Stephon Alonzo Clark

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The death of Stephon Alonzo Clark is getting a lot of attention. Here is a description of the incident, from the Sacramento police. “On Sunday, March 18, 2018, at 9:13 p.m., SPD officers were dispatched to the 7500 block of 29th Street regarding a subject breaking into vehicles. The caller stated that the male subject had broken car windows and was now hiding in a backyard. The caller described the subject as a male, 6’1”, thin, wearing a black hoodie and dark pants.

SPD Officers arrived on scene at approximately 9:18 p.m. The Sacramento Sheriff’s Department’s helicopter (STAR) was on scene searching for the suspect as well. At approximately 9:25 p.m., STAR advised they observed a subject in a backyard and began to direct SPD officers to him. STAR advised the subject had just picked up a toolbar and broke a window to a residence. The helicopter then observed the suspect running south, towards the front of the residence, where he stopped and was looking into another car. STAR continued to update the officers and guided them to the suspect in the rear yard of a residence in the 7500 block of 29th Street. Officers entered the front yard and observed the suspect along the side of the residence. The officers gave the suspect commands to stop and show his hands. The suspect immediately fled from the officers and ran towards the back of the home.

Officers pursued the suspect and located him in the backyard of the residence. The suspect turned and advanced towards the officers while holding an object which was extended in front of him. The officers believed the suspect was pointing a firearm at them. Fearing for their safety, the officers fired their duty weapons striking the suspect multiple times.” The object extended in front of Mr. Clark was an iPhone 6. The case has become controversial.

Police shot and killed an unarmed black man in his own backyard. All he was holding was a cellphone. is one of the headlines being generated. The police almost certainly did not know that Mr. Clark was in his backyard. While the optics of this are bad, it might not make much difference. If someone is threatening police, with a weapon, in their backyard, then the police are in just as much danger as if they were on the sidewalk.

The 911 call raises another issue. The dispatcher asks “is he black, white, hispanic, asian?” “He had a hoodie on, I couldn’t tell.” The helicopter video does not indicate what race he was. The two body cam videos (body cam 1 body cam 2) do not show a clear image of Mr. Clark. It is not certain that the police knew Mr. Clark was black when they shot him.

“During a neighborhood canvass, investigators identified at least three vehicles with damage that is believed to have been caused by the suspect. In addition, an adjacent and occupied residence had a sliding glass door shattered. Orbiting deputies of the Sacramento Sheriff’s Department’s law enforcement helicopter had witnessed the suspect shatter the door before engaging the SPD officers.” Mr. Clark apparently had been breaking windows. The only instrument known to be found on him was a cell phone. “… Clark’s girlfriend Salena Manni said the phone Clark held belonged to her. She said it was an iPhone 6 Plus in a rose gold-colored case with a black holder on the back to carry items like credit cards.” It was not intended for use in breaking car windows.

“The airborne deputies said they saw the man use the “tool bar” to break a window, which police later said was the rear sliding glass door in an occupied home on the 7500 block of 29th Street. Police Tuesday said a cinder block and a piece of aluminum similar to what would be used in a rain gutter were recovered from near the broken door and taken into evidence, though neither item was definitely identified as the “tool bar” seen by deputies in the helicopter.”

The case is now a national affair, with lots of loud comments. It will be investigated, and possibly charges will be brought against the officers involved. There is plenty to criticize about the way the police handled the case. For example, after shooting Mr. Clark, (8:11 of this video) police continue to scream “show me your hands.” They then say “no movement, we’re going to need additional units.” At 8:53, they do a “tactical reload.” By this time, Stephon Clark is dead.


Killed By Police March 18

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24 people were Killed By Police in the United States last week. Here are the links: 237 Daniel Stacey Reynolds 238 Christopher Eisinger 239 Kenneth Scott Townley 240 Joshua Pawlik 241 Juan Garcia Alvarez 242 Andy Lucero 243 Terrall Magee 244 Solomon Agwomoh 245 Decynthia S. Clements 246 Jaden Marsh 247 Michael Delloyd Ward 248 Corky Lee Oliver 249 Justin Lee Dietrich 250 Jontell Reedom 251 Brisco Tim Woodel 252 Bryan Keith Liles 253 Shermichael Ezeff 254 Ryan Chapman 255 256 Cameron Hall 257 258 James Vaughn 259 Mark Clinton Harrell, Jr. 260 William Langfitt

10 of the victims were white. (239, 242, 246, 248, 249, 251, 252, 254, 256, 259) 7 of the victims were black. (238, 244, 245, 247, 250, 253, 258) 241 Juan Garcia Alvarez was latino. The race of 6 of the victims is unknown. (237, 240, 243, 255, 257, 260) 245 Decynthia S. Clements was female.

6 of the victims fired at an officer. (237, 241, 246, 249, 251, 258) 9 of the victims displayed a weapon. (239, 240, 245, 247, 248, 254, 255, 259, 260) A taser was used on 4 victims (244, 247, 250, 256) 3 of the victims died without a shot being fired. (238, 243, 244) 5 of the victims were in a domestic dispute (237, 242, 251, 256, 257) 3 of the victims were in an altercation with police (250, 256, 257) 246 Jaden Marsh was possibly suicidal.

“Officers who responded to the 1300 block of South East Gates Street Friday night spotted the suspect in a backyard and chased him to the 3000 block of West Ball Road, police said. According to police, Eisinger violently resisted by kicking and ripping his arms away. Officers used “control holds and physical force” to restrain him. “The officers used control holds, they used physical force during this contact to overcome his resistance and take him into custody for the suspected crimes,” Anaheim Acting Police Chief Julian Harvey said last week. “The preliminary review shows the officers did not employ a carotid restraint, did not employ impact weapons, did not employ a Taser or deliver any strikes to the suspect.” … However, once (Christopher) Eisinger was handcuffed, he stopped breathing and went into full cardiac arrest, police said. … Police said Eisinger appeared to be under the influence of narcotics when he was arrested.” (238)

“At 6:17 p.m. Sunday, Oakland firefighters responded to the 900 block of 40th Street for a report of a person down who appeared to be armed with a gun, police said in a statement Wednesday. Four Oakland police officers … found a man on the ground between two buildings in the block. The man was armed and holding a semiautomatic handgun, police said. While officers began developing a plan to resolve the situation, they gave commands to the man, identified as Joshua Pawlik, 32, to put the gun down. “It was reported that officers believed Pawlik’s actions posed an immediate threat to the officers with the risk of death or serious bodily harm,” police said. “Multiple officers discharged their service firearms, striking Pawlik.” (240)

“This all started Sunday at 7 a.m. when State Police were called to a home in Ft. Sumner in reference to the violation of a restraining order. Police say Lucero entered his ex-girlfriend’s home and a fight ensued. During the altercation, a friend of the ex-girlfriend’s showed up to the home and Lucero shot her. The friend was taken to a hospital in Lubbock, Texas with non-life-threatening injuries. Lucero fled the scene and the search for him began. Police were alerted to a fire in Ft. Sumner where they found two structures and what they believe to have been Lucero’s car on fire. From there, they were able to track Lucero down. That’s when shots were fired and he was killed.” (242)

“According to Santa Ana police, at 9:17 p.m. Sunday officers responded to a burglary alarm at 2411 West 1st St. discovered the suspect jumping a fence on the property. A foot chase ensued, and an officer caught up with Magee, leading to a “physical altercation,” police said. More officers arrived on scene and attempted to subdue him. At some point, Magee went into medical distress. Officers performed CPR on him until paramedics arrived and rushed him a local hospital. Magee was pronounced dead at 10:10 p.m.” (243)

“Solomon Agwomoh, who drove for Chicago Carriage Cab Company, was involved in a crash with another vehicle at the intersection of Cottage Grove Avenue and Sibley Boulevard in Dolton around 12:40 a.m … Agwomoh was apparently conscious following the crash, and a witness who encountered him said that while shaken, he appeared to be “in a normal state of health,” said Bob Napleton, a lawyer who filed the lawsuit on behalf of Agwomoh’s family. Around 1 a.m., an ambulance took Agwomoh to the hospital, where he underwent a CT scan in the presence and custody of Dolton police, the lawsuit stated. It’s unclear exactly what happened next, but according to the lawsuit, a Dolton officer “willfully and wantonly employed a Taser without justifiable cause to deliver a lethal electric current” to Agwomoh, a father of four from South Holland. The cause and manner of Agwomoh’s death is pending, a spokeswoman for the medical examiner’s office said. … Dolton Police Chief Robert Collins said he was aware of the lawsuit but had yet to read it. Agwomoh had been in custody for suspected DUI at the time of the incident, Collins said. “The officer did everything by the book,” he said in an email. “In the law enforcement community, we’ve come to learn that even the cases in which officers do things by the book, there is still litigation.” Collins said the officer deployed a stun gun on Agwomoh after he became “uncooperative and combative” with the hospital staff who were treating him. “The Dolton police officer present intervened and eventually had to use a Taser on the man because of his aggression,” Collins said. “The Taser was ineffective against the man, and thus the man began fighting with the officer until hospital security arrived to assist.” After Agwomoh was eventually restrained with the assistance of hospital security, Collins said, hospital staff administered him “some sort of sedative” in an effort to calm him down. “Shortly thereafter the man (lost consciousness),” he said. “Efforts to save him were met with negative results.” (244)

“Elgin police said the incident started around 12:30 a.m. Monday after officers made contact with a suspicious vehicle at Cedar Avenue in Elgin. During the encounter, police said 34-year-old Decynthia S. Clements fled. Officers chased her initially, but then gave up. Clements’ vehicle was then spotted on westbound I-90 near Route 25. Elgin officers made contact with Clements and observed she was armed with a knife, police said. Police say they then “disengaged immediately,” and tried to negotiate with her for over an hour. During that time, police said Clements would move her vehicle up several feet. At one point, officers noticed a fire had started inside the vehicle. Police say they tried to pull her out of the burning vehicle, but something happened, and an officer ended up shooting his weapon, killing her. … Her family says she was shot multiple times.” (245)

“Police in Colorado Springs shot and killed a man who barricaded himself inside a motel room and took a woman hostage, officers said. Colorado Springs police responded to the Travel Star Motel in the 1700 block of Nevada Avenue at about 3:30 p.m. Monday after receiving a tip that a man wanted on a robbery warrant was staying there. When the officers arrived, the man, identified as Corky Lee Oliver, 31, barricaded himself inside a room, telling officers he was armed and had a woman with him, police said. Police evacuated the motel and called in crisis negotiators, who spent several hours talking to Oliver. At about 9:40 p.m., police forced their way into the room. It’s unclear what happened but police said shots were fired and Oliver was killed.” (248)

“Around 4:30 Monday afternoon officers were responding to the assault of a bus driver near the corner of E Cross Ave and N Cherry St. When they spotted a man matching a suspect description, they attempted to talk to him. That’s when officers say the man tried to fight them. According to Police, the physical altercation prompted officers to use their Tasers, which they say were ineffective. “The suspect became combative. At that point in time, the officers put out that there had been shots fired,” said Sgt. Hamlin. Cell phone video of the encounter shows one officer running after the suspect before using his Taser, the chase continues with the suspect punching the officer, the officer then takes out his baton and swings. The chase then moves across the street where the second officer pepper sprays the suspect. Shortly after, shots are fired.” (250)

“At about 5 p.m., agents from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives tracked the man to a vehicle across the street from the Historic Sandy station, 9000 S. 165 E., Sandy police Lt. Dean Carriger said. Agents had a warrant for his arrest when they shot him, Carriger said. He didn’t say what prompted the shooting, only that agents fired “during their contact” with the man. … Vanessa Vasquez lives on the corner … When she went outside, Vasquez said, she saw the man handcuffed and bloody, lying on the ground on his stomach. He wasn’t moving or speaking. “To me, he looked like he was dead,” she said.” (252)

“The Baton Rouge man shot and killed Wednesday by a deputy had been hospitalized Monday after having an apparent psychotic break, but was released Tuesday even though he continued to show the same symptoms, the State Police said Friday. Senior Trooper Bryan Lee, a State Police spokesman, said multiple witnesses, including family members, told investigators that 31-year-old Shermichael Ezeff “appeared to be in an altered state of mind.” Family told police about Ezeff’s hospitalization and subsequent release as law enforcement investigated the Wednesday afternoon fatal shooting of Ezeff by an East Baton Rouge Parish’s sheriff deputy, Lee said. That deputy was serving a temporary restraining order when he was approached by Ezeff, who was already covered in blood, EBR Sheriff Sid Gautreaux III said Wednesday. Lee said Friday that witness statements and preliminary evidence supports that there was an altercation before the deputy fired at least one shot.” (253)

“A Rosebud Sioux Tribe police officer shot and killed a man just before midnight Thursday in the Parmelee Community according to the FBI. Very little has been released about the shooting, except that the officer was confronted by a person with a weapon who failed to respond to the officer’s commands. The officer then shot and killed him.” (255)

“… the Jonesborough Police Department received a complaint concerning possible drug activity at a hotel located along East Jackson Boulevard/ Highway 11E. Upon arrival, officers encountered a male subject in the parking lot. The man displayed a large knife and threatened to harm himself before leading officers on a foot pursuit. The foot pursuit crossed over E. Jackson Boulevard and ended in the 400 block. Officers continued to give the individual orders to drop the weapon, but he refused to comply. At some point during the second confrontation, the subject reportedly moved toward one of the officers with the knife. The situation further escalated and resulted in the officer firing his service weapon, striking the subject. He was transported to a local hospital where he was pronounced dead. No officers were injured during the incident.” (259)

“Events began at 9:32 p.m. when a woman called 911 and said a male friend (William Langfitt) was having a mental breakdown in the middle of the road. The 911 dispatcher could hear screaming. The woman said her friend had a knife, the Sheriff’s Department says. “Let go of me now,” the dispatcher heard the woman say. “Stop it.” She got back on the phone and said the man was going east on 252nd Street East. Deputies headed to the area. A second person called 911 to say a man had just tried to get into his vehicle. The first 911 caller was still on the phone and reported that her male friend was trying to “jump into other people’s vehicles.” Then she reported he was trying to get into her vehicle. Minutes later, a deputy radioed in that shots had been fired, the Sheriff’s Department said. The Sheriff’s Department said the man reportedly refused to heed the deputy’s commands at gunpoint, then tried to get into the deputy’s vehicle. The deputy then opened fire.” (260)

Pictures are from The Library of Congress.

