White Men With Annoying Voices

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Sen. Raphael Warnock calls Georgia’s voting rights fight “an inflection point.”
A Note of Thanks to Roman Mars – 99% Invisible, Inc is sold to SiriusXM
Surveillance video shows moment pregnant teen shot in Prince George’s County
Why’s everyone pretending to be mad about Critical Race Theory?
Lead prosecutor in Arbery case leaving Cobb County DA’s office
Joe Zawinul talking about the loss of Jaco Pastorius
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Andrew Nagorski discussed his new book, “1941: The Year Germany Lost the War,”
A Ban on Menthol Cigarettes Will Lead to More Confrontations Between …
Suit against Clayton Co. sheriff “he strapped man to chair, threw him into cell for hours”
Sheriff Victor Hill faces federal indictment for use of restraint chairs
Sheriff Victor Hill Arrested on Civil Rights Charges
“THE CRIME FIGHTER” The High Sheriff at Clayton County Sheriff’s Office
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Suspect arrested in vicious, unprovoked assault on Asian man in Manhattan
CO Cops Injured a 73-Year-Old Woman With Dementia, Joked About It On Video
Andrew Brown Jr.: Court hearing today about release of bodycam video
Georgia’s GOP lt. governor says Giuliani’s claims helped lead to voting law
Bar owner who called for LeBron James to be expelled from NBA: ‘never been busier’
‘Astounding’: Big-name Republicans are skipping a matchup against Warnock
Citing ‘infidelity,’ Hillsong Church Montclair’s creative director resigns
No dough for the occupation! Join the call to boycott Pillsbury
Liberals Think America Is A Worse Place Than Minorities Do
“you go down there looking for justice, thats what you find, just us”
The secretary who turned Liquid Paper into a multimillion-dollar business
Over 450 past Jeopardy contestants call on show to address alleged ‘white power’ symbol
Margaret Sanger, ” [Hitler and War] ,” [1939] . Typed draft statement.
“The Sanger-Hitler Equation” Search for Margaret Sanger’s name on the Internet …
armored dinosaur fossil unearthed in a western Canadian oil sand mine highlights …
Three Generations of a Hackneyed Apologia for Censorship Are Enough
Man charged in killing of 61-year-old woman on Royal Street
Reckoning with Foucault’s alleged sexual abuse of boys in Tunisia
Eric Kaufmann On Race And Demographics In The West
Penguins of Madagascar and the Smallpox Vaccine
Records: Ma’Khia Bryant’s sister sought help before shooting
why the times decided to publish the magic word spelled out in all its six letter glory
Basecamp sees mass employee exodus after CEO bans political discussions
“I Don’t Like Barriers”: Podcast Could Be Weighed In Trial Of Killing Of NYPD Officer
Jordan Peterson | The Ben Shapiro Show Sunday Special Ep. 114
Asian Americans and the Legacy of Antiblackness
White Privilege and College Admissions: the real threat to fair admissions
The Numbers Tell a Different Story About Police Killings of Minors
Do you like listening to white men, with annoying voices, that do not know how to shut up?
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@prageru Have you heard of Critical Race Theory? If you haven’t, you will. It’s coming to a high school, college, or workplace diversity training session near you. What do you need to know about it, and what can you do to stop it? @ConceptualJames has it covered. ~ @tariqnasheed A white Holiday Inn Express worker has a nervous breakdown after he got scolded by a Black customer because of a mistake in the reservation system. ~ @tariqnasheed I be making white supremacists BIG mad ~ @kevinDAtruth88 The brother Tariq Nasheed posted 1 video of a white guy having a breakdown and the mayonnaise militia went crazy Smh if you cant handle 1 video what makes you think that you can handle a race war? all of this talk about WS being so powerful they seem pretty pathetic to me ~ @tariqnasheed Self-proclaimed ‘race-baiter’ posts video of white hotel clerk having breakdown after being ‘scolded’ by black customer — RT USA News ~ @tariqnasheed Since there are a lot of white supremacists hopping on my timeline, triggered… Don’t forget to send money to my PayPal and cash app for #WhiteMoneyWeds On Wednesdays, I only accept money from white people to help me and other Black people cope with systematic white supremacy ~ @tariqnasheed The Holiday Inn employee video I posted that went viral, has a lot of white supremacists using the man’s disorder as a way to project their anti-Black racism. He admitted he had a disorder. But he also admitted he was drunk on the job. So did that contribute to his breakdown? ~ @HMD_132_Wow only in a racist anti black (American) country can a white person come to work drunk unstable and deliver piss poor customer service to a hard working black American and b defended by suspected white racist and anti black american immigrants. ~ @LILWOAH It’s crazy how Victor hill rules with a iron fist now he’s on the other side of the law but then I’m thinking they don’t come down this hard on white officers that killed black ppl ~ @graceisforyou I’ve wondered if it’s worth sharing “my story.” I’m a pretty private person so it feels weird to share. But I think it’s worth it bc we all need encouragement that ordinary ppl can do something about what’s happening to our country. So, why do I talk about Woke stuff? ~ @chamblee54 I stumbled onto this episode after writing the above post. There is another free speech quote by OW Holmes, that you ignored … about falsely shouting fire in a theater. It was from Schenk vs US, the first espionage act case to go before the court ~ pictures today are from The Library of Congress. The men were Confederate soldiers in the War Between the States ~ selah

