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A facebook friend posted a link, The Top 10 Reasons Why Bernie Sanders Should Win The Nomination. PG is neutral on BS, who is not Hillary. The link was accompanied by an unfortunate graphic. “Bernie Because fuck this shit” The meme was low quality, with “Bernie” breaking up in the white background. The profane slogan was in italics, in a similar font to the Bernie trademark.

When you post a link on facebook, the content provider chooses the headline, and the picture. The fbf said she had no idea that this vulgar message would appear. Indeed, if you look at the post, you do not see this meme. Where did the meme come from?

PG is no prude, and can cuss with the worst of them. However, there is a time and a place. Perhaps the “fuck this shit” message was a reaction to the latest hashtag from #blacklivesmatter, #NotAnally.

The website americannewsx offers few clues. Was this another dirty trick from Hillary, or the Repubs? PG has not read the post, and does not plan to. It is too early in the campaign for that kind of investment. The Georgia primary is six months away. A lot can happen between now and then. Pictures today are from The Library of Congress.












Two Podcasts On Selected Tweets

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PG likes to listen to things while working on pictures. Last night, the entertainment included an episode of Bookworm. This is a public radio show, hosted by agreeable fuddy duddy Michael Silverblatt. The show has run for years, and has accumulated an enviable archive. The current show features Mira Gonzalez and Tao Lin, talking about a book they produced, Selected Tweets. It is what it says it is, a collection of twitter product, without all the >140 character paraphernalia about favorites and retweets. Here is a brief sample.

The girl I babysit is telling me about her friend Emma who is 55, has blue hair and owns a dragon farm. She has one tentacle and one real arm. ~ This car drives like the baby I aborted. ~ Saw a guy sucking his own dick on Chat Roulette. ~ I wanna tweet something I’m gonna regret in the morning. ~ I’ve created a mess. There is paint everywhere, cupcakes are in the oven and I’m teaching myself chinese embroidery. ~ Generously applying chapstick to my nostrils.

Miss Gonzalez and Mr. Lin, who apparently are not a romantic couple, say strange things about themselves. They both admit to lots of drug use. Someone published a book about people who might be dead before forty. Miss Gonzalez said that might be her, and it might not be a bad thing if she were to die before forty. This is one thing many people change their mind about.

PG was working on Grievance Indication Industry while listening to the show. There were a lot of interruptions, and a few times when PG did not pay close attention. Mr. Silverblatt was good natured about the shenanigans of Miss Gonzalez and Mr. Lin. After you interview David Foster Wallace, it is all downhill. Mr. Silverblatt does not list a twitter handle on the Bookworm site, and may not be familiar with the >140 character lifestyle.

There was a tweet later. @otherppl “I want someone to write an essay/review comparing/contrasting my interview w/ @tao_lin & @miragonz and the Bookworm interview w Tao & Mira.” You are reading the result. PG will not listen to Bookworm a second time.

The host of otherppl, Brad Listi, is hipper than Mr. Silverblatt. Mr. Listi asks Miss Gonzalez and Mr. Lin if they are sober… Mr. Lin took a hit of weed in the car. Miss Gonzalez doesn’t like to get high during the day, or maybe that is during this day. Tomorrow is another day, as Margaret Mitchell observed. (Sunday, August 16, is the anniversary of the death of Margaret Mitchell. It is also the anniversary of Elvis Presley’s last trip to the bathroom. August 16 is the birthday of Madonna. That does not seem like a fair trade.)

Miss Gonzalez has quite the internet presence. She posts revealing pictures of herself, and then is offended when male strangers send her dick pics. Later she says that Jonathan Franzen famously hates twitter, but probably has a secret account. Miss Gonzalez says that she would like to get a dick pic from Jonathan Franzen, who is not Jewish.

There is a one star review at amazon. About as Good as Excrement on Paper for $16.10 At this point I think if I put excrement on paper in the shape of the letters that create “Worthless Dribble” (which would be quite the feat, more so than Lin’s attempt at prose) I could get it published by whoever it is that keeps promoting trash literature such as this, and anything else these two have ever done.

Mr. Lin became notorious a while back. He was in a relationship with a young girl. The couple went out stealing batteries together. After breaking up with Mr. Lin, the young girl became a young man. They is the preferred pronoun.

