I don’t know where the gun was

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display of a link in this space does not indicate approval of content ~ Mike Thevis ~ Understanding Contemporary White Supremacy ~ George Zimmerman and Jeronimo Yanez highlight the need to unpack anti-Blackness in Latinx communities ~ On Philando Castile, Akai Gurley, and Non-Black People of Color’s Complicity in Anti-Blackness ~ PARKAtlanta-induced headache is over after eight long years ~ Blotner’s Novel and Gwynn’s American Fiction Classes ~ 10 Things We Learned From Godfather-of-Punk-Rock Doc ‘Danny Says’ ~ Tyler Goodson of “S-Town” podcast accused of animal cruelty ~ Squad dashcam video – Yanez case ~ Authorities release dashcam video, other evidence from Yanez investigation 9:10 “He had a grip a lot wider than a wallet” ~ Press conference responding to verdict in Jeronimo Yanez trial ~ Jeronimo Yancz Co, Atty Compldint No: 0620373879 ~ Minnesota officer on tape: ‘I don’t know where the gun was’ An officer who arrived on the scene, Roseville police Officer Juan Toran, said he performed CPR on Castile. As paramedics were rolling Castile onto a backboard, Toran said he saw the gun slide out of Castile’s front right pocket. Toran said he didn’t even have to reach into the pocket to grab it. But St. Paul firefighter Eric Torgerson, a paramedic, testified that he saw an officer reach deeply into the pocket to retrieve the pistol. ~ @KellyannePolls Laughing my #Ossoff ~ Pro Tip to future campaigners: Don’t make a vulgar joke about your last name the campaign slogan. #VoteyourOssoff got old and annoying. ~ The Real Story of the Von Trapp Family ~ Stevie Wonder ~ Something Fishy Happened in Georgia Special Election, Thousands of Voters Turned Away ~ Young Joni Mitchell Performs a Hit-Filled Concert in London (1970) ~ An inventory of Philando Castile’s car: Life, interrupted ~ The dashcam video ~ Why this millennial Democrat’s concession speech sounds like he’s doing an Obama impression ~ John Waters’ RISD Graduation Speech: Real Wealth is Never Having to Spend Time with A-Holes ~ Another question I heard recently has the same answer. The other question: How many bullets does it take to kill a black body? The answer to both questions: All of them. ~ Use-of-force experts analyze Castile shooting video ~ @Kaepernick7 A system that perpetually condones the killing of people, without consequence, doesn’t need to be revised, it needs to be dismantled! ~ Yanez juror: ‘Nobody was OK with it’ “It just came down to us not being able to see what was going on in the car. Some of us were saying that there was some recklessness there, but that didn’t stick because we didn’t know what escalated the situation: was he really seeing a gun? ~ Timekeeping as feminist pedagogy ~ Surgeons urge people to throw away that wire bristle BBQ brush ASAP ~ Off-duty St. Louis officer injured by ‘friendly fire’ after police chase of stolen car ~ Philando Castile ~ Yanez juror: ‘Nobody was OK with it’ Minnesota Public Radio is doing an outstanding job of covering the Jeronimo Yanez trial. Today, there is a powerful interview with one of the jurors. If you want to move past the sensational clickbait, there are a few things to learn. ~ Porn, Nazis and sarcasm: How these 3 old rules basically explain the entire Internet ~ Man allegedly shot by motorist while fleeing police ~ murderism ~ People Were Mad At Campbell’s Soup Because Of Their Gay Friendly Ad And Campbell’s Had The Best Response Ever ~ wsbn55894 | Directors of “Waffle House” Group Describe Beginnings, Real Estate, Buildings, Etc. ~ I just got a robo call from the Susan B. Anthony foundation. This is different from the Susan B. Komen foundation. SBAF wants me to vote for a so called pro life candidate. Her opponent was labelled a pro abortion extremist. The #GA06 election is tomorrow. On wednesday, this nightmare will be over. ~ “Propaganda does not deceive people, it merely helps them deceive themselves.” ~ Eric Hoffer ~ Thank you for the phrase *retail politician*.Yes, Hillary was qualified, at least compared to WJC, GWB, BHO, and DJT. However, both HRC and KCH have yukky personalities. While the substance may be good, the style is terrible. And the show business part of politics is important. There is one other difference. Whatever her shortcomings, KCH is famous because of who she is. KCH is not famous because of her husband. ~ @BillKristol “Talk to the elbow ’cause the hand is on vacation” is a favorite way of mine of communicating with the young hipsters at @weeklystandard. ~ The voters of #GA06 are the winners. They have endured the well funded efforts the entire nation. This unpleasant experience will be over tomorrow morning. ~ And when I give you the stupid answer you requested… ~ A recent post is Questionnaire for left-wing hacks. One item: “Are there topics you refuse to cover because doing so would make you a pariah among your journalist friends?” Let the good times roll. ~ the philadelphia flag is ugly it does not represent a population known for having good taste ~ @rickygervais You can walk through the valley of the shadow of death and fear no evil, but an atheist tweeting an opposing view is jolly hurtful. ~ I was listening to a show about the Presidency recently. Someone asked, would you rather have a competent scoundrel, or an honest buffoon. They did not consider today, when the President is an incompetent scoundrel. ~ @realDonaldTrump Since the Obama Administration was told way before the 2016 Election that the Russians were meddling, why no action? Focus on them, not T! ~ @realDonaldTrump Obama Administration official said they “choked” when it came to acting on Russian meddling of election. They didn’t want to hurt Hillary? ~ I enjoyed seeing you last night. When I got home, I remembered that we had this online discussion/argument. At no time, when I was in your presence last night, did it occur to me to mention this discussion. Until I found this comment thread, to make this comment, I could not remember what the discussion was about. ~ @realDonaldTrump Karen Handel’s opponent in #GA06 can’t even vote in the district he wants to represent….because he doesn’t even live there! He wants to raise taxes and kill healthcare. On Tuesday, #VoteKarenHandel. @chamblee54 Replying to @realDonaldTrump With all due respect, this #GA06 voter is not interested in your opinion ~ 1- Don’t tell me what body part to vote off. 2- Do you live in #GA06? If not, mind your own business. 3- If you live in #GA06, be sure to cast your secret ballot. ~ @realDonaldTrump Just out: The Obama Administration knew far in advance of November 8th about election meddling by Russia. Did nothing about it. WHY? @jamiedupree In this tweet, the President acknowledges that there was election interference by Russia in 2016 ~ pictures today are from The Library of Congress. ~ selah

With All Due Respect

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At the 44 minute mark of a recent debate, Karen Handel (KCH) and Jon Ossoff (TJO) were having a bit of a skirmish. The question (41:34) had been put to TJO: How can you be independent in Congress, when you will need Democratic Party help in a re-election. TJO rambled a bit, and did not answer the question. Instead, he attacked KCH. The attack centered around the PR disaster at the Susan B. Komen foundation, which KCH played at central role in.

The two sparred for a few minutes. PR expected someone to call the other a poopyhead, which they would reply to by saying you have cooties. KCH said something, and TJO interrupted. “It’s a simple question, with all due respect” “With all due respect, do not interrupt me”

This may be the one moment of this nightmare election that captures two personalities. KCH is not above interrupting, and using shady argument tricks. It was her moment to take control of the situation. Most politicians are hypocrites.

PG got a screen shot, which is posted above. Look at the eyes. KCH is mean. She is tired of this silly little boy. TJO is looking at his shoes. The embarrassment about being out badded by his opponent is evident. KCH won the momentary power game. She easily *handled* TJO.

