Godwin’s Law And Donald Trump

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Godwin’s Law states “As an online discussion continues, the probability of a reference or comparison to Hitler or Nazis approaches 1.” As some people note, GL is often applied to discussions of Donald J. Trump. If you google “Godwin’s Law And Donald Trump” you will have 215k results. The first page of this should make for amusing text to put between some pictures.

What is Godwin’s Law and how has Trump used it by referencing Nazi Germany on Twitter? The *top result* here is a bit of turnaround. It seems that DJT has compared someone to Nazis, in one of his twittergasms. @realDonaldTrump “Intelligence agencies should never have allowed this fake news to “leak” into the public. One last shot at me.Are we living in Nazi Germany?”

Godwin’s Law Is Wrong: Trump Nazi Comparisons Are Legit is a return to more tradition GL/DJT discourse. Which is to say, it is in line with the rest of chicken little media, both social and anti social. ” In this instance, Mr. Godwin and his ridiculous “law” can just respectfully “sod off.” Any comparison between Donald Trump, Adolf Hitler, and the German Nazis is legitimate and there is growing evidence that Trump supporters are actively taking the right steps to repeat Nazi-type atrocities on American citizens who are not white Christian males.”

Sure, call Trump a Nazi. Just make sure you know what you’re talking about marks a return to the digital battlefield by Mike Godwin, the creator of GL. One spoilsport commenter says, #self-aggrandizemuch? One link in this piece is amusing: Donald Trump says he is not bothered by comparisons to Hitler. Please remember this is the Washington Post, which has been caught fibbing recently. People believe the KKK endorsed DJT without question.

Has The Rise of Donald Trump Killed Godwin’s Law? is the next interesting result. Once you get past the popup … Want Junkee Delivered Daily? We’ll send you the smartest and freshest pop culture news delivered daily to your inbox. … you are told that reality has caught up with hyperbole. “In the last fortnight, it’s become clear that beautiful moment of internet fun is over: Godwin’s Law is in a pine box, and the best we can do is file past and pay our respects.”

TrumpandHitler is an honest to g-d website. It is intended to promote a book, Donald Trump and Adolf Hitler: Making A Serious Comparison. “The result is a nuanced portrait of the political moment we find ourselves in, acknowledging the importance of both similarities and differences between these fascinating personalities. Avoiding both alarmist hyperbole and dismissive denial of the risks created by Trump’s disruptive approach to leadership, Bloom provides a reasonable framework Americans can use to plan their response as our nation faces the bewildering reality of the next four years.”

Forget Godwin’s Law, Trump’s Fans Really Are Like Nazis was printed before the election. The popup features a bright red urinal grafted onto the face of DJT, with the words “Join The Resistance! Get The Weekly Banter Newsletter And Stay Informed.” This article has a long quote from known idiot Robert Reich. Apparently, you are justified in confusing Trumpkins for Nazis.

The rise of Donald Trump has led to the suspension of Godwin’s Law about the Nazis is, mercifully, the last entry on page one. It links to a picture of a rally in Florida. People were invited to raise their hand if they wanted to vote for DJT. Through the magic of camera angles, the people in the back of the hall seem to be making the Nazi stiffarm salute. This indicates that Godwin’s Law is now obsolete. @trekonomics Drumpf of the Will. These pictures are from The Library of Congress.

Dangerous People

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It is another saturday morning. Wake up, take medicine, eat breakfast, drink coffee, and consider the possibilities for the day. PG has been on a poetry binge lately. It is best to keep the momentum up. There is always material to be adapted.

There were a few paragraphs on facebook about the question of violence in protest. The other night, a few people in Berkely CA decided to greet Milo Haircut to their campus. Some “black bloc” troublemakers showed up, and did their thing. Is Milo so bad that the disruption was justified? Was black bloc played? If so, who was pulling the strings? Where does this leave us in the 045 regime? Inuiring minds want to know.

After a few trips to facebook and twitter, the rant was sawed into bite sized chunks. This will work nicely as text for today’s pictures. This poem does not have the performance appeal of sonnets about butt sex, but will do for today. When other poems are combined into a performance piece, today’s product might add flavor to the soup.

Maybe the best way to be creative is through font selection. A while back, PG took an image/text combination, and produced 28 versions of it in different fonts. There is surprisingly little variety. There is serif, and sans serif. There are fat letters, and skinny letters. Courier is spread out, and a bit complacent. Impact, the all caps weapon of choice for facebook, is beyond tacky. PG has been using candara, for sans serif, and cambria, for serif. The other option is faux cursive segoe. Maybe comic can be put into play, just to piss off any graphic geeks who wander in.

A twitter account posted a picture. The comment is “no, we can’t always “just agree to disagree.” The picture says, in all caps, “we can disagree and still love each other, unless, your disagreement is rooted in my oppression and denial of my humanity and right to exist.” This is credited to “Robert Jones.” A google search leads to a rant based on the quote. “Note: this piece has been updated. The quote at the beginning of this piece, which we originally attributed to James Baldwin, is actually from Robert Jones, Jr, who goes by @SonofBaldwin, and who gave us permission to use his words.” The quote is pinned atop his twitter page, @SonofBaldwin.

