Car Color And Crash Risk

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American Politics in Two Dimensions: Partisan and Ideological Identities versus …
District Attorney files motion, drop case against Dennis Perry in 1985 church murders
Science-Based Medicine’s Coverage Of “Irreversible Damage” Includes About 19 Errors …
Car Color and Crash Risk Does the color of your car increase the risk of a crash?
Outrage As A Business Model: How Ben Shapiro Is Using Facebook To Build An Empire
Effect of Adult Entertainment Establishments on Sex Crime: Evidence from NYC
… hit-and-run Beverly Grove crash that claimed life of 26-year-old podcast host
calls on Bridgewater SU to uphold academic freedom by rejecting proposed changes to …
Hillsdale 1776 Curriculum American History, Civics Lessons for K-12 Classrooms
Pervis Payne appears at hearing for first time since 2007
It’s Like I’ve Always Said: Mr. Big Is Trash By Emma Specter
William S. Burroughs’ time-traveling experimental flexi disc, ‘Abandoned Artifacts’
Questions About FBI’s Role in 1/6 Mocked, FBI Shapes Liberal Corporate Media
Fact check: Claims of FBI role in Jan. 6 Capitol attack are false
העמידו לך תנאי סביר לייצור הגלידה, והחלטת לא לקבל אותו. “אני לא מוכן שיכתיבו לי מה לעשות”
Bezos now seeking to be first rich man to ride camel through eye of a needle
Judge Dismisses OAN’s $10 Million Defamation Lawsuit Against Rachel Maddow
Police aren’t ruling out serial killer after 2 sets of human remains found in metro Atlanta
‘If I Don’t Steal [Your Home] Someone Else Will’ Israeli Settler Justifies Takeover
Georgia lawmaker says Israeli government ‘asked me’ for anti-boycott law
Former cop sues Chamblee, says he was fired because he’s white
Judge Upholds Under-21 Stripper Ban, Claims ‘Belief’ It May Curb ‘Human Trafficking’ ..
Please Write About Suicide In A Responsible Way
Their neighbor was arrested on terror charges. This is how a ‘typical community’ reacted.
‘I am a fighter’: Antonio Brown says he’s change Atlanta needs despite indictment
Eric Clapton Will Not Play Shows Where Proof of Vaccine Is Required
When Ed Buck Goes on Trial, So Does White Privilege
Remembering Phatima Rude, fearless legend of SF’s nightlife scene
Professor at historically black college questions ‘black national anthem’
Negro National Anthem has deep roots in American history.
H. R. 3985 To amend the Afghan Allies Protection Act of 2009 to expedite …
#BobDylan The Notorious 1966 Playboy Interview -Bob Dylan Jul 21, 2021
A History of the 1996 Atlanta #Olympics (a thread, by @donovanreyno1ds
What Caused South Africa’s Riots? A local specialist weighs in on the cause …
Want Your Honorarium? Sign an Anti-BDS Pledge First Abby Martin sued Georgia …
Obscure six-county development authority collects fees, hired lobbyist, meets privately
How to reduce the risk of harm when using ketamine
New Hampshire summer camp sends children home after 6 unruly days
Cleveland Indians have chosen new name after more than 100 years
Texas Senate Bill Drops Teaching Requirement That Ku Klux Klan Is ‘Morally Wrong’
Professionalism has become coded language for white favoritism in workplace …
professionalism and anti-Blackness in social work agency culture …
NBC Employee fired after hot mic incident at Olympics. #OlympicGames
Brookhaven police pursuing armed suspect, tell residents to stay in homes
Mother honors ‘very loving’ daughter whose body was found behind shopping center
Hit-and-run NYC dirt bike rider said 4-year-old boy he struck ran out from behind a car
The Pernicious Fantasy of the Nikole Hannah-Jones Saga
The Victoria’s Secret ‘Karen’ — When Melodrama Becomes Malicious
#259 – Independence Day with Glenn Greenwald | The Tim Dillon Show
poll finds Detroit residents more worried about public safety than police reform
From Non-Racism to Anti-Racism to Nice-Racism with Dr Robin DiAngelo
Of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them art dirt
fat goon gets katie herzog deplatformed off substack for kicks
Furious Man Confronts Tucker Carlson While He Was With His Daughter
Frailty variation models for susceptibility and exposure to SARS-CoV-2
4 dead, including pregnant mom and unborn baby, in head-on crash
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FBI agent in Whitmer kidnap probe assaulted wife after swingers’ party She ultimately grabbed Trask’s testicles, which ended the altercation, the document notes, and Trask left the Oshtemo Township home in her vehicle. ~ NORTH GEORGIA MEN ARRESTED, CHARGED IN PLOTS TO PURCHASE EXPLOSIVES, SILENCER AND TO MANUFACTURE A BIOLOGICAL TOXIN ~ a thread A Rant. This word is atrocious, it looks wrong and unbalanced & last I checked the 无 is not a radical to be used like this but I can be wrong, either way this word is ugly & unnecessary. Also, it’s not a ‘mandarin non-binary pronoun’ it’s a Chinese non-binary pronoun. ~ @blueberry1949 The point is 他 can be gender neutral & is often used in an gender neutral or ambiguous manner, such as referring to humanity at large not a specific gender. It was the unwashed ass cracks who came to China & said we need male/female specific pronouns so 她 was created. ~ @blueberry1949 Do we need to be inventing new characters that look like ass to accommodate uncultured shallow westerners because they neglected to think outside of the gender binary?? ~ Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills ~ “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” ~ Cami Delgado, the 2019 Thirtieth Anniversary Fall Conference convener, ended his first conference announcement letter with a Margaret Mead quote that I have always adored: “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” ~ @QuoteResearch Your tweet from July 24th about Margaret Mead and broken thigh bones inspired the creation of a Quote Investigator article here. Thanks ~ @chamblee54 The real credit goes to .@anthroreviewed I heard that show, & thought of it when I saw the other quote. If you have 20 minutes to spare, the show is well worth your time. Writing this tweet takes more time than debunking that quote. ~ @QuoteResearch Here is the updated acknowledgement mentioning the podcast. The article has been updated, but there is a substantial delay before the changes become visible ~ The Library of Congress. ~ selah

Who Is Ijeoma Ukenta?