Prison Of Bad Policy Choices

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both democrats and republicans are using sb 202 to raise money we are being played
A Prison of Bad Policy Choices Atlanta City Council will break its promises on policing …
Georgia’s Abrams navigates voting law fight with eye on 2022
What John Wayne REALLY THOUGHT about working with ROCK HUDSON
OGE declined to certify Kanye West’s financial disclosure from his failed 2020 …
AITA for making a punny “wall of shame” for people who stole from my mom’s garden?
Faith leaders to call for boycott of Home Depot over Georgia voting law
Georgia Faith Leaders to Urge Boycott of Home Depot Over Voting Law
The B-52’s – Planet Claire – 11/7/1980 – Capitol Theatre (Official)
Chuck Grassley: MLB moving All-Star Game from GA cost state “100 million jobs”
Why is “Jim Crow” suddenly everywhere? racial depolarization in the last election …
What’s purpose of sharing violent police videos , other than to traumatize …
Officials: Chauvin was ready to plead to 3rd-degree murder
Florida Voting Restrictions Bill Heads to Legislature
Court denies Georgia death-row inmate’s request for firing squad
16 Year Old Girl Shot By Columbus PD JUSTIFIED!
Bodycam footage shows fatal police shooting of 16-year-old girl in southeast Columbus
U.S. voting rights activist Stacey Abrams nominated for Nobel Peace Prize
Kennedy Asks Abrams Whether Georgia Voting Law Supporters Are Bigots
TikTok trends surrounding warning of sexual assault on April 24 are unsubstantiated
Daily Beast’s Coverage Of Ma’khia Bryant killing Has Been Wildly Irresponsible
Anogenital distance as a measure of human male fertility
One Fine Meal: Classic meets contemporary at Kaiser’s Chophouse in Sandy Springs
How anarchists captured Portland Left-wing rioters are burning city to the ground …
4,000 Scrolls, Texts & Papers From University of Tokyo, Digitized & Put Online
Antisemitic Attitudes Across the Ideological Spectrum∗Eitan Hersh, Laura Royden
LeBron James, Thousands More Blast Raiders for Controversial Tweet
Narrative journalism isn’t journalism Ma’Khia Bryant story proves we need a new …
How Baltimore Police consent decree monitor will spend $1.475 million this year
No, Modern Policing Did Not Originate with Slavery
Exploiting vulnerabilities in Cellebrite UFED and Physical Analyzer from an app’s perspective
“I Want This Reported”: Eric Andre Says He Was Racially Profiled By Atlanta Police
Ted Cruz Confronts Stacey Abrams: “You Still Refuse To Concede You Lost The Race”
Testimony on House Bill 248 House Federalism Committee . November 17, 2020
Tom Cotton Accuses Stacey Abrams Of Causing All Star Game Pullout
Former inmate making most of second chance Sean Walker was 11 months out of …
Lindsey Graham Grills Stacey Abrams On Ballot-Harvesting, Voter ID Laws
82-Year-Old Japanese Audiophile … Installs His Own Electric Utility Pole in His Yard
Why police don’t aim for the legs Shooting someone in the leg doesn’t mean …
Don’t Create False Villains To Serve a Greater Good
LeBron James DELETED TWEET tells you all you need to know!
Amid an unprecedented rise in violence last year, Atlanta stopped calling the cops
Marsha Blackburn, Stacey Abrams Clash On Whether There Is Voter Suppression
The Crusade Against Pornhub Is Going to Get Someone Killed
Woo Girl! Houston Drag with Bearded Queen, Blackberri Good Judy
I love Disney World, but wokeness is ruining the experience
Did Caitlyn Jenner Undergo Gender Reassignment Surgery For Full Transition?
Georgia House Speaker Pro Tempore Pushes Back On Stacey Abrams’ Claims
The Dark Side of The Royal Family: King Edward VIII
girl in famous Kent State photo and lifelong burden of being a national symbol
“don’t say charlottesville lie even if it’s a lie” ~ “put yourself in nike’s shoes”
APR. 23, 2021 Study Shows Anti-Racist Messages Hurt Democrats By Jonathan Chait
Racial Equality Frames and Public Policy Support: Survey Experimental Evidence
LinkedIn billionaire: Cut off funding for politicians who limit voting rights
Heretical Origins of Sonnet poetic form’s origins can be traced back earlier than Petrarch.
Connection Between George Orwell, Friedrich Hayek tale of two anti-authoritarians
Orwellian Bullshit, and how to abuse a source…
George Orwell’s Spanish civil war memoir is a classic, but is it bad history?
14 Colonial-Era Slang Terms to Work Into Modern Conversation
“How easy it is to make people believe a lie, and how hard it is to undo that work again!”
Resolution Calling all social media companies to take a proactive role in fighting …
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@eScarry Judge in Chauvin trial just told defense that Maxine Waters “may have given you something on appeal that may result in this whole trial being overturned.” WOW! ~ @EWErickson So they picked Home Depot, the company founded by Jews, to boycott. Of course, they did. ~ @bubbaprog Chuck Grassley claims MLB moving the All-Star Game from Georgia cost the state “100 million jobs” ~ @SenSchumer Happy 420. From the Senate Majority Leader. ~ 10 Politically Correct But Factually False Words To Stop Using Immediately 1. ‘Mainstream Media’, 2. ‘Gender,’ When You Mean ‘Sex’, 3. ‘Sex-Reassignment Surgery’, 4. ‘Democracy,’ When You Mean ‘Republic’, 5. ‘Abortion Doctors’ and ‘Abortion Clinics’, 6. ‘Antidiscrimination’, 7. ‘Undocumented Immigrant’, 8. ‘Equity’ Or ‘Equality’, 9. ‘Cisgender’, 10. ‘Pro-Choice’ ~ “Never argue with stupid people. They will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience.” ~ “it requires that a voter have a photo identification or some other form of identification that they’re willing to surrender in order to participate in absentee ballot process” Stacey’s lips were moving. SB 202 requires the voter to write the drivers license/photo ID number on the AB application. ~ LeBron James claims his words have been twisted to ‘create more racism’ after he posted ‘you’re next’ threat to cop who shot dead 16-year-old Ma’Khia Bryant ~ The second amendment allows firearms for a well regulated militia. What if one of those regulations is that this militia is illegal? Does the 2A safeguard the right of a militia to exist? IANAL ~ @LeonydusJohnson I’m starting a new thread for this year. It’s devastating that it’s even necessary. Look at these little faces. My God, what are we doing? 1. Chassidy Saunders was shot and killed in Miami, FL on January 6th, 2021 during a drive-by shooting at a birthday party. She was only 6. ~ @melaninbarbie Ma’Khia Bryant being fat matters. The violence that young fat Black girls experience contributed to her death and if you don’t understand why, y’all need to start cracking open some fucking books on fatphobia. ~ @chamblee54 @GlennLoury .@JohnHMcWhorter @bloggingheads “you might be more likely to call somebody a [ __ ]” #YouTube transcripts are fun. They use the double underscore, when the en-dash [ – ] is available. ~ @chamblee54 “How easy it is to make people believe a lie, and how hard it is to undo that work again!” This is a quote about believing a lie, spread by a dishonest graphic. ~ pictures are from The Library of Congress. The men are soldiers from the War Between the States ~ selah

