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@WesleyLowery “Folks unbothered that Darren Wilson never filed a police report on Michael Brown shooting now demanding DNA analysis of campus poop swastika”. In contemporary social discussions, two wrongs equal one right. If you can’t say anything good, you talk about the way your people are treated in the media. The comment by @WesleyLowery is a good place to get started.

About this time a year ago, the grand jury was announcing that they were going to make an announcement on the Darren Wilson/Micheal Brown affair. A lot of people did not know that a police report was not filed. Ferguson police turned the matter over to St. Lous County authorities, and decided not to file a report. There were many reports in the weeks to follow.

It is tough to see a connection between Darren Wilson and a poop swastica. It is tough to see a connection between a Nazi symbol, drawn with (presumably) human waste, and much of anything. The school’s interior design department has some wacky students. How this justifies the football team going on strike, which leads to the President of the school resigning, is a mystery.

The other incidents that led to the football strike involved the n-word. Supposedly, the racial slur was shouted at people on campus. One of the people was student body President Payton Head, who made an incendiary post on facebook. The post had the intended effect of firing up the campus.

After the school President resigned, someone posted on “yik-yak” the following message. “I’m going to stand my ground tomorrow and shoot every black person I see.” The digital community spread the message far and wide. Payton Head made a facebook comment:”Students please take precaution. Stay away from the windows in residence halls. The KKK has been confirmed to be sighted on campus,” Mr. Head later admitted that this was not true. Some observers wonder if Payton Head was telling the truth about the earlier n-word incident.

Meanwhile, the ether has been ablaze. The authorities asked people to report incidents of hurtful speech. Twitter is twinkling tweets in a twisted sisterhood of 140 character affirmations. @Charleeea #Mizzou black students need to stop protesting and start killing. The white supremacy made it clear they aint hearing it.” This account is now private. The same user made a comment on another platform. @Charleeea” I may be over my baby dad but I took many lessons with me on the way out. Game good ova here”

This post is not going to try and make sense out of what is happening. If you expect a slack blogger to explain social justice jihad, then you are in worse shape that Melissa Click. The facially challenged professor was at the center of a sideshow controversiy this week. Dr.Click wrote her Phd dissertation, at from the University of Massachusetts Amherst, about the “commodification of femininity, affluence and whiteness in the Martha Stewart phenomenon.” In the meantime, here are a few comments from twitter. Pictures are from “The Special Collections and Archives, Georgia State University Library”.

@moshpitwhoreThis is probably the most important this I’ve ever posted. #Istandwithmizzou #prayformizzou #BlackLivesMatter
@michaeltheglory White people saying this is fake, are y’all too up your asses to face reality?
@stevesalaita One racist administrator down, hundreds to go. #Mizzou
@BlacknRight Student protests in 60s were about being sent overseas to die. Today’s r over feelings being hurt by words. #Mizzou & others = BS! #endpc
@mirahwood Nobody on the planet are bigger babies than butthurt racist white folk #Mizzou
@RickCanton We are raising a nation of pansies. @chamblee54 pansies are rugged flowers that grow in winter you should use another noun to make your point
@BlackAutonomist Twitter racists are so mad and their tears taste like sweet nectar. #Mizzou
@johnupton Sometimes being a journalist is hard. But when the media spins a civil rights story into a media rights story, #whiteprivilege wins. #Mizzou









Things Go Better

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PG was downloading files, and playing in the internet. He began to wonder what had happened to someone he knew thirty plus years ago. PG does this a lot. Often, the search is impeded by the inconvenience of not knowing the person’s “real” name. In this case, he had a name. The problem here was the fact that there are a lot men named Tom Thompson. PG remembered that the man used to work for Coca Cola, so that was added to the search. This is what PG found.

