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It Pays To Advertise

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Confederate Memorial Day

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Today is Confederate Memorial Day in Georgia. It is an ancient question…how to honor the soldiers from the side that lost. They were just as valiant as the Union Soldiers. Considering the shortages of the Confederate Armies, the Rebels may have been just a bit braver.

The issue of Federalism is a defining conflict of the American experience. What powers do we give the Federal Government, and what powers do we cede to the States? The Confederacy was the product of this conflict. The Confederate States were a collection of individual states, with separate armies. This is one reason why the war turned out the way it did.

This is not a defense for slavery. The “Peculiar institution” was a moral horror. The after effects of slavery affect us today. Any remembrance of the Confederacy should know that. This does not make the men who fought any less brave.

It is tough to see the War Between the States through the modern eye. It was a different time, before many of the modern conveniences that are now considered necessities. Many say that the United States were divided from the start, and the fact the union lasted as long as it did was remarkable. When a conflict becomes us against them, the “causes” become unimportant.

The War was a horror, with no pain medicine, and little that could be done for the wounded. It took the south many, many years to recover. The healing continues in many ways today. Remembering the sacrifices made by our ancestors helps.
This is a repost from CMD 2010. Pictures are from the The Library of Congress.








6th Congressional District

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Georgia’s 6th Congressional District is having a special election tomorrow. The previous representative, Tom Price, is taking a job in Donald Trump’s administration. The 6th District is one of the few political races going on now, and is getting national attention.

The race is a circus. Jon Ossoff is the Democratic leader, and seems assured of a place in the run off. Eleven Republicans are riding the clown car. Rosetta Stone, and the other companies who print Republican mailers, have sent PG an inch thick stack of propaganda.

Typical of the more-conservative-than-thou approach is a mailer from Keith Grawert. “Jon Ossoff: Nancy Pelosi in Disguise” “Just another vote for the Nancy Pelosi liberal elite” “…being bankrolled by Nancy Pelosi and her liberal allies” That last charge may have a bit of truth. Jon Ossoff has raised $8,320,693 for his campaign, far and away the spendingest candidate in the race. The leading Republican money dude is Dan Moody, with $2,025,263. The job pays $174,000 a year.

@realDonaldTrump “The super Liberal Democrat in the Georgia Congressioal race tomorrow wants to protect criminals, allow illegal immigration and raise taxes!” 10:31 AM – 17 Apr 2017

You can’t have a modern election without robo calls. PG makes it a matter of policy to #nevervotefor such players. Justin Hill has made two such calls, with one featuring Newt Gingrich… who has gone from Speaker of the House, to the speaker on the robo call. Keith Grawert and Bruce LeVell have made robo calls. Last, but not least, is a heart string tugging, anti abortion, message for Karen Handel.

Most polls show Karen Handel going into a runoff with Jon Ossoff. This is good news, and bad news. Karen Handel has a lot of negatives, and should be beatable. The bad news it that the 6th district is heavily Republican. This is a district where 53.7% approve of Trump’s job performance. The opera is not over until Karen Handel the fat lady sings.

After the Susan B. Komen meltdown, PG posted a link to Red State, Karen Handel is an idiot. That site responded by giving PG a computer virus, 601 Database redigestation error. This is how the conservative movement does things.

If you live in the 6th district, be sure to vote tomorrow. The clown show will be mostly shutting down. The runoff will be sometime in June, by which time the political landscape may be completely different. Pictures today are from The Library of Congress.