Move Out Of Georgia

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MLB’s Move Out Of Georgia Is The Latest In A Line Of Political Boycotts
Why Dov Hikind Thinks I’m “Pathetic” and “Sick.”
I Am The Horrible Goose That Lives In The Town
‘Emancipation’ Moving Production Out Of Georgia Due To New Voting Laws
Clyburn: Georgia election law is the ‘new Jim Crow’
Don’t Forgive Student Debt There are far better ways to help the needy
NBC says that lack of white supremacists at ‘White Lives Matter’ rallies is evidence of WS
Did Ted Nugent Ask Why There Were No Lockdowns for ‘COVID 1 Thru 18’?
QPP 45: Leon Taylor on Car Stops, Race, and Fear
Palestinian Center for POLICY and SURVEY RESEARCH
Rep. Rashida Tlaib recounts past death threats in tearful speech on House Floor
Ghosts of hotspots past legendary times at Atlanta’s long gone nightspots
While not common, officers have mistaken pistols for Tasers
A Lawrence police officer meant to use a Taser. She shot a man by mistake
Weapon Confusion and Civil Liability List of Taser confusion instances
Ei! wie schmeckt der Coffee süße BWV 211
Daunte Wright accused of choking and robbing woman at gunpoint, had arrest warrant
Stop Helping White Supremacists Attack Black Women
Who Decides What’s Racist? The problem with “standpoint epistemology.”
Scandal at Stonecrest – mayor and friends CARES Act like they were buying …
Policing, Danger Narratives, and Routine TrafficStops
CITY OF STONECREST GA … C.A.R.E.S. … Accounting and Compliance Investigation
Richard Brautigan Reads from Trout fishing In watermellon suger
Norman Lear … when Tallulah Bankhead guest-starred on the Martha Raye Show…
Bette Davis Tells A Story About Running Into Tallulah Bankhead
#4: South River, GA America’s Most Endangered Rivers® of 2021
John Forsythe: Alfred Hitchcock/Tallulah Bankhead Story
David Webb accused of ‘white privilege’ by CNN legal analyst
Reparations For ‘Terrorism,’ ‘White Supremacy’ In Athens Mark A Georgia First
U of Georgia Ph.D. candidate in philosophy says he’s under investigation for his …
Did Eleanor Roosevelt Say This About the Word ‘Liberal’?
Truth About DAUNTE WRIGHT the media will never show you
Contacts Between Police and the Public, 2015
The coronavirus is overwhelmingly spread through the air, not via surfaces.
suffered ‘great harm’ after wrongful arrest based on Detroit’s facial recognition technology
Fatimah Asghar – “Pluto Shits on the Universe” 57,965 views •Jun 27, 2015
National academy may eject two famous scientists for sexual harassment
Covert signaling is an adaptive communication strategy in diverse populations
Mr. President, your misinformation on Georgia’s voting law is dangerous
Police body-cam footage released of the fatal shooting of Adam Toledo
BB gun found at scene of fatal police shooting of California teen Hannah Williams
Pool: On quoting Einstein Welcome! We hope that you enjoy our free content.
Katie Herzog Jesse Singal on Culture Wars, Trans Trend, Fad Psychology
How Media Can Help Prevent Mass Shootings Sensationalized TV coverage of mass …
Population density (people per sq. km of land area) – OECD members
Vernon Jones Will Challenge Georgia Gov. Kemp In 2022 Republican Primary
35 Unique Insults That Are Equal Parts Hilarious And Savage
Trump EPA appointee blocked public release of cancer danger, inspector general says
Background Information on Sterigenics’ Smyrna, Georgia Facility
High levels of ethylene oxide detected at Covington warehouse
Please Don´t Let Me Be Misunderstood- The Animals
What does this Oscar Wilde quote mean, “We are all in the gutter, but …
Jordan Peterson Reacts To Marvel’s Red Skull Comic
Rainn Wilson as Terry Carnation from DARK AIR – Exclusive Audio Interview
Jim Leavelle on transferring Lee Harvey Oswald and Jack Ruby
Gaetz friend was lightning rod for controversy in Florida By MIKE SCHNEIDER
US Socialist Convention Ridiculed After Righteous Outburst Over ‘Gender Pronouns’
Felix Silla, Cousin Itt on ‘The Addams Family,’ Dies at 84
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Michael Rhee Of Lake Forest Attacked Asian Woman, Believing She Was White, In Retaliation For Rise In Hate Crimes ~ There used to be this gay club in Atlanta called the Apollos. This was when it was illegal to buy alcohol on Sunday, and the Apollos would get their booze on Saturday to drink on Sunday ~ @EmilyGorcenski Our insistence on combatting bigotry by addressing its claims on face value is precisely the reason why we continue to backslide into an untiring fascist hellscape. ~ CITY OF STONECREST GA Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act (CARES) ProgramAuthorization, Organization, Management, Accounting and Compliance Investigation ~ Charges against Daunte Wright before his death have sparked anger and disinformation — here are the documents that explain what happened ~ Eleanor Roosevelt stars in a facebook meme about the word liberal. The l-word is not the same today as it was in 1962, when the quote was written. ~ @chamblee54 @GlennLoury @JohnHMcWhorter It is a cliche that DJ Trump gave white supremes permission to speak their nuttiness ~ I think having antichrist in the white house had the same effect on the left… of normalizing radical rhetoric and social justice name calling ~ When Frank Sinatra recorded “Strangers in the NIght,” he improvised the existential manifesto “Do Be Do Be Do” ~ @madlittledebbie We’ve all been shouting F*ck Lori Lightfoot for so long, it seems somebody finally decided to take one for the team? ~ It Always Goes Down At A Waffle House: Bro Started Whoopin’ On A Woman Like She Owed Him Money After They Jumped His Girl! ~ pictures today are from The Library of Congress. The men are Confederate soldiers, from the War Between the States ~ selah

Student Questioned Microaggressions

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Black Lives Matter activists intimidate an Asian nail salon in Milwaukee.
Byron York’s Daily Memo: Finally some sanity on Georgia’s voting law?
Social Distancing and Masks Must Remain For Another YEAR to Avoid …
Professor Pushed Back Against ‘White Fragility’ Training. … Investigated for 9 Months.
7 Lessons on Racism That White People Need To Learn
MLB moves All-Star game out of Atlanta over Georgia voter restrictions
Georgia church, kicked out of the SBC for allowing gay members, wants …
Boycott In Black Mecca Atlanta’s business community might be navigating a boycott …
Coca-Cola general counsel gets tough with law firms that fail to meet diversity goals
General Counsel Will Hit Biglaw Firms Where It Hurts If They Don’t Increase Diversity
LawNext: Coca-Cola GC Bradley Gayton On His Dramatic Demand for Diversit
Boom Goes The Cannon Capitol police arrested State Rep. Park Cannon last night.
‘I wish I had taken steroids’: How marijuana testing wrecked baseball careers
Janet Yellen’s proposal to revolutionize corporate taxation
Lawmakers embrace pecans, skip sports bets in 2021’s masked session
Without Asian American Studies, We Can’t Understand American Racism
Let’s wait before turning slain 13-year-old Adam Toledo into a martyr
State’s county election takeover in voting law ripe for abuse, critics say
GraceLife Church shuttered by authorities after flouting COVID-19 rules
Rate the sophistication of the arguments of this editor at Science
Jesse Singal Got More Wrong Than He Thinks
A Medical Student Questioned Microaggressions. UVA Branded Him a Threat …
The Social Construction of Racism in the United States
Village Theatre asked job applicants to disrupt ‘toxic whiteness’ of musicals
Criminal Charges Dropped, Civil Case Being Considered for Lawmaker Arrested by …
Earl Nightingale – The Strangest Secret (FULL) – Patrick Tugwell
Father of York County mass shooting suspect says son killed 5 others, then himself
‘Gotta stop letting gooks in Miami’: Buccaneers’ Carlton Davis deletes tweet
White supremacy is the root of all race-related violence in the US
Sam Harris and the Myth of Perfectly Rational Thought
“Academia is just second to the military in rates of sexual harassment”
What if we brought color to 50 Shades of Grey? | Patricia Hawley |
How mindfulness changes the emotional life of our brains | Richard J. Davidson
What Representing Men in Divorce Taught Me About Fatherhood | Marilyn York
The 43rd Virginia Cavalry Battalion, also known as Mosby’s Rangers, Mosby’s Raiders
Christopher Hitchens on the Left, His Favourite Authors – P. G. Wodehouse
Gaetz is is not really a hypocrite, he didn’t pretend that he was anything but a douchebag
Why celebrating ‘mixed-race beauty’ has its problematic side Natalie Morris
After Rock Hill shooting by former NFL player, community left with questions
‘Terrifying prognosis’: Navy veteran Rep. Crenshaw has surgery on remaining eye
New York City police arrest man for 3 separate attacks on Asian Americans
corporate executives consider freezing donations over laws curbing voting access
Aaron Long got treatment for sex addiction at rehab that promotos ‘ex-gay therapy’
bad allies ~ dead041071 ~ Tehillim Part IV ~ zach garcia ~ absentee ballot application
jesse singal ~ Garrett Bimstefer ~ garrett bimstefer ~ Garrett Bimstefer ~ science editor
charlie parker ~ 08/22/1914 ~ open mic ~ patricia hawley ~ graphic
Dr. Robert Lesslie ~ phillip adams ~ anti asian covid ~ nunchucks ~ microagrressions
tage rai ~ israel vs iran ~ whiteness ~ areo ~ graham lineham
In many cases, yes Just because a woman has a penis doesn’t mean she can’t still be a lesbian. Therefore, if lesbians refuse to have sex with a woman with a penis because she doesn’t fit their definition of a woman, they are most definitely a bigot and a transphobe. ~ Smatchet, Prickmedainty, Cupboard-Lover, Fustilugs, Ultracrepidarian, Cumber-World, Smell-Feast, Flibbertigibbet, Epistemophiliac, Knipperdolling ~ @tage_rai I’m friendly w/@paulbloomatyale. As a rule, I tolerate colleagues having up to 3 bigoted friends b/c otherwise I’d have no professional network. It sucks, but its the reality of academia. Still, I have a responsibility to call out bad actors even if I don’t want to deal w/it. ~ @tage_rai Update: This is important- I’ve started getting anonymous phone calls in the last hour, which I have not answered. Now one of Jesse Singal’s followers finally left a creepy phone message. That’s serious shit. Academics who are friends w/Jesse, this is the guy you’re siding with. ~ GENERAL ASSEMBLY OF NORTH CAROLINA Short Title:Youth Health Protection Act. DRS45273-NB-92*A BILL TO BE ENTITLED AN ACT TO PROTECT MINORS FROM ADMINISTRATION OF PUBERTY BLOCKERS AND CROSS-SEX HORMONES AND OTHER RELATED ACTIONS, PROCEDURES, AND TREATMENTS ~ Towards the end of your episode about threesomes, you talked about repression. Specifically, you meant people who don’t tell a partner they listen to SWS, because repression of sexual feelings is so strong. Earlier in the show, you talked about Aaron Long, the GA spa shooter. (He is Aaron. The three name business is a problem.) You went on about how “sex addiction” is not recognized as an official addiction by the psych industry. After a few minutes, I had to skip ahead in the show, because I, an Atlanta resident, am incredibly tired of talking about Aaron Long. My point here is that Aaron Long had a sexual repression problem. He is a severe Baptist. He spent time in a rehab facility, for wanting to have sex. The murderous outburst by Aaron Long is a result of sexual repression. He calls it addiction, which seemed to throw you off. Usually, people with this problem, if they are going to kill someone, commit suicide. Mr. Long decided to kill other people. You could do a show about the fukced up ways that religions deal with sexual desire. What happened to those spa workers is just another chapter in a long story. ~ Hi Luther, thanks for reaching out. I completely agree. Repression is going to be a major theme in both the masturbation episode I am currently working on and the deep dive into the Christian sex shame industry I want to do. I recently learned that the “rehab” Long attended costs $50,000! I wonder how many men have gone through it multiple times. I guess I was more focused on the lie of sex addiction than the repression of it all, but it’s not something we will shy away from moving forward. Cheers, Chris ~ “Academia is just second to the military in rates of sexual harassment” – this was just one of the shocking statistics Professor Pat Hawley shared during her talk at the Human Behavioural and Evolutionary Sciences (HBES) conference this year. At the end of her inspirational talk, Prof. Hawley received a standing ovation, for not only the content and delivery of the talk, but also for having the strength to stand up and approach the topic ~ pictures today are from The Library of Congress. ~ selah

