Thomas Jefferson To Miles King

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Thomas Jefferson to Miles King, Monticello Sep. 26. 14
Unstandardized English – working against white epistemology, raciolinguistic ideologies.
Georgia inmate who came close to execution in 2017 dies – January 26, 2020
Russia says can’t do much to help with Nord Stream gas pipeline repair
EXCLUSIVE: George Chidi Gives His Theory on Why Lil Baby’s Friend Marlo was Killed
Anti-Gang Network met to compare notes. first order of business: create better notes.
Statement by the North Atlantic Council on the damage to gas pipelines
It Isn’t Journalism’s Job To Hand-Hold People To The Correct Moral Conclusions
Why Hoboken is no Longer an Island (The Rise and Fall of Hoboken N.J.)
Judge upholds Georgia election laws on all counts in voting rights case ~ Corporate Profits After Tax (without IVA and CCAdj)/Gross Domestic Product
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“Nay, we have heard it said that there is not a quaker or a baptist, a presbyterian or an episcopalian, a catholic or a protestant in heaven: that, on entering that gate, we leave those badges of schism behind, and find ourselves united in those principles only in which god has united us all. Let us not be uneasy then about the different roads we may pursue, as believing them the shortest, to that our last abode: but, following the guidance of a good conscience, let us be happy in the hope that, by these different paths, we shall all meet in the end. and that you and I may there meet and embrace is my earnest prayer: and with this assurance I salute you with brotherly esteem and respect.” Thomas Jefferson (1743-1826) American political philosopher, polymath, statesman, US President (1801-09) Letter to Miles King (26 Sep 1814) ~ The Veteran From Enough Rope (Boni & Liveright, 1926) by Dorothy Parker. This poem is in the public domain. ~ Keith Tharpe died of natural causes January 26, 2020. ~ This is a repost from 2020. ~ This is a repost from 2020. ~ ~ This is a repost from 2013. ~ @PopGunSuzie Quit fucking around and just eat my ass like Jeffery Dahmer. ~ “we’re not talking about you” ~ “Let me not be misunderstood. Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will. An average Zulu is any way more than a match for an average Englishman in boldly capacity. But he flees from an English boy, because he fears the boy’s revolver or those who will use it for him. He fears death and is nerveless in spite of his burly figure. ~ pictures for today’s abbreviated edition are from The Library of Congress. ~ selah

Genocide State

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A Farewell To A Friend – Patrick, Co-Blogger and Has Passed
Six Things I Hate About This Town September 19, 2022 Ryan Gravel
The Sol of Synth-Pop: Show 163 – (18 September, 2022) by SynthPopSol
Jamie Lee Curtis’ beautiful tribute to her trans daughter is a masterclass in parenting
Standards of Care for the Health of Transgender and Gender Diverse People,
Venture Firms’ $290 Billion ‘Dry Powder’ is About to Revive Startup Funding
Putin’s strategic hole keeps getting bigger Assessing Russia’s new political strategy …
Linda Ronstadt on new book, Parkinson’s disease, racism, religion: ‘I’m a practicing atheist’
Marilyn Monroe told Einstein – “Would it not be wonderful if we had a child with your brains and …
Canada Called Itself a Genocide State. Iran Was Listening
French Green MP’s attack on ‘macho’ barbecue culture stirs backlash
Falling Out with Allen Ginsberg, Lillian Hellman, Hannah Arendt, and Norman Mailer
‘Crime Is a Construct’ : My Morning With the Park Slope Panthers
Stacey Abrams: ‘wrong’ to compare refusal to concede with Trump’s rhetoric
The Story of Autism: How We Got Here, How We Heal by Tao Lin ~dacten-sidlyn
birdsong project ~ helot ~ helots ~ backpage lawsuit ~ @VotePamplin
stacey ~ alt+0216=Ø ~ shaun king ~ parker’s back ~ yoked
racism in academia ~ negro problem ~ michael hauptman ~ star bar
bob & mickey ~ the lobby ~ bugs ~ stormy daniels ~ pharoah sanders
repost ~ timothy hutton ~ Zainab Essam Al-Khazali, ~ siddhartha gautama ~ stacey
ta-nehisi ~ repost ~ paul desmond ~ repost ~ @rpyers
@rpyers Over its lifetime, Trump’s Save America PAC has raised $135.3 million, contributed $5.14 million to federal candidates/committees, paid its event staging company $9.5 million, and burned $7 million on legal fees. ~ Ta-Nehisi is primarily a gender-neutral name of Egyptian origin that means Nubia/Land Of The Black. … Ta-Nehisi is currently not in the top 100 on the Baby Names Popularity Charts ~ The Facilitator’s Guide for White Affinity Groups: Strategies for Leading White People in an Anti-Racist Practice ~ pictures today are by chamblee54 ~ selah

The Gender Oracles

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Red Lobster / Olive Garden Founder’s Defiance of Segregation Laws in 1930’s Georgia
MARTA to provide update on Streetcar East Extension project
Heaven for the Climate, and Hell for the Company Mark Twain? Ben Wade? JM Barrie?
The radical legal theory that could upend the 2024 election Judd Legum
Falling Out with Allen Ginsberg, Lillian Hellman, Hannah Arendt, and Norman Mailer
Wrecked semi shoots load of dildos and lube all over I-40…
Statement by President Joe Biden on Tentative Railway Labor Agreement
Rosie O’Donnell was never on Ellen DeGeneres’ talk show because she hurt her feelings
The Gender Oracles and Their Holy Children … see a potential holy child in every crib.
BYU dallied. Then public shame forced them to act. Candace Buckner
Migrants lured onto Massachusetts flights with false promises of housing and jobs
373 “Notes on White Privilege” w/ Adam Davidson and Thomas Chatterton Williams
Parents Celebrate Kid’s First Drag Show Hodgetwins • 47 minutes ago
1974 Groucho Marx & Chuck McCann Right Guard TV commercial
Chuck McCann on Bursting Out As The Devil On The Street | The Dick Cavett Show
Eat/Kiss Music For The Films Of Andy Warhol John Cale
2022’s Most & Least Diverse States in America Adam McCann, September 14, 2022
You’re blocked You can’t follow or see @BrentNYT’s Tweets. Learn more
What Will Become of ‘America’s Blackest City’? In South Fulton two radically different …
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UPDATE: This is a repost. A former facebook friend posted a comment about Rachel Maddow. I replied with a link to this post. The FFF took offense at the inclusion of the “L-word” in the first paragraph of this feature. The conversation devolved into an argument about ivermectin. The last thing the FFF said: “I trust the FDA, and I don’t care how they do things in India and Africa.” No word on whether, or not, the last comment was racist. ~ “i knew that activists student activists that i saw around me were very passionate i also knew that a lot of their engagement was shallow and counterproductive” ~ pictures today are from The Library of Congress. ~ selah

