Jesus Gets A New Nickname

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There is a video making the rounds now. The title involves Jesus, and a certain racial slur, delicately known as the N word. The video is embedded above. You can feel the magic for yourself.

Here is a story about the song, with the edgy language bleeped. “One pastor is trying to spread the word of God with an edgy rap song. The rapping pastor and his wife claim they have “Christian swag” while tossing around the n-word. … The video of the rapping pastor was recently uploaded to YouTube but it’s not clear when it was filmed. It was taken at a church in Iowa which closed in 2004.” Another helpful interneter has the lyrics.

In case you didn’t know, Pastor Jim Colerick, and Mrs Mary-Sue Colerick, are melanin deficient. They are, as Bette Midler once said about Karen Carpenter, so white they are invisible. It is not considered good manners for Caucasians to use this word, with or without salvation.

There is another angle to this equation. Many Jesus worshipers see not using cusswords as a sign of righteousness. As a result, many Jesus worshipers use the words G-d, and Jesus Christ, as tools of their anger. This violates the third commandment. Now, this use of a sacred name, as profanity, is being extended to using a sacred name as a racial slur. Someone is always ready to manipulate language to serve an agenda.

When you call a book “the word of G-d”, you give certain words too much power. When you designate the lazy way of saying black as a super duper naughty word, you give those six letters way too much power. Now, we see the convergence of these two taboos. Let the party begin.

This is a repost. Pictures of Pastor and Mrs. Colerick are taken from the video. The other images are from The Library of Congress.







Distractions And The Clown Show

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Milo Yiannopoulos appeared on a show hosted by Bill Maher. The program aired in the last twenty four hours. The appearance was controversial, which should translate into rating points for Mr. Maher, and the enhancement of celebrity for Mr. Yiannopoulos. Little of importance was said, except that Mr. Maher is loyal to HBO comedians.

Overtime with Bill Maher was where the fun started. Mr. Yiannopoulos said that Mr. Maher should have guests with higher intelligence quotients. Alleged comedian Larry Wilmore said, to Mr. Yiannopoulos, “go fuck yourself”. Another member of the panel, Malcolm Nance, was said to be able to talk circles around Mr. Yiannopoulos. The well spoken man said to the flamboyant Milo, “I’ve been to Port Said, and Naples, and I suspect you have been too.”

Malcolm Nance is a former US Military Intelligence dude. He was promoting a book about Russian involvement in the recent election. Mr. Nance does appear to be smarter that either Mr. Yiannopoulos or Mr. Wilmore, which is nothing to brag about. When Mr. Nance could get a few words in edgewise, he said some interesting things about Wikileaks, and the Russian mischief.

Mr. Nance said that the Russian hacking of the DNC was massive. It would take a team of intelligence officers working 24 shifts to go through all the data. The Russians/wikileaks released this data in a strategic fashion. Somebody knew what they were doing. And no, it wasn’t that the RNC was less secure than the DNC. If the Russians want to get in, they are going to get in.

Mr. Maher stars in a third video. It stars Mr. Wilmore, Mr. Nance, and incidental glasses wearer Jack Kingston. Mr. Maher begins the segment by saying the Russian election hack was the worst political scandal in USA history. Mr. Nance concurred, and said a few intelligent things, only to be interrupted by Mr. Wilmore. The discussion degenerated into four men talking over each other.

“Stop looking at the distractions and the clown show and look at what matters.” Mr. Maher said this at 0:32 in the linked video. He proceeded to have an alleged comedian tell a pearl clutching Breitbart editor to go fuck himself. Whenever the military intelligence veteran tried to say anything about the worst-political-scandal-in-american-history, he was talked over the alleged comedian. Mr. Wilmore is best known for saying the n-word at the nerd prom. He played his distraction role to perfection.

Democrats did their part in distracting amurica from the Russian problem. The Russian involvement in the election was known during the campaign. However, the Demoze thought it would help their chances of victory to call Donald Trump racist. An alleged kkk endorsement of Mr. Trump received more attention than the Russian/wikileaks connection. It is almost as if the demoze chose to talk about racism, when they knew that Russian intelligence was taking over the Trump campaign. Once again, talk about race is part of “the distractions and the clown show.” Pictures today are from The Library of Congress. Many of these men fought in the War Between the States.







Frank Ancona

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The body of kkk big dog Frank Ancona was found in a Missouri river the other day. People who like to say rude things about the klan celebrated the news. It is safe to say that few of these people had heard of Mr. Ancona before his demise.
PG saw the headline, and remembered a story from last year. Mr. Ancona was quoted in that story. He was trash talking another klan organization. He said the klan is a secret society that shuns publicity. Mr. Ancona has a knack for getting attention, which may be a reason he was killed.