Biden Falsely Claims

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The Death of Humor “Killer Cartoons,” David Wallis, “White,” Bret Easton Ellis
Artist threatened with lawsuits if she sells nude Donald Trump painting
Cis Men Like Jesse Singal, Dan Savage Don’t Decide What’s Transphobic
Berlin, die Sinfonie der Großstadt 1927, 65′ Original orchestral score by Edmund Meisel
Capitol riot suspect wore ‘I Was There’ shirt when arrested
Master List Of Official Russia Claims That Proved To Be Bogus
Federal prosecutors add sex trafficking charges against Ghislaine Maxwell
Lil Nas X – MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name) (Official Video)
AITA: For blowing up at my wife after what she did at my workplace?
Canada suspends AstraZeneca vaccine for adults 55 and under
Trooper who arrested Ga. lawmaker says he was wary of a Jan. 6-type of attack
27 Words You Should Never Use to Describe Yourself
The top 150 intellectuals, selected competitively
Pentagon could open itself to litigation from contractors if US pulls out of Afghanistan
Search continues in brutal Manhattan attack on Asian woman heading to church
Apology for anti-Asian bigotry statement at CMU highlights difficulty of discussing China
Suspect in attack on Asian American woman in NYC is arrested
The “Talking Filibuster” Has Unintended Consequences
Why Are So Many Good Things Being Destroyed?
Delta CEO calls new Georgia voting restrictions “unacceptable”
Today is the last legislative day of the year at Georgia’s capitol. Beware.
Biden Exploits Asian Americans to Seize Power – Deploys ‘Vicious Hate Crimes’ Lie
Georgia House OKs bill to give farms room to spread sludge, ignore stink
Will Hollywood Boycott Georgia Over New Voting Law?
Film Tax Credits and the Economic Impact of the Film Industry on Georgia’s Economy
Did a 1997 Issue of Archie Comics’ ‘Betty’ Depict Remote School in 2021?
Biden endorses moving MLB All-Star Game out of Georgia
The Pandemic’s Wrongest Man .., one person stands out: Alex Berenson.
Georgia prevails over Florida in interstate battle over water rights
Biden falsely claims the new Georgia law ‘ends voting hours early’
@MrChurchGuy Did you know that edam is the only cheese that is made backwards?
The internal ideological climate of Current Affairs has become intolerab
China’s Covid-19 QR code surveillance state Phone-based system controls …
‘Allen v. Farrow’: Intellectually Dishonest Propaganda Meets Emotional Blackmail
31 reasons why I won’t take the vaccine
Update: One dead in officer-involved shooting in Rock Island
John McDuffy Police shot my grandson pray Mcduffy
Incidence and Magnitude of Health Costs of In-person Schooling during COVID-19
Decatur First Methodist to sell chapel and school building on Sycamore
New York Times analyzed state’s new 98-page voting law, identified 16 key provisions
Officer killed in attack outside Capitol an 18-year veteran
The gutless Atlanta Braves put themselves on the wrong side of history
Teen arrested after videos of attack against Asian couple surface online
Late Night Tales Presents Shrigley Forced to Speak With Others (2006)
AP Exclusive: MLB suspends political donations after DC riot
Police release names of victims in Wilmington mass shooting
533 million Facebook users’ phone numbers and personal data have been leaked online
textbooks on Israeli-Palestinian conflict paused over ‘dangerously misleading’ claim
Biden falsely claims the new Georgia law ‘ends voting hours early’
Man makes anti-Asian statement, assaults woman inside subway walkway in Midtown
Charles Barkley slams politicians, says ‘system’ is set up to ‘divide and conquer’
The King of the Geezer Teasers Inside Randall Emmett’s direct-to-video empire where …
Cr1TiKaL (also known as MoistCr1TiKaL, Big Moist, and BigMoistCr1TiKaL)
blank statement ~ johnny cash ~ jamie dupree ~ satie ~ carjacker ~ lgbt suicide
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spencer dryden ~ bible unicorns ~ liammars01 ~ henry miller ~ gloria and max
In 1988, Fauci was public enemy #1 to ACT-UP. He is a politician, with a talent for working the media. The spell check suggestion for Fauci is Faucet. Except with him, you turn the knob, and hot air comes out. ~ Yes. Meanwhile, bringing up the translation issue brings out a still bigger problem: Why would God let his book be translated badly? ~ In the subway assault, people are heard saying “he called him a _______” People are more upset about that word than about an assault … assuming that he really said the magic word ~ Kim Kardashian Finally Confirmed Kanye West’s Tweets Calling Her A “White Supremacist” Were The “Final Straw” And The Reason She Began Thinking About Divorce ~ “The only traditions of the Royal Navy are rum, sodomy and the lash.” Churchill’s assistant, Anthony Montague-Browne said, that although Churchill had not uttered these words, he wished he had. ~ “In all the noise about the election law changed last week, stuff like this flies under the radar. I’ll be down there until midnight, when they throw the paper on their desks into the air as confetti and we look for the bits of the Constitution left on the floor.” ~ Shafer said that the intervention was intended to help “give the best possible legal defense to Senate Bill 202 and prevent the Secretary of State from secretly ‘settling’ the lawsuit with the Democrats.” ~ was “caught up in luncheons, teas and bouts with demon rum,” as Hank once said, and ~ Here are the official charges against Park Elizabeth Cannon : “EW-0324353 Willful Obstruction Of Law Enforcement Officers By Use Of Threats Or Violence – Felony … EW-0324354 Preventing Or Disrupting General Assembly Sessions Or Other Meetings Of Members; Etc. (3Rd Offense)” What was Offense #1 and #2? ~ One of the problems with sb202 is nobody knows exactly what it calls for. I heard that you need to make a copy of your ID, and send that with application. Now, I hear you just need to give the drivers license/photo id number, which is not a big deal ~ “i don’t feel like i really know the students because they’re just a bunch of squares” Students have been saying that about professors for a long time. ~ The irony is #MLB Headquarters & Hall of Fame is in New York which has more restrictive voting laws than Georgia. NY only offers 9 days of early voting vs 17 in GA, has excuse only absentee voting & its illegal to offer food or water to people standing in line to vote in NY. ~ Page 57: In order to verify that the absentee ballot was voted by the elector who requested the ballot, the elector shall print the number of his or her Georgia driver’s license number or identification card … in the space provided on the outer oath envelope. The elector shall also print his or her date of birth in the space provided in the outer oath envelope. ~ Biden falsely claims the new Georgia law ‘ends voting hours early’ Somehow Biden managed to turn that expansion into a restriction aimed at working people, calling it “among the outrageous parts” of the law. There’s no evidence that is the case. The president earns Four Pinocchios. ~ I take a water meter reading every week. I subtract the last weeks reading, to see how much water we used. I write down the reading, and then copy it into a spread sheet. I then take last weeks reading, and copy it onto the note pad. The two numbers are 24092.20 / 23616.02. What I am getting at is two different ways of subtraction. If I had been doing the process in my head, I would have directly taken 16 from 92, and come up with 76. However, since this was on paper, I make the 2 a twelve, and make 90 into 80. 12-6=6, 80 – 10=70 / 70 + 6=76. ~ pictures today are from The Library of Congress. ~ selah

