Unarmed Black People

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Police killing unarmed black people continues to be a hot topic. Every once in a while, someone will quote some exact numbers. Finally , curiosity got the best of PG. He went to the Washington Post Police Shootings database. Click on a couple of filters, and you get some answers. As of December 8, 12 black people have been shot to death, by police, in the United States. Here are some more stats about unarmed people shot to death by police.

Total93238 4.0%

The WaPo database only counts gunfire deaths. This means that George Floyd is not included here. Another thing to consider is the WaPo decision to count Hispanics as a separate category. In FBI statistics, Hispanic/Latino is considered an ethnicity, rather than a race. Many of the people listed as White/Black/Other are Hispanic/Latino, when using FBI statistics.

Here are the 12 unarmed black people, killed by police this year.
William Howard Green, January 27, 2020, Temple Hills MD
Jaquyn Oneill Light, January 29, 2020, Graham NC
Barry Gedeus, March 6, 2020, F0rt Lauderdale FL
Breonna Taylor, March 12, 2020, Louisville KY
Donnie Sanders, March 12, 2020, Kansas City MO
Mycael Johnson, March 20, 2020, Tallahassee FL
Shaun Fuhr, May 1, 2020, Seattle WA
Maurice Gordon, May 23, 2020, Bass River NJ
Robert D’Lon Harris, June 25, 2020, Vinita OK
Julian Edward Roosevelt Lewis, August 7, 2020, Sylvania GA
Anthony Jones, October 12, 2020, Bethel Springs TN
Marcellis Stinnette, October 20, 2020, Waukegan IL

Every case is different. It is tough to draw any overall conclusions. Some of the cases here involve domestic violence complaints, drug use, car chases, and violently resisting arrest. In one, a gf told 911 the victim had fired at her. In another case, police found a pistol in the victim’s car.

It comes down to who’s side of the story you choose. Both police, and family attorneys, have been known to lie. Chamblee54 ran a 29 week series in 2017-18, Killed By Police. Many of the same patterns turn up in these cases. Every case is different.

Julian Edward Roosevelt Lewis is noteworthy for being killed in Georgia. In this case, the officer was later charged with felony murder and aggravated assault.

“Jacob Gordon Thompson, 27, is charged with felony murder and aggravated assault in the Aug. 7 shooting death of 60-year-old Julian Edward Roosevelt Lewis. … The former trooper wrote that he initially pulled behind Lewis on U.S. 301, also known as Statesboro Highway, when he noticed Lewis’ passing car had a darkened tail light. Lewis then sped up, at which point Thompson said he activated his emergency lights. Lewis turned on his hazard signals and motioned with his hand out the driver’s side window but did not stop.”

“I radioed dispatch that I was involved in a pursuit and activated my siren. As I pursued the violator, I observed him start to smoke a cigarette, As we approached the stop sign at the intersection of Simmons Branch Road, Cameron Road and Stoney Pond Road, the violator passed through the intersection and did not come to a complete stop.”

“The former trooper wrote that he decided to use a PIT maneuver to end the pursuit safely as they neared Stoney Pond Road. After Lewis’ car crashed into the ditch, Thompson wrote that he pulled his patrol car even with the stopped Nissan. “Being concerned for my safety, I drew my weapon as I got out of the vehicle, At some point, I heard the engine on the violator’s vehicle revving at a high rate of speed. I activated the light on my weapon and observed the violator with both hands on the steering wheel. I saw him wrenching the steering wheel in an aggressive back and forth manner towards me and my patrol vehicle. It appeared that the violator was trying to use his vehicle to injure me. Being in fear for my life and safety, I discharged my weapon once.”

“On Tuesday, a man who did not identify himself hand delivered two unmarked envelopes to Statesboro Herald reporters. He declined to disclose from where or whom they came. The envelopes contained toxicology reports for Julian Lewis on the night he was killed … (Thompson’s attorney Robert) Persse said he had received official toxicology reports and verified the report states Lewis tested positive for cocaine and methamphetamine, as well as fluoxetine, an antidepressant.”

Two victims were shot on March 12. Breonna Taylor is well known. The Taylor case has been discussed at great length elsewhere, and remains controversial. While Ms. Taylor was unarmed, the person standing next to her, in a dark apartment, fired at the police.

Donnie Sanders, Kansas City MO is the other case from March 12. Many of the factors that make easy judgment tricky are present in this case.

“… an officer attempted to stop a vehicle near 51st and Prospect for a traffic violation, but the driver didn’t immediately pull over. (KCPD Sgt. Jake) Becchina said the driver … 47-year-old Donnie Sanders, eventually came to a stop in an alley nearby, between Prospect and Wabash. Sanders got out and took off running. He was the only person in the vehicle.”

“Police said as Sanders approached 52nd Street just to the north, he turned toward the officer. Becchina said he allegedly raised his armed like he had a weapon. The officer immediately gave the man multiple verbal commands to drop his weapon and get down on the ground. Police said Sanders did not listen, and the officer eventually shot him. … KCPD has now confirmed after processing the scene, Sanders didn’t have a firearm or any other weapon during his encounter with the officer.” Pictures today are from The Library of Congress.

