Warning Not A Manual

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What better way to start the new week but a meme, featuring a quote from a famous person. “I wrote 1984. as a warning not as a fucking instruction manual.” George Orwell

Chamblee54 has a ten minute rule on quotes. If you can’t find the source in ten minutes, then the quote is disputed. Fake is a harsh word. “I wrote 1984.” fails the ten minute test. It also has an extra period, which does nothing for it. A learned Englishman like Eric Blair (the birth name of George Orwell) would not insert a useless period into a sentence. Ditto the use of fucking as an adjective. 1984 is not a sex education text.

The first page of google results has a couple of forums, and a handful of tasteful graphics. The quote is expressed as Orwell was a warning, not an instruction manual, and Atlas Shrugged is a warning not an instruction manual. At no time is a source for the quote, from the words of Eric Blair, given.

George Orwell died January 21, 1950, six months after the publication of 1984 Mr. Blair had been in very bad health. There were indications that he preferred working on his manuscript to taking care of his health. ( The masterpiece that killed George Orwell tells the story.) This fact is another indication that the meme is an example of *doublespeak*.

1984 was an influential book in the sixties and seventies. When the actual year took place, it was a bit of a relief. It was the year of Ronald Reagan’s landslide re-election. While technocratic control of the population was in effect, it was not as overt as the book would have it. (PG has never read 1984. It is uncertain how many people using the adjective “Orwellian” have read the book.)

The reality of the present does not always line up with the sci-fi predictions in the past. 2001 was going to be the year of interplanetary exploration. Instead, September 11, 2001, was the start of the twenty first century. Jet airliners as WMD sucker punched America into a series of self destructive wars. Pictures today are from The Library of Congress.









RuPaul Talks, Again

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PG often does not fit into pigeonholes. Liberal or conservative. Ally or enemy. Racist or whatever. After a while, it becomes apparent that labels are part of the packaging, and usually have little to do with the product inside the box.

Then a facebook friend (a person who PG likes, and respects, in real life) put up a link to a RuPaul interview, Real Talk With RuPaul. The FBF is over RuPaul. PG read the interview, and found many things that he agreed with. Is it possible to be a conservative because you like RuPaul?

The Vulture feature is similar to the WTF podcast that RuPaul did. Chamblee54 wrote about that interview. The Vulture chat is better for bloggers, since it is a copy friendly text affair. When you see quotes, you can include them verbatim.

RuPaul has a talent for snappy sayings, to be remembered for later use. An example would be “I’d rather have an enema than have an Emmy.” Some unkind people say that if you were to give RuPaul an enema, you could bury her in a shoebox.

A persistent theme of RuPaul’s moving lips is “the matrix.” “Because you get to a point where if you’re smart and you’re sensitive, you see how this all works on this planet. It’s like when Dorothy looks behind the curtain. Like, “Wait a minute.  You’re  the wizard?” And you figure out the hoax. That this is all an illusion. There’s only a few areas you can go. First, you get angry that you’ve been hoaxed and you get bitter. But then, take more steps beyond the bitterness and you realize, “Oh, I get it. Let’s have fun with it. It’s all a joke.”

The Bosslady of “RuPaul’s Drag Race’ is an African American. Duh. In the Vulture piece, there are 4355 words. Racism/racist is not included. Could it be that America’s obsession with other people’s racial attitudes is part of the illusion? “Derogatory slurs are ALWAYS an outward projection of a person’s own poisonous self-loathing.”

RuPaul is not always politically correct. She supports Shirley Q. Liquor. RPDR was instrumental in the rise to fame, (or descent into the abyss), of Sharon Needles. “But if you are trigger-happy and you’re looking for a reason to reinforce your own victimhood, your own perception of yourself as a victim, you’ll look for anything that will reinforce that.”

This feature has gone on past the attention span of many internet denizens. It is time to wrap it up, and move on to the pictures. These images, of Georgia Tech football players in 1938, are from “The Special Collections and Archives, Georgia State University Library”. Before that, there are two more quotes from the Vulture.