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Defense attorney warns against ‘rush to judgment’ in triple killing
Atlanta Golf Pro & 2 Others Allegedly Killed By Up & Coming Rapper B Rod!
Las Vegas charter school sued for curriculum covering race, identity
Family sues school that won’t let student out of class promoting anti-white racism
sues school for forcing biracial son to take class teaching ‘hostility toward Whites …’
Want to Save America? Don’t Act Like a Conservative Right’s Love Affair with Losing
Hanson Running For GOP’s 6th Congressional Nomination
Soc 119 race and culture taught by Dr. Sam Richards at Penn State University
1st DCA rules Marsy’s Law privacy applies to police
Tell Congress to Invest in Library Facilities Today!
Authentic Socrates Quotes From His Dialogues Found In Various Books
FTM uses doctor to suction their clit – buceta brazzers doctor dokter سكس امريكي مترجم pump
Witch Trial at the Legal Aid Society Maud Maron was a model public defender. Then ….
Racial obsessions make it impossible for NYC schools to treat parents, kids as people.
How Political Reporter at Local Non-Profit Broke Hannah-Jones Tenure Story
NASA: Moon “wobble” will cause dramatic increases in coastal flooding
‘Duine de dhath’: New phrase for ‘person of colour’ added to Irish lexicon
Athletics is waging a war of transphobia and misogynoir
Guitarist Maria Barbieri covers Crimson’s “impossible to play” Fracture
Pappy Daily, Gene Pitney and How George Jones Came to Be on Musicor
Code rage: The “warrior gene” makes me mad! (Whether I have it or not)
Texas man arrested on charges he voted in 2020 Democratic primary while on parole
Florida’s anti-protest politicians shift their tone for Cuba protesters
Ed Litton, SBC President, Is Seriously Accused of Plagiarism
Victoria’s Secret Woman has wild freak-out … After Being Recorded
Nevada inmate whose execution was twice called off found dead in cell
George Floyd Mural Struck By Lightning In Toledo, Ohio
Lawn Mowing Simulator Takes Cutting The Grass Very Seriously
Is America a racist nation? Join Braver Angels to debate.
Biden administration ‘flagging problematic posts for Facebook,’ Psaki says
Wilmington play ‘Thursday Night Bridge Circle’ looks at Southern culture, racism
The US Government Wants Palestine to Fade From View. Don’t Let It.
It’s Time to Name Anti-Palestinian Bigotry Peter Beinart
Ideas Industry: How Pessimists, Partisans, Plutocrats Transform Marketplace of Ideas.
Rep. Cori Bush, Who Wants To Defund Police, Spent Just Under $70,000 On Private Security
This Is Not a Novel To Be Tossed Aside Lightly. It Should Be Thrown with Great Force
AITA for telling my housemates to not leave animal feces on the kitchen sink?
Who is Ijeoma Ukenta? Black Muslim woman attacked by Abigail Elphick
Police investigating how cops handled dispute between shoppers at N.J. mall
Police will investigate response to viral incident at Short Hills mall
@donovanreyno1ds History of Forsyth County GA’s Former Sundown County (a thread)
AITA for being surly, rude and mean at a wedding and leaving early?
#hats #menswear #notsponsored Why Did Men Stop Wearing Hats?
Plagiarism, Homosexuality, Pastoral Integrity and the State of the SBC
Despite sexual misconduct confession, Morgan Spurlock’s ‘Super Size Me 2’ to be released
Morgan Spurlock Had No Idea His #MeToo Confession Would ‘Decimate’ His …
Antarctica could melt ‘irreversibly’ due to climate change, study warns
Germany cuts short Olympic warmup with allegations of racism
What makes an economic sector likely to be dominated by a monopoly or oligopoly?
A Lesbian history of Britain: love and sex between women since 1500
The Curious Case Of Queen Victoria And The Lesbians by jasonloch
Germany’s contribution to colonisation of Palestine has been ideological …
Invasive Bradford pear, 3 other species to be banned for sale in SC
Shaun King Accused Of Creating Fake Twitter Account To Defend His Actions …
Why Atlanta’s Must-Try New Food Hall Is a Culinary Destination
Historical Racism Is Not the Singular Cause of Racial Disparity
Marietta’s Big Chicken has new, bigger competition in south Georgia
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B Rod arrested KIDNAPPED 2 of his ENEMIES, Took them 2 a Golf Course & MURKED them & ALL WITNESSES ~ The lawsuit suggests that William Clark–who is biracial–was singled out for privilege checks because of his White appearance ~ Lawsuit filed today against educational agencies, teachers, principal, & CEO responsible for hosting workshops requiring children to make public professions about their racial, sexual, gender & religious identities, some of which were singled out for interrogation ~ the language is important always we don’t want to offend in our language i get that but would you at least admit calling a mom a birthing person could be offensive to some moms that they don’t want to get like a happy birthing person card in may ~ His defence, his APOLOGIA or the APOLOGY as it is generally called, is the subjecl: of the little book which here follows. This book was written by Plato, his friend and pupil, who was present at the trial; but as it was not written until many years later, from the memories which he had carried away, it cannot well be taken as a literal report of what then took place; still, that in the main it is correct, may be taken with reasonable certainty. As a rule the Platonic writings, which are held in the dialogue form, make use of the mouth of Socrates for the Expression and development of Plato’s own system of philosophy, and are not at all, what they might appear to be, reports of conversations and dis cussions which actually took place. But in the Apology we find a true picture of Socrates the man, as his friend remembered him at his trial; his manner, his adions, his living ways and so through the few short pages of the Apology ~ @chamblee54 #AbigailElphick : Talk to an attorney #IjeomaUkenta is defaming you, and is going to receive $78k from @gofundme #victoriasecretkaren ~ press briefing about covid and facebook ~ we’re flagging problematic posts, for facebook, that spread disinformation ~ “There’s about 12 people who are producing 65% of vaccine misinformation on social media platforms” ~ @chamblee54 @bloggingheads @GlennLoury @JohnHMcWhorter Here is Glenn’s definition of crt… which needs to be in lower case letters A higher percentage of white homicides are committed by police Nobody seems to know this ~ Magnificent Adult Baby @QiaochuYuan a few days ago i took a medium dose of acid and wrote for several hours straight and admitted some things to myself, mostly about money. let’s start here: last august my mom gave me $100,000 for my birthday. i resented her for this and also suppressed the resentment – a thread ~ You know, consumers crave this food. They’re not willing to sacrifice the taste. But there’s this interesting shifting definition of health, so it’s not necessarily 100% healthy for you. It may be bad for you, it’s fried, but it’s got some vegetables in it, so you feel better about it. -So it’s a perception. ~ people are always demanding what’s your definition of critical race theory and you offered one it was a two-part definition i want you to correct me if i get this wrong one part had to do with separating children by race and encouraging whites to think of themselves as privileged presumptively in virtue of their race and as oppressors and encouraging blacks to think of themselves presumptively in virtue of their race as victims yeah that’s that was one part the other part of it was making this idea of countering disparities of power or influence into the central mission in life you’re here to get an education so that you can be a warrior on the battlefield of equity on the battlefield of social justice that yeah and and you think the marriage of those two things basically defines critical race theory it defines practice today in schools right and as opposed by the people who are up in arms about it ~ pictures today are from The Library of Congress. ~ selah

Fentanyl-Laced Cocaine

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“What to the Slave Is the Fourth of July?” Frederick Douglass | July 5, 1852
Neighborhoods – “I’ve got gangbangers walking around with AK-47s”
Eric Trump: He literally saved Christianity. There’s a full-out war on faith …
REGIONAL – US State Department links Jamaican cops to human trafficking
20 years after 9/11, lawsuit against Saudis hits key moment
Honda “Check Engine” Light: What Could Be the Problem?
Stop Telling Critical Race Theory’s Critics We Don’t Know What It Is
Brené Brown on the Hidden Damage of Gossip | SuperSoul Sessions
Standing up to the Social-Justice Mobs Within the Jewish Community
Bret Easton Ellis : une maison d’édition, pour “rendre le monde plus littéraire”
A Critical Review of Abigail Shrier’s book Irreversible Damage (Part One)
Kennesaw golf club was ‘thriving’ under slain pro in triple homicide case
The truth behind America’s most famous gay-hate murder
Nikole Hannah-Jones will not join UNC-Chapel Hill faculty without tenure
Nikole Hannah-Jones Finally Has Been Granted Tenure. But Damage Is Already Done.
Guskiewicz, Board of Trustees Comment on Nikole Hannah-Jones Contract
A Materialist Alternative to “Antiracism” returning to reality in fighting racial inequality
Judge rejects attempt to stop parts of Georgia voting law
What New York City Taught Us About Ranked Choice Voting
WeChat terminates LGBT+ accounts of Chinese college students
Where is Land of Opportunity? Geography of Intergenerational Mobility in USA
The Hardball Way to Push Republicans to Vote for Infrastructure
Holyoke man arrested for attempted murder in stabbing of social worker
Tyler Mahan Coe: I am hilariously unqualified to have a conversation ….
Breakfast with J.D. Vance, Anti-Trump Author Turned Pro-Trump Candidate
22 Entitled Single People Who, Um, May Want To Lower Their Standards
Paul Thomas Anderson interviews Quentin Tarantino The Director’s Cut (Ep. 215)
Parks are for the People: Piedmont Park Riot and Politics of Late 1960s Atlanta
Not My Idea: A Book About Whiteness by Anastasia Higginbotham
13 important points in the campus & K-12 ‘critical race theory’ debate
Amusing and Confusing Texts Between Landlords and Tenants
Adventures Underground to host book launch for local author, artist, July 17
Off-duty Knoxville officer knocked unconscious after racist remarks
Who is Bryan Rhoden, suspect accused in triple murder at Cobb County country club?
The 185-year-old Battle That Still Dominates Texas Politics
Sullivan County school board approves teacher termination charges
Plagiarism/schmagiarism, how about the whole religious/church industrial complex?
Driver sentenced to 16 years in prison for DUI crash in 2018
Michael Phelps did not test positive for marijuana before competing in the Olympics
Will The Reckoning Over Racist Names Include These Prisons?
Another side effect of Utah’s drought: A terrible allergy season
Woman faces a year in prison for stomping ‘Back the Blue’ sign, smirking …
TRUMP: ‘I’m writing like crazy’to release a book on my time in white house
If You’re Partying Again In NYC, Be Wary Of Fentanyl-Laced Cocaine
Former Yankees 1B Joe Pepitone suing National Baseball Hall of Fame
4 arrested at Maven Hotel, police feared ‘Las Vegas style shooting’ during All-Star game
Mötley Crüe Singer Vince Neil’s Car Crash That Caused Death Of Nicholas Razzle Dingley
The Transition from Franklin D. Roosevelt to Harry S. Truman
The Best Lack All Conviction While the Worst Are Full of Passionate Intensity
XTube is shutting down on September 5 beginning of the end for illegal pornography
Benjamin Franklin’s Anti-Slavery Petitions to Congress
The White Lotus pokes at romanticized allure of Hawaii in its acidic premiere
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@chamblee54 What happens to the contract that @nhannahjones signed with @UNCHussman? Is she is breach of contract now? She agreed to the fixed term employment, then changed her mind. It would be the Streisand effect on steroids if #UNC were to sue, but they might have a case. ~ Readout of Under Secretary of Defense for Policy Dr. Colin Kahl’s Meeting With Saudi Vice Minister of Defense His Royal Highness Prince Khalid bin Salman ~ “You have to break eggs to make an omelet.” When I hear that saying, I feel like an egg. ~ @chamblee54 People denouncing “whiteness” don’t think through their rhetoric. “if whites form an identity movement, they’re judged on the color of their skin that’s it that’s game over, and it would be a horrible destructive development” ~ This poem was written during a writing workshop: we are not broken, down the middle, we may be pieces, we are like a fiddle, strung tightly together, fly lite as a feather, england hurts tonight their woes, penalty kicker had the slows, but here in the pub, goes glubbidy glub glub glub, two morepints paid for, not broken but broke ~ pictures today are from The Library of Congress. ~ selah