Killed By Police March 11

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35 people were Killed By Police in the United States last week. Here are the links: James E. Waters Steven Dalton 203 Nicholas D. O’Brien 204 Erik Dunham 205 Christopher Race 206 Stephen Hudak 207 208 Jose Gomez Burgos 209 Joel Jacobo 210 Robert George 211 Marvin Ray McMillian 212 213 Michael McEntee 214 Amanda Alvarez 215 216 Brandon Kuhlman 217 Ryan L. Smith 219 David Willoughby 220 William Simon 221 Robert Lewis Yates 222 223 Michael Kline 224 Michael R. Reynolds 225 Steven Peters 226 Jesus Delgado 227 Victor Ancira 228 Troy Louis Risinger 229 230 231 232 Dwight Heckman 233 Alkeeta Allena Walker 234 235 David Gardea 236

13 of the victims were white. (204, 205, 206, 216, 217, 219, 221, S. Dalton, 223, 224, 228, 229, 233) 3 of the victims were black. (211, 220, J. Waters) 5 of the victims were latino. (209, 214, 226, 227, 235) 2 of the victims were native american. (222, 232) The race of 12 of the victims is unknown. (203, 207, 208, 210, 212, 213, 215, 225, 230, 231, 234, 236) 2 of the victims were female (214, 233)

13 of the victims fired at an officer. (206, 211, 213, 215, 216, 221, S. Dalton, 224, 226, J. Waters, 230, 232, 235) 16 of the victims displayed a weapon. (204, 205, 207, 208, 209, 217, 219, 220, 222, 225, 227, 228, 229, 233, 234, 236) 4 of the victims were suicidal (207, 217, 227, 234) A taser was used on 4 victims (S. Dalton, 225, 227, 233) 3 of the victims died without a shot being fired. (203, 210, 212)

Officer Christopher Ryan Morton was killed in Clinton, Missouri, on March 6. “The Missouri Highway Patrol has identified the Clinton Police Officer killed in the line of duty last night as 30-year-old Officer Christopher Ryan Morton … Sgt. Bill Lowe, of the Missouri State Highway Patrol, provided an update: “At approximately 9:20 this evening, the Clinton County 911 center received a 911 call from a residence. There were two women screaming in the background … they (the call center) notified Clinton police department and they had officers respond to that residence.” When the three officers arrived, says Lowe, the suspect opened fire from inside the residence. “They (the officers) ended up going inside the residence in an attempt to apprehend the suspect. At that point in time, the suspect shot and killed one of the Clinton police officers and wounded two other officers,” he says. The suspect was still in the residence. According to Lowe, the Troop A SWAT team came up with a plan. “At approximately ten after midnight,” he says, “the Troop A SWAT Team entered the residence and found the suspect deceased.” It’s unclear how the suspect died.” “Clinton Police Officer Ryan Morton was killed Tuesday night while responding to the street address he was told to go to — but the dispatch center had mistakenly sent him to the wrong city. He should have been dispatched to an address in Windsor, 25 miles away, where the call originated. The apparent mistake at the dispatch center is being investigated, said Sgt. Bill Lowe, spokesman for the Missouri State Highway Patrol … the house has five cameras and two motion detectors on its roof. Shields said at the press conference the person living at the house, Tammy Widger, has been charged with possession of meth with the intent to distribute and with keeping and maintaining a public nuisance. Those charges were filed after the shootings, Shields said, after drugs were found in the house.” (James E. Waters)

219 David Willoughby was killed in Georgia. “A man in Georgia was shot and killed late Monday after he pointed a pellet gun at sheriff’s deputies and disobeyed commands to drop the weapon, the GBI said. Authorities told WSB they did not learn what David Willoughby, 33, was pointing at them until after the deadly shooting, which occurred about 11 p.m. near Temple. GBI spokesman Chris DeMarco told WSB the incident started with a call about a suspicious person with a gun in someone’s backyard. Deputies found Willoughby hiding in a wooded area. He pointed the pellet gun at them, and the deputies ordered Willoughby to drop it. … He refused, prompting deputies to open fire.” (219)

“A 25-year-old West Allis man was killed late Thursday in Milwaukee when his vehicle struck a tree during a police pursuit, the Greenfield Police Department said in a news release. The crash occurred after a Greenfield officer used a “pursuit intervention technique,” the department said. It did not elaborate on what that technique was. The officer, who is 29 with five years of experience, attempted to the stop the man’s vehicle, which was speeding, just before 11:40 p.m. Thursday. The department said “the suspect vehicle fled from the officer” and the officer used the technique. The man’s vehicle left the roadway in the 3200 block of S. 25th St. and hit the tree.” (203)

“The man who died after being shot by a probation officer has been identified as 29-year-old Joel Jacobo. He was shot on Thursday outside the Santa Cruz Apartments at Ajo Way and I-10. Three probation officers had approached Jacobo to serve him a warrant for a probation violation. One of the men saw that Jacobo had a gun and fired his weapon. Jacobo was on probation for trafficking in stolen property. The investigation continues.” (209)

“A pedestrian died Friday night after being hit by a Newark police patrol car, according to the Delaware State Police. The officer was driving east on East Chestnut Hill Road (Del. 4) headed toward the intersection of South Chapel Street about 9:40 p.m. when a pedestrian stepped into the roadway near the entrance to the Robscott Manor development, said Master Cpl. Melissa Jaffe, a state police spokeswoman. State police said the front of the officer’s marked Chevrolet Caprice struck the pedestrian, sending him into the front windshield of the vehicle. The 40-year-old pedestrian, who state police said was wearing dark-colored clothing, was pronounced dead at the scene.” (210)

“Police were trying to arrest a suspect wanted for a shooting that happened in January. According to police, Marvin Ray McMillian barricaded himself inside a home on Cleveland Avenue, refusing to come out. Authorities say Gulfport SWAT officers and negotiator units tried for four hours to end the stand-off. After McMillian fired shots at officers, they returned the gunfire, striking him. He died from his injuries at the scene of the shooting. No officers were injured.” (211)

“Officers in Santa Ana late Friday fatally shot a man wanted for violating terms of his probation, authorities said. Garden Grove police said the 31-year-old man was wanted for a “no bail” warrant for violating terms of his post-release community supervision. Investigators told KTLA that officers followed the suspect for about 6 or 7 miles before approaching him in his vehicle at the parking lot of the 7-11 store on 1700 E. Dyer Road at around 11:30 p.m. An altercation ensued and Garden Grove police shot the man multiple times, according to a statement from the agency.” (212)

“38-year-old Amanda Alvarez struck a resident of the 4700 block of West Camino Tierra with a two-by-four at approximately 4 p.m. Saturday. Deputies found the female in a trailer. She was shot “shortly after” by Deputy Samuel Herrera … The department on Tuesday also confirmed that the woman had used a spray intended for use on bears to fend off the deputies. The spray is a form of Oleoresin Capsicum (OC) spray, officials said. … Multiple deputies were treated for chemical burns and released, police said. Alvarez had an extensive criminal history, including numerous contacts with the Pima County Sheriff’s Department, the agency said Tuesday. At the time of the shooting, Alvarez had an active felony warrant out for her arrest. She also was involved in an attempted stabbing of a deputy using an arrow a week before, officials said.” (214)

“After an off-duty police officer shot and killed an armed man who was trying to rob a Brooklyn gas station Monday night, police are looking for a second suspect. … The officer was in his private car at Gasgo on Remsen Avenue and Avenue D in Canarsie at about 10:35 p.m., Chief of Patrol Rodney Harrison said. As the station attendant was pumping gas into the officer’s car, a man, armed with a gun, entered the booth and demanded money from another station worker, Harrison said. A second man, also armed with a gun, stood outside the booth and instructed the off-duty officer and the attendant not to move. The officer identified himself as a cop and told the men to stop. Both suspects turned toward the officer with their guns in their hands. The officer fired at one of the suspects, 19-year-old William Simon, hitting him in the torso. The second suspect fled, police said.” (220)

“Mr. Yates, according to the paperwork in the clerk’s office, owned the trailer but rented the lot in the trailer park. So there were several complaints that the owner of the trailer park had and once Mr. Yates had not complied with correcting those, then the owner of that lot began the process of having Mr. Yates evicted,” said Baldwin County District Attorney Bob Wilters. Authorities say the complaints against Yates ranged from not mowing the grass, not keeping shrubbery trimmed, an abandoned vehicle and a dissatisfaction with the overall upkeep of the outside of the trailer. Formal eviction paperwork was filed in 2017 and a number of attempts to serve him followed. According to the Baldwin County Major Crimes Unit, Yates “refused to come to the door” when BCSO deputies tried to serve him in the past. Deputies responded Monday with an order from a judge allowing them to move Yates’ trailer. What happened next is under investigation, however, what we do know is a standoff, SWAT Team negotiations and a shootout followed.” (221)

“The standoff started around 7 p.m. Monday in Oil Springs on Ky. 825, according to EKB News. A man — later identified as Steven Dalton in an interview of police by EKB News — was holding a Bible, shouting at the sky and became combative with a deputy after the Johnson County Sheriff’s Department arrived, WKYT reported. A deputy used a Taser to try to detain Dalton but that failed, according to WSIP. Dalton ran and locked himself inside his home, which is when Kentucky State Police arrived to join deputies, EKB News reported. Both deputies heard gunshots coming from inside the residence, WSIP reported. Family members told the sheriff that Dalton had several firearms, including an assault rifle, in the house, WSIP said. A shootout began around 11 p.m. when Dalton pointed a gun out the door, shooting at the trooper’s cruisers before the troopers returned fire, EKB News said. Police told EKB News that 200 rounds were fired between the two sides in a 15-second span. No officers were hit, but they didn’t hear from the suspect for a couple of hours after the shots were fired, according to EKB News. KSP called for backup from its Special Response Team, which sent a robot into the home and found Dalton’s body at around 2:30 a.m., WKYT reported. It’s too early to know if he shot himself or if he was shot by police, WKYT said.” (Steven Dalton)

“Indiana State Police say officers from the North Manchester Police Department initiated a traffic stop on a truck just before 6 p.m. The truck’s driver, Michael Kline, 40, stopped the truck in the parking lot of a business at 1601 State Road 114. Preliminary evidence indicates that at some point during that traffic stop there was an incident that led to an officer firing shots at Kline. It is not clear what that incident was, who fired the shots or how many were fired.” (223)

“A 46-year-old man with a pickax was killed after being shot by police in East Austin early Wednesday, Chief Brian Manley said. Officers received a call at 4:18 a.m. in which the caller claimed he had killed his father and brother at a home in the 4800 block of Tanney Street, Manley said. Several officers arrived at the scene at 4:23 a.m. and made contact with the caller in the street, Manley said. According to the chief, police video shows officers issuing commands to the man to “drop the weapon” and “Please drop the pickax.” After about 10 minutes of negotiating with the man and issuing multiple commands to disarm, officers then approached the man, Manley said. The chief said officers first used less lethal rounds of impact munitions as the man approached the house, but he blocked them with a chair in his hand. Officers also used a stun gun, Manley said. When the man raised his pickax against the approaching officers, the officers fired at the man, who was pronounced dead at the scene, the chief said. … He added that it appeared that the man had left a suicide note. …the man’s family … identified him as Victor Ancira. “He was a loving, caring person. He didn’t bother no one,” said Ancira’s niece, 21-year-old Samantha Chavez. “He stayed inside, he was sick. He had a disability … we are all hurt right now.” “Sylvia Ancira … said her brother was diagnosed with bipolar schizophrenia, she worried that he may have forgotten to take his medications. Sylvia said police had been called to their address before and she wondered why things escalated to the point that officers felt they had to shoot her brother.” (227)

“On March 8, 2018, at about 5:35 PM, officers from the Riverside Police Department were conducting an investigation for a wanted suspect within the 9900 block of Willowbrook Road, Jurupa Valley. As the officers encountered the suspect an officer involved shooting occurred. Life-saving measures were performed, but the suspect succumbed to his injuries.” (231)

“At 11:25 p.m. Thursday, Pottstown Police responded to a wellness check for a suicidal man just a block from the police station at 40 E. High St., according to the Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office. Police were informed that the man had posted photos online of himself holding a gun to his head and threatening to harm himself. When police arrived, officers encountered the armed man in the parking lot and confronted him. At that time, an officer discharged his firearm and struck the man. The man was then transported via medical helicopter to Reading Hospital Trauma Center in West Reading, where he was later pronounced dead. A BB/pellet gun was recovered near the suspect, according to the district attorney’s office.” (234)

Pictures are from The Library of Congress.