Who Is Telling The Truth?

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As you may have heard, a grand jury presented its findings in the death of Breonna Taylor. Unlike many of the current shouters, I listened to the presentation by Attorney General Daniel Cameron. While his report is not guaranteed to be 100% accurate, it did make two important points.

The police did knock, and announce themselves. Breonna Taylor was not asleep in bed. Ms. Taylor was standing in the hall. If Ms. Taylor had indeed been in bed, she might not have been hit by gunfire. Again, this assumes that the authorities are telling the truth.

The Tatum Report is a youtube channel. Officer Tatum has a investigative report about the Taylor shooting. I have been skeptical about this report. It turns out the Louisville Courier-Journal published excerpts from the same report August 25. UPDATE: Here is the 39 page report.

I was looking at a facebook discussion. Someone said that a body was found in a vehicle rented by Breonna Taylor. This seemed a bit far fetched. I googled it. This came up. This story is from a CBS affiliated TV station, not a youtube channel.

“The documents also alleged that back in 2016, the body of Fernandez Bowman was found in a car rented by Breonna Taylor. When LMPD detectives arrived at Taylor’s home to question her, (Jamarcus) Glover was there. Taylor told the detectives she did not know Bowman, that she had been dating Glover for several months and that she had let him drive the rental car. She also gave detectives her phone number, which was a number that Glover was still using as recently as February of this year, according to the documents. That homicide victim was the brother of Damarius Bowman, one of Glover’s “associates” who has been arrested with Glover numerous times, the report stated.”

WKYT mentions these documents appearing in the Courier-Journal. Another source has a .pdf of another Courier-Journal article, which will be used as a source of quotes below. For some reason, the cached Courier-Journal story does not include the “body in the rented car” item.

Before going further, we should note a few things. This was a preliminary report, that was leaked to the press. It is not guaranteed to be accurate or true. There are some recordings of phone calls made from jail. While this may technically be legal, it strikes some people as improper. Last, there were some other allegations in the report. There is cameral footage, and documentary evidence. Many allegations of criminal behavior are made about Breonna Taylor. If the police officers had gone to trial, these allegations would have been brought up in court.

The .pdf has another version of the “body in the rented car” story. “The 39-page report says Taylor began dating Glover, known as “Chop,” in 2016, and in December that year, she let him borrow a car she rented. The next day, the body of Fernandez “Rambo” Bowman, 27, was found inside the vehicle. When police came to interview Taylor about it, Glover was at her apartment and she said she let Glover use the car. She said she did not know the victim, who was Demarius Bowman’s brother.”

“The Courier Journal confirmed that account through evidence filed in the case of the man charged in Bowman’s slaying — Quenton Se’Ville Hall, 38. It shows that Taylor rented the vehicle on Dec. 1, 2016. Fernandez Bowman was shot, allegedly by Hall, while driving the car, which crashed into a telephone pole, a fence and a house. Neither Taylor nor Glover was charged in Bowman’s death.”

The original chamblee54 post had selections from recorded jail phone calls. After reading the 39 page report, I realized that these quotes were heavily edited. The real conversations are not as sensational. If you want to see some of the jailhouse phone calls, read the 39 page report. Pictures are from “The Special Collections and Archives, Georgia State University Library”.









Both Sides Clickbait

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A facebook friend posted a bit of clickbait, The Police Are Lying in LA and the Media Is Falling for It—Again The post is about the two L.A. County deputies shot Saturday. Against my better judgment, I started to read it. I could only get a few paragraphs in, before I saw something.

“As I sit down to write this, it is tempting to give in to my complete disgust with how the police usually frame and the media then cover a more common situation—police shootings of unarmed Black people—by offering some of my own “just presenting both sides” coverage.”

When you can’t say anything good, say something about the media. Fortunately, this is an easy factoid to shoot down. The Washington Post publishes Fatal Force. The mission of this database is to “log every fatal shooting by an on-duty Police officer in the United States.” FF has all kinds of filters. You can learn that, in 2020 so far, 9 unarmed Black people have been killed by Police.

In the quote above, I don’t know if they refer to Police randomly killed, or to Police killed in the line of duty. For the purposes of this post, I am going to ask “How many police have been killed by gunfire this year.” The answer is 34. This is 377% the 9 unarmed Black people killed by Police.

The Officer Down Memorial Page shows 9 officers killed this year by vehicular assault. This is similar to the 9 unarmed Black people killed by Police. Pictures today are from The Library of Congress.

The Death Of Pedro Ramirez

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People are talking a lot about police these days. There have been some horrible killings of citizens, with a resulting outrage. Some say we should de-fund the police, which seems like a bad idea. Many others talk about reform, with few details offered. This feature will not explore these events, and ideas. There is not a whole lot that I can add to the conversation.

For 29 weeks, I ran a series about police killings of citizens. This is the final post, which gives a few statistics, and draws a few conclusions. There was one case that I stumbled onto which stands out . It had a video of a search, with a horror movie ending. I cannot say what a LEO’s job is like. That said, it is clear that something like this could happen every time an officer answers a call.