National Rorschach Test

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Staley: Worried about possible slurs toward players vs. BYU
로동당의 전사들 하나로 뭉쳤다 빛나는 새 승리 우리를 부른다 어서가자 빨리가자 천리마 타
ContraPoints Talks Internet Fascism and Cancel Culture | Offline Podcast
“you should always challenge the things that you intuitively want to believe”
John Vervaeke: Meaning Crisis, Atheism, Religion & the Search for Wisdom
Conversation so Intense It Might as Well Be Psychedelic John Vervaeke JBP Podcast |
How Small, Conservative Campus Paper Did A Better Job Covering BYU Volleyball …
pearl necklace A sex act whereby semen is ejaculated onto a partner’s neck.
Can Democrats Hold Georgia? did everything right to win state in 2020—Republicans …
Right-wing conspiracy theory involving Duke volleyball player is absurd | Opinion
Perspective: The BYU-Duke volleyball story became a national Rorschach test
Puzzling Duke-BYU volleyball story is not undergoing the national scrutiny it deserves
B.Y.U. Is Still Investigating Racial Slurs at Women’s Volleyball Match
“The more you know, the more you know you don’t know.”
BYU on trial in the court of public opinion …where do we go from here?
How Corporate Media Sold The BYU Race Narrative With Zero Corroborating Evidence
Outrage Industrial Complex in Overdrive Over ‘Racist’ Taunts at College Volleyball Game
What Stephen A. Smith is saying now about the Duke-BYU racism allegations
listen to your skin: erotic reading & open-mic series
Server Divides People With Viral Rant Begging People To Tip More
Production of Whiteness in Education: Asian Students in a College Classroom
“TWO STEPS FORWARD-THREE STEPS BACK,” Poetry Games with Michael Sindler
Does My Son Know You? Fatherhood, cancer, and what matters most
BYU says it found no corroborating evidence of racial heckling toward Duke women’s …
A statement from BYU Athletics regarding investigation of Aug. 26 volleyball match
Stephen A Smith Reacts to Made up Story Rachel Richardson Duke Volleyball!
Maintaining Standards in Standardized Testing | Glenn Loury & John McWhorter
Trump’s China Tariffs Helping Pakistani Garments Exports to America
Dad Of Duke Black Volleyball Player ACCOSTED By Racial Slurs At BYU Game Speaks Out
Martial, the twelve books of Epigrams, translated by J.A. Pott and F.A. Wright
Зикр в Алды посёлке 4 сентября 2022 г.
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Anaïs Nin Henry Miller ~ La Guerre des mondes ~ sam quiones ~ open mike
so it was an amazing day at LAF. as i was coming in, there was a young man ahead of me. spaghetti skinny, long hair, pale legs with a tasteful touch of fuzz … looked to be about 19 … when i was working on the weight machine, he started at a station across the aisle from me. he would do a set of something, then spend five minutes looking at his phone … finally, i was up in the mezzanine, riding the stationary bike listening to a podcast about the sex pistols. my new bf was on some machine in front of me downstairs, still working the weights about 10 percent as much as he looked at his phone. … it was charming ~ My best guess: the original quote has become so corrupted over time that searches for a source will produce everyone and no one. ~ I want to also address a percolating narrative that BYU (and even Duke) did not do anything to address the situation. When the complaint first surfaced, BYU head coach Heather Olmstead immediately took action. Four staff and a uniformed police officer were placed in the student section. They were later joined by an athletic administrator from Duke. Coach Olmstead’s reaction in alerting event management staff was immediate and decisive. The crowd was large and boisterous but there were no observations of racist behavior. ~ @lumpen_princess kyle rittenhouse’s sorority blonde girlfriend making cloyingly cutesy tiktoks with him is the closest thing there is to a true fascist cinema in the 21st century. she is this generation’s leni riefenstahl ~ Look, I tried the cat experiment. On the third trial, the cat was dead. On each of the subsequent 413 trials, it remained dead. Am I doing something wrong? ~ White Man who shouted the N-Word at Women’s Volleyball Match Captured ~ I was in the cove. It was a former business of some kind, off Monroe Drive in back of the park. The cove is no longer standing. When the city built a sewer plant on the site, they had to decontaminate the ground that the cove stood on. Today, it is an empty lot, next to the driveway to a parking garage in the park. One night, I was in there with Jim, this man I was hanging out with. He was intoxicated, as usual. I was much less drunk. In those days, Jim would order a glass of vodka, and a beer. He would mix half the beer with the vodka, and give me the rest of the beer. In those days, that was enough for me. The dj played a song, “rock the boat” by the Hues Corporation. Jim grabbed me by the wrist, and dragged me out onto the floor. Within 30 seconds, I realized that I was having a whole lot of fun. I haven’t stopped since, even if my deteriorating body might wish otherwise. I don’t remember if it was raining that night, and i wasn’t dance addicted … yet … to dance in the parking lot. so there was no dancing in the rain that night. ~ pictures today are from The Library of Congress. ~ selah