The murder might be the result of a marital dispute. Mr. Ancona’s wife, and step son, are in trouble. Malissa Ancona had a legally unwise chat with a tv reporter, Exclusive: Malissa Ancona, Wife of murdered KKK leader, speaks only to News 4. A twitter account, @malissa72, is still up. The picture shows Mrs. Ancona kissing Mr. Ancona.

Prosecutor: KKK leader may have been killed because he wanted divorce. The St. Lous Post-Dispatch has been on top of the story. This report has an interesting passage: “Mark Potok, of the Southern Poverty Law Center, which tracks hate organizations, said that Ancona’s group was “not very significant at all. This was one of the smallest groups out there.” Potok said the members received a lot of attention because they frequently handed out leaflets. He said he would be surprised if there were 40 members spread out among chapters in Potosi, Hayden, Idaho and Pennsylvania.

Ancona had been in a dispute with other Klan leaders, Potok said, who accused Ancona of being secretly Jewish and Malissa Ancona of being a Wiccan. Both were untrue, Potok believes, but the accusations are typical of the Klan world today, which consists of 29 different named organizations, “each one claiming to be the one true Klan and denigrating the others.”

People who like to be seen denouncing racism love to hate the kkk. Nothing you say about the bedsheet boys is out of bounds. The truth is that the kkk has as much influence, and respect, as the bad guys in professional wrestling. The kkk is a fashion challenged version of the westboro baptist church. You have to wonder why people get so much enjoyment from trash talking the klan. Maybe this is a distraction for their own unresolved racial conflicts.

“…the Klan world today, which consists of 29 different named organizations, “each one claiming to be the one true Klan and denigrating the others.”” How did all these groups, that hate each other, get together for a national meeting? Do they call it the grand dragon con? Was this the meeting where they endorsed Donald Trump? That endorsement was reported by the Washington Post, and Rachel Maddow. Millions of Trump hating patriots accepted this news without a moment’s hesitation. The spell check suggestion for Maddow is Maddox.

If P.T. Barnum had ever said “There’s a sucker born every minute,” he would have been correct. The truth is, there is little evidence that he did. Here is a phony quote, about suckers, that is widely accepted as truth. There is a bit of synchronicity there. Pictures today are from “The Special Collections and Archives, Georgia State University Library”.









Gloomy Sunday

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Billie Holiday had a hit with Gloomy Sunday in 1941. The legend is that people would listen to the song, and kill themselves. As a result, the song was banned from the radio. Or was it?
Gloomy Sunday was written in 1933 by Rezső Seress. Additional lyrics were later written by László Jávor. It became known as the “Hungarian Suicide Song”, and was reportedly banned in Hungary. An English translation (which is said to not do justice to the original Hungarian) was rendered.

Gloomy Sunday has a melancholy sound, even as an instrumental. The story is about a person…it is not gender specific…who decides to join a loved one who has died. A third verse was added, to the english version, where the singer says it was all a dream.

Gloomy Sunday became popular in the United States. And the suicide stories started to spread, along with rumors that the song had been banned from the radio. (It was indeed banned by the BBC.) There are indications that these rumors were part of a publicity campaign.

The urban legend busters snopes. calls the story “undetermined”. Legends like this get a life of their own. A grieving person hearing this song on a dreary Sunday is not going to be uplifted. One thing is known for sure…the original composer did take his own life.Rezső Seress jumped off a tall building in Budapest in 1968. The legend is he had never had another hit song after writing “Gloomy Sunday”. This repost has pictures from The Library of Congress.







@Nonetflix Hasn’t Tweeted Yet

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Facebook publicity did its duty to promote a netflix series, Dear White People. The fb teaser links to an article, People Are Canceling Their Netflix Accounts Because of ‘Dear White People’ To some, it promotes “white genocide.” PG turned off the BS detector, and got to work.

It is uncertain how many people have actually cancelled their NF account over DWP. It probably is not very many. The loss will be more than offset by the publicity for DWP. Boycotts are a time honored promotion technique.