Porcine Squealing

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display of a link in this forum does not indicate approval of content ~The One Thing Parents Need To Do With Their Kids in Restaurants: ~ Why did Georgia execute more prisoners in 2016 than any other state? ~ Outdoor Recreation Isn’t Free – Why We Need to Stop Pretending It Is ~ Who Are the Lawyers Suing Ed Murray for Alleged Child Rape? ~ A pastor shares the exact moment he changed his mind about the LGBTQ community ~ Jonathan Pringle ~ Zachariah Hunnicutt ~ Pharmaceutical firms ask court to stop their drugs from being used in Arkansas executions ~ Trump Said No to Troops in Syria. His Aides Aren’t So Sure. ~ Why Do Democrats Feel Sorry for Hillary Clinton? ~ GOING DEEP in ATL with DJ Vicki Powell ~ 50 Shades of Bob Gray ~ ballotpedia ~ Jon Ossoff, Jared Kushner, And A Disgusting Anti-Semite Running For Congress ~ New #GA06 Poll Shows Expensive Bloodbath For Third Place ~ 1 killed, 5 injured after valet driver failed to put car in park ~ The Story of the Very First Easter ~ fl2012 ~ OH2016 ~ 0h2012 ~ Top Democrats Are Wrong: Trump Supporters Were More Motivated by Racism Than Economic Issues ~ mi2016 ~ mi 2012 ~ wi 2012 ~ wi 2016 ~ 2012 Pennsylvania Presidential Results ~ Overall 2016 Pennsylvania Presidential Election Results ~ CNN’s Van Jones Speaks With Obama Voters Who Switched To Trump All the Trump voters hate the Mexicans, they hate Muslims, they don’t like black people, they’re just — it was all this explosive kind of racial talk was what really got everybody going.CAMERON SEITZ, OHIO DEMOCRAT WHO VOTED FOR TRUMP: One of my jobs is helping counseling individuals recovering from drug and alcohol addictions. And I’m just going by the statistics. At my location, most of them are minorities. I would probably go as far as to say 80 to 85 percent. So, you know, if that were the case and if I was racist, then I just don’t believe that I’d be very good at my job .~ ally is another word overused misused and rendered useless by sjw ~ @ericajong when did he say that? what is the context? an out of context quote is only slightly more nourishing than hate or cyanide ~ When the bullets start to fly, the reason for the war becomes irrelevant. It is us against them. ~ @WernerTwertzog Airlines like #United rarely do anything to your body that American culture has not already done to your soul @chamblee54 american culture does not play “rhapsody in blue” in commercials for my soul ~ I just to live under the flight path for the Goodyear Blimp. ~ i think you use too many big words, that few understand, and that you are too proud of this fact ~ do you know how to pronounce ” egregiously tendentious”? can you spell it without spell check? ~ @AryehCW I can’t even spell license or privilege without spellcheck ~ people say whatever, whoever, whenever, and where ever, but never why ever ~ Instead of asking what would jesus do, we should ask what did jesus do? ~ Are Lindsey and Christine screwing? I think every other combination in that group has. ~ I wonder how many of the people who condone drone killing muslim children are “pro life” ~ “Listening to his campaign rhetoric, the last thing you would expect Donald Trump to do” If the lips are moving i don’t believe anything he says ~ @AtlasGagged Andrew Sullivan and his near-constant porcine squealing for attention are so boring. ~ We are NOT seeking actual members of the Ku Klux Klan and as with any set, we hold a zero tolerance policy against racism, sexism, etc.! We are seeking actors, not pro-white activists. ~ someone has yard signs calling for term limits…maybe we could start with zero terms for people who call for term limits ~ The only original parts on mine are the frame, seat, luggage rack, and cable housings. Everything else has been replaced, some multiple times. I even broke the original handlebars. ~ I just got a robo call from Keith Grawert #nevervotefor #sixthdistrict ~ previous robocalls from Justin Hill and Bruce LeVell ~ I just added MOE to my acronym vocabulary. While I realize that you meant margin of error, in a race like this you have to remember Moe, of the Three Stooges. ~ I just got my second robocall from Justin Hill The useful idiot speaking for him was Newt Gingrich #nevervotefor #sixthdistrict ~ I just got an abortion themed robocall on behalf of Karen Handel #nevervotefor #sixthdistrict ~ How many “racist” Trump voters voted for Barack Obama? Enough to win the electoral vote ~ @ScienceAndJokes I was going to tell a joke about sodium, but Na. ~ pictures today are from The Library of Congress. ~ selah