Some stories got out about this in the tabloid internet. The notoriety cost Mr. Lin considerable peace of mind. There is a statement, from Mr. Lin, at the otherppl site. It has links to all the sensational stories, and tells his side of the story. The tabloid internet moved on to other click bait. This unpleasantness was not mentioned by Mr. Silverblatt, while Mr. Listi did broach the subject.

@mirage (spell check suggestion:mirage) has a lively twitter account. Here are some recent entries. “i need a breakfast sandwich and a quick painless death ~ i used to smoke actual crack and feel fine the next day but now if i drink 2 glasses of wine i wake up all headache-y and complain-y ~ every time something good happens to me i’m just like ‘i hope this makes my ex upset’ then i go back to hating myself ~ i dyed my hair the same color as my bong ~ its really confusing for me to try to make a family tree because i come from a long line of extremely slutty people ~ young, wild and heavily medicated ~ straight outta reasons to stay alive ~ ‘my daily life is probably about as painful as that’ is something i thought while watching a person burn alive in game of thrones.”

Brad Listi paid Miss Gonzalez, and Mr. Lin, a sincere compliment. He left a copy of the book on the commode in the studio bathroom. A collection of tweets would seem to be a good compliment for bowel movements. There is none of the messy complications of a whodunit, nor the bodice ripping drama of romance novel heartbreak. It was noted in both shows that tweets, with the 140 character limit, is structurally similar to haiku. The evolution of social media zuckerbergs on to its lmao limit.






The Gift Of Cultural Appropriation

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There is a tasteful video on the innertubes today, WTF is Cultural Appropriation. This is not about WTF Podcast. Hopefully Marc Maron will not wear his hair in dreadlocks. The video shows a black man, jumping around in front of the camera, sharing his ideas about cultural appropriation.

Perhaps we should summarize what ‏@the1janitor has to say. He does not give a shit what people do with their hair. (Does he gift wrap the shit when he does give it?) T1J is not concerned over whether Iggy Azalea sings rap songs. Most culture today is a mix of influences, and T1J is cool with that. This chill does not extend to a pro football team in Hyattsville MD, whose nickname rhymes with bed sins. T1J, aka Kevin Peterson, does not think that is appropriate.

T1J wears dreadlocks. Many Amerikans see this hairstyle as connected to the Rastafarians in Jamaica. T1J is not a rasta, but is not accused of any appropriative wrongdoing by wearing his hair in dreadlocks. It seems the reason for this acceptance is his African American origin.

This is similar to the situation with BHO. The half white POTUS was raised by white people in Hawaii and Indonesia. And yet, because he has dark skin, BHO is unquestioningly accepted as a black man. The POTUS uses the style of black culture that he learned as an adult. When a white fool shoots up a black church, BHO goes to a funeral, sings “Amazing Grace,” and is praised.

Many of these cultural and racial debates are very shallow. Judgements are made on outside appearances, rather than the real person under the skin. The dream of people not “judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character” has turned into a nightmare of petty wrangling over white privilege and cultural appropriation.

So much for content. What caught PG’s eye was the background. There is a Crimson Tide poster on the wall, behind the speaker, that seemed familiar. PG has seen T1J before, in a video titled Why I Disagree With Morgan Freeman. T1J says we need to talk about racism, then talk some more, and then talk more after that. The word listen is not used as often.

The University of Alabama football team poster is an ironic touch. NCAA football teams are highly exploitative of young people. The young men who play work long hours for their education. Many of the football players are rushed through school, taking easy classes so they will be eligible to play. Many of these young men will suffer crippling injuries playing a contact sport. Meanwhile, these football programs are hugely profitable for the institution, especially at a football factory like the University of Alabama. Pictures today are from The Library of Congress. The men in the seven photographs were members of The Tuskegee Airmen








Erick Erickson Wants Donations

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@EWErickson Trump’s rise is part of the unintended consequences of the GOP trying to compress the Presidential primary cycle. This message was retweeted. Blue Gal/Fran! Excuse me I gotta go buy more popcorn. (The spell check suggestion for retweeted is regretted.)

Erick Erickson is a piece of work. He is the grand wazoo at Red State, a “conservative” web site. RS gave Chamblee54 a 601 Database redigestation error onetime. This required a visit to the computer shop to get the malicious code off the machine.

Today’s tweet linked to a post at Mr. Erickson’s current blog, Stop Complaining About Donald Trump. If you want to see it, you can follow the link. This post is not going to concern itself with “conservative” commentary about the latest golden boi of the wig party.

