Town Hall Meeting

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There were two events PG could go to. Come Meet A Black Person Event was 23 miles away, at rush hour. The Brookhaven Town Hall Meeting was a mile away. PG walked to City Hall.

The meeting started on time. PG counted fourteen people in the room, with a few more coming in later. At least six of these people were employees of the city. Hari Karikaran, the Public Works Director, was the only person of color attending.

A few people had complaints about gunfire near Briarwood Park. Someone said that Blackburn Park is not well maintained. There is a plan to plant a different variety of grass in Blackburn Park, in a test section. After a while, someone will see if this test section works.

The Public Safety department said that it is difficult to maintain a full strength force. There is a program to monitor the license plates of cars entering the city, and some criminals have been caught. There is a problem with car break-ins, and someone has been stealing apartment mailboxes. One of the mailbox thieves was caught with the license plate detection program.

Facebook broadcast the meeting, with mixed results. People kept going back to the device, hoping to make it work. Finally, the broadcast went on line. You can see it using the link. The white haired man in the second row did not have much to say.

The event in Lawrenceville happened. Group of white people attends ‘Come Meet a Black Person’ mixer in Atlanta “Even with a police car parked across the street, the event went off without a hitch.” It was organized by Cheryle Moses, the founder of Urban Mediamakers.

Ms. Moses had this to say: “I’m not naive. I didn’t know what to expect. I had a 9 mm in my purse in case something happened. ’Cause I’m not going out like that,” … “I have a permit to conceal and carry. It’s important to know your rights. Racism, that’s white people’s problem. They created it. They need to fix it. We [black people] can only worry about ourselves,” …“White people are oblivious. We know them. We have to know them, you know. It’s not like that for them. They don’t know anything about us, they don’t have to.”

Pictures today are from The Library of Congress.


Believe Your Way To Hell

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These 666 words are a repost from 2010. It is based on a post at 22 Words. At that time, 22 Words was a quirky blog, with the emphasis on comments of 22 words or less. Today, 22 Words is a corporate blog. The top trending story now is “This Is Why You Should NEVER Put Toilet Paper On a Toilet Seat.” If you want to skip over the text, and look at the pictures, you will be forgiven. These monochrome pictures are from the FSA/PWI collection at The Library of Congress.

This post is about life after death and belief. Originally, the comment was going to be about gaining life after death through belief in Jesus, but the comment was over the 22 word limit. To get to the limit, the reference to Jesus was taken out. Did this substantially alter the meaning of the statement? Is it the matter of belief that counts, or does it have to be a specific belief about Jesus? And why should this matter to living people?

PG feels the pain that Jesus has caused him on a daily basis. He is not likely to change his mind about this religion, no matter how many people talk about it. It is unlikely that very many Jesus worshipers have changed their mind either…questioning your beliefs is the opposite of “faith”, and many are scared of going to hell if they have the wrong opinions. Somehow, this is not how PG wants to live.

22 Words is a regular stop for PG. The idea is to say what you need to say in 22 words or less. The owner of the blog does not enforce this rule, and few commenters practice it. The opening serve of the thread was “Do difficult times make you more or less empathetic? For me the answer is both. Some struggles I’ve faced make me more understanding of others. But sometimes I feel like: “I got over it; why can’t you?” (36 words). The comments took on the colors of Jesus Worship, which is to be expected at TwentyTwoWords.

Chamblee54/ “I feel that way about life after death obsessed Jesus Worshipers. Is there an etymological link between arrogant and air head?” Christen “Speaking of life after death, I’m just starting Randy Alcorn’s book Heaven and very convinced on the importance of being much more focused on our life after death. What did you mean by that, Chamblee?” chamblee54 “I feel the emphasis placed on life after death is mistaken. I disagree with the Jesus worship beliefs on life after death.” christen “Thanks for the reply, chamblee. I think I’m either inexperienced in “the emphasis placed on life after death” debate/issue (?) and “Jesus worship beliefs” or just don’t understand what you’re saying. Either way, I know I can’t wait to be in that place with that person !”

At this point, PG saw the dialog spinning off topic. This was his fault, to a degree, and he felt a responsibility to bring it back into line. The suspicion was that Christen was a Jesus Worshiper, who had never questioned a set of beliefs handed to her. A key portion of this was the life after death issue, which to PG is a fundamental flaw with Jesus Worship Religion. (PG disagrees with the concept of attaining life after death through holding certain beliefs about Jesus. PG also disagrees with the emphasis place on life after death in Jesus Worship.)

Chamblee54 “This is starting to get off topic. I suspect you have never questioned the concept of acquiring life after death through beliefs.” That clocks in at precisely 22 words. The original comment was about acquiring life after death through belief in Jesus. To bring the comment under the 22 word limit, PG decided to eliminate the reference to Jesus. And there was a realization that the fundamental meaning of the comment was not changed. If the status of one’s soul post mortem can be changed by a belief during life…a highly suspect concept to PG…does it matter what the belief is?

The Burning Of Atlanta

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Around this time 152 years ago, Atlanta was on fire. General Sherman was preparing for his March to the sea, and wanted to destroy anything of value in the city. The fire is reported as being on 11-15 of November, depending on what source you use.

The November fire was the second great fire in Atlanta that year. On September 2, the city was conquered by the Union Army. The fleeing Confederates blew up a munitions depot, and set a large part of the city on fire. This is the fire Scarlet O’Hara flees in “Gone With The Wind”.

After a series of bloody battles, the city was shelled by Yankee forces for forty days. There were many civilian casualties. General Sherman was tired of the war, angry at Atlanta, and ready for action. This is despite the fact that many in Atlanta were opposed to secession.

Click here to hear a lecture by Marc Wortman at the Atlanta History Center. Mr Wortman is the author of “The Bonfire: The Siege and Burning of Atlanta”. The hour of talk is fascinating. This is a repost. The pictures are from The Library of Congress


About this time every year, there is a post about the burning of Atlanta. One of the sources is a lecture by Marc Wortman. If you have an hour to spare, this talk is worth your time. One of the stories told is the tale of Mr. Luckie.

“According to folklore, two stories abound as to how Luckie Street was named. The first is that its moniker came from one of Atlanta’s oldest families, and the other, probably closer to the truth, regales the life of Solomon “Sam” Luckie. Luckie, as it turns out, wasn’t so lucky after all. When General William Tecumseh Sherman first came marching through Atlanta in 1864, Luckie, a free Black man who made his living as a barber, was leaning against a gas lamp post in downtown talking to a group of businessmen. A burst from a cannon shell wounded him; he survived, but later died from his injuries. Folklore suggests that he may have been one of the first casualties of the assault on Atlanta during Sherman’s March to the Sea, and Luckie Street, an extension of the city’s famed Sweet Auburn Avenue, was later named in his memory.”

Marc Wortman wrote a book, The Bonfire: The Siege and Burning of Atlanta. The one star review, and comments to that review, are unusually detailed. Here is a selection.

“…People forget – or were never taught in school – that most Confederate soldiers descended from Revolutionary War patriots or were up-country poor sons of farmers. Many Confederate soldiers were relatively recent new arrivals to the U.S., semi-literate dirt poor immigrants from Ireland and Scotland who’d never had the chance to own even an acre of their own land in Europe. In the mix were well-educated, elite merchant business owning French Huguenot refugees of the Catholic Bourbon genocide of Protestants. These immigrants had nowhere else to go, 9 times out of 10 never owned a slave, and fought for the CSA to keep what little they’d hardscrabble carved out over a decade of arrival into the U.S.”

The War Between The States continues to be a source of controversy. After the Charleston church killings, many comments were made about the Confederate battle flag. (If you can’t talk about gun control or mental health, you talk about a symbol.) This led to discussions about the war itself. There were ritual denunciations of slavery, which was assumed to be the sole cause of the conflict. The fact that the vast majority of white southerners did not own slaves was dismissed.

The notion of autonomous states in a federal union was novel when the United States Constitution was written. The debate over federalism versus states rights continues to this day. States that want to legalize marijuana may be the next battleground. (Few are expecting secession over bong rights.) Many in the CSA saw the Union as being a conquering army, and fought to defend their homes. While slavery was certainly a factor in the creation of the CSA, it was not the only Casus belli. Pictures today are from The Library of Congress.