Killed By Police March 4

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17 people were Killed By Police in the United States last week. Here are the links: 184 Lee Edward Bonner 185 186 Haydon Tylor 187 Douglas Oneyear, 188 Steven Juarez 189 190 Orbel Nazarians 191 Aaron Clifford Fike 192 Ethan Straub 193 Joshua Kinnard 194 William Watson Jr., 195 Stephen Wayne DeLoach Jr 196 Marlon Smith 197 Dustin James Case 198 Curtis Bradley Ware 199 Qawi A. Muhammad 200 Timothy M. Gray

8 of the victims were white. (187, 190, 191, 192, 193, 195, 197, 198) 5 of the victims were black. (184, 186, 194, 196, 199) 2 of the victims were latino. (185, 188) The race of 2 of the victims is unknown. (189, 200) 6 of the victims fired at an officer. (184, 191, 192, 194, 196, 198) 8 of the victims displayed a weapon. (185, 186, 187, 189, 193, 197, 199, 200) 3 of the victims were in a car chase (195, 197, 200) A taser was used on 2 victims (188, 190) 2 of the victims died without a shot being fired. (188, 195) 190 Orbel Nazarians was possibly suicidal.

Stephen Wayne DeLoach Jr. died in Brunswick, Georgia. “Sometime around Feb. 20, police said, the Glynn-Brunswick Narcotics Enforcement Team began conducting surveillance on a man and a woman, after receiving information about the purchase and distribution of illegal narcotics. On Thursday, police said, narcotics conducted surveillance on the two as they traveled to an unknown location in Florida, where investigators said it is believed they purchased a large amount of drugs. As they traveled back to Glynn County in a silver Chrysler 300 about 4:40 p.m. later that day, investigators said, a Glynn County police officer attempted to pull the car over for a speeding on northbound I-95, just south of U.S. 17. The Police Department said the officer also suspected the two in the car were in possession of drugs. Police said the woman who was driving did not stop and that’s when a pursuit ensued. “During the pursuit, suspected illegal narcotics were thrown from the vehicle,” said a news release sent Wednesday by the Police Department. Further north on I-95, a Georgia State Patrol trooper who had joined the pursuit initiated a PIT (pursuit intervention technique) maneuver in an attempt to stop the Chrysler, which then struck the center guardrail and overturned, according to the Police Department. The driver was taken to Southeast Georgia Health System – Brunswick Campus in serious condition, and was later transferred to Memorial Health in Savannah. The man, who was a passenger in the Chrysler, (Stephen Wayne DeLoach Jr) was airlifted to UF Health Jacksonville in critical condition. Police said the man was released from the hospital Sunday, but the next day, he was transported from his home to the Southeast Georgia Health System – Brunswick Campus, where he died.” (195)

“A Los Angeles police officer shot and killed a suspect after responding Sunday morning to a report of a burglary at a marijuana dispensary in a strip mall, authorities said. Officers in South L.A. received a call about 7:30 a.m. of a burglary alarm in the 2100 block of West Century Boulevard, near the city’s border with Inglewood, said Officer Mike Lopez, an L.A. Police Department spokesman. Police arrived at the strip mall, which includes a Domino’s Pizza and the dispensary, and confronted an armed Latino male. At least one officer opened fire, killing the suspect, Lopez said. Authorities said a weapon was recovered at the scene but did not identify the type of weapon.” (185)

“On 02/25/2018 at approximately 9:56 P.M., Gilroy Police Officers were dispatched to the 7400 Block of Chestnut Street regarding a suspicious person. The reporting party observed an unknown male (Steven Juarez) in the backyard of their residence. Officers arrived and located the subject who immediately fled on foot. Officers used verbal commands directing the subject to surrender and again he fled and made his way onto the roof of at least two nearby residences. Prior to making any physical contact with police, Officers noted the suspect appeared to have been bleeding from his face and a witness reported hearing a noise consistent with a fall before officers contacted him. Officers located him on the ground and they began to attempt to take him into custody. The male adult acted violently and resisted their efforts and made threatening statements. Officers used less lethal force options to try to control him and get him into custody, including an electronic control device (Taser), physical force and a carotid restraint. At some point during the struggle, the officers on scene noted the male adult was in medical distress and officers initiated life saving measures. Gilroy Fire Department Personnel also arrived assuming these measures and arranging for the immediate transport to an area trauma center. Despite life-saving efforts, the subject was later pronounced deceased at the trauma center.” “Juarez’ cousin, Rebeca Armendariz, said she has spoken to witnesses of the Feb. 25 incident who she said told her “they saw multiple police beating on him, and he was screaming for them to stop.” Armendariz said the Gilroy police account of the incident doesn’t match up with Juarez’ non-threatening demeanor, his physically small stature and his friendliness with residents of the neighborhood where police subdued him.” (188)

“A man had placed a 911 call that morning reporting that he had a handgun and a knife and was suicidal in LAPD’s Mission Division, Beck told the Los Angeles Police Commission. When officers responded, they were confronted by an individual (Orbel Nazarians) with whom they had contact before, knew by name and had been “placed on 72-hour (psychiatric) holds before,” he said. “They tried to de-escalate with him,” Beck said. After unsuccessfully deploying at least one bean bag round and a taser, “an officer-involved shooting eventually occurred when he moved forward to assault the officers.” Beck said the man “had been failed by the mental health system on multiple occasions” and called the shooting “unfortunate.” “It is again an unfortunate incident when people choose to take their lives through the Los Angeles Police Department.” (190)

“Qawi A. Muhammad, 48Muhammad came into Wahlburgers at 200 S. Orange Ave. just after the restaurant opened at 11 a.m., Smith said. Patrons called 911, and employees called police as they followed Muhammad out of the restaurant. Several officers surrounded him at Hughey Avenue and told him to drop his weapon. He did not, and officers fired at him, he said.” (199)

Killed By Police February 25

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20 people were Killed By Police in the United States last week. Here are the links: 163 Ryan Batchelder 164 Nathaniel Montoya 165 Arthur Joseph Gonzales 166 167 Abel L. Martinez 168 Jason Seavers 169 Ernest Manuel Montelongo 170 Thomas Vincent Alvarez 171 Lawrence Shaw 172 Jason Stevens 173 Trey Pringle 174 Glenn Tyndell 175 Lonnie Smith Jr., 176 Michael Andrew Schieffer 177 Edward Hallinan 178 Joshua D. Babb 179 Ian Frederick Sagucio 180 Jacob Uptain 181 Mario Dantoni Bass 182 Douglas Kemp Pictures are from The Library of Congress.

9 of the victims were white. (163, 164, 168, 169, 172, 176, 178, 179, 180) 4 of the victims were black. (173, 174, 175, 181) The race of 7 of the victims is unknown. (165, 166, 167, 170, 171, 177, 182)

8 of the victims fired at an officer. (166, 168, 169, 174, 175, 176, 177, 178) 7 of the victims displayed a weapon. (163, 165, 167, 170, 171, 180, 182) 7 of the victims were in a car chase (163, 164, 169, 170, 172, 174, 176) A taser was used on 4 victims (171, 173, 178, 179) 3 of the victims died without a shot being fired. (172, 173, 179) 2 of the victims were in a domestic dispute (174, 178)

“Corporal Mujahid Ramzziddin was killed in Brandywine MD, Wednesday morning.” “Corporal Ramzziddin stepped in to help a neighbor who was being threatened by her estranged husband this morning outside of her home on Chadsey Lane in Brandywine. During that encounter, the suspect who was armed with a shotgun, shot Corporal Ramzziddin. Our officer tragically died on the scene. The female neighbor wasn’t hurt. After shooting our officer, the suspect, 37-year-old Glenn Tyndell … fled the scene in a black SUV. A short time later,Charles County Sheriff’s officers observed the suspects SUV on Berry Road near Bensville Road and began a pursuit. That pursuit led back into Prince George’s County where our officers joined the pursuit. Tyndell bailed from his SUV on Indian Head Highway near Old Fort Road and there was an exchange of gunfire and Tyndell was fatally wounded. No other officers were hurt. Tyndell had three open warrants for second degree assault. He was employed by Metro as a mechanic.” video (174)

“Nathaniel Montoya, 23, of Las Cruces was wanted for questioning following a murder Friday night in the 2300 block of Sambrano Avenue. Saturday, police spotted a van matching the description of Montoya’s, and made a traffic stop, according to the press release. Montoya attempted to flee, and a high-speed chase began. The purple van progressed west on Lohman Avenue and entered the parking lot of the Valero Corner Store, 1401 E. Lohman Ave., at a high rate of speed … The van, driven by Montoya, struck a parked vehicle in the convenience store parking lot, ending the chase, police said. A 33-year-old pedestrian was struck and taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. Several vehicles in the parking lot were also damaged, police said. At least one LCPD officer fired several rounds and struck Montoya, police said.” video (164)

“The incident began when officers responded to a call involving a person with a gun Thursday afternoon, police said. When they arrived at a home near Gilbert and Broadway roads, they found a man waving a handgun and rifle as he made “incoherent statements,” Rasheta said. After a SWAT team arrived to help secure the area, a shooting took place in front of the house, Rasheta said. He said the man ran inside, then was seen in back of the house with a gun, “posing a threat.” A second shooting then took place, Rasheta said. Police took the man into custody following the second shooting. He was taken to a hospital with a gunshot wound to the arm, Rasheta said. Police have not said whether the man fired at officers. Officers discovered about 60 firearms inside the home.” (165)

“Seattle police say someone called 911 to report a car prowl near Bryant Elementary School. Police detective Mark Jamieson says an officer chased the suspect (Jason Seavers) – who turned and started shooting. One officer fired back, but the suspect got away. Investigators later got a call about a home break-in, several blocks away on 28th Avenue NE. When officers caught up with the suspect again, he allegedly tried to drive away and crashed. “As officers were going up to effect the arrest, that’s when the shots were fired,” Jamieson told reporters. He says a total of two officers fired at the suspect; one after the alleged car burglary, and the other after the crash.” video (168)

“Coroner Clayton Cobler identified the man Tuesday as 33-year-old Jason Stevens of Meridian. … The chase happened a little before 2 p.m. Monday when a Meridian police officer tried to make a traffic stop, and the driver took off near Old 8th Street Road. The driver lost control of his car just outside city limits on North Lakeland Drive and went into a ditch. Sgt. Dareall Thompson says multiple passengers bailed out of the car and ran away while the officer tried to arrest the driver. Chief Deputy Ward Calhoun says a Mississippi Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks officer came by and tried to help the officer. There was a struggle to take the man into custody while the subject tried to get into the Wildlife and Fisheries truck. The man was finally arrested and put in the back of an MPD vehicle. Calhoun says sometime later, an officer realized the man was in distress. He was taken to the emergency room and later declared dead. “Coroner Clayton Cobler says Stevens was injured when he wrecked his car during that chase, but Cobler doesn’t believe that directly led to his death. “The description of the way he was acting and things like that make me think possible drug use,” Cobler says. ” Just viewing the body, yes there was some trauma there, but it certainly wasn’t enough to cause death. Something made his heart shut off, and I don’t believe it was trauma.” (172)

“On Feb. 17, a relative of Trey Pringle called 911 to report that Pringle was allegedly “out of control, injured, bleeding and in need of medical assistance” after breaking items inside a home on Detour Road … When deputies arrived and attempted to restrain Pringle, he punched one of the deputies in the head and injured another deputy’s ankle, the report stated. Pringle lost consciousness after being tased and physically restrained by the two deputies and the other first responders at the scene, according to the release. He was then transported to Beaufort Memorial Hospital, where he died at about 11:30 a.m. Tuesday, according to the coroner’s office.” (173)

“Westmoreland County detectives are investigating the circumstances surrounding the death of a Greensburg man Thursday as city police arrested him for breaking into Greensburg Salem Middle School. Detectives are interviewing the four Greensburg police officers who were injured while arresting Ian Frederick Sagucio, 35, at his home, District Attorney John Peck said. “We were called to the scene (Thursday) because it appeared Ian Sagucio was in distress as a result of the arrest,” Peck said. Sagucio became unresponsive after officers handcuffed him following a violent struggle, police Chief Chad Zucco said in a news release. Officers attempted to revive him, but Sagucio was pronounced dead at 11:10 a.m. in Excela Health Westmoreland Hospital. … Police were summoned to the middle school Thursday morning after Superintendent Eileen Amato noticed that an electronic keypad on a door entryway appeared to have been tampered with. Students stayed in their homerooms. … Administrators and police began examining video surveillance at 8 a.m. Thursday and noticed that a man had broken into the building and wandered the halls from about 5:41 a.m. to 6 a.m. … Police recognized the man from previous run-ins and identified him as Sagucio. Authorities said he just walked the school hallways. “Officers had dealt with Sagucio several times, including twice in the previous 24 hours, in which Sagucio was acting irrational and had erratic behavior,” … In a criminal complaint for an unrelated Sept. 30 allegation, Sagucio admitted to police that he has a history of abusing Coricidin HBP cough and cold medicine, known as Triple C, a medicine made for people with high blood pressure that can cause hallucinations and dissociative effects when taken in large doses. Sagucio fought with three city policemen attempting to arrest him then and was charged with aggravated assault and related offenses. On Thursday, officers went to his home and found that Sagucio was “extremely agitated and irate,” Zucco said in the release. Police did not say where the home is located. An “intense struggle” ensued, and Sagucio “violently resisted officers” for four to five minutes, police said. Officers attempted to use a Taser, but it did not have an effect, Zucco said. Officers eventually handcuffed Sagucio, who appeared to be having a medical emergency, Zucco said. Police unsuccessfully attempted to revive him.” (179)