The last five words of the post are “think of another “F” word.” Below that, you are encouraged to “Support the work at Erick on the Radio.” You can “Select an Amount” and click “Next.” At this point credit card numbers become involved. Never give a credit card number to someone who has given your computer malicious code.

Erick Erickson has a daily radio show on WSB. This is a 50,000 watt clear channel am station. WSB is part of the Cox media team that dominates Atlanta. His show is sponsored by advertising, and is probably a profit center for the Cox bean counters.

Why does Erick Erickson feel the need to ask for donations on the Internet? Is the free market, advertising based, model of talk radio not working for him? Apparently not. Pictures today are from “The Special Collections and Archives, Georgia State University Library”.










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There are two words that are considered politically incorrect to use. This is the F-word, and the N-word. According to the NATO Phonetic Alphabet, this is Foxtrot and November.

Marc Maron is a comedian by trade. He is the perp behind the WTF podcast. This is not Whiskey Tango Foxtrot. Mr. Maron opens the show by saying welcome whatthefuckers, what the fuckadelics, what the fuqstix, etc, etc. He finagles Foxtrot into the fucking furniture.

Today was episode #613 of WTF. The guest in the garage was @POTUS himself, Barack Obama. In honor of the occasion, Mr. Maron dispensed with the Foxtrot litany. The show began right away, without commercials or monolog.

The guest made up for the absense of Foxtrot. At 46:40, BHO said the N-word. This is what people will be talking about this week. Rachel whatshername can resume her search for a new hairdresser in private. Global warming will not be affected.

@bob_owens The white half of @POTUS is racist for using the “n-word.” @tuxedotomybowti Someone said President Obama is racist for using the n-word. Seriously? We have had presidents own slaves. Wth @MattyIceAZ Fox News cares more about the N-word taken out of context than any scientific expert taken in context.

PG has felt for a long time that America does itself no favor by getting hysterical over November. Yes, it is hurtful to a significant portion of our population. The problem is, when you make a federal case (literally) out of using November in public, you give six letters more power than they deserve.

As BHO noted, racism is more than saying November. Not using the magic word will not make Police kinder and gentler. Dropping those six letters will not create economic opportunity, end the war on drugs, disconnect the school to prison pipeline, or make sperm donors fulfill their duty as fathers. November is a symptom, not the disease. It remains to be seen if the disease is treatable. Euthanasia cannot be ruled out. Pictures are from The Library of Congress.










Implicit Association Test

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PG came across a link. The post was: What comes to mind when you see her headscarf? Let’s look at what your mind is seeing. Technically, this is about the hijab, pronounced eeJOB. If you google hijab, you will have the opportunity to buy one.

The article talked about the unspoken assumptions people have about a woman with a hijab. For PG, these are going to be mostly positive. Most of the Muslims PG has known are great people. The turmoil caused by aggressive Jesus worshipers is absent when dealing with Muslims.

Much of the article deals with “unconscious bias.” You are given the chance to take a “test your unconscious bias and find the areas of your perspective that need a little extra TLC.” PG is not sure that he trusts “Psychologists from Harvard, UW, and UVA.” Still, the only cost for taking this test will probably be damage to his mental health.

Before you start, there is a disclaimer. “IP addresses are routinely recorded, but are completely confidential.” There is a difference between confidential and anonymous. Big brother knows about PG anyway, so this test probably won’t make much difference. You are asked to agree to the following statement: “I am aware of the possibility of encountering interpretations of my IAT test performance with which I may not agree. Knowing this, I wish to proceed.” Fasten your digital seat belt.

Next, you choose a test. The first page has 15 options: Sexuality, Native American, Weapons, Arab-Muslim, etc. PG chooses “Weapons (‘Weapons – Harmless Objects’ IAT). This IAT requires the ability to recognize White and Black faces, and images of weapons or harmless objects.)

The first thing to do is answer a questionnaire. You are asked how warm or cold you feel towards white people, and black people. There is a list of statements that you agree or disagree, slightly, moderately, or strongly. Some of these statements are: I think of myself as someone who has an assertive personality, I have considered being an entertainer.

The heart of the test uses photographs. There are pictures of black people, and pictures of white people. There are pictures of weapons, like a bayonet, a historic pistol, a hand grenade, and a battle ax. There are pictures of harmless objects, like a water bottle, tape recorder, camera, and can of Coca Cola. Many of these could be used a weapons; a can of Coca Cola could be thrown at someone. Many Police consider a camera a weapon.