From BLM To Sir Maejor

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display of a link on this page is not an indication of approval ~ The Real Reason Female Porn Stars Don’t Shoot with Black Guys ~ Zappa Children Address Feud And Growing Up As Frank & Gail’s Kids ~ The Racist Origins Of The Word ‘Caucasian’ ~ A Year in Faerie Space ~ Latino Victory Fund i am in a save, wait, binge, purge mode on risk, download the shows, wait until i am in the mood, and listen to a bunch, i heard “going native” yesterday, here is a similar story ~ ~ witchunt ~ a matrix of shits ~ “The camel’s nose under the tent of witch huntery” ~ Johnstown Never Believed Trump Would Help. They Still Love Him Anyway. The gratuitous comment about the nfl at the end is getting a lot of attention. The rest of the story is being ignored, while people tut tut over that comment This attention to distraction is what Mr. Trump wants you to do. ~ COLD CASE: A transgender murder in rural Georgia baffles police ~ What Trump Voters Want Now ~ The Politico Goes On A Cletus Safari, Finds Two Angry NFL Fans Willing To Say What They Mean ~ Joni Mitchell 2014 Interview ~ The Truth About HIV and Being ‘Untransmittable’ ~ rand paul talks Mr. Paul made this statement before the misunderstanding with his neighbor. I was going to make a snarky comment about pain killers, but … ~ BLM to Sir Maejor ~ Victim in deadly hit-and-run ID’d; search for driver continues ~ Andrew Gregory Whitlock ~ The Black Ego Kills Prosperity ~ Something is wrong on the internet ~ Woman hospitalized, several arrested after brawl outside Chuck E. Cheese ~ Ta-Nehisi Coates has an incredibly clear explanation for why white people shouldn’t use the n-word ~ Ta-Nehisi Coates on words that don’t belong to everyone Comments are disabled for this video. ~ N$$$$$ a brief history ~ N$$$$$ oed Used by people who are not black as a relatively neutral (or occasionally positive) term, with no specifically hostile intent. ~ please ~ @AncntPhilosophy Every man prefers belief to the exercise of judgment. Seneca ~ Who Is Seneca? Inside The Mind of The World’s Most Interesting Stoic ~ Such a Stoic The art critic Robert Hughes labelled Seneca “a hypocrite almost without equal in the ancient world,” ~ George Takei Accused of Sexually Assaulting Former Model in 1981 ~ The Playboy Interview with Ta-Nehisi Coates I’ve never had a white person call me a nigger. ~ Reince Priebus Makes Announcement That Signals He May Have Flipped For Mueller ~ Where did the N-word come from? ~ Watch Four Iconic Live Performances by Billie Holiday ~ 8 Baffled Foreigners Reveal The Weirdest American “Food” They’ve Seen ~ @realDonaldTrump Why would Kim Jong-un insult me by calling me “old,” when I would NEVER call him “short and fat?” Oh well, I try so hard to be his friend – and maybe someday that will happen! ~ @realDonaldTrump We had a wonderful visit to Vietnam, thank you President Tran Dai Quang! Heading to the #ASEANSummit 50th Anniv Gala in the Philippines now. ~ @HeerJeet GOP is heading for an all out civil war between the establishment, the Trumpists, the neo-cons, supply siders, the ephebophiles and the hebephiles. ~ Pedophiles, Hebephiles and Ephebophiles, Oh My: Erotic Age Orientation To tease apart these erotic age orientation differences, Blanchard and his colleagues studied 881 men (straight and gay) in his laboratory using phallometric testing (also known as penile plethysmography) while showing them visual images of differently aged nude models. Because this technique measures penile blood volume changes, it’s seen as being a fairly objective index of sexual arousal to what’s being shown on the screen—which, for those attracted to children and young adolescents, the participant might verbally deny being attracted to. In other words, the penis isn’t a very good liar. ~ If Anyone Says Anything Back, That Is an Outrage ~ Can My Children Be Friends With White People? ~ Edna St. Vincent Millay: Love is not all ~ mugshot ~ The incident in Texas was at a Baptist church service . If it had been Catholic, then it would have been a Mass killing. ~ the only way to know is to just keep typing nonsense into the little box and see when big sister tells me to quit the former box had digits in the corner to tell you when to quit typing and start editing to fit into the character limit but now you have to guess until you run out ~ @WernerTwertzog Meanwhile, #ChrisChristie, naked, hog-tied with duct tape, in a blacked-out Ford Econoline van parked near the George Washington bridge, wonders how it all came to this. Again. Using the van’s door hinge, the hogtied #ChrisChristie manages to start a rip in the duct tape. He frees himself. He can escape, through the woods. There will be houses. But it is November, and he is naked. Again. From the onramp of the George Washington Bridge, drivers see a large, pasty-white figure shambling through the tall grass and cattails, emerging on the other bank, slathered in mud. He vanishes into the pine trees. What was that, they wonder. Their governor, of course. ~ You still haven’t gotten back to me about that beach house in Colorado. It is a really good deal. ~ It would be great to know, for sure, that a person is undetectable. Right now, you have to take their word. People trying to get laid do not always tell the truth. ~ ~ KimKierkegaardashian‏ @KimKierkegaard We worked hard to make the house minimalist. But the very thing which was supposed to make room occupied so much space that God had no access ~ anagrams for toxic masculinity: MIX + LUCY + CITATIONS, SUN + CLAIM + TOXICITY, SIX + CLOUT + INTIMACY, MIX + COUSIN + TACITLY, SCUM + NAIL + TOXICITY, TAXI + MISTY + COUNCIL, UNIT + AXIOM + CYCLIST, UNIT + SIXTY + COMICAL, TINY + TOXIC + MUSICAL, CITY + LINUX + SOMATIC, INTO + SIXTY + CALCIUM, TINY + CLIMAX + COITUS, STOIC + UNITY + CLIMAX, TOXIC + UNITY + CLAIMS, TOXIC + MUSIC + LITANY ~ The art critic Robert Hughes labelled Seneca “a hypocrite almost without equal in the ancient world,” ~ TNC doesn’t use other people’s words, but then he makes outrageous statement: White people are taught that everything belongs to them. What a jerk. ~ Kellyanne Conway says anyone in public office who has mistreated women should “step aside” Does this include the person who does Sarah Sanders’s Hair? ~ @KT_So_It_Goes Boy. Making America great again involves a lot more conditional pedophilia acceptance than they tell you in the brochure @horowitz39 In my view Moore is guilty as accused. But 1) it happened 30 years ago, & 2) he can’t be removed from the ballot, & 3) electing a Dem strengthens a party that defends these criminals: Obama, the Clintons, Holder, Lynch, Abedin, Cheryl Mills etc. &their crimes are far far worse ~ Are Shaun King’s kids allowed to be friends with him? ~ pictures for this allegoric paregoric dialectical diversion from are from The Library of Congress. ~ selah

About That Ta-Nehisi Coates Video

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Once upon a time, cigarettes were advertised on television. One new brand was a cigarette for women, Virginia Slims. The ability to kill yourself with tobacco was presented as being a privilege. Some wondered why women would want to take up this filthy habit. Today, African Americans have the privilege of using the n-word. What a deal. A nasty word, which degrades both the speaker, and the spoken of. Why would anyone want to use that word?

If you don’t have anything good to say, you can talk about the n-word. This *trigger* word is an aphrodisiac for the american body politic. Recently Ta-Nehisi Coates performed in a video, Ta-Nehisi Coates on words that don’t belong to everyone There is much praise for this entertainment, like this: @SneakerWonk #TaNehisiCoates has an incredibly clear #explanation for why #whitepeople shouldnt use the #nword. PG will have a few paragraphs about this production later.

PG has written about racism, anti-racism, and racial attitudes on many occasions. People get angry, and call PG rude names. He must be doing something right. Later, there was a double feature about James Baldwin. In the first half, Mr. Baldwin expresses a few opinions about that word. In the second half, PG substituted racist for the magic word, with interesting results.