Good Old All-American Craze

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Why do American Elites love Wokeness Liberalism, Capitalism pushed to its true extent.
Two men sentenced for trafficking over 400 kilograms of methamphetamine
It seemed like a good old all-American craze — until the nasty truth emerged …
Instant Life tells the story of Yolanda Signorelli von Braunhut, the heiress to …
Talking to Women About Bob Odenkirk’s Line, “My little women!” From Little Women
Opinion | The Don Rumsfeld the Obituaries Won’t Write About
Ten Things We Now Know About the Nonwhite Working Class Vote in 2020
American Atheists Wins New Victory on Behalf of Harassed Nonreligious Student
part I in what will be a short series of articles reviewing science of transgender care …
US Army sergeant indicted on multiple charges in Austin protester Garrett Foster’s death
‘Transracial’ Influencer Made a Choice … Respect It & Stop Quibbling
Gender-affirming hormones for children and adolescents with gender dysphoria
5 Facts About Famous Pharmacist John Pemberton, Coca-Cola Inventor
The Oath Keepers Dilemma: Government Has Threatened Yet Another Indictment
White teacher sues School District 65 for alleged race based policies
Evanston/Skokie School District 65 Racial and Educational Equity Policy
Amish put faith in God’s will and herd immunity over vaccine
Chilling effect remains as Oklahoma’s ‘divisive concepts’ law becomes effective
“populations are one thing individuals are another now that’s just true”
Fort Benning will be renamed. Here are some options that are on the table
‘Ocean on fire’: Flames erupt in Gulf of Mexico after gas pipeline ruptures
“Harmful Rhetoric” isn’t as harmful as you think | #PrideMonth
@chamblee54 i’ll take them off they’re making me look weird um
No data available to suggest link between India’s reduction of COVID-19 and ivermectin
How the word ‘queer’ was adopted by the LGBTQ community
Did Art Linkletter’s daughter, Diane, jump out a window while high on LSD?
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas A savage journey to the heart of the American dream
If I Owned Hell and Texas, I Would Rent Texas and Live at the Other Place
Diane Linkletter: A Princess Wrongly Accused – July 2, 2016 by Tom Bleecker
The Diane Linkletter Story 1969 YouTube 360p 15,514 views
Diane Linkletter: Suicide, Faked Death, or Murder? ~ diane linkletter grave
Socio-economic conditions for satisfying human needs at low energy use
To Stop Climate Change Americans Must Cut Energy Use by 90 Percent, Live in …
Why You Should Celebrate July 4th With Fireworks, Not Gunfire
Woman Infiltrates A Facebook Group Where Landlords Talk Smack About Renters …
Claire Lehmann – Bret Weinstein twitter exchange – rhetoric is fuelling vaccine hesitancy
Bullshit Ability as an Honest Signal of Intelligence
I Hear America Singing By Walt Whitman Poem animation
vessel finder ~ freeze ray poetry ~ edgewood avenue ~ circus nuts ~ david e. durston
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The Battle Over the Sea-Monkey Fortune A former 1960s bondage-film actress is waging legal combat with a toy company for ownership of her husband’s mail-order aquatic-pet empire. ~ @mariekehoogwout die Robin d’Angelo is gewoon een geschifte raciste die haar eigen breinbagger projecteert op alle andere witte mensen. En dat is dan de goeroe van het anti-racisme? ~ Robin d’Angelo is a racist figure who has a large-bodied projector designed for other white men. What is the value of anti-racism? ~ @chamblee54 he is inviting a dialogue, this is a little bit different from calling people a name or dismissing them out of hand or grandstanding you know or moral preaching or whatever ~ I’d vote for jim nabors in a heartbeat. what happened to jim nabors, i that’s the america i want. i think he married rock hudson and died. was jim nabors gay? i think so, i may be liable. shazam ~ have you ever talked to someone about religion, and they say “he’s not really a christian”? Thats what some of these CRT discussions sound like ~ Mr. Funn wants me to write a short story in 25o words, in less than twenty minutes. Jill says that is not short, but plays along anyway. Jill and MF need each other. Jill is too stubborn to admit that 250 words is short. MF is just too stubborn, period. It is irrelevant whether or not another person is involved. MF is doing the distraction drill, by announcing the rules of the workshop continually. If I pay attention, I will not reach 250 words. If I ignore him I will not write 250 words in the time allotted, and I am not too stubborn to admit that. However, since Jill and MF are the too people who need each other, then my stubborness/whatever is beside the point. I could look up the opposite of stubborn, but that would take up time. It would also give me a good excuse for not writing 250 words. I have never needed an excuse not to reach other peoples goals. Or I can just look out the window at the trees across the street. There is a black walnut, a pine, a telephone pole … Pictures today are from The Library of Congress. ~ selah

Breakfast Pizza Recipe

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Languages with a wide range of tone pitches have primarily developed in regions …
designer of Rainbow Flag, in Mark Ewert and Josh Tager’s A New Flag…
Climate, vocal folds, tonal languages: Connecting physiological, geographic dots
Nicholas Braun is going to be Cat Person asshole in viral story’s movie adaptation
Israeli Breakfast Pizza Recipe The best of Israeli breakfast, all on top of a pizza.
One Woman’s Decades-Long Fight To Make Juneteenth A U.S. Holiday
Warnock and Ossoff prep new voting bill to blunt Georgia’s election law
Two New York City kosher restaurants send Pride emails, then apologize
Twitter Suspends National File’s Hadfield for Celebrating Twitter’s Decision to …
20 factories destroyed, 5,000 jobs lost due to Israel’s 11-day aggression on Gaza
Water Sector Security Report Released Just as Another Water Plant Hack Comes to Light
Nikole Hannah-Jones will not join UNC faculty without tenure, legal team writes
Juneteenth menu at Atlanta Ikea angers Black employees
Joy Reid Schools Critical Race Theory Critic On Legal Scholarship
A Complete Original’: Remembering Atlanta Drag Legend Lily White, 1948-2021
Mattilda Bernstein Sycamore in Praise of Unconventional Writing Practices
Providing for restrictions on racist and sexist concepts, for contracts, for penalty …
MARTA green-lights $150M redo of downtown’s Five Points Station
Suspect who shot Daytona Beach. Florida officer arrested in DeKalb County
Moby – ‘Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad? (Reprise Version)’ (Official Video)
CDC: Black children are more likely to drown than white children, leading to programs …
How “Grip n’ Grin” Pictures Create Misconceptions About Hunters
Invasive worms emerging after Texas rains. Whatever you do, don’t cut them in half
‘Our ministers are philistines’: Elton John outraged as Brexit hits musicians
Case launches battle over Georgia voting law in courts and campaigns
Boycott and Do Not Hire Paul Canon and Damien Kyle
What the media gets wrong on gender reassignment – gross negligence on gender …
Chaos at school board meeting: Students taught ‘Columbus was a murderer,’
cmu phonetics ~ dead angle ~ punk noir ~ walking the dog ~ repost ~ Ellen McIlwaine
ivermectin ~ 06/25/77 ~ 8th Georgia Infantry Regment ~ 7th Georgia Cavalry Regiment ~ kinks
seth morgan ~ wsb ~ violent language ~ linda gordon ~ margaret sanger
dorothea lange ~ aphex twin ~ Payne vs the State ~ Secoriea Turner ~ the mole
blue ~ judy holliday ~ association football. ~ nickname for association
@ATLWatershed The former Bellwood Quarry at Westside Park IS NOT intended for recreational usage. When activated, the massive pumps can drag a person underneath the water & pull them into the pumping manifold causing serious injury or death. ~ @chamblee54@bloggingheads @robertwrighter “i’m not sure how productive this is” Mr. Stephens is very good at making arguments. This is not pleasant to listen to. I made it through 19 minutes. ~ “Let me respond. This should be a dialogue, not a monolog,” “It’s my show, its how I want to do it.” ~ @realchrisrufo Joy Reid turned the gaslight up to 100 tonight. She claimed that critical race theory isn’t taught in schools and that intersectionality, critical whiteness studies, ethnic studies, and critical pedagogy have nothing to do with CRT. Let’s deconstruct her language games. ~ @chamblee54 @bloggingheads @robertwrighter @kausmickey id requirement for AB is writing your drivers license number on application – circus over sb202 is a trust buster for all performers “he’s charging the georgia changes which are not much i mean id requirements for absentee ballots fewer drop boxes” ~ Schlitz Malt Liquor Rufus Thomas ~ brassieres are not an equal substitute, values crumble with each unnecessary tumble, if you don’t keep them clean these will fail, heatache lies in wait with each breath I take, your entire life could be washed away in a moment, boxers or briefs cracked, crumbling, drowning in debt ~ pictures today are from The Library of Congress. ~ selah ~