Lets break this down. We can disagree, unless your disagreement *is rooted in* my oppression, AND denial of my humanity AND right to exist. There are a few weasel words there. What does “rooted in” mean? This is a botanical term, and just might with animals. Especially those high functioning mammals, whose brains produce opinions, and then fight over whose opinions have the most truth. This root structure is connected joined to three items. Is non acceptance of disagreement mandated only when all three conditions are met?

The condition that catches PG’s eye here is “denial of my humanity.” Many people like to fight racism through name calling. Is labeling someone racist a denial of their humanity? Once you other someone by pinning a derogatory label on them, they become less human. That is not my neighbor, that is a racist. I can do anything I want to that person, and it is ok, because he is a racist and he deserves it. Is this denial of my humanity?

Maybe it is time to go basic with the poem. Font will be comic sans, size 38. Inner color is 192 gray, with a 0-96-0 green border. The pictures will be railroad graffiti, photographed 04-19-2016. If the train had stopped the next day, the pictures would have been 04-20. It is time to turn off the internet, and focus on the product. The soundtrack will be RISK #816.

The desire to give credit, where perhaps debit is more appropriate, sent PG to the internet in search of the link listed above. While there, it shouldn’t hurt to look at twitter, now will it? This leads to the discovery of a delightful waste of time, I’m no pussy when it comes to swearing. A british article about swearing! And in the first paragraph is the word of the month. “…More bluntly: once, telling someone to “fuck off” suggested they had probably bashed you round the head, swindled you out of a fortune, robbed your sweetheart from beneath your nose. Now, they probably just pushed in front of you in the queue for a wankerccino.

Pussy has always been a strange word to use for a weak person. Vaginas are built to take a pounding, and then deliver a human being. This point was not made in this otherwise erudite consideration. Cunt…. used in England much like asshole in America… gets into play here. “Cunt, or be cunted” is a splendid expression, even if the meaning, and application, are a bit fuzzy.

RISK is a story telling show, usually with 3-4 tellers. The first performer in today’s show is Donna Edwards. Her father said she was a late bloomer. She thought this meant her penis would arrive soon. One day at school, her first period came. Fortunately, her church happy grandmother told her the truth about being a woman.

Dave Kendall is the second storyteller. He was burned badly as a child, and had a long stay in the hospital. Eventually, he got to go home, and was sort of normal. The third story has a lot of comments. It must be controversial. PG thinks it best to listen first, and then see what other people want him to think. Thinking for yourself can be a luxury.

Randall Robinson was the counselor in a church camp. There was a young girl, with a troubled past, named Elisabeth. There was a volunteer, nicknamed the white witch, who did not get along with African American Elisabeth. One night, there was a foot washing. Elisabeth asked to help, which children did not usually do. One set of feet, that Elisabeth washed, belonged to the white witch.

Some of the commenters were disturbed by the apparent racism of ww. Mr. Robinson wrote a lengthy clarification, where he talked about some of the subtle issues involved. There are usually details that cannot be included in a spoken word story. Some of these details have an impact on the story. If you have the time, listen to the story, starting at 42 minutes. The comments are in the linked page. It is best to listen to the story first.

You take your own memories into a story like this. Many people who know PG probably know what is next. There was an African American co-worker, who alienated PG from Jesus. After a while, PG sincerely believed that Jesus hates him. Fast forward to the story about Elisabeth. A part of the foot washing is to say Jesus loves you. This cliche is a staple of Jesus worship, and PG has come to see it as a lie. Jesus hates him. To have a young black girl, wash the feet of her white tormentor, and say Jesus loves you…. Everyone hears with a different set of ears.






#6WordFortuneCookieAnswers Part Two

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1/3 Now, the old motivator is being trotted out. If you are silent in the face of evil, you aid the oppressor. Or something like that. 2/3 What this chestnut doesn’t say is that maybe the evil you are reacting to is a fake out powers that be want you to react to over react 3/3 They can then continue to do what they intended. It is time to be smart. When you are goaded into foolish action, you are complicit. 10:56 AM – 31 Jan 2017

As you have heard a thousand times by now, we are in deep doo doo. After long narcotizing dysfunction will set in, the powers that be will pause, and continue to line their pockets. When every body is crying wolf, the sheep are confused. This is the plan.

If you can’t say anything good, write a poem. The project for today is a companion to #6WordFortuneCookieAnswers. Some twitterbird started a hashtag, PG copied the results, and a poem was born. The original was 20 lines, which was split in half. Today’s effort is part two.

@BernieSanders We should be looking for guidance now not from pollsters and political consultants, but from leaders like Martin Luther King, Jr. @chamblee54 @BernieSanders please take your own advice and shut up you have caused enough damage @commonsense quit looking at twitter and get to work. The spell check suggestion for @BernieSanders is @Bandleaders.

This project may be more work than anticipated. There are few unused folders. The next step is to go into the archives. The folders from 2013 have been little used. The first one to try is a cemetery collection. The first picture went smoothly, but number two is proving troublesome.