Driving While Human

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What follows is a repost from a few years ago. The thoughts are current. Pictures are from The Library of Congress. Esther Bubley took the pictures in April, 1943. “Washington, D.C. Jitterbugs at an Elk’s Club dance, the “cleanest dance in town””

This is written as the Sunday morning worship hour winds down. In church facilities across America, preachers scream about sin. Very few will consider the sin of dangerous driving. And yet, this is the sin that can change, or end, your life in an instant.

There is a lot of label mongering in public spaces. Liberal, conservative, and racist are three of the most popular. None of these labels deals with driving courtesy. The SJW and the KKK are united in their lack of concern about safe driving. With that in mind, here is the top nine.

1- Find another way to show how bad you are. This is mostly a masculinity thing, but it just might apply to a few ladies. Driving hard and fast is the easy way to prove your toughness. All you do is push the gas pedal. You don’t have to go to the gym, have lots of sex, or go into battle. Just drive fast, and with no concern for your neighbor.

2- Slow down. There is no need to go so fast. When you go somewhere, allow yourself enough time to get there. The faster you drive, the less reaction time you have in an emergency.

3- Stay far enough behind the car ahead of you to stop in an emergency. This will be less stressful for the person in front of you.

4- Pay attention to the road. This is where cell phones, and texting, becomes a problem. You should be focused on the road ahead of you, and not what your phone mate is telling you. Your minutes will be just as good when you get to your destination. Are people really brainless enough to text and drive?

5- The three rules of the workplace apply here…. show up, stay awake, and don’t kill anyone.

6- Keep your car in good condition. The tires and brakes are key items, but also keep the engine running smoothly. Sometimes you need to accelerate.

7- Keep your temper. Driving while angry is a cause of many accidents, especially when combined with alcohol or religion.

8- Use your turn signals.

9- Show concern for the well being of your neighbor. Use common sense.

The Canon Of Saint Euthanasias

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During the council of nicea, many of the scrolls were in disrepair. Many fell into pieces, and were assembled into the an order of sorts. One night, some of the scribes got together, and decided to just copy the pieces in the order that seemed right. Some wine may have been used. This text was recently found, and was leaked to a western source by the vatican janitor that found it. While it doesn’t have the coherence of the bible, as eventually published, it does have a crude beauty. … a little child shall lead them a false witness that speaketh lies a proud look a lying tongue abideth faith hope charity be born die plant cast away stones embrace refrain from embracing feet that be swift in running to mischief gather stones together get lose keep cast away hands that shed innocent blood he that soweth discord among brethren heart that deviseth wicked imaginations i became a man i put away childish things i thought as a child but when i understood as a child i was a child i spake as a child kill heal break down build up lie down with the kid the calf like the ox the sucking child shall love hate war peace of his loins faithfulness the girdle of his reins the wolf also shall dwell play on the hole of the asp pluck up that which is planted rend sew keep silenct speak righteousness shall be the girdle the cow and the bear shall feed the young lion the fatling together their young ones shall lie down there is a time to these six things doth the lord hate we see through a glass darkly weep laugh mourn dance together the lion shall eat straw with the lamb the leopard yea seven are an abomination unto him

The Ides Of March

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March 15 is the Ides of March. It was a bad day for Julius Caesar. More famous people met their maker on March 15: 1937 – H. P. Lovecraft, 1975 – Aristotle Onassis, 1998 – Benjamin Spock, 2001 – Ann Sothern, and 2014 – Bo Callaway. Others were born with one week of winter remaining: 1767 – Andrew Jackson, 1926 – Norm Van Brocklin, 1933 – Ruth Bader Ginsburg, 1940 – Phil Lesh, 1943 – Sly Stone, 1947 – Ry Cooder, and 1959 – Fabio Lanzoni.

