The Disturbing Truth

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Federal district judge deals blow to Gov. Kemp on voter roll purge
Controversial Scholar Jordan Peterson Treated for Addiction in Russia
Physician Assistant Commentary on Jordan B Peterson Update – Feb 2020
Karen: The anti-vaxxer soccer mom with speak-to-the-manager hair, explained
Inside Unit 731, World War II Japan’s Sickening Human Experiments Program
Day 1 of 5: Naomi — Love, Loss, and Loneliness Naomi said to her two daughters-in-law,
On Jordan Peterson and his critics While Peterson’s die-hard fans and ardent critics …
Stacey Abrams’ voting rights group has now raised about $20 million
Man shot in parking lot at Lenox Square, police say
Convict gets new murder trial in extraordinary GA Supreme Court ruling
Hundreds of Blacks killed by white mobs during Red Summer ignored century later
AIPAC Must Stop Bernie Sanders – at All Costs
Mayor Pete Platitude Generator ~ Have Mobile Devices Killed the Live Music Experience?
The spectacular collapse of Joe Biden as Democratic frontrunner
73 Black Men And Boys Killed By Police
Grant Henry Relocates Church Murch, Closes Church Annex, Will Sell Building For $1.7 MM
Black News Channel, first 24-7 news network created ‘by black people, for black people’
As Memorial Drive rapidly changes, how do its longtime restaurants survive?
Henry Miller Recalls and Reflects [Interview 1956] (1/9)
Legal Ruling May Force Georgia Gov. To Reveal How He ‘Stole’ Election
When the Straight Talk Express Rolled Through New Hampshire
Twitter Is Deleting Accounts And These Are The Words That Might Get You Suspended
Video shows moment Ohio school bus overturned in accident
To understand what it’s like to be a radical, it helps to speak to those once held under
Your go-to guide for picking the best neighborhood in the ATL right now
Louie, Louie : The Story Behind the Song & The FBI Investigation (The Kingsmen)
Dashcam video shows police officer ‘body slammed’ by college football player
When Did Black History Begin? Black history didn’t begin with the arrival of
Multiple Jurisdictions Investigating Ivanka Trump For Financial Crimes
Woman, 23, Boyfriend, 25, Among 4 Killed When Plane Piloted by His Dad Crashes
3 shot at popular restaurant owned by ‘Housewives’ star
How Reno Became ‘Divorce Capital of the World’—Why That Reputation Faded
By Targeting Africans, Trump’s Muslim Ban Is Even More Racist
Congresswoman defends religious ‘nationalism’ just days after justifying 2002 pogrom
The attacks on me may discourage other Hindu Americans from running
Three People Wounded During Shooting At Kandi Burruss’ Old Lady Gang Restaurant
James Brown died in 2006. Now an Atlanta prosecutor is looking into it
Sex for unmarried people in Virginia might be legal soon
The Disturbing Truth About Drag Kid “Desmond Is Amazing”
there’s a hole in the sky where the tree once stood somebody’s making money
Crazy environmentalists mourn dead trees (now with annotations)
Krystal interviews Contrapoints on her blockbuster cancel culture video
Atheism in the face of beauty: Nick Parrott
Clarkston loses lawsuit over demolitions, clearing way for Southern Baptist-backed project
We need to talk about the sexual racism in HBO’s ‘Watchmen’
Adolphe Sax just couldn’t stop inventing instruments and naming them after himself
Your Wardrobe Into the Narnia of God’s Love
Pete Buttigieg vs. New York Times | Chapo Trap House | Episode 385
Water main break on Clairemont Avenue closes roads, disrupts water service
18-year-old Cobb man charged in stepmother’s death
george wilson ~ free audio books ~ Isaac Mizrahi ~ tree murder ~ nonzero
comic justice ~ transgenderism ~ susan b anthony ~ datum data ~ data
whistlestop ~ brautigan ~ Dial-A-Poem ~ Resilience ~ white supremacy
fred mertz ~ befriending celebrities ~ how hate sleeps ~ first vigil
As a result, Judge Ross denied Kemp’s motion for summary judgment and directed him to file a brief within 30 days to explain why she should not issue a final decision in favor of Palast and Butler. Palast and Butler will then have 14 days to respond to Kemp’s brief. Her final decision in the matter will come after she has reviewed each of the briefs submitted. ~ Steve: But you met Allen Ginsberg, the poet, and Peter Orlovsky, his lover, when they were really first going out. They used to come to the Byrds’ shows, correct? David: Oh, yeah. They were the most out gay people I had ever met. They were so much fun. They would come and they would dance, and they were so silly when they danced. They were so wide open and having so much fun, they were like children dancing. They danced like children! That’s Peter Orlovsky and Allen Ginsberg. They danced like children and it made everybody love them. Everybody else is trying to do the Shuggalooba or the Whamma-Damma or the Humma-Humma. “Well, the dance this week is…. Wiggle your hips this way and put your left foot….” You know. These guys were just blazingly high, and full of joy, and obviously in love with each other, and having fun. Completely. They danced like children. Man, that’s a good quote. ~ Efficacy and Safety of Clonazepam in Patients with Anxiety Disorder Taking Newer Antidepressants: A Multicenter Naturalistic Study ~ Baltimore Police officers were justified in fatally shooting a gunman inside a Baltimore methadone clinic in July after he killed an employee and opened fire on them, city prosecutors have determined in a report that sheds new light on the shootout and the suspect who started it. ~ @RaniaKhalek US soldiers occupying Syria killed a civilian today. But you won’t hear much about it because it’s considered totally normal for US soldiers to invade the Middle East, set up shop and kill people without even being at war officially ~ @MansplainWorld There no ‘i’ in team, but there is an ‘m’. @chamblee54 team anagrams as mate, meat, at me ~ You do not win elections by alienating 72% of the vote while trying to attract 13% ~ FACT CHECK: Did Alexis de Tocqueville Say, ‘The American Republic Will Endure Until The Day Congress Discovers That It Can Bribe The Public With The Public’s Money’? ~ @wildethingy Mary: Look what that little bastard has done again *points to wine leaking from her boob*Joseph: Oh no! *high fives baby Jesus* ~ @OverheardOnDuty No valentine for me. As such, I am accepting applications. Please submit your cutest dog photo below. If you win, we can schedule a date where you show up to the meeting spot, and I go steal your dog. ~ Watch Myles Garrett Explain Again How Mason Rudolph Called Him a Stupid N*gger & That is Why He Hit Him With His Helmet; Mason is Confirmed MAGA, Kap Hater & Tomi Lahren Lover (Video-Suspect Tweets) ~ @nihilist_arbys This Valentine’s Day as you awkwardly grunt and sweat your way through uninspired, routine intercourse with a partner you haven’t loved for years, remember, someday soon one of you will die Enjoy Arby’s ~ @textfiles Sitting in the Internet Archive’s stacks is a collection called “Unlocked Recordings”. It’s a result of the Music Modernization Act, where a specific line of LP records are now available to download because they are no longer commercially sold. ~ nyt: you worked for a company that was fixing bread prices pete: no I work for a consulting company that had a client that may have been involved … it was apparently in a scandal I was not aware of the Canadian bread pricing scandal until last night ~ pictures are from The Library of Congress. Jack Delano was the photographer. Pictures were taken June 1941, in Greene County GA ~ selah