Maybe people will quit saying “with all due respect.” WADR is the new “bless your heart.” On election day, KCH won , with, or without, due respect. It is not known what the turning point was, or if TJO ever had a serious chance. Most 6th district voters are happy to see a noisy campaign end. Pictures today are from The Library of Congress.

The Terranauts

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PG was trolling the Chamblee library, and saw a copy of The Terranauts. This is the latest novel by Tom Boyle, an author who PG enjoys. Something was needed to look at in those times that require reading material: warming up the car, eating, waiting rooms, and parking lots. If the story gets good, this can progress to stretching out on the couch, and letting other pastimes wait. This book report may have spoilers. Read it at your own risk.

Terranauts are people who go into an enclosed bio-sphere. The sentence is two years after enclosure …. nothing in, nothing out. The story is told from the POV of three people: Dawn Chapman, Linda Ryu, and Ramsey Roothorp. The story goes chapter by chapter, with the narrators taking turns. In the spoiler alert above, it might be noted that the primary characters are already spoiled. Dawn and Ramsey are chosen for the mission, with Linda sulking on the outside. Veteran novel readers know what is going to happen with Dawn and Ramsey.

The library works on a three week cycle. After twenty one days, you either return your book, or renew it for another cycle. Terranauts was mildly amusing at first, but not compelling. The story went on. None of the story tellers was terribly likeable, but seemed to be competent at doing what terranauts do. The facility, nicknamed E2, or earth two, became a character of sorts. There was a nasty power outage. The crew came within minutes of having to break enclosure, or die for the cause.

After six weeks, PG was roughly half way through. When he got to the library, a copy of Tropic of Cancer was waiting. PG had requested TOC months earlier, and had given up on receiving it. You cannot renew a requested book, so PG had three weeks with Henry Miller’s scandalous output.

Henry Miller is tough to pin down. There are interviews on youtube. Mr. Miller talks about how the French include women in their conversations, and have a lot of respect for them. This benevolent attitude is the direct opposite of his novels. The Miller character in TOC is a pig. The story is beautifully written, despite, or maybe because of, the flawed characters. PG has the sense that it was conceived in French, and then transcribed in English. TOC has a prose poem feel to it. You want to slowly read it, line by line, and then stop and savor it. You probably will not finish in twenty one days.

When it was time to return TOC, The Terranauts was on the front shelf. This is the shelf with frequently borrowed books that have not been relegated to the stacks. PG decided to take Terranauts home. Within a few pages, Dawn was pregnant. Ramsey was the daddy. Linda was not happy. The story now has a macguffin, and is fun to read obsessively.

Dawn goes on to do what she wants to do. Ramsey goes along with it, until he doesn’t. At about the due date, the novel begins to get weird. The plot does not register. Dawn becomes more abstract. The story finally comes to a conclusion, of sorts. Linda is a bitch. Ramsey is a bastard. Dawn is just sort of there. E2 functions as well as can be expected.

Tom Boyle is a competent, enjoyable word craftsman. PG gets the sense that The Terranauts was a story that defied easy conclusion. The Terranauts may not change your life, but the portion of this life spent reading it will not be wasted.

Pictures today are from The Library of Congress. Photographs were taken by Lewis Wickes Hine. Most of the hospital pictures were taken June 12, 1918. “Dressing the wound Military Hospital I, Neuilly” The group photograph appears after the text. “American Red Cross on the best of terms with Belgian children at an American Hostel for refugees at 46 Rue du Dr. Blanche, Paris. June 1918”

John Waters’ RISD Graduation Speech

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It was a rainy thursday morning. The horrible election is over, with a horrible woman the representative elect. Philando Castile is still dead, as is, presumably, Coach Casteel. The later was the eighth grade gym teacher at Cross Keys, a sadist who got off on making eighth graders run endless laps around the baked clay field. The world can be a muddy place sometimes.

Facebook comes charging to the rescue. A fbf posted a story, John Waters’ RISD Graduation Speech: Real Wealth is Never Having to Spend Time with A-Holes. There is a video, and, praise the loud lord, a transcript, aka the lazy blogger’s friend. The cisscript is courtesy of a promising blog, TELL YOUR PUP YOU LOVE HIM. A recent post is Questionnaire for left-wing hacks. “Are there topics you refuse to cover because doing so would make you a pariah among your journalist friends?”

When you listen to something while multi tasking, you wait for the moment when you have to pause the show, and take notes. This only happened one time with this product. “Never be like some of my generation who say “We had more fun in the ’60s.” No, we didn’t! The kids today who still live with their parents who haven’t seen them in months but leave food outside their bedroom doors are having just as much fun shutting down the government of foreign countries on their computer as we did banning the bomb.” The crowd laughed on cue.

What “the People’s Pervert” does not mention is that the bomb was never banned. Nuklure weapons are just as popular as ever before. Countries like Israel and Pakistan have the bomb, and wonder why caught-in-the-middle Iran are nervous. Do today’s keyboard warriors really shut down foreign governments? Only if you work for the Russian/Republican partnership.

The message was entertaining enough. John Samuel Waters Jr., hereafter known as JSW (too bad his grandfather did not put Samuel first) says a lot of things. Infiltration of the *establishment* is suggested, to make “really devious” product like “Hairspray.”

“I’m also sorry to report there’s no such thing as karma. So many of my talented great friends are dead and so many of the fools I’ve met and loathed are still alive. It’s not fair, and it never will be.” Fair is a baseball, it between the foul lines. If you try any of the stunts suggested in this address, good luck getting funding for your next project.

Youtube has the predictable fawning, punctuated by dangerous clarity. “Good lord! There are few things in life more irritating than fake bravery. Here’s a guy whose SJW views are so firmly part of the mainstream that they’re shared by most of the government, the media, and 95 percent of our colleges and universities, yet he still acts like some kind of defiant rebel whose views are somehow iconoclastic and brave. They’re not, though. Not for decades. Just turn on the TV sometime, John. Your views are 100 percent Establishment now. God help us all.”

Maybe we should focus on the multi tasking. The pictures today are from The Library of Congress. The distraction from SJW was taken by Lewis Wickes Hine in June 1918. “Relatives visiting a wounded French soldier in American Military Hospital No. 1 at Neuilly, supported by the American Red Cross.” These three images are the last ones shown today.

The Last Night Of Judy Garland

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“In march of 1969, Judy married her fifth husband, Mickey Devinko, better known as Mickey Deans, a gay night-club promoter. Judy had an unfortunate habit of marrying gay men. They lived together in a tiny mews house in Chelsea, London. The evening of Saturday June 21 1969, Judy and Mickey were watching a documentary, The Royal Family, on television, when they had an argument. Judy ran out the door screaming into the street, waking the neighbors.
Several versions of what happened next exist, but the fact remains that a phone call for Judy woke him at 10:40 the next morning, and she was not sleeping in the bed. He searched for her, only to find the bathroom door locked. After no response, he climbed outside to the bathroom window and entered to find Judy, sitting on the toilet. Rigor Mortis had set in. Judy Garland, 47, was dead.
The press was already aware of the news before the body could be removed. In an effort to prevent pictures being taken of the corpse, she was apparently draped over someone’s arm like a folded coat, covered with a blanket, and removed from the house with the photographers left none the wiser.
The day Judy died there was a tornado in Kansas…. in Saline County,KS, a rather large F3 tornado (injuring 60, but causing no deaths) did hit at 10:40 pm on June 21st, that would be 4:40 am, June 22nd, London time, the morning she died. I know the time of death has never been firmly established, but since Rigor Mortis had already set in, I think this tornado may very much be in the ballpark in terms of coinciding with time of death…. Other news articles suggest the tornado struck Salina “late at night” which could certainly also mean after midnight on June 22, or roughly 6:00 am London time…

The Toledo Blade for June 24th, also in an article located right next to a picture of Garland, in a write-up on the Salina tornado noted that “Late Saturday [June 21] and early Sunday [June 22, another batch of tornadoes struck in central Kansas.” So it seems the legend seems confirmed.”

