of him, slipped through the partition into the driver’s seat, and proceeded to drive towards deputies and the landlord. Deputies gave verbal commands to stop, but he did not comply. One deputy fired his service weapon into the patrol car, striking Thedford.” (375)

Pictures are from “The Special Collections and Archives, Georgia State University Library”.









Killed By Police April 8

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32 people were Killed By Police in the United States last week. Here are the links: 315 Jason Alan Birt 316 Nicolas Sedano 317 Stephen Mammarella 318 Joseph Walden Johnson Jr 319 Brian Bellamy 320 Cresencio Rodriguez 321 Christopher Lamarr Hall 322 Timothy Wyatt 323 Bobby Hinton 324 John Wussler 325 Luis Yair Alvarez 326 327 328 Jeffery Louis Parker 329 330 Adan Rene Marrero 331 Saheed Vassell 332 Alexis Stinson 333 Grady Parks 334 Luis Alberto Garcia-Vara 335 Robert Litolff 336 William Frazier II 337 Rafael Ramirez 338 Kelvin Baldwin 339 340 341 Brenda Jenette Harrison-Bumbray 342 Jonathan Erick Alexander 343 344 Daniel Allen Yielding 346 345 Larry Siordia Pictures today are from The Library of Congress.

8 of the victims were white. (315, 317, 326, 328, 335, 336, 338, 344) 8 of the victims were black. (319, 321, 322, 323, 331, 333, 339, 342) 5 of the victims were latino. (316, 320, 325, 330, 334) 324 John Wussler was a native american. The race of 10 of the victims is unknown. (318, 327, 329, 332, 337, 340, 341, 343, 345, 346) 2 of the victims were female (332, 341)

11 of the victims fired at an officer. (318, 321, 322, 323, 332, 333, 336, 338, 340, 342, 345) 14 of the victims displayed a weapon. (315, 319, 320, 324, 325, 326, 327, 328, 329, 334, 335, 337, 343, 344) 3 of the victims were suicidal. (328, 329, 334) 2 of the victims were in a car chase. (318, 342) A taser was used on 2 victims. (333, 338) 2 of the victims died without a shot being fired. (317, 318) 4 of the victims were in a domestic dispute. (319, 321, 323, 341)

The murder-suicide of United States Park police officer Jose Ramon Bumbray, and his wife Brenda Jenette Harrison-Bumbray, is the story of the week. “A U.S. Park Police officer killed his wife before turning the gun on himself Thursday, according to the Charles County Sheriff’s Office. Sheriff’s deputies were called shortly after 8 p.m. to a house in the 5000 block of Fallen Timber Way in Indian Head, where the couple were involved in a fight before the shootings. Authorities said the couple’s son was in his bedroom when he heard the argument followed by the shots. He then discovered his parents with gunshot wounds and called 911, the Sheriff’s Office said. Brenda Jenette Harrison-Bumbray, 50, was pronounced dead at the scene. Jose Ramon Bumbray, 46, was taken to a hospital where he died. He was an officer with the U.S. Park Police, and it appears he used his agency-issued firearm, the Sheriff’s Office said.” (341)

The death of Saheed Vassell is controversial. “Officers responded to three 911 calls that came in around 4:40 p.m. about a black man wearing a brown leather jacket waving a silver gun at people on the corner of Utica Ave. and Montgomery St., NYPD Chief of Department Terrence Monahan said at a press conference. When the officers got to the street corner, the man, Saheed Vassell, 34, faced them, aiming the object at them, Monahan said. “The suspect then took a two-handed shooting stance and pointed an object at the approaching officers,” the chief said. Four officers — one in uniform, three plainclothes — fired 10 shots, striking the victim multiple times about 4:45 p.m. at the corner of Utica Ave. and Montgomery St. in Crown Heights, sources said. He was taken to Kings County Hospital where he died. Monahan described the object in the Vassell’s hand as “a pipe with some sort of knob.” Screen shots from surveillance video at the scene show a blurry figure with his arm outstretched standing next to a bodega ice machine.” video (331)

“According to investigators, about 10:30PM March 31, 2018, officers with the Reno Police Department responded to a call of a burglary in progress at the Peckham Plaza Mini-Storage at 1400 E. Peckham Lane. While checking the area of the storage units on foot, two Reno Police officers came across a stolen Honda Civic parked behind one of the buildings. In the car was 21-year-old Nicolas Sedano, believed to be from Northern Nevada. Police confronted him and the contact escalated into a situation leading police to shoot him.” (316)