The pictures are flashed on the screen. You hit the e key for the left side, and the i key for the right side. At first the two choices are kept separate, i.e. you choose black or white, weapon or harmless. Then the two groups are combined. The choice is left side black weapons, and right side white harmless. Then they shift sides, to black harmless and white weapons. You are shown a picture, and choose which category to put it in.

The last questionnaire is the demographics. Annual family income is not considered. Ethnicity refers to hispanic/latin, or non hispanic/latin. Religion, age, “political identity,” gender (only male or female,) and education are considered, among other factors.

The result: “Your data suggest a strong association of Black Americans with Weapons compared to White Americans. … The interpretation is described as ‘automatic association between weapons and White Americans’ if you responded faster when weapons and White American images were classified with the same key than when weapons and Black Americans were classified with the same key.”

iat-03 Whatever. Maybe PG should take another test for comparison. Maybe this time, choose a subject where hateful judgement is not in your face everyday. Since the seminal article is about the hijab, maybe … “You have opted to complete the Arab Muslim – Other People IAT.”

The opening questionnaire is different.”I attempt to appear nonprejudiced toward Arab Muslims in order to avoid disapproval from others, NO spontaneous prejudiced thoughts come into my mind when I encounter an unfamiliar Arab Muslim.”

This test is different from the race test. Instead of photographs, words were used. For the two groups of people, we have names (seemingly all male.) Examples: Arab Muslim – Akbar, Ashraf, Habib – – Other People – Benoit, Philippe, Guillame. The other categories are Good and Bad. Examples: Good – Joy, Love, Peace – – Bad – Agony, Terrible, Horrible.
PG made more mistakes in the fancy part of the Arab test. He took a couple of breaks to take screen shots, one of which is included in this report. At times, he felt himself automatically blaming the Arabs for bad things. This did not happen, consciously, in the race/weapons test.

The result: Your data suggest little to no automatic preference between Other People and Arab Muslims. … This new test was prompted by the events of September 11, 2001. Suicide pilots, identified as Arab Muslims, crashed airplanes into the World Trade Center towers in New York City and the Pentagon in Washington, D.C. killing about 4,000 people.

While this may have some value to the ivory tower crowd, it does not tell PG much about himself. Arguably, IAT says more about the researchers than it does the respondents. It is doubtful that these tests will “find the areas of your perspective that need a little extra TLC.” Pictures from The Library of Congress. These pictures were not used in the IAT studied today.












RuPaul Has Striven

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People are getting tired of talking about #transracial, or whatever that hairdo challenged woman was claiming to be today. An interview with RuPaul is usually more entertaining. Especially when a *possessive pronoun disputed* reality show is going to be shown in Great Britain, and needs promotion.The result: RuPaul: ‘Drag is dangerous. We are making fun of everything’

The article is about what you would expect. There was a comment about not wanting to drop “she-mail” from RPDR. This bit of language whimsy had the PC police on red alert. If you want to be old fashioned and read the article, just follow the link. The real fun starts in the comments. Pictures are from “The Special Collections and Archives, Georgia State University Library”.

Celtiberico Rebel who dressed like “boy who fell to Earth” Is Illuminati lizardmen conspiracy true?

The article Celtiberico links to is full of zesty quotes.
“Drag Race is a brutal look at the underground world of radical homosexuality. Hosted by a lanky female serpent by the name of RuPaul … Drag Race is much more than a Gay Agenda plot to lure the heterosexual population into hardcore sodomy. By assaulting patriotic Christendom with seductively sensual transgenderism … It comes as no surprise, then, to learn that RuPaul ends each show with the ancient Freemasonic incantations of “Shan-te” and “Sa-che,” both of which are prayers spoken in the original Coptic and meant to invoke the Illuminati god of enchantment, Isis. … This unassailable evidence seems to suggest that Drag Race is an attempt to infect the media with viral images of shape-shifting sex vixens to make complete alien domination more comprehensible for the human race.”
BeckyP Although RuPaul has striven to make a positive contribution, and remains an excellent role model, the same cannot be said of Bruce Jenner..and yet Bruce Jenner appears on the front cover of Vanity Fair. Astonishing. Blythe Freeman Striven is a past participle, please rephrase. whood I strive. They strived. We are striving. They have striven. calm yourself down. RoyalSuperiority Aren’t both ‘has strived’ and ‘has striven’ equally acceptable here? Mihangelap “we strove” equally acceptable Pollik RuPaul? Positive role model? To whom? (Clue: it is not the trans community)