Progress on the @WernerTwertzog sonnet continues. 24 couplets have been rhyme fitted. This is enough for 3 proper sonnets, with 3 couplets left over. The next step is to separate out the couplets with long lines. These can be assembled into a sonnet, that will have smaller letters in the graphic incorporation. … Terrible Sobriety, the first of the twertzog sonnets, is on the air.

Call Me A ‘Purist’ Again turned up on facebook. The first paragraph is so entertaining … there in no need to read the rest of the piece. “More and more I run up against vagina hat-wearing keyboard warriors of the McResistance dismissing progressive rebels as “purists,” “purity ponies” and “purity progressives,” the idea being that if you don’t want to vote for Democrats who actively facilitate corporatism, warmongering and ecocide, you are somehow being unrealistic and unreasonable.”

This monolog is not working. It is three days later. The next chore is a writing contest, Week 4: Write for 5 right now. The picture is a lady, 23 ducks, and one dog. They are going somewhere. The other picture is a restored car, in the entry to a garage. The garage is somebody’s painting studio. Maybe that is where the ducks are going.

When looking for the contest, PG googled five minute timer. There are several devices for marking the passage of 300 seconds. If you start to type five minute into google, the suggested results are timer, journal, funk, fudge, heaven. Something called the online stopwatch will be used.

That goofy lady has done it this time. I tried to tell her that if you feed one duck, then all of his friends will expect you to feed them. But did she listen? No. She thinks that just because I am a dog, that she is not supposed to understand the common sense advice I give her. I am getting tired of these parades, but, unless I can find another meal ticket, then I am stuck with the lady. I should have wagged my tail faster when that gay couple was looking at rescue dogs. But no, I had to play it cool, and now I am trying not to step in duck poop. Does she even know where she is going? The garage-painting studio is over there, and ducks are not allowed inside.

Click This Little Button

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The first day of march, in the year of our drumph two thousand seventeen, sees PG moping through. A dreaded dental appointment was cancelled at the last minute yesterday, and is on track for tomorrow. The options are another root canal, to finish the one botched by another dentist, and getting the tooth extracted. Neither option is agreeable. Sometime the best course of action is to create a graphic poem, and write about it. When the going gets tough, the tough take notes.

The text for this production is from a cross examination of Oscar Wilde. The father of his bf called Mr. Wilde a somodite, and Mr. Wilde sued him for libel. The matter did not end well. Mr. Wilde tries to defend himself against charges of committing unnatural acts, which is a bit like a fish saying he does not know how to swim.

“The destructive life of a Mardi Gras bead” was on facebook. PG was looking for a Wilde source, and got distracted. The Salon piece was typical environmental consciousness. While the story about Chinese labor, and plastic waste, is probably a little bit true, it pales in comparison to the other things being done to planet earth. There was a lovely comment: “This reads like the ramblings of someone who decided his white savior thesis in advance then went to find quotes to support it.”

The poem was finished, and greeted with rousing indifference by the innertubes. Numerous detours were made while en route to the destination. If any of them merit attention, they will be noted. One quote was copied, maybe on facebook, maybe on twitter, maybe on facebitter. “petty can be clever or funny, it can advance careers and give the satisfaction of revenge, but never mistake it for a virtue”

PG was greatly amused by his thought, and decided to share it with the world. ” is the love baby of #facebook and #twitter called #facebitter?” When he clicked on twitter to post this… “Something is technically wrong. Thanks for noticing—we’re going to fix it up and have things back to normal soon. العربية Dansk Deutsch English English UK Español فارسی Suomi Filipino Français עִבְרִית हिन्दी Magyar Bahasa Indonesia Italiano 日本語 한국어 Bahasa Melayu Nederlands Norsk Polski Português Русский Svenska ภาษาไทย Türkçe 简体中文.

