Race And Obamacare

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I have been dealing with the health insurance marketplace recently. The details are none of the internet’s business. The process has involved computerized forms, with a lot of questions.

One of these questions is about race. You are asked which group you belong to. There is a long list of options. I looked for white, which is what I am. Supposedly, answering this question is optional.

Why do they need this information? Isn’t America supposed to be judging people on the content of their character, rather than the color of their skin? If this information is available to the person processing the information, will it affect the way the application is processed?

This could take several forms. You could have a racist white bureaucrat making trouble for black people. You could have a prejudiced black bureaucrat making trouble for white people. The bureaucrat might have an unconscious bias. None of these scenarios are fair.

This is not an affirmative action situation. The color of your skin should not affect your ability to obtain affordable healthcare. It is time for this question to be removed from the application. Pictures today are from “The Special Collections and Archives, Georgia State University Library”.









Welfare Cup

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PG got an email today. It was a chain email, with the tasteful title “TO PEE OR NOT TO PEE”. It has a couple of paragraphs of text, a cute animation repeated seven times, and a disclaimer. If you print it out, it is five pages long. Holy dead trees, Batman. Here is the message:
I thought you’d like this. We’d probably lower our national def. a whole lot if we put this plan into play. TO PEE OR NOT TO PEE . . . I have a job. I work, they pay me. I pay my taxes & the government distributes my taxes as it sees fit. In order to get that paycheck, in my case, I am required to pass a random urine test (with which I have no problem). What I do have a problem with is the distribution of my taxes to people who don’t have to pass a urine test. So, here is my question: Shouldn’t one have to pass a urine test to get a welfare check because I have to pass one to earn it for them? Please understand, I have no problem with helping people get back on their feet. I do have a problem with helping someone sitting on their butt – doing drugs while I work.
Can you imagine how much money each state would save if people had to pass a urine test to get a public assistance check? I guess we could call the program “URINE OR YOU’RE OUT”! Pass this along if you agree or simply delete if you don’t. Hope you all will pass it along, though. Something has to change in this country – AND SOON! P.S. All politicians should have to pass a urine test too!

The information contained in this communication and all accompanying documents from Coilcraft may be confidential and/or legally privileged, and is intended only for the use of the recipient(s) named above. If you are not the intended recipient you are hereby notified that any review, disclosure, copying, distribution or the taking of any action in reliance on the contents of this transmitted information is strictly prohibited. If you have received this communication in error, please return it to the sender immediately and destroy the original message or accompanying materials and any copy thereof. If you have any questions concerning this message, please contact the sender.

There is soooo much that could be said about this. PG is detoxed from all drugs except Kroger Coffee, but is mightily offended by drug testing. It encourages alcohol use. It does not discriminate between soft and hard drugs. ( Marijuana is stored in fatty tissue, and is the substance most affected by drug testing.) The war on drugs has filled our prisons, cost trillions of dollars, ruined countless lives, and yet is diligently pursued. Bumping people off welfare might make a few people happy, but will probably benefit few people. ( Except for the owners of drug testing companies.)

Maybe we need to criticize the medium, and not worry about the message. Here we have a 245 word message that takes five pages to deliver. This is typical of message emails. People, only show your animated man one time, pack the message into paragraphs, and you can tell your story in one page.

Pass this along if you agree or simply delete if you don’t. Does anyone else think this is RUDE? When you send an email, you invade personal space. You ask a person to look at something, without knowing how busy this person is, how they are feeling, or whether they are interested in your silly little message. It is a shame email is so cheap, if it is going to produce garbage like this.

The icing on the cake is the disclaimer at the bottom. This message is now, in effect, owned by the Coilcraft company. This makes this company look rotten to a lot of people. If you send out message emails at work, please take off the disclaimer. Or, just send the message from home. Or, the best answer of all, don’t send the damn message.

This is a repost. Black and white pictures are from The Library of Congress.

Yeah I’m A Redneck

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A facebook friend recommended an Upworthy video, Racism explained by a good ol’ Southern boy. PG had to click on the link. He did not like what he saw and heard.