As Colorado River Dries

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Anger At Student Loan Cancellation Is Justified – activists have secured a bribe at …
Duke volleyball player says BYU officials failed to stop racist heckling during game …
As Colorado River Dries, the U.S. Teeters on the Brink of Larger Water Crisis
Man of the Hole’: Last of his tribe dies in Brazil Vanessa Buschschlüter
Most Black adults say funding for police departments should stay the same or increase
The racism on display at Brigham Young Friday fits a historical pattern
Some Medicine For DrugRixh Are there rappers involved? Sure …
RAW Streets of Stone Mountain | DRUG RICH | ATL Hood Vlogs
T.C. Boyle spricht über seine Drogensucht, Trump und den amerikanischen Traum
Book City: Tom Robbins’ daring, poetic, quirky, erotic taste in books
Flannery O’Connor to Betty Hester September 6, 1955, Milledgeville
If You Always Do What You’ve Always Done, You Always Get What You’ve Always Gotten
Transition to siblinghood causes increase in urinary cortisol levels in wild bonobos
Biden’s White House Colluded With Big Tech To Gag Covid Dissenters Like Alex Berenson
‘You know who I am?’: Congressional candidate Martin Hyde threatens cop’s career …
Introduction to Hearing loss, Tips for Better Communication and Technology Solutions
Bipartisan Provision Led By Senators Warnock and Cruz to Create High Priority …
Ron DeSantis could be Trump all over again if Democrats keep repeating a past mistake
How I think about the risks of social media on mental health
Will I Ever See the $36 Million Oberlin College Owes Me? … falsely accused of racism by …
Evaluates High Dose Ivermectin, Fluvoxamine, Metformin for Outpatient COVID-19
Randomized Trial of Metformin, Ivermectin, and Fluvoxamine for Covid-19 (NEJM) |
COVID-OUT: Early Outpatient Treatment for SARS-CoV-2 Infection (COVID-19)
BYU eliminates ROC student section from volleyball matches after allegation of racist slur
BYU police report details what happened during BYU-Duke volleyball match
WATCH BEFORE YOU BUY! ❌ Jabra Elite 3 Budget True Wireless Earbuds Review
Why Mormons Reacted So Strongly to the Alleged Racist Incident at BYU
“I’m a Progressive, Please Don’t Hurt Me!” Part 1: Against Throat-Clearing
Why China and India are sending troops to Russia … hosting joint military exercises …
Which is ACTUALLY better? 🤔Soundcore Life P3 vs Liberty Air 2 Pro Review
Eight useful website tools you many not know about
Top 10 Myths About the Critics of Psychiatry by Charlotte Taylor-Page
Episode: #363 Johann Hari on Anxiety, Stolen Focus and Why You Can’t Pay Attention!
CNN, ABC Touted Discredited Claim of Racial Slur at BYU Volleyball Game
What obscure Jewish subgroups teach us about Ashkenazi and Sephardic flourishing
Asian Americans and Obesity in California: A Protective Effect of Biculturalism
Literally Just 22 Pictures of Puppies in Bow Tiesa
The Effect of U.S. Military Aid on Anti-American Terrorism, 1968-2018
A community of people who question the medicalization of gender-atypical youth
fan who was banned by BYU does not appear to have yelled slurs at volleyball match
BYU Police Cast Doubt On Whether Volleyball Fan Used N-Word In Game Against Duke
Racist Comments at BYU Volleyball Game Never Happened, Sources Suggest
We don’t need to talk more. We need to listen more.
Here is a broadcast of the match. Rachel Richardson serves at 51:10 on this video.
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“So let me explain why I like to pay taxes for schools, even though I don’t personally have a kid in school…” “Green lives in Indianapolis, Indiana, with his wife, Sarah Urist Green, whom he married on May 20, 2006, and two children.” I am a John Green fan, mostly because of the anthropocene reviewed podcast. In it, he rates the human experience on a scale of one to five stars. I give this meme one star. ~ cheesecake Used to describe (generally female) imagery that’s suggestive, but in a PG-13 sense rather than an R or above sense. ~ In 1869, Forrest, disagreeing with its increasingly violent tactics, ordered the Klan to disband, stating that it was “being perverted from its original honorable and patriotic purposes, becoming injurious instead of subservient to the public peace.” Many of its groups in other parts of the country ignored the order and continued to function. Subsequently, Forrest distanced himself from the KKK. … On July 5, 1875, Forrest became the first white man to speak to Independent Order of Pole-Bearers Association, a civil rights group whose members were former slaves and a precursor to the NAACP. Although his speech was short, he expressed the opinion that blacks had the right to vote for any candidates they wanted and that the role of blacks should be elevated. He ended the speech by kissing the cheek of one of the daughters of one of the Pole-Bearer members ~ @TylerMahanCoe When Simon & Garfunkel took their act to Greenwich Village, the opening line from “Sound of Silence” became a whole inside joke to all the folkies who’d been there for ten years. All they had to do was sing it to make everyone laugh. Clown shit. ~ John Green I love posts like these because it really allows for logical exercise since there are so many fallacies contained. It’s like an Easter egg hunt for the illogical! ~ I just got slapped on the wrist by twitter. @Joemygod posted an item about Franklin Graham. I started to reply “Why do you pay attention to that idiot?” Twitter did not approve. ~ @CNN @MSNBC @nytimes @washingtonpost and other corporate media actors: If you covered the #dukevolleyball story last week, when people believed #rachelrichardson then you should cover findings of last two days @FoxNews and other rw outlets are covering this phase ~ “I think that any of these instances of trying to invalidate the story … perpetuate the stigma that these incidents can be swept under the rug” ~ the unexpected, the halloween decorations are already going up, there is comfort in knowing it is all fake, if only labor day could pass before, the cold weather holidays start their outing, the spiders can climb their day glo webs, before crawling into the witches pointy hats, halloween has become another profit center, santa claus appreciates the distraction ~ pictures today are from The Library of Congress. ~ selah