“Around 9 a.m. members of the U.S. Marshal’s Capital Area Regional Task Force attempted to serve Mario Dantoni Bass 11 warrants —the most recent, for a domestic related abduction. Police say Bass, staying at the Days Inn Dumfries, jumped out his window. Bass reportedly fled on foot before getting into a physical altercation with a member of the task force, an ICE officer, who shot him. He was transported to an area hospital, where he died.” (181)









Killed By Police February 17

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23 people were Killed By Police in the United States last week. Here are the links: 139 Sidney T. Richardson 140 Steven Tyler Reed 141 Troy Michael Jacques 142 Michael Weber 143 Mark Daniels 144 Benjamin Gregware 145 Raymond Bishop 146 Robert Young 147 Dawn Elika Center 148 149 Ronell Foster 150 Peter Le 151 152 Jimmy Terry 153 Travis Tucker 154 Preston Ray Holloway 155 Donald Fulton 156 157 Wesley Taylor 158 159 Odrey Paul Reed 160 Aaron M. Parker 161

9 of the victims were white. (141, 142, 144, 147, 151, 154, 155, 159, 160) 4 of the victims were black. (139, 143, 146, 149) The race of 10 of the victims is unknown. (140, 145, 148, 150, 152, 153, 156, 157, 158, 161) 147 Dawn Elika Center was female.

4 of the victims fired at an officer. (143, 154, 155, 156) 12 of the victims displayed a weapon. (139, 141, 142, 144, 145, 147, 148, 150, 151, 152, 153, 161) 3 of the victims were suicidal ( 140, 144, 145) 3 of the victims were in a car chase (147, 154, 156) A taser was used on 3 victims (139, 152, 160) 6 of the victims were in a domestic dispute (140, 142, 150, 151, 155, 158)

“APD says the man who was eventually shot by police was a suspect in a Friday menacing incident that happened near I-225 and E. Mississippi Avenue. In that incident, a person reported a man (Troy Michael Jacques) had pointed a gun at them while near the intersection. Police were unable to find the suspect or his vehicle that night, but on Saturday night, the same officers came across the vehicle just before 11:30 p.m. near the intersection of E. Smoky Hill Road and S. Chambers Road. Chief Nick Metz said that officers stopped the vehicle, but shortly afterward, the suspect got out of his vehicle and started walking toward the officers’ vehicle. APD said the man ignored officers’ orders, then walked back to his own car. The department said that as an officer started to “go hands on” with the suspect, he pulled out a handgun, and an officer shot the man.” “This man is my nephew and he had misdemeanors nothing serious. His van was riddled with bullets. In the news conference they said they tried to take his gun away and wrestled with him and the gun went off. Multiple gunshot wounds don’t match their story. He was not a violent person. What will be done????” (141)

“Kingman Police Department was called to the RV park around 8:15 p.m., and the officer spoke with the person who reported the possible domestic violence incident. The officer then attempted to contact the people in the RV where the alleged domestic violence happened. The male suspect” (Michael Weber) “confronted the officer and a fight ensued, at which point the man was shot. No officers or bystanders were hurt.” video (142)

“Police said the incident began when Gregware’s ex-wife, Melissa Gregware, told police she was concerned about him. She said Gregware” (Benjamin Gregware) “was slurring his words and had called to tell her that he purchased ammunition at Walmart in St. Albans. Gregware recently had been laid off from his job, his ex-wife said, was struggling with alcohol addiction, and was scheduled to visit with their children later that day, according to a statement from Maj. Glenn Hall, commander of the Vermont State Police criminal division. State Trooper Jay Riggen spoke with Gregware on the phone for about 20 minutes while Gregware was driving south on Interstate 89, Birmingham said. Gregware told the trooper he was going to drive until he ran out of gas and then “end it,” according to the statement. Trooper Brown and Officer Greenough stopped Gregware on the side of the southbound lanes near mile marker 69 in Bolton. Gregware was driving a red Honda Accord. Birmingham said the officers drew their guns and ordered Gregware out of the car, rather than approaching on foot, because the stop was high-risk. Police said Gregware stepped out of the car and pointed a gun at his own head. Birmingham said Gregware did not aim the weapon at the officers at any point during the traffic stop but refused to put the firearm down and started walking toward the officers. Maj. Hall said Gregware was struck by at least three shots, out of a total of 12 rounds fired. Brown is believed to have fired seven times, and Greenough is believed to have fired five times.” (144)

“The Denver Office of the Medical Examiner has identified the man who police say killed his 86-year-old father and was fatally shot by an officer during a standoff late Tuesday night in the University Hills neighborhood. The man, identified as 52-year-old Peter Le, had been shot multiple times, the medical examiner said. His father was identified as Quyen Le. During a news conference on Wednesday afternoon, Denver Police Major Crimes Division Commander Bob Archer said at around 10:30 p.m. Tuesday, a man called 911 and said his brother was harassing his elderly father in a home in the 2200 block of South Clermont Street, near the intersection of Interstate 25 and Colorado Boulevard. When a Denver Police officer arrived, Archer said a third brother was outside the home, and said Peter Le was inside and threatening their father with a gun.That’s when Archer says the officer entered the home and took out his weapon. The officer, who is a 22-year veteran of the department, could hear a man yelling inside. Archer says Peter Le was holding a knife and gun next to his elderly father as he was lying in bed. The officer repeatedly told him to drop his weapons, Archer said, but the man refused, was visibly agitated and threatened to hurt his father. The officer continued to negotiate with Peter Le for around six minutes, Archer said. “At this time, what we know is the suspect shot the father and the officer shot the suspect,” Archer said. “The timing of these shots was nearly simultaneous.” The Quyen Le died at the scene, and his son was taken to the hospital, where he later died from his injuries. The officer was not injured.” (150)

“The Wabash County Sheriff’s and Huntington County Sheriff’s Departments responded to a burglary call shortly before 4:30 p.m. According to ISP, the tip led the deputies to Wabash CR 400 North near Wabash CR 500 East. When the deputies arrived, they found the 29-year-old male suspect in a pickup truck in a field. Officials say evidence indicated the male was armed with a shotgun. ISP says there was an incident that led three Wabash deputies and one Huntington deputy to fire gunshots at the suspect. The man died from gunshot wounds, though no officers were injured.” (153)

“Cocoa Beach Police Chief Scott Rosenfeld said officers were called to the Royal Colonial Condos on South Banana River Boulevard around 10:30 p.m. when a woman reported that her husband, who she believed may have been intoxicated, fired a gun inside their home. Officers said they encountered the man, who they believed was armed, when they arrived at the home and fired their weapons, according to the police chief. “The officers were put in a position to use deadly force,” Rosenfeld said.” (158)

“A mother is grieving after her son was shot and killed by U.S. Marshals Friday afternoon on First Creek Road near Sissonville. The U.S. Marshals Service says they were trying to arrest the suspect, who’d escaped from a halfway house. … The family tells us the man who was shot was 39-year-old Odrey Paul Reed. Reed’s mother, Connie Burdette, says she was afraid this was going to happen, and Thursday night she tried unsuccessfully to talk her son into turning himself in. “He had 82 days left in the halfway house, and he would’ve been free,” Burdette told WSAZ. Burdette says marshals came to her house in Sissonville Thursday night trying to find him. “The federal marshal looked at me and said, ‘You better get ahold of him tonight,’ ” Burdette said, “and I said ‘I will if I can,’ and she said ‘if you don’t, we’re going to hunt him down like a dog and kill him.’ Those were her very words.” … When asked if she knew why her son didn’t want to turn himself in, Burdette answered, “He said they were mean to him at the halfway house. He said they abused him and were mean to him.” Burdette says her son was shot outside his brother’s home. “My son lost his life for nothing, for 82 days,” she said. “That’s wrong.” Burdette says her son had been working at a dollar store in Charleston.” (159)

“Aaron M. Parker, 20, died Friday but stopped breathing briefly after an altercation last week with police outside of a Burger King on Tennessee Street. … on Feb. 10, At about 10:40 p.m. Parker was reportedly naked and “acting erratically” – described in a TPD recount of the incident as “excited delirium” – outside of the restaurant. He was bleeding, sweating profusely and lying in the median of West Tennessee Street. Traffic was shut down in an attempt to limit his interaction with passing vehicles. Saturday, crime scene tape remained along a fence in the median. Officers attempted to subdue him and he began to punch violently, according to TPD, and hit an officer. Sgt. David Northway used his Taser and handcuffed him. … Parker was given sedatives by emergency medical service officials to keep him from overheating, was loaded into an ambulance and stopped breathing. He was revived by CPR and hospitalized. The cause of his death is still being investigated.” (160)

” … after fatally shooting a man early Saturday morning at the Coco Loco club. Officers were responding to the nightclub at 602 Pilgrim St. in Inwood after a report came in at 2:35 a.m. of multiple altercations inside and outside the establishment, Berkeley County Prosecutor Catie Wilkes Delligatti said Saturday afternoon at a news conference. When officers arrived on the scene, they discovered a man shooting a gun in the club parking lot as patrons were exiting the building, Delligatti said. The man was then fatally shot by deputies.” (161)

Pictures today are from The Library of Congress.

Killed By Police February 10

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18 people were Killed By Police in the United States last week. Here are the links: 121 Alan Greenough 122 123 Billy Ray Riggs Jr 124 Anthony Weber 125 Ernie Lizana 126 Jason Richard Sienze 127 Manuel Zetina 128 James Hobbs 129 Alex Duran 130 131 Hugo Steven Selva 132 Paul Mono 133 Vaneesa L. Hopson 134 Lloyd Harris 135 Tierre Guthrie 136 137 Ricardo Enrique Colon 138

10 of the victims were white. (121, 123, 125, 126, 128, 129, 131, 133, 134, 137) 2 of the victims were black. (124, 135) 2 of the victims were latino. (127, 130) The race of 4 of the victims is unknown. (122, 132, 136, 138) 133 Vaneesa L. Hopson was female.

4 of the victims fired at an officer. (123, 125, 127, 135) Law Enforcement Officers died in incidents 127 and 135. 5 of the victims displayed a weapon. (126, 129, 132, 134, 138) 2 of the victims were suicidal (128, 137) A taser was used on 4 victims (122, 130, 131, 137)

Two Law Enforcement Officers died in reported incidents this week. “Colorado Springs Police Chief Pete Carey also said during the press conference that the officers were responding to a motor vehicle theft, encountered a suspect, Manuel Zetina, struggled with him and then gun shots rang out around 4 p.m. local time. A civilian was injured and rushed to a local hospital. Two El Paso County Sheriff officers were struck and are hospitalized. A male suspect was pronounced dead at the scene.” “El Paso County Sheriff Bill Elder said Deputy Micah Flick, 34, was killed on what was his 11th anniversary at the sheriff’s office.” (127)

” Authorities identified Officer Chase Maddox, 26, as the Locust Grove police officer that was killed during the incident.” “According to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, deputies Michael D. Corley and Ralph Sidwell Callaway were serving a bench warrant on a suspect, later identified as 39-year-old Tierre Guthrie for failure to appear in Locust Grove municipal court. “It became apparent that the suspect was not going to go with police, which is why a Locust Grove officer was called in to assist,” said Henry County Sheriff Kenneth McBrayer. An altercation occurred and the suspect fired shots through the door, authorities said. The suspect was shot and killed by police on the scene, which was inside a home on St. Francis Court near the Tanger Outlet.” (135)

” Police responded to a Main Street residence just before 4 p.m. for a report of an alleged assault involving the victim, who was a household member. The reported victim of the assault was no longer in the residence when the police arrived. His identity and whereabouts are not known at this time. Police located the suspect (Alan Greenough) inside the residence, which was dead-bolted from the inside. By the time officers were able to enter the residence the suspect had fled the premises, say police. Reading police searched the surrounding areas for the man until around 4:30 p.m., when a Reading police officer located and fired at the suspect.” (121)

“Sheriff’s deputies were searching for the man, who was suspected of criminal activity. They found him in his backyard in the 40,000 block of 176th Street East in Lake Los Angeles, an unincorporated community east of Palmdale. A sheriff’s spokesman said that although the man was initially cooperative, he suddenly turned and punched a deputy, sending him to the ground. The man then jumped onto the fallen deputy and continued to attack him, the spokesman said. A second deputy used a Taser on the man. But according to a spokesman, the shock had no effect. The man then turned and tackled the deputy to the ground, the spokesman said. A neighbor intervened and the man was ultimately placed in handcuffs. Soon after, deputies reportedly noticed the man’s breathing was labored and that he was unresponsive. They tried to revive him with CPR, as did officials with the fire department, but their efforts were unsuccessful, officials said. The man was pronounced dead at the scene. The cause of his death remains under investigation. Neighbors told NBC4 that the man was a former Marine who may have suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder.” (122)