Shut Down I-85

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Woman injured in shooting that shut down I-85 north of Midtown
It Ain’t What You Don’t Know That Gets You In Trouble. It’s What You Know …
Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Robin DiAngelo are invited to conversation on Systemic Racism.
Colonial Pipeline attack reveals vital importance of older infrastructure workers
Benjamin Franklin’s, Constitutional Convention from notes of James Madison
Are Philly’s streets named after trees ordered from hardwood to softwood?
The Splintering Moon: A Eulogy for Trans Women Who Die Young
Stop Leaving 1-Star Reviews For Stupid Reasons
What’s the Origin of the Word ‘Cocktail’? We get down to the bottom of it.
Baseball’s Most Disrespectful Home Runs Yermín Mercedes’s homer isn’t No. 1.
SFPD Makes Arrests in North Beach Residential Burglaries 20-095
What We Really Lose When Highways Destroy Historic Neighborhoods
10-pound log of meat used as weapon during fight in Walmart chip aisle
Temp Firm Financed By Stacey Abrams Infiltrated All Levels Of GA Government
Suspect Arrested After 94-Year-Old Asian Woman Stabbed In San Francisco
Colorado Secretary of State’s Office Adopts Emergency Rules for Voting Systems
Good Country People: Manley Pointer; A Symbol of the Devil
Aruna Khilanani’s Manhattan office ‘permanently closed’ after Yale talk
Questions About FBI’s Role in 1/6 Mocked Because FBI Shapes Liberal Corporate Media
What makes language offensive? This week we speak to John McWhorter
How to Fix Sticky Silicone Caulk By Cathy Habas Updated October 8, 2020
Brigitte Bidet, dazzling Atlanta drag queen inspired by pop icons and old …
Police: Fatal Austin mass shooting arose from a teenage feud
Brian Eno Launches His Own Radio Station with Hundreds of Unreleased Tracks
Dickey Betts Fires Back at Allman Brothers, responds to summer dismissal
Decision made in Buckhead launched the modern Ku Klux Klan
White Supremacists Within: The Ku Klux Klan in 1920s Atlanta
The KKK might have died in obscurity if this sinister, racist woman didn’t come along
In 1920, the Klan was floundering. … revival on top of Stone Mountain in 1915 …
“The True Story of the Ku Klux Klan”: Defining the Klan through Film
A Byte Out of FBI History: Imperial Kleagle of the Ku Klux Klan in Kustody
“should glenn go on sub stack in oh sorry should glenn go on tucker carlson”
edward young clarke ~ mary elizabeth tyler ~ christ the king ~ 0106 affadavit ~ eno downloads
horrible peopleS ~ supposedly ~ sws ~ fulton vs philadelphia ~ Stomu Yamashta
lab leak theory ~ jerry hall ~ repost ~ death and taxes ~ smells like teen spirit
@graceisforyou The Woke Mob: my survival story My husband and I co-founded a justice-oriented non-profit org 11 years ago. At the time, we knew nothing about Critical Social Justice or Critical Theory. Our motivation was to address disparities in mental health care. 1/ ~ are the ones that are promoting this theory but also that this theory is somehow racist and the moment that the lab leak theory was pegged as racist that’s when it really became toxic for anyone in the mainstream to ask questions about because you don’t want to be pegged as like oh well you’re just pursuing this racist conspiracy theory and my thought has always been from the beginning like first of all we just need the answer like neutrally to look at what actually happened here but second of all if we’re playing them which is more racist game it seemed way worse to me when people were like oh chinese people eat bats and that’s disgusting and they’re so weird andthat’s how we all got this pandemic that seemed to me way more problematic than the idea that a lab that by the way the usa is funding that something leaked accidentally from that lab so that was really the thing that put this all off the table was this strategic weaponization of you know what is a very real problem of alleging racism it’s the scientific community teamed up with ~ “Mrs. Dora Stainers, 562 1/2 Decatur St. 39 years old. Began spinning in an Atlanta mill at 7 years, and is in this mill work for 32 years. Only 4 days of schooling in her life. Began at 20 cents a day. … ” ~ @chamblee54 @GlennLoury @JohnHMcWhorter “should glenn go on sub stack in oh sorry should glenn go on tucker carlson” to some, there is little difference between @SubstackInc and @TuckerCarlson ~ Buckhead hasn’t been considered an Atlanta suburb since the head of the ATL Klan developed the Peachtree Battle-Peachtree Rd. area as one. When he sold some land to the Catholic Church (for Christ the King) he was relieved of his top Klansman duties. @CNN
should know this stuff. ~ Edward Young Clarke and Elizabeth Tyler ~ @chamblee54 how many sjw does it take to change a light bulb? GOOGLE IT its not my job to educate you ~ more than one. First they have to have every person of a different race, gender and orientation to make sure changing the lightbulb is inclusive. Then they will argue about whether or not the lightbulb is racist and oppressive. Then wait for someone to change the lightbulb ~ @TylerChaseXXX @AdamGravesXXX @XavierRyanXXX @Ovipositor00 @TheRyanPowerss @TheRichieWest @Sherman_Maus…. ~ Java Speaks 20th Anniversary was a heartwarming delight. At the end of it, someone said, regarding juneteenth, that if someone tried to sell her something, that she was punching them in the throat. manley pointer decided to log off, rather that be affected. MP proceded to go to and saw the final score of game seven… Hawks 103, 76ers 96. ~ The Library of Congress. ~ selah