Police Telling People

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Police telling people to avoid part of midtown after three shot, gunman on the run
Woman Who Fatally Shot Two People in Atlanta Used to Work for BDO USA
College football player turned pastor urges clergy to speak out against CRT, BLM
No matter how much the gov’t. admits they’re wrong, some people just dig in! Leonydus …
Racial Disparities in Performance Evaluations at The New York Times
Raissa Kenge Bust Them Dope Move By Doing A Deadly Triple Midtown Atlanta $hooting
Gospel Singer Kirk Franklin’s GAY SON Arrested – Possibly In Connection w/ MURDER
Four Simple Reasons Smart People Shouldn’t Believe in Races
Midtown shooting suspect was possibly looking for fourth target
Law firm consulted by alleged Midtown Atlanta shooter releases statement
Former BDO USA Employee Charged in Shooting Deaths of Ex-Supervisor …
Cybersecurity Talk About ‘Fraud in Accounting,’ Accused Victims of Committing …
Why keeping girls in school is a good strategy to cope with climate change
former FBI agent looks back on bizarre bank robbery that inspired an iconic New York …
Midtown shooting suspect gets into bizarre exchange with judge during 1st appearance
Officers Garrett Rolfe and Devin Brosnan Exonerated in Rayshard Brooks Killing
Rantz: Despite ‘concerning’ transgender study, UW kept quiet because of positive coverage
TTAB – FUCT Owner Can’t Trademark ‘Fuck’ Because That Word Belongs To All Of Us
Atheist to send Texas schools ‘In God We Trust’ signs written in Arabic
NAHJ, AAJA, NABJ Condemn Racial Disparities in NYT Performance Reviews
See this before it is deleted. Raïssa Kengne essentially admits to killing those two men.
dick cavett ~ lbj library ~ literally ~ scott henry ~ corcoran letter
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“When decrying racism opens no door and teaches no skill, it becomes a schoolroom tattletale affair. It is unworthy of all of us: “He’s just a racist” intoned like “nyah nyah nyah nyah nyah!”” .@JohnHMcWhorter ~ woke-vs-racist is a boring discussion narcotizing dysfunction is where you hear so much about something that you tune it out … amateur definition alert … i am so sick of racist-vs-woke that i could scream ~ @PodcastMovement Hi folks, we owe you an apology before sessions kick off for the day. Yesterday afternoon, Ben Shapiro briefly visited the PM22 expo area near The Daily Wire booth. Though he was not registered or expected, we take full responsibility for the harm done by his presence. ~ “I do not fear death. I had been dead for billions and billions of years before I was born, and had not suffered the slightest inconvenience from it.” -Mark Twain – Here’s what he actually said. This is from his autobiography. “Annihilation has no terrors for me, because I have already tried it before I was born—a hundred million years—and I have suffered more in an hour, in this life, than I remember to have suffered in the whole hundred million years put together.” ~ Cheeseball Used one time after a person says something silly, goofy or corny, or behaves in a similar way. ~ the writing prompt: “the misadventures of eating” ~ one evening i was on the back porch of a community in tennessee, eating dinner. it was lit by candles, and not very bright. this was fine, because usually the food was good here, and i was not worried about what i put in my mouth. i put a lot of things in my mouth on this property, but that is another misadventure, or, to be honest, a mister adventure . ~ one time in particular this half lit dining turned out horribly. i made a peanut butter and honey sandwich. At the time, there were a lot of yellow jackets on the premises. one of them landed in the honey, and did not fly away before i put a slice of bread on top of it. this did not end well, though not as bad as i feared. daddy told me one time if you got bee stung on the tongue, you will die. only one of those two things happened. ~ the midadventure that inspired this post involved wasabi. i was not aware of the lethal properties of wasabi, and put a generous portion on something. I ate a very large sample of wasabi in one bite. i considered having my mouth amputated afterwards. ~ I was retaliated against by my former employer BDO USA, LLP BDO USA, LLP because I reported a fraud perpetrated by Wesley Freeman Wesley Freeman, CPA, CISA, CFE, CITP and covered by Scott Meier Scott Meier ~ BDO leverage their relationships with Beacon Management Services and the 1280 West Board members in the condominium I live in in order to gain unauthorized access to my home, break into my safe and delete evidence that I had; thereby breaking so many laws that it is hard to believe. BDO and its agent went from committing a white collar crime to a criminal crime. APD has been reluctant in providing me with information related to my case. I will post a series of videos to show the policy’s response to the crimes committed against me. ~ I will keep you updated on the status of my case because it is relevant to anyone who has spent many years combating fraud in their professional lives. AICPA Public Company Accounting Oversight Board (PCAOB) U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Atlanta Police Department #cpa #accounting #management #police ~ The court document is attached. On page 52, they list 32 expressions, that include fuck, that are registered trademarks. “Namaste as fuck” is included. ~ … and does not function as a trademark to distinguish Applicant’s goods and services in commerce and indicate their source. Team Jesus, 2020 USPQ2d 11489, at *18-19. Consequently, Applicant cannot appropriate the term exclusively to itself, denying others the ability to use it freely. “‘[I]t is the type of expression that should remain free for all to use.’” Univ. of Kentucky v. 40-0, LLC, 2021 USPQ2d 253, at *36 (quoting Eagle Crest, 96 USPQ2d at 1230). ~ Los Beatles y su accidentado encuentro con Jayne Mansfield ( Agosto 26, 1964) ”Whiskey-a-Go-Go” West Hollywood, California ~ When Jayne Mansfield met John Lennon … Jayne , wearing a Persian cat coat, and Lennon told her “I’ve been dying to meet you, Miss Mansfield” , to which she corrected him by saying, “Just call me Jaynie” , adding,”I’ve been dying to meet all of you wonderful guys too—but where are the others?” Mansfield then suggestively stroked Lennon’s hair, whispering, “Is your hair real?” to which Lennon replied, looking down at her prominent bust, Mansfield ‘s most celebrated attribute , “Well, and these are real.” ?” …to which Mansfield undeterred replied: ”There’s only one way to find out, right?” Lennon prepared cocktails for her and her companions, mixing gin, vodka, red wine and cocaine as ”ingredient secret”… pictures today are from The Library of Congress. ~ selah