“Authorities say deputies were called to the area because a young man (Anthony Weber) was reported pointing a handgun at a motorist. Arriving deputies said the boy had a handgun tucked into his waistband before he ran, prompting the deputies to chase after him. According to sheriff’s spokeswoman Deputy Wally Bracks, when the boy turned toward the deputies, they fired at him. “The subject was struck several times in the upper body by gunfire and collapsed at the location,” she said. He was pronounced dead at the scene and no gun has been found yet. “Deputies saw a gun when the shooting occurred. Then with the 30 to 40 people that came out of the apartment complex. They were trying to maintain security of that and they believe that at some point somebody may have reached in and may have taken the gun,” said LA County Sheriff’s Department Capt. Chris Bergner.” (124)

“James Hobbs, 59, was a fugitive on the run when he was shot and killed at a St. Augustine hotel Tuesday. The U.S. Marshals Office and the FBI were tracking him since he fled from New Hampshire to Florida following a warrant for his arrest on charges of aggravated sexual assault on a child. Previously, Hobbs practiced law as an attorney in New Hampshire until he was charged with defrauding several clients out of thousands of dollars back in 2005 and the Supreme Court requested he be disbarred…. Public Information Officer Chuck Mulligan said all three law enforcement officers fired multiple shots after Hughes answered the door at the hotel. “At some point, he did not comply and made sudden movements that all three people perceived as a threat and each person fired their gun multiple times,” Mulligan said, they cannot rule out “suicide by cop” as an attempt by Hobbs since he was not armed at the door, nor did he have any weapons in his room.” (128)

“At about 9:30 a.m., authorities heard that the man shot a woman at a shopping center in the 1600 block of South Dixie Highway in Lake Worth, just north of Lantana. When Fire-Rescue workers arrived, the woman was gone; people told them she had been driven to a hospital. But she was in the car with the man (Hugo Steven Selva) who shot her. “About 15 minutes after that, we started getting calls that there was a vehicle, a black Nissan Rogue, on the northbound lane going south,” Bradshaw told reporters along the highway’s off-ramp. The sheriff’s office said late Wednesday that it believes the man entered I-95 at Southern Boulevard. A Palm Beach Post editor said he was heading to work at about 9:45 a.m. and was northbound just north of 10th Avenue North when a black SUV raced south past him in the breakdown lane, coming so close it shook his car. The chase ended with the three crashes near Lantana Road, where the motorist’s car became disabled and caught fire. Several deputies and an FHP trooper confronted the driver, whom authorities hadn’t identified as of Wednesday evening. The trooper tried to subdue him with a Taser, but it misfired, Bradshaw said. At that point, he said, a deputy standing alongside shot and killed the man.” (131)

“Mono was struck by gunfire after deputies responded to the 600 block of Avenida Sevilla, located in the retirement community of Laguna Woods Village, following a report of “shots fired” in the area on Tuesday afternoon. Contractor Dennis Metzler, who witnessed the deputy-involved shooting, told KTLA he was in the process of remodeling Mono’s home when he and one his colleagues — a realtor he identified as Jennifer — stopped by the residence to deliver floor plans to their client. Metzler said he was waiting outside while his colleague chatted with the man about the remodel when the situation abruptly escalated. “He started screaming and yelling and doing things, then he threatened me by name. Said he wanted to kill me. Then I heard Jennifer say, ‘Paul put the gun down,'” Metzler recalled. At that point, he called 911, and authorities arrived on scene around 2:10 p.m. Deputies entered the home and ordered the man to surrender and drop his weapon, according to Metzler. He said he heard his client yell for deputies to shoot him. It was unclear what transpired immediately after that, but Metzler recalled hearing five gunshots. After that, Mono was transported to a hospital in unknown condition.” (132)

“Police say a 35-year-old Olympia woman died after she was “chemically restrained.” Olympia Police Lt. Sam Costello says firefighters responded to a fire alarm at an apartment complex early Wednesday and learned that a woman (Vaneesa L. Hopson) had pulled the fire alarm while in crisis. Police say the woman apparently was “suffering from mental illness and/or acute effects of substance abuse.” Police say officers talked to the woman and determined she needed to be detained for a mental health evaluation. Police say the officers got the woman into restraints and that she began fighting them. Police say officers placed the woman on the ground and restrained her while paramedics administered medication to her. Police say shortly thereafter the woman stopped breathing and efforts to revive her were unsuccessful. Costello said he didn’t know exactly what type of medication she was given.” (133)

“A call was circulated for a memorial march this evening, drawing links between disability justice and police abolition. Approximately 50 people gathered at Percival Landing. There were a few words shared, then a moment of silence for Vaneesa, then the group took to the streets led by a banner which read “John T. Williams – Kayla Moore – Vaneesa Hopson – Disability Justice Means Abolish the State.” The group marched to city hall and back to Percival Landing chanting “Say her name! Vaneesa Hopson! and “OPD are murderers!” Protesters wrote graffiti including “ACAB” and other expressions of hatred for the police. Many bystanders were engaged in conversation and informed that OPD killed someone this morning some joined the march and the numbers grew. It’s important to not let the city sweep Vaneesa under the rug. Memory is a weapon. This whole time the police were noticeably absent. One would not typically expect them to take such a hands-off approach to a 40+ person march with a significant faction in black. The group turned around again after reaching the western end of downtown, spotted a police cruiser on Capitol, and walked toward it. Upon coming within half a block of the cruiser, it pulled a u-turn and sped away from the group, which then started up 4th again. At this point an angry driver in a silver Toyota Tundra (Washington license plate C02957G) decided he was tired of being reminded of the violence of the state and began inching forward into the crowd. Many people got in front of him to prevent him from plowing through. Unfortunately he then accelerated, hitting multiple protesters and sending several people flying. He sped off going east through downtown. At this point it got pretty chaotic. Medics got the most seriously injured person – who hit the pavement face down – off to the sidewalk and began administering first aid. Others attempted to keep other motorists back, at which point another angry driver in a small blue car pulled a gun and began threatening the crowd. Then the cops showed up in riot gear with rifles drawn, and advanced on the group from the direction of Washington Street. Of course the cops ignored people yelling “He’s got a gun!” The cops pointed their “less lethal” guns at the crowd including the medics and their patients forcing them to clear the area.” (133)

“Harris was seen driving a car on Golf Course Road and a police officer recognized him as someone who had a federal warrant for his arrest that listed him as “armed and dangerous,” according to police. Harris was also wanted in connection with a recent felony assault that occurred in a different jurisdiction in the Bay Area, and was a person of interest in a previous Antioch homicide case, authorities said. … After being contacted by police on Thursday, Harris did not respond to an officer’s commands and was shot while in his vehicle. When he was removed from the car, a realistic-looking BB gun fell to the ground from Harris’ waist.” (134)

“According to GBI spokesperson Nelly Miles, the situation began around 2:20 p.m. when Atlanta officers spotted a stolen vehicle out of Gwinnett County and requested help from the Georgia State Patrol. Miles said Atlanta officers attempted to pull over the vehicle but the driver refused. A trooper then attempted to disable the vehicle with a PIT maneuver on Doane Street but it failed. The suspect continued trying to evade the trooper but ended up hitting an Atlanta police patrol vehicle. “From that point during the collision, the trooper did fire shots striking him,” Miles said. But the driver continued his getaway attempt ultimately crashing into another car along the street. What followed is still a matter of investigation, however, Miles said. What she could confirm was that the trooper is OK while the suspect is dead. It’s still unclear if the suspect was killed by the shots, the collisions or a combination of the two.” (136)

“It happened at about 4 p.m. on Honey Lane in Grant-Valkaria. A family member said Ricardo Enrique Colon, 35, was in the process of cutting his arms. Deputies Kelly Dobson and Jose Santos responded to the 911 call and tried to stop him. “He aggressively came toward them, and again, they attempted to use (something) less lethal in the deployment of a Taser, but that was unsuccessful,” said Brevard County Sheriff Wayne Ivey. Deputies said the man appeared to be under the influence of alcohol. It’s unclear if both deputies opened fire or how many times the man was shot. Colon died Friday at the hospital.” (137)

Pictures are from The Library of Congress.

Killed By Police February 4

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23 people were Killed By Police in the United States last week. Here are the links: 098 Charles Williams 099 Paul David Johnson 100 Anthony McDaniel 101 Billy Lewis Rucker 102 Gregory Kocian 103 Dwayne Pritchett 104 Khalil Lawal 105 Mark Renee Flores 106 Michael Hansford 107 Ricky Leon Rusche 108 Gilbert Salas 109 Adrian Valdez 110 James M. Burks 111 Albert Morton Jr 112 Daniel O. El 113 William Young 114 115 Alexander W. Simpson 116 117 118 Charlie Shoupe 119 120

10 of the victims were white. (098, 099, 100, 102, 107, 108, 110, 113, 116, 118) 6 of the victims were black. (101, 103, 104, 111, 112, 114) 105 Mark Renee Flores was latino. The race of 6 of the victims is unknown. (106, 109, 115, 117, 119, 120)

7 of the victims fired at an officer. (100, 101, 102, 107, 112, 113, 119) 9 of the victims displayed a weapon. (099, 105, 106, 109, 114, 116, 117, 118, 120) 2 of the victims were suicidal. (117, 118) 6 of the victims were in a car chase. (101, 102, 108, 111, 112, 116) A taser was used on 098 Charles Williams.

4 of the cases were in Georgia. “A man died while in custody after he was tasered by a local sheriff’s office on Saturday, officials confirm. Now, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation is looking into the case. According to the GBI, officials were moving Charles “Charlie” Williams, 30, from one facility to the Barrow County Detention Center around 2:30 that afternoon. Williams was already under arrest through the Auburn Police Department for charges of battery and cruelty to children, related to a physical confrontation in Auburn, Georgia. According to the GBI, Williams “became combative before making it into the jail. He fought with deputies for several moments and did damage to the patrol car he was transported in.” The GBI investigation indicates a Williams managed to move his handcuffs from behind his back to his front. Personnel tried to talk him out of the vehicle, but he continued to struggle. Sometime during that altercation, a Barrow County deputy used a taser on him, though it reportedly did not subdue him. The GBI has not released how many times he was hit with the taser. During the altercation, he stopped fighting back when he “experienced medical duress and stopped breathing,” the GBI writes.” (098)

“Investigators said a little after 1 a.m., a gunman first opened fire on New Peachtree Road, in a drive-by shooting. Chamblee police found a man who was shot in the hand. Ten minutes later, investigators said a 911 caller alerted them the man was now shooting at passing cars from the parking lot of a QuikTrip on Chamblee-Tucker Road. Police said as they arrived, the shooter ran to Quantum Lane and kept shooting. Officers said they were afraid for their safety and the public’s safety, so an officer fired one shot, which later killed the man.” (099)

“A Clayton police officer initiated a traffic stop for speeding just after 3 a.m. Thursday on Georgia Highway 441 South. The Honda Accord was traveling 68 miles per hour in a 45 miles per hour zone. When the officer initiated the stop, the Accord accelerated and a chase ensued. The Accord turned onto Rickman Road and then crashed on a private drive at 547 Warwoman Road. When officers arrived at the scene, the officer gave verbal commands for the subject to remain in the vehicle. The subject then exited the vehicle through the rear window and made his way onto the roof of the vehicle. The subject, armed with a knife, jumped off the hood of the vehicle toward the officer, advancing and swinging the knife. The officer fired multiple shots at the subject, striking the subject.” video (116)

“The GBI said a suspect robbed an auto parts store and then tried to carjack someone across the street. The suspect encountered police and there was a shootout. “We do have at least one witness who actually saw him shoot at Atlanta police officers. The officers returned fire and from that particular point it just turned into a running gun battle,” GBI spokesperson Nelly Miles said. Authorities said the suspect was shot and killed. No officers were injured.” (119)

“Baltimore police media relations Chief T.J. Smith said the incident started as a traffic stop on Westgate Avenue and that the driver fled. The Foxtrot helicopter tracked the vehicle as it took off. On video, the suspect, Billy Lewis Rucker, 33, can be heard yelling, “Y’all can’t stop me.” The vehicle was found abandoned near Roslyn Avenue and Gwynns Falls Parkway, and officers spotted Rucker and a female passenger on Gwynns Falls, police said. Police said Rucker ran, pulled out a gun and pointed it at officers. During a foot chase, Rucker dropped a magazine from a gun, police said. Police said the footage shows a muzzle flash from the gun before the officer fired his service weapon, striking Rucker, who died at a hospital.” video (101)