Out Of Context

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Paul Jackson and team of scriptwriters assess legacy of Steptoe and Son, 50 years on
Some People Have A Twisted Sense Of Humor (38 Dark Jokes)
BREAKING: Family of 8-year-old Secoriea Turner suing city, mayor in child’s death
Molten gold was poured down his throat until his bowels burst
Two controversies—over Nikole Hannah-Jones and Emily Wilder …
NYC psychiatrist defends ‘out of context’ fantasy about shooting white people
Following weekend violence, Atlanta police chief announces department restructuring
Progress Pride flag gets 2021 redesign to better represent intersex people
Christian Book Distributors drops its initials to avoid confusion with cannabis product.
Iran’s Hatred for Israel Isn’t Helping Palestinians
William Randolph Hearst receiving honorary degree from Oglethorpe University, 1927.
Hearst family left distinct mark on Atlanta, Buckhead Thornton Kennedy Oct 17, 2018
An open letter on U.S. media coverage of Palestine
strategic primer on Atlanta’s crime problem … briefing document from Atlanta’s …
Triple-homicide suspect Stephen Broderick jailed; wife, daughter … among victims
Hussman says he was ‘concerned’ about his core values of journalism and 1619 Project
Patriarchy, Critical Race Theory, and Christian Nationalism White American Jesus
Please Stop Sharing This Viral But Misguided Free-Speech Comic – xkcd is great but …
‘potential resolution’ to tenure controversy may not heal damage done at UNC
A trendy progressive ideology buckles under weight of its own paradoxes.
Don’t Worry White People, Democracy Ain’t Going Nowhere There’s no reason to fear …
In A Night at the Sweet Gum Head, journalist Martin Padgett tells Atlanta’s …
It’s not tenure battle that’s wrong with Hannah-Jones, it’s her poor scholarship
Oregon … To Pay Nikole Hannah-Jones For Lectures On Race
Literary World Reacts to Publishers’ Striking Questionable Lines
Once Bitten? Recent Developments in Vampire Fiction by John C Adams
Most Irrational Number golden ratio is even more astonishing than …
Grim BLM Trade-Off – Fewer African-Americans killed by cops; more killed by civilians
For years I have spoken about what I consider to be worldliness of liberal churches
Arizona Has Fixed Up an Old Gas Chamber So It Can Kill Prisoners Again
Reading Park Police IG Report More Closely It doesn’t support the headlines.
Take The Near Impossible Literacy Test Louisiana Used to Suppress the Black Vote
knee shaming ~ repost ~ covid data ~ birthdae ~ tulsa riot
cahoots ~ 24 hour stream ~ maya forstater ~ bad faith ~ on having whiteness
ogelthorpe ~ neopronouns ~ harley strickland jr ~ Astrud Gilberto ~ jon del arroz
bj thomas ~ siobhan price ~ ru experienced ~ leave los angeles ~ palestinians
Social media scam is using the Baptist preacher’s name to advertise gummies, oil. “Scammers are attempting to trick you into giving your personal information or infect your electronic devices by using Dr. Stanley’s image.” ~ “Whiteness is a condition one first acquires and then one has—a malignant, parasitic-like condition to which “white” people have a particular susceptibility. The condition is foundational, generating characteristic ways of being in one’s body, in one’s mind, and in one’s world. Parasitic Whiteness renders its hosts’ appetites voracious, insatiable, and perverse. These deformed appetites particularly target nonwhite peoples. Once established, these appetites are nearly impossible to eliminate. Effective treatment consists of a combination of psychic and social-historical interventions. Such interventions can reasonably aim only to reshape Whiteness’s infiltrated appetites—to reduce their intensity, redistribute their aims, and occasionally turn those aims toward the work of reparation. When remembered and represented, the ravages wreaked by the chronic condition can function either as warning (“never again”) or as temptation (“great again”). Memorialization alone, therefore, is no guarantee against regression. There is not yet a permanent cure.” ~ THE TWILIGHT OF THE IDOLS by FRIEDRICH NIETZSCHE Or, How to Philosophise with the Hammer ~ As the Trial of Omar Mateen’s Wife Begins, New Evidence Undermines Beliefs About the Pulse Massacre, Including Motive ~ Bertrand Russell “For love of domination we must substitute equality; for love of victory we must substitute justice; for brutality we must substitute intelligence; for competition we must substitute cooperation. We must learn to think of the human race as one family.” ~ “Russell to Tell of His Beliefs About Morality,” New York Herald Tribune, Mar 21 1940, 28 Telegram indicating plans to issue statement soon ~ @chamblee54 @QuoteResearch “For love of domination, we must …” This quote is not on Bertrand Russell’s Wikiquote page. The only source google has is a magazine article, quoting Mr. Russell speaking at “The Herald Tribune Forum” ~ @QuoteResearch New Hopes for a Changing World (1951) by Bertrand Russell, Chapter 16: Ideas Which Have Become Obsolete Page 159 and 160 . . . If we are to live happily . . . b. russell haiku ~ @ItsGoneAwry “I only realized a couple of days ago that I’m a guy.” Then she goes on about how hurtful it is when people use her given name and biological pronouns. It’s been two days, lol. Anyway, a bio dude wouldn’t be this dramatic. This is full-on drama queen. ~ the following piece was written during a writing workshop. the prompt: when my mirror speaks – when my mirror speaks, it asks when the tv is coming back, i say it might be back during football season, but that assumes that the digital converter works, the mirror wants me to ditch that old tv, it is as deep and heavy as it is big screened and colorful, when i was in my black and white childhood, constantly trying to get horizontal control to work, a tv like this would be a dream, now that a flat screen digital tv, costs about as much as my nine inch black and white, costs about the same, not adjusted for inflation, my mirror does not understand this, it just knows it is above my work space, so i can see the tv behind me, i am still emotionally traumatized by super bowl 51, and had to disconnect the antennae to get the vcr to work, and i still almost never turn the thing on unless it is football season, and hope the falcons don’t tear my heart out agains, like they have done every year since i was 12 years old, the mirror knows none of this it is just a dumb piece of glass, with an chemical backing that reflects things, instead of letting me see through to the wall, maybe i should have broken the mirror that night in 2017, donald trump was going to be sworn in in three days, i would trade seven years of bad luck, if the falcons could have held on to their 25 point lead, but whatshisname was sworn in, and the falcons never recovered, maybe it is because of this mirror, but i doubt it, a mirror does not change events, it just reflects them backwards, unless it is a rear view mirror on a car, but this desktop mirror is not that important ~ pictures today are from The Library of Congress. ~ selah

Three Generations of Imbeciles

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Be Kind; Everyone You Meet is Fighting a Hard Battle
Removing Bedrock Of Liberalism What “Critical Race Theory” debate is really about.
I Was a Child: A Memoir by Bruce Eric Kaplan (2015-04-14) Hardcover
Special Non-Cheugy Edition | Aryeh Cohen-Wade & Nicholas Clairmont
The jargon and weird abstractions are central to the birth of a new elite, which uses …
This is your memorial day monday morning reader.
Despair of the American Working Class is Real, Sowing Seeds of American Fascism
Georgia absentee ID law has outsized impact on Black and metro voters
No, Einstein Didn’t Really Say That – Top of Mind with Julie Rose
UNC Donor Lobbied Against Hannah-Jones, and Her Lawyers Set Deadline
“Three Generations of Imbeciles Are Enough” Buck v. Bell, Oliver Wendell Holmes
They May Forget What You Said, But They Will Never Forget How You Made Them Feel
What’s happening to the Uyghurs? | Robert Wright & David Brophy
What Started in Georgia Has Crossed The Line in Chattanooga, Tennessee
Abraham Lincoln and Joshua Speed met in Springfield, Illinois, during the 1830s.
myth of corporate neutrality “stay out of politics,” particularly “divisive” issues like …
Column: Hannah-Jones Debate Lacks Proper Perspective
Nikole Hannah-Jones considering legal action against UNC following tenure flap
Treating overdose deaths like murder will only deter 911 calls for help
Is This a Real Quote by Nelson Mandela? “Fools divide themselves by race, color …”
Episode 13: ‘Diversity Training’ Doesn’t Work. This Might.
“From the Desk of Donald J. Trump” has been scrubbed from Trump’s website
Removing Bedrock Of Liberalism What “Critical Race Theory” debate is really about.
Law Student Who Made Fun of Federalist Society Will Be Allowed to Graduate
Words That Mean Nothing – political discourse is dominated by issues that don’t exist
Harsh New WV Restrictions Show Just How Fragile Needle Exchange Programs Can Be
It’s Insane We’re Having A ‘Debate’ Over Whether It’s Acceptable To Assault A Journalist
Nobody looking good in the Nikole Hannah-Jones tenure fight with UNC
Florida deputies shoot 14-year-old girl who pointed gun at them, sheriff says
Bodycam video captures deputies in shootout with 12-year old boy and 14-year-old girl
Sheriff: Boy, girl used AK-47, shotgun in shootout with deputies
The first step in coming out LGBTQ as an Christian
Brian Kemp, Who Met With Suspected Chinese Spy Leader, Fights Audit In Georgia
City workers remove George Floyd Sq barricades at 38th & Chicago in Minneapolis
Glenn Greenwald Warns Against Becoming A Captive Of Your Audience
On December 9, 2016, I had a troubling exchange with blogger Frank Turk
As a Black woman, racial trauma impacts me every day. But the pandemic gave me …
‘Psychopathic Problem of the White Mind’ psychiatrist lecturing at Yale spoke
Deadline set for lawsuit in Nikole Hannah-Jones tenure controversy
Be Yourself. Everyone Else Is Already Taken
Politics And English Language What would Orwell say about our debased discourse?
UNC talking to attorneys for journalist Hannah-Jones
Here Is A List Of Weenies Who Work At The New York Times
development of First Union African Baptist Church began in 1879
Google Diversity Head Said Jews Have ‘Insatiable Appetite for War’
Jim Crow Killed Voting Rights for Generations. Now the GOP Is Repeating History.
Naomi Wolf Gets Duped Into Tweeting Out Fake Anti-Vaxxer Quote From Porn Star
A Close Reading of the Best Opening Paragraph of All Time
1947 photo when both Kennedy and Nixon were member of House of Representatives.
He Wrote That First AIDS Report in 1981. He Has a Lot More to Say.
Revisiting My Sad and Trivial Night with Rock Hudson
Yale School of Medicine responds to outcry over guest speaker
‘It’s terrifying’: Students say racism runs rampant at School of Nursing
The Back Road: The strange case of Dr. Aruna Khilanani
More than 235 unmarked graves documented at Old Clarkesville Cemetery
pochojoe ~ snopes ~ section 8 ~ just 6 numbers ~ clickbait
aruna khilanani ~ marc christian ~ kumquat ~ 0106 grand jury ~ W.E.B. Du Bois
google racism ~ style guide ~ Aruna Khilanani MD ~ Dr. Aruna Khilanani, MD
howl 2011. ~ america ~ neil young ~ atlanta pride ~ HTML italic Tag
bible/gay ~ david lee roth ~ wild thing ~ ode to billy joe ~ their own eyes
fort troff ~ Brian Brigantti ~ tulsa race riot ~ tulsa race massacre ~
prepaidcardstatus ~ cheugy ~ bek ~ Big Mac-ghazi ~ BSD Zero Clause License
@chamblee54 @NickClairmont1 @AryehCW both have “protected” twitter accounts, so who knows if this will go through “i thought it would be hitler and it was berlusconi” I dare say the majority of Americans don’t know about Berlusconi. @bloggingheads ~ The Lincoln quote came from a letter, dated August 24, 1855. Mr. Lincoln was writing to Joshua Speed. The possibility that the Union would be dissolved was discussed, among other issues. Your quote was in the last paragraph. ~ “I am not a Know-Nothing. That is certain. How could I be? How can any one who abhors the oppression of negroes, be in favor or degrading classes of white people? Our progress in degeneracy appears to me to be pretty rapid. As a nation, we began by declaring that “all men are created equal.” We now practically read it “all men are created equal, except negroes” When the Know-Nothings get control, it will read “all men are created equal, except negroes, and foreigners, and Catholics.” When it comes to this I should prefer emigrating to some country where they make no pretence of loving liberty — to Russia, for instance, where despotism can be taken pure, and without the base alloy of hypocracy [sic].” ~ Bonnie and Clyde’ foster children, 14 and 12, who used AK-47 to fire at cops after breaking into Florida home as dramatic bodycam shows girl shooter screaming in pain after being shot ~ No. 20A-________ IN THE SUPREME COURT OF THE UNITED STATES ALABAMA ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS, ET AL.,Applicants, v. U.S. DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES, ET AL.,Respondents. EMERGENCY APPLICATION FOR A VACATUR OF THE STAY PENDING APPEAL ISSUED BY THE UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT FOR THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA ~ Aruna Khilanani MD MA · 5-21Suppression of my talk on race by Yale Child Study Center. Video 2 #yale #drsoftiktok #whiteviolence ~ arunakhilananiAruna Khilanani MD MA · 5-20 My talk at Yale Child Study Center was just released internally. Unnamed and untitled like the privilege it protects. #yale #childstudycenter ~ @QuoteResearch Anyone who is not a républicain at twenty casts doubt on the generosity of his soul; but he who, after thirty years, perseveres, casts doubt on the soundness of his mind. Anselme Batbie, 1872, open letter (Translated from French) ~ If You Are Not a Liberal at 25, You Have No Heart. If You Are Not a Conservative at 35 You Have No Brain ~ arunakhilanani Aruna Khilanani MD MA · 5-13 Call to Arms: Racial Mental Health: #BIPOCS Pt. 2 Here is the quick & dirty for how to protect yourself on conversations about #race . #drsoftiktok Я люблю майнкрафт (Instrumental) – MINECRAFT BOY ~ A few weeks ago, someone sent me a recording of a talk called “The Psychopathic Problem of the White Mind.” It was delivered at the Yale School of Medicine’s Child Study Center “I had fantasies of unloading a revolver into the head of any white person that got in my way, burying their body, and wiping my bloody hands as I walked away relatively guiltless with a bounce in my step. Like I did the world a fucking favor.” ~ Sylvia Plath’s Food Diary @whatsylviaate Everything Sylvia Plath ate, according to her journals, her letters, her poems, The Bell Jar, and other miscellany. (created by @rebeccaebrill aka @sontagdaily) ~ @naninizhoni Aruna Khilanani is the child of rich immigrant doctors. She went to a $40k prep school. Despite being a first gen, brown woman she has had access to opportunities most white Americans do not, and has no connection to historical racism or poor minorities. ~ @aruna_khilanani Dr. Aruna Khilanani Forensic Psychiatrist and Psychoanalyst with expertise in violence and racism. Left academic institutions because of racism. Uncut. Word. ~ pictures for this pre-solstice recapitulation of restitution are from The Library of Congress. ~ selah