About nine seconds in, PG sensed that something was amiss. “I’m coming to you hear in my track. Today I got Ford F150 and I like it. Yeah I’m a redneck. I always have been…” Years of living in Georgia has given PG a taste of rednecks. This man seemed a bit off.

It turns out the speaker was “a filmmaker, actor, and anti-racism writer.” His name is Jorge Moran. Mr. Moran studied at Savannah College of Art and Design, and has directed several films. His bio mentions bouts with depression, as well as living in Los Angeles. He returned to Tennessee in 1992, after the Rodney King riots.

There are a lot of comments in the text about what “white” has done. As a little experiment, PG decided to substitute “christian” for “white.” “This country was built for christian people. I mean it’s time as Americans, as christian Americans came to terms from that and realized, “We are benefiting from that. We created slavery. We created a culture and system of christian supremacy that has benefited us for 400 years.” You think maybe it’s about time we stop being lazy as christian people and take some fucking responsibility.”

So you say christians should not be blamed for creating slavery. What about the white americans whose ancestors came to this county after the abolition of slavery? What about the majority of white americans, north and south, who did not own slaves? Is the color of your skin the only variable available for blaming something that happened hundreds of years ago?

Lets break down another bit of text. “White people are racists. Not all of them but white culture is. White country is. Our Nation is. Our American culture is full of white supremacy and we live in a white supremacist culture that caters to white people. Everything from the media to education, to art, to culture, to politics are white washed. What is not white washed. As far as the status quo, as far as the dominant culture, everything’s white washed.”

One of the things about American culture is the mixing of white and black. Rock and roll was invented by black people. Christianity, at least the Catholic church and its offshoots, was invented by white people. There is a lot of mixing. Whenever PG goes anywhere, he sees black people. To say american life is whitewashed is ridiculous. When you make statements like that, you make me want to doubt the next thing that you say.

This is not to say that there is no racism. Economic inequality is real. The toxic after effects of jim crow have not faded away. However, rhetoric of the type this video spouts off does not help. Maybe the calling out demanded by this video needs to be directed at Jorge Moran.

The speech has little that you have not heard before. It also does not have any practical way to make a change. “And let’s do something about it. Let’s speak up. Let’s vote. Let’s create legislation and policies that fight against this shit. Let’s make things fair and equal.” Actually, the Civil Rights act was passed in 1964. The Federal Government has been in the business of monitoring Civil Rights violations ever since. Exactly what laws do you want to pass?

When a video like this comes out, many people see it as their duty to praise it. If you do not praise the speech, or if you do not automatically believe every claim made, then you are labeled a racist. After a while, the term racism means less and less. Fire breathing entertainment for SJW is not going to create change. All this one is doing is collecting page views for UpWorthy. Pictures are from “The Special Collections and Archives, Georgia State University Library”.









Mrs. Fenton

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There is a bit of urban legend mongering on the innertubes these days. It shows a letter. It is from the manager of a Kmart in Reno, NV. It tells “Mrs. Fenton” not to go shopping there anymore. It seems as though her husband has been misbehaving.

Here is the text of the letter. Mr. Fenton: August 4: Went to the Service Desk and asked to put a bag of M&M’s on lay-buy. October 4: Looked straight in to the security camera; used it as a mirror, and picked his nose. December 23: Went in the fitting room, shut the door and waited a while; then yelled, very loudly, “There is no toilet paper in here!”

The wet blankets at snopes say the letter is a fake. This page is sponsored by a book, Journey to the Cross: Reflecting on 24 Hours That Changed the World. You can’t make this stuff up.

Mrs. Fenton lived at 35 Rasmussen Street, Moores Park, Reno, NV, 89503. Google maps has never heard of this address. Kmart Store 4855 was located at Summit Ridge, Reno, NV, 89503. This is a side street, with no current signs of Kmarttage.

The letter is good for a laugh. The problems might come when some person is inspired to try one of the pranks. After all, an earlier title of the piece was “Things to do at Wal-Mart while your family is taking forever to finish shopping.” The person who has to clean up after “Make a trail of orange juice on the floor to the restrooms” will not be amused. Maybe you should tell this person to lighten up, and get a sense of humor. Do not try this in a stand your ground state.