The first podcast is a New Yorker story, David Gilbert Reads “Underground”. It is about a New Yorker. He fusses with his bf, has lunch with his mother, and picks up his twin daughters at school. While in the subway station, a homeless man jumps on the train tracks. The hero lives a life that connects to PG at a few points, but overall seems like science fiction.

Today is a good day for podcasts. There are new episodes from You Must Remember This,
Sex with Strangers, and RISK. “Southern Folk: Donna Edwards, Dave Kendall and Randall Robinson share stories of growing up down South.”

Yesterday, the guest on WTF was Robbie Robertson. The Band had always seemed a bit public radio, but Mr. Robertson told a different story. The Hawks were a “other side of the tracks” juke joint band, before they met Bob Dylan. They were a typical band, with heroin, and fights over royalties.

@ChrisCrocker Do not describe people of the Alt-Right as “eccentric” My public hair is eccentric.Call a fucking Nazi a fucking Nazi.@chamblee54 alt-right is a bunch of losers in mom’s basement third Reich would laugh at them calling them fucking nazis is a compliment

More pictures are working. Progress is being made. Sex with Strangers, is the current podcast. This show is titled “War on Porn.” It is about straight, commercial porn. When a performer tests HIV+, the industry shuts down until it is resolved. The last episode of industry related HIV transmission was 2004. The rest of the show deals primarily with a digital content law in the UK, which will largely ban adult content from the island.

The picture is finished now, and posted above. Other than making a tacky picture, there were relatively few interruptions. Before leaving, there is a story to be told.

In 1966, PG’s dad won a tv in a contest. It was black and white, about 19″ diagonally, and had UHF channels… a first for PG. At the time, channel 30 was the only UHF station in Atlanta. About a year later, PG got home from school, and turned the tv to channel 17. At four o’clock, a commercial from an ad agency played, followed by a movie, “Della.” It would be a few years before billboard company owner Ted Turner bought channel 17.

Getting back to that sunday afternoon when a new tv arrived. This was the first season for the Atlanta Falcons. That sunday afternoon, they played the Packers in Green Bay. This team was coached by Vince Lombardi, and was on track to win the first NFL-AFL championship, later known as the Super Bowl. The Packers beat the Falcons 56-3. A few weeks later, the Falcons beat the N.Y. Giants, in the original Yankee Stadium. It was the first victory for the Falcons.






Dylan Marron

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Once upon a time, videos from Seriously.TV began to appear on facebook. It is not known if Mr. Zuckerberg was paid to promote these videos. One of the more annoying presentations was “Shutting Down Bullsh*t” with Dylan Marron. SDB was annoying Social Justice Jihad, with more logical fallacies than a Bill O’Reilly cocktail hour. Mr. Marron is especially obnoxious. Before long, PG chose to *Hide* SDB, and Dylan Marron.

“Being called out publicly when you think you’re “woke” sucks. But it’s helpful, too.” DM made a video, Shutting Down Bulls!*t about Autism. Some people were not happy with the performance,

“In a recent episode of ‘Shutting Down Bullsh*t’ I sat down with my friend Avery to dispel myths about autism. I also included an interview with his father to help illuminate more about autism from the parent’s perspective. I had no idea that allistic (non-autistic) parents speaking over their children is a harmful trope in the representation of autism. I should have taken the time to know that. That’s on me. … This was particularly tough for me to come to terms with as someone who has been so aware of the silencing that has gone on in my own communities; the centering of cis white masc-presenting men in LGBT representation, the favoring of light skin and Eurocentric features in Latinx culture… the list, sadly, goes on.”

Shutting Down Bullsh*t about Autism 2 followed. Mr. Marron made a comment about “people with autism” and was told, by one of a panel, that she was an autistic person. (Does this person presume to speak for all autistic people?) There are other cringe worthy moments. Is Mr. Marron woke now, or did they just hit the snooze button?

After seeing all this, PG decided to tweet a message to @dylanmarron. PG had never clicked on the DM twitter account, much less left a message. “You are blocked from following @dylanmarron and viewing @dylanmarron’s Tweets.” Pictures today are from “The Special Collections and Archives, Georgia State University Library”.












Godwin’s Law

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Godwin’s Law has become an internet staple. “As an online discussion continues, the probability of a reference or comparison to Hitler or Nazis approaches 1.” Mike Godwin created this rule around 1990, when Saddam Hussein was the official next Hitler.

GL filled a need, and has flourished. GL is also misused, as when people say GL has been “proved” or “violated.” Mr. Godwin does not “personally believe all rational discourse has ended when Nazis or the Holocaust are invoked.” GL hopefully sparks critical thinking, and enables people to see through the smoky rhetoric. Maybe, if you act appropriately, you can put out the fire that causes that smoke.

The Washington Post published the article cited above. Recently, a Post reporter found an article praising Donald Trump in The Crusader. This is a 12 page newspaper, published in Harrison, Arkansas. It calls itself “The official Newspaper of The Knights Party.”

Once the Post got wind of this, it morphed into KKK’s official newspaper supports Donald Trump for president. This chestnut got into the national political discussion, where it was accepted without question. The KKK endorses Donald Trump!!! Surely, he is the next Hitler. Orange hair has replaced the little mustache. The national pearl clutching grew so intense that the pearls fell off the string.