@bakedalaska Netflix announced a new anti-white show (Dear White People) that promotes white genocide. I cancelled my account, do the same. #NoNetflix All acounts of this affair mention this tweet. @bakedalaska, aka Tim Treadstone, is a curious piece of work. says @bakedalaska is the bf of Milo Yiannopolous. “There is no mountain high enough or ocean big enough to keep Milo Yiannopolous from seducing young American men with his freakish intelligence and fabulous hair. The combination is completely diabolical. ”

@bakedalaska might not be that popular in the alt-right after all. He got in a squabble with some big dog in the community. The result: Alt-Right in Civil War After Prominent Leader Disinvited From Pro-Trump ‘DeploraBall’

#nonetflix is the hashtag. Time for the lazy blogger to copy and paste.
@bakedalaska After claiming there’s nothing anti-white about Dear White People, the writer of the show literally tweeted “F*ck White People” #NoNetflix
@JackPMoore Fuck white people.
@Mat_Bentley Y’all white folk real mad over @DearWhitePeople tho. I thought y’all didn’t see color?
@marcasshat Y’all… if you even watched the original movie, you’d know it doesn’t have one single “racist” message in it #NoNetflix
@_ShitBricks253 I don’t give a shit about the snowflakes I’m keeping my Netflix, I need it to chill. #nonetflix #yesnetflix
@fancyB2fancy I guess white people don’t know that Hulu has a movie named Dear White People already streaming…#NoNetflix #ButHellaWhiteTears
@seirra03 everyone claiming that “Dear White People” is racist voted for Trump. how that work? #NoNetflix (Mr. Trump won the election.)
@giulssays Dear white supremacists, I’m sure @netflix anticipated your outrage and simply doesn’t care. #nonetflix (There is no bad publicity, especially when it is politically incorrect.)
@KayDubsDeuce#nonetflix is not a place for your whiny white supremacy. Who’s the snowflake now?

Perez Hilton is equally boring on this issue. Another clickbait farm chimes in with Confused white people are boycotting Netflix over its new series ‘Dear White People’. An illustrating tweet: @actuallyBecky Bye bye @netflix! ‘Dear white people’ is a disgusting show. Tweet your cancellation pic! When you try to look at the actual tweet, you see this: Account suspended This account has been suspended. Learn more about why Twitter suspends accounts…

Fusion’ also notes: Dear White People creator Justin Simien wrote a brief Facebook post … “When the first trailer for the film dropped, I’ll admit the deluge of claims that I was a reverse racist and a ‘piece of shit monkey that should shut up and go back to Africa’ really hurt. … But now, I feel strangely encouraged. To see the sheer threat that people feel over a date announcement video featuring a woman of color (politely) asking not to be mocked makes it so clear why I made this show.” When you follow the link to facebook, you see “Sorry, this content isn’t available right now.”

Pictures are from “The Special Collections and Archives, Georgia State University Library”.









Happy Birthday Bill Burroughs

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February 5, 1914, was the birth day of William Seward Burroughs Jr. For the rest of this piece he will be known as WSB. This is both a handy abbreviation, as well as a touch of irony for Atlanta readers. WSB radio is a 50k watt clear channell am station, owned by the same media oligarchs that own the fishwrapper and channel two. The radio tv clusterfuck has long been the symbol of Peachtree Street white column respectability. Just to be clear/queer, from here on out in this feature WSB will mean a certain junkie writer, not welcome south brother.

This is a good day for birthdays. Hank Aaron in 1934. Adlai Stevenson in 1900. Peg Entwhistle in 1908. The last one lived until 1932, when she jumped off the Hollywoodland sign.

A well thought of radio institution called “This American Life” has a show this week, Burroughs101. Actually, there is a class by that name, and there will be an exam at the end of the semester. The show is narrated by Iggy Pop. It begins with a warning. “A warning. The following program contains references to homosexuality, drug use, sex with aliens, violence, and kitty cats. What did you expect?” The show was originally cobbled together by the BBC, which might explain things a bit.

Iggy Pop did a show at the 688 club. PG was in the audience. A man named Ivan Kral was in the band. When Mr. Kral came on stage, he blew his nose, and a white powder booger came out. The performance was not so much a concert as it was an endurance test.

The show has the lazy bloggers friend, the transcript. There are some lovely quotes. This show is not going to candy coat the bastard. This is a man who shot his wife while playing William Tell, and got away with it. As one non admirer says “I don’t just take the Burroughs myth with a pinch of salt. I view it as a unpleasant slug crawling across the lawn of literature. And I like to pour salt on it.”