The text for this story comes from Findadeath. You can spend hours at this site. This is a repost. Pictures are from The Library of Congress.

Afghanistan Heroin

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As three young men learned recently, heroin is a deadly substance. The drug is produced from opium, which is made from the juices of the poppy flower. Most of the world’s poppy is grown in Afghanistan. Since 2001, Operation Enduring Freedom has brought the US Army (assisted by NATO forces) into battle in Afghanistan. How does military action affect the opium trade?

According to Truthistreason, the result is a profit center for “friends” of the United States. Their story is US & Afghan Forces Are the World’s Largest Drug Cartel. According to Phantom Report, relatives of Afghan President Hamid Karzai are the drug lords running the operation.

Some say the country with the worst heroin problem is Russia. In the story “Russia slams NATO for losing Afghan opium war”, the “Federal Drug Control Services” estimates heroin usage at 711 tons in Europe, 549 tons in Russia, and 212 tons in North America. An estimated 30k Russians die of overdoses every year.

The Russian government is upset with the reaction of the NATO forces to opium production. Supplies for the NATO forces are going into Afghanistan through Russian Airspace, with the consent of the government. Russia would like for the NATO forces to eradicate the poppy production, in a manner similar to the eradication of coca fields in South America. has an interview with the “head” of Russia’s Federal Drug Control Service, Viktor Ivanov .

RT: It is also ironic that when the Taliban controlled Afghanistan, the drug trade, drug trafficking and even poppy cultivation were limited, but when the United States and NATO forces invaded Afghanistan, both production and trafficking skyrocketed. How do you explain this? And how can we even believe NATO when it says it is fighting the drug trade?

VI: You’re right. I had a meeting with my Pakistani colleagues here in Islamabad, and they, too, were amazed at this phenomenon. There is only one way to explain this. When the Taliban sought official recognition for its Kabul regime, they took unprecedented measures to eradicate opium poppy crops. They consistently took serious steps in 1998, 1999 and 2000, when they introduced capital punishment for poppy cultivation. As a result, they succeeded in eradicating drug crops on 90 per cent of Afghanistan’s territory, i.e., in all the provinces they controlled. The only place they couldn’t do it was northern Afghanistan, which was controlled by the so-called Northern Alliance.
But then Operation Enduring Freedom started, and the situation changed drastically. Only a competent government that has the support of the people can really control the country and take serious steps to destroy drug production.

This is no surprise to observers in the USA. For years, the Government has played both ends of the drug game. They maintain a legal prohibition, which keeps prices high, and gives the Government a tool to control the population. On the other hand, the Government *allegedly* is involved in importing and selling drugs. In the eighties, a “terrorist” operation in Central America was *allegedly* financed by by selling cocaine in the USA. (This was the same operation which saw Israel as the middleman of arms sales to Iran.)

The profits of the drug trade were a powerful incentive to get into, and stay in, Afghanistan. This may be the motivation for allowing the 911 attacks to happen. It might also explain why *former* cocaine user Barack Obama Donald J. Trump is so eager to see the war in Afghanistan continue.

This is a repost from 2011. Pictures for this commentary are from The Library of Congress

Roving Gangs of Hardcore

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display of a link in this space does not indicate approval of content ~ How Cynical Are You? ~ Ironists of a Vanished Empire ~ Party Ring ~ @MarkAgee “Why can’t I say the n-word?!” You can. Ppl just think u’r a dickhead. You have free speech. What u want is constitutional dickhead immunity ~ @brinepond Reading that NYT sapiosexual article and i’m fucking screaming at this ~ CBH rally fb live 2:00 “the campaign is sense vs nonsense” ~ cbh ~ 6th district ~ cbh ~ jo video ~ Oklahoma Man Shoots, Kills Neighbor Who Was Allegedly Trying to Drown Twin Babies ~ Cash Freeman: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know ~ lies ~ two standup speech ~ one singers ~ three q&a ~ The $110 billion arms deal to Saudi Arabia is fake news ~ Qatar hosts largest US military base in Mideast ~ Dylan Nobel Prize ~ I hope so ~ When white people enter a space, anti-Blackness always does too ~ Watching The Defectives ~ In 1974, Nico and Tangerine Dream played a gig in a cathedral in Reims. Julien Rouyer recounts the concert and the uproar it caused. ~ “I do not support a livable wage” ~ Roving Gangs of Hardcore Homosexual “Manwhores” Are Tearing Our Cities Apart ~ @wsbtv copy check time …Greg Bluestein with the Atlanta Journal-Constitution severed as a panel for the debate. ~ The Culture Of The Smug White Liberal ~ How to Use Quotation Marks As a straight white man doing critical race theory, I find scare quotes to be indispensable. Whenever I’m writing on the topic of race, it’s difficult to talk about “blackness” and “whiteness” without the quotations. There is a significant degree of ambiguity at play when racial binaries appear in literature. ~ snowflake Not really. I understand snowflake to mean someone who is excessively proud of their individuality. Remember, every snowflake is different, according to legend. I have heard the sf word tossed around many times, and might have said it myself a couple of times. I doubt that many of those usages are the result of “Fight Club.” ~ the debate ~ daily caller ~ Liberal Fetishization of Non-Violence in the Wake of Alt-Right Murders ~ Ossoff money ~ Dear Black Women: White Gays Are Your Allies, So Don’t Push Us Away ~ “Can I date a white person and still be woke?” is the wrong question – your comfort isn’t what matters here ~ Philly’s Pride Flag Is About to Get Two New Black and Brown Stripes, and Here’s Why Rolyn Muad’Dib Chambers • Uhm. No. As a black man I’ve always felt a part of the rainbow. And where is the white stripe (because none of the other colours meant a specific race)? Or the trans stripe? Or the differently-abled stripe? Come the fuck on?!? It’s a rainbow. Let it be a rainbow. FYI: THE REASON WHY I WROTE, “WHERE’S THE WHITE STRIPe” — We need to ask this question if we are going to be so tokenistic and literal. It’s a rainbow. A rainbow by design represents everyone. But not literally. We don’t have green and orange people. I don’t need a stripe to represent my blackness. If I’m up there on that tacky flag so visibly, included but at the very same type pathetically separated, I demand that white people also have their white stripe. If we PoC must stand out like a sore thumb in this new age flag fuckery then I do not want all eyes only on my stripe. I want everyone to share in the ridiculousness. ~ cliff sounds off ~ Why have other Gulf states cut ties with Qatar? ~ 12 truths I learned from life and writing ~ Ice Cube Schools Bill Maher on the N-Word: ‘That’s Our Word Now. And You Can’t Have It Back.’ ~ Symone Sanders quits as national press secretary for Bernie Sanders ~ GETTIN’ FUNKY WITH BILLIE HOLIDAY AND TALLULAH BANKHEAD! “And if you want to get shitty, we can make it a big shitty party.” ~ BREAKING: ACTIVISTS SHUT DOWN CAPITAL PRIDE PARADE ~ Kendarrious Chester ~ Comey Finally Backs Trump’s Account, Too Late to Help Trump ~ ‘You thieving pile of albino warts’: Hunter S. Thompson tears Tom Wolfe a new asshole ~ The Moral Uses Of Cursing ~ n word ~ @RaceBaitR When white people enter a space, anti-Blackness always does too @chamblee54 When black people enter a space, does anti whiteness always follow? @RaceBaitR I hope so! ~ Dear Christians: When I am grieving a loved one, I am not in the mood to hear about your religion. This is not a good time. A Non Christian ~ That is too deep for monday morning ~ @realDonaldTrump Pathetic excuse by London Mayor Sadiq Khan who had to think fast on his “no reason to be alarmed” statement. MSM is working hard to sell it! ~ I enjoy having an unfiltered view of the <140 character madness that is @realDonaldTrump it is like a rt horror movie ~ Remember the incident on the Portland train. You may get killed if you intervene. ~ @emptywheel I think everything started going to hell in America when we couldn't think of more creative names for scandals than to slap a -Gate on them. ~ @RaceBaitR When white people enter a space, anti-Blackness always does too @chamblee54 When black people enter a space, does anti whiteness always follow? @RaceBaitR I hope so! ~ The question should be, why do non millennials buy diamonds? The DeBeers family has enough blood money already. ~ You are blocked from following @KiranOpal and viewing @KiranOpal's Tweets. Learn more ~ Funny to see the “Author” of this “Article” trying to be impartial when obviously he vote Republican no matter what the issue is about. Was sad to see the person invading someone’s Facebook page in the hunt for drama and to try “parasitically” try to profit from the drama by using paid ads on s blog post and worse try to link it to get viewership. Just horrible and show that who ever wrote this article (no secret) is irrelevant and a moron. ~ I just published my sixth repost of "Heather has a mommy and a daddy." That is so tasteful, and appropriate for pride month… even if Atlanta does pride in October, when the temperature is below fatality level. I am delighted to see the WCS is still publishing, despite the decided non-trendiness of blogs. As for Heather, is that satire? It is tough to tell anymore. ~ It would look better if the black stripe was added to the bottom. It would look better there, as purple is the darkest color of the flag. It would be a smooth progression. Brown would not be a good addition…there is no place where it would blend in. That said, I think the rainbow flag we have now works well. It is not broken, and does not need to be fixed. ~ @phranqueigh How dare you call me mentally unstable, on this, the day of my cat's quinceanera. ~ requested this from the library. When I got it I looked at the description. I have already read this. ~ The youtube ad was for Karen Handel. It said something about fighting waste. That is not the waist she needs to be fighting. ~ To create art on a sunday afternoon, and not worry about philosophical dilemmas on facebook. An example would be trying to spell dilemma without using spellcheck. ~ debate note 1- why is kch called Secretary Handel? 2- kh "more protection for pre existing condition" 3- debate of transit, kh mudslings about nancy pelosi ~ Try grabbing me by the pussy Mr. President ~ @jk_rowling Just unfollowed a man whom I thought was smart and funny, because he called Theresa May a whore. 1/14 @chamblee54 If you get mad at a white guy, you have permission to call him racist, and feel self righteous about it… 1/x ~ what was context of offending comment? maybe it was because TM is a politician, which means they accept bribes & campaign contributions 2/x ~ @AryehCW Some day Obama is going to be forced to go to Trump’s funeral. @Miceelf88 He'd better demand the long form death certificate ~ pictures today are from The Library of Congress. ~ selah