Unmarked Polyforms

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The United States vs. Billie Holiday Tells A Story From the War on Drugs
the incredible condescension towards people of color in contemporary liberal culture
Deep dive: Decatur’s funky, effective, mercilessly ridiculed planter boxes
Heesch Numbers of Unmarked Polyforms … these layers are usually known as “coronas”
State bills would curtail health care for transgender youth
“It allows for arbitrary decisions:” Buckhead restaurant catching heat over dress code
Two unidentified soldiers in Trans-Mississippi Confederate battle shirts
We Should Use the Same Principles for Debating Israel As Debating Racism
Welcome to the Correspondence of Zachary Taylor and Millard Fillmore
NYT fails to disclose columnist’s side gig at pro-Israel advocacy group
The Gathering Resistance to the Stigmatisation of Masculinity
What is the National Debt Year By Year From 1790 to 2019?
Talking About Real Money ~ a trillion dollars
Three Senior Staffers Exit Dianne Morales’s Campaign For NYC Mayor
Lockheed sends executives on mission to deconstruct their “white male privilege.”
Lockheed Martin White Men as Full Diversity Partners_Redacted
The Most Controversial Opinions a Black Man Can Have (Pt. 1)
blame it on beckett Password: Clubhousememories
AITA for going to college instead of helping my baby’s mom with childcare and such?
How worried should you be about the federal deficit and debt?
CBO An Update to the Budget and Economic Outlook: 2019 to 2029
Dort würden Desinformation und Verschwörungsmythen verbreitet und damit die …
One of the hallmarks of totalitarian systems is the criminalization of dissent.
The Rev. Roy McClain, Baptist Preacher, Dies Of Heart Attack
Sunday, November 3, 1957 80 Atlanta Pastors Sign Manifesto on Racial Beliefs
911 calls document deadly North Charleston mass shooting: Chaos, gunshots
Robert Wright on using cognitive empathy to save the world
Naftali Bennett: ‘I’ve Killed Lots Of Arabs In My Life And There’s No Problem With That’
#rescueflag ~ whistleblower ~ Roy McClain ~ first baptist ~ michael sullivan ~ celtic music
Saïd Sayrafiezadeh ~ Saïd Sayrafiezadeh ~ georgia moon ~ floyd sq. shooting ~ people search
veni vidi vici ~ Chuck E. Weiss ~ daily limbaugh ~ csn on cbs ~ julio jones
why do sjw make such ugly graphics? there are much more appealing ways to tell that story than all caps, toxic masculinity font, and smallest letters on the bottom. ~ @LimbaughRoomie Rush Limbaugh’s Roommate in Hell I thought the low point of my life was being damned to hell, but then I was assigned Rush Limbaugh as a roommate. ~ Someone collected the best told by each American President. This was compiled while POTUS #44 was in charge. ~ why do sjw make such ugly graphics? there are much more appealing ways to tell that story than all caps, toxic masculinity font, and smallest letters on the bottom. ~ Herbert Hoover “Blessed are the young, for they shall inherit the national debt.” Address to the Nebraska Republican Conference, Lincoln, Nebraska (16 January 1936) ~ “the epistemological equivalent of him saying that i blow goats uh the first time by the way that the word epistemological appeared within five words of a reference to having oral sex with goats but go ahead” ~ pictures today are from The Library of Congress. ~ selah

Will Slack Destroy America?