Rush To King Soopers

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‘I just lost it’: West Virginia man charged with killing boy, 7, with hammer
Active Shooter: Boulder Police Officers Rush To King Soopers On Table Mesa
Merkel-Runde will radikalen Lockdown für mehrere Tage
The bad guys are starting to catch up with America and its allies on deadly drones
When Orson Welles Crossed Paths With Hitler and Churchill | The Dick Cavett Show
WIBTA if I started charging my husband “admin fees”?
Jasmine Elder Discusses Her Contributions To Famous Breonna Taylor Portrait
Meghan McCain Is Sorry She Has Only Just Realized That Words Can Be Racist
@OctopusCaveman Asparagus makes your pee smell bad but it doesn’t change the taste
I Am Not Ready to Reenter White Society …leave safety of my whiteness-free castle, I know …
Ahmad Alissa’s sister-in-law body-shames him after arrest in shorts
MTA Still Running Heavily-Subsidized Express Bus Service Despite Few Riders
The Biden Administration Is Coercing the States. Ohio Is Fighting Back
Happy Birthday Anita Bryant, Aretha Franklin, Elton John, Flannery O’ Connor
2 Immigrant Paths: One Led to Wealth, the Other Ended in Death in Atlanta
The Rise of a Culture of Censorship in Academia Social norms are “justifying” …
Boulder Police Acted On Belief King Sooper Shooter Was White
Daughter of man accused of killing 8 describes his abuse
Georgia State Rep. Arrested While Protesting Restrictive Voting Law, Video Shows
Georgia Governor Signs Election Overhaul, Including Changes To Absentee Voting
Long waits at polling places are disruptive, disenfranchising, and all too common. …
Gov. Kemp signs controversial voting bill into law; lawmaker arrested protesting it
Get Your Genuine U.S. Banknote with the Signature of Donald J. Trump.
people struck and killed by drivers nationwide while walking increased by 45 percent
Two Georgia Churches Grapple With the Shootings in Atlanta
2 girls, 13 and 15, charged in botched carjacking, murder of Uber Eats driver, D.C.
Climate Anxiety Is an Overwhelmingly White Phenomenon
Moby Grape: When Bad Things Happen to Good Bands
COVID-19 Vaccinations in the United States
Grace Slick With Paul Kantner: The Rolling Stone Interview
Schrodinger Jokes ~ nypd hate crimes ~ hate crime ~ istheshipstillstuck ~ biden sb202
pivot table ~ DERRICK JAXN ~ blackvotersmatter ~ cannon arrest ~ cannon arrest
carol swain ~ park cannon ~ Dylan Nyoukis ~ tn covid ~ Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa
1000 true fans ~ dead032470 ~ h.r. 1319 ~ Gerrymandering ~ repost
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It turns out that Marthasville, with 12 letters, took too long to write. Someone decided that the feminine form of Atlantic was the best name for the railroad terminus. ~ xxx The husband of Georgia spa shooting victim Delaina Ashley Yaun says officers handcuffed him for hours before telling him his wife died ~ Nikuyah Walker Is this better? I’m asking the person who reported my short poem to FB. ~ Charlottesville: The beautiful-ugly it is. It lynched you, hung the noose at city hall and pressed the souvenir that was once your finger against its lips. It covers your death with its good intentions. It is a place where white women with Black kids collects signature for a white man who questions whether a black woman understands white supremacy. It is destructively world class. White people say that it is a place where gentrification started with the election of a Black women in 2017 and because of white power, a lie becomes #facts. Its daily practice is that of separating you from your soul. Charlottesville is void of a moral compass. It’s as if good ole tj is still cleverly using his whip to whip the current inhabitants into submissiveness. Charlottesville rapes you of your breaths. It suffocates your hopes and dreams. It liberates you by conveniently redefining liberation. It progressively chants while it conservatively acts. Charlottesville is anchored in white supremacy and rooted in racism. Charlottesville rapes you and covers you in sullied sheets. ~ @chamblee54 It is dehumanizing to say, about #SallyHemings , that she was incapable of feeling for #ThomasJefferson To hear today’s experts, everything they did together was rape #Charlottesville ~ I recently was given “no advertising or live appearance” probation. I had posted a meme, created by someone else. It gave credit/blame for some motivational nonsense to a German politician, with a little mustache. I posted the meme in 2016. ~ @GSpellchecker I don’t eat meat for ethical reasons, but these people peddling ‘intersectional veganism’ make me seriously consider cannibalism. ~ @chamblee54 When I go somewhere, I often bring a plastic bag, and pick up trash along the way. This afternoon, I saw this, and took it as a sign of approval. ~ City of Oakland Mayor is branded racist for giving families of color $500 a month if they earn under $59,000 with no rules on how they spend it – but offering poor white families nothin ~ This article has a description of the actual changes mandated by SB 202. The “Jim Crow” rhetoric of the Democrats is hysterically overblown. We have been poorly served. Instead of concrete information about what is being proposed, we have a scaremonger circus screaming racial nonsense. There are some specific parts of the legislation that are objectionable. Requiring a copy of voter id to get an absentee ballot is a bad idea. Criminalizing giving food/water to voters in line is a bad idea. Very little of the rest is problematic. If you know of some specifics, please comment below. ~ @chamblee54 what did the trooper say to Rep. Cannon? If he gave her a lawful order to stop the disruption, and she ignored him, then the arrest was justified. ~ It is psycho theatre. A highly questionable bill is rushed through. The Governor immediately signs it. A publicity hungry legislator tries to disrupt the signing, and is arrested. Did Kemp and Cannon have this planned? ~ ultracrepidarian noting or pertaining to a person who criticizes, judges, or gives advice outside the area of his or her expertise – spell check suggestion: ultraconservative ~ @rupaul “Derogatory slurs are ALWAYS an outward projection of a person’s own poisonous self-loathing.” ~ This article has a description of the actual changes mandated by SB 202. The “Jim Crow” rhetoric of the Democrats is hysterically overblown. We have been poorly served. Instead of concrete information about what is being proposed, we have a scaremonger circus screaming racial nonsense. There are some specific parts of the legislation that are objectionable. Requiring a copy of voter id to get an absentee ballot is a bad idea. Criminalizing giving food/water to voters in line is a bad idea. Very little of the rest is problematic. If you know of some specifics, please comment below. ~ How would Stacey, or any other Governor, like it if a loudmouth tried to disrupt a bill signing? ~ this was written as part of a writing workshop. the theme was joy and guilty pleasure … joy is looking at spell check suggestions, seeing that the scs for ultracrepidarian, a person who gives advice or criticism outside of their expertise, the scs for ultracrepidarian is ultraconservative, my guilty pleasure is the gleeful practice of ultracrepidarianism, i find joy in learning keeping a list of online discoveries, and then writing poems under the latest one, the guilty pleasure is making rude facebook comments, and then chickening out, deleting them, but keeping a copy for myself, there is joy in walking up peachtree road to la fitness ~ pictures today are from “The Special Collections and Archives, Georgia State University Library”. ~ selah