Online Troll Fighters

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The Democrats’ new online troll fighters make 2020 debut in Iowa
Rush Limbaugh denied health risks of smoking years before lung cancer diagnosis
The Most Important Skill of the Future is Being ‘Indistractable’
ISIS fanatics are urged to attack America and Europe with forest fires
suddenly black America is becoming Kellyanne Conway
City of Atlanta scores nearly 13 acres—for a new tree-filled park
The Only Trouble With Coolidge Is That He Was Weaned on a Pickle
If You Can’t Say Something Good About Someone, Sit Right Here by Me
Paul warns Sandy Springs of more state laws that could curtail cities’ control
At Trump’s State of the Union, the bigotry was in plain sight
The Endorsement Problem Isn’t Going Away Controversy over the Rogan endorsement …
By Republican Standards, Almost Nothing Is Racist
The smartest way to screen toxic workplace behavior.
The Hidden Stakes of the 1619 Controversy
mag pulls ‘Bachelor’ cover after Victoria Fuller’s ‘White Lives Matter’ photo surfaces
How to Avoid Conversational Narcissism ~ Jesus Chatline Vs 4Chan
The Misquotable C.S. Lewis is my book that examines 75 quotes attributed to Lewis
What stands out after Iowa is Bernie Sanders’ limited crossover appeal
Erectile dysfunction pills can permanently distort vision
Welcome to the world of video game music
A CEO was forced out after video showed him calling an Uber driver the n-word
‘Evil, corrupt, dirty cops, leakers, liars’: Trump blasts impeachment ‘witch hunt’
AOC, boyfriend talk about ‘combating racism as a white person’ in Instagram stories
Like many black women in media, Gayle King was attacked for doing her job
Thatcher Warned Us to Go Slow on European Integration. We Didn’t Listen
Art Is a Lie That Makes Us Realize Truth
Chapman U. student no longer enrolled after racist rant, arrest
Three WV kids who left home, wanted to visit New York found
Three runaway kids sought in Kanawha County search found safe
Men who found missing kids saw it on social media five minutes prior
anti-vax Facebook group advise his mom to use thyme and elderberries instead of Tamiflu
My family founded Barneys. Now the great department store is closing.
Jordan Peterson forced to retreat from public life because of addiction
Texas 10 Most Wanted Sex Offender To be eligible for the cash rewards, tipsters must
Canadian Man FINED $55k for ‘Misgendering’ Transgender Female
Oger v. Whatcott complaint before the British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal
Stop telling authors what they can write. The only limit is imagination
David Crosby Discusses the Origins of His Feud With Graham Nash
Kemp Loses Vote Purge Suit Brought by Reporter Palast
m. peterson ~ retsbol kcor ~ beer can video ~ homeless ~ square
mish_gabby ~ polk salad ~ #QueersAgainstPete ~ cal gough ~ ny subways
chastain park ~ ph history ~ piedmont heights ~ William Lott Monroe, Sr.
miami ~ beer summit ~ underbelly ~ iowa caucus
‘1917’ and the Trouble With War Movies Sam Mendes’s 1917 is a movie so self-consciously overwrought and virtuosic that the only thing you can really do with it is give it an Academy Award ~ big dick energy is not it’s not a phrase that we commonly use it’s in the UK we’re too refined for that that’s vulgar ~ we also need … removal from their jobs if you are racist if you’re a nakedly racist then you have no business being in charge of being in care of anybody ~ “Is any of this untrue?” I would say everything in that meme should be questioned. When you are talking about managing a police force, there are probably multiple sides to every issue. ~ we talk about what offends us, but never what onends us ~ Warren Buffett Hates It. AOC Is for It. A Beginner’s Guide to Modern Monetary Theory MMT’s proponents say it’s the critics who are impervious to reason—“part of a degenerative paradigm that has lost credibility,” says Australian MMTer William Mitchell. ~ deep in the Russian wilderness, an unholy experiment is underway. for years Peterson has attempted to transmute himself into the exalted lobster, king of the animals. but there’s been a malfunction—he’s stuck in the interstitial stage, forever to live as an eldritch abomination. ~ you have the schedule that you have and the amount of energy and enthusiasm you maintain with the schedule is very remarkable cuz you’re not stopping you’re not slowing down I mean you’ve had your foot on the gas for like two solid years now ~ make hay while the Sun shines I guess is that how you feel about it well you know when you have an opportunity that’s completely preposterous you’re a fool to take it for granted yeah I guess that’s soul and see ah so Tammy and I have been to a hundred cities since January so everywhere you know and part of what keeps us going well first of all I have a really good crew … Nov 29, 2018 ~ Pictures today are from The Library of Congress. ~ selah