‘Traumatic Childhood’ After Mom’s Murder

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The Best Way to Cheer Yourself Is to Try to Cheer Somebody Else Up
When the rich rob the poor, it’s called business. When the poor fight back, it’s called …
Risk of SARS-CoV-2 Acquisition in Health Care Workers According to Cumulative …
The Rolling Stones Rock n Roll Circus – If Guitars Could Speak… #18
Rachel Maddow Connects The Dots On Trump And Espionage by Jason Easley
Anna Martinez Has Nothing Nice to Say “I don’t even see “nice” as a nice word anymore.”
Ukraine has found Russia’s Achilles’ heel in Crimea 16 August 2022, 10:12am
Homemade bug sprays – 6 recipes to keep pests away from plants
How to Use Rubbing Alcohol and Dish Soap to Kill Mealybugs
Путин. Миллер. Газпром Газпром называют Но Путин превратил его в бездонный
Derrick Hamilton Spent Over 20 Years in Jail Over False Murder Conviction
Scott Woods: Nobody Asked You … your unprompted response isn’t needed.
Doing the Work at Work What are companies desperate for diversity consultants …
A winter energy reckoning looms for the west growth still requires fossil fuel production …
Dating in 2022: Why Do So Many Straight Men Hate Astrology? by Izzie Deibe
Covid has caused a psychiatric disorder, it’s not what you think; please help me name it
Who Was Flannery O’Connor and Why Is She Being Canceled?
Everything That Rises Must Converge by Flannery O’Connor
Anti-Gay Hatred & Abuse from Trans Activists & Gender-Identity Ideologues
Robert Blake’s Daughter Speaks Out About ‘Traumatic Childhood’ After Mom’s Murder
Reported Legal Abortions by Race of Women by State of Occurrence
Dumpster, and other trademark names that might surprise you
Open science, COVID-19, and the news: Exploring controversies in the circulation of …
“Hurt Feelings” Other Lies thoughts regarding recent stabbing of Salman Rushdie
40+ Illustrations Of The Everyday Life As A Couple Camila Costa
Mother claims she was denied an abortion despite baby’s condition
No One Is Born in ‘The Wrong Body’ William J. Malone, Colin M. Wright, Julia D. Robertson
rachel glaser ~ flannery ph.d ~ tetanic ~ nejm ~ brandon tatum
krishnamurti ~ unconscionable. ~ 25 worst neighborhoods ~ relevation ~ chicago council surveyrepost ~ Dumpster ~ abortion rates ~ analogies in chains ~ pronoun pin
duck ~ repost. ~ flannery ~ flannery racist ~ sunday long read
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@chamblee54 “When the rich rob the poor, it’s called business. When the poor fight back, it’s called violence.” … source … When the poor rob the memory of the rich, it’s called facebook ~ At the spring gathering, I had conversations about the labyrinth. I decided to make a picture of one when I got home. The final size is 11″x17″. The medium is sticker paper on plastic film, creating an image when lit from behind. This is similar to stained glass. The labyrinth is a powerful instrument of transformation. Unfortunately, a two dimensional labyrinth image is boring. For this image, I chose to use the twisted sister of the labyrinth, the maze. The colors were chosen for visual appeal, without any symbolic meaning. If the viewer wants to assign meaning to these colors, that is their privilege ~ The videographer story was not homophobic as much as dumb. He was afraid of being raped by a bunch of gay nudists. The truth is, those queens were more likely to want the videographer to rape them. ~ “Unsurprisingly, hate-speech laws have continued to expand, vigorously enforced by constabularies who find persecuting Twitter perps more rewardingly trendy, and less dangerous, than arresting armed burglars.” ~ @jonkay I just got sent the 136 pages (!!!) of slides for the “decolonization” training at a B.C. government office. Let’s take a look, shall we? It starts with the two instructors “acknowledging [their] positionality and power” … ~ “Drawing on Critical Race Theory and whiteness studies, Chapter One analyzes the ways in which O’Connor critiques the unjust racial practices of the South in her stories and other writings, yet unconsciously upholds them.” ~ Mark 6:4 But Jesus said unto them, A prophet is not without honour, but in his own country, and among his own kin, and in his own house. ~ @existentialcoms I don’t think people should pile on when someone comes out with a really stupid “leftist” critique of a novel or whatever, because here’s the thing, we can’t expect every leftist to be smart. Complete and total dumbasses must have a place in our movement too. … history has shown that without dumbasses on board you will never reach the critical mass needed to affect change ~ pictures today are from The Library of Congress. ~ selah