“Police responded to a 911 call around 4:30 p.m. reporting that an emotionally disturbed man had locked himself inside his bedroom on Reservoir Avenue. When they arrived, police stood outside the bedroom door of Dwayne Pritchett, 48, and tried to get him to come out. Cops said Pritchett suddenly opened the door and they spotted drugs and a gun on the floor. When they attempted to put him in handcuffs, police said Pritchett tried to pull a gun from one of the holster of an officer. Officers gained control of him and pulled him from the bedroom, but Pritchett then lost consciousness and became unresponsive, according to police. EMS tried to revive him on the scene and he was transported to a hospital where he was pronounced dead. Police said Pritchett had a warrant out for his arrest. A cause of death has not yet been determined.” “The officers entered the room and began to handcuff Pritchett — who sources say had a lengthy rap sheet. Pritchett was reportedly sweating profusely when he tried to pull the cop’s gun from its holster. Pritchett passed out suddenly after officers removed him from his bedroom, police said. EMS administered Narcan — a medication used to block the effects of opioids — and tried to save Pritchett’s life by administering CPR. He was taken to New York-Presbyterian The Allen Hospital, where he was pronounced dead. Pritchett has a history of drug abuse and has been in rehab before, a police source added.” (103)

“Capt. Sekou Kinebrew told reporters that a bicycle officer reported at about 7:30 a.m. Monday that he saw a car driving erratically near Broad and Bigler. Kinebrew said the driver (Khalil Lawal) “was apparently attempting to run people over.” One person was hit by the vehicle but the injuries weren’t believed to be life-threatening. Another driver had blocked the path of the suspect’s car, and the off-duty officer approached him and struggled with him. During the struggle, the officer shot the man once in the head, critically injuring him. The man later died, police said.” “Philadelphia Police Commissioner Richard Ross … said that he had “concerns” about the incident. “I do have some concerns about the shooting, in particular whether all the shots were necessary,” … Ross also addressed initial reports that Lawal was targeting multiple pedestrians with his car. “Right now we have not been able to confirm this at all,” Ross said. “The only thing we know is of this one incident at this point in time that we are still investigating.” Police also don’t believe the incident was a case of domestic terrorism.” (104)

“… the incident began unfolding late Wednesday morning when Nicollet County sheriff’s deputies spotted a vehicle in Lafayette that had been reported stolen in New Ulm. A pursuit ensued involving six law enforcement agencies. Eventually the male driver was identified and the pursuit terminated for safety reasons. A half-hour later, the vehicle was spotted in St. James. Officers followed the vehicle until the driver got stuck in a snowbank. He then fled into a business in the 600 block of Second Avenue South, where he hid alone in an office. Officers from the St. James Police Department, Watonwan County sheriff’s office and Minnesota State Patrol entered the business. Officers deployed multiple stun gun rounds before one officer discharged a firearm, striking Gilbert Salas.” (108)

“A caller reported a male at the residence was bleeding from self-inflicted injuries and was feeling “suicidal,” Dutton said. “When deputies got to the residence [the caller] told them he had a gun, a pistol,” Dutton said. Dutton confirmed that fact in an interview with the Independent Record Friday morning. Deputies attempted to engage the suspect in verbal negotiations to set down the gun for about an hour, Dutton said. “Unfortunately, he forced the hand of a deputy, and the deputy in protecting himself and other deputies had to shoot,” Dutton said.” (117)

“Massey’s video shows fire personnel following slowly behind Charlie Shoupe as he walked around, holding a knife, for about 3 minutes. Massey said he was standing outside the apartment building when he saw a white man, later identified as Shoupe, “come outside screaming ‘shoot me.’” He began recording the scene. Shoupe appeared to be using a knife to harm himself and he was threatening fire department officials who were responding to the mother’s 911 call, Massey said. When a CMPD officer arrived, Shoupe and the fire personnel appear to walk toward the direction of the patrol car. Police say Flynn gave verbal commands for Shoupe to drop his knife and that Flynn “retreated multiple times to try to put distance between him and Mr. Shoupe.” “Mr. Shoupe refused to comply and instead continued to charge at Officer Flynn, closing the distance between the two of them. Officer Flynn then fired his service weapon, striking Mr. Shoupe,” CMPD said in a news statement.” (118)

“The sheriff’s office got a 911 call at 9:20 a.m. Friday about a man who had fired a shot inside a home on FM 2405, north of Winters, while family members were inside. He was “believed to be in mental distress,” said Squyres. When deputies and officers from the Winters Police Department arrived, they saw a man inside the home with a rifle. After failing to establish communication, they called the Taylor County Sheriff’s Office which brought its tactical team and a negotiator. Department of Public Safety officers and Texas Rangers also came to assist. Still unable to establish communication, officers saw the man pacing back and forth, holding the rifle. At one point, he pointed the rifle at officers through a window. About 1:15 p.m., the man walked out onto the patio, shouldered his rifle and aimed it at deputies. “Deputies were forced to fire a single round, striking the individual,” Squyres said. A neighbor who did not want to be identified told KTXS “he was just a sick man. He was sick. He didn’t know they were cops. He thought it was someone trying to break into his house.” (120)

Pictures are from The Library of Congress. The photographer was Dorothea Lange.

Killed By Police January 28

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28 people were Killed By Police in the United States last week. Here are the links: 070 Ronald Jay Lawson 071 Ilkka O. Hiironen 072 Jonathan Duane Atchley 073 Joshuah D. Prough 074 Aaron Olivarez Candanoza 075 John C. Havener Jr 076 Edward C. Gandy 077 078 Joe Delira-Alires 079 Scott Senior 080 Ricky Jerome Boyd 081 Corey Mobley 082 Alvaro Herrera 083 Shane McVey 084 Humberto Vera-Munoz 085 David Byron Kidney 086 Chris McKinney 087 Steven Hutchins 088 Ulises Valladares, 089 090 091 092 William Charles Mackenzie 093 094 Nathaniel T. “Nate” Edwards 095 William Pollard 096 Crystaline Barnes 097

13 of the victims were white. (070, 071, 072, 073, 074, 075, 076, 077, 078, 083, 085, 087, 093) 4 of the victims were black. (080, 081, 094, 096) 2 of the victims were latino. (084, 088) The race of 9 of the victims is unknown. (079, 082, 086, 089, 090, 091, 092, 095, 097) 2 of the victims were female (096 Crystaline Barnes, 097)

5 of the victims fired at an officer. (078, 080, 085, 090, 092) 9 of the victims displayed a weapon. (071, 073, 077, 079, 083, 087, 089, 091, 093) 4 of the victims were possibly suicidal. (071, 073, 076, 077) 2 of the vicims were in a domestic dispute. (081, 092) 2 of the victims were in a car chase. (070, 078) 2 of the victims had a taser used on them. (075, 086)

2 of the killings were in Georgia. “About 6:15 a.m., U.S. Marshals and metro officers responded to the 100 block of Marian Circle to serve a warrant related to the Sunday homicide of 24-year-old Balil Whitfield in the 2100 block of Hudson Street, said Interim Police Chief Mark Revenew. According to a preliminary investigation, Boyd began shooting at the officers and police returned fire. A metro police sergeant was also injured during the shooting.” (080)

“The shooting happened shortly before 4 a.m. near the Shell gas station on Peachtree Industrial Boulevard in Sugar Hill. Police received a call about an armed man walking along the roadway. When officers confronted the man, he allegedly pulled a gun out of his waistband and began to raise it towards them. The man has been identified as 27-year-old Steven Hutchins of Buford. One of the officers then fired shots at Hutchins, striking him at least once. Hutchins was later pronounced dead at the scene.” (087)

“Our deputies at that time attempted to make a traffic stop on a vehicle that was driving erratically.” The pursuit led to the decision for stop-sticks to be deployed several times, flattening three of the car’s tires. Lawson continued north on U.S. 1. A pit maneuver, used by patrol cars to push vehicles, was used to bring an end to the chase near Rockledge. Turbeville then approached Lawson, then fired once Lawson made his “overt action.” (070)

“Oneida police arrived around 4:15 a.m. Monday on Route 5 in Oneida in response to a call about a man, later identified as Havener, standing in the street, shouting at drivers, Thompson said. Oneida police found Havener and described his conduct as “just generally being very disorderly … flagging down vehicles and obstructing traffic,” he said. Officers also discovered a disabled vehicle in the snow bank, which Havener had driven and possibly crashed, Thompson said. Thompson would not say whether there was anyone else was in the vehicle. Thompson said officers tried talking him out of the road, but Havener became violent. “What our officers did was try to verbally direct this person out of the roadway and see what the problem was,” Thompson said. “He remained very violent and attempted to fight with our officers.” … Thompson said Oneida police called for backup from other local police agencies. First, Canastota police officers arrived, followed by Madison County Sheriff’s Office deputies and then New York State Police officers, he said. “At some point during the encounter a Taser was deployed,” Thompson said. The non-lethal weapon did not have the desired effect, and the “incident transpired” further, Thompson said. Officers followed Havener a “couple hundred” feet down Route 5, Thompson said. Havener was ultimately secured through the use of a second Taser bolt, he said. … Havener was secured in handcuffs in a parking lot near an Arby’s on Route 5. That’s when officers noticed Havener was having trouble breathing. “As our officers were dealing the subject, it became clear that he was having some difficulty with his breathing.” (075)

“At 5:20 p.m., the Cumberland County Prosecutor’s Office released a statement on the matter, explaining that at approximately 10:47 a.m. Edward C. Gandy, age 47, of Dock Street, in Millville, called 911 and reported that he had a loaded firearm and was located at High and McNeal streets in Millville. According to the statement, police were called to the area and located Gandy. The statement goes on to say: “An Officer Involved Shooting took place. Gandy was shot and later pronounced deceased. No firearm was recovered at the location.” (076)

“A man and woman were arguing at a gas station on the 3000 block of Cortez Road West at about 9:20 p.m., and once deputies arrived, the man (Corey Mobley) drove off in a vehicle, the sheriff’s office said. The vehicle traveled to a home on the 6300 block of Sixth Street West, where the man then ran behind a nearby residence, the agency said. “According to witnesses, the suspect was yelling that he had a gun and was seen reaching into his pocket,” the department said in a statement. “At that time, a deputy shot the suspect.” (081)

“According to the League City Police Department, officers responded to a robbery call around 5:20 p.m at a CVS located in the 1200 block of E. League City Parkway. Upon arrival, police say they found a woman was injured by a robbery suspect who fled on foot. At 5:30 p.m., police say an officer was checking the immediate area of the robbery when he had an altercation with a man which resulted in a shooting. The man was pronounced dead at the scene.” (082)

“Shortly before 10 p.m. on January 24, Sparks Police initiated a traffic stop in the 1100 block of 15th Street near Rock and Oddie boulevards. Police say the traffic stop preceded the officer-involved shooting, but no other details were available.” (084)

“Entrekin said his office had complaints about a man outside the sheriff’s office harassing people. An investigator went outside, and the man and several deputies became involved in an altercation. “They tased him,” Entrekin said. Medics were called to the scene, he said, and treated the man, who was taken to Gadsden Regional Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead.” (086)

“According to Conroe police, everything began with a home invasion Wednesday morning at the victim’s home on Tyler Lane. He and his 12-year-old son were reportedly bound with duct tape. Conroe police Chief Philip Dupuis said two suspects took the father (Ulises Valladares) with them and left the child behind. The boy later managed to get free and run to a neighbor’s house where police were called. Over the next three hours, the kidnappers called the man’s brother and made demands. Conroe police contacted the FBI for assistance in the case. Authorities tracked down two of the three suspects to a hotel in the Clear Lake area, along Bay Area Boulevard near the Gulf Freeway. The suspects were arrested. Police were able to locate the victim to a home on Elbert Street in northeast Houston, where authorities moved in and made contact with the third remaining suspect. The details of exactly what happened are not yet clear, but one FBI agent fired shots.” (087)

“Police say that one person is dead after a robbery suspect rode a bike onto a highway and threatened officers with a knife before being shot and killed. Around 6:30 p.m., the San Antonio Police Department says that an officer-involved shooting occurred on Loop 410 near San Pedro following a robbery at a nearby Target. SAPD Chief William McManus says that the suspect, a man in his early 20s, robbed the store and then used a BMX-type bike to escape security. He went on to say that security called police and officers in the area pursued the suspect as he rode his bike onto eastbound Loop 410. Chief McManus says that police vehicles surrounded the suspect on the highway and when the officers tried to subdue the suspect, he brandished a knife and that’s when one officer backed off and shot the suspect in the abdomen.” (088)

“Officers attempted to conduct a traffic stop on a vehicle traveling eastbound on Dixon Ave. in Rock Falls. The vehicle did not stop and officers followed it to the 1300 block of Franklin St. that’s where officers were involved in an officer-involved shooting.” (094) “The man shot by Rock Falls police during a traffic stop Friday night was Nathaniel T. “Nate” Edwards, 43, of Sterling, his family has confirmed. Edwards, a habitual traffic offender, was driving with a revoked license, and in fact was facing yet another felony charge of driving without a license at the time of the shooting. He also may have been using license plates from another car, which might explain why police were attempting to pull him over. In addition, Edwards has an extensive criminal history in Whiteside County dating back 20 years. Ten orders of protection by at least three women had been filed against him since 1999. His family does not deny that he was an aggressive person, and a criminal, his niece, Marie Ruff of Dixon, said today.” (094)