It is now two days later. PG pulled a bunch of tweets from TextsFromLastNight. Mixed in with texts about mardi gras antics were links to what could charitably be called clickbait. These are meme collections at the TFLN website, like 23 Greatest Things Ever Spoken To A Guy’s Member. If you go to the page, you will be greeted with a popup ad: “Quick! While no one’s looking Click this little button for TFLN texts and updates We also send dope emails”

The clickbait was separated from the other material. The text was broken into iambic pentameter, with rhymes assigned when appropriate. The best fourteen lines were assembled into a sonnet. Willie is shaking, and peering from his grave. The four lines that did not make the cut are today’s poem. Since it is so small, we can include it here: awesome peeps who made new friends, things you text that can ruin a top chef, server spills his worst customer blends, topless midgets who do not give an eff.

#KeepTwitterPositiveBy is the top non sponsored trending item at the moment. There was a tweet about enforced positivity. (spell check suggestion: positivity) PG was going to copy it, but clicked on the wrong spot, and lost it forever. Such is life.

Leftovers is now on the innertubes. Pictures were performers from the L5P Visual Arts Alliance. The size is a new standard, 720×666. The other standard, golden rectangle 720×447, is still available. The new standard was used first for portraits, mostly soldiers from the War Between the States. It is the standard width, with a satanic height. 666 is a fun number. The highest prime is 37, multiplied by 3x3x2, or 18. For some reason this number is credited with being the number of the devil.

The Library of Congress is the source of today’s photographs. Russell Lee shot the pictures in April 1942. “Los Angeles, California. Japanese-American evacuation from West Coast areas under U.S. Army war emergency order. Japanese-American child who will go with his parents to Owens Valley.










Celebrate The Censorship

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display of a link in this facility does not indicate approval of content ~ Mark Twain I do not fear death. I had been dead for billions and billions of years before I was born, and had not suffered the slightest inconvenience from it. … Quoted in Richard Dawkins (2006). “A Much Needed Gap?”. The God Delusion. Bantam Press. p. 354. but no source is given ~ Milo Yiannopoulos: Video of right-wing journalist ‘defending paedophilia’ surfaces online ~ Joe Rogan Experience #702 – Milo Yiannopoulos ~ Milo Yiannopoulos defends pedophilia and pedophiles. ~ MILO Confronts the Panel | Overtime with Bill Maher ~ Quick Milo pedophilia rant ~ WikiLeaks’ Assange: Yiannopoulos is facing ‘censorship’ ~ @JulianAssange US ‘liberals’ today celebrate the censorship of right-wing UK provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos over teen sex quote. ~ milo fb ~ trial of oscar wilde ~ Testimony of Oscar Wilde on Cross Examination (April 3,1895) ~ sun ra ~ Arch-Troll Milo’s Mini Apology Tour ~ Phrases and Philosophies for the Use of the Young by Oscar Wilde ~ A Few Maxims For The Instruction Of The Over-Educated ~ How Did Nietzsche Become the Most Misunderstood & Bastardized Philosopher?: A Video from Slate Explains ~ Trae Crowder ~ Worst President Ever, This Week in Words ~ 20 Diversion Tactics Highly Manipulative Narcissists, Sociopaths And Psychopaths Use To Silence You ~ blogging about milo ~ loving ometer ~ Dixon White ~ Trump haters please do these two thought experiments ~ you don’t know who i voted for ~ pretend to enjoy this ~ fashistic ~ behave like bunch of ridiculous children ~ Ts Madison “Girl #CaitlynJenner sit your phony ass down ~ McMaster has the Islamophobes worried, and that’s a good thing ~ Meet the 16-year-old Canadian girl who took down Milo Yiannopoulos ~ @ReaganBattalion Here is the uncut 5 minute video of Milo Yiannopoulos advocating for Pederasty involving “13 Year old” and “older men.” HIS WORDS. ~ @postcrunk there is no working class pride just fetishization of working class aesthetic ~ @RuPaul I place kindness at the top of my list of human virtues. A fat ass is a close second. ~ Cali-Conservative‏@RandomPatriot The Rights reaction to #MiloGate is proving we have many easily triggered SJWs on our side that need to be dealt with. #MiloNotAPedo #Milo ~ This is the testimony transcript from April 4, 1895 ~ this is an over view of the trials of oscar. Did you know that the solicitor who prosecuted the case had an affair with Bosie’s brother? ~ this is a link to another post It is about the appearance of Milo on the Bill Maher show Mr. Maher said to quit listening to distractions and clown acts, and then had Milo on the show ~ chattering puppet sock monkey with poem for heart just one is enough ~ was hillary’s cluelessness part of the deal? ~ maybe it is the Pricy Tom Odious ~ Chomsky reserves his fiercest venom for the liberal elite in the press, the universities and the political system who serve as a smoke screen for the cruelty of unchecked capitalism and imperial war. ~ KimKierkegaardashian @KimKierkegaard No one gives more eloquent expression to the tragic, but Sophocles is the funniest person I know and deserves all the happiness in the world ~ @postcrunk she twerkin while mushroom clouds line the horizon of a blood orange sky beneath drones with smiley faces painted on the fronts ~ @handymayhem When Bruce Jenner became a woman did he start making less money? ~ @WernerTwertzog The mission of the Sherwin-Williams paint company is notably menacing. ~ pictures are from The Library of Congress. ~ selah