One item that keeps coming up is speculation about who invented the n-word. Negro means black in Spanish, and is derived from a latin word. The Oxford English Dictionary has some usages going back to 1577. “1577 E. Hellowes tr. A. de Guevara Familiar Epist. (new ed.) 389 The Massagetes bordering vpon the Indians, and the Nigers of Aethiop [Sp. los negros en Ethiopia], bearing witnesse. ~ 1584 R. Scot Discouerie Witchcraft vii. xv. 153 A skin like a Niger. ~ 1608 A. Marlowe Let. 22 June in E. India Co. Factory Rec. (1896) I. 10 The King and People [of ‘Serro Leona’] N$$$$$$, simple and harmless.

The TNC video is based on the concept that white people want to use the magic word, but should not. This assumes a great deal. Chamblee54 published a piece about the n word, that spelled out why he does not like to use this noun/verb/adjective/adverb/interjection. Here are four reasons for a white person to refrain from saying america’s favorite dirty word.

1- The “N word” hurts people’s feelings. PG has known many fine Black people. He does not want to say anything that will hurt these people. 2- Being heard saying the “N word” can cause all sorts of problems. This can include physical retribution, loss of employment, lawsuits, and having to listen to enough loud angry words to make you wish you had never learned how to talk. 3- It is not a fair fight. There is no equivalent phrase for a Black Person to say to a White person. Why give that power to another group of people … to turn you into a mass of incoherent rage, just for hearing a six letter word. The closest thing is “Cracker”, which PG only recently found out was an insult. There used to be a minor league baseball team, the Atlanta Crackers. 4- The use of the “N word” demeans the user. When you say an insulting word about another human being, you make yourself look bad. For a Black person, using the “N word” degrades them as the object, as well as the speaker. Why would a person would want to do that?

So there is this video, Ta-Nehisi Coates on words that don’t belong to everyone It is being praised to high heaven. PG has some issues with this entertainment. The transcript is from vox, Ta-Nehisi Coates has an incredibly clear explanation for why white people shouldn’t use the n-word.

TNC gave an interview once, The Playboy Interview with Ta-Nehisi Coates. “The n$$$$$ thing? I understand if you’re black and you say, “Man, I had white people call me this shit all my life. They called me this shit when they hit me upside the head, and I don’t want to hear it.” I understand that. But that ain’t everybody’s experience. I’ve never had a white person call me a n$$$$$. I had somebody call me le négre here in France, but I was 38 years old and I couldn’t have cared less. It didn’t mean anything. So not all of us come out of that experience.”

The monolog starts off with a discussion about how some words are appropriate for some people to use, but others should not say them. “My wife, with her girl friend, will use the word bitch. I do not join in. You know what I’m saying? I don’t do that. I don’t do that. And perhaps more importantly, I don’t have a desire to do it.” The question arises: is his wife a four legged dog? Unless she is, then the b word does not apply to her.

“Coates pointed to another example — of a white friend who used to have a cabin in upstate New York that he called “the white trash cabin.” “I would never refer to that cabin” in that way. I would never tell him, ‘I’m coming to your white trash cabin.’” Of course, a person with an upstate cabin is likely to be far removed from the trailer park. He is using *white trash* with irony, and would not be the least offended if TNC called it “the white trash cabin.”

“The question one must ask is why so many white people have difficulty extending things that are basic laws of how human beings interact to black people.” (Is TNC saying that black people are not human beings?) … “When you’re white in this country, you’re taught that everything belongs to you. You think you have a right to everything. … You’re conditioned this way. It’s not because your hair is a texture or your skin is light. It’s the fact that the laws and the culture tell you this. You have a right to go where you want to go, do what you want to do, be however — and people just got to accommodate themselves to you.”

At this point, PG turned off the video in anger. He has never been taught that everything belongs to him. Nobody that PG knows been taught that. PG does not know anyone who teaches that message. This is a lie. It makes PG not want to believe anything else that TNC says. Maybe there is some privilege/culture mumbo jumbo that explains this concept, but PG is not buying it.

Lets go back a minute to the white trash cabin. TNC does not want to use this phrase. And yet, he feels entitled to make a sweeping generalization like “When you’re white in this country, you’re taught that everything belongs to you.” It is wrong to say white trash, but ok to slander white people.

“So here comes this word that you feel like you invented, And now somebody will tell you how to use the word that you invented. ‘Why can’t I use it? Everyone else gets to use it. You know what? That’s racism that I don’t get to use it. You know, that’s racist against me. You know, I have to inconvenience myself and hear this song and I can’t sing along. How come I can’t sing along?’”

“The experience of being a hip-hop fan and not being able to use the word ‘ni**er’ is actually very, very insightful.” To begin with, why do you assume that PG is a hip hop fan? Many white people think hip hop is garbage. And so, if you are forced to listen to music that you don’t like, how does that make you want to use a word that degrades the user? The logic of TNC is falling apart faster than the Falcons pass defense in the Super Bowl.

“It will give you just a little peek into the world of what it means to be black. Because to be black is to walk through the world and watch people doing things that you cannot do, that you can’t join in and do. So I think there’s actually a lot to be learned from refraining.” If you are in the mood to get yelled at for a half hour, you can ask someone about “things that you cannot do, that you can’t join in and do.” There might be some. Of course, if you go along with the rhetoric so far, you will probably believe what you hear. You might even understand why not using a nasty word will give you “a little peek into the world of what it means to be black.” As for PG, he seriously doubts this. He is not someone who says that this video “perfectly expressed every thought I had on the subject.”

Pictures today are from The Library of Congress. The photographer was Dorothea Lange.

Killed By Police November 12

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31 people were killed by police in the United States last week. This report is based on the Killed By Police database, which would appreciate a financial contribution. Here are the links: 1005 Juan Carlos Gomez (1006 / 1007 reported last week) 1008 Nyung Kyee 1009 Michael Wayne Marin 1010 Augustus Crawford 1011 Humberto Edwards 1012 Mason Andrew Johnson II 1013 1014 Marlysa Sanchez 1015 Eddie Patterson 1016 Pamela L. Webber 1017 1018 1019 Brandon Lee Flowers 1020 Jarrett Varnado 1021 1022 Jason Ike Pero 1023 Victor D. Bray 1024 Roger Raymond York, Jr. 1025 James Jacob Bailey 1026 Joseph Santos 1027 Charles Nichols. 1028 Paul Jones III 1029 Kiser Sturgell 1030 Ashley Jenkins 1031 1032 Thomas Aikens 1033 1034 1035 1036 1037

4 of the victims were female. (1014, 1016, 1021, 1030) 13 of the victims were white. (1005, 1009, 1012, 1013, 1014, 1016, 1017, 1019, 1024, 1025, 1026, 1029, 1030) 5 of the victims were black. (1010, 1015, 1020, 1028, 1031) 12 victims did not have a race indicated in media reports. 1022 Jason Ike Pero was “a member of the Bad River Tribe”

8 of the victims fired at an officer. (1009, 1012, 1013, 1024, 1025, 1028, 1033, 1034) 10 of the victims displayed a weapon. (1008, 1011, 1016, 1017, 1019, 1020, 1021, 1023, 1027, 1032) 3 of the incidents involved a domestic dispute. (1012, 1023. 1036) 4 of the victims were possibly suicidal. (1016, 1021, 1022, 1034)

Officer Jaimie Cox was killed during a KBP incident. Rockford Officer Shot Suspect Before Fatal Crash: Autopsy “A Rockford officer who died early Sunday while making a traffic stop fired his weapon, killing the suspect, before he was killed, police said. Autopsies conducted Monday showed that Officer Jaimie Cox, 30, died of blunt force trauma believed to be caused by a single-vehicle crash with suspect Eddie Patterson, 49, at the wheel. The Winnebago County Coroner’s Office has ruled Cox’s death a homicide, police said. Patterson was killed by gunshots that police believe were fired by Cox. Police said Patterson also received injuries when his pickup truck crashed about two blocks north of the initial traffic stop. On Sunday, Rockford Police Chief Dan O’Shea said he believed Cox had fired his weapon during the incident, and police initially tweeted that they were on the scene of a “shooting involving an officer,” at 1:20 a.m. Sunday. Police said Cox made a brief radio transmission asking for assistance after making a traffic stop at around 1 a.m. in the area of State Street and Dawn Avenue. Officers who arrived on the scene minutes later found Cox with critical injuries and Patterson dead inside his pickup truck, which struck a tree in the parking lot of the nearby Unitarian Universalist Church, according to the State Journal-Register. On Sunday, O’Shea said police believe that Cox scuffled with Patterson and “became entangled in the suspect’s vehicle.” State police said Patterson’s license had been revoked, and that Cox may have stopped him because the license plates on the pickup truck did not match the vehicle, according to the Associated Press.” (1015)