Mr. Godwin made a mistake. “It’s still true, of course, that the worst thing you can say about your opponents, in our culture, is that they’re like Hitler or the Nazis.” No, the worst thing you can say about someone today is that they are RACIST. The scarlet R is a damaging charge. Those accused are guilty until proven innocent. The fact that many say RACISM as a thoughtless reflex action does not diminish the power. Some would say that Mr. Godwin’s assertion that the Nazi label is the worst possible insult… that it is worse than saying RACIST … that this statement itself is RACIST.

Maybe this is an extension of Godwin’s Law. As any discussion of american life progresses, the likelihood of invoking the KKK, and the R word, increases. Many see Hitler comparisons as the end of rationality in a discussion. What do white sheet jokes say about the person making the charge?

While researching this post, I dug up an article, Racism In America Is Over. The feature was published December 30, 2008. A charismatic son-of-a-white-mother had just been elected POTUS. The salient quote is more true today than ever: “When decrying racism opens no door and teaches no skill, it becomes a schoolroom tattletale affair. It is unworthy of all of us: “He’s just a racist” intoned like “nyah nyah nyah nyah nyah!””

Twitter hosted a recent exchange. It refers to a comment made by the ex-wife of Steve Bannon, during a divorce. @carlreiner “I, a Jew, was willing to give Trump a chance til I heard his cheif of staff say he’d not allow his kids to go to a school if Jews attended.” @hausmuva “translation: I was willing to empower whiteness/white supremacy until I learned that I may not be considered white in the white imagination.” Maybe this twitteration can be included in a future edition of Reductio ad hitlerum : Une théorie du point Godwin.

Maybe it is time to calm down the name calling… be it Der Führer or Grand Dragon … and get down to the hard work of getting along with each other. Pictures today are from “The Special Collections and Archives, Georgia State University Library”.








Two Tweets

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Twitter can be a fun place to visit. Yesterday, this item floated ashore: @BlakeTheSequel “@kat_blaque GIRL. I have gotten into it with soooo many people over RuPaul’s coonery w/regards to Lucien Piane. I got put in Facebook jail!.” Urban Dictionary defines coonery as “Acting in such a manner as to perpetuate black stereotypes in society such as music videos solely about cars, money and women. / Pejorative term to describe behavior that is seen as unbecoming of African-Americans.” As we will see in a minute, this is a versatile term.

Music producer and songwriter Lucian Piane sometimes works with RuPaul. Mr. Piane, aka @RevoLucian, might have emotional problems. There is a series of tweets, presented here with the naughty word StarrBootied out. @RevoLucian“If black people stopped being so ashamed of themselves we could call them n*****s and they would laugh. Backwards shit.” @RevoLucian“I love @RuPaul, and he’s the wisest n*****r I know”@RevoLucian“If Jews stopped the Holocaust victim shit we would all get along. #truth” @RevoLucian“Someone please explain why Chinese guys have such tiny dicks…” @RevoLucian No drugs. Just divine inspiration.

@RuPaul has replied. @RuPaul “If you only knew how fragile your own mental health is, you wouldn’t be so cavalier.” @RuPaul “Show some compassion. Please.” @RuPaul “You can’t expect your factory job to come back AND continue shopping at Walmart.”

@chescaleigh “I’m not offended by ppl calling me Franny, but i think it’s telling that randoms online use in an attempt to speak down to me @JayShabazz” PG has interacted with Franchesca Ramsey before. It come to an end. @Chamblee54 “@chescaleigh when you say the n-word you demean yourself it is in your best interest not to use it” You are blocked from following @chescaleigh and viewing @chescaleigh’s Tweets. #tweetthatgotmeblocked

@JayShabazz aka Rick, is a “Breitbart and Sowell fan! I love the context, facts and logic! kinda agnostic. I also love comic books.” He has 118 followers, or 20 more than @Chamblee54. He may, or may not, have sent out a tweet yesterday. (Pro tip: If you see something that interests you, copy the link. You may not be able to find it later.) The comment was something about Barack Obama having Larry Sinclair killed in a hit and run accident. Maybe it was @RevoLucian who sent the tweet.

Larry Sinclair was a minor celebrity a few years ago. He peddled a strange story about a cocaine fueled “date” with State Senator Barack Obama. Mr. Sinclair gave a bizarre press conference, which ended with Mr. Sinclair being arrested. A book was written, Barack Obama & Larry Sinclair: Cocaine, Sex, Lies & Murder? The book was published after Mr. Obama won the election.

November 14, 2011 is the date of the alleged hit and run accident. If you google “Larry Sinclair hit and run” you will see some reports from sketchy websites. Google does not seem to have much information about whether, or not, these reports are accurate. Wikipedia does not have a page for Larry Sinclair. The Larry Sinclair website will harm your computer. For some reason, Larry Sinclair seems to have vanished. Pictures today are from The Library of Congress.













Episode 34455

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Episode 44455 of Bloggingheads TV was Glenn Loury and John McWhorter. PG knows that he will never get anything done while listening to these men. Every few minutes, something worth recording will be said. Video clips, or dingle links, will be used in this story.