“On Sept. 14, 1981, farm workers in a rural area of Irvine, in Orange County, discovered in a shallow grave the body of Ginger Lorraine Fleischli … Ginger had been raped and stabbed with a knife five times in and around one ear. … Investigators linked offender Thomas Martin Thompson and crime partner David William Leitch to the murder…. Three days after her murder, Ginger’s wrapped body was found. A single-edged knife, later determined to belong to the crime partner, had been thrust at least two inches into her ear. It had severed the carotid artery, causing massive bleeding and ultimately her death. Ligature marks on her wrists and ankles indicated that she had been bound or handcuffed during the night of the murder. Ginger’s shirt and bra were cut in the front and pulled down to her elbows, completely exposing her breasts. She was not wearing any shoes, socks, or underwear. Her jeans were fully zipped but unbuttoned. A vaginal swab revealed semen consistent with Thompson’s blood type…. She (the roommate of the deceased) told investigators that “No one really knew Tom but everyone thought he was strange and weird.”…

At 11:48 p.m. July 13, 1998 – sixteen years and ten months after he raped and murdered Ginger Fleischi, Thomas Thompson was taken into San Quentin’s execution chamber. The catheter to deliver the lethal injection was inserted into his arm, and the chamber door was shut at 11:54 p.m. Media witness entered at 11:58 p.m.; the curtains were opened one minute later. The execution by lethal injection began at 12:01 a.m. July 14. Thompson was pronounced dead at 12:06 a.m.

Thompson’s last meal included: Alaskan king crab with melted butter, spinach salad, pork fried rice, Mandarin-style spare ribs, hot fudge sundae and a six-pack of Coca Cola. Warden Art Calderon read Thompson’s last statement: “For 17 years the AG has been pursuing the wrong man. In time he will come to know this. I don’t want anyone to avenge my death. Instead I want you to stop killing people. God bless.”” Pictures are from The Library of Congress.









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PG was minding his business when he stumbled onto a tweet. @neonflag This number on Anonymous’ KKK data dump jumped out at me: 770-499-4633. That’s the Cobb County Sheriff. #gapol. While the Cobb County Sheriff is not beyond suspicion, it seemed odd to think of a government office as being a KKK member.

There had been rumors. Anonymous was going to release the names of KKK members. The people wearing Guy Fawkes masks were going to expose the people wearing bedsheet hoods. Twitter nation was abuzz with excitement…lets expose the racists. PG was concerned about collateral damage, about innocent people being dragged into the mess. And now it was happening.

They’re publishing their data there. In addition to the phone numbers, there were email addresses, many with .ru addresses. There was also a list of politicians. There were lurid articles, like Racists Panic As Anonymous Starts Releasing Details Of KKK Members.

Included on this list was Georgia Senator Johnny Isakson. A conservative Republican that many would not want to defend, Sen. Isakson had been in real estate before he ran for election. This is an image conscious business, that would not lend itself to bedsheet wearing. Nonetheless, facebook was soon crowded with people calling for the resignation of Senator Isakson.

Before long, common sense began to creep in. If You Really Think Four Republican Senators Are in the KKK, You’re a Fool. Relax: #OpKKK Did Not Release Info Linking Elected Officials To The KKK. One division of the hydra headed anonymous tried to back away from another. @Operation_KKK
This account has NOT YET released any information. We believe in due diligence and will NOT recklessly involve innocent individuals #OpKKK .

Several questions remain. How will we know who to believe? Was the preliminary *data dump* a false flag operation, designed to damage anonymous credibility? Why are they worried about the KKK? Is genuine evil flourishing while America chases bedsheets?

Despite it’s fierce reputation as a “racist terrorist” organization, the KKK is in bad shape. It has less credibility than the Westboro Baptist Church. The custom of wearing bedsheets makes them the easy target for jokes. The Anti-Defamation League and Southern Poverty Law Center say the membership of the KKK is dwindling.

A good argument could be made that anonymous publicity is helping the KKK. It makes bedsheets look dangerous. While the three digital stooges of anonymous/facebook/twitter are focused on bedsheets, more dangerous white (and other color) hate groups are operating in darkness. With people fascinated with who is under the bedsheets, people that can do damage are buying ammunition, and buying elections. Pictures today are from The Library of Congress.










Frank Zappa Says

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Recently, the world of flaky internet quotes has discovered Frank Zappa. The “sexually incontinent rock innovator” died December 4, 1993. (His wife Gail passed away October 7, 2025.) Recently, some alleged quotes have hit the ether. Some people need to get out more.