“State police say a 45-year-old man has died after an officer-involved shooting in rural northern Indiana. State Police Sgt. Tony Slocum says Cass County sheriff’s deputies were called about 4 a.m. Saturday to a home about a man stabbing himself with a knife. Slocum says a confrontation followed and deputies shot the man, later identified as William Pollard. The deputies weren’t injured. Pollard was pronounced dead at the scene.” (095)

“The incident was reported at about 8 a.m. in the 1400 block Fernwood Drive near Martin Luther King Jr. Drive, police said. Police officials said officers opened fire on a vehicle after a female driver tried to run them over. The driver died after suffering at least one gunshot wound, police said.” (096)

“Police were called to 13600 Bluff Circle at about 3 p.m. for a welfare check. A woman in her early 40’s called authorities, stating that she was stalked and her computer was being interfered, said Police Chief William McManus. When officers arrived, a woman was locked inside a bedroom. McManus said officers asked if the woman was armed and she said she didn’t have a weapon. Police barged in the door and found the woman holding a glock pistol to her head, McManus said. The officers tried to disarm her, but at one point the pistol was pointing at one of their heads, when a female officer with six years experienced fired one shot to the woman’s abdomen. Neighbors said the woman has a history of mental illness.” (097)

Pictures today are from The Library of Congress. Children of white migrants Harlingen, TX, photographer Russell Lee 1903-1986, Feb. 1939

Killed By Police January 21

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25 people were Killed By Police in the United States last week. Here are the links: 044 Terry Amons 045 Joseph Hilton 046 Thomas Yatsko 047 Christian Escobedo 048 Juan Daniel Jacques 049 Robert Martinez Jr. 050 James Hawkins 051 052 Nathan Giffin 053 Bailey Turner 054 Warren Ragudo 055 Joseph Haynes 056 Bryan Johnson Gregory 057 Jihad Merrick 058 059 Donte Shannon 060 Kerry Lee Nield 061 Geraldine Townsend 062 Kevin Sturgis 063 Marshall Coleman 064 065 066 Shannon Jason Cables 067 Arther McAfee Jr 068

6 of the victims were white. (049, 052, 055, 060, 063, 066) 8 of the victims were black. (044, 046, 050, 056, 059, 061, 062, 067) 2 of the victims were female (060, 061) The race of 10 of the victims is unknown. (045, 047, 051, 053, 054, 057, 058, 064, 065, 068) 048 Juan Jacques was latino.

4 of the victims fired at an officer. (057, 061, 062, 066) 13 of the victims displayed a weapon. (044, 045, 047, 049, 051, 052, 056, 058, 059, 060, 063, 064, 064) A taser was used on 4 of the victims. (032, 053, 054, 067)

Deputy U.S. Marshal Christopher David Hill, 45, of Conewago Township, York County, was killed January 18. “Officers went to the area of South 18th and Mulberry streets to serve a warrant before 6:30 a.m. Jan. 18. The officers went into the home, and the subject of the warrant – Shayla Lynette Towles Pierce – was handcuffed, then gunfire came from the second floor. A man left the home, gunfire was exchanged, and he was killed. The marshal died, and two officers were injured. … Christopher David Hill died Thursday after he was shot during a police-involved shooting in Harrisburg. The officer killed in the gunfire was Deputy U.S. Marshal Christopher David Hill, 45, of Conewago Township, York County. Hill was shot in the chest.” (062)

Sheriff James Hawkins was killed by his wife, Deputy Sheriff Rataba Hawkins. “CMPD officers responded to a call around 4:10 p.m. about a domestic violence assault with a deadly weapon … Officers found a man with a gunshot wound inside the home, police said. The victim, 35-year-old Deputy Sheriff James Hawkins, was pronounced dead at the scene. The sheriff’s office confirmed at 9 p.m. that James Hawkins’ wife, Deputy Sheriff Rataba Hawkins, was also involved in the shooting. Rataba Hawkins has been with the Mecklenburg Sheriff’s Office since 2002 and is assigned to field operations. James Hawkins was with the office since 2005 and was assigned to arrest processing … Officers are not searching for anyone because the incident appears to be domestic” (050)

“Terry Amons of Antioch was killed by Pittsburg police inside a Nation’s parking lot. A witness reported what they described as a drug deal between two cars outside the Nation’s on Railroad Ave., according to Pittsburg Police Department. When officers arrived, they found the car described as the one from which drugs were being sold. Two officers approached the car and noticed a man sitting in the driver’s seat. Officers say they spotted a gun next to him in the center console. “Both officers immediately began instructing the man to place his hands up and not to touch the gun,” police said. Police say at first the man cooperated, and put his hands on the steering wheel. Then the man allegedly dropped his right arm “in an attempt to retrieve the handgun from the center console.” As the man began to raise his arm again, one of the officers fired his gun, striking the man.” (044)

“Police were responding to a domestic assault report when officers attempted to question a man who was involved in the incident. As officers approached the man, they noticed that he was in possession of a firearm, according to reports. Officials say the officers felt threatened by the man’s actions during an encounter before they fired “several rounds” striking him.” (045)

“Preliminary information indicates that there was a fight inside of the establishment between males and the officer escorted multiple parties off premises,” said Sgt. Jennifer Ciaccia. “One of the involved males returned and became involved in an altercation with the officer outside of the establishment, physically assaulting the officer. Shots were fired by the officer, striking the male. The male was taken to UH where he was pronounced deceased. The officer is currently being treated for injuries sustained during the altercation.” (046)

“On January 14, 2018, around 6:30 a.m., officers assigned to the Los Angeles Police Department Hollenbeck Division responded to a radio call in the 3400 block of Amethyst Street. The comments of the call described two males who appeared to be sleeping on the ground behind a parked car and one of the men had a handgun. As the officers arrived, one of the men ran from the area. The other male, who was armed with a handgun, was illuminated by an officer and turned in the officer’s direction with the handgun; at which time there was an Officer-Involved Shooting.” (047)

“El Paso County sheriff’s investigators are looking at the possibility of self-defense in a fatal shooting by an off-duty U.S. Border Patrol agent, a spokeswoman said Thursday. … Socorro police found Juan Daniel Jacques, 33, shot to death when officers responded to a call of an aggravated assault in progress, sheriff’s officials said. … The agent was identified Thursday as Luis Chavez. A sheriff’s spokeswoman said that the shooting did not involve the agent’s work. There have been no arrests in the case, which remains under investigation by the Sheriff’s Office’s Major Crimes Unit. “The exact details of this case are still under investigation,” Antunez said. “We are investigating all motives of this homicide, to include the possibility of self-defense. No arrests have been made as of yet.” (048)

“Officials said the bloodshed unfolded just before 5 p.m. when a stolen Honda Accord was spotted in the 500 block of Clairmont Drive in unincorporated Lane County. “As the male driver got out of the vehicle, the Deputy approached and confronted him. The driver was not cooperative with the Deputy, he was in possession of a firearm and was shot by the Deputy. He was transported to the hospital by ambulance where he was later pronounced deceased,” said Chief Deputy Cliff Harrold.” (049)

“The deputy was called to the Pinetree Village Apartments at 7520 Broadway about some type of disturbance. When the deputy arrived he encountered the suspect in the hallway, Morgen said. The suspect, whose name has not been released, became aggressive despite the deputy’s attempts to calm him down by speaking to him. A fight ensued. The deputy discharged his Taser. Eventually he pulled out his gun and shot the suspect, who was taken to a hospital where he died of his injuries. (053)

“At 11:22 p.m., officers were dispatched to an address on the 900 block of Brunswick Street on the report of a disturbance, police said. Officers say family members were struggling with the suspect when they arrived. The officers intervened, and after a brief struggle, they were able to restrain the suspect. During the struggle, a taser was used on the suspect, police said. Soon after being placed in handcuffs, the officers noticed the suspect was not responsive and immediately took life-saving measures, according to police.” “They’re looking into Ragudo’s mental health history and the possibility that he’d ingested some kind of drugs. Wagstaffe said Ragudo’s father called the police because his son was acting out of control, yelling, screaming and shaking. “Growling was the term used at one point,” Wagstaffe said. “We don’t know what would make him act the way he was, such that his father would call the police.” After officers arrived, Ragudo became aggressive and angry. He didn’t attack them, but was physically uncooperative when the officers needed to bring him under control to assess whether he needed psychiatric evaluation or some sort of medical attention, according to Wagstaffe.” (054)

“At some point as the hearing was concluding there was an altercation that ensued involving the deputy and some of the family members,” Franklin County Sheriff’s Chief Deputy Rick Minerd told reporters. Jennifer Brisco, Haynes’ lawyer, said the scuffles broke out when the officer threatened to arrest her client. “Joseph was a little out of sorts because of how things went at the hearing,” Brisco told The Columbus Dispatch, a local newspaper. “The officer threatened to lock him up and a scuffle broke out,” she added. “Joseph was resisting, and that’s when there was a scuffle.”The deputy, who has not been identified for security reasons, suffered a black eye, bruises and abrasions after he was knocked to the ground, Minerd said. The boy’s grandmother acknowledged that her grandson grabbed the deputy’s shoulder, but told the newspaper that the deputy should have used a taser instead of a gun.” (055)

“Undercover narcotics deputies were trying to pull 33-year-old Bryan Johnson Gregory over around 3 p.m. on Decatur Street. They suspected him of dealing marijuana and had a warrant to search his house in another part of town. … Things got scarier when Johnson allegedly hit the gas, ramming two undercover vehicles. Once he finally stopped, deputies say he reached for a gun. At that point, they said they shot him.” (056)

“… when officers arrived, they found a female with a rifle standing in the roadway. After talking to the woman, it led too officers firing shots at the her. (060)

“Geraldine Townsend, 72, died after an officer shot her Wednesday night. Bartlesville police were serving a search warrant at a home near West 16th Street and South Maple Avenue, according to Captain Jay Hastings, BPD. It was part of a drug investigation, he said. While officers were taking Mike Anthony Livingston into custody for drug complaints, they say Townsend started shooting at the them. Police tell us one officer shot back, hitting her. Hastings said Thursday that Townsend’s weapon appeared to be a semi-automatic handgun but was found to be a high-powered pellet gun. Two officers were struck with “some type of projectile,” he said. One officer had an injury to their face, and the other had a leg injury.” (061)

“Officials told Channel 2’s Steve Gehlbach a suspect in an armed robbery, which occurred at the Kroger at 8465 Holcomb Bridge Road in Johns Creek, had pulled into the parking lot. Officers were told that the suspect, armed with a handgun, forced his way into a register at the Kroger. Police told Gehlbach a witness followed the suspect to the parking lot on Winters Chapel Road where Dunwoody police officers and a Johns Creek police officer located the vehicle and suspect. When confronted by officers, police said the suspect did not obey their commands and exited the vehicle. Fearing for his safety and the safety of others, an officer fired one shot, striking the suspect” (065)

Pictures today are from The Library of Congress.

Killed By Police January 14

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26 people were Killed By Police in the United States last week. Here are the links: 018 John Bailon 019 Guillermo Mendoza 020 Jackie Harlan Roberts 021 Jonathan William LeRoy 022 Richard Rangel 023 Richard R. Towler 024 Charles Smith Jr 025 Daniel Arreola-Saavedra 026 Trayvon Mitchell 027 Alejandro Valdez 028 Skyler Burnette 029 Michael Bender 030 031 Eugene Loftis 032 033 Primitivo Macias-Rodriguez 034 035 036 Jose Rosales 037 Justin Coy Adkins 038 Jared S.R. Williams 039 Jonathan Bennett 040 041 Amanuel Dagebo 042 Remi Sabbe 043 Jason D. Whittemore

8 of the victims were white. (021, 022, 028, 031, 037, 038, 042, 043) 4 of the victims were black. (024, 026, 035, 039) 3 of the victims were latino. (025, 033, 036) 034 was asian. The race of 10 of the victims is unknown. (018, 019, 020, 023, 027, 029, 030, 032, 040, 041)

9 of the victims fired at an officer. (022, 023, 024, 029, 030, 039, 040, 041, 042) 15 of the victims displayed a weapon. (019, 020, 021, 025, 026, 027, 028, 031, 032, 033, 034, 036, 037, 038, 039) 3 of the victims were suicidal (027, 028, 034) 3 of the victims were involved in a domestic dispute. (019, 020, 038) 2 of the victims were in a car chase. (034, 037)

021 Jonathan William LeRoy is featured in the picture of the week. “Just before 7 p.m. Saturday, someone called 911 about a man who was attacking family members inside a Pottawatomie County home. About a quarter mile from the home, a deputy saw a man walking down the road matching the description of the suspect. State authorities say the man was carrying a baseball bat. Officials say the deputy made contact with the man, identified as 39-year-old Jonathan William LeRoy. During that contact, the man reportedly began swinging the bat. The deputy then fired his weapon.” (021)

8 other cases are considered noteworthy. “New Mexico State Police say the Valencia County Sheriff’s Department deputies were conducting an investigation into a stolen vehicle around the area. During their investigation, deputies got into an altercation with John Bailon. At least one deputy fired shots at the 40-year old and hit him, during the altercation.” (018)

“Officers ask (Charles Smith Jr) Smith why they were driving fast and why he appears nervous. Smith says they were leaving a party. The teen is then patted down, during which he is heard saying “I can’t go to jail.” Gunfire is then heard and the video, edited and slowed down, shows a gun in Smith’s hands as shooting begins. Chief Davis told reporters that the first two gunshots came from Smith, one of them narrowly missing an officer’s face. He says all three officers on the scene then return fire, shooting multiple times. “These officers were left with no choice but to return gunfire,” Chief Davis said.” (video embedded in story) (024)