Got The Story Completely Wrong

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Dismantling Racism in Mathematics Instruction This tool provides teachers …
An alternative solution for a flawed Beltline tax proposal
Racism, White Supremacy, and Far-Right Militancy in Law Enforcement
Parents of daughters are more likely to divorce than those with sons
Gay Men On TikTok Explain How They Let the Ladies Know
John F. Kennedy, 1929-1963. Education: Choate, 1931-1935 (folder 2 of 2).
How Portugal silenced ‘centuries of violence and trauma’
Allman Brothers Band-Live at Fillmore East-the late Gregg Allman,Dickey Betts
America’s Critical Race Delusion Must Be Stopped.
Mechanics Avenue becomes memory lane at The Gas Station Airbnb in Thunderbolt
Shootings at 3 Georgia spas leave 8 dead; Man in custody blames ‘addiction to sex’
Spa shooting suspect’s parents helped authorities catch him
Southern Baptist church where Aaron Long was baptized grieves for dead
Everyone Got The Pulse Massacre Story Completely Wrong
Christian leaders wrestle with Atlanta shooting suspect’s Southern Baptist ties
How Do They Dye the Chicago River Green for St. Patrick’s Day?
These senseless acts of anti-Asian violence have finally garnered national attention …
Why This Wave of Anti-Asian Racism Feels Different … a turning point for Asian Americans.
May the Source Be With You … what to stream and what to listen to this month
An IGA in Montreal is growing its own vegetables on the roof
John Calvin Portman Jr. took the glass elevator to eternity on December 29, 2017.
I’m going to stop using that word because I don’t know how to say it
‘Anti-racism’ training at Deloitte warns employees ‘microaggressions’ are now punishable
What we know about Robert Aaron Long, the suspect in Atlanta spa shootings
Georgia spa shooting suspect attended rehab for sex addiction
Asian Americans ‘screaming out for help’ as abuse surges: congressional hearing
maverick recovery 2716 Hemingway Ln Roswell, GA 30075
Asian-Americans Are Being Attacked. Why Are Hate Crime Charges So Rare?
Olivia Munn, victim’s son praise internet, NYPD for arrest in Queens bakery assault
The Bigfoot Mapping Project They’re out there, let’s find them.
maverick recovery 2716 Hemingway Ln Roswell, GA 30075
Statement from the Medical Examiner’s Office March 18, 2021
Don’t Discount Evangelicalism as a Factor in Racist Murder of Asian Spa Workers
Biden White House Sandbags Staffers, Sidelines Dozens for Pot Use
A chronicle of the British establishment’s flirtation with Hitler
We now know the names of all 8 people killed in the Atlanta area spa shootings
Jay Baker was paraphrasing what Aaron Long told investigators about his motivations.
The Short Life and Long Death of Jem Haines (Part II)
Useful Idiots Podcast: Jesse Singal & Katie Herzog On The Substack Wars
Sonalee Rashatwar ‘ Fat Sex Therapist’ (St. Olaf MN) compares children’s diets to …
why so many very very smart people with phd degrees never get tenured positions
“what do all of these pictures even have in common?” absolutely nothing.
Meet the (Unsuccessfully) Censored: Jesse Singal and Katie Herzog
How to write a gay novel during a global pandemic
create an enormous national park along the Ocmulgee River through the heart of Georgia
Love, Simon star Keiynan Lonsdale reveals preferred pronoun is ‘tree’
66-year-old Asian man attacked in Manhattan in unprovoked assault; rallies planned
This college admissions season, let’s end odious, racist practice of recommendations
Stormy Daniels One Night Stand Comedy Show
Asian American Attacks: Elderly Daly City Woman Robbed In Assault Caught On Camera
red dirt poetry ~ sausage jockey ~ @mohitkarunmesh ~ chasing sunshine ~ paris 1919
zippers ~ @Mr_Honkitude ~ jesse singal ~ HyunJungKim ~ repost
sugar ~ erin clements ~ qpp 38 ~ maverick recovery ~ sb302
robert aaron long ~ Downtown Atlanta ~ repost ~ robert aaron long ~ Luis Stefanell
“Experience is the hardest kind of teacher. It gives you the test first, and the lesson afterward.” ― Aurora Rose Reynolds, Until Series ~ Isn’t sexual insecurity a form of toxic masculinity? When you say that Aaron Long is sexually insecure, you are accused of not calling him racist. ~ Before I go any further, I should state that Aaron Long should be severely punished for his crimes. Aaron Long spent several months in a residential 12 step facility for his sexual issues. I cannot imagine the poison that was pumped into his head, both then, and by his family and his church. (btw, the director of that facility is named Erin Clements. She was a student at KSU from 2010 – 2014) There is a possibility that unwanted same sex attraction was an issue. Yes, racism may have been a factor. Lack of adequate security at the spas, and easy access to deadly force, are also factors. ~ Are the ladies (and one gentleman) any more dead if the crime was motivated by racism, rather than Baptist sexual confusion? If Aaron Long were to acknowledge that he was motivated by racism, would any of the deceased come back to life? ~ Aaron Long was sent to a residential 12 step facility for wanting to have sex. Has anyone considered how f’d up that is? When all you see is racism, you often miss a big part of the story. ~ @atrupar“Yesterday was a really bad day for him and this is what he did” — a law enforcement official explains Robert Aaron Long’s decision to kill 8 people in a strange mannerThe full video (the relevant section starts at about 13:50) makes clear that Baker was not providing his own commentary, but rather summarizing what Long had told the investigators. The “bad day” line was proceeded by a clarification that this was Long’s own explanation, as related to the police. Baker did not endorse it. … It would be naive of the police—or the public, or anyone else—to accept what alleged killers say at face value. It’s similarly naive to assume that the sex and ethnicity of the victims tells us everything we need to know about the crime. ~ @RuPaul “Derogatory slurs are ALWAYS an outward projection of a person’s own poisonous self-loathing.” ~ @JonathanLKrohn Associate Pastor Luke Folsom prays with the congregation at Crabapple First Baptist — home church of the devoutly evangelical alleged shooter, Robert Aaron Long: “There is so much confusion. This doesn’t make any sense. But we know this is a consequence of sin.” ~ I appreciate the fact that you are working against anti Asian hate. However, there is more to the story of Aaron Long. And it involves Sunday Assembly. One of the key aspects of SA, as I understand it, is a non-belief in Christian style religion. That is a clumsy way of phrasing that, for which I apologize. Aaron Long was a fanatic Baptist. He had severe sexual issues, which the teachings of the Baptist church made much, much worse. Aaron Long spent several months in a residential rehabilitation facility because he likes to have sex. Maverick Recovery is a 12 step based program, which means they like to talk about G-d. I shudder to think at the poison that was put into his head during this process. If you are going to access blame for this tragedy, you should consider the role of the Southern Baptist Church, and the 12 step philosophy. What role should a community of non-believers play in this discussion? If you want to turn up your nose, and say it was all about racism, then that is your option as well.
This poem was written during a writing workshop:
white hair corpus trainbound for arby’s, never assume that you are muted
fish sandwich bargain not worth it please, peachtree industrial prostituted
A video of this poem was submitted to a know talent show. The m.c. said that he found it “disturbing”:
brothers of the fudge big boy combo play, microwave popcorn hot dog engineer
bowling in the basement hershey highway, liquor in the front poker in the rear
In the reading after the workshop, this poem was presented:
intestinal tourist private first class, backdoor barbeque michelangelo
anal chainsaw massacre backstage pass, vegan hotpocket curly larry moe
hunker down brown town panorama, sausage jockey creeper peeper
sliding all the way to lower alabama, stick it in stick it in deeper deeper
dance the chocolate chacha elton john, driving on on on on the autobahn
pictures today are from The Library of Congress. ~