“A fatal crash between a Lee County Sheriff’s Office cruiser and a Fort Myers bicyclist at U.S. 41 and Estero Parkway … is being investigated by the Florida Highway Patrol. An FHP report said the 2009 Ford Crown Victoria cruiser, driven by LCSO employee Tyler Davot, 29, was southbound on 41 in the center lane approaching a green light for Estero Parkway around 9:30 p.m. The bicyclist, Stephen Mammarella, 29, was crossing U.S. 41 on the north side of the intersection traveling east. Mammarella traveled into the center lane and into the cruiser’s path, the FHP said, with the right front of the cruiser hitting the left side of Mammarella’s Ozone model bicycle.” (317)

“Family members allege a Cameron County Sheriff’s Department deputy shot and killed 22-year-old Luis Yair Alvarez on Easter Sunday. … The shooting happened at an apartment complex on the 2600 block of Florencia Avenue. What appeared to be blood could still be seen stained on the cement parking lot Monday afternoon. … Alvarez’s mother, Esmeralda Vega, on Monday afternoon, surrounded by at least a dozen mourning family members and friends, said she called the police because her son was fighting with his girlfriend and wouldn’t stop. According to Vega, the girlfriend wanted to leave, but Alvarez wouldn’t let her, prompting the call to the sheriff’s office. “He got a knife, but he didn’t intend to assault anyone,” Vega said in Spanish. Vega told her son that police were outside. “That’s when he went outside with the knife, but both hands were up,” Vega said. Several family members present when Alvarez was killed recalled hearing four gunshots. “His girlfriend tried to approach and try to relax him after he fell on the floor and they pointed the gun toward the girlfriend as well,” Vega said.” (325)

“Easter Sunday turned bloody on Spring Street after Belton police officers shot a man who, according to neighbors, threatened officers with a knife. Multiple neighbors said that same man (Donald P. McCarter) threatened one family that he would kill them, including their two-year-old daughter, and burn the family’s house to the ground. Alanna Sapenaro, who’s lived on Spring Street since October, said that man from across the street appeared a few weeks ago. Sapenaro, whose family is biracial, said the man slashed the tires on one of her family’s cars and tried to break through the home’s front door. “He threatened to kill me and my family,” Sapanero said, speaking exclusively with FOX4. “He was yelling some racial slurs at our house and our family and how we didn’t belong here. He just kept going and we asked him to leave,” she said. Down the street, cellphone cameras were recording as Belton Police officers made multiple stops at the house where the knife-wielding man lived. Police were summoned to that area on three occasions Sunday, beginning around 3:30 p.m. and finally around 11:15 p.m., according to Sapenaro.” (326)

“Salt River police said they were called about a person “making threats and gesturing that they had a weapon” at the Pavilions at Talking Stick Shopping Center, just east of the Loop 101, at about 11:30 a.m. March 23. Orozco said the person was armed with an unspecified weapon and advanced on an officer “in a threatening manner.” The officer then shot the person.” (327)

“CCPD officers last night responded to a call of a home invasion robbery in the 2300 block of Capitan Dr last night. According to police, responding officers confronted the robbers as they were leaving an apartment. 34-year-old Adan Rene Marrero was shot by officers and died at the scene. Another man, 25-year-old Michael Guzman was arrested by CCPD, and charged with Burglary with Intent to Commit another Felony, Possession of Marijuana, Outstanding Warrant, Failure to Identify as a Fugitive, Giving False ID and Evading Arrest. CCPD says the robbers physically assaulted several apartment residents before officers arrived. A firearm was recovered at the scene.” (330)

“At 10:53 am, Barstow Police Officers we’re called to the Walmart parking lot in the 300 block of Montara Road for a suspicious vehicle. According to Sheriff’s Spokeswoman Cindy Bachman, when deputies arrived on scene, they located a black Ford Mustang driven by a subject that they recognized as a suspect that was wanted for a recent crime. The crime that the suspect was wanted for was a stolen vehicle case out of the city of Barstow, according to Bachman. “The driver pulled the vehicle into a parking space and as the patrol cars approached the driver reversed and accelerated towards the officers, striking one of the Barstow police cars,” … “the Barstow police officers were out of their vehicles and giving the driver commands to stop and exit the vehicle. The driver then accelerated a second time towards the officers and struck a second Barstow patrol car. At that time, the officer involved shooting occurred.” Inside the vehicle, there was a driver and three passengers. There were three people injured one of them suffered fatal injuries. Another female suffered multiple gunshot wounds and was airlifted to Arrowhead Regional Medical Center. The slain suspect appeared to be a Black Male Adult who remained slumped over inside the Mustang.” (339)