The discussion centered on why America chose a hairpiece challenged man to be POTUS. John scored the first zinger. It is unfair to consider the Pennsylvania voter a moral troglodyte if he does not prioritize racism above all other considerations. This contrasts with a popular facebook meme: Trump voters may not be racist, but they do not consider racism to be a deal breaker.

This concept of equating anti racism with moral probity comes up throughout the show. John says that one problem with Mr. Trump is not that he is racist, but that he doesn’t have the decency to hide it. Is this decency, or a socially presentable fig leaf? And isn’t the appeal of Mr. Trump that he does not play these games, but says what he really thinks/what his supporters want to hear? The line between show biz, and governance, gets blurrier all the time.

The various incidents of anti minority violence, reputedly spawned by the Trump election, were discussed. Glenn talked about a Chicago incident, where a white man was attacked by a black group. The attackers were chanting “Don’t Vote Trump.” Glenn called the attack racist. Evidently, Dr. Loury has not gotten the memo that “black people cannot be racist.”

Glenn soon got into a full blown rant, shouting “GROW UP That’s why you lost the election because you thought name calling was a substitute for making political arguments.” This may be overestimating the intelligence of the voting population. You don’t win a reality show glamor contest with intellectual arguments about government policy. Hillary did make some sound arguments in the debates, only to be overshadowed by jokes about pussy grabbing. In the end, Mr. Trump got his majority of electoral votes.

Were the voters in the three MI-PA-WI states impressed by the moralizing hypocrites who denounced Mr. Trump as a pussy grabbing racist? The issues vs personality quagmire was repeatedly worked over, with Dr. Loury taking the uncomfortable position of defending Mr. Trump. It got so bad that Dr. McWhorter asked Dr. Loury Did you vote for that jackass?

BHTV is unique among podcasts. It has video cameras, so you see the squawking heads. It is not always a smooth process. At one point, the image froze. This was sixteen seconds after John said the n word, which may affect video transmission after all. If only it had ended in a, instead of er.

Dr. McWhorter is a professor at an Ivy League college. Unfortunately, when he is listening to Dr. Loury talk, Dr. McWhorter looks dumb. This does not have anything to do with the intellectual capacity of Dr. McWhorter, but rather the face he presents when listening. Instead of resting bitch face, Dr. McWhorter has resting stupid face.

John said the election was a referendum on pc. This is political correctness, not personal computers vs macs. This was a minute and a half after Glenn was ranting about the idiocy of #alllivesmatter vs #blacklivesmatter. Did this election really come down to what adjective goes in front of #___livesmatter? Glenn denounced the eagerness of the democrats to be heard saying #blacklivesmatter. To him, the democrats were “under the sway of a misguided, self absorbed, morally superficial movement.”

James Baldwin has been on Dr. McWhorter’s reading list. From this, he has opinions about “the lesson that white people need to learn about their whiteness.” Imagine, for a minute, a white man saying that black people need to learn a lesson about their blackness. That may have been what Glenn was thinking when he said that John was the “victim of your own racial narcissism.”

There was more disagreement today than usual today. In the end, they agreed to disagree, and moved on. A more confrontational person might not have done so. Maybe that is what is needed in america today. Pictures are from The Library of Congress.









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LBGlass - 043z

LBGlass - 046z

LBGlass - 047z

LBGlass - 047za

Twice a week, Marc Maron puts out an episode of WTF. This is not Whiskey Tango Foxtrot. Mr. Maron is a retired drinker/druggi. If he can dance, he keeps it to himself. The show is ten minutes of chatter, and an hour of talking to someone. Mr. Maron has a gnarly personality, and more than ten minutes of solo talk is too much.

WTF usually bats about five hundred. The celebrities alternate with the standup comics. Some of the stars were not that great. The comedy talk can be inside baseball. Once, PG turned off the show when conversation turned to growing up with a jewish doctor for a father.

Out of the last five episodes, four have been great. David Crosby, Sarah Jessica Parker, Ron Howard, and Roger Waters made their way to the garage. Tomorrow is Paul Major and Jesper Eklow. It might be more talk about jewish doctor daddy issues. There are lots of other things to listen to.

The first star was David Crosby. The man is a legend in his own time, or his own mind, or both. Croz admits that the Byrds fired him because he is an asshole. PG has always been fascinated by the contrast between the pretty, pretty sound of CSN, and putrid personalities of Stephen Stills, and David Crosby. Graham Nash is the most patient man alive. Neil Young, who?

“You are blocked from following @thedavidcrosby and viewing @thedavidcrosby’s Tweets.” Before blocking @chamblee54, this conversation took place.

@chamblee54 @thedavidcrosby Did you ever meet Bing Crosby?
@thedavidcrosby@chamblee54: @thedavidcrosby Did you ever meet Bing Crosby?” Yes I did
@FoxH2181 @thedavidcrosby @chamblee54 DC tells the late robin williams about it on youtube.

PG is easily amused, and decided to go for part two. David Crosby tells a story of going to see the symphony as a young boy. He is impressed by the sounds that are produced by all the elbows sawing on violins at the same time. David Crosby winds up as someone that likes to collaborate, to be a part of a team. At 24:01 of the show, David Crosby says, regarding CSN, “We do shit together.”