2 of the incidents took place in Georgia. East Cobb woman shot and killed by police after making threats “Cobb Police said Tuesday afternoon that three officers shot a woman at her East Cobb home after she threatened them while they responded to a suicide call. The woman, whom police said made an “overt action” with a handgun toward the officers, was transported to WellStar Kennestone Hospital and later died. Cobb Police spokesman Sgt. Dana Pierce said … Four officers arrived at the home and found a 32-year-old woman inside, along with her three-year-old daughter, according to Pierce. He said the woman left through the front door and returned inside, “and at one point made an overt action” with a handgun, threatening the officers. Three of the four officers then shot her, Pierce said. … Pierce said the child was unharmed, and was taken away by a neighbor until a family member arrived. Pierce said this was not the first time police have been called to the home for similar reasons. “We have been at this residence before,” he said. “There’s a history here.” (1021)

Suspect dead after 2 officers shot in Forest Park, police say “Police said they were responding to a reckless-driving call and when they arrived, police said they saw James Jacob Bailey on a motorcycle, driving erratically without a helmet on. Police said the two officers tried to apprehend Bailey, but he ran behind a home. Witness Jose Martinez said he saw Bailey armed with a gun with police close behind him. “They told him to stop. They pulled the gun but he didn’t stop and he run to the back of the house over here,” Martinez told Channel 2 Action News. The gunfire between the two officers and Bailey left one officer shot in the neck, the other in the leg. Bailey is dead. … Officer Tim Sterrett was shot in the neck area and had surgery Wednesday night. He is showing signs of improvement Thursday morning and will remain in ICU for a while. Officer Demarkus Hutcherson was shot in the leg and is recovering well. … Channel 2 Action News dug into Bailey’s past. A 2010 document indicates a first offender sentence for Bailey for a methamphetamine count, cruelty to children and battery-family violence. A 2016 document indicates a theft by taking charge and a negotiated guilty plea sentence of seven years but upon serving one year, the remaining six “may be served on probation.” A Department of Community Supervision officer said at the time Forest Park officers encountered Bailey and he shot them, he had an active probation violation warrant out for him. “He was not in his right mind’ I’m telling you,” his mother, Chris Bailey … described her song as too generous and kind to shoot anyone, that is, until drugs got the best of him.” (1025)

5 other incidents are noteworthy. Officer wounded, man killed in Meridian “Meridian Police Chief Benny DuBose said the incident began when a couple was riding with the suspect and the suspect got into an argument with the man and forced him out of the car at gunpoint. The man then called police to report that his girlfriend was still in the car with the suspect, DuBose said. “A BOLO (be on the lookout bulletin) was given for the vehicle, and the officer involved spotted the vehicle and attempted to get the suspect to exit the vehicle. He told him he knew he had the gun and to place his hands on the dash,” DuBose said. “The suspect came out of the vehicle firing at the officer.” (1013)

Man hit by Taser catches fire, dies Tuesday in McClain County “A man died Monday evening after dousing himself and the inside of his van in gasoline and then being struck by a police officer’s Taser, the McClain County Sheriff’s Department reported. The man had been reported as missing by Norman police and was reportedly suicidal, said McClain County Sheriff Don Hewett. Two Lindsay police officers located the man about 7:30 p.m. Tuesday inside a parked van at 100th Street and Council Avenue, about 2 miles northwest of Lindsay. Lindsay city manager Stephen Mills said the officers were responding to a report of a man who was acting erratic with a gun when they found him sitting inside a van with a container of gasoline. Mills said the officers ordered the man out of the van and he got out with a lighter in his hand. Officers saw the gasoline but said he did not smell any gasoline on the man and did not see the man pour it inside the van, Mills said. As the man disobeyed the officers’ commands to get away from the van, he turned to get back inside the van, Mills said. The officer fired the Taser, igniting the gasoline. The man climbed back into the van, where the flames ignited the gasoline already poured inside the van. The van was quickly engulfed in flames, and one officer’s jacket caught fire during the blaze. Lindsay firefighters responded to extinguish the blaze. Mills said he didn’t think the officer violated any training in the use of a Taser, which can ignite any flammable liquid or fumes present. The officer believed the risk of the man getting back into the van with gasoline and a lighter was greater than firing the Taser, Mills said…. Hewett said the fire burned the man beyond recognition.” (1018)

“One dead after officer-involved shooting in Clinton Three Clinton Police Department officers responded to a home in the 1000 block of East Drive after 9 p.m. Wednesday. They had received information that a man with outstanding warrants was at the residence. Upon arrival, officers attempted to take him into custody. The man then attempted to climb out of a window. At one point, the man fired a weapon at the police. One of the officers fired back, hitting him. He was pronounced dead at the scene. The officers were not injured. Records show York had a violent criminal history in Anderson County. In July, he was arrested for evading deputies twice in two days. According to the report from the Anderson County Sheriff’s Office, he tried to reach for a knife to attack a deputy and tried to bite him while being arrested. York was booked on three counts of evading arrest, two counts of resisting arrest and once count of assault and reckless driving on top of his other outstanding charges of evading arrest and reckless driving.” Man flees deputies twice, succeeds once 1024 Roger Raymond York, Jr is the PICTURE OF THE WEEK.(1024)

Man killed by police in Providence did not steal state police cruiser “According to state police Col. Ann Assumpico, an unnamed trooper was driving Donald Morgan, 35, to a court appearance on obstruction and possession of a stolen motor vehicle charges. When the trooper stopped at a crash on Route 146 and exited the car, Morgan, still handcuffed, got into the driver’s seat and drove away with the cruiser. The trooper’s weapon was not taken. Laura Meade Kirk, a spokeswoman for the state police, said she could not comment on questions related to procedures for the transport of prisoners.” … “About an hour and a half after the cruiser was stolen, according to Cranston Police Col. Michael Winquist, a call went out across police radio channels asking officers across the state to be on the lookout for a white Ford F150 with something “hanging out the back.” The broadcast led the officer to suspect Morgan might be in the truck, Winquist said. A Cranston officer saw a white Ford F150 driving “erratically” in the city shortly afterward, and attempted to pull the driver over. The truck stopped, but when the Cranston officer got out of his car, the driver “took off at a decent clip,” Winquist said. The truck swerved, made illegal turns, and sped past stop signs evading the police. …” “A driver is shown racing in a white pickup truck down a highway Thursday morning as he tried to elude police cars, then getting caught in traffic where two highways merge alongside the city’s downtown. He repeatedly rams a woman’s car in front of him as officers jump out of the way. Providence police and state police converged on the truck and fired more than 40 rounds, killing the driver and injuring the passenger, said Providence Police Chief Hugh Clements. Police later found no weapons in the truck.” Woman reacts to brother’s killing by police on I-95 ramp She acknowledged that her brother has a criminal record. He had a suspended license and was driving an unregistered vehicle when he saw police attempt to pull him over. “He was probably nervous that he was going to get pulled over and sent back to jail, so he didn’t want to stop, which was the wrong decision on his part, which made it dangerous for other people,” Santos said. … “What they chose to do was use live ammunition — in excess of 40 rounds — to stop an almost completely stopped car,” … Santos said if it wasn’t for Donald Morgan, who is accused of stealing a state police cruiser and fleeing in a white pickup truck, her family wouldn’t be going through all of this. “My brother was wrong for not stopping and they were incredibly wrong for using the amount of force to stop a man who was actually innocent and scared,” she said.” video (1026)