“Regular, straight pop culture has liberally lifted things from gay culture as long as I can remember. And that’s fine, because guess what? We have so much more where that comes from. Take it!”

“Do you think it’s important for the younger generation to learn it?”” I don’t know. I don’t really care about them. The truth is, they’re on their own. They’ll figure it out. There’s nothing we can do to force them to say, “Look, this is important.” Humans don’t learn that way.”










Another Twitter Dispute

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@arthur_affect Daily reminder that @AngryBlackLady has done more to help vulnerable ppl than all the assholes attacking her combined

The tweet above was retweeted by a neighbor of PG. A reckless curiousity was aroused. The ABL twitterary was a personality crisis. It seems that ABL was having problems with @freddiedeboer. The cause of this dispute is murky. It soon comes to light that ABL is a lawyer, and is being accused of shady conduct. When you consider that, the sketchy behavior of ABL makes a bit of sense.

It is tough to say who is right or wrong in this dispute. It is easy to invoke the three part rule: it is none of my business, I don’t understand it, and I am not interested. The graceless behavior by ABL made it tough to want to take her side.

There was a link published. It was a article at something called storify, To Bro or Not To Bro? Someone would reproduce a tweet, or type a sentence or two. Then a .gif of someone making a face would appear. There were about a dozen of these text/.gif combos. Someone in eighth grade might think this is clever.

you picked a bad day to praise ABL she is busy with a jihad and making herself look petty
@Flyswatter I don’t think so. She’s totally right.
@chamblee54 I am not going to judge right or wrong the theatrics & rhetoric of ABL are tacky
@jteeDC You won’t judge right or wrong, you just want her to feel bad. Thanks for that, buddy
@FeralHomemaking Yes, dudebros come for @AngryBlackLady on the regular but it’s *tacky* for her to defend herself.
@__Krisssyy She’s defending herself from public attacks. He pulled this shit in January. Should she sit idle while he attacks her character?
When somebody makes a full time job out harassing you, feel free to grin & bear it. ‏
@Beulahmo She’s defending against unfair public attacks. It’s “tacky”? What does that mean?
@chamblee54 To answer that question I would need to re read that tweet series & I don’t want to
@AngryBlackLady Yes, defending myself from endless attacks sure is tacky. Goodbye.
You are blocked from following @AngryBlackLady and viewing @AngryBlackLady’s Tweets.
@Flyswatter Oh, the tone.
@chamblee54 “her rhetoric and theatrics are tacky”=/= fighting words – fwiw ABL blocked me
‏@Beulahmo It just seems unduly dismissive, coming from you, considering the circumstances.
@Beulahmo But in this context–protecting herself from a public smear campaign–what is “tacky” (& thus worthy of dismissal)?
@chamblee54 To answer that question I would need to re read that tweet series & I don’t want to …storify piece is highly tacky
@Beulahmo Okay. Do you have any awareness of how dismissive your statements sound?

PG left the last tweet unanswered. Boring quarrels require dismissive action. Pictures today are from “The Special Collections and Archives, Georgia State University Library”. “Members of the Atlanta Woman’s Club, during a luncheon for retiring president W.F. Milton, in the AWC banquet hall, in Atlanta, Georgia, March 5, 1937.” Tallulah Bankhead attended the event.








The Henry Ford Meme

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There is a meme going around. It has a quote, “Any man who thinks he can be happy and prosperous by letting the government take care of him, better take a closer look at the American Indian.” The credit/blame for the quote is given to Henry Ford. There are so many things to say.

You might ask if the quote is genuine. A bit of research leads to a foundation that studies the life of Henry Ford. They have a spreadsheet of his quotes. A search for the words happy, Indian, and prosperous do not show this quote.

The second comment is about what might be termed political correctness. The term American Indian is now considered offensive. If you consider the historic relationship between Native Americans, and the European conquerers, you see a history of land theft, treaty violation, and genocide. That this could be considered “letting the government take care of him” is a sick joke.