QAnon Woke Up

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DOJ pushes back against Eastman effort to reclaim his cellphone
Attacker Used Hola Free VPN as Denial of Service Botnet
QAnon Woke Up the Real Deep State An open letter to QAnon, “stop the steal,” and …
18 Famous Musicians Who Went from Rich to Bankrupt
Incelmatics on the C-Realm Podcast 562: Broken Monogamy
No Monkey Business with Monkey Pox in NYC By Kambiz Shekdar, Ph.D.
How breastfeeding actually works is awe-inspiring … marvel at this miraculous process.
man upset over cold McDonald’s fries arrested after police learn he’s wanted for murder
Hardcore History lost episode: Dan Carlin on Richard Nixon
Weighing the pros and cons of Beto O’Rourke dropping an f-bomb on a heckler
Notes of Debates on the Articles of Confederation, Continued July 30. 1776.
Notes of Debates on the Articles of Confederation, Continued July. 26.
The Roads Not Taken … explores role of Russian history in Ukranian war.
‘I just swallowed a bee’: Ontario Premier Doug Ford creates buzz after insect episode
Whistling Jack Smith – I was Kaiser Bill’s Batman (1967)
Rules for covering DeSantis visit to Pittsburgh pose ethical quandary, experts say
How the 1968 Psychedelic Film Head Destroyed the Monkees & Became a Cult Classic
Meet Mercury, the Atlanta Rapper-Skateboarder Who Keeps It Extreme
More Black men are dying in Portland homicides than anyone else
The Espionage Act Gets An Instant Makeover – law reviled by liberalism ten minutes ago …
immune supplements bought on Amazon found to have labels that don’t match contents
Anne Heche Was Working On Sex Trafficking Film Before Death
“I’m Trans, But Regret My Penis Inversion Surgery” : MtoF Detrans Speaks Out
Justice Department under pressure to explain raid on Trump’s estate
Ask Not What They’re Doing to Trump — Ask What Trump Did For You
Украинские бойцы “перестали стесняться” на поле боя – Арестович Виолетта Орлова
logistics ~ Linda Faye ~ walton county ~ the shovel raid ~ trump
Mike Sammes ~ doghouse roses ~ townes van zandt ~ lagrade ~ anne heche ~ griftart
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@chamblee54 @glossitis I am reading a story, “Weird Fucks.”There is a lady who dries her hair in the oven. Maybe that is what Sylvia Plath was doing. ~ @OptimoPrincipi 1) The Corinth Canal is one of history’s greatest engineering feats. The 4-mile canal cuts through the Isthmus of Corinth allowing ships fast access between the Ionian and Aegean Sea. Though opened in 1893, it was actually a Roman superstar that first broke ground on the project. ~ “Slaves rather weaken than strengthen the State, and there is therefore some difference between them and Sheep. Sheep will never make any Insurrections.” Dr. Franklin. ~ @ChicagoCritter Dash cam footage of hit & run in the Jackson Park Highlands neighborhood that occurred at about 5 a.m this morning. #chicago #chicagosscanner ~ @chamblee54 @kittypurrzog @helenlewis Marx said Religion is the opiate of the people Today, “Politics is the amphetamine of the people” ~ so much water so close to home ~ When news broke that Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate had been raided by the FBI on August 8, people on one side of the Left/Right social construct were jubilant. People on the other side were outraged. I didn’t feel much of anything. I care roughly as much about Donald Trump’s well-being as he cared about mine. ~ @chamblee54 I tried to post a quote from this on facebook. “Posts that look like spam according to our Community Guidelines are blocked on Facebook and can’t be edited.” ~ @TrentTelenko Alright folks, let’s strap in for the most important logistical thread🧵of the Russo-Ukrainian War. This thread is about how much artillery ammunition the Russian Army has left over from the Cold War and what shape it is in. It’s going to be a ride. ~ pictures today are from “The Special Collections and Archives, Georgia State University Library.” ~ selah

Police Say

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Robber forces his way into elderly woman’s home, steals bank cards, ties her up, police say
The Lawyers Who Ate California: Part I A small group of regulators out West tests out…S
What Pearl Jam Got Wrong About Jeremy Delle, Teen Whose Suicide Inspired ‘Jeremy’
Organizers cancel Music Midtown over ‘circumstances beyond our control’
Georgia’s Gun Laws Are Forcing Atlanta’s Midtown Music Festival to Cancel This Year
Decay in the Poetry of Philip Larkin with Lena Meier – Poetry, Music, Gothic collection
“Give Duke His Due” – Duke Ellington Special Broadcast
Beyoncé will remove offensive lyric on ‘Renaissance’ after backlash
Warning Issued After Teen Was Electrocuted By Phone Charger In Her Sleep
Cell Phone Recharging Electrocution Was man electrocuted when he answered …
Girl Dies of Electric Shock from Phone Charger? A graphic image depicts …
“The Mushroom Hunters” by Neil Gaiman – read by Amanda Palmer
College Life in the New South, 1972: A Heck of a Year and a Heck of a Civilization!
50 years ago: Disappointing season, but a bright new future
Eleven Magic Words – When you’re a public defender, you’re pretty useless — until …
Read Gawker’s Shocking Response to a Video of a Young Woman Possibly Being Raped
@WeirdMedieval love, syria or iraq, 13th century
Epitaph on a Tyrant W. H. Auden – 1907-1973 Perfection, of a kind, was what he was after …
Music Midtown cancellation spotlights state law on guns in parks
Amanda Palmer And The Grand Theft Orchestra: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert
#굿모닝충청 온라인뉴스 “단단하고 알이 굵어”…홍성군 마늘 홍보 영상 논란
The case against woke culture | Brian Armstrong and Lex Fridman
Super Fly at 50: A blaxploitation classic that remains a powerful pop culture force
Ministry of Foreign Affairs Announces Countermeasures in Response to Nancy Pelosi…
LAY DOWN Melanie & The Edwin Hawkins Singers LIVE ’70 (Candles In The Rain)
Another US Food Processing Plant Erupts In Flames by Tyler Durden
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Mahmoud Ahmadinejad @Ahmadinejad1956 The world lost a great athlete and humanitarian. @RealBillRussell was not only one of the greatest players of all time winning an unmatched 11 titles, but was also a pioneer for civil rights movement. God bless him. ~ credit scores started in 1989 … Before the FICO Score, credit was determined based on character of consumer. … you could have an excellent credit score, but if lender didn’t like something about you, they could deny you credit ~ @OctopusCaveman I think a perfect compromise would be allowing drag queens to perform at schools as long as they’re armed and swear to protect the children from school shootings. ~ pictures today are from The Library of Congress. ~ selah