@chamblee54 @thedavidcrosby David Crosby on CSN at 24:01 “We douche it together”
David Crosby retweeted your tweet. @chamblee54 @FoxH2181 @thedavidcrosby David Crosby on CSN at 24:01 “We douche it together”

Sarah Jessica Parker was on the next monday. PG saw a few episodes of Sex And The City, so it was familiar territory. It turns out that SJP was a child actress, dated Robert Downey Jr., and had a crush on Harold Pinter.

Ron Howard appeared three days later. PG is the same age as Opie, which helps PG fit in to the The Andy Griffith Show. Mr. Howard has a nice guy reputation, but tells a story about being an asshole. It involves raising money, and John Belushi, so maybe he can be excused.

During the previews for Apollo 13, there was only one negative comment. “This movie is typical hollywood bullshit. There is no way those guys survived.”

Both Miss Parker and Mr. Howard were fun to listen to. The next monday, PG thought that there was sure to be another unknown jewish comedian. Instead, the guest was Roger Waters. Pink Floyd was famous for music, and stage shows. The individuals are fairly anonymous. Mr. Waters told about his story. His grandfather died in World War I, and his father perished in World War II. The plans of world leaders, for never ending war, do not impress Mr. Waters.

Pictures today are from “The Special Collections and Archives, Georgia State University Library”.

LBGlass - 090z

LBGlass - 104z

LBGlass - 134z

LBGlass - 134za

LBGlass - 134zb

LBGlass - 151z

LBGlass - 152z

LBGlass - 156z



A Stupid Video About Racism

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A facebook friend introduced a video by saying “If you’re not actively working to dismantle systemic racism, you’re not doing enough.” “Actively working” can take different forms. Sometimes, what you do to fight systemic racism is call out a bird brain video.

The full title of this digital dramaturgy is Racism is alive and well in the gay community. “Need proof? Look no further than the hot f@#$ing mess of an election year we’re having. Donald J. Trump’s horrifying scourge has made outright racism ok in the gay community, and it’s up to us to stop it.”

“Gay men have pride parades … because trans women of color fought for our rights in the sixties…. they didn’t risk their lives so some … could fuck it up in 2016” Whenever you discuss gay rights, you are obligated to remember the drag queens who fought at Stonewall. We get it. That does not excuse the countless fashion tragedies that have followed. At least *talking head* Gabe Gonzalez got this out of the way before 13 seconds had *passed*.

In the next sentence, Mr. Gonzalez used the word “clearly.” It seems to be a rule that all discussions of racism must include a mention of the year, and the word “clearly.” The full sentence is “Nothing illustrates that racism is alive and well in the gay community than this election season.” That takes the heat off the Midtown Bar that posted a dress code stating “No hoodies,” “No sagging pants,” “No bandanas/dew rags,” “No oversized chains or medallions.”

“Don’t believe me? Ask the gays. For Trump. Like a rich zaddy on Fire Island, the Alt-Right has penetrated the hearts of some impressionable young men. Overgrown twinks with a penchant for harassing successful black comedians, or purchasing followers on Twitter, have become the fresh new face of the same reliable racism of yesteryear.” The “successful black comedian”… is she successful at comedy, or being black?… is probably Leslie Jones. A lot of people think last summers twitter spat was a publicity stunt for Ghostbusters. The spell check suggestion for Ghostbusters is Ghostwriters.

At 41 seconds, we see Milo Yiannopoulos saying “Black Lives Matter doesn’t really care about black people…” Mr. Yiannopoulos (the overgrown twink above) is an idiot attention whore, who calls Donald Trump “Daddy.” The person paying attention to Milo Hairdo is Gabe Overgrown Moustache, who devotes 24 seconds of this video to debunking the claim about BLM. (FWIW, Mr. Yiannopoulos makes a lot of noise about his fondness for black men. Is this fetishization, anti racism, or a tasteless publicity gimmick? Those who care can think about it, and decide.) (The spell check suggestions for fetishization are fertilization, and anesthetization)

The next subject is fuckmedaddy profiles. Some specify the color of the sought after buddy. We see a facsimile grindr discussion, where someone says that not wanting to fuck someone, of a certain category, is RACISM. This is news to noted racism shouter Francesca Ramsey, who says “RACISM RACIAL PREJUDICE PLUS STRUCTURAL OPPRESSION AND POWER THAT NEGATIVELY IMPACTS A GROUP.” The use of all caps is optional.

FWIW, there are many whites who want only blacks, and blacks who want only whites, and many other combinations and pervertations. Online hookups are just one aspect of modern social life. Maybe it is easier to point fingers at grindr, than to worry having an equal chance to live in a decent neighborhood. Most genuine manifestations of “systemic racism” are overlooked in this video. And just how did Donald J. Trump cause this?

“We can’t claim to be for equality if we show up for marriage, and not black lives. We can’t march with pride if we can’t remember Marsha or Sylvia. It won’t “get better” for queer youth of color until we identify and dismantle the ways we’ve normalized racism. (GG starts to shout.) So step it up gay boys! 2016’s been a hot f*ckin’ mess. But that doesn’t mean that you have to be.”