Ad hominem comments are just too easy to make. Henry Ford had a reputation for extreme anti-semitism. Mr. Ford was no fan of labor unions, and fought them fiercely. There are many other stories about what a horrible man Henry Ford was. Pictures today are from The Library of Congress.












Jason Whitlock And Shaun King

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There was a radio show yesterday. The actors were Jason Whitlock & Shaun King. It was tough to listen to. The two actors interrupted each other, and engaged in ad hominem arguments. At one point Mr. King, whose ethnicity is disputed, shouted “I’m blacker than you.” In twitter messages, Mr. King called Mr. Whitlock a “Tom ass bastard” who “will coon for cash.”

Carolina quarterback Cam Newton got media attention before Super Bowl 50. Mr. Newton had a spectacular season, leading the Carolina Cougers to SB50. On the other hand, Mr. Newton seems to be a bit of a “hot dog.” “I’ve said this since Day One, I’m an African-American quarterback that scares people because they haven’t seen nothing that they can compare me to.”

In SB50, Denver beat Carolina. It was an ugly, defense dominated game. A week later, Mr. King published a story with dirt on Denver quarterback Peyton Manning. As Mr. Whitlock sees it, trashing Mr. Manning was revenge for Denver beating Carolina in the SB50.

If true, this is ugly. The idea seems to be that a team with a black quarterback was whipped by a team with a white quarterback, so you get even by publishing dirt on the white quarterback. It is also stupid. Mr. Manning didn’t play that well in SB50. It was the Denver defense that shut down Cam Newton. If you are going to get revenge, it should be against the Denver defense. The only problem is that they are not well known names, and will not get the attention that bashing Mr. Manning will get. Nor witll it fit the racial narrative … of eleven starters on the Denver defense, ten are black.

Pictures are from “The Special Collections and Archives, Georgia State University Library”. Some of the pictures are from ” the morality play “Heaven Bound,” staged by the Big Bethel African Methodist Choir, at the Atlanta Theatre (23 Exchange Place), Atlanta, Georgia, August 1937.”









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Back when “vanity website” weblogs were devolving into blogs, the blogroll was part of the show. You would list other blogs. Sometimes they would return the favor. If you were stuck on a strange machine, the blogroll helped you find familiar sites. You could support people starting new ventures. It was very cool, until the gift (google I facebook twitter) changed everything. People got tired of reading >140 characters. But the blogroll remained. Every now and then, it needs to be cleaned out.

So it is today. Before we got started, there were 64 names on the blogroll. 21 will be taken off this afternoon. The first casualty, and perhaps the most important, is Andrew Sullivan. His blog was a powerhouse. It had a series of high power hosts, then went on to self maintain through paid subscriptions. Mr. Sullivan, who does not suffer from false modesty, published a piece, Why I Blog. Supposedly, the worst thing you can do to a blogger is ignore them.

The next notable casualty is Blog for Democracy. BFD had a recent post, to dissect the fall of Peach Pundit. Started by certified poopyhead Erick Erickson, Peach Pundit evolved into an inclusive source of news, and commentary, about Georgia politics. It is uncertain what happened, except that most of the staff quit at once. The BFD piece, Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story?*, is a bit of blog history. In this telling, the rise of facebook spoiled everything.

Two sites that deserve comment are Iraq Body Count and Palestinian Pundit. (The site that hosted Angry Arab now has hoverboard reviews.) To date in Iraq, there are “Documented civilian deaths from violence 152,037 – 171,952, Total violent deaths including combatants 242,000.” This was not from greeting the American forces as liberators. And the struggle goes on. Iraq: Authorities turn blind eye to Shi’a militia vicious reprisal killings.

There are some little stories. Two of the best names, Awkward Boners and Glitter for Brains, are no longer in business. The owner of Atlanta Time Machine was in a horrible bicycle crash, and has been in a struggle to recover. One other facility says “This blog is open to invited readers only.” PG thought he was on good terms with the owner. The PG noticed that the invited-readers-dude had blocked PG on twitter. Sometimes you just have to wonder.