Letters Sent To Snellville Businesses

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Pete Buttigieg opens his town hall by referring to basketball being played on a “field.”
Charlamagne Tha God’s Laughter at Violence Against Trans Women Is Dangerous
Launch for Beautiful Aliens: A Steve Abbott Reader
Boris Johnson Is Jeopardizing the U.S.-U.K. Alliance for Huawei
Two trans women beat the snot out of men harassing them in a restaurant
KISS On The Tomorrow Show with Tom Snyder {Uncut/HQ}
The Oxford comma camp, the other camp, and the sane
How People of Color Inside the Buttigieg Campaign Sought to Be Heard
@IDoTheThinking Twitter is an infinite loop of white people calling each other white
Lawyers Ask Ga. Parole Board Spare Life Of Man Scheduled To Be Executed Wednesday
Barr Warns Cardinal Dolan of ‘Militant Secular Effort’ to Curtail Religious Freedom
Two More Bernie Staffers Promote “Extreme Action” and Property Destruction
Adventures in Publishing Outside the Gates On the industry’s gatekeeping
Donnie Lance died at 9:05 pm, January 29, 2020.
Why Holding Police ‘Accountable’ Won’t Prevent Shootings of Civilians
For Texas high schoolers who live in Mexico, the border wall debate is more about …
Genetic makeup of 12-year-old Angolan boy in dispute
30 Georgia State Patrol troopers fired for cheating
OPINION: Loeffler’s no dummy, but wooden campaign ad not too smart
Hendrix murdered by his manager, says former aide
DeKalb opens new sexual health center for gay men, trans women
you’re drinking from a firehose of bullshit
Stacey Abrams Thinks She’ll Be President By 2040
Artist’s project spotlights some of Atlanta’s most ridiculous intersections
A Spotlight Session w/ TS Madison feat. Lakara with the Gift
Cobb Sheriff Settles Lawsuit Over Facebook Censorship
Des Moines Register abruptly cancels release of Dem poll ahead of Iowa caucuses
Stop Asking People Of Color To Explain Racism–Pick Up One Of These Books Instead
Racist letters sent to Snellville businesses
mckenna lecture ~ Anne Cox Chambers ~ whiteness ~ white supremacist ~ mindfulness
buck angel ~ tourist ~ kroger ~ jazz hands ~ pan am
Washington Post journalist is suspended after tweeting a link to a 2016 story about Kobe Bryant’s rape case just hours after he died in helicopter crash ~ @PoliticalKathy Most of you guys don’t even know that it’s literally legal to eat dogs in certain states the US lol California, Georgia, Hawaii, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, and Virginia are the ONLY states that eating dogs is ILLEGAL. ~ Ga. Code Ann., § 26-2-150 to 161 As stated in the legislative intent, the General Assembly declares that purchasers and consumers have a right to expect and demand honesty and fair practices in the sale of meat for human consumption. It is the purpose of this Code to ensure that honest, fair, and ethical practices are followed in the advertising and sale of meat for human consumption. With regard to horsemeat, the Code prohibits the slaughter a horse in this state for the purpose of selling or offering for sale for human consumption or for other than human consumption the horse meat derived from such slaughtered animal unless certain conditions are met. Further, no horse meat shall be sold or offered for sale in this state for human consumption unless at the place of sale there shall be posted in a conspicuous location a sign bearing the words “HORSE MEAT FOR SALE.” ~ Title 26. Food, Drugs, and Cosmetics. Chapter 2. Standards, Labeling, and Adulteration of Food. Article 4. Advertisement and Sale of Meat Generally § 26-2-160. Sale of dog meat for human consumption prohibited; sale for other purposes It shall be unlawful for any person, firm, or corporation to distribute or offer for sale for human consumption any dog meat in the State of Georgia; and all dog meat sold in this state for any purpose, other than human consumption, shall be sold in packages only. The packages shall carry a label showing the contents, for what use it is intended, and stating that said contents are “NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION.” The words “not for human consumption” shall be in conspicuous type. Laws 1943, p. 475, § 1. ~ These Georgia statutes comprise the state’s dog laws and the “Responsible Dog Ownership Law.”. Among the provisions of the Responsible Dog Ownership Law include a requirement for registration of dangerous dogs as well as the necessity of such owner to carry at least $50,000 in liability insurance. Owners of these dogs who do not comply with these and other provisions may have their dogs confiscated and destroyed. Any person who violates this article is guilty of a misdemeanor. ~ 01:28 so all you know if I were to hand one of those people a vacuum cleaner and say vacuum this rug they wouldn’t know how to do it all they know is digging coal and they’re happy ~ @KrillTusk On my flight into Des Moines tonight I was seated in front of a very drunk Biden staffer who proceeded to give her seat mate a hand job. I wish I was making this up. ~ If the Demos try to get the black vote, but forget the white vote, they will lose the electoral college. This is what Hillary did. We need to quit worrying about black voters and white voters. This is the United States of America. ~ pictures are from The Library of Congress. ~ selah

