Rules For Writing

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Penicillin Could Procreate

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A day for haikus ~ A special day for poets ~ It’s snowing on Mount Fuji
A mighty voice cried ~ Get your damn hands off of me ~ You damn dirty ape
Almost stole game one ~ No shot for PG 13 ~ Series over now

An apple a day ~ two-hundred and eight dollars ~ So less than doctors
Branches rise in praise ~ Wind as music floats to heaven ~ Birds sing praises joy
cant do crack today ~ Piss test afternoon Tuesday ~ What color is blue

Climate Change is fake ~ I say as I sip a drink ~ On a Kansas beach
Creation awaits ~ Discover the world God made ~ We will be your guide
Do not woo at me ~ Do not talk during the jam ~ Please shut the fuck up

Drip drip says the rain ~ Kissing the window with soft ~ wet butterfly wings
During Good Friday ~ Learned about Satanism ~ Happy Easter Y’all
Facts are important ~ Alternative ones don’t count ~ Don’t be fooled snowflakes

Fishy sea creature ~ Made of shoes frisbees and forks ~ Earth week Washed ashore
Five syllables here ~ Seven more syllables there ~ ARE YOU HAPPY NOW
Haikus are easy ~ But sometimes they don’t make sense ~ Manufacturing

Here’s a thought for you ~ Aren’t we all time travelers? ~ We’re moving right now
I am hung over ~ I think I’m going to die ~ Never drink again
I cross two bridges ~ every day to get to you ~ and your feathered heart

I got lost somewhere ~ Between your soul and flesh ~ Ignited in flames
I really don’t see why ~ Every possible thing ~ Has a holiday
I’m a simple man ~ Mozzarella sticks keep me ~ Happy and well-fed

I’m ready to write ~ The coffee pot is empty ~ Sign or conundrum?
Khaki casket explodes ~ Fearlessly sandstorm cursing ~ Churchyard screaming eagles
Lets split the 1st bill ~ I will get the next plus drinks ~ Glass is purple pink

Life is meaningless ~ Purple monkey dishwasher ~ man Haikus are tough
little bird got sick ~ gave her nasty medicine ~ now she flies again
Lon Chaney sans legs ~ Pink tinted and grim ~ Will sing his cherished death song

My fashion stumble ~ Chip clip on cargos weakens ~ Come On laundry day
My New York #Knicks Suck ~ Don’t belong in The Garden ~ Move them to Jersey
Octopus seahorse ~ starfish Animal cookies ~ for little mermaids

“Progressives” deceive ~ The ends justify the means ~ Call out the statists
reading poetry ~ a challenging task for me ~ pass the potatoes
see purple flowers ~ shades of nature bring us joy ~ wait for more colors

She opens her eyes ~ I say good morning cutie ~ restraining order
Striped blue maroon black ~ Colors of the day that comes; ~ ends with rest and dark
Sun shining indeed ~ I hear birds chirping loudly ~ Spring is here enjoy

Swans are so graceful ~ So graceful and so carefree ~ Beautiful are they too
take this day dearest ~ take it and make it your own ~ with your light and soul
The wait is too long? ~ For pizza you’ll wait thirty ~ Cheese means more than meds

There was a burger ~ With bacon had to eat it ~ It was delicious
This is a poorly ~ written haiku from Austin ~ Texas blah blah blah
Time to get unstuck ~ Make paramount investment ~ Be the warm water

twirling round ~ dewdrops in cool grass ~ dancing barefoot in the rain
Vivid quite pensive ~ Nature’s canvas is our classroom ~ Respect all that heals
waiting all day for ~ those damned biopsy results ~ didn’t the phone ring?

Who ‘s gonna die ~ Eeny meeny miny moe ~ Kill your darlings Joe
World is caving in ~ I am under too much stress ~ Please let me relax
You like poetry? ~ Yeah me neither So I guess ~ I’ll just stop typing
yolo photgraphs ~ the library of congress ~ nineteen forty three


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Motivation Crap

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Slow To Wrath

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Drive Safely

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Quite Free

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All I Wanted Was A Pepsi

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Manage To Faint

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