A similar lack of respect for humanity is seen in fake crime videos. In the one linked to, two men try breaking into a car. One is treated more rudely by the police. This video inspired much hand wringing about unfair treatment of minorities.

With all the real crimes being perpetrated, why are these pinheads staging a fake crime? They are making a video, to illustrate their social commentary. Police should be fighting real crime, not playing the bad guy in a youtube adventure. This makes about as much sense as “While handling guns in the hunting department ask the clerk if he knows where the anti-depressants are.”

This is a repost. Pictures today are from The Library of Congress.










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Just when you think it can’t get any stranger, the bosslady at Memories Pizza said, on tv, ““If a gay couple came in and wanted us to provide pizzas for their wedding, we would have to say no.” You might wonder how many gay weddings are going to go to a Michiana pizza parlor to get pepperoni deep dish for their commitment ceremony.

The fun got started when an internet prankster saw that the domain was available. This person made a fake web site, complete with soft core porn.

When you go there now, you see this text. “Don’t discriminate.(It’s not nice.) Also, in all seriousness, it’s really dumb to not own a domain name for your business. Especially after you spew stupid shit on TV. (And my web host started getting a lot of abuse reports, and I like them. So.)

The next strange thing to happen is “Jess Dooley a Concord High School golf, softball and basketball coach, was suspended hours after … tweet about arson.” “@dooley_11 Who’s going to Walkerton, IN to burn down #memoriespizza w me? Agree with #FreedomofReligion bill? “That’s a lifestyle they CHOOSE” Ignorant.”

That is one documented threat. By the time the internet heard about it, thousands had been alleged. Twitter was ablaze with snarky comments about tolerance and hypocrisy. The O’Connor’s chose to close Memories Pizza because of all these threats. They may not reopen. Just who is making all these threats? People who can’t serve pizza at their gay wedding?

Dana Loesch is a Glenn Beck associate. She took up the cause of the embattled pizza people. A gofundme page, Support Memories Pizza, was set up. “Purpose: To relieve the financial loss endured by the proprietors’ stand for faith. After you donate please go “like” and combat the leftist hatred expressed on Dana’s page.” The take after 16 hours: $106,545. Miss Dana is on top of the situation @DanaTheBlaze ALERT: Hackers are trying to crack our #MemoriesPizza #Gofundme password.

At least one twitter warrior is suspicious. @Bipartisanism The #MemoriesPizza story is a scam. On the brink of bankruptcy they drummed up phony outrage with GOP host @DLoesch & raised $$ on gofundme. Just why did a South Bend IN tv station go to a small town pizza joint for a televised interview anyway? Inquiring minds want to know. Pictures from “The Special Collections and Archives, Georgia State University Library”.









What Song Sums Up Your Entire Life

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Roman Hans, the maestro behind World Class Stupid, liked a couple of chamblee54 pictures on facebook. PG thought it was good manners to go by WCS and like something. PG tries to have manners, even if they are obsolete.

The first post was a screen shot of something called “what song sums up your entire life.” The picture did not have a link, so Mr. Google was consulted. The intertubes like to put up quiz thingies. Apparently the ideas are not subject to copyrights, so the copycats post another version within milliseconds. You can get a second opinion, a third, and a fourth.

A “bitecharge” quiz, What song sums up your entire life?, was the screen shot at WCS. The front page has a picture of Kelvin Cochran, with the all caps question “DO YOU THINK CHRISTIANS CAN BE FIREFIGHTERS? CLICK HERE TO SAY YES! Did you know that the 3 wise men were firemen? The Bible said they came from a far. If you are not a southerner, you might not think that was funny.

The bitecharge test is eight multiple choice questions. Number eight is typical. “Which exercise would you prefer? Running, Yoga, Bicycling, Ball sports, Swimming” “Your song is: “Like a Rolling Stone”” There is an ad, under the “Tweet this” badge. “Is He Cheating On You? Enter His Email Address. Find Pics & Profiles From 70+ Social Networks”

The Quibblo version was created by Call_Me_Kira , whose location is L’s closet, Kanto region of Japan, AU. The show has six multiple choice questions. Number six: Which of these choices best describes you? I need to go to school and get my degree, Make a lot of money working from home, I would love to find a new game to play, I’d like to earn extra money by taking surveys online. Actually, that is number infinity sign. When you click on a choice, you go to a page telling you how to make money working at home. The real number six has about a dozen options for “What song do you THINK sums up your love life?” Maybe the singalong by Marcel Marceau. The answer, once you get past the auto start news story about the Kardashians, is “Love the way you lie- Rhianna”

GoToQuiz features unabashed datamining, with some exceptions. “8. Where do you live? In the country, In the city, In a cave, Homeless. 9. Have you ever been bullied? Yes, No, I am a bully.’ The answer is “Perfect”, by Pink.