“Authorities say they shot and killed a man after pursuing him across Yuba County and after he fired at a police dog. The Yuba County Sheriff’s Office said Friday that Wheatland police attempted to pull over a drunken driving suspect around 2:30 a.m. Friday but the man would not stop. The driver was finally stopped with spike strips as he entered Marysville some 13 miles (21 kilometers) away. Authorities from several agencies approached the vehicle and ordered the man to surrender but he refused. They used a county sheriff’s canine to bring the suspect out, but he fired at the dog. Authorities returned fire and the suspect died at the scene. The dog was wounded in the neck and is expected to survive. It’s in stable condition, authorities say. The suspect has been identified as Jonathan Erick Alexander, 26. Investigators do not know his last-known residence. Meanwhile, the Yuba County Sheriff’s Department identified the wounded K-9 officer as Glock and said he is expected to survive his injury.” (342)










Killed By Police April 1

Posted in Killed By Police by chamblee54 on April 1, 2018

25 people were Killed By Police in the United States last week. Here are the links: 289 Zander Clark 290 Nikolai Yakunin 291 Jallen Jones 292 293 Nathan Curtis Castle 294 Jose Aaron Gonzalez 295 Holly Knighton 296 Evan C. Bashir 297 Isaac Michael Scroggie 298 Juan Carlos Romero 299 Robert B. Shaw 300 George Pappas 301 Jesse Kilgus 302 William John Dominguez 303 Gerald Richard Johns 304 305 Aaron Ibrahem 306 Christopher M. Gatewood 306 Pedro Ramirez 307 Marco Antonio Saavedra 308 Rodney Toler 309 Dishon McBride 310 James K. Decoursey 311 Susan LoTempio 312 313 Edward Van McCrae

13 of the victims were white. (290, 295, 296, 297, 299, 300, 301, 302, 303, 305, 307, 310, 311) 4 of the victims were black. (291, 308, 309, 313) 3 of the victims were latino. (294, 298, 306) 289 Zander Clark was native. The race of 4 of the victims is unknown. (292, 293, 304, 312) 2 of the victims were female (295, 311)

6 of the victims fired at an officer. (292, 298, 305, 307, 308, 310) 11 of the victims displayed a weapon. (289, 293, 294, 296, 299, 300, 302, 306, 309, 312, 313) 302 William John Dominguez, was possibly suicidal. 4 of the victims were in a car chase. (299, 302, 307, 308) A taser was used on 4 victims. (297, 304, 305, 306) 3 of the victims died without a shot being fired. (291, 304, 311) 3 of the victims were in a domestic dispute. (290, 298, 306) 2 of the victims were in an altercation with police. (290, 297) 2 of the victims used a vehicle as a weapon. (295, 303)

310 James K. Decoursey is accused of killing Hopkinsville KY officer Phillip Meacham. “HOPKINSVILLE, KY A man suspected of fatally shooting an off-duty police officer in a small Kentucky city was killed by law enforcement officials in Tennessee, authorities said Friday. James K. Decoursey, 34, of Hopkinsville, Kentucky, “had a brief encounter with law enforcement” officials in Clarksville, Tennessee, where he “was shot and died from his injuries,” Thursday evening, Kentucky State Police Trooper Rob Austin said in a statement. Authorities haven’t described Decoursey’s motive for shooting the officer, but Hopkinsville Police Chief Clayton said DeCoursey had a prior arrest record, was known to police, and that while he wasn’t positive the two men knew each other personally, “considering they’re both from here, it’s very likely.” Kentucky State Police said Decoursey fatally shot 38-year-old Hopkinsville officer Phillip Meacham Thursday afternoon, then fled on foot and drove away in a pickup truck. The details about his final encounter with law enforcement in Tennessee weren’t immediately released.” (310)

CORRECTION: 306 Pedro Ramirez was killed Thursday, June 22nd 2017, 306 Christopher M. Gatewood is the correct incident for this week. “The shooting happened at the Siegel Suites Apartments in the 2000 block of Paradise Road which is near S. Las Vegas Boulevard and Sahara Avenue. Everything unfolded in a third-floor apartment in the complex. After 9-1-1 got a call from a woman about the domestic fight, officers approached the apartment to arrest the man, but he came out armed with a knife. “The officers gave the male numerous commands to drop the knife, which he ignored, and then quickly advanced towards the officers,” said Sgt. Jeff Clark, Metro Police. “The officers fired, striking the male. The male was declared deceased at the scene.”” (306)