Or this one. “Having used heroin yourself– I think used is a bit of an understatement. I was a heroin addict on and off for pushing a quarter of a century. For myself, I find the whole Burroughs myth pretty repulsive, actually. Because I understand what happened to me. I was an addict in waiting. I got my form prize or my English prize at The Naked Lunch. And a year and a half later, I was sticking needles in my arm. … You could be lying in some pestilential piss-soaked squat in the bowels of the city listening to some moron totaled on drugs drooling on and talking about Burroughs, because Burroughs was their Leon Trotsky. He was their Archbishop of Canterbury. He was the Pope. “

One of the questions of the early eighties was whether or not WSB was shooting up. Forget the nonsense about there not being any old junkies. Supposedly Ray Charles never really quit using heroin. So, in 1981, WSB was living somewhere in Manhattan, and it was a right of passage to go to the bunker and take heroin to him. Since he was the star, he used the needle first, which was an important distinction in those days … hiv did not have a name but was running wild through the junkie veins and queer buttholes of Reaganite America. We don’t know if WSB got hiv or not. He made it until August 2, 1997, when a heart attack sent him to meet his maker. Contemporary Allen Ginsberg cashed in his chips earlier that year. In Washington, silly billy POTUS was getting knob jobs from Monica Lewinsky, who now gives TED talks by calling herself a social activist. WSB was a social activist, at a time when few would publicly admit to such a distinction.

The answer to your question is, yes, WSB was shooting dope in 1981. Somebody saw this as being an unhealthy situation, and arranged for him to move to Lawrence KS. This was his home until WSB went to live with Jesus, who was pissed because WSB didn’t bring him any smack.

So WSB was living the beat life, shooting dope, fucking boys, and just being a general mess. In his spare time he was writing books. Naked Lunch was busted for obscenity, and became his best known work. It is the first thing by WSB that PG tried to read, making it to page twenty six before declaring the endeavor a hopeless waste of brain cells.

It is not known how much of Naked Lunch Dorothy Kilgallen read. She was called as a witness during an obscenity trial for Lenny Bruce. ” …There’s another book called The Naked Lunch which I couldn’t even finish reading, but it’s published, and I think the author should be in jail and he used– Q. Unfortunately we can’t do everything at once, Miss Kilgallen. Are you judging the non-obscene quality and the artistic quality of Bruce by the fact that The Naked Lunch is a book which, as of this date, is sold in the community? A. No, I’m not. I just mentioned it because you asked me for some books. Q. And The Naked Lunch is a book you found impossible to read, is that correct? A. Yes, I found it revolting. Q. What was revolting about it? A. Just the way it was written.”

Another expert witness to testify … to a BBC reporter, not a New York courtroom … is Marcus Ewert. A Dunwoody native, Mr. Ewert took literary groupiedom to ridiculous lengths with Allen Ginsberg and WSB. “We’re getting into bed, and I’m sticking my legs down under the covers. There’s this bump that my legs feel. And I’m like, “Oh, what’s this hard thing my legs are bumping against, William?” And he said, “Oh, that’s the gun.” I said, “Is it a loaded gun?” He said, “Of course it’s loaded.” You’d sleep with a lover with a loaded gun in your bed. That’s kind of a metaphor waiting to happen.”

Mr. Marcus is now a children’s book author. An Amazon reader says this about 10,000 Dresses. “I returned mine today and was appalled as I read the story to my son before reading it to myself. Kids need to feel safe at home, especially when dealing with gender non-conformity. I wish the author would have reconcilled the reactions of the family members. It is great to have stories out there addressing gender non-conformity in kids, but we have a huge responsibility to make sure they are sending the right message.”

The death of Joan Vollmer is discussed. This is the lady who was playing William Tell one night, with fatal consequences. Some say accident, some say intentional. The word uxoricide is used, meaning the act of killing one’s wife.

The cut up technique is discussed. The show goes on to talk about how much WSB liked cats. He died, and people said nice things about him. Pictures tonight are from The Library of Congress. This is a repost. Last year, PG found an audiobook of Junky, read by Mr. Burroughs. A two part post, Junky, and Junky Part Two, was the result.












Keep Your Message

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The first step for today’s exercise is to find the source of the material PG is using. This way, a link can be provided. The reader(s) can see the original material. The author, or at least the facebooker who posted the material, gets credit. To find this link, PG goes to facebook. After wading through the usual nonsense, PG determines that the post is not linkable. Here is the original:

Thanks to Don Spencer for some useful ideas: Words matter and 98% of our thoughts are unconscious. 1. Don’t use his name; 2. Remember this is a regime and he’s not acting alone; 3. Do not argue with those who support him–it doesn’t work; 4. Focus on his policies, not his orange-ness and mental state; 5. Keep your message positive; they want the country to be angry and fearful because this is the soil from which their darkest policies will grow. 6. No more helpless/hopeless talk 7. Support artists and the arts 8. Be careful not to spread fake news. Check it for yourself first. 9. Take care of yourselves; and 10. Resist! I recommend copying and pasting the content, otherwise only our mutual friends will be able to see it.