The last one of these is by quotev. The advertising is from Southwest Airlines, and American Express, which is an improvement over Kelvin Cochran. The result is “New Perspective-Panic! at the Disco.” Pictures are from “The Special Collections and Archives, Georgia State University Library”.











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Audio Tags

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Positive Fascism

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PG had a few minutes to spare this morning. He dived into the innertubes, and found Staying committed sucks…REALLY??? The post made him think. He decided to leave a fast comment. If you want your comment to be noticed, be one of the first ones to go up.

The post is about the downside of positive thinking. It starts with a woman, who says her husband has discovered, a bit too late, that he really does not enjoy practicing law. The hypothesis here is that Hollywood glamorizes the legal profession, and does not tell anyone about the boring aspects.

Chamblee54 I would say more, and perhaps will later. Now, I have to get on the road to my job.The problem of what I call “positive fascism” is not exclusive to Hollywood. Many people like to glorify the positive, and deny that anything non wonderful exists. Jesus worshipers are some of the worst. The trouble is, when the going gets dull, many people think it is a sign of weakness. If their role model does this without boredom, it must be something wrong with me. This is a problem.

Biochicklet Snarky man under the bag. I was raised without a religion and I know legions of atheists. Singling out a religious group is really unfair. The topic is commitment and hard work to have something of great value. If you want to pick a fight, please come see me. I am a positive fascist.

The Culture Monk Ellen, LOVE the comment. I think its my favorite of week.

There are a couple of obvious points. The gravatar image of PG has a paper bag over his head. There is no indication whether the blogger is male or female. How did Biochicklet correctly guess the gender?

Second, Culture Monk talks about his Christianity in almost every post. A frequent theme is Christians who make Jesus look bad. It was highly fair to include that observation in this comment.

PG is writing this after a hard day in the real world. A couple of things happened today to cloud any cheerfulness he might feel … those who know PG IRL will know what these are. A lengthy discussion of positive fascism, and the belief paradigm that spawned it, will have to wait. (Or is it positive fascism that facilitated the belief paradigm? Maybe they are one and the same.)

There is a story, though, which illustrates the point, and will not take too long to tell. A friend of PG became acquainted with some people in a Christian group once. We will call this group “The Light.” They were faith healers, with a nifty catch 22. If you were cured of your illness, hallelujah. (Thank you spell check.) If you were not cured, it was because you did not believe enough.

This is a repost. Pictures are from “The Special Collections and Archives, Georgia State University Library”. The video is from “The Way,” which worships the same G-d as “The Light,” and participates in the same economy. Biochicklet, Chamblee54, and Culture Monk are still producing.









Gay Marriage And The KKK

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It seems as though the United Dixie White Knights is opposed to gay marriage in Alabama. The article in The New Civil Rights Movement credits blog superstar Joe.My.God. with breaking the story. JMG reports he was “Tipped by JMG reader Fred.”

As could be predicted, facebooker are gleefully posting stock photos of klansmen, and making snarky comments. The opposition of UDWK is seen as another selling point for the benefits of gay marriage. After all, if the Klan is against something, then you need to be for it.

The fact that the issue of marriage is being decided in federal courts is not discussed. Marriage has always been a legal construct. The states and the federal government are fighting over who gets to regulate marriage, which usually does not end well for the states. The acronym IANAL is useful. Maybe arranged marriages, involving cattle, are the tradition to follow.

One wonders why “the Klan” even bothers. They are a national joke. They get less respect than the Westboro Baptist Church. If they say something, the media gleefully reports and distorts. It is almost as if someone hacked into the UDWK site, in an effort to make them look bad. If you look at the rhetoric, grammar, and spelling of the document, you might come to that conclusion.