Having An Unusual Name

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PG would rather work on his computer than watch the oscars. This is a choice. It is made less dangerous by facebook, which can alert PG to every twitch of the ism police. It seems like some racist, sexist, misogynist, and ableist things were said Sunday night. PG would be a terrible person if he were not offended by this behavior. Some people think that way.

One of the players is Quvenzhané Wallis, who is getting scads of career boost at the moment. Some speakers did not want to pronounce her name, and got in trouble as a result.

An observer throws this opinion out there:
“Give your daughters difficult names. Give your daughters names that command the full use of tongue. My name makes you want to tell me the truth. My name doesn’t allow me to trust anyone that cannot pronounce it right … Give your children difficult names, so the world may learn how to unfurl its tongue in the direction of our stolen languages.”
PG was known for most of his life as Cam. This is short for Campbell, his middle name. Whenever he was introduced to someone, he had to explain this name. Yes, it is just like a car cam, whatever that is. No, it is not Cal or Kim. It is Cam, C A M. After a while, it became a giant pain in the ass.

The parents responsible for this are kind, loving people. People make mistakes. Who knows what they were thinking when they decided to name their firstborn after an automotive part.

So, go ahead and give your baby an “unusual” name. They might like it. It may also be a source of embarrassment. Being a living human being is tough business. Giving an kid a weird name just might make it a bit tougher. It might be a very selfish thing to do.

UPDATE This piece was originally posted in 2013. Two messages were received…. Luther, do not post your blog on my page ever again. Many of your viewpoints are racist, sexist, and marginalizing, and I do not want to be associated with them. … Ive already deleted you as a friend months and months ago over the ridiculous racist and sexist twaddle that spills from your mouth and onto Facebook and in person. Do not post on my wall. Do not like anything post of mine and, in fact, do not interact with me in any possible capacity. Thanks.

This is a repost. Pictures are from The Library of Congress.





Oscar And Milo

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Oscar Wilde was being cross examined by Edward Carson, the attorney for the Marquess of Queensberry. Mr. Wilde had filed a libel suit, because the Marquess said Mr. Wilde was a somodite. The Marquess was the father of Lord Alfred Douglas, the boyfriend of Mr. Wilde. The cross examination saw many witty comments by Mr. Wilde. It was going well, until it wasn’t.