“On June 20, 2017, (Las Vegas Police) officers responded to a domestic disturbance call. The caller reported hearing screaming and crying coming from an apartment. When officers arrived, they made contact with the victim in her apartment, and she initially told them everything was fine. The officers insisted that she open the security screen so they could confirm she was unharmed. As the victim and her four-year-old son exited the apartment, she told officers there was nobody else in the apartment, and she gave them permission to enter the apartment to confirm this.”

“As the officers searched the apartment, they discovered Pedro Ramirez hiding in the walk-in closet in the master bedroom. He was holding a large butcher knife. Officers gave commands for Mr. Ramirez to drop the knife. He ignored the commands and advanced toward the officers. Two officers discharged their Tasers, but they had little effect on Mr. Ramirez. He then charged toward the officers with the knife still in his hand. One officer fired his handgun, striking Mr. Ramirez three times. He fell to the ground and the officer kicked away the knife and attempted to handcuff Mr. Ramirez.”

The video is tough to watch, knowing how this is going to turn out. The officers go into one room, then another, then another. The tension builds with every step. Finally, they go to the final stop, and a man jumps out with a large knife. If the officers had waited half a second to fire, one of them could have been cut. Is this what an officer knows could happen, every time they go into a building? Pictures today are from The Library of Congress.

Seven People Killed By Police

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@ShaunKing “7 people were killed by American police…YESTERDAY. That’s more people than police in most developed nations kill in an entire year.” 3:26 PM – 21 Apr 2017. This tweet does not tell us much. Mr. King likes to stir trouble, without citing sources. Mr. King made a similar tweet last year, which inspired a chamblee54 google party, Six People Killed By Police. Pictures for this repost are from “The Special Collections and Archives, Georgia State University Library”.

The Counted People killed by police in the US. was the ultimate source last year. This fine service closed shop at the end of 2016. The site used to research today’s feature is Killed By Police 2017. It is a numbered list of people killed by police, in the United States, in 2017. At the time this feature is written, police have killed 357 people. The total for 2016 is 1092.

Today’s report will focus on 345-352. The names are: (345) Steve Seagraves, white (346) Marion Lee Holliday, white (347) Jose A. Trejo, hispanic (348) Damarius Butts, black (349) Ray Raymond Valdez, hispanic (350) Robert Lee Clark Jr., white (351) Joel Anthony, white, and (352) Brandon Pequeno, hispanic. All of the deceased are male. None of the eight deaths showed apparent bad behavior by police. Four of the incidents involved an exchamnge of gunfire, with five officers shot. Mr. King’s tweet referenced seven people killed. The eighth, Joel Anthony, died Thursday, after being injured, in a traffic accident, on Monday.

Two of the deaths involve vehical crashes. Joel Anthony,6, died on Thursday, after being injured in a car crash on Monday. The vehicle made a left turn in front of an “Albuquerque (NM) Police Department officer racing to a call…” Robert Lee Clark Jr., 30, led police on a motorcycle chase. Mr. Clark slowed down. A Berkeley County, SC, police cruiser crashed into him from behind.

Ray Valdez, 55, “is a convicted murderer and was released from prison in 2002. Thursday evening Valdez and his girlfriend were involved in a fight, according to police. At some point in the fight, Valdez’ girlfriend was able to break away and flag down a park police officer. She told the officer Valdez had assaulted her while holding a knife. “The officer deployed his taser,” said Chief William McManus with SAPD. “It was not effective. He continued toward the officer. The officer deployed his firearm and fired multiple times and he was struck three times.” The incident was in San Antonio, TX.

Brandon Pequeno, 25, is the closest thing to a “bad police killing” in this story. “…Pequeno, who was believed to be driving a stolen vehicle, rammed other vehicles in an attempt to flee officials and did not comply with the officers’ commands.” A 17 yo female passenger was critically wounded by gunfire. Her relationship to Mr. Pequeno is not known. There are suggestions that she was kidnapped. The incident was in Glendale, AZ.

Jose A. Trejo, 26, shot two police officers before being fatally wounded. “Trejo died at the scene of the 432 Sanders Road disturbance when three Hardeeville (SC) police officers and a Sheriff’s Office deputy were called to the residence around 6 p.m. after a report of a “domestic situation,” (Jasper County Sheriff Chris) Malphrus said. Trejo, a resident of the home, allegedly fired a gun near his mother’s head before police arrived. Malphrus said she was treated for powder burns to the side of her face and eye at an area hospital Thursday night and released. As two officers entered the home, Trejo allegedly exited a bedroom and began firing. …The officers returned fire, killing Trejo. … Deputy Justin Smith was struck by a bullet in the left hand and collar bone … Sgt. Kelvin Grant of the Hardeeville Police Department was struck in the arm by a bullet and on his left side by a bullet fragment.” Both officers are expected to recover.