snecko Why not spend time being angry with people who disagree with you? I’d be willing to bet that, by and large, people involved in drag would share 99% of your worldview. I just don’t get this obsession of nitpicking at the habits of people who are essentially your comrades when there are actual bigots still out there. Drag’s ‘transmisogyny’ and racism, if it exists, is obviously not the intended message or the guiding values of the movement. To me, it seems to be about being who you want to be in a non-judgemental and loving atmosphere, which should be pretty groovy to anyone remotely on the left. I just don’t get why you would attempt to shit all over it for accidental transgressions which are debatable in the first place.

Pixles Counted Yep. The dress and all the makeup in the world cannot take all the chauvinism away from this kind of masculinist ideology. I’m sorry for whatever happened to you, Rupaul. You don’t have to follow the same cycle of abuse, you can choose to break the chains of violence. We are strong, and we don’t need your paternalistic neoliberal self-help philosophies to get us through the day. We have before you and we will after you. Step out of the way. georges1 Sorry, but who is this ‘we’? ArundelXVI Yeesh. Did RuPaul kick your dog or something?

vonZeppelinThis comment was removed by a moderator because it didn’t abide by our community standards. Replies may also be deleted. For more detail see our FAQs.

bcnteacher Love Ru Paul but I am my own role model.

Toomuchstupidhere No, drag is boring and predictable – yesterday’s news. Trans is much more thought provoking. sUgadee I know this is the guardian, where British ignorance is highly valued and accepted, but the show has had a few trans contestants.

Sceptic101 I’m confused. The Guardian seems to habitually refer to transvestites, transsexuals, etc as ‘she’. Is this a new and realistic policy? chickenlover4 Either Ru specified to use the pronoun “he” or I think it’s a “he” because in the interview he is not in drag. If you’re in drag it would be “she” or “they”. I think pronouns are subjective to each individual and you just have to exercise sensitivity. People will forgive you for not using the correct pronoun. (PG is recovering from a run in with the pronoun police. *They* do not forgive.)

pineapplesage exhibitionist nihilism xesolor Self-gratifying troll.

Magnolia La Manga If drag is embarrassing these self-respecting gays (whatever that means), I think it’s doing exactly what it’s supposed to…

HelloKittyFanClub I had to scroll to the top of the page for a moment to check if I was on the Daily Mail comments section. Some of you seriously need to get over yourselves; between the veiled and not so veiled homophobic comments and the negative know-it-alls you sure know how to drag (ho-ho) down a show that is all about fun, entertainment, light and love.










So You’ve Been Publicly Shamed

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When an author has book product, the author gets interviewed. This is how PG first heard of So You’ve Been Publicly Shamed, by Jon Ronson. The act of using “the media” to promote book product is a curious analog to shaming. To have the exhibitionism on the wtf podcast, starring the shame-proof Marc Maron, is another item on an overloaded irony buffet.

SYBPS is a work of non fiction. In other words, we take the author’s word that these events really happened. In fiction, you know from the get go that it is a made up story. There are a few sayings about this. A: to tell the truth you need to write fiction. B: life is bad fiction. As a celebrity tweeter said, @mattyglesias One man’s cheap shot is another man’s shaming.

Several of the stories involve people getting caught in lies. There is the story of three academigeeks who created a faux Jon Ronson for twitter. Some of their justifications sounded like this: @Johann_MG The Infomorph isn’t taking your identity. It is repurposing social media data into an infomorphic identity. It did not end well for the young men. They were exposed. People on twitter said rude things about them. Currently, another digital infomorph is on twitter. @jon_ronson A Weavr made from wikipedia In response to this video by the real Jon Ronson.

The next story involves a man who invented quotes from Bob Dylan. This is another level of irony … with the wealth of material available about Robert A. Zimmerman, this guy felt the need to make stuff up. The story is by turns amusing and pathetic. The author was paid $20k to give an apology speech, with a giant screen behind him for the unkind twitter comments. Maybe throwing rotten tomatoes would have been kinder.