“Donald J. Trump’s horrifying scourge has made outright racism ok in the gay community” The video was about Milo Yiannopoulos. and picky grindr users. Did Mr. Trump cause people to say “no fats no femmes no asians”? These issues have been with us for a while. They will continue when Mr. Trump starts another reality TV show. What is he going to grab with those short little fingers anyway?

The sad part is that America does have racial problems. Economic and educational opportunity is a problem for many people. Police brutality, and the school to prison pipeline, is cause for concern. Murder is out of control. In 2015, white people saw 23.6 murders per million. For black people, there were 164.6 murders per million.

Many thought the election of a mixed race President would help America’s chronic race problem. It didn’t, and might have made it worse. This slack blogger has no clue as to how to fix America’s race problem. He does not claim to. The problem is attention craving morons like Gabe Gonzalez,. He thinks a garbage video like this one will help eliminate racism. It won’t.

Nor will pointing fingers, and screaming racist, help solve America’s race problem. Maybe the answer is to worry about yourself. The “white savior complex” frequently does more harm than good. Physician heal thyself. Pictures are from The Library of Congress.









Tom Paine

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There is a meme floating through the innertubes. “To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead.” Thomas Paine English-American political activist, writer and revolutionary. A drawing of Mr. Paine lurks to the left of the text.

The quote is from the first paragraph of a pamphlet written by Mr. Paine, The American Crisis: LANCASTER, March 21, 1778, TO GENERAL SIR WILLIAM HOWE. It was part five of a series, The American Crisis. The tract was intended to inspire the war effort against the British. The full sentence: “To argue with a man who has renounced the use and authority of reason, and whose philosophy consists in holding humanity in contempt, is like administering medicine to the dead, or endeavoring to convert an atheist by scripture.”

Four Principles of Quotation was written in 2002, before the rise of meme culture. The salient principle for today is number four, “Only quote from works that you have read.” The tract by Mr. Paine is 6956 words of revolutionary era purple prose. Today’s facebook expressionist does not want to go to that much trouble.

The American Crisis V has some interesting passages. It would be considered politically incorrect today. The British labelled is “the encourager of Indian cruelties,” and accused of “the unchangeable name of meanness.”… “The particular act of meanness which I allude to in this description, is forgery. You, sir, have abetted and patronized the forging and uttering counterfeit continental bills. … shows an inbred wretchedness of heart made up between the venomous malignity of a serpent and the spiteful imbecility of an inferior reptile.”

The text is directed at General William Howe. The war was not going well for the British… “They resemble the labors of a puppy pursuing his tail; the end is still at the same distance, and all the turnings round must be done over again.” General Howe resigned April 4, 1778, fifteen days after The American Crisis V was written. The purple prose might have been a factor.

“Your master’s speech at the opening of Parliament, is like a soliloquy on ill luck. It shows him to be coming a little to his reason, for sense of pain is the first symptom of recovery, in profound stupefaction…. who is daily decaying into the grave with constitutional rottenness. There is not in the compass of language a sufficiency of words to express the baseness of your king, his ministry and his army. They have refined upon villany till it wants a name. To the fiercer vices of former ages they have added the dregs and scummings of the most finished rascality, and are so completely sunk in serpentine deceit, that there is not left among them one generous enemy. … She is the only power who could practise the prodigal barbarity of tying men to mouths of loaded cannon and blowing them away. … If there is a sin superior to every other, it is that of wilful and offensive war. … We leave it to England and Indians to boast of these honors; …”

Mr. Paine has a good reputation today. This was not unversal during the revolution. “In 1777, Congress named Paine secretary to the Committee for Foreign Affairs. The following year, however, Paine accused a member of the Continental Congress of trying to profit personally from French aid given to the United States. In revealing the scandal, Paine quoted from secret documents that he had accessed through his position at Foreign Affairs. Also around this time, in his pamphlets, Paine alluded to secret negotiations with France that were not fit for public consumption. These missteps eventually led to Paine’s expulsion from the committee in 1779.”

After the war, Mr. Paine went back to England. He soon got involved in the French Revolution, and was imprisoned. He continued to write, and get in trouble. Mr. Paine was invited back to the United States by Thomas Jefferson. He “died in June 1809, and to drive home the point of his tarnished image, the New York Citizen printed the following line in Paine’s obituary: “He had lived long, did some good and much harm.” Pictures today are from The Library of Congress.









Ben And Jerry Social Justice Warfare

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Uncle Hotep recently made a video, Ben & Jerry’s support for #BlackLivesMatter – Uncle Hotep chimes in. It seems like the fudge ice cream packers have a new flavor, Empower Mint™.

PG heard that, and remembered something he heard in church. The youth minister was preaching. America was in rebellion. Did you know that there is a car now, and one of the colors is anti establish mint? PG quit going to church soon after this.

As people familiar with AAVE (African American Vernacular English) know, white people, and black people, have different ways of pronouncing words. Take harassment. A white person might say huh RAS ment. A black person might say ha ras MINT. Arguably, naming a ice cream flavor Empower Mint™ is making fun of the way black people talk.