Officials: Man flees arrest in Ross County, allegedly steals car at gunpoint “Law enforcement officials continue to search for a man who allegedly stole a vehicle at gunpoint to get away from them Wednesday. The incident happened while the U.S. Marshals Office was serving warrants along with the Ross and Pike County sheriff’s offices. Officers attempted to serve Kiser Sturgell, 27, with a warrant at 632 Keiser Road in southern Ross County when he allegedly ran out of the home with a rifle and threatened to shoot anyone who followed him into the woods, according to the Ross County Sheriff’s Office. Officers followed Sturgell but lost him in the woods. About 30 minutes later, he allegedly stole a 1997 burgundy Buick Lesabre from the 300 block of Keiser Road at gunpoint. The U.S. Marshals Task Force continued to work throughout the night and on Thursday to locate Sturgell. According to online prison records, Sturgell was placed on parole supervision after his release from prison in August on a felony failure to appear charge out of Jackson County. Pike County Court records indicate a warrant was issued for Sturgell’s arrest when he failed to appear for court Oct. 30 on charges of possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia filed by Waverly Police after an Oct. 28 incident. He also was cited for driving under suspension, no operator’s license, and unsafe vehicle during the same incident. Sturgell is described as a white male, 6-foot-2 inches tall, 200 pounds, blonde hair, blue eyes, and tattoos covering his neck and jaw.” Two dead after police shooting in Greenup County “Trooper Michael Murriell with Kentucky State Police says several law enforcement agencies in Greenup County were chasing a vehicle late Thursday night. The chase ended near the intersection of Route 693 and Route 207 in Flatwoods. That’s where neighbors reported hearing as many as 20 gunshots. Murriell says the two people in the vehicle died after they were shot by police. He could not confirm who opened fire first. KSP is also not commenting yet on what led to the chase.” Kiser Sturgell Dead in KY “Kiser and Ashley were shot dead in Flatwoods KY. ~ Why would you post something like that if your not 100% sure ?? ~ Because I watched it happen in my neighbors yard. He fired multiple shots and they fired back. ~ How do you know fs thou did you actually see kiser and how come the news has not released the names yet ?? ~ Tag # on the back of the Buick LeSabre he carjacked is the same. This happened in my neighborhood which the state Dept has closed off now btw. ~ Ashley WHO ? ~ Jenkins ~ This piece of garbage your referring to has a mom and a dad that are eventually gonna find this thread and have to read that about their baby. Kiser wasn’t a bad person, he just got down the wrong path in life. Drugs consumed his conscience and he made mistakes. Please don’t speak so ill on the dead, he wasn’t always this way.” (1029, 1030)

3 of the incidents can be labeled suspicious. Deadly officer-involved shooting in south Bakersfield “A man (Augustus Joshua Crawford) was killed Saturday night in an officer-involved shooting in South Bakersfield. … According to Bakersfield Police Department Sgt. Ryan Kroeker, officers stopped a vehicle around 10:45 p.m. Saturday on Planz Road near South H Street. Kroeker said a man, who was in the vehicle, got out and ran. Kroeker said an officer shot the man. He was taken to a local hospital where he died. Police said the man had a gun, but it’s unclear if officers were aware of that when the shooting occurred. Kroeker said a gun was recovered at the scene. ” (video) UPDATE (Nov. 6): “The Bakersfield Police Department said the gun found at the scene of the deadly police shooting Saturday night was one stolen from an unmarked Kern County Sheriff’s Office vehicle in October. Police also said the man was a suspect in a shooting earlier that night.” A facebook post says “Crawford’s family said Augustus was leaving his son’s first birthday party last night when he was pulled over by Bakersfield Police.” (1010)

Authorities initially called to shooting scene for a report of a person with a knife “The Ashland County Sheriff’s Office says a 14 year old boy has died following an officer-involved shooting in Odanah. Authorities say they were called to the area of Maple Street shortly after 11:30 a.m. on Wednesday for a report of a male walking around carrying a knife. According to authorities, shots were fired by a deputy shortly before noon, and the boy was hit by a gunshot. … The boy was taken to Memorial Medical Center in Ashland after he was treated by first responders, and was pronounced dead at the hospital. The Bad River Tribal Council says the person who died was a young male and was also a member of the Bad River Tribe” “The Ashland County Emergency Communications Center received a 911 call reporting a male subject walking on Maple Street carrying a knife. Ashland County Sheriff’s Deputy Brock Mrdjenovich responded to the scene and encountered a 5’9”, 300 pound male subject who fit the description given by the 911 caller. The subject was later identified as 14-year-old Jason Ike Pero. Pero approached Deputy Mrdjenovich with a large butcher knife and he refused numerous commands to drop the weapon. On two occasions, Pero lunged at the deputy while the deputy was attempting to retreat. Deputy Mrdjenovich fired his service weapon at Pero, striking him twice. Life-saving measures were initiated however, Pero was pronounced dead at Memorial Medical Center in Ashland. DCI has determined Jason Pero was the same person that called 911 reporting a man with a knife, giving his own physical description. Initial information indicates that Pero had been despondent over the few days leading up to the incident and evidence from a search warrant executed on Pero’s bedroom supports that information.” (1022)

Denver police officer shoots man accused of robbing a bank on the 16th Street Mall; suspect dies at hospital “A Denver police officer shot a man accused of robbing an ANB Bank on the 16th Street Mall as he tried to flee down a nearby alley Friday afternoon while many people were walking down the mall, police say. … Chelsea Wood, 28, was walking east on the mall in front of the Ink Coffee shop when he saw a heavily bundled man walk casually out of the ANB Bank. He was wearing a gray ski mask over his face, a light hoodie, a winter coat and jeans, she said. …“He was very hobo-esque. I was looking at him as we passed face to face about six inches away. I thought, why are you wearing a ski mask when you can’t even see?” Wood said. “He was trying to see out of the mask and he couldn’t even see me.” Just then two men ran out of the bank and screamed, “We’ve been robbed!” At that moment, the peculiarly acting man with his hands inside his coat took a sharp left turn into an alley. A Denver police officer had just arrived on his shift, White said. He was less than a block away, Wood said. He came running as the bank men pointed him down the alley, she said. … The officer ran down the alley, yelling orders for the suspected robber to stop. The officer fired several shots, striking the suspect. Police later recovered a gun where the alleged bank robber fell near Dumpsters. There was also evidence from the bank robbery, White said.” (1035)

Pictures today are from The Library of Congress. The photographer was Dorothea Lange.

November 11

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Veteran’s Day is a bad day for a cynic. On the one hand, I do appreciate living in The United States. With all its flaws, I have had a good life here. The role that Veterans have played is to be honored. On the other hand, those who profit from wars often exploit Veterans for political mojo. Many of these people did not serve.

Veterans are often not treated well after they are through with their service. It is estimated that a quarter of the homeless are veterans. The services offered to wounded veterans returning from War are often lacking. These wounds are both physical and mental.

When I typed the second sentence, I thought of my great grandfather. He served with the Georgia State Troops in the War Between the States. I do prefer the USA to the CSA (or whatever would have happened). Yet, the Union army had to prevail over the various Confederate Armies for this to happen. Do I dishonor my great grandfather by saying I am happy the other side won?

Veterans Day was originally Armistice Day. This was the day, 90 years ago, when the War to End All Wars ended. World War I was a ghastly bloodbath, in which millions died. It created many of the problems that plague us today. And I would be willing to bet that not one person in ten thousand today knows what it was about. And yet, the men who fought in that conflict (I don’t think they had women soldiers then) deserve the same gratitude as those who fought in any other conflict.

The soldier…many of whom were drafted…doesn’t get to choose which war to fight in. The sacrifice of the World War II soldier was just as great as the Vietnam fighter, but the appreciation given was much greater. I grew up during Vietnam, and saw the national mood go from patriotic fight to dismayed resistance. By the time I was old enough to get drafted, the Paris accords had been signed. For better or worse, there went my chance.

Veterans day was originally Armistice Day. On November 11, 1918, at 11 am (the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month) a cease fire went into effect for “The great war”. Officials of the major armies agreed to the ceasefire at 5 am (European time). There were an estimated 11,000 casualties in the last six hours of the war.

At 11:59 am, U.S. army private Henry Gunther became the last soldier to die in World War I.
“According to the Globe and Mail this is the story of the last soldier killed in WW1: On Nov.11, 1918, U.S. army private Henry Gunther stood up during a lull in the machine gun fire and charged the enemy. “The Germans stared in disbelief,” says the Daily Express. “They had been told that morning that the fighting was about to stop; in a few minutes they would stop firing and go home. So why was this American charging at them with his bayonet drawn? They shouted at him to stop and frantically tried to wave him back but… he hadn’t heard anything of the ceasefire.” A German gunner released a five-round burst and the soldier lay dead, at 10:59 a.m. In his recently published Eleventh Month, Eleventh Day, Eleventh Hour, U.S. Military Historian Joseph Persico notes that Private Gunther had previously been a sergeant but was demoted after an Army censor read his letter to a friend back home, urging him to steer clear of the war at all costs. Gunther, who was in no-man’s land when the ceasefire news arrived, had been trying to prove himself worthy of his original rank.”
This is a repost. Pictures are from The Library of Congress.