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‘Criminal, sociopathic, satanic’: Christian leaders react to Ravi Zacharias sex abuse report
Are Your Texts Passive-Aggressive? The Answer May Lie In Your Punctuation
58. A Pirate’s Favorite Letter and More “Cats” in Georgia
Fewer than 1 in 5 support ‘defund the police’ movement, USA TODAY/Ipsos Poll finds
Sen. Tim Scott: ‘Woke supremacy is as bad as White supremacy’
SAT math scores mirror and maintain racial inequity
Warped Vision of “Anti-Racism” Perfect for affluent whites who want to be heroes …
We the undersigned disagree with its arguments and values and we disassociate …
Who’s to Blame for the Black-White Achievement Gap?
If it wasn’t for potluck, I would have no luck at all.
Lost trust: leaked files expose Jersey’s inaction on fraud scandal
The Miseducation of America’s Elites … terrified of running afoul of the new orthodoxy
2021 Poverty Projections: Assessing Four American Rescue Plan Policies
Progressives Are Losing Patience with Biden’s Iran Policy
Georgia Secretary of State Voter Turn Out by Demographics
The making of a political earthquake that tipped the U.S. Senate
Against Me!’s Transgender Front Woman Laura Jane Grace on Why She Wanted to Play NC
I heard that the royal family was having problems
Found Snapshots of a Secret 1960s Crossdressing Resort in the Catskills
Spring forward forever? Lawmakers consider keeping daylight saving time year-round.
Why no one seemed to stand up for gay men during Nazi atrocities
Arthur Blank: Ross Perot’s $90 billion mistake Arthur Blank shares the story …
Woman arrested after not wearing mask at Galveston bank talks with FOX 26
Georgetown law professor fired after Zoom conversation made public l GMA
So there was a law professor at Georgetown who was a racist.
Asian Americans Experience ‘Far More’ Hate Incidents Than Numbers Indicate
With or without me, Florida will always be wonderfully, unrelentingly weird
Four people dead, including gunman, in Chicago, Evanston shooting spree
anthony cody ~ damaged intentions ~ dead 031266 ~ politics ~ fz ~ donald mcneil ~ new normal
58. A Pirate’s Favorite Letter and More “Cats” in Georgia is a podcast episode. It deals with the “Silk Stocking Strangler” case in Columbus GA. The second part of the show is about what is at the bottom of Lake Lanier. ~ That is the same reason the left wing made a big deal out of calling Donald Trump a racist. It was a great distraction. ~ “First the body. No. First the place. No. First both. Now either. Now the other. Sick of the either try the other. Sick of it back sick of the either. So on. Somehow on. Till sick of both. Throw up and go. Where neither. Till sick of there. Throw up and back. The body again. Where none. The place again. Where none. Try again. Fail again. Better again. Or better worse. Fail worse again. Still worse again. Till sick for good. Throw up for good. Go for good. Where neither for good. Good and all.”. ~ there was a writing workshop. the prompt was to take the voice of an inanimate object in your parents house. I chose a baby picture of my grandmother ~ i am a still photograph from 1896 the baby in the picture did not know how to talk ~ first thing in the morning, i see that pastel drawing that aunt sarah did on the opposite wall i was hoping for a better view after you rehung everything after the living room was repaired from the storm damage ~ i hear the squeaky blower motor on the furnace ~ i worry that i don’t have anything to worry about ~ pictures today are from The Library of Congress. ~ selah

Double-Digit Homicides

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Louisville sees deadliest February, 13th straight month of double-digit homicides
How do you cope when everyone’s usage is wrong?
“Dark Side Of The Moon” Released 030173 Here’s 10 Fun Facts About It
women claim Atlanta rapper T.I., wife Tameka Harris sexually assaulted them
What Does the Official Uniform of the KKK Have to Do With Medieval Easter Penitents?
Rejoining the Iran Nuclear Deal Is Not Enough
Dr. Seuss’s World War II Political Propaganda Cartoons
Are Narcissists More Likely to Experience Impostor Syndrome?
study suggests people with dark personalities weaponize victimhood to gain advantages
Asian man recalls unprovoked attack at Manhattan subway station
Lesson of the Day: A Rise in Attacks on Asian-Americans
The United States vs. Billie Holiday True Story: How Much Really Happened
The United States vs. Billie Holiday Is a Salacious BLM Scam
OPINION: Awful truth about Atlanta police tactics to deter violence
When it comes to ethnic tensions, question is not “How can I become more ethically aware?”
The Ugly, Fascinating History Of The Word ‘Racism’
A Pathway to Equitable Math Instruction Dismantling Racism in Mathematics Instruction
A Pathway to Equitable Math Instruction is an integrated approach to mathematics …
Brookhaven PD investigating triple shooting near area lounge
Killings by Police Declined after Black Lives Matter Protests
Black Lives Matter’s Effect on Police Lethal Use-of-Force
Kentucky bill would make it a crime to insult a police officer
DeKalb store boycott unleashes 66 days of tension and hope
Why the Dr. Seuss ‘cancellation’ is chilling
Attacks against Asian Americans are on the rise. Here’s what you can do
tact ~ atlanta weekend ~ the whisper ~ ​Laura Spelman Rockefeller ~ Ben Cuevas
dead 030269 ~ racism ~ electric agora ~ global democracy ~ larry carlton
ginsberg ~ eyedrum ~ hb531 ~ dr. suess ~ dark side of the moon
emerald city ~ Ferlinghetti ~ liberties ~ whatsapp ~ java zoom
In 2018, Stacey Abrams used “voter suppression” as her centerpiece issue, while running for governor. This had the effect of making voting access a political football. Voting access became a partisan issue. It was no longer possible to believe anything you hear about it, especially from Stacey Abrams or Donald J. Trump. There is a bill before the legislature now about voting access. This video goes into detail about what the proposed law would do. Rhetoric about “voter suppression,” and trash talking republican legislators, only serves to promote cynicism about this legislation. HB 531 is a bad piece of proposed legislation, and should be defeated. ~ @chamblee54 @GlennLoury @JohnHMcWhorter class has several meanings. One is the notion of “having class” or conducting yourself in a courteous manner which is beneficial to the community. This type is class is m.i.a. in social justice jihad. Use of the n-word, in racially mixed company, is class-less ~ We hear about racism all the time. What many people do not know is that the r-word did not exist before 1932. ~ There is a thread going on, at a very sensitive facebook group. I thought of a reply to a meme, but don’t feel like dealing with the “fragility.” Some people can dish it out, but cannot take it. ~ The thread is about the racist/antiracist binary. Every other sentence is threatening to ban people from the group if they do not enthusiastically agree with everything the mods say. The meme showed had a pretty picture of a sun set, with the words “Listen and grow, and you won’t have to go” My reply is “Talk and shrink, and you won’t have to think.” The spell check suggestion for antiracist is antichrist. ~ pictures today are from The Library of Congress. ~ selah