Justine Sacco made an unwise tweet about AIDS and white privilege. She landed in South Africa to discover herself notorious, and unemployed. The tabloid press said Max Mosley was at a Nazi themed sex party. He sued the paper about the Nazi part, won a settlement, and boasted of being a player. The tabloid newspaper got caught in another scandal, and was shut down.

This being non fiction, Mr. Ronson goes all over the place. There is a $500 a seat weekend seminar on “radical honesty.” There are academics, of various levels of intelligence, who write about shaming, prison techniques, and other trivia. There is a company who floods the internet with flattering stories about you, so that the trash goes to page three of google. There are also more people whose lives were ruined by public shaming. One example is the rape victim who committed suicide after her cross examination.

The star shaming saga is donglegate. (spell check suggestion: congregate) Two young men at a tech conference made a tacky joke. A lady, Adria Richards, took a picture of the young men. Immediately, the picture was on twitter. @adrisrichards Not cool Jokes about forking repo’s in a sexual way and “big” dongles Right behind me.

One of the young men lost his job, only to get another one. Ms. Richards, who publicly fired the first shot from her twitter account, lost her job, and was subjected to a massive amount of abuse on the internet. The 4chan crowd had a good time with Adria Richards.

In her interview with Mr. Ronson, Ms. Richards said she felt that the dongle joke jeopardized her safety. “Have you ever heard that thing, Men are afraid that women will laugh at them and women are afraid that men will kill them?” “People might consider that an overblown thing to say”… She had, after all, been in the middle of a tech conference with eight hundred bystanders” “Sure And those people would probably be white and they would probably be male.”

While researching donglegate, Mr. Ronson talked to some people at 4chan. There was a comment made. It went into the preview copies of the book, but not the final edition. This is part of the the publicity process. Someone took offense at this comment, and made an issue out of it. For more details see this story, File under ‘inevitable’: “So You’ve Been Publicly Shamed” author Jon Ronson slammed by Twitter-shamers.

In all of these tales, Mr. Ronson’s name was spelled correctly. Some say there is no bad publicity. Whatever is said creates awareness of your product. There is a lot of awareness for SYBPS, and Mr. Ronson, right now. ‏@jonronson Feeling incredibly sorry for #RachelDolezal and hope she’s okay. The world knows very little about her, her motives.

Pictures today are from The Library of Congress. Picture #06662 is from “Second International Pageant of Pulchritude and Eighth Annual Bathing Girl Revue, May 21, 22, 23, 1927, Galveston TX.”







Marriage Equality With Hillary

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There is an ad on the innertubes. It shows the H arrow, duded up in rainbow stripes. The text says it’s time for marriage equality, or something like that. At the bottom is the goatsmiling likeness of Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton. Her 67 year old hair appears to be blonde. The dentist did a good job.

There are several ways to take this ad. Hillary (spell that double l, just like hell) does not take courageous vanguard positions. She tells people what they want to hear. So the finger in the breeze says it is time to support same sex marriage. The lawyers who will handle gay divorces think this is great. Indiana pizza parlors can expect a flood of new business.

It should be noted that Mrs. Clinton got where she is because of marriage. Her husband was President of the United States. If not for that fact, Mrs. Clinton would be an unknown lawyer, dodging disbarment in whatever state was unlucky enough to host her.

The politically correct term for gay marriage is marriage equality. Whose marriage are gays going to be equal to? Surely not the union of Bill and Hillary. Slick Willie has been unfaithful to Hillary since the frosting cooled on the wedding cake. In 1998 Hillary was the most famous cheated on wife in the world. Is this a marriage you want equality with?

Pictures today are from The Library of Congress. Picture #06662 was taken at 1927 Bathing Beauty Parade in Long Beach CA.









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During the no holds barred twitterstorm over #WhiteAppreciationDay, PG found a comment … teen drug user @realprettydude Please let us all observe White Appreciation Day. It gets lost in the shuffle of systemic racism and oppression that sometimes I get sad. 4:24 PM – 8 May 2015. The tdu profile reads: “Gladly taking donations to become the world’s first professional penis shower.”

PG chose to follow teen drug user. The next day, there was an email from Twitter. The subject: Suggestions based on teen drug user. There were three accounts listed in the main body of the email, with the option of asking for more.

Some Guy Named Luke @HappyHiram My name is Lucas. I sing, act, and occasionally get my ass kicked at Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Sixth Circle, Hell

g @schweens wrestling and packers fan. aspiring dunker parts unknown

RavingSockMonkey @ravingsockmonky I am the RavingSockMonkey Louisville, KY Flickr

Erick E. @ErickErickscum Correcting teabilly myths and delusions, nationwide.