Chamblee54 is here to stay. It would be fun if a few more readers discovered this site. Last year there were 39,000 visitors, or about one day of traffic at Joe.My.God. Pictures today are from The Library of Congress. Editing pictures from this fine resource is a great hobby, and a blog is a fine place to put them. These men were soldiers in the War Between the States.





Phi Grid Social Life

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PG was spending another night on the internet. The primary activity was downloading files from The Library of Congress. Some of these images are posted here. This collection has enormous files, with 200mb not uncommon. When you download these, you request a file, and wait until time to request another one. There is lots of time to be led astray. The internet is full of digital temptation.

“Why is considered hateful or divisive to speak inconvenient truths about Hillary Clinton but okay to paint all Republicans as bigoted idiots? This is the kind of blind partisanship that creates gridlock, not electing a man who is extremely popular with both Democrats and Republicans in the state he has represented for thirty years.”

Holy strawman. Leaping logical fallacy. Who is the person speaking about Hitlery? Who is the person, that considers person A, to be hateful and divisive? Is it person A, or person B, or both, who say Republicans are all poopyheads? The babblemonger battle cry “google it” will not be helpful.

After PG finished shaking his head, a tweet appeared on the horizon. @GimpChat Let’s start a game. Golden ratio/Phi grid. #gimp #gimpchat #art. PG had heard of the rule of thirds before, but never the phi grid. The latter is a chart, used for cropping pictures. It is based on the Fibonacci numbers, aka the golden rectangle. PG uses the golden mean as a default dimension for cropping pictures. Especially in the graphic poems, where all the images are, measured in pixels, 720 x 447.

The next step was to draw a chart of the phi grid. The first example from the internet was useless. GIMP has a “golden sections” option for certain grids, which PG imposed on a template screen. The phi grid is two horizontal lines, and two vertical lines, creating nine rectangles. From the first image, PG got the pixel numbers to use.

After drawing this chart, PG began to notice things. At two spots on the grid, a square should appear. However, on attempt number one, these numbers were always a few pixels off. PG decided to scrap attempt number one, and start from scratch. This is the way PG operates… you have to do it wrong before you can do it right.

The golden rectangle is based on a series of sides that add up. The first rectangle we will use, though not the start of the fibonucci series, is 3×5. If you add 3+5, you get 8. The next rectangle is 5×8. If you add 5+8, you get 13. The next rectangle is 8×13. And so on and so forth. The ratio of the numbers will remain the same. The official phi number, which, like pi, can go on for millions of digits, is 1.618033. When PG edits pictures, the numbers are 1.61:100.

The whole thing is based on adding/subtracting side A from side B. The overall box is 720×447. 720-447=273. 447-273=174. The horizontal lines of the phi grid go at 174 and 273. The vertical lines go at 273 and 447. This is supposed to give you shapes that will be pleasing to the eye. Thinking about Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton is not pleasing to the eye, or any other sensory organ.

phi grid0130





Putting Us On

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It all started innocently enough. There was a tasteful meme. A picture of Mark Twain graced these words “Sometimes i wonder whether the world is being run by smart people, who are putting us on, or by imbeciles who really mean it.” PG decided to do due diligence research.

Before you could say Samuel Clemons, there was evidence that the quote was not genuine. According to the word detective, the phrase “putting us on” was not used before 1958. Several helpful people attributed the quote to The Peter Principle. A written source is handy in these situations.

The fbf had a familiar reaction. ” I’ve never really cared if a quote attribution was authentic, if I like what the quote us expressing.” This got PG thinking, which can be dangerous. If something makes people feel good, does it really matter who said it? It is like singular they…there is a gut feeling that something is wrong, but articulating a reason is tough.

PG asked Mr. Google “does it matter if the quote is real.” The top result was All Fake Buddha Quotes. “we have a sister site, Real Buddha Quotes, where you’ll find other genuine quotations from the Buddhist scriptures.” Most people in America equate scriptures with the Bible, where the supreme content provider is Jesus. The Biblical words of Jesus are accepted as “Gospel truth” by some, though not everyone. The idea that Siddhartha Gautama, who lived a few hundred years before Jesus, could have verbatim scriptures is probably open to dispute.