Heather Has A Mommy And A Daddy

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Heather Has a Mommy and a Daddy
Deep in the heart of Dullsville, at the end of a cul-de-sac, behind a lawn of scratchy brown grass dotted with giant plastic butterflies, three flaking cement deer, and a philodendron the size of Bob Hoskins though with fewer decorative parts, lives Heather Thompson. Heather has a mommy and a daddy. Heather’s daddy is an accountant. Her mommy is a homemaker. Before Heather was born they met, fell in love, and got married. “I love you very much and I’m having your child.”
Danitra is Heather’s best friend. One of Danitra’s dads is an empowerment facilitator. The other is an aura consultant. Danitra doesn’t know what they do at work, except they don’t need briefcases. Before Danitra was born her daddies met and fell in love, and after seventeen years spent discussing caring and support, handling acceptance, and negotiating intimacy, they had a commitment ceremony. “I love you very much and I’m designing the rings,” Danitra’s Daddy Mike said.

One day in school Heather’s teacher, Mrs. Weinberg-Lopez, tells the class to draw pictures of their families. Danitra draws two men, Julio draws two women, and Heather draws a man and a woman. Keanu points at the woman Heather drew, with squiggly yellow hair, a crude red dress and simple brown shoes. “This dad here’s got some ugly drag going on,” he says.

At lunchtime Danitra sits on the bench next to Heather and pulls a sandwich out of a brown paper bag.“Want to trade?” Danitra asks. “I’ve got grilled eggplant and goat cheese on marjoram foccacia.” “Um, I didn’t bring lunch,” Heather stammers, kicking her brown paper bag out of sight. “I’m … uh … on a diet.” “Diet?” Danitra asks. “Haven’t your dads told you not to buy into that patriarchal looks-based chauvinism? And anyway, what’s this then?” she asks, holding up the bag with “HAVE A SUPER DAY!” written in sparkle marker on it.

Julio, who was listening nearby, runs up and grabs Heather’s lunch. “Yeah, what’s this? It’s somebody’s lunch!” Heather jumps at the bag but Julio holds it out of reach. “You give that back!” Heather yells. “Try and make me!” Julio chides. He pulls Heather’s sandwich apart and drops it like it was electrified. He wobbles away, holding his stomach.

“Oh my God!” he cries. “There’s like dead stuff in there!” Danitra looks at the sandwich lying on the cement. “Is that MEAT? Is that like SPAM?” Claudia, sitting quietly at the other end of the bench, bursts into tears. “Heather’s eating BAMBI!” “It’s friggin’ Wonder Bread!” Julio scoffs. Keanu walks toward the bread and peers at it. “And it’s got LUBE all over it!” “You idiot, that’s MAYONNAISE.” “What’s mayonnaise?” “It’s like goat cheese for heterosexuals.”

“Heterosexuals?” Keanu asks. “Heather’s mommy and daddy are heterosexuals?” Heather starts to yell. “No! I don’t have a mommy and a daddy. I’ve got two daddies!” “Hell-OOOO!” Danitra says, drawing the word out to twelve syllables. “We can see your clothes!” “Um . . . “ Heather stalls, “then I’ve got two mommies.” “And we’ve seen you play baseball,” Julio answers.

Heather, unable to think of a response, sits on the bench and starts to cry. Danitra pulls a robin’s egg blue bandana from her pocket and dabs at Heather’s face. “Maybe your mom’s not really a woman,” Danitra offers. “Well,” Heather says, sniffing, “she cleans the house, and cooks, and does the laundry.” Danitra fumes. “We’re trying to establish that she’s female, not that she’s an idiot.”

“Maybe your dad’s not really a man,” Julio suggests.“Well,” Heather answers, wiping her nose. “He’s big and strong and he’s got a mustache.” Several of the children wonder what this proves but nobody says anything. “So let’s say you’ve got a mom and a dad,” Keanu says. “Then where did you come from?” “They went to bed together, and then I was born.” Some of her friends express further interest, but Heather doesn’t have a brochure. “Daddy put his thing in mommy — “

“Oh, man,” Keanu interjects. “Is that legal?” “HelLLLLO!” sings Danitra, who gets the word up to eighteen syllables this time. “We’re in CaliFORnia!”