If you want to see the UDWK statement, you get a screen: “Adult Content Warning ~ The site uniteddixiewhiteknights that you are about to view may contain content only suitable for adults.” You have two choices: “I would like to proceed to the site. ~ I do not wish to view this page.”

In it’s report, The New Civil Rights Movement mentions “The statement, to which we will not link.” TNCRM story is sponsored by LGBT Family Planning, and How To Remove Dark Spots, Watch Shocking Presentation. Stories about the KKK are good for getting people to look at paid advertising.

Last summer, a report circulated: KKK Raising Money for Police Officer Who Shot African-American Teen. “The South Carolina-based New Empire Knights of the Ku Klux Klan says its Missouri chapter is raising money for the still unidentified white police officer who shot and killed Michael Brown, 18, who was scheduled to begin college classes this week.” This report was used to discredit Darren Wilson, while the investigation was ongoing.

During this weeks Klan sighting, a followup appeared to this story, KKK Disowns KKK Fundraiser for Darren Wilson “The fundraising email is actually in violation of the traditional Klan constitution, according to another Imperial Wizard, Frank Ancona. Ancona leads the Traditionalist American Knights, one of the largest branches of the KKK, approaching 10,000 members in the lower 48 states. Their headquarters are in Missouri.

The KKK is split into many smaller subdivisions, explained Ancona, and often times, banished members of a larger branch will attempt to start their own. Ancona believes this is the case with Murray, who is not even known to the Traditionalist American Knights. (Murray is Imperial Wizard Chuck Murray, of the New Empire Knights.)

“He basically made up his own name,” Ancona said, explaining that Murray may not even be on his birth certificate. “We are a registered organization. We have a charter with the state… Half of them don’t have the rituals for our ceremonies.”

Ancona worked with senior members of his organization to attempt to find Murray and confirm his connection to the larger group, but they could not. “No one has ever heard of the guy, I talked to the older members of our group,” he said. “There are other legitimate Klan organizations, but this group here sprang out in the last year or so I don’t believe he has any members. I think it’s just him.”

Additionally, Ancona believes Murray’s fundraising effort is a scam, because technically, members of the Klan cannot speak with the media, let alone solicit their help with raising donations. All members sign an agreement that forbids conversations with the press. Only highly vetted officials interact with reporters, and even then, interviews are rare.”

The KKK has historically been a secret society. Is posting a manifesto on the internet, and leaking it to Joe.My.God., the way things are done in the internet age? Is the UDWK a glory seeking fringe group? Maybe the post is a false flag operation, designed to build support for gay marriage.

In case anyone is confused, this post does not support the KKK. Nor will there be the ritual denunciation that anti-racists seem to feel obligated to make. It is just an effort by a slack blogger to make sense of a few things that defy explanation. The pictures are from “The Special Collections and Archives, Georgia State University Library”. The rally was held July 14, 1939 at Stone Mountain.










Tiny American Faith Groups

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As you may have heard, a man killed three of his neighbors in North Carolina. The victims were Muslim, and the alleged perp is white. Since America is now a nation of media critics, the way this incident is covered is getting as much chatter as anything else. The usual comments about lack of media coverage, and the different ways the race of the perp affects what the media calls the person, are being made. If you can’t say anything good, criticize the media.

Some stories report that a dispute over parking spots was behind the slayings. While this may seem trivial to some, parking disputes can be heated. Did the condo community have enough parking spaces? Is killing over a parking spot any sillier than killing because of differing opinions about G-d?

The Washington Post has a story about the killing, Chapel Hill killings shine light on particular tensions between Islam and atheism. “The alleged assassination by an outspoken North Carolina atheist of three of his Muslim neighbors is shining a light on particular, deep tensions between two tiny American faith groups: Muslims and atheists.”

Is that tiny America, tiny faith, or tiny groups? How can atheists be called a “faith group?” Maybe we should go back to saying religion, instead using faith as a semantic substitute. Or maybe, just maybe, we should quit labeling people based on their opinions about G-d. Is it really any of your business?