Marion Lee Holliday, 64, was killed in Logan County OK. “Holliday had a previous arrest in reference to possession of narcotics. The investigation into whether Holliday had a mental illness and why he was holding the gun is still ongoing… Deputies said they responded to Simmons Rd. and Douglas Blvd. about 4:40 p.m. Thursday in reference to an irate man walking in the roadway carrying a shotgun. Holliday was hiding behind some trees and exchanged words with deputies. Officials said Holliday then raised his shotgun to point it toward deputies, investigators said. Deputies then fired at Holliday, who was pronounced deceased at the scene, authorities said.” “Initial reports indicate that the alleged suspect barricaded himself in a wooded area and was threatening the deputies. … The reported shooting occurred just two days after the sheriff’s office lost one of their own. Logan County Deputy David Wade was shot and killed while serving an eviction notice on Tuesday morning.”

Steven Camacho Seagraves, 40, died in Guam. “The pursuit began at about 5 a.m. Friday at the House of Liberty Game Room in Barrigada, when GPD received a report that a man armed with a gun was at the game room. Officers from Barrigada pursued the suspect’s vehicle. The pursuit ended at Chalan Langet in Dededo when Seagraves lost control and ran off the roadway. Seagraves then allegedly opened fire on officers, who returned fire. Seagraves was pronounced dead on the scene.”

Damarius Butts, 19, died in Seattle, WA. “The suspects robbed a 7-Eleven at First Avenue and Cherry Street about 1 p.m … The suspects had reportedly stolen beer from the store before they were chased out by a clerk. … (This tweet displays the stolen merchandise, worth $28.42) … The bicycle officers, who were nearby, confronted the suspects about two blocks away and a fight ensued … While one officer fought with a male suspect on the ground, the 17-year-old girl struck the officer over the head with a bottle … The suspects then fled, and one fired at police, who returned fire … The suspect who opened fire then barricaded himself in the building … That man was later found dead…” Three police officers were shot, with one critically wounded. This video shows part of the chase.









2018 Murder Statistics

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Crime in the U.S. 2018 has been issued by the FBI. It is more statistics about crime than you could consume in a lifetime. This blog published reports on these numbers for 2015, 2016, and 2017. Pictures today are from The Library of Congress, and the Galveston Bathing Review, 1926.

Expanded Homicide Data Table 1 is the source of murder statistics. These numbers are broken down by race, gender, ethnicity, and other factors. (Hispanic or Latino (hereafter known as Hispanic) is considered an ethnicity, rather than a race. Hispanic people are included in FBI statistics according to their race.) In 2018, there were 14,123 murder victims. The gender breakdown is 10,914 (77.2%) male, 3,180 (22.5%) female, and 29 unknown.

Quick facts, from the U.S. Census Bureau, is the source of population numbers. On July 1, 2018, there were 327,167,434 people in the United States. White people were 76.5% (250,283,087), and Black people were 13.4% (43,840,436). Hispanic people were 18.3% (59,871,640).

2018 had 14,123 homicide victims. This breaks down into White 6,088, Black 7,407, other race 395, and unknown race 233. (25 of the unknown race victims were also unknown gender.) Hispanics are counted separately, and had 2,173 victims. If you divide the number of murder victims by the population, you get the number of homicide victims per million, or vpm. The overall population lost 43.1 vpm. For White people, there were 24.3 vpm. For Black people, there were 168.8 vpm. For Hispanic people, there were 36.2 vpm.

50.8% of the population is female, according to the census bureau. We will use this 50.8/49.2 breakdown in this next section, even though there are indications that the percent of females is higher for black people. The male/female ratio for homicides is male 10,914 (77.2%), and female 3,180 (22.5%). For White people, it is male 4,255 (69.8%), and female 1,832 (30.0%). For Black people, it is male 6,237 (84.2%) and female 1,168 (15.7%). For Hispanics, it is male 1,752 (80.6%), and female 421 (19.3%). On a per capita basis, males had 67.8 vpm, and females 19.1 vpm. White males had 34.5 vpm, with White females losing 14.4 vpm. Black males had 289.1 vpm, with Black females losing 51.4 vpm. Hispanic males had 59.4 vpm, with Hispanic females losing 13.8 vpm.

The numbers are down from 2017. 2017 had 15,129 homicide victims (w 6,579, b 7,851, h 2354). 2018 had 14,123 homicide victims (w 6,088, b 7,407, h 2,173). This is with an overall population increase of 1,448,256. Most of the other numbers were lower in 2018.

The Washington Post reports 998 people killed by police in 2018. The breakdown: White 452, Black 229, Hispanic 164, Other 40, Unknown 107. (Using these numbers for comparison may be tricky. The FBI groups Hispanics into White/Black/Other as appropriate, while WAPO considers Hispanics to be a separate racial category.) If you divide the WAPO number by the total number of victims, you get a killed-by-police percentage. For White people, this is 452/6,088=7.4%. For Black people, this is 229/7,407=3.0%. For Hispanics, this is 164/2173=7.5%.







C.S. Lewis

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There was a facebook link to a feature, Ayn Rand Really, Really Hated C.S. Lewis. It turns out to be verbatim droppings from Ayn Rand’s Marginalia : Her Critical Comments on the Writings of over Twenty Authors. If you are interested in details, there are the links. 55% of the comments were one-star. This is a repost, with pictures from The Library of Congress.