“And nine months later I came out of my mommy’s tummy,” Heather adds. Several of the children wonder why they didn’t hire a surrogate with a vagina but nobody says anything.

Heather Has a Mommy and a Daddy, Part Two
One night there’s a dance at Heather’s school and her parents offer to chaperone. While Heather’s dancing with Danitra she sees from the corner of her eye her mom and dad moving onto the dance floor. She watches in horror as her mom just sort of stands there swaying, her gingham granny dress limply hanging to the floor. She grimaces as her dad starts chopping at the air like Jackie Chan being attacked by locusts.Occasionally their movements coincide with the beat. Heather runs to the bathroom crying.“Heather, don’t feel so bad,” Danitra says. “Lots of kids have embarrassing parents.” She starts to lead Heather out of the bathroom, then stops. “Um, maybe we should stay in here a while longer. They just started doing the Bump.”

One day the class projects are due. Heather brings in the model she’s made. It’s a lump of brown Play-Doh with ketchup poured over it and dotted with marshmallows stuck on with toothpicks. She sets it on the table as her teacher comes over to look.

“Why, Heather! That’s . . . nice! Very very nice!”“What the hell is it?” Tommy asks. “TOMMY! Heather’s parents had me over for dinner once. This is what they call ‘Salisbury steak.’” Heather bursts into tears. “NO IT’S NOT! It’s a VOLCANO! That’s lava, and that’s steam coming out.”

Danitra enters and places her project next to Heather’s on the table. “Why, Danitra, what’s this?” Danitra delicately removes the sheet protecting her project. “Versailles.”

Heather takes one look at the tiny replica of Louis XIV’s summer home, constructed by Danitra and her two dads out of two hundred cubic yards of teak plank, thirty square feet of gold leaf, sixty pounds of Italian travertine marble from the same quarry Michelangelo used, tiny topiary and functional miniature fountains, and cries even harder.

“Why did I have to have a mom and a dad?” Heather sobs. “Why can’t my family be like all the rest?”

Mrs. Weinberg-Lopez pulls Heather close. “Children,” she says,”every family is special, including those conforming to the rigid, stereotypical standard of male domination.” She starts to tell the class about her own family, including her hearing-impaired Hispanic mother, her height-challenged Israeli father, and her Gypsy recovering-substance-abusing brother-in-law and Armenian sex-addict half-sister, but stops, realizing the school year is only 4,074 hours long.

“Just because Heather’s parents are heterosexual doesn’t mean they’re slow-witted philistines, though there are strong correlations you don’t need a PhD in statistics to understand. But Heather is lucky to have a sweet mom and a wonderful dad and a dog named Molly and a hamster named Samson, and they all live together in a lovely house. They’ve got interesting avocado-colored appliances, carpet as long as your hair, and furniture that‘s by-and-large wood that must have taken them hours to assemble. There’s a big plastic sofa that turns into a bed, and a La-Z-Boy — ”

“A what?” Keanu asks. “A La-Z-Boy,” Mrs. Weinberg-Lopez repeats. “It’s a big vinyl chair that reclines.” “Oh, man!” exclaims Keanu, covering his face with his hands. “And I thought our Herman Miller reproductions were embarrassing!”

Mrs. Weinberg-Lopez continues. “But the important thing is, they’re a family. They’re a group united for a common purpose, where each individual is given a sense of empowerment and their shared bonds are formalized in a ritualistic manner.” “Oh,” the students respond in unison. Everybody hugs.
The story was borrowed from World Class Stupid.
Pictures are from The Library of Congress. This is a repost.

Another #GA06 Debate

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The candidates for the 6th district congress, Jon Ossoff and Karen Handel (TJO/KCH) had another debate. Those with a strong gag reflex are invited to watch. The link may not work very long. For some reason, the discussion begins at 30:40 on the video. Channel 30 will carry the performance “at 7 p.m. Thursday and again at noon Friday.” UPDATE: The video has been adjusted to start at the beginning. The opening comment by KCH, shown here as being at 33:21, is now at 2:37, a difference of 30:44. To see when the remarks were made, subtract approximately 31 minutes from the time shown.

33:21 KCH “I am an extremely unlikely candidate for congress.” Duh. Over weight. No charisma. Totally unlikable. The Republican Hillary. Parroter of right wing drivel about Nancy Pelosi. Loser in two state wide elections. The list goes on and on. Hopefully, after the votes are counted, KCH can update her resume, and get an honest job. Maybe she can get a good reference from the Susan B. Komen foundation, or Sarah Palin.

KCH is introduced as “Secretary Handel.” This is probably a reference to her time as Georgia’s Secretary of State. KCH resigned that job to run for Governor, in 2009. Why does anyone want to use a title from 8 years ago? What is so cool about being called Secretary anyway? OTOH, Hillary Clinton was called Secretary Clinton in her ill fated run for the Presidency. Maybe being called Secretary Handel will have the same effect in this election.

45:17 KCH “Jon I guess you subscribe to the Nancy Pelosi approach to policy making.” The candidates are discussing health care. TJO has mentioned 7 year old Matt. KCH has mentioned her sister, born without an esophagus. KCH says that Trumpcare would not affect people with pre-existing conditions. Both sets of lips are moving.

54:33 KCH “He was a junior staffer for Hank Johnson, one of the most liberal tax and spend…” KCH starts to talk about her experience balancing budgets, most notably at the Fulton County Commission. These claims are disputed. The county budget is required by law to balance. KCH then claims to have cut the Secretary of State budget by 20% The SOS budget went from $4.7 m, to $6.9m, under KCH.

1:11:17 KCH says that the election is about the 6th district, and not about Donald Trump. PG is amazed to agree with her. The next thing she says is her standard rant: “You might live just five miles outside of the district but your values are nearly 3,000 miles away in San Francisco, and that’s why so many of your contributions have come from liberals from California, New York and Massachusetts.” In the channel 2 debate, KCH threw Jane Fonda in.

It is apparent that KCH is comfortable with conservative talking points. Just today, PG got a letter from KCH, that began “Fellow Conservative, With less than two weeks left until Election Day, liberal activists are coming to Georgia in droves to work against our campaign.” It is a good thing we got I85 fixed, so we can handle the droves coming in.

1:14:30 KCH is talking about her experience at the Komen foundation. KCH mentions that there is not a PP office in the 6th district. TJO says that PP has an office in Marietta, at 220 Cobb Parkway North. KCH says this office is not in the 6th district. In this part of Cobb County, the district stops at I75. On this point, KCH is correct.

1:14:52 KCH “With all due respect do not interrupt me.” TJO likes to preface his comments with the phrase “With all due respect.” His lips are moving. 1:16:26 KCH “You’ve allowed him to have the last word every single time.”

At this point in the proceedings, PG stepped onto the front porch. There was a flyer from KCH. It says, that voting is a public act, and if you don’t vote your neighbors will know. This is news, probably fake. Mr. Google has a mixed message on this one. Some say yes, some say no, some say yes but it will cost you. If you only vote because you are afraid of neighborhood gossip, you might not belong in a country with elections.

KCH said, in her closing remarks, “the Karen Handel that has always stood by you, and stood up for you.” Imagine how her one time allies in the Log Cabin Republicans felt watching this video. OTOH, there was nothing as brainless as “I do not support a livable wage.”

The debate mercifully ended. There is something to be said for strict tv schedules. One comment made by TJO, in the first debate, was not addressed. He said that the average donation to his campaign is under $50. Is the mean, median, or mode? Does it include funding from out of state PAC sources? When you say average, it means whatever you want it to mean. Some clarification on this point would be appreciated, but probably will not appear soon.