Polemic product was twitterized. 1/2take care of yourself #resist, do not spread fake news, focus on his policies not him, keep your message positive, 2/2support artists and the arts, do not worry about hypocrisy, no more helpless/hopeless talk, do not use his name do not argue. This version, without the numbers, is the text for today’s poem. An alternate edition, using capital letters when appropriate, is being considered. All caps is the work of the devil.

The first unit of background noise today is Curtis Sittenfeld Reads “The Prairie Wife”. The first five minutes are entertaining. Kirsten is a painfully modern housewife, who devours the multi media out put of Lucy Headrick, a lifestyle media monger, possibly modelled on @MarthaStewart.

@jesseberney “GOP is angry someone read a letter saying Sessions stopped black people from voting but not angry Sessions stopped black people from voting.” This is the type of internet logic that needs to stop. A few Repub senators stopped Elizabeth Warren from reading a letter by Coretta King. This is not the same as objecting to Mr. Sessions keeping black people from voting, assuming that he did. When we focus on these clever false equivalencies, the Repubs are driving America into the ground. Maybe it is the inability to make real change that causes people to whine.

Text today will be comic sans 42, with 160 gray inside and 0-160-0 green outside. The pictures will be dogs. The pictures were taken in the park last August. “The Prairie Wife” is heating up. Kirsten and Lucy had an affair when they were younger. Now that Lucy is famous, she comes out as bi … spelled buy, as in buy my books. “What if she’s carried a torch for you all this time and she looks directly at the camera and says, ‘Kirsten, please make haste to my quaint rural farmstead, pull off my muslin knickers, and lick my evangelical pussy’?”

A few minutes later “The Prairie Wife” is over. Kirsten tells husband about Lucy. Their life goes on. Lucy ignores Kirsten’s congratulatory tweet. Meanwhile, five text files have been made, and PG decides that the colors are not working. An adjustment is made: the inner color is 192 gray, and the outer is 0-96-0 green. Make inside lighter, while making the outside darker.

The meme and the poem are being enthusiastically ignored now. Dog pictures are easy to use… they are edited to have a message platform, and one size fits all.

Before long, PG was onto his next chore for the day… setting up an account with Social Security. Go to the web site, fill in the basic information, click next. “Your credit file indicates you may have a mortgage loan, opened in or around February 2011. Who is the credit provider for this account?” The answer to this is none of the above, since PG never took out a mortgage loan. “We have suspended electronic access to your personal information. We tried to match the information you provided with our records, but were unable to do so. You may try to access the electronic information again after 24 hours. Please verify your personal information again before trying to use this online service.”

The next step was to call the phone number. After dealing with an obnoxious answering machine, PG decided to wait for a call back. The lady tried to help PG set up his account, only to have the electronic access suspended every time. The next step is a visit to a local office. Pictures today are from “The Special Collections and Archives, Georgia State University Library”.









Take Care

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The Trial Of Lenny Bruce

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Towards the end of his Booknotes chat, Nat Hentoff talked about censorship. As a journalist, his views were predictable.

Mr. HENTOFF: Any words at all. Words are–I mean, there is a great–there was a great scene in New York once when Lenny Bruce, who was a friend of mine, was on trial for his words. And Richard Cue, the assistant district attorney, was making a name for himself trying to blast all of the witnesses for the defense. And he got Dorothy Kilgallen, who was a very famous then syndicated columnist, a devout Catholic, a conservative and a great admirer of Lenny Bruce. And he con–he strung together, Cue did, all of the words in Lenny’s monologues that could be considered terribly offensive, and he hit her with them. It was a barrage. `What do you think then, Ms. Kilgallen?’ `Well,’ she said, `they’re words. They’re words. That’s all. Words.’ That’s the way I feel.