Rattled A Small Southern Town

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couple built a cabin made of recycled windows in West Virginia mountains for $500
Former CIA Agent Mike Baker Bursts Iran WW3 Bubble | Joe Rogan
Brian Eno Studies 06 – Paths Not Taken 2001 with Tim Booth Matt Black
you’ll find the home of U.S. Army veteran Chiliquila Ogletree
Tom Cotton, soldier in Bill Kristol’s proxy war against evil
Mentioning Trump and KKK in same sentence, Biden condemns hate
Singer David Olney dies on stage during performance at Florida Panhandle festival
76 car break-ins reported at Beltline apartment complex in one night
KFC apologizes for ad – young boys staring in awe at a woman adjusting her breasts
How Clinton lost Michigan — and blew the election
‘The New Yorker’ Going To Start Putting An Umlaut Over Every Letter ‘O’
Atlanta Playwright, Author Offers Hope Through Poetry
Crystal Visions: The early illustrations and paintings of Stevie Nicks
Mr. House Calls a Courier Service – Fallout New Vegas Prank Call
How 17 Outsize Portraits Rattled a Small Southern Town
Faced With Gender Propaganda at the Hockey Rink, One Coach Says No
Georgia Is Really Good at Making It Hard for Black People to Vote, Study Finds
A Matter of Facts New York Times’ 1619 Project launched with best of intentions
Redditor Wants To Know If They’re Wrong For Telling Crying Roommate To Quiet Down
Major intersection improvements begin In February
Wisconsin man admits to mixing his mother’s cremated remains with marijuana
Bernie Sanders’ Embrace of Joe Rogan’s Endorsement Sparks Backlash
You’re blocked You can’t follow or see @Nymphomachy’s Tweets.
New owners vow to bring aged Midtown apartments back to ‘historic glory’
Trump voters motivated by racism may be violating Constitution. Can they be stopped?
It’s the best time to be an Atlantan. It might also be the worst.
HRC President on Joe Rogan Endorsement, Sanders Campaign Response
MoveOn calls on Sanders to renounce Joe Rogan endorsement
Media Mangled Covington Catholic Story. What Happened Next Was Even Worse.
20 MLK Quotes White People Won’t Share (But NEED To Read)
From the Editor’s Desk: 1619 and All That
The Two Words That Will Help Get an Airline Upgrade Over the Phone
Joe Rogan may cost Bernie Sanders more support than ever
Applebee’s employee fired after booting customer who made anti-Muslim remarks
As you’re about to enter the site, a newspaper boy jumps out at you:
Harvey Weinstein Urged Clinton Campaign to Silence Sanders’s BLM Message
Inmate who appealed death sentence over juror’s racist views dies
humiliation ~ jim goad ~ cnn_rogan ~ good rx ~ blink health
autistic bdsm ~ @PhilippeReines ~ eric roberts ~ carlos barboza
cakes ~ clyde shepherd ~ mr peanut ~ smith song 3
@OverheardOnDuty A local gangbanger just sent an unsolicited dick pic to one of my fake Instagram accounts. I know how you feel now, ladies.Unfortunately for him, he is a felon, and decided to leave a firearm within sight of the picture. Weirdest search warrant affidavit I’ve ever filled. ~ 1:58:30 I’m alarmed whenever … there’s an outward lack of compassion and when there’s an outward disdain for the other because essentially this country is all the other … that’s all we have is the other ~ @QuoteResearch Quotation circulating via twitter: Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world: indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has. Attributed to Margaret Mead by 1982 ~ 37:38 if it’s explicit bias then we need outright enforcement right we also need to tap it’s enforcement removal from their jobs yeah yeah if you are racist if you’re a nakedly racist then you have no business being in charge of being in care of anybody but also we’ve got to ~ @chamblee54 I have long said that we need to quit saying terrorist. Other words (pun intended) I would like to see used less are racist, liberal, conservative. There are others, but those four are a good start. All have elastic definitions, and promote ill will against g-d’s children ~ six hundred sixty six words are in this post ~ pictures today are from The Library of Congress. ~ selah

This Is Ignorance

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Dying of whiteness with Jonathan Metzl: podcast & transcript
Dying of Whiteness: How Politics of Racial Resentment Is Killing America
Iran crisis: Why Gulf Arabs increasingly see US as a liability
Georgia death row inmate is asking for execution by firing squad over lethal injection
Gale Chester Whittington, Author of “Beyond Normal, The Birth of Gay Pride”
Bernie Sanders told Elizabeth Warren in private 2018 meeting that a woman can’t win
Britain’s poisoned legacy in Palestine … Britain, Zionism and the Creation of Israel
Reaction GIFs of Black People Are More Problematic Than You Think
We Need to Talk About Digital Blackface in Reaction GIFs
Wisconsin judge orders purging of up to 209,000 voter names
A different way of looking at the Atlas of North American English
Southwire Sues Anonymous Hacker for Ransomware Attack
St. Louis chief prosecutor accuses city of racist efforts, citing Ku Klux Klan Act
Jay-Z goes to bat for Mississippi prisoners and files federal lawsuit
Protests in Iran and the PLETHORA of Virtue Signaling
bernie sanders 1987 video girls running for president
Maintenance dredging project will revitalize Murphey Candler Lake
Florida woman tried to build a bomb inside a Walmart using items she didn’t pay for
Beautiful Christian Nurse Doxed and Harassed for Advocating Clean Living
Trans women assaults, Spits on, dollar tree employee after being caught stealing
“liberal media” Chattering-class hypocrisy is supporting Trump’s rule
Worst Year Ever the cult of tulsi gabbard
Stefan Molyneux mocked over desperate plea that he’ll struggle to find a job
these are people that are in at least motivated to a certain extent by a lust for Jewish blood
What Is Molly ? Difference between Molly and Ecstasy
Brookhaven passes law combating discrimination by businesses
‘I have a rotting corpse inside of me,’ says woman describing illegal silicone injections
A Spotlight Session W/Tsmadison featuring Taliyah Cassadine “Say No To silicone”
Fans rallying to help Atlanta drag legend Charlie Brown
she was using freeze pack fluid to inject me
Police: Georgia men part of white supremacist group planning murder
Edgewood’s ‘Teardown House’ boldly protests gentrification, police brutality
South Fulton drama a rude awakening after dream of new city
@thejournalista Y’all. I’mma tell you a story. Pull up a chair.
State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby gets racist rant after St. Louis rally
UPDATED: 2 in custody after officer-involved shooting at Lenox Square
All-Inclusive Saint Mark UMC Gets New Leadership
‘Impeachment Polka’: music composed for Andrew Johnson’s impeachment
Police say Tarquinnious Mack and Dequavis Smith have hit gyms in five metro counties
Ben Hecht Borrows From Luetgert Story?
Chicago man charged with attempted murder after 13 shot in Englewood
chucks rathskeller ~ tick tock grill ~ Creole O Voudoun ~ haunted waters press ~ only comma
mortal orchestra ~ after life voyage ~ carlos barboza ~ incoherent truth ~ trump photo search
trump crown photo ~ soleimani ~ cult of tulsi ~ led zeppelin ~ Elizabeth Wurtzel
i wonder ~ intersectionality ~ oscars ~ dying of whiteness ~ susan stoddard
@chamblee54 @robertwrighter @EliLake it wants to destroy the State of Israel lose its leaders say that all the time so you can why Israel would have a problem … they say they want to destroy the regime I don’t think they say they want to wipe out the people ~ The anal sphincter is a useful device. Find another body part to use as an insult. ~ @NotThat_JC What’s a regional pronunciation that serves as a litmus test of whether someone is a local of your area or not? Where I grew up in NC there is a ‘Monticello’ but it’s pronounced mon-tih-sell-oh instead of mon-tih-chell-oh. @chamblee54 Chamblee GA SHAM blee ~ these are people that are in at least motivated to a certain extent by a lust for Jewish blood period now it doesn’t mean that that there is ~ the real truth of being non-binary and that is nothingk non-binary is meaningless it is a pointless identity it literally means nothingk ~ I got into another fb squabble about Tusl last week. The article cited, by my fbf with incorrect opinions, did not mention Tulsi after the third paragraph. Tulsi was clickbait, to get attention for some bird brain’s opinions about the state of neo liberal anti trumpistic poopyheadery. ~ lizzie warren took an axe, gave ol’ bernie forty whacks, when she saw what she had done, she gave joe biden forty one ~ meders last meal Meders requested a last meal of ten chicken strips, two bacon cheeseburgers, french fries, soda, and a pint of vanilla ice cream, the Georgia Department of Corrections said. ~ Georgia parole board spares life of condemned prisoner ~ I’m I’ve been on this carnivore diet do you know what that is no I’m eating only meat for the entire month of January just to see what it’s like no vegetables none zero ~ @timjacobwise Bernie doesn’t know what the fuck he is talking about here. He is clueless about racism except as the residual effect of the class system. This is ignorance. Trump didn’t win bc of economic anxiety. Every study says that’s BS. ~ 2:14:09 I’m doing the wrong thing because they all keep asking to be on my show okay I have a request from all of them really oh yeah Biden Warren how do youhow do you resist shit cuz I’m I have my friends talk to my friends yeah I know I would get a phone call see and I like I like burning that’s it oh yeah everybody else can eat shit look at you fucking progressive yeah well I’ve always been ~ Happy Birthday Dolly Parton, Paula Deen, Robert E. Lee, Edgar Allan Poe, Jean Stapleton, Janis Joplin, and Desi Arnaz Jr. ~ @MarilynMosbyEsq This is why #IStandWithKimGardner and this hateful rhetoric only strengthens my resolve to continue fighting for justice and working to undo the blight of mass incarceration and its impact on communities of color.” #KeepersOfTheStatusQuo ~ @blakebutler Think what you want about david foster wallace but at least he was able to identify that ppl were heaping praise on IJ at a rate that proved it was basically impossible for them to have read it yet ~ pictures today are from The Library of Congress. ~ selah