Russia Strategy Has Backfired

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Java Monkey was destroyed by fire November 12, 2018.
Our Russia strategy has backfired Biden is more likely to be toppled BY Anusar Farooqui
No. 22-609 Detroit Families’ Experiences with COVID-19 and School Attendance
Ethan Hawke Says Filmmaker Peter Weir Retired After Johnny Depp ‘Broke Him’
Omicron BA5 is the dominant variant of SARS2 in USA at the moment …
How the Ukraine War Ends | Robert Wright & Rajan Menon
College Football Can’t Be Killed. But It Can Be Changed for the Worse.
Raymond Carver Reads “What We Talk About When We Talk About Love”
Murder Mayhem CIA Acid Parties Let’s give a bunch of criminals acid, see what happens
No, Facebook doesn’t have a new rule that allows it to use people’s photos
Michael Moore Gives 5 Scary Reasons Why Trump Will Win
ALEC Takes on “Woke Capitalism,” Bodily Autonomy, and More at Its Annual Meeting
Your “Do Not Sell My Personal Information” Rights under the CA Consumer Privacy Act
Billy Porter Slams Supreme Court, Calls for New Political Messaging: ‘The Change …
Sex deniers are the new flat earthers Those who deny biological sex are dangerous …
How the ”Science-Based Medicine” blog succumbed to the pressure of trans ideology
Monkeypox Risks From Everyday Activities: Trying on Clothes, Attending a Festival …
Twitter is silencing Gay Men My appeal for freedom of speech in online gay politics
Cosmologist Katie Mack shares tips for spotting, combating physics falsehoods online
A Heat Wave Is Not The Time To Eat On the Patio. Stop it!
A new Georgia voting law reduced ballot drop box access in places that used them most
Against False Privilege .. biggest blunders of modern activism is promotion of guilt and …
More Baldwin: Whoever debases others is debasing himself
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Java Monkey ~ repost from 2016 ~ spiller park coffee ~ defamation ~ fripp
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I will glad to chat with you more and know each other better. Can you let me know your email, I will write to you more and send to you my pictures. … … Thank you, I will mail to you soon. Wish you very good day! Hugs ~ @vanguardngrnews Moment US Pastor, Congregation was robbed during church service. An American pastor, Bishop Lamor Miller-Whitehead and members of his congregation were robbed of about $400K in jewellery during a live-streamed church service on Sunday. ~ short end of the stick ~ At 1:39 of this show, Константин Кисин taught me something. In the Soviet Union, people would say something. A state official would tell the person “That is factually correct, but politically incorrect.” ~ Cemeteries, Funerals & New Jersey Taxes The New Jersey Cemetery Act, 2003 (N.J.S.A. 45:27-1 et seq.) accords a broad range of tax exemptions in recognition of the vital public health and welfare benefits cemeteries provide. This bulletin explains the Sales Tax treatment of sales and purchases by cemetery companies; sellers/installers of gravestones, tombstones, markers, and mausoleums; and funeral director ~ @DSA_LosAngeles Red Hot Socialist Summer is officially in effect. Thank you to everybody who joined us for our Annual Local Convention on Saturday! It was incredible to come together with workers from across LA to reflect on our victories, and gameplay for the challenges that remain @FilmThePoliceLA This group doesn’t have a single Black person? No wonder Hugo and the DSA are so willing to throw Black people under the bus. ~ this poem is from a writing prompt. The prompt was to use all the words in this headline, “Unidentified man saves grandmother and her relatives as their home is nearly swallowed by Kentucky floodwaters” … grandmother saves Kentucky floodwaters, as home is nearly swallowed by their relatives, unidentified man transitions into daughters, placebo and her geebow wonder what gives ~ Dax Shtraus ~ abc aqc abc aqc abc abc aqc abc aqc abc ~ pictures today are from The Library of Congress. Inter-city beauties, Atlantic City, 1926 ~ selah

Quick And Dirty Tips

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‘I said, Don, it’s time for you to reveal’: 50 years later, truth behind American Pie
Raymond Carver – Dreams Are What You Wake Up From
RARE: Raymond Carver Reads “What We Talk About When We Talk About Love”
the spell check suggestion for chattahoochee is chatterbox
Meet DARYL FUNN Author Poet Teacher Game Designer & Conceptual Designer
A Moveable Feast with Tom Vitale/ T Coraghessan Boyle: “World’s End”
Grammar Girl Quick and Dirty Tips for Better Writing
Animals, Food, and Technology (AFT) Survey: 2021 Update
Everything That Rises Must Converge by Flannery O’Connor (audiobook)
‘Just the beginning’: Starbucks CEO says ‘many more’ store closings on tap
Lesbian bar shuts down one week after opening because they weren’t woke enough
Possible Noose Found at CIA Facility Triggers Racism Warning by Director
may 8, 1967 whisky-a-go-go los angeles, california the doors buffalo springfield
These Are the 10 Best Places to Live in the World
Theater cancels sold-out Dave Chappelle show hours before performance
Nothing to add: A Challenge to White Silence in Racial Discussions
Inside the Woke Meltdown at One Domestic Violence Organization
„Biologisch gesehen bin ich eine Frau“ Buck Angel hat sein halbes Leben als Frau gelebt …
6 Toxic Relationship Habits Most People Think Are Normal
“so many non-zero sum problems” ~ “i know you like that but we don’t pander here”
chicxulub ~ tcboyle ~ sean astin ~ gettysburg ~ jackie coogan
greasy lake ~ careful ~ the wide net ~ bloatware ~ garrett rolfe
garrett rolfe ~ dead-070769 ~ repost ~ mobilee ~ sullydish
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FB: generalissimo bryan franco IG: gnrlsmo Email: Linktree PayPal address Venmo address: @Bryan-Franco-94176 MONDAY, JULY 18 at 5:30 EST/4:30 PM CST/3:30 PM MST/2:30 PM PST/10:30 PM GMT CAFÉ GENERALISSIMMO OPEN MIC Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 821 2043 0676 Passcode: 313209 ~ SATURDAY JULY 23 at 8 PM EST ROAST OR TOAST THE HOST SIAMESE TWIN BDAY PARTY for MARISSA PRADA and ME WORD IS WRITE OPEN MIC ZOOM CODE: 860-5714-5311 PASSCODE: 578620 ~ @thomaschattwill Mind blowing to watch activists tell this woman “this is not the time” to mention that the man shot by police had been *shooting into her apartment* where her kids were. ~ @ZaidJilani 52% of Americans favor banning factory farming, but around 57% of Americans think the animals they eat are treated well ~ @DjbSackett Hi @thedavidcrosby hope you are keeping well. Did a picture of you…. Thanks for the music … @thedavidcrosby That is the weirdest painting of me. I have ever seen …..don’t quit your day job …… ~ what those people are doing is not saying god damn it clarence thomas is a [ __ ] that’s not what they’re saying what they’re doing is they’re quoting somebody who would call him that now what’s interesting is that they feel free to do it so you know jenny’s gonna call him a [ __ ] when they have an argument and you know we’ve all heard that line about interracial couples but what they’re doing is they are speaking … supposedly what you know virginia thomas would say you are quoting somebody who would call him a field [ __ ] you’re not calling him a field [ __ ] now i don’t think it takes any great insight to distinguish between those two things although the fact that suddenly these people are using and printing the word is interesting and this is why it’s … why did james baldwin use the word [ __ ] or isn’t it a terrible thing for someone to be called [ __ ] or here is this book called huckleberry finn where the word [ __ ] is used a lot or here’s this person on the glen show using the word [ __ ] over and over again etc those are people who will all of a sudden not have any sense will … cases are using the n-word but then suddenly when it’s about clarence thomas you can say things like jenny is going to call him a [ __ ] doesn’t he know that he’s a field finger etc etc i find that absolutely repulsive because you just know that those people writing those tweets and saying those things are exactly the people who would happily ~ Rebellion to tyrants is obedience to God. Benjamin Franklin proposed this as the motto on the Great Seal of the United States. It is often falsely attributed to Thomas Jefferson because he endorsed the motto. It may have been inspired by a similar quote made by Simon Bradstreet after the 1688 overthrow of Edmund Andros. Bradstreet’s quote is found in two sources: Official Report of the Debates and Proceedings in the State Convention: assembled May 4th, 1853 (1853) by the Massachusetts Constitutional Convention, p. 502 and A Book of New England Legends and Folk Lore (1883) by Samuel Adams Drake. p. 426 ~ the more you talk, the more opportunities to be a hypocrite, if i don’t like being called racist, i can vote against your candidate, no trump supporter ever called me a racist ~ fwiw, the original name of the facility was “Atlanta Stadium”. For some reason, the hyphenated “Atlanta-Fulton County Stadium” was created in 1975. ~ High-dose ivermectin for early treatment of COVID-19 (COVER study): a randomised, double-blind, multicentre, phase II, dose-finding, proof-of-concept clinical trial ~ @chamblee54 @GlennLoury @JohnHMcWhorter a linguist should know the difference between a field [ __ ] and a house [ __ ] you might be the only person calling #ClarenceThomas a field [ __ ] ~ pictures today are from “The Special Collections and Archives, Georgia State University Library.” ~ selah