Politico Goes To Johnstown

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A facebook friend kicked off today’s game with this comment: “CW: Blatant explicit racist language to the end. I don’t know how many stories we need to write about deplorables who know trump is and always has been lying but follow him anyway because they are RACIST. But at least we SHOWED them this week!” There is a link to a story, Johnstown Never Believed Trump Would Help.

PG read the story after he saw another story about it, The Politico Goes On A Cletus Safari, Finds Two Angry NFL Fans Willing To Say What They Mean The second story, like the fbf, is concerned about the last paragraph of the Politico story. The preceding 90% is passed over, in the rush to racism at the end. This might have been the intention of Politico.

The story shows a reporter, Michael Kruse, going to Johnstown PA, to talk to the small town people. Many of the people voted for Donald Trump in 2016. They believed his promise to MAGA, and are now finding ways to rationalize the fact that it is not happening. One of the things that angers people is NFL players not standing for the National Anthem. It is a handy distraction.

Pennsylvania is seeing tough times. The steel mill towns are hit hard. A demagogue running for President said he was going to make everything right again. The people believed the loudmouth. The tough times continue, and the people are trying to figure things out.

This is what the article purports to be about. The first mention of race comes 871 words into the 3890 word article. “For them, it’s evidently not what he’s doing so much as it is the people he’s fighting. Trump is simply and unceasingly angry on their behalf, battling the people who vex them the worst—“obstructionist” Democrats, uncooperative establishment Republicans, the media, Black Lives Matter protesters and NFL players (boy oh boy do they hate kneeling NFL players) whom they see as ungrateful, disrespectful millionaires.”

The article cruises along, with a lot of talk about economic anxiety… the real thing, not a privilege code word for racism. Before the money quote at the end, there is this: “Next to Bala was a gray-haired man who told me he voted for Trump and was happy so far because “he’s kept his promises.” … I asked for his name. “Bill K.,” he said. He wouldn’t give me his last name. “I don’t trust you,” he said.”

In the next paragraph, Mr. Kruse is talking to “catering company owner Joey Del Signore.”Shame on them,” Del Signore said over his alfredo. “These clowns are out there, making millions of dollars a year, and they’re using some stupid excuse that they want equality—so I’ll kneel against the flag and the national anthem?” “You’re not a fan of equality?” I asked. …”

Then we get the attention grabbing quote. Mr. Kruse, is talking to Pam Schilling, a key part of his story. We don’t know how Mr. Kruse brought up the kneeling NFL players. PG suspects that Mr. Kruse egged on Ms. Schilling, and her husband Dave McCabe. In the end, Mr. McCabe repeated a joke. It was what the NFL stood for. You can probably guess what the N stands for.

What Trump Voters Want Now was written by Mr. Kruse after the 2016 election. He speaks to many of the people that are featured in the current article. One of them, Pam Schilling, lost a son to heroin. He had sore knees from playing football, which led to pain killers, which lead to heroin. How many of the N-football players are living in pain today?

One quote from the November story stands out. “But for Kirsch, who’s 53, who’s lived in this area his whole life, who’s hauled coal for three decades, and who voted for Obama in ’08, for nobody in ’12 and for Trump last week, the comment from Clinton that irrevocably did her in wasn’t “deplorables.” It had come six months earlier, actually, during a town hall on CNN. The context was more complicated and less incriminating than the widespread takeaway, but the phrase Kirsch heard, and couldn’t and wouldn’t forget, was this: “We’re going to put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business.”

“Havener, the retired union carpenter who met me at Missy’s, had said over the summer he would vote, albeit unenthusiastically, for Clinton. In the end, he did not. He voted for Jill Stein, the Green Party candidate. “I wanted to see someone who wasn’t another one in the royal, so to speak, progression,” he explained. He saw things, he said, in Clinton’s character that didn’t “sit well” with him: “It’s like win at all costs. I feel like she’d do anything she could to get there.” Trump, though, he said, was even worse.”

The people who voted for Gary Johnson and Jill Stein helped Donald Trump win Pennsylvania. Many of these “racist” voters voted for Barack Obama. These are the people Chuck Schumer was talking about: “For every blue-collar Democrat we lose in western Pennsylvania, we will pick up two moderate Republicans in the suburbs in Philadelphia.”

Pictures today are from The Library of Congress. The photographer was Dorothea Lange.

Pharisees And Sadducees

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display of a link on this page is not an indication of approval ~ DA to seek murder indictments against 3 Washington County officers ~ I keep a document on my desk top. I make a note of links to things I want to read later. I also copy comments I want to make. Sometimes I make the comment, and sometimes I use discretion. On monday morning, I publish this document. Lately, I have been including the poem I read sunday night. Pictures today are from the GSU library. As usual, they have nothing to do with the text.Today’s text has 999 words. ~ Manfort indictment ~ Checking My Male Privilege ~ @phl43 You’ve got to be fucking kidding me, Mueller can’t even get his facts straight in indictment: Tymoshenko was never President, she was PM… ~ FAMOUS Enough Podcast Season 2; Ep. 1: We’re backkk (w/R.J. Owens) ~ What a Tantric Shaman Sees on a Porn Set – with Rak Razam TPP69 ~ Man says girlfriend’s mutilated body with missing organs is blow-up doll with human flesh ~ @Phil_Johnson_ On name-calling & insults: 1. They ought to be used sparingly (Col. 4:6). 2. They aren’t ALWAYS sinful (1 Ki. 18:27; Matt. 3:7; 23:13-33). Matthew 3:7But when he saw many of the Pharisees and Sadducees come to his baptism, he said unto them, O generation of vipers, who hath warned you to flee from the wrath to come? ~ @SlavojTweezek So if God were honest, you know, I am sure he would be an atheist. ~ The Inside Story Of Matt Taibbi’s Departure From First Look Media ~ atheism thread ~ Our silent Civil War: Debate over statues didn’t come out of thin air ~ Insectageddon ~ The Web began dying in 2014, here’s how ~ Here Are The 10 Weirdest Places You Can Possibly Go To In Georgia ~ Not quite 13 reasons why “fuck” is a really great word ~ Papa John’s Blames the NFL for Hurting Pizza Sales ~ Verdun ~ Sessions now says he was aware of Papadopoulos-Russia contacts — contradicting his sworn testimony: report ~ Argument over Bible, forgiveness leads to Georgia man being shot twice in head ~ I recently pubished a post. It was originally written in 2008. It featured a quote from your blog. Congratulations on being in business, nine years later. ~ The Laws of Simple Sentences ~ a history of polka dots ~ Yemen’s Houthis fire missile at Saudi Arabia’s Riyadh ~ conversations with burroughs page 4 ~ Why I’ve Started to Fear My Fellow Social Justice Activists ~ Devin Kelly ~ They aren’t ALWAYS sinful (1 Ki. 18:27; Matt. 3:7; 23:13-33). ~ OOPS! This page exists to tell you that this page doesn’t exist. ~ Instead of “What would Jesus do?” maybe the question should be “What did Jesus do?” ~ stupid anagrams as pi stud ~ if pigs could fly who would clean up after them? ~ 3:7But when he saw many of the Pharisees and Sadducees come to his baptism, he said unto them, O generation of vipers, who hath warned you to flee from the wrath to come? ~ Patch welcomes contributions and comments from our users. We strive for civil, enlightened discussions on Patch stories and local issues. Please abide by our posting standards Be civil No profanity No personal attacks or insults Stay on topic Users who violate our posting rules will have their comments blocked or deleted. Users who flagrantly violate our standards can be banned at the moderator’s discretion. ~ Diana Y‏ @DianaFL2NC Eyes rolled too far #My4WordCauseOfDeath ~ Adoption is almost the same word as abortion. The mirror image of b is d. P is pronounced like r in Russian. ~ Luther Mckinnon Was Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton the best the Democrats could do? They deserve to lose Chiqieata Banenea With that same reasoning the republicans put the worsted of the worst did they deserve to win? I think the real looser are the American people specially the ones that will die do to lack of health care. The children that are going hungry in schools, and the hundreds of people who will go homeless do to the new tax laws that are moving through Congress. But no worries they deserve it! Luther Mckinnon Ultimately, the American people, and the rest of the world, loses. My comment was about the ongoing battle, Hillary vs BS vs the american people. The fact that the Repubs offered us whatshisname sucks as well. Chiqieata Banenea the people voted and Hillary won by 3million votes. Bernie is not a democrat and only join the party to gain a platform. He had good points but was tunnel vision and in the primaries the Dems votes him out. He lost! So why do people keep bringing him up? Not a winner Not a democrat! Luther Mckinnon Another problem is the electoral college. We needed to get rid of the EC after the 2000 election. When you live in a red state like Georgia, you do not have a vote. HRC may have won the popular vote, but that is not what decides the election. FWIW, I think DJT would have beaten BS. Also, if the election had been decided by popular vote, the parties would have used different strategies. DJT might have won the popular vote under those circumstances. The “Wednesday morning political consultants” will be discussing this race for a long time. I wonder if 2020 will be even more fucked up? Chiqieata Banenea Agree. I just hope that we can take 2018 and get better representation and get the waist out of Congress and the Senate. 2020 is going to be a whole new animal. Some how Dems and independents are going to have to come to agreement. ~ The Forgotten Hillary Clinton Voter: A Profile Of The Not-So-Silent Majority @chamblee54 When they called my neighbor racist, they called me racist Insulting voters is one way to lose the electoral college @EdDarrell What Clinton said was many Trump supporters are racists and other deplorables. If you self-identify in that group, repent. @chamblee54 What Clinton said and what people heard are two different things The definition of racist changes every day It probably includes you by now @EdDarrell When people said they were happy to be called racists with Trump, they rather outed themselves, don’t you think? @chamblee54 that is not who I am thinking about I am thinking about the undecideds who voted against Clinton i think insulting them was a bad idea @EdDarrell I think we owe it to our nation to hear accurately what candidates say, and not hold them accountable for our mishearing. @EdDarrell I think those who falsely claimed Clinton insulted non-racists should be ashamed. @LetThemEatGMOs dear lord ~ @DanFriedman81 I am about halfway convinced that social justice Twitter and campus activism are being run by pro-Trump Russian spies. ~ i tried to like this, but got a message: Twitter is over capacity. 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For more information, please review TruthFinder Terms of Use. ~ .@AnnCoulter is a good time to use singular they ~ this week’s poem is based on a hashtag, #4wordcauseofdeath
while bungee jumping hit bungee speed bump ~ running with lorena bobbitt scissors
was the proofreader for donald trump ~ could not remember the safe word sisters
look ma no hands hold my beer applaud ~ erection lasted over five hours
talk about fight club to double dare g-d ~ all you can eat marijuana flowers
peroxide leaches through skull tennessee ~ hillary clinton suicided me
left iron on tweeting from the bathroom ~ forgot that jesus flew out of the tomb
wanted to try drano bubble bath ~ swiped right on hallelujah psychopath
pictures today are from The Library of Congress. The photographer was Dorothea Lange ~ selah