You Might Be Sapiosexual

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Please Don’t Spoil My Plantation Wedding With Talk Of The Late Unpleasantness
The Customer is Not an Interruption in Our Work; He Is the Purpose of It
5 lessons one doctor learned from the times he almost died
DeKalb County imposes moratorium on dollar stores
Jewish left must stop using conservative framework of “hate” to think about anti-Semitism
“but I’m an idiot and my memories faulty”
Yesterday’s Ku Klux Klan members are today’s police officers, councilwoman says
Swiss police investigate KKK carnival costumes
SJWs Attempt Coup Of The Romance Writers Of America
1776 Honors America’s Diversity in a Way 1619 Does Not
Iran’s Fawning Western Apologists Soleimani was killed in Baghdad January 3.
Construction of MARTA’s King Memorial TOD could finally be on the horizon
‘Adderall’ Is Trending On Twitter “sure does sniff a lot while he’s speaking.”
“You furnish the pictures and I’ll furnish the war.”
“You furnish the pictures and I’ll furnish the war.” – WR Hearst, January 25, 1898
Not likely sent: The Remington-Hearst “telegrams”
58 times. He sniffed 58 times during his address. Here are all of them.
When the Yankees Got the Larger-Than-Life Babe Ruth
Bastard Neither of my parents was exactly who I thought they were.
How to Be a Better White Person in 2020 finally have that “conversation about race”
Man High On Meth, Fights Off 15 Police Officers While Masturbating
Returning Citizens Re-create Iconic Atlanta Symbols
The 8 Best Fact-Checking Sites for Finding Unbiased Truth
Think Tank’ That Promotes Regime Change in Iran Paid Salary of Trump NSC Staffer
A Conversation With The Guy Who Took Mushrooms And Saw CATS
Photo Of John Lennon And Bob Dylan Smoking Is A Fake!!!
Hollywood Area OIS 11-25-2019 (NRF054-19)
George W. Bush “defeated Iraq in about 43 minutes. We can do the same with Iran”
Southeast Area Officer Involved Shooting 11/18/18 (NRF063-18)
Do You Really Have to Write Out “2020” on Checks to Avoid Being Scammed?
Nearly 1,000 employees in Atlanta suddenly lost their jobs over the holidays
You Might Be Sapiosexual: 10 Signs You Get Turned On By Intelligence
‘It’s Easier to Fool People Than to Convince Them That They Have Been Fooled’?
The Angels of Light and The Cockettes revolutionary genderbending guerrilla theatre troupes
A requiem for the Washington Generals, the worst sports team of all time
I’m not divulging any classified information there just was no information presented
can you heare me now gimme a thumbs up if you can hear me
Conservative group slams Burger King over commercial using the ‘D-Word’
Despair doesn’t kill, defending whiteness does
Lancet: “Despair Doesn’t Kill, Defending Whiteness Does”
These Tweets are protected Only approved followers can see @RheaBoydMD
Evolution of Virtual Violence: How Mobile Screens Provide Windows to Real Violence
Dying of whiteness with Jonathan Metzl: podcast & transcript
How the trashy ‘Pit of Peachtree’ became Midtown’s most prominent pocket park
Update: 14-year-old shot, killed during attempted robbery, police say
turn turn turn ~ pagan or not? ~ the capri ~ john waters ~ buddhism
he got stuck ~ matthew 7 ~ john marco allegro ~ s. clay wilson ~ Isaac Asimov
Giraffe’s Midwife ~ magnolia plantation ~ wasteland ~ nellie bly ~ Waller’s Literature
W.R. Hearst allegedly said “You furnish the pictures and I’ll furnish the war.” The link said that it was a note sent to an illustrator in Havana. Did anyone ever see this note? Maybe this is an urban legend? ~ 08:54 you know some some of these consequence designating was a terrorist and sent drones down there things that they kind of don’t talk about is that if a terrorist designation does happen most people seeking asylum in the u.s. from Mexico now have the claim of running from terrorists in Mexico so now they can claim that as far as a you know asylum seeking people can claim that now ~ FORSYTH, Ga. –Returning citizens housed at Metro Reentry Facility (RF) began painting murals of iconic Atlanta symbols throughout the facility to create a community atmosphere. The Atlanta Art Project was designed to change the prison environment, thus creating a change in the men. The returning citizens behind the murals created them to reflect where they came from, but also as a look ahead to where they are going. They are hopeful that the men in the program will see the iconic scenes of Atlanta and it will help create a new outlook on their future. The men began working on the murals over nine months ago and have created scenes depicting Stone Mountain, Centennial Olympic Park, CNN Center, Georgia Aquarium, and many more. ~ This starts at 5:00 of this video. The commentary here is hysterical. Even though youtube disallowed comments, I was able to make this clip A man, armed with a machete, has just carjacked a vehicle. This is in the drive thru line at chik-fil-a. ~ There is talk about “Trump trying to undo Obama’s legacy,” with regards to Iran. This ignores the fact that Israel would be delighted by a war with Iran. “Undo Obama’s legacy” is a nice distraction from this reality. ~ @chamblee54 .@mtracey said “sort of shorn of these dismissive label games which I don’t find to be particularly helpful” 49 seconds after he said “racist” ~ the the racist criminal justice system and how the drug war worsens racial disparities in in the u.s. ~ Has anyone ever considered the irony of the initials AUMF? ~ FB needs another like-icon for cases like this. I sort of agree, sort of disagree, but have no appetite for a can of worms. ~ Why did we make a show of killing Soleimani? I thought you sent in a hit man, or get local allies to do the deed. When it was over, you claim not to know about it. ~ @ChrisAd09390788 #amjoy WOW what I am hearing this morning about Pete Buttigieg and South Bend is bowing my mind, but I should not be surprised, but yet I am. One this is for sure Majority of Black people are no fools. Just because you’re not wearing your sheet don’t mean you don’t own one ~ @jessesingal At a time when there is a horrifying mortality crisis in the U.S. that stlil isn’t fully understood, The Lancet, one of the most important medical publications in the world, decided to publish these sentences. ~ pictures today are from The Library of Congress. ~ This poem was read last night in decatur. It was inspired by the work of Walt Whitman.
i do not ask the wounded person why ~ the husky voices of the two or three
i take part i see and hear the whole cry ~ i lie in the air of my night red sky
the friendly flowing savage who is he ~ i do not ask the wounded person why
i am the man i suffered i was dry ~ the corpses rise the gashes heal agree
i take part i see and hear the whole cry ~ i myself become the fourth of july
the blossoms we wear in our tennessee ~ i do not ask the wounded person why
i am less the jolly one nellie bly ~ the disdain and calmness of martyrs free
i take part i see and hear the whole cry ~ i wince at the bite of the dogs good bye
the cries and the curses in harmony ~ i do not ask the wounded person why
i take part i see and hear the whole cry ~ selah