Pictures today are from The Library of Congress.

The Night Muhammad Ali Fought In Atlanta

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Many have noted that Muhammad Ali lit the Olympic torch in 1996. Few seem to remember another Atlanta appearance from the former Cassius Clay. It happened October 26, 1970, at the Municipal Auditorium. To get to this point, lets borrow a few lines from a Courier-Journal Ali Timeline.

1960 – “Clay defeats Zbigniew Pietrzykowski of Poland on Sept. 5 to win the light-heavyweight boxing gold medal at the Olympics in Rome…”

1962 – “Clay hears Elijah Muhammad speak for the first time. He meets another Nation of Islam leader, Malcolm X, who becomes a friend and adviser. – On March 9, the military draft board classifies Clay 1-A, meaning he is fit and available to be called into the Army…”

1964 -” Because of a low score on the Army intelligence test, Clay is reclassified 1-Y, not qualified for military service, in January. “I said I was The Greatest,” he explains. “I never said I was the smartest.” – Clay scores a stunning seventh-round technical knockout over 7-1 favorite Sonny Liston on Feb. 25 at the Miami Convention Center, winning the world heavyweight championship at age 22. – In response to a reporter’s question the day after the fight, Clay confirms he is a member of the Nation of Islam, saying: “I believe in Allah and in peace. … I’m not a Christian anymore. … Followers of Allah are the sweetest people in the world. They don’t tote weapons. They pray five times a day.” – A rift grows between Elijah Muhammad and Malcolm X. Ali sides with Elijah, causing grief for Malcolm. – Casting off his “slave name,” Clay adopts the temporary name Cassius X. Later he announces that Elijah has bestowed on him the name Muhammad Ali. The name means “Praiseworthy One.”…”

1965 – “Ali knocks out Liston in the first round of their rematch, before only 4,280 fans in Lewiston, Maine, on May 25. Liston falls under a “phantom” punch that apparently few people see, giving rise to suspicions that he threw the fight. Former champion Joe Louis eventually declares Ali “unfit” to hold the title. – In October, former champion Floyd Patterson says: “Cassius Clay is disgracing himself and the Negro race.” On Nov. 22, Ali delivers a punishing defeat to Patterson, in part, he says, because Patterson refuses to call him Ali….”

1966 – “With the Vietnam War heating up, the Army lowers test-score standards, reclassifying Ali 1-A — fit for service. – “Man, I ain’t got no quarrel with them Viet Cong,” he says to reporters who call him at home in Miami. He later explains that “no Viet Cong ever called me nigger.” – Ali asks to be reclassified a conscientious objector to military service. A hearing officer sides with him, but the draft board keeps him 1-A, armed with a U.S. Justice Department opinion that Ali’s objections to military service are political not religious….”

1967 – “On April 28, Ali refuses induction into the Army in Houston.” “It is the light of my consciousness as a Muslim minister and my own personal convictions that I take my stand in rejecting the call to be inducted in the armed services,” Ali stated after refusing induction on April 28, 1967. “I have searched my conscience and I find I cannot be true to my belief in my religion by accepting such a call.” He was convicted of draft evasion on June 20, 1967. Ali was sentenced to five years in prison and fined $10,000, the maximum penalty for the offense. He remained free on a $5,000 bond while he appealed his conviction. Ali was also stripped of the World Heavyweight Championship by the New York State Athletic Commission and the World Boxing Association, systematically denied a boxing license in every state and stripped of his passport. “

For three and a half years, Mr. Ali was unable to fight in the ring. The WBA had a tournament, and installed their own champion. People tried to set up a fight for Mr. Ali, but were blocked by politicians, and state boxing authorities. California Governor Ronald Reagan said “That draft dodger will never fight in my state, period.” Then someone had the idea to have the fight in Atlanta.

Atlanta has never been a boxing town. There was no boxing commission. The Municipal Auditorium, the only venue that could host, was a dump. As Ring magazine tells the story: “So it was the height of irony that it was Atlanta, a city that occupied the heart of the Deep South, that provided the breakthrough. State Senator Leroy Johnson and Governor Lester Maddox helped pave the way for a most improbable return by persuading the City of Atlanta Athletic Commission to grant Ali a boxing license on Aug. 12, 1970. Shortly thereafter, it was announced Ali would fight Jerry Quarry on Oct. 26 at the City Auditorium in Atlanta. The bout was scheduled for 15 rounds, probably in recognition of Ali’s status as lineal heavyweight champion.” (Other sources say that Governor Maddox was opposed to hosting the fight, but was powerless to stop it.)

The opponent was Jerry Quarry, whose white skin was apparent that night. His obituary notes: :His most famous night was in Atlanta, Georgia, in October 1970, when he was the “fall-guy” for Ali’s comeback from his three- year exile. Quarry was stopped because of a badly cut eye in the third round. It brought him his biggest payday, $338,000. … By 1995 he was in the care of his brother James, and was suffering from severe pugilistic dementia.” Jerry Quarry died January 3, 1999.

The fight was not much of a contest. It lasted three rounds, before the referee stopped the match. Mr. Ali fought for ten more years, and regained the Heavyweight Championship twice. “On June 28, 1971, the Supreme Court unanimously overturns Ali’s 4-year-old draft conviction, saying that his claims as a conscientious objector were based on religion and were sincere.”

The fight was the occasion for a display of black pride, and black money. The New Yorker essayist George Plimpton remembered that invasion of the Harlem peacocks in their enormous purple Cadillacs: “I’d never seen crowds as fancy, especially the men – felt hatbands and feathered capes, and the stilted shoes, the heels like polished ebony, and many smoking stuff in odd meerschaum pipes.”

“The times reported that the bout was like “a page out of the roaring twenties. … The ladies had beads down to the hem of their maxi-skirts. One man wore an ankle length mink coat, with a high hat of mink to match. … Diana Ross sat in the forth row, ringside, with a bouffant, Afro-American hair-do that stretched out 10 inches on each side.” Many of those in attendance were invited to a party.

“Engraved invitations to one party in particular had been passed around to the hustlers in New York a week earlier and in Atlanta in the days leading up to the fight. The invitations announced that “Fireball” was throwing a party at 2819 Handy Drive, in Collier Heights.

The Handy Drive house happened to be one of several properties that “Chicken Man” Williams owned. He’d given a friend, an Atlantan-turned-New-Yorker known as “Fireball,” permission to use the house. He’d even helped build a craps table the week before so all the big-time gamblers who were sure to show up could “roll the bones.”

Williams’ girlfriend, Barbara Smith, skipped the fight to help prepare for the party. She and two girlfriends were busy in the kitchen when they heard the front door open. The fight was still going on, so Smith went to the front, expecting to meet an early bird. She was greeted by three men in ski masks standing in the hallway. All were armed; one was pointing a shotgun at her face. …

An estimated 80 to 200 people had arrived at the house expecting to party, only to be fleeced by masked men with shotguns. According to news accounts, the victims were led to the basement, then ordered to strip to their underwear, throw all their valuables in a pile and lay on the floor…

As more victims arrived, floor space in the basement became scarce, so the gunmen ordered the victims to lie on top of each other. Cash and jewelry was swept into pillowcases. That went on for hours as more and more people kept showing up. By 3 a.m., the half-naked victims were stacked like cordwood on top of each other.

Not one shot was fired. But as they left, the gunmen took Smith and one of her friends hostage and told everyone else to stay put. Three hours later, they dropped the women off on the other side of town and gave them $10 each for cab fare. By that time, the investigation was underway.