Miss Rand has read more C.S. Lewis than PG. There was a copy of a CSL work at a yard sale once, which PG invested a quarter in. He read as far as the appearance of a pig named trufflehunter. Maybe it was a bad day for books, but PG put CSL down, never to make another attempt.

There was a sixth grade english teacher at Ashford Park named Mrs. Ruff. Lots of people talked about how sweet she was, but PG was not impressed. One day, between handing out mimeographed copies of poems to be memorized, Mrs. Ruff started to talk about Narnia. It was a fantastic and amazing story. With a hint of primness, she told the class that Narnia was really about Jesus.

Chavius Hollis And Joseph Villanueva

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Chavius Hollis and Joseph Villanueva were killed by police in Georgia this week. Here are the stories. While public attention is focused on a few sensational cases, incidents like these two make up the majority of officer involved shootings. Fathers day pictures are from The Library of Congress.

“On Tuesday, June 12, 2018 … an officer involved shooting that resulted in the death of Chavius Hollis, age 26. … at 11:08 AM, Walton County deputies received a 911 call from 3775 Lovers Lane, Monroe, GA, reporting a disturbance by a family member with a gun. He was also reportedly exhibiting erratic behavior. When deputies arrived, a family member and multiple deputies entered the home. The family member was present in an attempt to calm Hollis down. During the encounter, Hollis raised his gun, discharging the firearm and striking the family member. Subsequently, one deputy fired shots, striking Hollis. He died at the scene. … Hollis’ family member sustained a gunshot wound to the leg and is being treated for his injuries. He is expected to recover. “

“On Thursday, June 14, 2018 … a 911 call was made … at approximately 6:40 AM. The caller indicated a Hispanic Male was walking in the area of Ridgeway Drive armed with a handgun. Deputies responded to Ridgeway Drive where one deputy encountered a Hispanic Male subject walking between mobile homes. The subject showed the deputy his gun. The deputy attempted to make contact with the subject but he ran. The subject ran up a hill and encountered a second deputy and charged towards this deputy with his gun pointed at him. Deputies fired at the subject and hit him multiple times. The subject died at the scene. The subject was identified as Joseph Villanueva, 29, from California. Villanueva will be transported to the GBI Medical Examiner’s Office for an autopsy which is scheduled for Friday, June 15, 2018. Evidence indicates that Villanueva fired his gun during this incident.” Ridgeway Drive is in Hall County, Gainesville GA.

NFL Kneelers

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The football players who won’t stand for the national anthem is the story that won’t go away. Few people have said exactly how this is going to prevent police from killing people. This slack blogger has said little about Kaepernickgate, but has had a thirty part series, Killed By Police. This series, like most factual reporting on police killings, is mostly ignored by the same people who are hysterical about NFL kneelers. It is a strange country we live in.

A theme in the modern meme mania is the notion that the protest is about police brutality, and not about the flag. Or something like that. While the original intent of the kneelers is to protest police killings, the result is to disrespect a display of patriotism. It should not be a surprise that many people feel the NFL protests are an insult to the United States. To say that the protests are about racism, and not the flag, is not right. The result of this well meaning gesture is to insult millions of patriotic Americans. Facebook rubs it in by saying it is your fault.

Blackface used to be a popular form of entertainment. If you were to ask the performers, they probably would have said that this was not intended to insult anybody, but just a way of having fun. That would have been the intent. The minstrels would have to be dumb not to have known that their performances were insulting to black people. Sometimes, your intention is not all that counts. You should consider how other people feel about your entertainment.

It is not known what these protests are going to accomplish. They will probably achieve as much as shutting down a freeway. Others say that the police killings are a symptom, rather than the disease. With millions of weapons in circulation, the police know that anyone they meet might try to kill them. With all that is demanded of police, they are going to make mistakes.

Pictures today are from The Library of Congress.

Killed By Police The End

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Chamblee54 has published a report on police killing, every Sunday morning, since October 15. The series is coming to an end. The primary source, Killed By Police, has not posted since April 30, and appears to be shutting down. KBP is a volunteer project, and is always looking for donations. It is a lot of work to keep something like this going, and evidently KBP has come to the end of the road. The Washington Post has a database for police killings, but it is difficult to use. The Guardian shut down its database at the end of 2016. There were 29 reports in the chamblee54 series. A partial report published 05/06/18 will not be included in this report.

Here are the numbers. 645 were killed by police between October 8, 2017, and April 30, 2018. White – 250 (39%) black – 125 (19%) latino – 47 (7%) native – 14 (2%) asian – 2 (.3%) unknown – 210 (32%) female – 33 (5%). When looking at the cases, there are two details that come up every week. This is whether the victims fired at a LEO, and whether the victim displayed a weapon. 163 people (25%) fired at an officer. 279 (43%) displayed a weapon. The latter category covers a lot of ground, from holding a knife, to attacking people with a knife, to pointing a gun at an officer. It should be noted that this information is taken from media reports, which are not made under oath. LEO do not always tell the truth. While these numbers should be viewed with skepticism, they give a reasonably accurate view of the truth.

This series has taken some time, and work, to produce. There has been very little feedback. Sometimes, I wonder if anyone has been reading. For all the turmoil we have about police killing people, especially African Americans, there is little interest in a day by day accounting of the cases. People want to be riled up by angry shouting on certain cases, but show little interest in the bulk of the stories. As Paul Harvey used to say, here’s the rest of the story.