Caught With Bloody Machete

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Hanukkah Stabbing Suspect Caught With Bloody Machete in His Car
Patriarchy of AA Women who drink too much need help. But we don’t need to give up our power.
Michael Moore on Useful Idiots, Interview Only Pt. 1
Maybe It’s Not YouTube’s Algorithm That Radicalizes People
No, talking about women’s role in white supremacy is NOT blaming women
Portland man who killed sister’s boyfriend found guilty of manslaughter
88% of Americans use a second screen while watching TV. Why?
How The 2010s Killed The Celebrity Gossip Machine
WTF You Mean Ain’t No Peach Drop? Atlanta NYE Peach Drop Canceled for First Time In 30 Years
The Big Change Coming to Just About Every Website on New Year’s Day
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad @Ahmadinejad1956 Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !
My Semester With the Snowflakes At 52, I was accepted to Yale as a freshman.
How To Recognize A Fake News Story 9 helpful tips to stop yourself from sharing false information.
God Did Not Kill Jesus on the Cross for Our Sins
Nonbinary Folks Are Still Invisible, Even in Queer Spaces
Are You a Believer? Take The Dawkins Test.
Atlanta’s most important new buildings of the 2010s
Michael Bloomberg addresses his prior support for handling of Central Park Five case
Our Top Fiscal Charts of 2019 1. Our National Debt is High and Rising
Scare over anti-Semitic flyers in DeKalb was a misunderstanding
That Uplifting Tweet You Just Shared? A Russian Troll Sent It
Parking Has Eaten American Cities documents huge amount of space taken up by parking
Photographer Breaks ‘Crazy Cat Lady’ Stereotype With Series On ‘Crazy Cat Men’
expensive Atlanta homes sold in 2019 Their locations are cloistered in and around Buckhead
In a Homecoming Video Meant to Unite Campus, Almost Everyone Was White
Bob Green, Anita Bryant’s Ex-Husband Died Full Of Hatred, Bigotry
James Charles Is Getting Backlash for Allegedly Saying the N-Word on Instagram
A fake Twitter account stirred tensions between Jews and African Americans.
White Feminists Oppress Black Women: Feminism Functions as White Supremacy
No One Told Babe Ruth He Had Cancer, but His Death Changed Way We Fight It
@AliVaez Some thoughts on #Soleimani’s assassination [Thread]
Why Trump is escalating the US-Israeli war on Iran
JFK was engaged in ‘existential’ battle with Israel over its nuclear weapons program
IRS drops longstanding promise not to compete against TurboTax
Florida man wakes up to find another man sucking on his toes
verdict on 3 new Atlanta restaurants: By George, MTH Pizza, Food Terminal (West)
11 Things You Really Should Stop Recycling
Crimes And Misdemeanors Of Kataib Hezbollah During War Vs ISIS
Inside the devastation and heartache of razed Binna Burra lodge
people shouldn’t use reaction gifts of black people if they’re not black
Temecula, CA. Murrieta, CA. Churches Reviewing Churches in The Temecula Valley
Rival Shi’ite leaders in Iraq call for U.S. troop expulsion in rare show of unity
Denying Racism And Other Forms Of Gaslighting
Terry Gilliam: ‘I’m tired of white men being blamed for everything wrong
Online Books Page THE CATALOG OF COPYRIGHT ENTRIES Historic registration records
non zero ~ rhetoric ~ Obrigado Rumi ~ 1914 moment
US Iran triggers ~ underground ~ barbara walters ~ star bar ~ big chicken
“Here I raise my Ebenezer, hither by thy help I Scrooge.” ~ 897 people have been shot and killed by police in 2019 37 were unarmed. This 37 includes: white 16, black 8, hispanic 6, other 3, unknown 4 Lake Superior State University’s 45th Annual List of Banished Words Quid pro quo, Artisanal, Curated, Influencer, Literally, Living my best life, Mouthfeel, Chirp, Jelly, Totes, Vibe / vibe check, OK, Boomer ~ .@robertwrighter .@kausmickey one feature of paranoia is that paranoids always think they’re not paranoid … they all agree you are paranoid but that aside … you are paranoid can I just point out we are now exactly ~ Mickey you understand that one feature of paranoia is that paranoids always think they’re not paranoid so this by itself is not decided then I can’t win Bob and I you have well I wouldn’t say can’t win it’s just that your testimony is not relevant my mayor maybe if we can find people who know you and say you’re not paranoid by the way I have asked everyone I know who knows you and would they all agree you are paranoid but that aside if we can find some people who say or not their testimony might count you have yourself said you are paranoid can I just point out we are now exactly ~ @michaelharriot A thread about the four times I met John Lewis: First of all, I stan John Lewis and Muhammad Ali probably more than any men who ever lived. Seriously, I could talk all day about those two, and I actually have. ~ @chamblee54 Nothing like a new #contrapoints video. I did not know who @jamescharles was, so I googled the name He is in trouble for mouthing the magic word on @instagram on #NewYearsEve. 2020 is off to a roaring start. ~ @RealisticPoetry Write a poem that begins like this: Dear 2020… dear 2020, nobody else thinks haiku, when it’s obvious … dear 2020, not about perfect eyesight, decade sedated ~ 25 Words That Are Their Own Opposites 1. Sanction 2. Oversight 3. Left 4. Dust 5. Seed 6. Stone 7. Trim 8. Cleave 9. Resign 10. Fast 11. Off 12. Weather 13. Screen 14. Help 15. Clip 16. Continue 17. Fight with 18. Flog 19. Go 20. Hold up 21. Out 22. Out of 23. B**ch 24. Peer 25. Toss out ~ No googling allowed. Do this using your own brain power🤔 Every answer must start with the first letter of your middle name. WEAR – coat DRINK – coca cola PLACE – columbus ga RESTAURANT- cracker barrell ANIMAL – cat GIRL’S NAME – cat BOY’S NAME – craig PROFESSION – cpa WORD TO DESCRIBE SOMEONE- crazy SOMETHING IN YOUR HOME – crayons BODY PARTS – carpal tunnel MIDDLE NAME – campbell ~ Jimmy is a decent human being. That said, his administration made serious mistakes in dealing with Afghanistan, Iran, and Iraq. We are dealing with the results today. ~ #MySexualSituationIn5Words ~ pictures today are from The Library of Congress. ~ selah