Ben and Jerry recently went on the social justice warpath. There was a tweet, and a website post, 7 Ways We Know Systemic Racism Is Real. Quotes were cited, statistics were regurgitated, and B&J boldly stated that america is not post racial. The frozen dessert consumer is encouraged to watch a video, take an implicit bias test, and talk to your kooky uncle.

The makers of Empower Mint™ are famously located in Vermont. According to the census bureau, the estimated population of Vermont is 626,042. This population is White 94.8%, Black 1.3%, Native American 0.4%, Asian 1.6%, mixed 1.9%.

Pictures today are from The Library of Congress. Pictures were taken in Daytona Beach, FL, many at Bethune-Cookman College. These pictures were taken in February, 1943, by Gordon Parks.









Binge Listening To RISK!

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RISK!, hosted by the ever fabulous Kevin Allison, is one of the best podcasts on the intercom. RISK! is “where people tell true stories they never thought they’d dare to share in public.” A new episode is posted at the start of every week. Recently, PG has neglected to listen to new episodes. This means that someday he will binge listen, which might have mental health consequences.

The first show in the que is episode #744, Oh Canada! The first story will be tough to beat. An EMT tells about a man who gets bored, and cuts off his penis. The cutup uses a mach3 razor to harvest the crop. Four episodes later, the Dollar Shave Club has a commercial on the show.

The other two stories on episode #744 are highly entertaining. A man smuggles his Venezuelan boyfriend over the Canadian border into Washington state. A lady becomes a professional singer, leaves an abusive partner, and decides to install horseshoes. The third career is going well, until she tries working during a tornado.

Podcasts are great background for multi tasking. There is editing pictures from The Library of Congress. Another project for these sounds was Excellence Is Never. This graphic poem has backgrounds from the Wylie Street Marta wall. The text was originally translations. Aristotle is said to have uttered the originals, in ancient Greek, a long time ago.

Episode #746, Naughty Bits, is next. A bachelor party goes to an illegal Russian strip club, with near fatal consequences. A young lady loses her virginity to a young man, and decides it is not that great. Before long, she realizes that she likes to eat pussy, hopefully before it is grabbed by Donald Trump. In the last tale, barely gay man goes to see a bootleg doctor.

Episode #748 is Flustered. A young lady is attacked on the subway by a one eyed man. Any public transit veteran can see this story happening to them. A young man tries to get a job, and another man tries to calm down a school for troubled youth. The Rodney King verdict has just been announced. The kids are ready to riot.

The fourth story on episode #748 is from RISK! favorite T.S. Madison. The Conyers, Georgia, resident is a per-operative trans woman, a “big dicked bitch.” Miss Madison has a way with words. Her story is about the funeral of a “fine” young man. There was a surprise.

As the name of the show implies, you take a chance when listening to RISK!. Sometimes, your buttons get pushed. This is not an endurance contest. If you don’t like what you hear, then you can turn it off. Nobody will think you are less of a person for not listening all the way to the end, at least on the podcast. Live shows may be different.

PG had to turn off episode #750, Curveballs. The first story is about a wealthy lady, illness, financial reversal, and her sorry children. The next story, “GI Jew,” is about a wounded soldier who is comforted by religion. While some people are comforted by G-d stories, PG thinks about the misery that Jesus has brought into his life. The first minute of the third story is about magic, and how it relates to the Mormon church. PG had heard enough by this point.

Episode #751, Live From Nashville, began with a story that PG could not finish. A black man, talking about life in prison, is not good for the local mental health. Neither was an abusive father, or crib death. The last story was a young man whose family was kicked out of a whacko church, just before he testified about the Sports Illustrated swimwear issue. At least the crib death lady had a southern accent. Sometimes, a small bit of enjoyment is all you have.

Episode #801, Raging, is the last show in this binge. The last story is a bookend to the first one: a meth horror story, part grossout, part trendy rehab, tied up in a neat package by the happy ending. When you hear enough of these stories, you can tell when the time limit clock is clicking. You might call it the TED talk syndrome.

The other stories in this episode hold their own. A young lady goes to a Russian restaurant, with her Uzbecki family. Some people are behaving badly. The young lady is obligated to kick some inebriated ass. She is a fighter, not a ballerina.

In the middle tale, a young man misses the last bus home. A queen offers him a ride home, and will not take no for an answer. Strong measures are indicated. This story prompted a letter to the RISK! website, about the issue of sensitivity to tender fee fees, while telling dangerous stories.

The letter about political correctness was answered by Kevin. He did not begin the note by saying “Hey folks, this is Kevin,” as he does for the show. Kevin always sounds like he is either laughing about something, or getting mooned by an Asian. We all have things that we enjoy.

RISK! is always looking for donations, per podcast custom. Or maybe that is perp oddcast. Overindulgence in dangerous activities is not always painless. Nor is playing music during a war. The pictures for today’s feature were edited while listening to episode #801. These images were taken from three group pictures: Drum Corps, 8th New York State Militia, Arlington, Va., June, 1861, Group of Co. A, 8th New York State Militia, Arlington, Va., June, 1861, and “Elmira Cornet Band,” Thirty-third Regiment, of the New York State Volunteers, July 1861.