A Second Acquittal

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Attacks on Asian-Americans reveal a strange racial double standard
Donald Trump’s second impeachment ends in a second acquittal
Three children and their grandmother died in a Texas fire after trying to stay warm …
San Jose scrambles to respond to attacks on elderly Asian Americans
How Joe Namath Reversed His Own Brain Damage Caused by Football
Podcast Host Mike Pesca Suspended Following Internal Discussion About Use Of Slur
2 dozen possible graves paved over by DeKalb County, Channel 2 investigation finds
AITA for asking my roommate to be more polite toward my guests?
What This Wave of Anti-Asian Violence Reveals About America
Man charged in connection to Johns Creek teen’s death to face judge
Van Gogh Experience To Make National Debut At Historic “Pullman Yards” This May
OPINION: Street violence a bad rap for Atlanta’s music industry
Did Andy Warhol really say “In the future, everyone will be famous for fifteen minutes.” ?
Violence against Asian Americans and why ‘hate crime’ should be used carefully
Smith College Overhauls Policing Practices After Black Student Racially Profiled
Probe finds Smith College student was not victim of racism for ‘eating while black’
‘Superman’ Reboot In The Works At Warner Bros With Ta-Nehisi Coates Writing
Ta-Nehisi Coates Unpacks the Way Comics Have Conquered the World
‘Reply All’ podcast paused amid charges of toxic behavior
Ee Lee Homicide: Extreme Brutality Detailed in New Criminal Complaint
‘Black and Asian unity’: attacks on elders spark reckoning with racism’s roots
Georgia Senate approves bill to teach drivers how to behave around police
“In the future, everyone will be famous for fifteen minutes.” Did Andy Warhol really say that?
Ghosted by Allies: Why BIPOC Still Can’t Trust White People With Social Justice
Full Stop: Casually Anti-Black Behaviors You Need to Quit NOW
dead 022769 ~ botanico ~ cpac ~ Michel Foucault ~ chen chen
c**n ~ asia ~ lawrence ferlinghetti ~ take whats free ~ dead 022566
eddie van halen ~ Haroun Shahid Wakil ~ gore vidal ~ joan didion ~ oscar wilde
Randy/Vincent ~ monday morning reader ~ brick yard ~ wh auden ~ java zoom
Pictures today are from The Library of Congress. ~ selah

Radical Social Change

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AITA for locking myself in the bathroom and having a very long bath, causing my …
Billionaires See VR as a Way to Avoid Radical Social Change
Data Science Reveals Why the Best Business Writers Avoid Certain Words
Quantum Mechanics, Free Will and the Game of Life
Modern action and superhero films fetishize the body, even as they desexualize it.
AITA for being left handed? But actually more like blowing up about it
George on Georgia – Atlanta as the Black Mecca is a myth
Merck Mercuriadis faces the future… and stares down his critics
2 people injured, pets trapped in raging house fire in Chamblee
Shocking images show Coca-Cola is training employees to “try to be less white”
Whistleblower at Smith College Resigns Over Racism
Atlanta seeking to curb use of gas-powered leaf blowers
AITA for asking my wife to poop earlier in the day so we can enjoy our evenings together?
with dr x, to be not named, a prominent woke african-american public intellectual
Asian and Black communities aim to work together after high-profile attacks
‘Do I really care?’ Woody Allen comes out fighting
The Racist Roots of Fighting Obesity Prescribing weight loss to black women ignores …
dance ~ repost ~ iran ~ reply all
who ~ julian bond ~ thomas paine ~ dead 021269
.@chamblee54 .@GlennLoury .@JohnHMcWhorter “with dr x, to be not named, a prominent woke african-american public intellectual” Dr. x is clearly not .@DrIbram He is prominent, woke, a.a., and oh so public. He is not an intellectual ~ pictures are from The Library of Congress. ~ selah

Without Lawful Authority

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How COVID-19 ‘Vaccines’ May Destroy the Lives of Millions
SOPHIE, pioneering producer and DJ, has died aged 34
did knowingly enter or remain in any restricted building or grounds without lawful authority
Remembering Jon Allen – The Gentleman of Island House Key West
For Love or Money: Why Married Men Make More
“when i say it feels right it feels right deep inside”
ATL icon releases experimental new album, T.T. Mahony Is French People
The Power to Change the Equation: Mathematics Teacher Learning Reimagined
why Rosaleen Norton, ‘the witch of Kings Cross’, was a groundbreaking bohemian
Ibram X. Kendi: Society Must ‘Protect’ Children from Gender Ideas
The Coldest Winter I Ever Spent Was a Summer in …
Woman puts Gorilla Glue spray in hair, hairstyle stuck for weeks
At Least 7 Dead, 1 Hurt in 5 Separate Shootings During Violent Monday in Philly
Nikole Hannah-Jones Scrubs Social Media After Doxxing Free Beacon Reporter
AITA for going home because my gf wanted me to eat leftovers?
couple arrested for making porn videos on Myrtle Beach Skywheel ride, in community pool
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I will be featuring Friday Feb 5 at They Call Me Mitch zoom open mic in San Francisco. 10 pm Eastern/9 pm Central/8 pm Mountaitn/7 pm Pacific Zoom link: Room ID: 911 062 3109 Password: 383 ~ fabulous furry freak brothers ~ Move to Your Trash? Items in your trash will be automatically deleted after 30 days. You can delete them earlier from your Trash by going to Activity Log in Settings. ~ January 25, 2021 Ibram X. Kendi openly discussed how “horrifying” it would be if his daughter were trans and how society must “protect” children from gender “ideas” coming from the trans community. ~ my daughter came home and said she wanted to be a boy you know which was horrifying uh for my wife to hear myself to hear and so of course you know we’re like okay what affirmative message is about girlhood you know can we be teaching her to protect her from whatever she’s hearing in our home or even outside of our home that would make her want to be a boy um and i suspect it’s the same thing with you know kids of color in which they’re regularly hearing these messages that maybe may want them to want to be white um or even white children who are like i’m happy i’m white i tried to see an event, ihad to go though eventbrite, it almost got quite bent, i must have been a sight ~ pictures today are from The Library of Congress. ~ selah