Killed By Police November 5

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22 people were killed by police in the United States last week. This report is based on the Killed by Police database. Here are the links: 984 Lucas De Ford, 985 Eric Higgs 986 Mark Bidon 987 Tymyr Wilson 988 Dante Holden 989 Robert James Lightfeather 990 Jesus Birelas-Contreras 991 Luvelle Kennon 992 993 Vincent Hall 994 Heather Denean Bubrig 995 Jamee Almarez 996 Christopher Jacobs 997 998 Wallace Jory 999 Jerry Roach 1000 Robert A. Powell 1001 Marvin Stair 1002 Jorge Hidalgo 1003 Christopher Edward Loftis 1004 Raymond Davis 1005

21 of the victims were male. 994 Heather Denean Bubrig is the female. 5 of the victims were white, (994, 996, 998, 999, 1003) 6 were black, (985, 987, 988, 991, 993, 1004) 2 were native, (984, 989), and 2 were hispanic. (995, 1002) In 7 of the cases, the ethnicity was not indicated. (986, 990, 992, 997, 1000, 1001, 1005) The picture of the week award goes to 1003 Christopher Edward Loftis.

8 of the incidents saw the victim fire at the police. (985, 987/988, 993, 995, 997, 1000, 1001, 1005) 9 of the victims displayed a weapon. (986, 989, 990, 992, 994, 998, 999, 1002, 1003) Police used a taser on 996 Christopher Jacobs, and it did not work.

Facebook was the messenger in 2 of the incidents. Wallace Jory posted this message: “Just a thank you to my friends that helped me in my “move”; its over my stuff is garbage and tonite is my last night on earth. The wife and the son can have the apartment, good bye to one and all!!!” (998)

Jorge Hidalgo posted several memes, including “I need a cheap gun.” There were several messages. “What I’m about to do no Cai pedo real camaradas to hat have ur back don’t exist fuck it maybe i will live after this solo dios save” “To all my real camaradas need a gun to take some fool out of the way mis verdaderos camaradas no pinchis culos if you ain’t down with me don’t hit me up at all one way or the other i will get a gun” “Are you going to divorce? – Maybe – Think about it – No more thinking she got somebody i need somebody too” (1002)

Several of the incidents are noteworthy. Mark Bidon was a former law enforcement officer, who showed up at the employee entrance making trouble. “According to the department’s radio traffic from the time of the incident, a reporting party says there’s a “possible 10-96 at employee gate.” Sources tell 9Wants to Know “10-96” is code that refers to a person with possible mental health issues.” This may be a suicide by cop. (986)

Mr. Dante Holden, 19, of East Orange and Mr. Tymyr Wilson, 21, of East Orange were killed by an off-duty officer during a robbery attempt. “Information gathered so far indicates the police officer was dropping off an acquaintance and two children when they were confronted by the alleged robbers. Police said both suspects were armed. Police said one of the men apparently attempted to fire at the officer but the weapon jammed.” (987/988)

Sunnyvale police: Slain man threw knife at officers after killing Jax the police dog “About 18 minutes into the standoff, as they continued trying to coax Birelas-Contreras into surrendering, he threw a 6-inch butcher knife at the officers, Ngo said. That prompted Larkin to open fire with his service weapon, striking the suspect at least once. Birelas-Contreras was rushed to the hospital, where he died. Jax died from his wounds the same evening.” (990)

Police fatally shoot father who held 70-year-old elementary school teacher hostage for seven hours “The incident began unfolding at Castleview Elementary School around 11:15 a.m. Tuesday and lasted at least six hours as officials attempted to negotiate with the man … That man has been identified as Riverside resident Luvelle Kennon, 27. He died in the hospital after being shot by police. Kennon had a daughter in the first grade who he was coming to pick up when the violence unfolded, according to Justin Grayson, a public information officer for the Riverside Unified School District. He apparently flouted visitor protocol and forced himself onto the campus, then became upset and barricaded himself inside the classroom. Kennon’s behavior before he showed up at the school had already been raising concern among family members Tuesday morning. Upon his arrival school officials had been warned they may want to call law enforcement, Grayson said. “There’s just not much you can do when someone overpowers their way through the office staff,” he added. Kennon made his way to his daughter’s classroom, where he thought she would be; however, the students were out at lunch. It’s still not clear exactly why Kennon next chose to escalate the matter into a hostage situation. Grayson said he had not been a problem parent in the past.” (991)

Lakeland man 71, refused orders, dies after police confrontation “The incident took place at about 8:45 p.m. Lakeland police officers were dispatched to 726 W Crescent Drive after residents called about 71-year-old Jerry Roach, who they said yelled racial slurs at neighbors, fired his gun into the air once and pointed it at them from his front yard. Officers surrounded his home and evacuated neighbors. They tried to get Roach, who was inside, to come outside, but he refused. But then Roach told officers on the phone that he was going to come outside and that police would have to kill him. He said he would bring his shotgun, police said. Roach stepped out of his home with his shotgun at about 10:50 p.m and walked toward officers, who ordered him to drop it. After he refused, six officers fired at Roach. … he was pronounced dead at 11:20 p.m. … Roach, a felon, has had previous incidents with the Polk County Sheriff’s Office, which include three felony and two misdemeanor arrests. He was prohibited from having a firearm.” (999)