Are African Americans unfairly targeted? I don’t think so. There may be individual cases where the LEO acted inappropriately, both black and white. The talk of genocide, and targeted killings, is way, way overblown. What I have seen in the 29 weeks is not genocide. The hysterical rhetoric surrounding police killings does not serve America well.

The numbers used today are from 2016. The sources used are The Guardian, The FBI, The US Census Bureau, and chamblee54. On July 1, 2016, there were 323,127,513 people in the United States. White people were 76.9% (248,485,057), and black people were 13.3% (42,975,959).

In 2016, 1093 people were killed by police, including 574 white people and 266 black people. On a per-million basis, this works out to 10.3 native, 6.66 black, 3.23 latino, 2.9 white, and 1.17 asian. (These numbers can be confusing. The FBI, and the Census Bureau, lump hispanic/latino people in with what racial group is appropriate, and do not count them as a separate racial category. At these sources, hispanic/latino is seen as an ethnicity, rather than a race. At The Guardian, hispanic/latino is considered a separate category from white and black. In the chamblee54 series, latino is considered a separate category, rather than lumped in with other races.)

The United States had 15,070 homicides in 2016. This is white 6,576, black 7,881, other race 400, and unknown race 213. (29 of the unknown race victims were also unknown gender.) If you divide the number of homicide victims by the population, you get the number of homicide victims per million. The overall population lost 46.63 people per million. For white people, there were 26.46 homicide victims per million. For black people, there were 183.38 homicide victims per million.

If you divide the number of police killings, by the total number of homicides, you will get another number. The overall percentage (1093/15070) is 7.25%. For white people (574/6576) the percentage is 8.72%. For black people (266/7881) the percentage is 3.37%

Women were 5% of the people killed in this report. Women are 50.8% of the population. Does this mean that men are being unfairly targeted by police?

Two cases were noteworthy enough to justify a standalone post. These incidents involved Andrew Finch, and Stephon Clark. Mr. Finch stepped onto his porch, after a fictitious 911 call. Mr. Clark ran from the police, after a 911 caller reported him breaking the windows on his truck. The case of Mr. Finch generated about one percent of the outrage generated over the case of Mr. Clark. On April 12, authorities announced that no charges would be brought against the officer who shot Mr. Finch. Another video was released while the chamblee54 series was in progress, showing the Las Vegas police shooting Daniel Shaver.

A lot of people in the United States own a firearm. This is not going to change. When a police officer goes on a call, he knows that there is a very good possibility that person is armed. Keep this in mind when you trash talk police. If you don’t want to do that, maybe you can watch this video. It is only 2 minutes long. Police are searching an apartment. They look in every room, until the come to the last closet. A man jumps out of that closet, with an 8″ kitchen knife aimed at the police. The officer has less than a second to fire, before being cut. This is what a LEO faces every time they answer a call.

Here are the links to the 29 reports, covering October 8, 2017, through April 30, 2018: 10/15/17 10/22/17 10/29/17 11/05/17 11/12/17 11/19/17 11/29/17 12/03/17 12/10/17 12/17/17 12/24/17 12/31/17 01/07/18 01/14/18 01/21/18 01/28/18 02/04/18 02/11/18 02/18/18 02/25/18 03/04/18 03/11/18 03/18/18 03/25/18 04/01/18 04/08/18 04/15/18 04/22/18 04/29/18 Pictures for the killed by police finale are from The Library of Congress.

Killed By Police May 6

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6 people were Killed By Police in the United States last week, according to the kbp database. The last killing shown there was on April 30, and the kbp operation may be shutting down. If this happens, then the chamblee54 series will end. Here are the links for this week: 413 Brian Scott Tietze 414 Joshua Ewing 415 Brandon Busher 416 417 Michael Scott Knibbs 418 Abadi Gedregziber. Pictures are from The Library of Congress.

3 of the victims were white. (415, 416, 417) 418 Abadi Gedregziber was black. The race of 2 of the victims is unknown. (413, 414) 2 of the victims fired at an officer. (413, 414) 3 of the victims displayed a weapon. (416, 417, 418)

“At approximately 9:40 p.m. Sunday , April 29, Redlands Police responded to a call of a residential burglary at a home in the 1600 block of Calvary Circle that was under renovation. Officers arrived approximately 10 minutes later. According to a police report, while investigating the reported burglary, officers announced their presence numerous times both prior to and after entering the residence. While searching the residence, officers located the suspect hiding inside a closet. Officers ordered the suspect numerous times to show his hands from his position of concealment. After several commands, the suspect rapidly exited the closet, holding two weapons in a raised and aggressive manner. The suspect advanced on the officers, ignoring all commands. An officer-involved shooting occurred and the suspect was killed. The suspect’s weapons did not include a firearm and no other injuries were reported. The suspect is described as a 42-year-old white male adult. He was last known to be a transient out of Riverside County. His identity is being withheld while the San Bernardino County Coroner’s Office attempts to locate next of kin for notification.” (416)