Leaps From The Past

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Tulsi Gabbard and the Return of the Anti-Anti-Trump Left
Gabbard says deploying to the Middle East changed her views on LGBT rights
A Georgia man was shot and killed after he attacked a deputy with a shovel, authorities say
How many of the signers of the Declaration of Independence owned slaves?
Some White People Are Upset That New York Times’ 1619 Project Isn’t Centered in Whiteness
IG report exposes FBI, Congressional, and media deceit in Russia probe
10 Restaurant Trends We Never Want to See Again
Conflating the lesser evil with “progress” is a surefire way to ensure evil is preserved
eating ass is not for everyone
The Apologist’s Apologist—A Reply to Robert Wright
Robert Crumb Interview: A Compulsion to Reveal
what happened when British and German troops emerged from the trenches Christmas Day?
15 Logical Fallacies You Should Know Before Getting Into a Debate
A Kink Praxis Piece of the RWA Puzzle
Classical Opera Has a Racism Problem Don’t try to hide it. Instead, make audiences confront it.
This is bizarre even for Donald Trump
‘SEC on CBS’ Coming to End, Likely Moving to ESPN/ABC
U.S. judge denies request to restore 98,000 purged Georgia voters
Sometimes it takes darkness and the sweet confinement of your aloneness to learn
Trump Lashes Out at Windmills Again, Says They ‘Will Kill Many Bald Eagles
Lost Words: An Illustrated Dictionary of Poetic Spells Reclaiming Language of Nature
This Is Not a Novel To Be Tossed Aside Lightly. It Should Be Thrown with Great Force
12 arrested after massive fight involving teens breaks out at Northgate Mall, police say
‘Nothing Less Than a Civil War’: White Voters on Far Right See Doom Without Trump
Teen ‘kills abusive paedophile priest by ramming a crucifix down his throat’
Jews are safe ‘walking around the West Village’ only because Israel exists
A medieval historian leaps from the past into the future of mankind—and cyborgs.
Iconoclastic underground filmmaker Nick Zedd directed and starred in this tale
Multiple People Stabbed at Synagogue in Monsey, NY Anti-Semitic MACHETE Attack
Marco Rubio Makes a Scene: Sara Carter’s Website Posted a ‘Fake Story’ About Me
Federal Judge Allows Georgia Law To Continue Voter Purge
Johnny Cash’s ‘At Folsom Prison’: An Oral History
15 Logical Fallacies You Should Know Before Getting Into a Debate
stock kkk photo ~ grafton thomas ~ donna godchaux ~ style guides
ode to bottoming ~ serenity prayer ~ Jack Russel Hurdle Racing ~ CA city
greg germani ~ lester gaba ~ latinx ~ idiot’s guide
the people who are using these buzzwords you know white supremacy etc almost always in my experience if they’re speaking that lingo the reasoning power is relatively low and yet in modern society educated people are trained to just roll over and pretend that that kind of stuff makes sense ~ @chamblee54 The word “Gabbard” appears three times in a 1163 word article. This article is the barely coherent ravings of .@jonathanchait about heaven only knows what. @TulsiGabbard has become the poster girl for the inconvenient opposition that must be silenced. ~ @chamblee54 @GlennLoury @PeterMoskos “I would put immigration into that a million New Yorker has moved a million foreign-born people moved into New York in the 1990s it’s about one-third foreign-born now immigrants have lower levels of violence that undoubtedly contributed to to the violence reduction” ~ Reality is created by the mind, we can change our reality by changing our mind. Plato ~ You frequently hear about someone being credible. What about being debible? ~ @TylerMahanCoe One time (when I was like 8 years old) my father’s manager wanted us to bring him some diamondback rattlesnakes from Arizona or NM (or wherever we were). Went to a snake farm. Guy used that forked rod thing to put two rattlers in a 10 gallon bucket, air holes in the lid, etc. – And then that bucket got put in the bunk under mine on the bus. I don’t know if you’ve ever tried sleeping with two rattlesnakes 3 feet away, doing the entire “we’d really love to kill someone” thing after every bump in the road between the desert and Louisiana? Super chill. ~ this picture is photoshopped here is the original ~ “This Is Not a Novel To Be Tossed Aside Lightly. It Should Be Thrown with Great Force” While Dorothy Parker gets the credit for this gem, it was created by Sid Ziff ~ You’re not a soldier anymore You’re a General ~ pictures today are from The Library of Congress. ~ selah