C– Do you know Walter Grainger? W–Yes. C– How old is he? W– He was about sixteen when I knew him. He was a servant at a certain house in High Street, Oxford, where Lord Alfred Douglas had rooms. I have stayed there several times. Grainger waited at table. I never dined with him. If it is one’s duty to serve, it is one’s duty to serve; and if it is one’s pleasure to dine, it is one’s pleasure to dine. C– Did you ever kiss him? W– Oh, dear no. He was a peculiarly plain boy. He was, unfortunately, extremely ugly. I pitied him for it. C– Was that the reason why you did not kiss him? W– Oh, Mr. Carson, you are pertinently insolent.

Milo Yiannopoulos is no Oscar Wilde. There was no gasp in the courtroom when he made his comments about “Father Michael.” The interview went on youtube September 30, 2015, and has been waiting for its time. In an ironic touch, one of the ads preceding the three hour video starred Leslie Jones, or someone who looked like her.

Bill Maher said, before introducing Mr. Yiannopoulos, “Stop looking at the distractions and the clown show and look at what matters.” There was a panel discussion, with Milo and four other men. The distraction, and the clown show, made comments that seem ironic a few days later.

The discussion began with an audience question about a trans Berkley student. Mr. Maher said she, and Mr. Yiannopoulos said he, with the intention of misgendering the individual. “I make no apology from protecting women and children from men who are confused about their sexual identity.” Maybe Father Michael was confused. “I think that women, and girls, should be protected from having men who are confused about their sexual identities in their bathrooms.” Mr. Maher looked down at the desk, and said “that’s not unreasonable.” Less than a minute of the video video had elapsed.

Larry Wilmore said “I think its sad, because the same arguments that we use against gay people, treating them like aliens who want to fuck anything that moves, and that we should avoid them at all costs.” Mr. Yiannopoulos tried to say something, and Mr. Wilmore asked to be allowed to finish his thought. …..”You can always find the extreme person that becomes the object of your attack, that you assign that to everybody.” Given the prevalence of people using paedophilia as an all purpose argument against gays, it seems like Mr. Yiannopoulos went sashaying into a trap. Just let the idiot speak long enough, and he will hang himself. Whether this will have any negative effect on the overall LGBT population is not known.

At 2:33, Mr. Yiannopoulos starts to talk fast, and amateur transcribers (cis-scriber?) might make mistakes. “Your saying that (unintelligible) the victim is some sort of discrimination… this is a psychiatric disorder.” Some might say that a 14 year old. fooling around with a priest, is a victim, and a psychiatric disorder. Mr. Yiannopoulos is an entertainer, and likes to make flippant comments.

In his libel suit, “Wilde did his best to turn the proceedings into a joke with flippant answers.  Always the artist, he seemed to be reaching for creative, witty answers, even if they contradicted earlier ones.” One sees the same pattern of behavior in Milo Yiannopoulos.

At 5:39: Mr. Maher said to Mr. Yiannopoulos “This is the beginning of your career, people are just starting to hate you.” “I’ve got so many more years.” This was less than a week before a fox news headline, JUST IN: Milo Yiannopoulos Resigns From Breitbart News.

“You have the potential to morph. You remind me of a young, gay, alive Christopher Hitchens.” Or maybe just young and alive. As an obituary of Mr. Hitchens notes, ” He was almost expelled from school for homosexuality and later boasted that at Oxford he slept with two future (male) Tory cabinet ministers. … he eventually became a dedicated heterosexual because, he said, his looks deteriorated to the point where no man would have him.”

Malcolm Nance got into the act, with the comment “You’ll take Russian spies over Saudis. OK.” Our knowledge of the role of Russians played in the 2016 election is evolving. Much better known is the fact that of the 19 hijackers on 911, 15 were Saudi.

At 10:50, Mr. Nance, a former Intelligence officer, said “Wikileaks… is a laundromat for Russian Intelligence.” The troubles of Mr. Yiannopoulos were noted in a tweet from @JulianAssange “US ‘liberals’ today celebrate the censorship of right-wing UK provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos over teen sex quote.” Pictures today are from The Library of Congress.