The Fake Buddha Quotes site has some good links. “It doesn’t matter who said it, as long as it’s inspiring.” has a tasteful meme: “Live Well, Laugh Often, Love Much, Adolph Hitler.” A seeker-of-truth opines: “Why do I care, you ask? Because it’s a waste of time. Because I want to believe that the people around me aren’t knee-jerk emotional reactionists willing to dispense with logic because the internet is such a shining bastion of quality information. Because it takes no time at all to stop, consider, and question. Because truth is better than bullshit. Because right is better than wrong…”

The rest of the first google page is devoted to goodreads and Brainy Quote, two of the worst offenders in the commodity wisdom market. (One spell check suggestion for goodreads is goo dreads.) Goodreads has Quotes About Real Love (126 quotes,) Reality (2669 quotes,) What Matters (29 quotes,) and Authenticity (317 quotes.) Brainy Quote has Real Thing Quotes, Confucius Quotes, and Real Man Quotes. Pictures for your reality based entertainment today are from The Library of Congress. These men were soldiers in The War Between The States.






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Lurid Digs

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There is a site called Lurid Digs. It can be very, very funny. It is also filthy. Fifty years ago. publishing pictures like this would get you sent to jail. If you want to find it, you can do so on your own.

PG was trolling the internet one night, and he landed at Lurid Digs. He saw a picture that might be fun to use, to illustrate a post about NASCAR.(spell check suggestions: MASCARA) However, at the bottom of the LD page was some troubling language about copyrights. PG decided to write LD and get permission, before he used any of their pictures.

The very next day, this message was in the inbox (spell check suggestions: inbreed )
:Hi Luther…Sure, you can use the credited pics. Also I’m available for ‘interview’ should you have any questions you like to ask…Cheers, David K Publisher Lurid Digs
An interview with the publisher of Lurid Digs! What a coup! PG opened up a wordpad and started to think of questions. He edited them to a numerically proper twenty. The questions were sent to Lurid Digs. The reply arrived a few days later.

Oy, too convoluted for me. But thanks anyway. (I was thinking of something much more simpler.) Cheers, David K

PG was disappointed. As Scarlet might say, tomorrow is another day. The questions will make a fun post by themselves. This is a repost, with pictures from “The Special Collections and Archives, Georgia State University Library”. Lurid Digs is still published, in all it’s NSFW glory.

01- Are the models and decorators for Lurid Digs certified to be drug free? 02- What kind of strings do you use on your guitar? 03- Why do birds fly up in the sky, every time you walk by? 04- What can the argyle community do to fight racism? 05- If Jesus were to pose for you, would you put makeup over the holes in his hands? 06- Who asked Sarah Palin what she thought? 07- What impact does Lurid Digs have on global warming?
08- How much was the model’s bail? 09- Have residences been inspected by the fashion police? 10- Does Chenille ever go out of style? 11- Do the neighbors in the trailer park get suspicious when you do a photo shoot? 12- Why don’t we just go ahead and make murder legal? 13- Are humans as smart as dogs? 14- What do the youth of today want? 15- Why do people include the office disclaimer when sending out joke emails? 16- Is NASCAR rigged? 17- Who wrote the book of love? 18- If a model dies during a photo shoot, is he greeted in heaven by 72 virgins? 19- What do you put on pizza you order for photo shoots? 20- Do you ever play 20 questions?

Non-Racist Or Anti-Racist

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There is a tasteful bit of white guilt porn on the innertubes. The video is from the Guardian, a British enterprise. Are you racist? ‘No’ isn’t a good enough answer. The transcript has 365 words, one for each day of the year. The word for today is and. The most recent tally shows 4,714,039 views on facebook, which does not pay royalties.