The WP story has a link to the facebook page of alleged killer Craig Stephen Hicks. There are numerous comments criticizing the Abrahamic religions. There are also a puzzle, a video about New Zealand, and a link to a story about what occupations the 50 states have. The Hicks page is not different from most facebook pages.

Perhaps the facebook page has a clue to the real motive for the killing. Mr. Hicks is a Pittsburgh Steeler fan. Mr. Hicks is married, and went to Disneyworld two months ago. Mr. Hicks is in two facebook groups: Atheism on Youtube, and LET’S REACH 1 MILLION PEOPLE CAMPAIGN…It’s a start! LGBT EQUALITY. Mr. Hicks likes the movie “12 Years a Slave.”

This incident is tough to wrap your head around. Mr. Hicks probably did not need to own a firearm. Since he is white, the media guide says he is a troubled individual, which does not seem to be in question. If he had been black or brown, Mr. Hicks would be labelled thug or terrorist. Those two labels also seem to fit, regardless of whether or not this was a hate crime.

Pictures are from The Library of Congress. The 1927 pictures were taken at “California Beauty Week, Mark Hopkins Hotel, July 28 to Aug. 2, auspices of San Francisco Chronicle.”






Direct Deposit Your Privilege

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PG poured a cup of coffee, and got busy multi tasking. A splendid selection of images from “The Special Collections and Archives, Georgia State University Library” await the editor’s magic wand. Some of these images appear with this post.

Cropping/level adjusting/labeling uses hands and eyes, but not ears. This leaves a sense open for input. The audio component listens to podcasts. That leaves smell as the underutilized sense. The internet does not play to the literal sense of smell … figuratively the nose works overtime.

The soundtrack this morning is episode 33372 of Talkers Aryeh Cohen-Wade and Freddie deBoer discuss a recent bit of thumb pulling by Jonathan Chait, Not a very PC thing to say. The links page is sponsored by the NRA. “Defend Your Freedom… Join NRA Today … Your Membership includes this FREE NRA Rosewood Handle Knife.”

In the event that you have better things to worry about, Mr. Chait’s commentary has ruffled a few feathers. The general concept is that some people are more concerned about the way you say something, than the actual content. A number of illustrative horror stories are given. “A theater group at Mount Holyoke College recently announced it would no longer put on The Vagina Monologues in part because the material excludes women without vaginas.”

Ad hominem has a long history as a tactic for dismissing views that you don’t want to talk about. Crying hypocrisy is usually the easiest argument to make, without getting your hands dirty with the details. Many people decide that activism is just not fun anymore, and leave whatever movement they decide to grace with their presence. Sometimes this is a good thing.

Bloggingheads has a device on the viewer enabling the consumer to make a sound bite clip. This clip is delicately known as the dingle link, not to be confused with dingleberry. This can be a problem to the multi-tasker. You are sailing along with your project, and the talker says something that you want to save for posterity, or posterior. You have to stop the player, scroll back to the start of the comment, and do the appropriate clicking mojo to save the clip.

There were three such moments in episode 33372. Mr. Cohen-Wade says the divide and conquer nature of identity politics is similar to the history of southern racism. The idea was to pit the poor whites against the poor blacks, to the benefit of the rich white people. What Mr. Cohen-Wade does not mention is that northern robber barons played the same game with immigrants. After the great migration, rich northerners saw the benefit of a divide and conquer race game.

At the sixty eight minute mark, there are back to back comments. In the first, Mr. Cohen-Wade discusses the privilege of having two parents in the house. This is an advantage in later life, but no one calling out privilege seems to think this is worthy of mention.

Immediately after this comment, Mr. deBoer notes a contradiction in the expression check your privilege. “One of the most surefire signs that someone is privileged is if they use the phrase “check your privilege. … only people who come from a certain level of education know what that means.”

Meanwhile on facebook, someone posted a tawdry video. Men were talking about male stereotypes, and how they don’t want to live up to these so called ideals. All the men in the video were under thirty. Only one of the players was mixed race, or black … it is tough to tell which. This gentleman makes a comment about dick size, and another comment with a bleeped out cussword.

There was a comment. An Atlanta man said “uhhhhh, way to represent the fatties?”. The man posting the video replied “Fat hum?”











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