This item was recently featured in chamblee54. @SlavojTweezek “”Communism doesn’t work,” Frank Zappa said, “because people like to own stuff.” Idiot. What do people’s likes have to do with communism?” This quote is plausible. Frank Zappa was a capitalist. He liked owning stuff, especially his own music. It should be easy to find a source. However, the best google can come up with is a compilation, “Quotes of Zappa,” in W. C. Privy’s Original Bathroom Companion.”

This morning, facebook had a meme. It had a picture of FZ, with the quote “Politics is the entertainment division of the military-industrial complex.” In the time that it takes to say Camarillo Brillo, Mr. Google turned up a reddit commentary.

“While the quote is frequently listed as, ““Government is the entertainment division of the military-industrial complex,” I could find no primary source. It appears to contradict the actual quote from a 1987 interview with Keyboard magazine where he is decidedly pro-government but anti-bullshit politics.” (FZ did say “art in the service of politics usually makes for boring art.” Why do people make up quotes for memes, when the real thing is better?)

Speculating what a dead man would say is a tricky business. FZ was known for strong opinions, and a finely tuned BS detector. (That is bovine excrement, not Bernie Sanders.) FZ died while the internet was just getting started, and years before some of today’s permutations and perversions. It is easy to imagine FZ making rude comments about people misquoting dead guitar heros.

Speaking of politics and cynical guitar cadavers, the current poster boi for trendy privilege is Bernie Sanders. If you “feel the Bern,” you might want to skip over the rest of this post, and look at the pictures. (These pictures are from The Library of Congress.) While BS is arguably less evil than Hitlery, he still leaves a great deal to be desired. BS is making extravagant promises that he will be totally unable to keep. BS is taking the concept of telling people what they want to hear to new depths. Yes, this is part of what FZ meant when saying rude things about politicians.

Today, PG saw a fundraising appeal for BS. Against his better judgment, PG made the comment “Bernie $anders.” The fun started almost immediately.

This campaign is for monthly recurring contributions. And Luther, campaigning requires money. The alternative to grassroots support is a country run by wealthy interests. Which would you prefer? ~
I realize that campaigning for political office requires money. My comment was a bit of recreational $nark. B$ can take a joke. … “The alternative to grassroots support is a country run by wealthy interests.” I am not sure about that comparison. Hitlery can make more in one corporate blowjob than BS can in a month of grass roots support. BHO did not get a billion dollars for his reelection from five dollar contributions. While the concept of grassroots support is uplifting, the sordid reality is that we live in a bribe-ocracy. ~ Your cynicism is less than accurate and certainly less than appealing. ~ Luther, just don’t vote and stay out of discussions about voting. OK?









These Are The 10 Most

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PG saw a facebook post from his cousin. It was about the town he lives in: Wilton Named 83rd Drunkest Place to Live in Connecticut: Report It was based on a bit of creative clickbait, These Are The 10 Drunkest Places In Connecticut.

The distibutor of this information is RoadSnacks. “RoadSnacks is based in Durham, NC. We aim to deliver infotainment about where you live that your real estate agent won’t tell you. We use data, analytics, and a sense of humor to determine the dirt on places across the country.” Other information opportunities include: “TAT10 Poorest Places In Kentucky”, “TAT10 Drunkest Places In Pennsylvania”, “TAT10 Dumbest Cities In Illinois”, “TAT10 Cities In New Jersey With The Most Ashley Madison Accounts”, “TAT10 Snobbiest Places In Louisiana.”

When PG saw the initial TAT10, he wondered about Georgia. A google search was made for “TAT10 drunkest places in Georgia.” Apparently, RoadSnacks is still crunching the numbers on that one. Three enlightening features were available: TAT10 Most Dangerous Places In Georgia, TAT10 Most Ghetto Cities In Georgia, TAT10 Most Redneck Cities In Georgia.

TAT10 lists are not scientific. The criteria varies from study to study. (For more information, be sure to check the actual post.) In dangerous places, “If any places tied, we used the violent crime rank as a tiebreaker.” In ghetto and redneck, it seems to come down to the number of retail outlets. Ghetto was ranked by convenience stores, drug stores, beauty supply stores, and discount stores. Redneck is determined by dive bars, mobile home parks, tobacco stores, guns and ammo stores, Walmarts, Bass Pro Shops, Dollar Generals and Piggly Wigglys.