Suspect killed after standoff with police at Billings sporting goods store “Billings Police Chief Rich St. John confirmed the suspect drove an SUV through the front entrance of the Big Bear Sports Center on King Avenue West around 3 a.m. … The suspect reportedly came from Wal-Mart where employees had kicked him out of the store for attempting to steal firearms, according to police. Q2 News spoke with a Wal-Mart employee who saw the suspect attempt to gain access to the gun case at the store early this morning. The employee, who wanted to remain anonymous, said the man appeared to be impaired. The suspect was told to leave and had to be chased out of the store. Officers who arrived on scene were shot at by the suspect. Several volleys of gunfire were exchanged. … It’s not clear if police shot and killed the suspect or if died by self-inflicted gunshot.” (1005)

2 of the incidents can be considered suspicious. State to investigate officer-involved shooting near Black River Falls “After a 27-year-old man was killed in an officer-involved shooting in Jackson County Saturday morning, friends, family and members of the community gathered outside of the courthouse looking for answers. “The family had a million questions, no one was communicating with us,” says Curtis Redbird of the Ho-Chunk Nation. “We did it in a way that was very genuine to our people, and that’s peaceful, we shared songs with them to encourage them to come out and talk with us and we shared songs with the community in hope that they would come and support us.”… “A Jackson County deputy shot and killed a man after responding to a rural area near Black River Falls early Saturday morning. Sheriff Duane Waldera tells WEAU 13 News that the man was shot following a car chase. Just before 1 a.m. Saturday, the deputy responded to what the sheriff described as “a reported disorderly conduct matter that involved a restraining order injunction between two people.” It happened in the Jackson County Town of Komensky, which is east of Black River Falls. The deputy tried to find the person involved when he arrived at the scene and ended up seeing their vehicle, which was in motion. Then, the deputy tried to pull it over. “The vehicle did not stop, and then continued to the area of the residence where the complainant lives, at the residence area, and then everything unfolded from there,” said Sheriff Waldera. “It appeared that the person was attempting to go back to the other person’s residence, but the deputy intervened.” There’s no word on how many times the deputy fired or how many times the man was hit.” (984)

24-year-old identified in deadly officer-involved shooting in Columbus Officials say 24-year-old Raymond Davis of Columbus was pronounced dead at 1:58 AM Saturday. … We’re told police responded to a disturbance call at the Premier Lounge at the corner of 22nd Street and College Street. Investigators said the lounge was closing and there was a large crowd outside. Investigators said the exact details of the shooting are still under investigation. … A second person was also injured in the shooting and is expected to recover. We’re told a gun was recovered at the scene.”(1004)

Pictures are from The Library of Congress.

Listen Vote Have Faith

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This feature was originally published November 4, 2008. PG had just returned from voting. According to Wikipedia, November 4 saw Presidential elections in 1924, 1952, 1980, and 2008. That is three Republicans, to one Democrat, in four elections on the fourth. Today’s birthdays include Will Rogers, 1879, Walter Cronkite, 1916, Art Carney, 1918, Freddy Heineken, 1923, Laura Bush, 1946, and Robert Mapplethorpe, 1946. Will Rogers never met Donald Trump. Pictures for this gratuitous waste of bandwidth are from The Library of Congress.

PG thinks about the three part advice…pray, vote, don’t worry. The second part is over. When PG walked out of the building at 7:42 am last Tuesday, the election was history. The wawuh is ovah. La Guerre Est Finie, or whatever the title was of that movie at the Film Forum thirty seven years ago. That was about the time of the first election for PG, when Tricky Dick whipped George the dummy. Tuesday was the ninth time PG has cast a presidential ballot, and, if the polls are correct, will be the third time he voted for the winning candidate.

Don’t worry is phrased with a negative, and might work better with a positive verb. The first thought is Have Faith. Or maybe Think Well, or Think Good Thoughts. Alfred E. Neuman made a good career out of the phrase “What me Worry?”, even though he was just a cartoon character. It is easy for cartoon characters not to worry. (The spell check suggestion for Neuman is Humane.)

Having faith for a living human being can be a bit tougher. PG has always tended to pessimism, and his default face look is sadness. This causes problems, especially with a certain former employer who would harp on PG’s “negative attitude”. When you tell a person often enough that he has a negative attitude, it is the lie that becomes the truth.

The truth is, the future has always looked bad, and turned out to be good. PG 63 now, in good health below the neck, and has a few things going for him. As for America and the world … the national debt is greater than ever, a war rages on eight time zones away, and we are no closer to energy independence than we were when Tricky Dick was POTUS. This was the time of the OPEC embargo, when America began to realize it’s addiction. We have done nothing since. PG remains optimistic about the future health of the planet, but wonders what it is based on. UPDATE We still have multiple wars, energy chaos, an enormous national debt, and ass backward leadership. In the 2016, the Republicans blamed Islam and Mexico. The Democrats blamed racism. Neither blame game is likely make America great, either in the past, the future, or the pasture.

Which brings us to the third leg of the stool. Prayer is an essential part of many religions, and works for many people. PG has a problem with prayer. It is connected to Jesus Worship. PG does not get along with Jesus.

Prayer is talking to G-d. Meditation is listening. Prayer is active, meditation is passive. Prayer appeals to type A americans, who tend to do what they want, and fight those who get in the way. Most of these people are Jesus Worshipers. This is what PG sees of when he thinks of prayer. Not only are they loud and selfish, but they are proud of it. They are loud and selfish for Jesus.

The first commandment says to have no other G-d before thee. This does not make an exception for books about G-d, or for the so called son of G-d. When you get away from this common sense rule, you are going to have problems. Maybe if you pray to G-d, and leave Jesus and the bible out of it, you will be ok. As long as you shut up, and listen to what she has to say.

Smedley Butler

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There was a feature the other day on the innertube called War is a racket . It was about a man with the unlikely name of Smedley Butler . Pictures for today’s adventure are from The Library of Congress. The video features an actor named Graham Frye in the role of General Butler. The video is courtesy of Smedley D. Butler Brigade Chapter 9 Veterans For Peace. This is a repost.

Major General Smedley Darlington Butler was a star of the U.S. Marine Corps. He lied about his age to enlist during the Spanish American War. Mr. Butler served in Philippines, China, Mexico, the Caribbean, Central America and World War I. With the exception of World War I, most of these conflicts are forgotten today.

Smedley Butler received the Medal of Honor twice.
“His first Medal of Honor was presented following action at Vera Cruz, Mexico, 21-22 April 1914, where he commanded the Marines who landed and occupied the city. Maj Butler “was eminent and conspicuous in command of his Battalion. He exhibited courage and skill in leading his men through the action of the 22nd and in the final occupation of the city…The following year, he was awarded the second Medal of Honor for bravery and forceful leadership as Commanding Officer of detachments of Marines and seamen of the USS Connecticut in repulsing Caco resistance on Fort Riviere, Haiti, 17 November 1915.”
After his retirement in 1931, Mr. Butler had a change of heart, and decided that killing for Uncle Sam was not such a great idea. He wrote a book, “War is a Racket”, and became a popular speaker. Here is a “money quote”…
“I spent 33 years and four months in active military service and during that period I spent most of my time as a high class thug for Big Business, for Wall Street and the bankers. In short, I was a racketeer, a gangster for capitalism. I helped make Mexico and especially Tampico safe for American oil interests in 1914. I helped make Haiti and Cuba a decent place for the National City Bank boys to collect revenues in. I helped in the raping of half a dozen Central American republics for the benefit of Wall Street. I helped purify Nicaragua for the International Banking House of Brown Brothers in 1902–1912. I brought light to the Dominican Republic for the American sugar interests in 1916. I helped make Honduras right for the American fruit companies in 1903. In China in 1927 I helped see to it that Standard Oil went on its way unmolested.”
Smedley Butler died June 21, 1940. Eighteen months later, America was at War again. How he would have reacted to that conflict is a mystery.