Creative Loafing has a terrific story about the party at Chicken Man’s house. If you have a few minutes, it is worth your time. Ditto for this newspaper story, in the sucky google books format.

A key person in the story is J.D. Hudson. One of the first eight black Atlanta policemen, Lt. Hudson was Mr. Ali’s bodyguard the night of the fight. Lt. Hudson wound up conducting the investigation of the party at Chicken Man’s house. Lt. Hudson met Gordon “Chicken Man” Williams, under rather unpleasant circumstances, in 1949.

Lt. Hudson never suspected Chicken Man of being part of the robbery. “From the time he took over the case, Hudson says, he knew Williams wasn’t responsible — even though other investigators already had pinned the crime on him. For one thing, Hudson could place Williams at the fight at the time the gunmen were at the house setting up the crime.

For another, Hudson says, “I knew [Williams] wasn’t dumb enough to pull a stunt like that. This was a man who ran [a] million-dollar operation from a pay phone on a street corner. He was smart. He could’ve run IBM or Coke. There’s no way he would’ve risked all that to pay somebody off. This was pulled off by a bunch of young thugs who were trying to knock over a party, and when they got there and saw how big it was, they improvised.”

Chicken Man went to prison in the seventies, and became a minister. He served as the Pastor of the Salem Baptist Church. Gordon Williams died December 6, 2014. J.D.Hudson died June 4, 2009. The men who robbed the party goers were killed a few months after the fight.

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Jon Ossoff Pep Rally

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Jon Ossoff held a campaign event Monday at Congregation Bet Haverim. Mr. Ossoff is running for Congress, from Georgia’s 6th district. PG lives in the 6th district. CBH is located south of the 6th district, at 2074 Lavista Road, Atlanta, GA 30329. The event was on facebook live, in three parts: part one, part two, and part three. Parts one and two had the camera set at a ninety degree angle, which made for uncomfortable viewing. Part one was some performers, accompanied by a front row of dancing democrats. Part two was the candidate’s remarks. By part three, the camera was set at a conventional angle. The candidate took questions from the crowd.

PG learned during part two that the event was held at CBH. He wondered, is this facility in the 6th district? Mr. Google helped to find a website for CBH, and a map of the 6th district. PG realizes that other people are concerned about the outcome of this election. However, they do not get to vote. Outsiders can, and do, send money. Lots of money. The 6th district is the most expensive congressional race in history. FWIW, Mr. Ossoff does not live in the 6th district.

Most of the advertising financed by this outside money is obnoxious and misleading. Both Mr. Ossoff and his opponent, Karen Handel are guilty. It is poignant to hear Mr. Ossoff say in part two, at 3:51, that the election is not democrat versus republican, but sense versus nonsense. Both sides are spewing nonsense…like the campaign ads accusing Mrs. Handel of using taxpayer money to pay for a “luxury SUV.” The Secretary of State job had an auto allowance. Big deal.

After confirming that CBH is outside the district, PG wanted to make a comment.
Luther Mckinnon – Is CBH in the sixth district? I looked at a district map, and CBH does not appear to be in the 6th district. Is it appropriate to have a campaign rally outside the district, for people who do not live in the district? Of course, we all know that Mr. Ossoff does not live in the district he wants to represent.
Cenate Pruitt · Luther: I have it on good authority that CBH has congregants who live in that district. Is there a problem with CBH hosting an event as a central location for those congregants to meet with the candidate?
LM – This is a touchy issue. There is a very serious problem with outside money flooding into this election. I, a resident of this district, am sick and tired of the outside attention this race is receiving. I guess if you support Mr. Ossoff you won’t mind, and if you are tired of his dishonest campaign you will mind. The optics of this are very bad.
CP – I don’t live in the Sixth myself. Am I not allowed to have an opinion on the matter?
LM – An opinion yes. A vote no. You might consider that 6th district people might not appreciate your telling them how to vote.
CP – I’ve told nobody how to do anything, nor has CBH as an organization. As far as “out of district money” I politely encourage you to both look up how much out-of-district money has been spent on Handel (those attack ads ain’t free) and take up your concerns with the Supreme Court re: campaign spending.
LM – The optics of this are bad. As far as your “polite encouragement” I have done some research.
Joshua Lesser · Luther Mckinnon, thanks for your question. Let me share with you how and why this meet and greet happened. A. You’re correct CBH is not in the 6th district. B. Many of our members live in the 6th district. C. The campaign asked if we would hold a meet and greet open to the entire Jewish community. D. There was a significant effort to target invitations to people who live in the district. E. This was explicitly not a fundraising event nor an endorsement. F. If Handel’s campaign had asked, I would have advocated that we extend her the same courtesy. I hope that puts some of your alarmed concern to rest.
LM – It was not “alarmed concern” as much as annoyance. This campaign is long and noisy. I am working on a blog post as we speak. I will link to it here.
JL – I understand the annoyance. When you use terms like bad optics, that sounds more like alarm to me. What I didnt say is that there has been vigorous debate in the Jewish press about whether Jon is a good choice. I felt like CBH was doing a community service to allow Jewish voters to hear directly from the candidate. I hope youre not too annoyed that a Jewish candidate might want at least one meet and greet with his community.

At the end of the q&a, a lady made an announcement. There was going to be a group of “Jews for Ossoff” canvassing for the candidate. There were going to be many opportunities for volunteer work. “On sunday, we’re all gonna go canvassing together. WHOOHOO!”

“This was explicitly not a fundraising event nor an endorsement.” No, it was a pep rally. People were encouraged to be fired up for Jon Ossoff. If you want to split hairs, you can say this is not an endorsement. Are we supposed to believe that CBH would have staged an event like this for Karen Handel, if her “campaign had asked”?

The phrase “bad optics” has been used. To PG, this is when something looks bad. The thing with “b.o.” may, or may not, have any real effect on the situation, but it looks bad to outsiders. The first time PG heard this phrase serves as an illustration. It was during the debate on whether to build a new stadium for the Atlanta Falcons. The powers that be want to spend over a billion dollars for a football stadium. Schools don’t have enough money. Roads need repairs and expansion. The sewer system is a disaster. And yet, somehow we want a billion dollars to build a football stadium. Technically, the hotel-motel tax used had been dedicated to financing the Georgia Dome. On one level, it was proper to use this money to build the “Blank Bowl.” However, the schools still don’t have enough money. The overall priorities of our society are questioned. The optics are bad.

How does this apply to a Jon Ossoff pep rally, held outside the 6th district? People outside the district have a right to an opinion. And people inside the district have a right to be annoyed. Whose right is more important? Which group will have a vote in the election? Maybe, just maybe, the campaign by outsiders will annoy the voting population. The voting population might not understand that the enlightened, and wealthy, people outside the district have their best interests at heart. This perceived disrespect might not have the intended effect. Pictures are from The Library of Congress.