California had a bizarre incident wednesday. “An early Thursday morning report from Sonoma Police Chief Bret Sackett said that at about 9:50 p.m. Wednesday deputies from the Sonoma Police Department and the Sheriff’s Sonoma Valley substation were dispatched to a suspicious person in a mobile home park on Ramon Street in the city of Sonoma. Several park residents called to report a male subject was yelling, breaking glass and slamming into things, Sackett said. While deputies were en route, Sackett said other callers reported the subject was naked and punching out decorative street lamps with his bare hands. The deputies located the subject in the street near the entrance to the park. Sackett said the man was large, naked, noncompliant and moving towards them. Sacket said the deputies deployed their Tasers and struggled to handcuff him. The subject continued to resist and was placed into maximum restraints in order for the deputies to gain control of him. The man went into medical distress, so the deputies immediately summoned emergency medical personnel. Sackett said the deputies removed the maximum restraints and began life-saving measures until the medics arrived. The subject was transported to the Sonoma Valley Hospital where he later died.” (304)

Alaska had two police killings last saturday. “The incident began at about 6:30 p.m. at the Home Depot store near the Northway Mall, according to APD spokesperson Renee Oistad. The male suspect stabbed a female victim in the parking lot, who ran into the store with a non-life-threatening injury, she says. The suspect slashed two tires at the Home Depot’s parking lot, Oistad said, then ran away. An officer saw the suspect in the parking lot of a Burger King restaurant south of the mall. “The suspect ignored the officer’s commands and continued to run toward the Penland Parkway trailer park,” Oistad wrote. “The officer gave chase on foot. After entering the trailer park, the suspect turned around with knife in hand and ran straight towards the officer. The officer fired; the suspect was declared deceased at the scene.” Aubri Bolynn “My friend saw it happen, he never charged the cop, the cop shot him in the back and another person I don’t know saw it and said the same thing that the cop shot the kid in the back 6 times” (289)

“On Saturday, March 24, 2018, at approximately 1417 hours, Alaska State Troopers received a third party report that Nikolai Yakunin, age 42 of Nikolaevsk, was in contact with a female in violation of Yakunin’s conditions of felony probation. It was determined Yakunin had a condition of release from a recent court case stating he was not to have contact with the female. Alaska State Troopers responded to an address on Nikolaevsk Road to contact Yakunin at approximately 1907 hours. While on scene at the residence where Yakunin was located, Yakunin attacked the first responding State Trooper, injuring him and incapacitating him where the Trooper was unable to adequately defend himself. Additional AST units responded to assist the injured Trooper and apprehend Yakunin. Upon arrival of the first backup Trooper, Yakunin continued his assaultive behavior, and he was shot to prevent further assaults on any Trooper or bystander. Yakunin was pronounced dead on scene.” (290)

“An inmate who died Sunday at Garner Correctional Institution was serving time for a gas station robbery in Waterbury. Jallen Jones, 31, was being transferred to the facility’s mental health unit when he became “non-compliant and combative with staff” and then became non-responsive, a spokeswoman for the state prisons system said.Life-saving measures were performed on scene before he was taken to an area hospital where he was pronounced dead. Department of Correction Commissioner Scott Semple said in a statement there were “no immediate indications suggesting that excessive force was utilized.” (291)

“The Montgomery Police Department responded to a suspected stolen vehicle in the 100 block of Kiwanis Street late morning,” MPD reported on its Facebook page. “As officers approached the vehicle on foot, it accelerated, dragging one of the officers under the vehicle. A second officer fired at the vehicle, fatally wounding the driver, an adult female.” (Holly Knighton ) (295)

“Peggy Purves … told Channel 3 that she was outside walking her dog when a man she described as in his late 20s pulled his car up next to her. She said that he looked confused and mistook her for someone else. “He says are you Jodie? And I said no I’m not Jodie. So I was worried about that so I watched him and then he went down the road and he did a U-turn and he came racing back so that’s when I knew something was wrong,” said Purves. … she ran inside and called 9-1-1. “I was in the hallway talking to 911 and I said you get here soon. He is going to gain access to this house. He is going to come in. I said someone needs to come here immediately,” … Purves said that the individual then broke through her window on the side of her home. “He had glass all over him and blood all over him, he didn’t care,” said Purves. She somehow persuaded the suspect to go outside, where a Santa Rosa Sheriff Deputy was waiting to arrest him, but there was a struggle. Purves said that the officer first tried to tase the suspect. “Then the police was on the floor struggling with this kid and said ‘I’m going to have to shoot you. Stop’. Really quickly I heard four quick shots so I didn’t know if the policeman was down and the kid had the gun I looked around the policeman was down on one knee and so I called 9-1-1, I said officer down” (297)