The talk is an exercise in semantics. Either you are non-racist, or anti-racist. The possibilities that you are a known-racist is not considered, as is the concept that attitudes about race are nobody else’s business. The speaker, Marlon James, instructs the listener that you MUST be anti-racist. Nothing else will do. This means that you must take some type of action against racism. What exactly you are supposed to do is not specified, but you need to do something.

Mr. James lists five points that the mythical non-racist uses to justify their non-ness. “I’m not a bigot. I don’t sing that ’n’ word when my favorite rap jam comes on. I didn’t vote for that guy. I’m not burning any crosses. I’m not a skinhead.” From these five nots, a certain lifestyle emerges. “What you end up with is an entire moral stance, an entire code for living your life and dealing with all the injustice in the world by not doing a damn thing. That’s the great thing about “non-”: you can put it off by simply rolling over in your bed and going to sleep. So why are you sitting at home and watching things unfold on TV instead of doing something about it? Because you’re a non-racist, not an anti-racist.” Or maybe you are an uncle-racist, and auntie-racist won’t let you do anything.

At no point is a course of anti-racist action suggested. Should you go block traffic on the interstate? Should you vilify a member of your community who expresses incorrect opinions on facebook? Should you go to the state capitol, and talk to your representative about laws you are not familiar with? Exactly what are you supposed to do? Will this action do more harm than good? Is this action any of your business? Do you know what you are talking about? Maybe the effect of your action is not important, as long as you are doing something.

The monolog takes a strange turn now. “Now, do this for me: take the “c” out of racist and replace it with a “p”. “I’m not a rapist. I’m not friends with any rapist. I didn’t buy that rapist’s last album.” All these things that you’re not doing. Meanwhile, people are still getting raped, and black boys are being killed. It’s not enough that you don’t do these things.”

Ok, so now we need to take meaningless action against rape, and black boy murder. Again, what are you supposed to do? There is also the matter of privilege. Is it really the white person’s business that black boys are shooting other black boys? And what are we supposed to do about this? Maybe you can say rude things about police. Whatever you do, say #blacklivesmatter instead of #alllivesmatter.

The video comes to a merciful end with the words “We need to stop being “non-” and start being “anti-”. Or take action against glamorous issues that have no effect on most people, but make you feel good to talk about. The Academy Award nominations have been announced, and not enough POC have been nominated. We can take action on twitter, as this tweet illustrates. #oscarssowhite that pointed hoods will be included in the swag bags this year.

The pictures today are from The Library of Congress. These details are from picture #06666, documenting “First Internation[al] Pageant of Pulchritude & Seventh Annual Bathing Girl Review at Galveston, Texas.” It was taken in 1926.







A Question And A Joke

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You can listen to hours of talk, and then hear everything you need to hear in one sentence. This happened to PG twice recently. Pictures today are from “The Special Collections and Archives, Georgia State University Library”.

Dr. Glenn Loury is a frequent flyer at He hosted a recent discussion with the eyeball grabbing headline Are school suspension policies racist? The guest, Robert Cherry, was going-on-and-on about black household percentages, when Dr. Loury asked “What’s the source of those data?” The guest never did answer the question.

In many internet incidents, statistics are accepted without question. Weasel words like average and prove are not challenged. Simple questions, like “who paid for the study” are not asked. Is this an authority issue? Do rhetoric spouting bullies use statistics as weapons, never to be challenged?

The war on drugs is another playground for authoritarianism. A recent episode of radiolab, The Fix, explores developments in chemical solutions to the remorseless desire to get fucked up. Some say we are headed to a “prozac moment,” to a sea change in the way we view addiction. Others hold onto the AA method, and say that it is the only thing that works for some. Since everyone approaches substances in their own unique way, there probably will never be a one-size-fits-all answer.

The radiolab show links to a panel discussion with “top addiction researchers.” Despite the charming European accents, the show is suicidally boring. At the 13:24 mark, Eric Nestler says “Dr. Volkoff gives me a lot of grant money I cannot disagree with her.” It was intended as a joke.










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