When PG heard this, he remembered reading about this trial. With the aid of Mr. Google, a transcript turned up. If you like to read about lawyers saying dirty words, this is the place for you.
Dorothy Kilgallen was, to put it mildly, a piece of work. She wrote for the N. Y. Journal American, and stepped on more than a few toes. A biography, Kilgallen, tells a few of the tales. Today, Miss Kilgallen is best known as one of the original panelists on “Whats My Line?”
The People v Lenny Bruce (Cafe Au Go Go Trial) was tried June 16, 1964 to July 28, 1964 in New York City. The Per Curium Opinion of Judge John Murtagh sets the tone.
“All three performances of the defendant, Lenny Bruce, were obscene, indecent, immoral and impure within the meaning of Section 1l40-a of the Penal Law. While no tape is available as to the first performance [past midnight, March 31-April 1], this monologue, according to the testimony, was essentially the same as that of the second [April 1, after 10:00 p.m.] and third [April 7, after 10:00 p.m.] performances. In the latter two performances, words such as “ass,” “balls,” “cock-sucker,” “cunt,” “fuck,” “mother-fucker,” “piss,” “screw,” “shit,” and “tits” were used about one hundred times in utter obscenity. The monologues also contained anecdotes and reflections that were similarly obscene.
Dorothy Kilgallen was called as an “expert witness”. In lawyerly fashion, the prosecutor claimed she was not a genuine expert. After her credentials were established, there were questions like
“Will you tell us what the artistry, or the social value, or the merit, or the good is, in the Bruce story of sexual intercourse with a chicken?” After the testimony described by Mr. Hentoff, Miss Kilgallen talks about something that does offend her.
Q. I wouldn’t take much time, but we did discuss before Lenny Bruce’s use of the words ‘mother fucker’ at his audience. Can you tell me when James Jones or Norman Mailer or Arthur Miller has called his audience ‘mother fucker?’
Mr. Garbus: Your Honor, may I object? We are talking about books against monologue. It’s completely an irrelevant question.
Judge Murtagh: We will allow it. Objection overruled.
A. I can’t tell you anything verbatim from the books, because I read them a couple of years ago or more. I would imagine–this would be my best guess–that they did not call their audiences anything. There’s another book called The Naked Lunch which I couldn’t even finish reading, but it’s published, and I think the author should be in jail and he used–
Q. Unfortunately we can’t do everything at once, Miss Kilgallen. Are you judging the non-obscene quality and the artistic quality of Bruce by the fact that The Naked Lunch is a book which, as of this date, is sold in the community?
A. No, I’m not. I just mentioned it because you asked me for some books.
Q. And The Naked Lunch is a book you found impossible to read, is that correct?
A. Yes, I found it revolting.
Q. What was revolting about it?
A. Just the way it was written.
Mr.Garbus: Objection, your Honor.
Judge Murtagh: Objection overruled.
A. It seemed to use words for shock value, not for any valid reason, and I object to that.
Q. And when Lenny Bruce–I ask you to turn to the April 1st tape . . . and read the portion starting–‘tits and ass, that’s what is the attraction, is just tits and ass and tits and ass’–and goes on all through the page, and ask you if you find some shock value in that?
A. No, I don’t think it’s particularly shocking, it’s just a word.. . .
Q.. Do you, in your column, use the words tits and ass?
A. Never.
Q. You know exactly what Lenny Bruce was talking about?
A. Yes. . . . I think there he’s being critical of the monotony of what is on view in Las Vegas.

Dorothy Kilgallen died November 8, 1965. Lenny Bruce died August 3, 1966. Kilgallen biographer Lee Israel was convicted of selling forged celebrity letters. Nat Hentoff died January 7, 2017. This is a repost. Pictures today are from The Library of Congress. These images are Union soldiers from the War Between the States. The spell check suggestion for Kilgallen: Millennial.






Bathtubs In The US Capitol

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Two days ago, 99invisible posted a show, The Bathtubs or the Boiler Room . It seems as though an NPR reporter likes to go places she is not supposed to be in. In the basement of the US Capitol, she found a bathtub, carved out of a chunk of Italian marble.

“The bathtubs were installed around 1860 during the expansion of the Capitol. DC is known for its swampy summers, and legend has it that senators could be banished from the chamber if they were too smelly. But lawmakers—like most Americans at the time—didn’t have indoor plumbing at home. They needed a place where they could wash up. So, the Architect of the Capitol ordered six marble bath tubs, each three by seven feet and carved by hand in Italy, to be installed in the Capitol basement—three on the House side, three on the senate.”

The tubs were imported from Italy, and sent to the port of Baltimore. They arrived just in time for the War Between The States. They were quite a luxurious item. Today, they are forgotten, surrounded by HVAC machines, with one covered with plywood and file cabinets.
Pictures are from The Library of Congress. This is a repost.

Dangerous People

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It is another saturday morning. Wake up, take medicine, eat breakfast, drink coffee, and consider the possibilities for the day. PG has been on a poetry binge lately. It is best to keep the momentum up. There is always material to be adapted.