In OTP Atlanta, many areas change names at the county line. When you leave Dekalb County for Gwinnett, you go from Doraville into Norcross. One road you can do this on is Buford Hiway, which is lined with Asian businesses like My Dung video. This area is home to one of the metro area international communities, and is well known for ultra authentic restaurants. Well known by everyone except RoadSnacks.

According to the TAT10 body of knowledge, Doraville is the 5th most redneck city in Georgia. When you cross the county line, Norcross is the most ghetto city in Georgia. People who are familiar with this area are probably laughing right now. Especially when they see that most ghetto Norcross is also 15th most redneck. Doraville did not make the 90 spot list for most ghetto.

The most dangerous city in Georgia is College Park, with East Point in second place. Neither city was on the redneck list. On the ghetto list, College Park is 67, and East Point is 72.

The city of Brookhaven evidently has not been in existence long enough to be rated. The only list that included Chamblee was ghetto, at 55. Pictures today are from The Library of Congress.









Sally And Johnny

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PG was reading facebook, minding his own business, when he saw the splashy title White Liberals Have White Privilege Too!. There is something about online discussions about privilege that make well meaning people want to type a lot of words into little boxes. PG usually avoids such a conversation, as if it were an amway pitch, but made an exception this ill fated afternoon.

The seminal article was written in 2007, and mentioned the media controversy of the day. It seemed as though Joe Biden said
“I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy … I mean, that’s a storybook, man.” Mr. Biden is currently the Vice President, serving under the FMAA.
There was a link to Black People Love Us!, which tells the story of Sally and Johnny…
“We are well-liked by Black people so we’re psyched (since lots of Black people don’t like lots of White people!)” The fun starts when someone quotes a letter to BPLU.
“I swear, if one more white person says that they want to touch my hair, I am gonna puck a f*ckin mousetrap in it so their f*ckin hand gets caught in it. anyways… GET WITH THE PROGRAM! Have any of you ever heard of sarcasm? Irony? Satires? Canterbury Tales? Shakespeare’s “As You Like it” and “Much Ado About Nothing?” If some of you would actually get your heads out of your asses for one second and read a f*cking book or get educated, you will see that this website is NOT trying to break down PEOPLE, but break down BARRIERS and erase STEREOTYPES…With much love for Sally and Johnny… A Black University of Michigan Student with nappy-ass hair”.

The resulting visual ruined the day for PG. BUMS should keep their pants on, and not burden the world with the sight of nappy hair on BUMS posterior. The same thing goes for any asian, latino, caucasian, native american, or zorlack with this problem.

The photgraphs today are from “The Special Collections and Archives, Georgia State University Library”. This repost was modified to satisfy an writing challenge word limit.









Old College Friend

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A facebook post has been making the rounds. It starts off “I got a call this morning from an old college friend who’s been a lifelong Republican (for years we’ve kidded one another about our respective politics), who told me he had decided to leave the GOP.” The “old college friend” is not named. The post is a comprehensive list of “progressive” hot buttons. The ding ding ding you hear is the BS detector…looking for bovine excrement, not Bernie no-middle-name Sanders.

The perp is wannabe celebrity Robert Reich. His twitter profile mentions product for sale … “@RBReich Berkeley prof, former Sec. of Labor. Movie INEQUALITY FOR ALL now on Netflix, iTunes, Amazon. Book SAVING CAPITALISM: FOR THE MANY, NOT THE FEW out Sept 29.” The Google sidebar adds a few details. “Robert Reich Former United States Secretary of Labor · Robert Bernard Reich is an American political economist, professor, author, and political commentator. Born: June 24, 1946 (age 69), Scranton, PA Height: 4′ 11″”

His name is similar to Reichstag. In 1933, a fire broke out in the Berlin Reichstag. It was blamed on Communists. The Nazi Party used the uproar surrounding the Reichstag fire to consolidate their power. The cause of the Reichstag fire is controversial to this day.