White Savior Simplex

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display of a link in this facility does not indicate approval of content ~ #MyDragNameWouldBe ~ Talking Back, Talking Black ~ Willie Cory Godbolt: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know ~ Victims identified in shooting spree that left 8 dead in Mississippi ~ Victims of holiday massacre that left eight dead: Gunman killed deputy during dispute with his wife, then launched door-to-door rampage until his bullets ran out – before wailing: ‘I ain’t fit to live’ ~ Suspect in Portland Hate Crime Murders is a Known White Supremacist ~ ~ Protesters call for justice for slain Bowie State student ~ trump meme0529 ~ A Harvard linguist reveals the most misused words in English ~ White Women Drive Me Crazy ~ hitting the note ~ How Much Trump Is Good for the G.O.P. in House Races? ~ Cleveland officials announce discipline against officers in Tamir Rice shooting ~ Tamir Rice Here’s the pic of Tamir’s Gun he had in his hand and a real Bullet gun…. Can you tell which is which? I didn’t think so ~ The Facebook president and Zuck’s racist rulebook ~ @realDonaldTrump Despite the constant negative press covfefe ~ @AlexanderEmmons Watch as Stuart Jones, a high-level acting official in the State Dept, is asked why they criticize Iranian elections but never Saudi Arabia: ~ Civil War letter by Walt Whitman discovered in National Archives ~ @EWErickson I worship Jesus, not Mother Earth. He calls us all to be good stewards of the planet, but doesn’t mean I have to care about global warming. ~ she was quoted as saying that Calvin Coolidge was weaned on a dill pickle. She later denied saying that. ~ Scahill & Greenwald: What If All Victims of War Received the Media Attention of Manchester Victims? ~ the president and a small group of people know exactly what he meant ~ Does Trump Really Break the Law If He Deletes a Tweet? ~ Portland Stabbing Victim Micah Fletcher Says City Has ‘White Savior Complex’ ~ Spicer’s Razor ~ Here’s what happens if Trump leaves the Paris climate agreement The optics of this decision are bad. Will it have any real effect? This article suggests that momentum away from fossil fuels is already starting. The decision to leave a non binding treaty may have little effect, other than being yet another PR disaster. ~ Leading Nowhere: The Futility and Farce of Global Climate Negotiations ~ Why the Paris climate deal is meaningless ~ An incredibly telling thing Trump said at today’s Paris event wasn’t about climate at all ~ @oren_cass I have been writing about the Paris Accord since before it was negotiated, so I am issuing myself a waiver from my no-tweetstorm rule. 1/ ~ groundwater podcast ~ The Elitist Individualism of H.L. Mencken ~ Everything Conservatives Said About the Paris Climate Agreement Is Already Wrong ~ Only a True Genius Can Pass This Anagram Quiz ~ The Racial Slur Database, since 1999. Not copyrighted in any way, shape or form. This database was created entirely from data gleaned off the ‘net and via submissions from people like you and your parents. It’s supposed to be funny and/or informational. Calm down. ~ Third of June ~ Is Condé Nast exploiting marginalized writers? ~ chris rock ~ Americans Will Always Do the Right Thing — After Exhausting All the Alternatives ~ they fixate on putin ~ I’m kind of an asshole ~ This is what happens when you encourage early voting. Many of the votes had already been cast. ~ Same thing he would say if a black man kills 8 people, including a law enforcement officer, in Mississippi ~ This Memorial Day, remember three Americans were killed by white supremacist terrorists, two victims were veterans, and the President was silent. He did take the time to congratulate a man who choked and body slammed a journalist. ~ @lntransigeance Here’s the thing though – even moderate opinions on these issues get labelled with bigotry. ~ @NeinQuarterly If you need me, I’ll be in my nihilist utopia. Redeleting my favorite deleted tweets. the spell check suggestion for Redeleting is Regretting ~ i started out with a spiral, then it shifted to the concentric ovals, i put a fibonacci grid over it, then divided the four golden rectangles in corners, then i adjusted the ovals so they entered, and left, the quadrants at the same space as the lines, somewhere along the way, i took the nw quadrant, and copied it to the other three quadrants, tomorrow, i start to build a model, to choose the colors to use, this is a lot of fun. ~ You cannot change your vote if he attacks a reporter the night before the election. ~ If you don’t live in the GA 6th district, Mind your own business ~ @badbanana Mr. President, tear down this tweet. #covfefe ~ It was fun for a while last night when the tweet hit. The concept of a sitting POTUS doing something like would be considered unbelievable fiction until recently. Today, I have not given it a second thought. I just wonder what the next Trump moment will be. ~ @StAugOsteen There will always be people hurling insults. Thou vomitest forth very freely what thou thinkest. ~ Having a credit partially obscure the last word of a meme is not very smart. ~ Is his name really Mr. Juncker? ~ That is your #WhitePrivilege talking ~ Cursing is the way you talk when trying to read cursive. ~ miss blaque has an itchy finger on the block button spell check suggestion for blaque is plaque ~ Carlos Santana is trending on twitter. He did not die. He played the national anthem at a basketball game. ~ What led up to this confrontation? Why was Rep. Waters so obnoxious? her job is not to impeach the potus, no matter what she says ~ Doesn’t Russia have bad heroin problem? Close overland to Afghanistan, lots of energy money, population that likes to get high.. why not? ~ A Harvard linguist reveals the most misused words in English Here are some highlights: Adverse, Appraise , Beg the question, Bemused , Cliché, Data , Depreciate, Disinterested , Enormity , Hone , Hung , Ironic , Nonplussed, Parameter , Shrunk, Simplistic , Verbal , Effect, Lie ~ Someone said something last week about the “talking stick.” The preferred term is talisman. The talisman is a device for controlling conversation. The idea is that only the person holding the talisman is allowed to speak. The other people in the group listen. It is best to focus on the person speaking, and not to think about what you are going to say later. The talisman can be passed around the group, either clockwise or counter clockwise. Or the talisman can be placed in the center of the group, and the next person who wants to speak can pick it up. This is said by some to be a Native American custom. It is not known what nation this custom is borrowed from. There is a possibility that someone just decided to do this, and the Native American origin tale just fit their purpose. ~ @ChrchCurmudgeon One of our kids dropped his fidget spinner in the pancake batter at the youth group breakfast this weekend. … Of course, the pancakes came out almost paper-thin. … But there it was. A spinner, saved by crêpes. ~ Georgia residents of a certain age remember Effies. Maybe covfefe is pronounced cove EFF ee ~ Attn 6th district voter: When you see an outsider comment on the election, reply with this: Has anyone who lives in the 6th district asked @_____ how they should vote? ~ G-d is the friend of poets with writers block ~ In addition to his other talents, Mr. Whitman grew a great beard. ~ @HillaryClinton put the tit back in identity politics ~ Show additional replies, including those that may contain offensive content @IR8PROSTATE Grassy ass ~ This meme is now obsolete. Bill Maher said a bad word on his show last night. ~ spell check is the progeny of a parade of pedants ~ if i see the ossoff kitchen table video one more time i am voting for …. probably ossoff, but he is running a terrible overfunded campaign ~ @existentialcoms “What do you do?” “Well, if you define me by my job, I’m an engineer. But if you define me by what I do in my free time, I’m depressed.” ~ When are we going to challenge power of n-word? hysteria is poisoning society Maybe if we focus on institutional oppression instead of word ~ @afemal3pr This one time I wish the hoteps were right and periods are something we could rid of if we just stopped eating the white man’s food ~ This Domain Name Has Expired – Renewal Instructions. ~ born on june 3: Jefferson Davis (1808), Josephine Baker (1906), Paulette Goddard (1910), Tony Curtis (1925), Allen Ginsberg (1926). People who met their maker on June 3 include Ozzie Nelson (1975), Billy Joe McAllister (1967), Ruhollah Khomeini (1989), Rue McClanahan (2010), Jack Kevorkian (2011), Muhammad Ali (2016). ~ Show additional replies, including those that may contain offensive content ~ @conjja are you saying its not prudent to bring a knife to a british beer brawl? @madfrankiewfc Not without a fork and a spoon. To the victor the spoils ~ pictures today are from The Library of Congress. ~ selah