There were a few paragraphs on facebook about the question of violence in protest. The other night, a few people in Berkely CA decided to greet Milo Haircut to their campus. Some “black bloc” troublemakers showed up, and did their thing. Is Milo so bad that the disruption was justified? Was black bloc played? If so, who was pulling the strings? Where does this leave us in the 045 regime? Inuiring minds want to know.

After a few trips to facebook and twitter, the rant was sawed into bite sized chunks. This will work nicely as text for today’s pictures. This poem does not have the performance appeal of sonnets about butt sex, but will do for today. When other poems are combined into a performance piece, today’s product might add flavor to the soup.

Maybe the best way to be creative is through font selection. A while back, PG took an image/text combination, and produced 28 versions of it in different fonts. There is surprisingly little variety. There is serif, and sans serif. There are fat letters, and skinny letters. Courier is spread out, and a bit complacent. Impact, the all caps weapon of choice for facebook, is beyond tacky. PG has been using candara, for sans serif, and cambria, for serif. The other option is faux cursive segoe. Maybe comic can be put into play, just to piss off any graphic geeks who wander in.

A twitter account posted a picture. The comment is “no, we can’t always “just agree to disagree.” The picture says, in all caps, “we can disagree and still love each other, unless, your disagreement is rooted in my oppression and denial of my humanity and right to exist.” This is credited to “Robert Jones.” A google search leads to a rant based on the quote. “Note: this piece has been updated. The quote at the beginning of this piece, which we originally attributed to James Baldwin, is actually from Robert Jones, Jr, who goes by @SonofBaldwin, and who gave us permission to use his words.” The quote is pinned atop his twitter page, @SonofBaldwin.

Lets break this down. We can disagree, unless your disagreement *is rooted in* my oppression, AND denial of my humanity AND right to exist. There are a few weasel words there. What does “rooted in” mean? This is a botanical term, and just might with animals. Especially those high functioning mammals, whose brains produce opinions, and then fight over whose opinions have the most truth. This root structure is connected joined to three items. Is non acceptance of disagreement mandated only when all three conditions are met?

The condition that catches PG’s eye here is “denial of my humanity.” Many people like to fight racism through name calling. Is labeling someone racist a denial of their humanity? Once you other someone by pinning a derogatory label on them, they become less human. That is not my neighbor, that is a racist. I can do anything I want to that person, and it is ok, because he is a racist and he deserves it. Is this denial of my humanity?

Maybe it is time to go basic with the poem. Font will be comic sans, size 38. Inner color is 192 gray, with a 0-96-0 green border. The pictures will be railroad graffiti, photographed 04-19-2016. If the train had stopped the next day, the pictures would have been 04-20. It is time to turn off the internet, and focus on the product. The soundtrack will be RISK #816.

The desire to give credit, where perhaps debit is more appropriate, sent PG to the internet in search of the link listed above. While there, it shouldn’t hurt to look at twitter, now will it? This leads to the discovery of a delightful waste of time, I’m no pussy when it comes to swearing. A british article about swearing! And in the first paragraph is the word of the month. “…More bluntly: once, telling someone to “fuck off” suggested they had probably bashed you round the head, swindled you out of a fortune, robbed your sweetheart from beneath your nose. Now, they probably just pushed in front of you in the queue for a wankerccino.

Pussy has always been a strange word to use for a weak person. Vaginas are built to take a pounding, and then deliver a human being. This point was not made in this otherwise erudite consideration. Cunt…. used in England much like asshole in America… gets into play here. “Cunt, or be cunted” is a splendid expression, even if the meaning, and application, are a bit fuzzy.

RISK is a story telling show, usually with 3-4 tellers. The first performer in today’s show is Donna Edwards. Her father said she was a late bloomer. She thought this meant her penis would arrive soon. One day at school, her first period came. Fortunately, her church happy grandmother told her the truth about being a woman.

Dave Kendall is the second storyteller. He was burned badly as a child, and had a long stay in the hospital. Eventually, he got to go home, and was sort of normal. The third story has a lot of comments. It must be controversial. PG thinks it best to listen first, and then see what other people want him to think. Thinking for yourself can be a luxury.

Randall Robinson was the counselor in a church camp. There was a young girl, with a troubled past, named Elisabeth. There was a volunteer, nicknamed the white witch, who did not get along with African American Elisabeth. One night, there was a foot washing. Elisabeth asked to help, which children did not usually do. One set of feet, that Elisabeth washed, belonged to the white witch.