TomR2D2 @TomR2D2 My job is to clean the litter box. If I’m lucky, it’s that place where sand and feces meet. Swamps of Dagobah

Pictures are from “The Special Collections and Archives, Georgia State University Library”.










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Today is the #NationalDayofPrayer. This is a repost. Pictures are from “The Special Collections and Archives, Georgia State University Library”.

Good Morning G-d. Please give me the slack I need to make it through this busy life. I had a birthday recently, and am getting older. Please give me less pain, both above and below the neck. Thank you for letting me get this far. Thank you for the gift of sobriety, and the memory of inebrience. The gift of moderation would have been appreciated. Help me to overcome body chemistry telling me to be unhappy. If this doesn’t work, help me hide it better.
Please tell the Jesus Worshipers to shut up. They make too much noise. Help me to forgive them. Give Jesus Worshipers a bit more humility. Help Jesus Worshipers to get over their confusion, and quit hating on gay people. Let people know that G-d does not write books. Let men know that A REAL MAN KEEPS CONTROL OF HIS TEMPER. Please tell the proud people praying today that it is better to listen than to talk, and that louder does not mean more true.
Please find a happy medium for Atlanta water. Let us have neither drought nor flood. It would help if the developers would move to North Carolina, and the politicians would grow a conscience.

G-d, please try to get along better with Allah. This is important. Maybe if you and her got along better, then all those religious crazies would hate each other less. Help white people and black people get along better. Please be good to the people who have already lived, and are now deceased. Please understand that I am not in a hurry to join them.

Help Mr. Obama with the mess this country is in. Help Israel get along with her neighbors, and live within her borders. Help the world solve the carbon dioxide problem.

Thank you for the birds that sing. Thank you for dogs, and dog owners who clean up. Thank you for earth, air, fire, and water. Thank you for the people who enjoy this prayer. Help those who are offended to get over it. Namaste, amen, all my relations, Good Bye.

PuffHo Logic

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PuffHo recently had a tasteful piece of work titled 12 Powerful Responses To People Who Think The Baltimore Protests Are Unnecessary. If you want to see logical fallacies on display, this is the place to go. The header ad today features Selected Risk Information About JANUVIA.

Before we get started here, it should be noted that the residents of ghetto Baltimore have serious concerns. The Freddie Gray riot did not just happen. The same conditions of poverty, crime, drugs, and aggressive police exist in poor neighborhoods around America. People should not be surprised when this rage bubbles over into violence.

The palvering pundits of American media, both social and anti social, do not help matters with their explainations. There used to be a saying … if you can’t say anything good about someone, don’t say anything at all. This has been amended. The modern version reads if you can’t say anything good about anyone, complain about the media.

The logic party begins with an explaination. “These same people deflect the blame for poor police treatment on black communities rather than addressing the underlying systemic issues disproportionally affecting black lives. In so many words, Freddie Gray is responsible for his own death. Those troubling theories are exactly why the protests are necessary.”

The link is to “The classic Willy Wonka meme.” It shows Gene Wilder, with the words “You’re being treated poorly by police? Have you tried not breaking the law to see if that helps?” According to PuffHo, this is “exactly why the protests are necessary.” Maybe CVS should sue Willa Wonka.

There is another old saying … two wrongs do not make a right. Apparently, this too is obsolete. The fact that crowds of sports fans got out of control somehow justifies the destruction of property over police brutality. Not everyone makes the connection.

There are a few exercises in twitter logic. @MalcolmLondon *Media thoughts on Baltimore* “MLK is probably spinning in his grave right now!” Appropriate response: “…how’d he get into that grave?” chamblee54 The same way Malcolm X did.
@rachelzuckerm White privilege = getting to decide what type of violence is acceptable in our society #BaltimoreUprising
@OhNoSheTwitnt The same people who said “not all men” abuse women and “not all cops” are violent racists are saying “yes all black people” are thugs.
@tallblacknerd Sorry but im not gonna be upset over replaceable property when you don’t care about the irreplaceable lives
@_UrriYall worried about how we “look”. We are laid out in the street dead then handcuffed in cold blood. That’s how we look

Pictures today are from “The Special Collections and Archives, Georgia State University Library”.










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