Officers were called about midnight Sunday to Luna Lodge … A Lodge resident said he called 911 to report that a “suspicious character” (Daniel Arreola-Saavedra) wearing a hoodie was inside of a vacant first-floor unit in the complex. “He saw me, and I presumed because he saw me, he left the property,” the neighbor said, “but when I doubled back, I heard a kick and he entered through the door.” The neighbor helped direct officers to the apartment, and, later gunshots rang out, he said. “Things went south very, very fast,” he said.” (025)

“Just before 8 p.m., a man flagged down a Lauderhill police officer at 800 N. State Road 7 to report he had been robbed of his backpack at gunpoint moments earlier. The officer learned the robbery happened at a bus stop in nearby Plantation, but the robber headed into Lauderhill, according to Lauderhill Lt. Mike Santiago. Lauderhill police set up a perimeter and Plantation and Davie police officers joined the hunt. Santiago said the search came to an end about an hour later when the suspect was spotted. “Shots rang out,” he said. More than one officer from Davie and Plantation opened fire, he said. No Lauderhill officers were involved in the shooting, he said. The suspect died behind the home in the 700 block of Northwest 39th Avenue. It was not clear whose home it was. A gun was recovered, Santiago said.” (026)

“Trayvon Mitchell, 38, of Fort Lauderdale, died Sunday around 7:40 p.m. He was suspected of pointing a gun at a man and stealing his book bag at a Plantation bus stop. … At the time of his death, Mitchell, of Fort Lauderdale, was found to be wearing an ankle monitor. Mitchell was previously affiliated with two charter school companies, Ivy Schools II, Inc. and Next Generation Charter School, Inc. In January, 2016, he was charged with two counts of grand theft, accused of stealing more than $40,000 but less than $100,000 in 2013 from the Broward County School Board. Mitchell had pleaded not guilty. A Broward Sheriff’s detective found school board money that was supposed to have been spent on students — more than $55,000 — was deposited into Mitchell’s personal bank account, according to an arrest report. Mitchell spent about $20,000 of stolen funds on school operations. A school check card was used to spend more than $2,700 on Louis Vuitton bags at a Neiman Marcus store; some of the bags were returned to the department store and a credit was made to Mitchell’s personal account, police said.” (video) (026)

“The Wisconsin Department of Justice says officers responded to a report of a domestic violence incident at the home. When they got there, they say a man (Skyler Burnette) was threatening a woman with a knife. A deputy with the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office shot the suspect, and the man died of his injuries.” (028)

“Police on Thursday identified the two officers who shot and killed an armed intruder at a South San Jose power plant earlier this week. Adam Hutson and Timothy Faye . … were called to the Metcalf Energy Center at 1 Blanchard Road about 5 p.m. Tuesday after a suspicious vehicle was spotted at the front gate. A man was seen pulling a large object out of the trunk. The officers arrived to find a black Mercedes-Benz unoccupied with a large sword in the driver’s seat, police said. They went through the gate and found a man armed with a 6-foot-long pipe and an ax. Police said the man ignored an officer’s commands to drop the weapons and walked away. The officers followed and continued to tell him to put the ax and pipe down, but he again refused and reportedly yelled “shoot me, kill me” several times, police said. The man then turned around and advanced toward the officers. One officer shot him when he was 5 to 6 feet away and the other opened fire when the man continued toward him, police said. All told, Hutson and Faye ordered the man to drop the weapons 23 times, police said. … A search of the man turned up half a dozen throwing knives, pepper spray and a second ax, police said The man had a criminal history that included resisting arrest and drug and weapons violations, police said. In September, he was admitted to a hospital for a 72-hour psychiatric evaluation.” “Officials described the man as an Asian male in his late 20s, 5′ 6″ tall and 145 pounds. He was wearing a black jacket, white shirt, and black pants.” (034)

“Investigators have learned this incident began at approximately 8:04 p.m. in the city of Victorville, when a cell phone retail store was robbed by 4 armed male black adult suspects. San Bernardino County Sheriff’s deputies located the suspect vehicle in the unincorporated city of Adelanto, and attempted to conduct a traffic stop. The suspects failed to yield, and a pursuit ensued with the suspects travelling recklessly on various highways at high rates of speed, and at times, on the wrong side of the road. The pursuit ultimately culminated on 48th Street East at East Avenue R-8, in the city of Palmdale, after San Bernardino County Sheriff’s deputies initiated a pursuit intervention technique. Shortly thereafter, a traffic collision occurred between the deputy and suspect vehicles, at which time the pursuit terminated, and a deputy-involved shooting occurred. The three additional suspects fled the vehicle into the surrounding neighborhood. They were subsequently located and arrested without further incident. One male black adult suspect was struck at least once in the torso by deputy gunfire. He was pronounced dead at the scene.” (035)

Pictures today are from The Library of Congress.

Killed By Police January 7

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21 people were Killed By Police in the United States last week. Here are the links: 1185 1186 Heath Wayne Hodges 1187 Matthew Riehl 1188 Ernie Macias 001 Mark Steven Parkinson 002 Derrick Staton 003 Archie Lawhon III 004 Gary Johns 005 David Melton 006 Shana Musquiz 007 Ronald Elliot 008 Louis C. Miller 009 Orestes Amador Jr 010 Shaleem Tindle 011 Brandon O. Cude 012 Robert Cassidy Hansen 013 Andy Vo 014 Ledarren Mixon 015 Gregory Stough 016 Tyler Miller 017 William B. Oleson KBP case 001 for 2018 was in Georgia.

15 of the victims were white. (1186, 1187, 1188, 001, 003, 004, 005, 006, 007, 010, 012, 013, 015, 016, 017) 2 of the victims were black. (002, 014) 006 Shana Musquiz was female. 009 Orestes Amador Jr was latino.The race of 3 of the victims is unknown. (1185, 008, 011)

5 of the victims fired at an officer. (1185, 1187, 1188, 001, 006) 12 of the victims displayed a weapon. (001, 003, 004, 005, 007, 008, 010, 011, 012, 013, 014, 017) 3 of the victims were involved in a domestic dispute. (1185, 004, 008)

1187 Matthew Riehl is the story of the week. Douglas County Deputy Zackari Parrish died during the incident. Matthew Riehl was an Iraq war veteran. He was very vocal about his opinions. Mr. Riehl made numerous you tube videos, many of which involved profane rants against local law enforcement. His facebook page, Matt Gonzo, has been disabled.

“Authorities in suburban Denver were investigating what led a 37-year-old man to fire more than 100 rounds in his apartment on sheriff’s deputies, killing one (Zackari Parrish) and injuring four others. Two civilians were also injured. The Douglas County coroner identified the suspect as Matthew Riehl. … The incident began around 5:15 a.m … Authorities had left the home barely an hour earlier in response to a complaint of a “verbal disturbance” involving two men, the sheriff’s office said. One of the men told them the suspect “was acting bizarre and might be having a mental breakdown” but the deputies found no evidence of a crime. When deputies were called back, a man who had left came by to give them a key and granted permission to enter the home, leaving again before shots were fired. “The suspect was just making a ton of noise and annoying everyone around him,” (Douglas County Sheriff Tony) Spurlock said. Spurlock said deputies came under fire almost immediately and were shot “very, very quickly” after entering the apartment and trying to talk with the suspect, who was holed up inside a bedroom. “They all went down almost within seconds of each other, so it was more of an ambush-type of attack on our officers,” Spurlock said. “He knew we were coming and we obviously let him know that we were there.” The wounded deputies tried to pull the fallen officer, Zackari Parrish, out of the line of further gunfire but were unable to because of their own injuries and only managed to “crawl to safety,” Spurlock said. Four officers, including Parrish, were shot from a bedroom around 6 a.m., forcing the retreat. A SWAT team entered the apartment at about 7:30 a.m. in an exchange of gunfire that left the gunman dead and another officer injured.” (1187)

9 other stories are considered noteworthy. “Texas DPS reports that Heath Wayne Hodges, 36, of Iowa Park, was shot at around 10:30 pm Saturday. The officer involved was not injured. The exact details of the shooting have not been made available at this time. … It is believed Hodges was at his hunting lease at the time of the shooting.” (1186)

“Delano Police say it happened at about 8:50 a.m., when two officers with the Delano Police Department responded to a suspicious vehicle parked in an alleyway in the 2100 block of Norwalk Street. As officers approached the vehicle on foot, the suspect vehicle began accelerating toward one of the officers. Police say the officer feared for his life and fired his firearm, striking the driver. ( Ernie Macias ) The driver died from his injuries. The passenger inside the suspect vehicle fled into a nearby home; after about an hour of negotiations, the man came out and was taken into custody.” (1188)

“… officials say early Monday morning at about 3:15 a.m. Walker County deputies were called to the 100 block of Meadowview Drive in Rossville, GA for a welfare check after a 911 call was made. The caller said a female at the home was threatening to kill herself and her children. When Deputy John Chandler arrived he saw Mark Steven Parkinson in the home with a weapon. The GBI said, deputies announced multiple times that they were from the Walker County Sheriff’s Office. Parkinson pointed the weapon at Deputy Chandler and that is when Deputy Chandler fired multiple shots at Parkinson.” … “The GBI confirms that the initial 911 call did not come from inside the Parkinson family home. They are currently investigating who made the call and why.” (001)

“Maryland State Police said 16-year-old Derrick Staton of Clinton, Maryland was crossing the roadway on Crain Highway (Route 301) at Chadds Ford Drive when he was struck by a vehicle being driven by Officer Gary Bottalico at about 1 p.m. Bottalico was off-duty while heading to work in his marked K9 truck at the time of the collision. He and his K9 partner were not injured during the incident. Bottalico has been placed on routine administrative paid leave. Authorities say 16-year-old Derrick Staton of Clinton, Maryland was struck and killed in Brandywine, Maryland on Monday, Jan. 1, 2018. MSP said its preliminary investigation indicates Derrick may have made a “pedestrian error,” perhaps contributing to the crash. … Derrick’s family said they have several questions about his death, including why the busy intersection has no crosswalks or sidewalks.” (002)

“Witnesses reported that Ronald Elliot, age 49, was armed with a gun and had locked himself inside his bedroom. Prior to an Ozark police officer arriving at the home, a woman had entered the bedroom in an attempt to disarm Elliot. When the local police officer entered the bedroom, witnesses heard the officer instruct Elliot to put down the gun, followed by the sound of a gunshot.” (007)

“On January 3, 2018, at approximately 4:41 p.m., an on duty BART Police Officer dressed in full police uniform was inside the West Oakland BART Station when he heard an active shooting taking place. The BART Police officer responded to the shooting which was located near the intersection of 7th Street and Chester Street. The officer observed two males in a struggle with each other; one of the men possessed a handgun. After several commands were given, the officer discharged his firearm striking the man who was in possession of the handgun; he later succumbed to his injuries. Investigators are attempting to clarify how the other man, who was listed in stable condition and has since been released from the hospital, sustained his injuries.” (010)

“A man was fatally shot by Long Beach police early Friday after he allegedly held a Holiday Inn employees hostage with a gun, officials said. The incident occurred about 12:50 a.m. when a man apparently left his pickup truck parked at an adjacent Chevron station and went into the hotel, police spokeswoman Nancy Pratt told KTLA. Police then received a call from one of the employee who was allegedly being held hostage by the suspect at the Holiday Inn. … Responding officers found the man armed with a gun. They tried to “make contact” with the man when the officer-involved shooting occurred, Pratt said. She did not elaborate on what led to the shooting.” (013)

“An officer made contact with Gregory Stough in his Pontiac Bonneville around 3:21 a.m. The officer discovered Stough was wanted on four traffic warrants related to vehicle inspections. Stough also had a suspended driver’s license, police said. Another officer arrived to help take Stough into custody. Stough resisted arrest, and during the struggle, he put his car in reverse with the driver’s door still open, police said. He accelerated backwards, trapping an officer between the door and the car. According to the news release, the suspect continued driving in reverse and “propelled the officer violently into a parked police vehicle.” The initiating officer then opened fire. Stough put the car in drive and traveled toward the officer firing at him, police said. The officer continued firing on Stough, killing him. … Family members said Saturday they weren’t sure why Stough was at the church parking lot, but his father speculated his son might have been out drinking in the area. Stough might tried to stay with some family who lived near the church, but then tried to “sleep it off” in the parking lot. Stough had some trouble with the law and with drinking but had recently been trying to turn himself around because he has daughters, according to his sister. ” (015)

“The FBI The FBI says a 51-year-old man is dead following an Arizona shooting involving a U.S. Forest Service law enforcement officer who was not injured. The FBI identified the man killed in the Friday night incident as Tyler Miller and said he was last known to be living in Kansas. FBI spokesman Glenn Milnor didn’t immediately respond Saturday to a request for Miller’s last-known place of residence in Kansas. The FBI said the shooting occurred on U.S. 89A in Oak Creek Canyon north of Sedona but released no information on circumstances of the shooting.” (016)

Pictures are from “The Special Collections and Archives, Georgia State University Library”.