Some of the commenters were disturbed by the apparent racism of ww. Mr. Robinson wrote a lengthy clarification, where he talked about some of the subtle issues involved. There are usually details that cannot be included in a spoken word story. Some of these details have an impact on the story. If you have the time, listen to the story, starting at 42 minutes. The comments are in the linked page. It is best to listen to the story first.

You take your own memories into a story like this. Many people who know PG probably know what is next. There was an African American co-worker, who alienated PG from Jesus. After a while, PG sincerely believed that Jesus hates him. Fast forward to the story about Elisabeth. A part of the foot washing is to say Jesus loves you. This cliche is a staple of Jesus worship, and PG has come to see it as a lie. Jesus hates him. To have a young black girl, wash the feet of her white tormentor, and say Jesus loves you…. Everyone hears with a different set of ears.






Curmudgeon Day

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This is the second attempt to keep a journal. The first time was friday. At some point, PG saw some dust on an electrical outlet, and tried to brush it off. In so doing, PG turned the switch off. The notes, up to that point, had not been saved, and were lost. Jesus never loses any of his data, because #Jesussaves. (spell check suggestion: suaveness)

The poem today is based on 6 Famous Literary Quotes Everyone Uses Exactly Wrong. These six lines are from famous literature, mostly Shakespeare. The fact that PG has been on a Shakespeare insult binge lately should be of no concern to anyone. The wisdom has been made to fit in 31 character lines. The poem will not be an accurate reproduction.

The first step is to determine the size of the letters. You take the longest line of text, and paste it into the text composition file. You increase the size of the letters. When the letters are as big as they can be, without spilling over into the next line, that is the size of your letters. Today, the font is candara, the size is 44. The inside color is 192 gray, while the border is 96 green. You write this down in your text file, in case you forget later. For more information on text creation, see this tutorial.

Background pictures are mannequins from Perimeter Mall. These plastic people are easy to photograph, if you can just get past the attitude. The images will be jazzed up, so that mama mannequin won’t be embarrassed by her daughter.

Now that the font, size, color, and backgrounds are known. The rest of the process is mechanical. Create the text. Fit the text to the pictures. Save (or export) the final product. At this stage, your enemy is distractions. In an ideal world, you would stay off facebook and twitter, not go to the bathroom, and not take any phone calls. We will see how this goes.

Before the first text file is created, PG goes to twitter. There is a post from @bitchywaiter, flogging a blog post How To Enjoy Being in a Party of 25. He could have summed it up in one word :don’t. The one word option also applies to the decision to read the post.

The downloads folder has a sub folder for podcasts. Typically, PG downloads every episode of a handful of shows, and selected episodes of other shows that catch his eye. These tend to pile up, only to vanish in a fit of binge listening. Maybe today is a good day for fiction. There is “A Visit”… “Richard Powers joins Deborah Treisman to read and discuss Steven Millhauser’s “A Visit,” from a 1997 issue of the magazine.” The New Yorker just has a way with words. Fiction podcasts are hit or miss. The batting average is about .300, which is good for baseball, and so so for podcasts.

A few minutes later, the text files have been finished. It is time to check them. Open up every one, and see that it matches the text for that line. To do this, the podcast has been turned off. The story is about a man, going to visit his one time best friend. It seems like an appealing tale, which means PG will finish listening to it.

When PG stopped, he could not resist the temptation to look at facebook. There was a “sponsored” post from It was the seminal article, 6 Famous Literary Quotes Everyone Uses Exactly Wrong. At one time, Cracked was a cheap imitation of MAD magazine. It has evolved into a clickbait farm. The facebook comeon: “Do you hear that sound? It’s the screams of millions of hipsters as they race for tattoo removal.”

When the text files were checked, there was a mistake. File03 was a duplicate of file02, instead of the text from line03. This is why the files are checked. While correcting this error, another file will be changed. Instead of saying and never the twain will meet, it will read and never mark twain will meet.

Two of the six pictures are finished. The coffee has run out, and will replaced by either tea or water. The story has taken a turn. The old friend is living in a shack. He is married to a frog. They are about to drink wine, out of glasses with Winnie the Pooh characters painted on the side.

Soon the story is over. The man leaves the house after one night, realizing he will never see his friend again. There were no graphic accounts of man/frog intercourse. The moving lips are going to discuss the story, and PG is not going to listen.

January 29 is #curmudgeonsday. Is saying happy #curmudgeonsday appropriate? It is the sunday before the super bowl, and the reality of winter is tough to escape. Maybe PG should finish the poem, and quit looking at twitter.