“The incident started around 8:40 a.m. on Pine Plain Road when a state trooper went to a disabled vehicle. When the trooper approached the vehicle the occupant reportedly fled the area on foot with a bag. Deputies later saw a man who fit the description of the suspect driving a pickup truck in Columbia around 9:30 a.m. and a pursuit began. During the pursuit, officers of the City of Cayce issued a tire deflation device near Old Dunbar Road. At this time deputies learned the man was armed as they saw he had a small gun to his head when the truck spun out of control. The man continued to flee with a deflated tire and made his way back to I-26 eastbound where he spun out of control again, stopped and locked himself in his car for more than four hours. During their investigation authorities were able to determine that Shaw was wanted for failure to appear in General Sessions court for his charges of unlawful carry of a pistol, possession of a weapon by a convicted felon, possession of methamphetamine and failure to stop for blue lights. Deputies along with a tactical team of negotiators contacted the man on this cell phone in an attempt to get him to surrender. Negotiations were going well for about two and a half hours until the man made what deputies say was a “sudden movement” in the car and deputies fired shots.” (299)

“Police shot and killed a man outside John Hardin High School on Wednesday minutes after he allegedly killed his wife at their home. Jesse Kilgus, 51, was shot in his van after he went to John Hardin to check his child out of school, according to Kentucky State Police spokesman Jeff Gregory. Gregory said KSP received a call about a possible shooting at Wise Lane and found the body of 46-year-old Ruth Marie Kilgus around 12:40 p.m. Police learned that Jesse Kilgus planned to pick his child up from school and confronted him there less than 20 minutes later. After a brief exchange, seven officers from three law enforcement agencies opened fire, killing Kilgus, Gregory said.” (301)

“State police chased a suspected shoplifter through the Walmart store in Lower Macungie Township on Wednesday night before he ran outside and died in gunfire, store employees said. The young man (Aaron Ibrahem) was shot about 9:25 p.m. outside the 1091 Mill Creek store, just south of Hamilton Boulevard. The man got into a white minivan, parked about 50 yards from the store, and died there, the workers said. Minutes later, police were looking at his body, which ended up either in the driver’s seat or on the pavement just outside the driver’s door, the workers said. … Store employees said the man was reported shoplifting earlier in the evening and may already have carried stolen items from the Walmart to the minivan when he came back inside and was confronted by the trooper. About 50 customers and 25 employees were in the store when the trooper started running after the young man, an employee said. No shots were fired inside the store, he said. The young man ran out the Walmart’s “grocery” entrance, which from the parking lot is the entrance to the right, employees said. The second of the two entrances is the “home and pharmacy” door, to the left. Only seconds after trooper followed the man outside, shots rang out, the workers said.” “A theft suspect in a mask and wig pulled a semiautomatic pistol and fired once at a trooper before being fatally shot Wednesday night outside a Lehigh Valley Walmart, authorities said. Pennsylvania State Police Capt. Richard D’Ambrosio said the Berks County man, whom they were not immediately identifying, was shot multiple times by a trooper with the Fogelsville barracks and died at the scene.” (305)

“Authorities have identified the man who was shot to death by a U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development agent after allegedly pointing a gun at the agent Thursday morning in north suburban Zion. The agent was sitting in a vehicle at 6:09 a.m. in the 3000 block of Ezekiel Avenue when several people, including a 19-year-old Dishon McBride of Waukegan, approached the vehicle armed with a handgun, according to Zion police and the Lake County Coroner’s Office. The agent shot him through the vehicle’s window after McBride, who was wearing a bandana over part of his face, “displayed the handgun to the agent,” authorities said. The rest of the group then ran away. Paramedics arrived and determined that he was dead at the scene, and investigators found a handgun nearby, police said.” (309)

“A woman was killed Friday morning in North Buffalo when she was struck by a car driven by a police officer responding to a call, Buffalo police said. The woman, (Susan LoTempio,) who was in her 60s, was hit at about 6:30 a.m. near the intersection of Hertel and Tennyson avenues. Police have not released the woman’s name, but a neighbor on Rugby Road identified her as Susan LoTempio. Police said the woman may have been on her daily walk.” (311)