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Congresswoman Liz Cheney On The Attack On Israel And The Divide Within The GOP
Is Slack Destroying American Companies? Q&A With Antonio Garcia-Martinez
Gore Vidal: The United States of Amnesia – a Film by Nicholas Wrathall
Rogan Says Giving Into Woke Mob Will Result In ‘SWM’ Not Being Allowed To Talk
Colin Powell: ‘We’ve come to live in a society based on insults, on lies’
‘We got shot at’ – the outrageous life of Jayne County, the first trans rock’n’roller
Why grievance studies hoaxer James Lindsay wants to save Southern Baptists
Fungus full of psychedelic drugs could cause Indiana Brood X cicadas’ butts to fall off
deadly consequences when kids run away from CO residential treatment centers
Biden ripped for joking about running over reporter who asked about Israel
He’s “mad, bad and dangerous to know”. He is the scandalous Lord Byron
Benjamin Franklin to Robert Morris 25 Dec. 1783Writings 9:138
From Benjamin Franklin to Robert Morris, 25 December 1783
UNC backs down from offering acclaimed journalist tenured position
Why wasn’t Sylvester “Redd” Coles tried for the murder of Mark McPhail?
Davis Hearing Wraps Up With Stunning Admission by Witness
Walgreens Closes 17 San Francisco Stores Due To “Out Of Control” Shoplifting
UNC-Nikole Hannah-Jones: They’re coming for you, too
Biden administration drops Trump-era discrimination lawsuit against Yale
“Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.”
7 Bible Passages to Remind You God Loves You & Wants You to Take Care of Yourself
Denial Of UNC Tenure Is Result Of Scholarly Malpractice, Not Discrimination
Jemele Hill Accidentally Got Involved in the Kwame Brown Saga and …
Kwame Brown says the magic word 56 times in 4:18
Chorus of “We Shall Overcome” breaks out at @unc Board of Trustees meeting
we can’t change our procedure on the basis of psychological irregularities
A Culture of Free Speech Protects Everyone … Nikole Hannah-Jones appears to be …
the Stanford College Republicans (SCR) posted about my friend Emily …
Andrew Sullivan’s Free Speech Hypocrisy A false narrative of cancel culture …
Pulitzer Prize-winning NYT journalist Nikole Hannah-Jones joins UNC faculty
UNC hire of acclaimed journalist sparks conservative ire
People Are Roasting The Viral “Vaccinated By The Lord” Card
Mossad proxy faked violent Facebook anti-Semitism
Athletic Tape Binding Tutorial for Drag Kings, FTM, and Enbys
Don’t Let Fear of ‘Wokeness’ Close Hearts and Minds
Placards with anti-Jewish hatred mar protests by tens of thousands
best way to explain why we incarcerate is to explore what would happen if we didn’t.
A Lesson From The Crowded House (Abuse in Reformed Evangelicalism)
richie’s pronouns ~ ritas ~ Chief Noc-A-Homa ~ kwame brown ~ panos
eurovision ~ twitterholic ~ pledge ~ shaun mullen ~ usafa
timber rattlesnake ~ knight chairs ~ mossad gift shop ~ faulkner ~ cancel envy
@johannhari101 Whenever you are tempted to share something angry and abusive on Twitter, pause. Remember that your personality is being repatterned by shitty algorithms that reward aggression and rage and make you miserable. Stop. Don’t post it. ~ The Mossad: The Social Media Account @TheMossadIL We put lasers on aquatic animals and other satirical shenanigans Right behind you TheMossadIL ~ xxx The Pulitzer Prize-winning architect of the New York Times’ 1619 Project, Nikole Hannah-Jones, made this distinction in an interview: “Violence is when an agent of the state kneels on a man’s neck until all of the life is leached out of his body. Destroying property, which can be replaced, is not violence. To use the same language to describe those two things is not moral.” ~ @nhannahjones Reporter @nytmag // Knight Chair @unchussman //Slanderous & nasty-minded mulattress//Co-founder The Ida B. Wells Society //smart&thuggish//Creator #1619Project ~ Curing health care of racism: Nikole Hannah-Jones and Ibram X. Kendi, PhD, call on institutions to foster change ~ @chamblee54 Is this what you want on your faculty? @nhannahjones … Slanderous & nasty-minded mulattress … smart&thuggish… ~ @Jasmyne A friend told me in no uncertain terms that what’s going between Israel and Palestinians in Gaza is not her business. “It’s not my business.” Her reasoning is that the groups involved historically don’t get involved with Black American issues so she’s returning the favor. ~ @chamblee54 @bloggingheads @GlennLoury @JohnHMcWhorter “we have got to talk to charles blow in some different way” It does not matter how you talk to @CharlesMBlow if he does not listen on a lighter note, would you grant tenure to “Slanderous & nasty-minded mulattress” @nhannahjones ~ Lori Lightfoot Flees In Terror After Thomas Sowell Takes Her Up On Offer For Black People To Interview Her ~ The Cancellation of Nikole Hannah-Jones Cancellation is not criticism … “Cancel culture” is nothing more than the belief that one’s enemies consist mostly of Milo-like assholes, and that as many of them as possible should be treated this way, rather than be debated. Moreover, this belief encourages lazy intellectual habits, because calling someone an asshole or hitting him on the head is easier than, say, reading The Bell Curve and figuring out where it goes wrong. ~ the next question I got was what are your preferred pronouns so this was kind of a surprising question but just so you know my preferred pronouns are he/him him.he sir I do identify it as a male and I was born male and I identify as a male and I take pride in being a male so yes I’m a him ~ 1 stop video at moment you want to start 2 hit share/embed 3 get embed code 4 extract url from embed code 5 type &end=xxx 6 copy code ~ “Stop doing what Hitler did to you.” “Israel, the new Nazi state” ~ pictures today are from The Library of Congress. ~ selah

NJ’s White Residents

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DoD Investigating … Who Used Arlington Cemetery Footage in Campaign Ad
Patrols and Pandering … three people are dead in last month after vehicle chases by cops.
NJ’s White Residents Receive COVID-19 Shots At Almost Twice Rate Of Blacks, Latinos
Insanity Is Doing Same Thing Over and Over Again, Expecting Different Results
GBI investigation sheds new light on Rayshard Brooks shooting
BLM Birmingham calls for resignations … fatal police shooting of Desmon Ray Jr.
‘Nearly Blew My Mind’: Georgia Lawyer Repeats Feat, Scoring $1.5M Verdicts in 2 Cases
How has this become the voice of reason?
Americans’ compassion in a tidy box: CARE packages turn 75
Stacey Abrams on voting rights and her new legal thriller
Glenn Greenwald RIPS Biden Spokesperson For Israel Equivocation
Eight Tips for Reading About Israel … from my position as a journalist in Israel …
Tomi Lahren: This weekend people threw eggs at me and called me ‘Nazi Barbie’
Forcibly evicted Palestinian Mohammed el-Kurd: ‘This is ethnic cleansing’
Telling Jordan Peterson How He’s Impacted My Life
Gideon Levy makes sense of the violence consuming Israel-Palestine
Pentagon List of Extremism Experts Includes Anti-Muslim and Conservative Christian Groups
Scoop: White House fears political fallout from pipeline hack
My Secret Grief: Grief over childlessness for single woman is not accepted
7 Bible Passages to Remind You God Loves You & Wants You to Take Care of Yourself
AP source: Govt to ease up guidance on indoor mask-wearing
White people, destroying poc residences, to make room for white people #racism
Bari Weiss Mask Off … wrote that Israel’s killing of children is an ‘unavoidable burden.’
Colonial Pipeline reportedly pays $5M in cryptocurrency to hackers to end cyberattack
New struggles over hegemony in HIV governance: Listening to critics of molecular HIV…
‘Fuck This Court’: We Obtained Larry Flynt’s FBI File and It’s Pretty Wild
Atlanta Spent $2.6M to Recover From a $52,000 Ransomware Scare
Ransomware Prevention and Response for CISOs Document provides an aggregate of …
… look at what police write when they come across a murder.
A Law Enforcement Officer’s Guide to Open Records in Georgia
Israel’s offensive kills pregnant Palestinian journalist and four-year-old son
Tax-Exempt U.S. Nonprofits Fuel Israeli Settler Push to Evict Palestinians
Woman Busted For Ground Beef Battery Attack occurred in Walmart potato chip aisle
Iranian Prison Flooded With Books After Call By Jailed Sufi Booklover
Ukraine is being turned into antipode of Russia, some kind of anti-Russia
This Is the True-to-Life Reason Al From ‘United States of Al’ Can’t Go Home
On the Hypocrites at Apple Who Fired Antonio Garcia-Martinez
This time it’s different Ahmed Abu Artema The Electronic Intifada 14 May 2021
Largest church in SBC ordains three women as pastors
Mississippi Supreme Court overturns medical marijuana Initiative 65
Rep. Matt Gaetz Snorted Cocaine With Escort Who Had ‘No Show’ Gov’t Job
Israel strike in Gaza destroys building with AP, other media
The doctor says that stress is not good for baby-making.
“it’s it’s it’s what your friend barry white says”
The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is exposing a deep schism in the Democratic Party
What AP’s Collaboration With Nazis Should Teach Us About Reporting News
HARRIET SCHARNBERG Associated Press und die nationalsozialistische Bildpublizistik
America’s gifted education programs have a race problem. Can it be fixed?
Rep. Dan Crenshaw’s surgery on remaining eye went well, but sight still limited …
Systemwide Review Report of Academic Council’s Standardized Testing Task Force
Asian Uber Driver Was Attacked By Mob. YouTube Took Down Video Of His Beating.
Uber driver recalls mob attack in downtown Morgantown
Apple engineer leaves company after employees speak out about his ‘misogynistic’…
A simple reason why there aren’t more women in tech – we’re okay with misogyny
New Top Hire With History of Sexist Quotes Leaves Apple After Uproar
More Balanced Approach Toward Children Seeking Medicalized Gender Change
… I’m unsettled that progressive Americans aren’t speaking up for Palestinians
Uber driver caught in large High Street brawl recovering from attack
s.a.t. ~ ellen mcilwaine ~ damon weaver ~ open secrets ~ autobahn ~ detroit
10 commandments of logic ~ julie bindel ~ central fund of israel ~ estranged parents ~ bari weiss
norman mailer ~ hyperbaric chamber ~ jerry farber ~ beonce buger king ~ houston police robbery
winston johnson ~ winston johnson ~ Kemp signs bill giving big-money donors more impact on key races Why do you think the duopoly made such a fuss about sb202? They want to distract you from the crooked business of government. ~ “… always take sides. Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim.” This meme, illustrated by the gnomic face of Elie Wiesel, turns up on facebook a lot. (Elie Wiesel is pronounced like Elly Mae Clampett) The quote appears in the acceptance speech for the 1986 Nobel Peace Prize. Here is another quote. “… there are the Palestinians to whose plight I am sensitive but whose methods I deplore. Violence and terrorism are not the answer. Something must be done about their suffering, and soon. I trust Israel, for I have faith in the Jewish people. Let Israel be given a chance, let hatred and danger be removed from her horizons, and there will be peace in and around the Holy Land.” ~ @IDF To the citizens of Gaza:The IDF is striking Hamas weapons stores hidden inside civilian buildings in Gaza. Although Hamas wants to put you in harm’s way, we urge you to stay away from Hamas’ weapons sites and get to safety. Our goal is only to strike terror. ~ @chamblee54 @robertwrighter @kausmickey @bloggingheads “it’s it’s it’s what your friend barry white says” yt transcripts are so much fun – bhtv’s @glennloury released a talk with @bari about anti-racism/anti-semitism on the same day as the “stress is not good for baby-making” piece ~ @ggreenwald posted a screen shot of “Top 10 recipients of political donations from pro-Israel groups in 2020.” Four of the top ten were the candidates in the GA. Senate run-offs. This information came to us from Center for Responsive Politics. ~ An Uber driver goes to pick up a customer only to be met with a vicious mob. They go after the passenger and the driver and punch repeatedly and damage his car. ~ @CheeseAndGlory Assholes like Antonio García-Martínez, who care nothing about the ethics of whether a thing should be done just because it is possible, are EVERYTHING that is wrong with the modern marketing industry. @Apple ~ White people, destroying poc residences, to make room for white people #racism ~ “The doctor says that stress is not good for baby-making.” ~ accepting a writing prompt is a dare, double dog dare you is also a choice, it is totally optional if you care, you can almost certainly make it moist, there is a problem to entering the room, your friends will care but are none too bright, one said i dare you you to make it go boom, just go through the door and into the light, your helpful friends need to try, where do they get these silly notions, dare you not to go and don’t ask why, they are only going through the motions, only two more minutes to get the dare done, it is totally too late to up and run ~ pictures today are from “The Special Collections and Archives, Georgia State University Library”. ~ selah