The facebook post is flaky. The “old college friend” seems to suddenly be a flaming liberal, concerned about “a woman’s right to choose, and of gays’ and lesbians’ right to marry.” Honestly, how many sixty something republicans leave the party because of gay marriage? But it must be ok, because the obligatory denunciation of “their racism!”has an exclamation point.

OCF lists as good republicans Mark Hatfield, Nelson Rockefeller, Jacob Javits, Barry Goldwater and John McCain. Most of these white men performed before the the typical facebook reader was born. Barry Goldwater was regarded as an “extremist” when he ran for President in 1964. His supporters booed Nelson Rockefeller off the stage at the republican convention. During the November election, against future war criminal Lyndon B. Johnson, Barry Goldwater was defeated in a landslide. The only states, outside of home state Arizona, to go for Mr. Goldwater were states in the deep south. They appreciated Mr. Goldwater’s vote against the Civil Rights Act.

At last count, the post received 95,923 likes, 40,031 shares, and 7,802 comments. Critical thought is not a popular item these days. While PG agrees with Mr. Reich about many of the issues raised, he is not impressed with the way the story is told. The only believable part of this document is the exclamation point after racism. Pictures today are from The Library of Congress.








The New MLK

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Part of the problem with the Social Justice Jihad is the tsunami of rhetoric. Millions of words come out every day, often with great anger, passion, and volume. If you doubt the truth of anything you hear, you run the risk of being called (cue dramatic music) racist. The simple truth is that a lot of what is said is simply not true. When you ask someone for documentation for their claims, the fun begins.

@THEAlleyeceeing Same people that said victims of police violence should’ve just respected the law are calling #KimDavis the new MLK.
chamblee54 @THEAlleyeceeing @fieldnegro
Do you have links showing one person having these two opinions?
@THEAlleyeceeing @chamblee54 @fieldnegro Huckabee Cruz should I type it for you as well?
chamblee54 @THEAlleyeceeing @fieldnegro
i asked for links you know, documented evidence rather than just you heard it
@THEAlleyeceeing @chamblee54
you could have googled it by now instead of still expecting me to do your work.
chamblee54 @THEAlleyeceeing i did google the last part, the only one saying that is Rick Santorum-you were the one speaking without evidence or backup

The tweeter who started this is THE CONNET @THEAlleyeceeing. The profile says “Social Media Assassins Guild, Assassins Embassy.” There is a link, When you click on the link, you get this message: “We Looked Everywhere For This Page! (Error 404) But maybe we can still help you find what you’re looking for.”

When you google the phrase “calling #KimDavis the new MLK,” you find an article, Santorum Compares Kim Davis’ Jailing to Martin Luther King’s. The former senator, aka frothy mix, was on a radio show. After praising Kim Davis, Mr. Santorum noted that “Martin Luther King went to jail because he didn’t follow the law.” Is this calling Kim Davis the new MLK? Some say it does, while others disagree. What did “Huckabee Cruz” say? Who knows?

Later in the interview, Mr. Santorum said the Iran Nuclear Deal was “The greatest betrayal … in the history of our country.” A quick google search for “victims of police violence should’ve just respected the law Rick Santorum” did not yield any results. Google corrected the spelling of respect.

When you say something online, you should show where you got your information. Memes, and twitter, are not conducive to backing up your rhetoric. When people get mad when you ask them for documentation, that is an indication that they don’t know what they are talking about. This reckless dissemination of bogus information is a serious problem for the social justice jihad. Just because you talk loud does not mean you are telling the truth.

Pictures are from The Library of Congress. UPDATE:
‏@fieldnegro @chamblee54 @thealleyeceeing Well her lawyer compared her to MLK. And so did your fellow wingnut on FOX. https://rawstory…

This Connection is Untrusted You have asked Firefox to connect securely to, but we can’t confirm that your connection is secure. Normally, when you try to connect securely, sites will present trusted identification to prove that you are going to the right place. However, this site’s identity can’t be verified.

chamblee54 @fieldnegro @THEAlleyeceeing firefox said the link to raw story was “untrusted” -i do not watch FOX, and nobody there is “fellow wingnut”
chamblee54 @fieldnegro @THEAlleyeceeing here is what i found out by doing the research that The Connet should have done
@THEAlleyeceeing @chamblee54 @fieldnegro 😂😂😂😂it only took you 8 hours.
@THEAlleyeceeing @chamblee54 KimDavis is no MLK #MLKim
chamblee54 @THEAlleyeceeing That is something I agree with
@THEAlleyeceeing @chamblee54 that was sohars to find.