“It was about 11:40 Sunday night when a call came into Macon County’s 911 center from a Pheasant Drive resident, who registered a complaint about his neighbor. “And I had some friends over here, had a fire tonight,” the neighbor told 911 dispatch. “And he’s put boards in the road so that we can’t, my friends can’t leave. And they’ve got nails in them.” Sheriff’s office officials said the resident was armed and confrontational when the deputy arrived just before midnight “The deputy made several commands for him to put his weapon down. The individual made an aggressive action toward my officer, at which time, in a self-defense manner, discharged his firearm striking the individual,” Sheriff Robert Holland said. … deputy Anthony Momphard fired his service weapon, fatally wounding, Michael Scott Knibbs.” “A neighbor told WYFF news 4 that deputies were called because they were afraid Knibbs would get into a fight with them if they tried to move the boards. The neighbor said he heard someone yelling “put it down” several times before he heard several gunshots. Scott Knibbs died at the scene. The attorneys hired by Knibbs’ family released a statement Tuesday. The statement describes Knibbs as being at home with his wife of 25 years, his 13-year-old son, his 22-year-old daughter and his 5-month-old grandson. The news release said, “Scott told a man who had pulled into the Knibbs’ driveway looking for a house party next door to leave and not return. Around midnight, a man’s voice was heard yelling from the front of their home. “There was no patrol car parked outside the Knibbs’ home, no blue lights, and no advance warning that a rookie police officer was approaching their home. Scott was concerned for the safety of his family. Scott retrieved the shotgun he kept in the bedroom for self-defense. Scott then walked towards the front door to see who was yelling at his family’s front door. “The man yelled demands from outside on the porch. Seconds later the deputy fired multiple shots from outside the Knibbs’ house, through a front window, striking Scott. Scott never had a chance to open the front door or speak to the officer. Scott bled to death just a few steps away from the front door in his own dining room. The Deputy did not administer first-aid while he awaited backup from other officers and EMS.” The attorneys said that the boards in the road that appear to be the center of the dispute were “actually speed bumps placed in the common roadway to slow visitors down as they passed the Knibbs home due to the children who frequently played in the front yard.” … The Knibbs family’s attorneys said, “We have promised the Knibbs family to learn the truth of why Scott was killed in his own home from shots fired from outside his residence by a rookie officer.”” (417)

“Columbus Police responded to an apartment complex on Walford Street on a report of a stabbing just after 9 a.m. According to Columbus police, three women were stabbed inside an apartment. Two women were transported to Riverside Methodist Hospital and both died from their injuries. A third woman was taken to Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center and remains in critical condition. Officers located a male suspect in the yard of the apartment complex. Columbus Police say the officers tased and shot the suspect. (Abadi Gedregziber) He was transported to the hospital where he was later pronounced dead.” (418)

Killed By Police April 29

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16 people were Killed By Police in the United States last week. Here are the links: 395 Timothy Wayne Anderson 396 Matthew Hartman 397 Miguel Escalona Vivas 398 Carlos Deone High 399 400 Demonjhea Jordan 401 402 Jesse Paul Schlegel 403 Charles Boeh 404 Isaac Jackson 405 Michael Snyder 406 407 Myra Lisa Micalizio 408 Shukri Ali Said 409 410

6 of the victims were white. (395, 396, 402, 403, 405, 407) 3 of the victims were black. (398, 400, 404) 397 Miguel Escalona Vivas was latino. The race of 6 of the victims is unknown. (399, 401, 406, 408, 409, 410) 2 of the victims were female (407, 408)

2 of the victims fired at an officer. (400, 401) 12 of the victims displayed a weapon. (395, 396, 397, 398, 399, 402, 403, 404, 406, 408, 409, 410) A taser was used on 2 victims. (405, 408) 3 of the victims were in a domestic dispute. (395, 406, 408)

“Carlos Deone High, 37, died during the confrontation Monday near the Ikea store on Mayfield Road. Police had approached High’s vehicle for a welfare check around 1:30 p.m. after a 911 caller reported seeing a man slumped over in the car. When they saw that he had pulled out a rifle, they unholstered their guns and nonlethal weapons and attempted to negotiate for High to put his hands in the air. Grand Prairie Police Chief Steve Dye said Monday that High had fired at officers and, fearing for their lives, they fired back. On Wednesday, police said that “investigators have been unable to locate any evidence the decedent fired his rifle despite initial witness accounts that were immediately shared by Chief Dye.” Evidence from the scene, including video footage, did confirm that High pointed the weapon — which police referred to as an assault rifle — at officers at least three times before the officers used deadly force. Investigators also confirmed that High ignored verbal commands to lower the weapon, police said, and that at least one officer fired a stun gun, which was ineffective because it hit High’s rifle. Authorities are conducting tests to determine whether there was gunshot residue on High’s hands. High’s criminal history included convictions for drug possession, as well as for carrying a weapon in a prohibited place and recklessly discharging a firearm. On April 9, he was arrested on a marijuana charge in Tarrant County.” (398)