Confession As Storytelling

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A year after Buckhead looting, mysteries remain
At least 22 people shot, 4 killed in Atlanta since Thursday night
Confession as Storytelling The raw truth, the literal truth, and the truth of a “lie”
State Election Board Meets For First Time Since Raffensperger Stripped As Chair
The Stock Market is Just One Hedge Fund Blowup Away from a Crash.
BREAKING: Brinks employee injured in exchange of gunfire at Atlanta deli
Atlanta mayor names permanent police chief, calls for stricter gun laws in Georgia
Swarm of cicadas could bring venomous snakes along with them
About Best Fiends and really scummy ways to get you to spend money
Video shows racist tirade against LA County deputy during traffic stop
Black teacher berates Latino LA County deputy in racist rant during traffic stop
Says ‘You’re Always Gonna Be a Mexican, You’ll Never Be White’
Asian woman struck with hammer in NYC plans to return to Taiwan
AITA for being upset my husband “upgraded” my engagement ring ?
Has the Financial Sector Become a Drag on the Real Economy?
Joy Reid calls out Tucker Carlson for calling her “the race lady”
Despite Our Best Intentions | Robert Wright & Paul Bloom | The Wright Show
AJC poll: Georgians oppose All-Star game’s removal over voting law
Is Video of Woman Calling LA Sheriff’s Deputy a ‘Murderer’ Authentic?
The Damning History Behind UT’s ‘The Eyes of Texas’ Song
we talk about the need for a ‘power analysis’ and how we talk about struggles …
Cathy Young Dissidents, Crackpots, and Bad Allies How not to fight “wokeness”
Garrett Rolfe, former officer who shot Rayshard Brooks, was wrongly terminated
Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms drops out of re-election, instantly upending Atlanta politics
The COVID Reporters Are Not Okay. Extremely Not Okay.
Tony Timpa Suffered Same Fate as George Floyd — But Received None of the Attention
“he doesn’t know what they really think of him he’s a [ __ ] there too”
The Jewish man behind @LiZaOutlives speaks with Alma about his viral Twitter account.
Baltimore’s experiment with de-policing has been disastrous—and deadly.
Stormy Daniels: US election officials drop Trump hush money probe
New York Hedge Fund Founder Sentenced to Prison in Neiman Marcus Fraud
political realignment of black voters that began at the close of Reconstruction …
Obamas Mourn Death of Bo: He ‘Was a Constant, Comforting Presence’
Colonial Pipeline, Largest Fuel Pipeline in U.S., Has Shut Down Over a Ransomware Attack
Megadonor Karla Jurvetson Fueled Elizabeth Warren’s Super PAC with $14 Million Donation
College Professor Kalunda-Rae Iwamizu, AKA Kalunda Jenkins Calls Cop A Murderer
40 Mandela Effect Examples That Will Blow Your Mind
Kali Iwamizu ~ Kalunda-Rae Iwamizu ~ Kalunda-Rae Iwamizu ~ Kalunda-Rae Iwamizu
henry miller ~ marvin scott III ~ Nos aventures au delà ~ jim crow ~ atl homicides 1999-2018
the word [ __ ] ~ goodnight marilyn ~ sb202 ~ dead 050567 ~ Incremental Powers
popup ads ~ bee nguyen ~ conspiracy ~ royceforatlanta ~ finding yourself
UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT FOR THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIAUNITED STATES OF AMERICA,CASE NO.: 21-CR-129Plaintiff,vs.Gabriel Garcia,Defendant./MOTION TO MODIFY PRETRIAL RELEASE CONDITIONS OFGPS MONITORAND CURFEW DUE TO CHANGE IN CIRCUMSTANCES ~ @Jasmyne I just wanna say that if you’re going to go on a racist tirade against an officer or deputy when you get pulled over—at least have your paperwork in order. Girl, what is your driver license doing at your apartment and you’re in the car driving? ~ @BillFOXLA NEW: “You’re always gonna be a Mexican, you’ll never be white, you know that?” A Latino LASD deputy sent me his bodycam video of a woman claiming to be a teacher launching into a racist tirade against him when he pulled her over in San Dimas. She repeatedly calls him a murderer. ~ @BillFOXLA LASD tells me the woman called them after this traffic stop to file a harassment complaint against the deputy with internal affairs. San Dimas station doesn’t have official bodycams yet, the deputy tells me he invested in his own personal cam to protect himself on the job. ~ @BillFOXLA LASD also tells me the woman has a history of making false complaints against deputies. I’ve learned what her name is, and she has been a professor at schools in the LA area, but at this time, I will not be identifying her because she has not returned any of my calls or emails. ~ This is a repost. RISK continues to put out two virtual shows a week, with live stream shows replacing the live performances. PG is no longer in the good graces of the RISK community. Don’t Yuck on My Yum and Another Story About Race tell the tale. ~ The trolley dilemma: would you kill one person to save five? Here is another take. You are a policeman, called to the scene of a disturbance. You see a person, holding a knife. The knife is in motion, in the direction of another person. Do you shoot the knife holder, to save the other person. You have half a second to decide. ~ saying that well they still see you as a [ __ ] are pointing the arrow in the wrong direction those people still see themselves as quote-unquote [ __ ] that is they still thinking about themselves as being black ~ Professor Caught On Film Calling Cop A Murderer And Telling Him That He’s A Mexican Who Will Never Be White Is Kalunda-Rae Iwamizu, AKA Kalunda Jenkins ~ A writing workshop is to blame for this story: I realized why I was scared of the ice cream truck one night. The man who drove the ic truck got a job at the waffle house. One night, I ordered hash browns, scattered and smothered. Before I could eat, the lady said i should leave immediately, because my life was in danger. I started to leave, and another customer, eating a pecan waffle, lurched over onto the table, dead. the waitress followed me into the parking lot, and said my bad, i meant that other guy. ~ pictures today are from The Library of Congress. ~ selah