Adventures With Obamacare

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LBGlass - 033z

LBGlass - 035z

LBGlass - 037z

LBGlass - 039z

LBGlass - 041z

LBGlass - 042za

LBGlass - 044z

After making the bold move of getting out of bed, PG was ready for action. He was not afraid to answer the phone. It was a robo call from the Health Insurance Marketplace. There were some issues with your account. Please call this 800 number, and tell them you got this call. PG did not listen fast enough to catch the number. Not that he would call it anyway.

When dealing with Government agencies, it is a good idea to answer phone calls and letters. Even if you thought you covered it, another agent may have a different opinion. Obamacare is sort of a good idea, with multiple implementation issues. Both G-d, and the Devil, are in the details.

The first stop was the O-care website. It had been a while since PG visited this facility. The device asked PG to choose a new password. The link was sent to the email address. The link was selected. First you have to answer the security questions. Since PG wrote down these details, this should be easy. No, the device did not like the answers PG gave. Click on the link, start over, and provide the security questions with a few more capital letters. PG was allowed to create a new password.

The new password was written, copied, and pasted into the appropriate fields. Then it was time to log on to HIM wonderland. The password was pasted into the appropriate field. The device said the password was not correct. Refresh the page, enter the user name, include a capital letter at the start, manually type in the password. Bingo.

The site did not show any problems. The same two messages that PG downloaded in April are still there. It is time to call the HIM 800 number, and talk to a person. Maybe the Health Insurance Marketplace needs a gender neutral acronym. Is Obamacare masculine, or feminine?

So the HIM 800 number is called. PG knew to press zero,and speak to an operator. The voice answering droid asked what state PG was in. Georgia. What was that, we cannot understand you. Georgia, with a bit of anger. We cannot understand you. We need to know what state you bought insurance in. Georgia, a bit louder and angrier. We cannot understand what you are saying. Please enter the zip code in the touch tone keypad.

After seven minutes on hold, a very nice man appeared. He looked in his computer, and did not see any problems. Pictures today are from “The Special Collections and Archives, Georgia State University Library”. The spell check suggestions for robo: robot, rob, robe, hobo.











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LBGlass - 042z

LBGlass - 048z

LBGlass - 048za

LBGlass - 050z

LBGlass - 051z

LBGlass - 053z



Ray Lewis used to play pro football. Wednesday, he appeared at a “public safety summit” in Newark NJ. Mr. Lewis said “”Remove the word black and say ‘lives matter,’Stop sending mothers back home empty. You can never replace a mother’s child. If we want black lives matter, let’s make it matter to us. That’s the new call.”

Twitter nation was not amused. #Raylewis was a trending subject for a day or so, until the latest hashtag hatching. Tweet superstar Deray Mckesson led the charge. “Who can call Ray Lewis and let him know that “all lives matter” ain’t it? Because this is the only tweet I’ve got for him tonight.”

Many commenters said that Mr. Lewis had killed someone, and should not be discussing whether lives matter. They were referring to an incident in Buckhead, after the 2000 Super Bowl. If you read beyond the headline, you learn that Mr. Lewis almost certainly did not kill the young men. Those calling Mr. Lewis a murderer probably don’t read past the first sentence of his quote.

Many say the City of Atlanta was too hasty in charging Mr. Lewis with the murder. The prospect of a high profile prosecution was enchanting to the local criminal justice establishment. The case quickly fell apart during the trial. Mr. Lewis accepted a plea bargain for lesser charges. This is a common problem, when you allow justice to become a popularity contest.

There is one tweet that stands out. @Delo_Taylor “No @raylewis I will not remove my blackness to appease white supremacy. So disappointed right now. #BlackLivesMatter” Another has been deleted, but lives on nonetheless. “I cant. No patience for coonery.”