The Enduring Chill

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A Small, Good Thing by Raymond Carver read by Clouded Jester
Stephen Colbert reading Flannery O’Connor’s The Enduring Chill
The Lame Shall Enter First by Flannery O’Connor, A Reading by Dr. Paul Hamilton
Rise of anti-woke weirdos – not a good idea to make anti-anything center of your identity
The Perils of Audience Capture How influencers become brainwashed by their audiences
@chamblee54 #racism, and her mouthy sister #wokeness, are boring
All The Ways To Be with Bryan Washington & Ocean Vuong
Somewhere, Something Incredible Is Waiting To Be Known
A growing share of lung cancer cases is turning up in an unexpected population
How Dan Quayle Helped Convince Mike Pence Not to Overturn Election
The Shooting of Jayland Walker Doesn’t Feed Any Narrative
“It’s not whether you win or lose, it’s how you play the game”
18 Things White People Should Know/Do Before Discussing Racism
You Can’t Force A Man To Value You Becoming A High Value Woman & Attracting …
Entangled Histories: Free Speech & Civil Rights from the 1960’s to Today
Woman pulled over by police told them American laws don’t apply to her
What Happened to Jordan Peterson? A turning point for his audience
A Better Way To Talk About Racism | Darrell B. Harrison, Todd Friel
Does studying race differences lead to racism? | Richard Haier and Lex Fridman
Voters should reject Chile’s new draft constitution fiscally irresponsible left-wing wish list
In Bari’s view, Freddie deBoer is one of the best writers in the country.
The Man Who Killed Kennedy: The Case Against LBJ – JFK Assassination (2013)
Don’t single out Jews in the fight against bigotry Adri Nieuwhof
ulysses ~ relevation ~ what the doctor said ~ tom segura12 ~ julie ann burns
abortion pill ~ richard haier ~ pupfish ~ Elliptical ~ demisphere
rania khalek ~ party with the past ~ pfizer ~ so it goes ~ hot dog
Spiro Agnew ~ egology ~ arrivals ~ fire the pastor ~ radiotopia
blair white ~ Carey – Steely Dan ~ unwokable ~ resentment ~ robert taft
@chamblee54 In your show today, you mentioned picking up trash. You can wish in one plastic bag, and put roadside trash in the other plastic bag. See which plastic bag fills up first. ~ In the post-election confusion, Mike Pence asked Dan Quayle for advice. Current VPOTUS Kamala Harris looks good when she wears a mask. ~ @REPRORising_VA 1 Use gender inclusive language! It is exclusionary to only center cisgender women in pro-abortion messaging. Not all people who can get pregnant identify as women. It’s an easy fix! Just put “people” instead of “women” when making your next sign 2. EVERYONE deserves bodily autonomy. Yes, even straight, cisgender men. Advocating for forced vasectomies isn’t the witty clapback you might think it is. Supporting attacks on other people’s bodies normalizes the same kind of control we are fighting against. 3. Leave the coat hangers in your closet Coat hanger imagery is outdated, harmful and used to incite fear of self-managed abortions (SMA). We have abortion pills now. SMA with abortion pills is safe & effective, and we should amplify this information instead of spreading fear. 4. “Illegal” abortions does not mean “unsafe” abortions With the increased accessibility of abortion pills and online education, people can safely have abortions at home. Again, increasing education about how to safely self-manage abortions is more helpful than spreading fear. ~ THE SCHOOL OF APOLOGETICS GET YOUR CATHOLIC ANSWERS SCHOOL OF APOLOGETICS ONLINE COURSE WITH TRENT HORN ~ Explaining and defending the Faith is the duty of every Catholic. Learn from some of the best minds in Catholic apologetics and take your knowledge to the next level. ~ @chamblee54 Replying to @GlennLoury and @rajivatbarnard this was interesting when you were discussing economics … i had to turn it off when you started to talk about racism … that is a metaphor… so many important conversations are obscured by talking about racism ~ pics today for this gratuitous waste of bandwidth are from “The Special Collections and Archives, Georgia State University Library.” ~ selah