“Police on Tuesday fatally shot a man armed with a .45 caliber pistol who was trying to break into rooms at the Embassy Suites hotel in downtown San Antonio, officials said. Hotel staff initially encountered the suspect, a man in his 40s, around 5:15 a.m. in the lobby. He ran to the second floor, then took an elevator to the fifth floor, where he tried unsuccessfully to force his way into a room, police said. Around 6:15 a.m., the San Antonio Police Department’s bike patrol and park police divisions confronted the man on the seventh floor and the situation escalated. San Antonio Police Chief William McManus said it is unclear if the suspect ever raised his weapon or fired at the officers, “but they felt compelled to use deadly force.” McManus said the man didn’t appear to be a guest at the hotel or know anyone staying there.” (399)

“A burglary suspect was shot by an officer following a police chase early Wednesday in Old Colorado City. No officers were injured in the incident, which began as a call for a burglary in progress at O’Brien Typesetting and Printing on the 1000 block of 19th Street. “When officers arrived on scene they made contact with a business owner … and received information that the suspect in the burglary in progress was in an area just outside of the building,” said CSPD spokesperson Lt. Howard Black. Officers tried to apprehend the suspect, who took off running. “A foot pursuit ensued. At least one shot was fired. No officers were injured. The suspect was hit and transported to a local hospital, where he was pronounced deceased,” Black said.” (402)

“Isaac Jackson, 42, died at the University of Louisville Hospital from gunshot wounds after he was shot in the 400 block of North 43rd Street Wednesday night, according to Jefferson County Deputy Coroner Charles Edelen. LMPD Chief Steve Conrad said police were called about some type of trouble in the home around 9:46 p.m. When officers arrived, family members talked to them about a dispute with another family member, who was inside. Police entered the home and encountered Jackson, who they said was armed with several knives. One officer was injured by a knife. MetroSafe said Jackson then started a fire in the house. At some point, officers fired their guns at him.” video (404)

“Officers were called to an apartment complex near 7th Street and Camelback Road around 6 p.m. for an unknown trouble call. Officers learned that the suspect, 39-year-old Michael Snyder, was discovered inside the victim’s apartment without permission and a fight broke out. An officer deployed a Taser on Snyder while he was resisting arrest. Witnesses assisted with taking Snyder into custody. During the arrest, Snyder became unresponsive and officers attempted life-saving measures until Fire personnel took over. He was taken to the hospital where he later died.” (405)

“It’s all connected to an early morning report that was issued by [the Norman Police Department],” Texas DPS SSgt. Dan Buesing said. … officers responded at about 7:30 a.m. Thursday to a domestic disturbance call in the 1200 block of 36th Avenue NW. By the time police arrived a woman had been allegedly kidnapped. The reporting party gave officers descriptions of the suspect and a description on the vehicle he was driving. Buesing said at about 8:30 a.m., a Burkburnett police officer saw the vehicle, the driver fled, and a pursuit ensued, The chase continued for about 50 miles on U.S. Highway 287 through Wichita Falls, Iowa Park and Electra. An Electra Police Department officer and Texas DPS Trooper deployed spike strips, or stop sticks, forcing the vehicle to a stop about five miles east of Vernon, Buesing said. According to police, the alleged kidnapping victim and suspect exited the vehicle, and the man started stabbing the female with a large knife. Buesing said two Texas Highway Patrol Troopers shot and killed the man.” (406)

“The caller told dispatchers that an unknown woman, later identified as , Myra Lisa Micalizio, 56 from Palermo, was trespassing on their property and when asked to leave, she refused and made threats to shoot the residents. … Once on scene, the deputies found Micalizio in the front yard and her vehicle parked in the driveway. Officials said as the deputies approached her, she had her hands behind her back, refusing directions from Deputy Lair to stop and show her hands. Officials added based on the threats to shoot to the residents, the deputies were worried Micalizio was armed with a gun. Micalizio continued to ignore Deputy Lair’s commands to show her hands and then walked to her vehicle and got in the driver’s seat. Officials said she quickly started the vehicle, put it in reverse, and accelerated backwards at a high rate of speed towards Deputy Lair. As the vehicle came close to Deputy Lair, he attempted to move but noted that it appeared Micalizio was steering the vehicle towards him. Fearing he was in danger of being ran over, Deputy Lair fired seven shots from his gun into the vehicle. Officials said at the same time, Deputy Barker, who was standing nearby, fired six shots into the vehicle as she too was concerned that Deputy Lair was in danger of being struck by the vehicle.” (407)

“Shukri Ali Said, 36, was killed by police, according to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, when she refused to relinquish a knife she was allegedly brandishing, even after being Tased. Johns Creek dispatchers said they received reports of a “demented person” with a knife shortly after 7 a.m. Capt. Chirs Byers said the report came from a home in the 300 block of Winherst Lane. While en route to that address, officers encountered Said a short distance away, near the intersection of Abbot’s Bridge and Sweet Creek roads.Byers said Said had a knife when officers encountered her. Byers said an altercation occurred at that point, which resulted in officers firing at the woman, wounding her.During that altercation, several attempts were used to de-escalate the encounter, including a Taser and a foam exact impact round, in order to get Said to drop the knife, to no avail.” (408)

Pictures are from The Library of Congress.