It should not be surprising that people say foolish things on twitter. Nor should it be noteworthy for politicians. Newark Mayor Ras Baraka said “People want to talk about violence without talking about inequality because they benefit from inequality,” Pictures today are from “The Special Collections and Archives, Georgia State University Library”.











I’m Christian, Butt I’m Not

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PG does not keep up with viral videos. He depends on warm-and-fuzzies like Matt Walsh and Mollie Ziegler Hemingway for periodic outrage alerts. The latest target of the screed stoppers is from Buzzfeed Yellow, I’m Christian, But I’m Not. The latest report from YouTube shows 765,694 views. Viral is not as hot as it used to be.

The video shows some well scrubbed younguns. They say things like “I’m Christian but I’m not close-minded … but I am not judgmental … but I don’t place myself on a pedestal.” (Thank you Mollie Ziegler Hemingway for the transcript.)

The next part is the answer to the question “What are you?” The high point of this is where the girl says “I do believe in monogamy before sex but I will give you sex advice if you need it.” The last part is answers to “What do you want people to know about Christianity?” “We shouldn’t be judged on just the people that you see in the media, or just the people that you’ve met in everyday life. every Christian is different, and we deserve a chance to explain ourselves.”

Well, no you don’t. PG has had a horrendous experience with Jesus. The “bad Christians” are often the loudest, and make the deepest impressions. The “bad Christians” are usually supported by the “good Christians.” The sorry behavior is somehow excused by the ideology. After all, Jesus died for your sins, we are going to heaven, and you are going to hell. And we deserve a chance to shove that rhetoric in your face one more time.

If you type in “I’m Christian but I’m not” to Google, and it’s wholly owned subsidiary YouTube, you will see the critics loud and clear. Many have pointed out that ICBIN does not say the name “Jesus.” Others say that Christians are supposed to be hated. The YouTube comments are bizarre, as usual.

Pictures today are from The Library of Congress.









A Brief Reminder

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PG received a forwarded chain email. The first line was “I think this is bullshit, do you know any way to confirm?” Here is the text. “On Monday, September 7, 2015 10:37 PM, Gullible Gus wrote: I trust this info is true. Sent from my iPad Begin forwarded message:”

“As a brief reminder for those who forgot or for many that didn’t know. Here is what happened,quietly, on January 1, 2015. Medicare tax went from 1.45% to 2.35%. Top Income tax bracket went from 35% to 39.6%. Top Income payroll tax went from 37.4% to 52.2%. Capital Gains tax went from 15% to 28%. Dividend tax went from 15% to 39.6%. Estate tax went from 0% to 55%. A 3.5% Real Estate transaction tax was added.

Remember this fact: These taxes were all passed solely with Democrat votes, Not a single Republican voted for these new taxes. These taxes were all passed in the Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare. If you think that it is important that everyone in the U.S. should know this, the many millions who don’t yet, then pass it on.”

The phrase “These taxes were all passed in the Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare.” was pasted into google. Before you could say fox news hairdo, there were 97k results. Snopes rated the email a “mixture” of truth and fiction. The example email used by Snopes, received August 2014, began “Those that think this is the way to improve the economy might as well delete now.”

Politifact rated the email “Pants on Fire.” titled their version Return of the False Tax Claims. Most of these tax increases were included in the American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012. This instrument was passed, with bi-partisan support, by the lame duck Congress after the 2012 elections. So much for “not a single Republican.” Maybe all the Republicans who voted for ATRA were married.

What the message does not mention is whether of not the tax increase was sufficient. The current budget deficit is estimated to be $474 b. This is almost a trillion dollars less than the $1,413 b in 2009. The national debt is estimated to be $18.1 t. A trillion here, a trillion there, and soon you are talking about real money. Saint Ronnie didn’t think big enough.

The email PG received had a post script. “You know, when Senator Isakson was here, why wasn’t Congressman Bishop with him in bi-partisan support for Ft Benning?” An inefficient military is the number one reason for runaway government spending. And yet, in this message decrying taxation, the local congressman is denounced for not bringing home the bacon. If you are going to cut spending, you have to start somewhere. Pictures today are from The Library of Congress.










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