Be Here Now

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a hard drive crash on wednesday took out two days of comments and links
Trump Should Be Removed from Office
How to Think about “Implicit Bias”
What We Know About Trump Going Into 2020
Georgia lawmaker wants to ban trans athletes from public facilities
Trail Cam Captures Opossum Pulling Ticks Off A Deer’s Face
Singer/Songwriter Kirsty MacColl was killed 19 years ago this week
5 Common Workplace Bullies (And How To Deal With Them)
Please Talk About Impeachment over the Holidays
How did each Kroger get its nickname?
South Dakota quintuplets turn 50 in Aberdeen
Gunmen hold father, kids at gunpoint while they rob restaurant
That’s not rigor mortis kicking in, I’m just pleased to see you.
Trump adviser: Expect more aggressive poll watching in 2020
Evangelical Elites Are Out of Touch
8 hopes and dreams for Atlanta in 2020
The year the Intellectual Dark Web died
Meet the Renegades of the Intellectual Dark Web
Legendary Gay Porn Director William Higgins Has Passed Away at Age 77
Seven people, including three teens, shot in downtown Baltimore
J.K. Rowling got it wrong
evangelical leaders slam Christianity Today for questioning their Christian witness
@realDonaldTrump A far left magazine, or very “progressive,” as some would call it, which has been doing poorly and hasn’t been involved with the Billy Graham family for many years, Christianity Today, knows nothing about reading a perfect transcript of a routine phone call and would rather …. have a Radical Left nonbeliever, who wants to take your religion & your guns, than Donald Trump as your President. No President has done more for the Evangelical community, and it’s not even close. You’ll not get anything from those Dems on stage. I won’t be reading ET again! ~ “The cancellation list also doesn’t show racial disparities, according to the AJC’s analysis. Voting rights groups say minorities are often disenfranchised by voting restrictions. Among those who identified their race to state election officials, 31% of those whose registrations could be canceled are black, while 33% of all registered voters are black. About 63% of the cancellation list is made up of white voters, who account for 59% of all registered voters.” ~ @chamblee54 @robertwrighter .@GlennLoury but I hate to be thought of primarily as a bomb thrower and iconoclast and they say or a curmudgeon a contrarian because I feel that maybe that doesn’t take me sufficiently seriously maybe it pigeonholes me and is more of a kind of ad hominem reaction to what I’m saying you know who is this guy he’s talking to me oh he’s one of those and then if I may say so Bob being black doesn’t make this whole thing it easier not that I’m complaining ~ “Death the only immortal who treats us all alike, whose pity and whose peace and whose refuge are for all — the soiled and the pure, the rich and the poor, the loved and the unloved.” Mark Twain (1835-1910) American writer [pseud. of Samuel Clemens Last written note Recorded by A. Paine (his literary executor), Mark Twain: A Biography, Vol III, Part 2, ch. 293 (1912). ~ pictures today are from the library of congress ~ selah

Millions Of Lowest-Bidder Parts

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The actress behind ‘Peloton wife’ has finally spoken
That famed John Glenn quote about a rocket’s millions of lowest-bidder parts
Electric Slide vs. Cupid Shuffle vs. Cha Cha Slide vs. The Wobble
Ford Factory Lofts Getting Whitewashed As Part of Planned Renovations
National Endowment for the Arts Warns Public about Grant Scam
Why Political Candidates’ Family and Friends Are Fair Game
Israel supporters defend Trump’s vicious anti-Semitism
my house is a safe zone firearms are welcome here
Survey Claiming That LGBT People Are Less Racist Misses the Reality of Racism
Yes, there’s racism in the LGBT community. But there’s more outside it.
Man Eats $120,000 Art Basel Banana As ‘Performance Art’
“He did not destroy the art work. The banana is the idea,”
I’m a Trans Woman, My 5 O’Clock Shadow Is a Badge of Visibility
Man addicted to brake fluid claims he can stop any time he wants
Judge orders Gov. Kemp to undergo questioning in Georgia election suit
Granny Witches: A Necessity for Daily Living
Possibly Helpful Language for Responding to Transphobia in Feminist Groups
Make Your High Last For 8 Days With This Bong Menorah
Sober Bars Are The New In Thing For Recovering Alcoholics To Enjoy The Social Scene
Nothing Says Christmas Like … a KFC Fried-Chicken Fire?
If You Still Hate Michael Vick, You Might Be Racist
Preposterous ideas from Atlanta’s past decade that actually came true
Gov. Kemp Responds to Water Litigation Ruling
Bill to Prohibit Hair Discrimination Advances in Assembly
A new study linking profanity to honesty shows people who curse are more authentic
Feds raid 6 local grocery stores; customers blocked from going inside
Italian town discovers why you should never put Christmas lights on a palm tree
The Root’s Michael Harriot Sits Down With Pete Buttigieg
Boris Johnson Is Showing Western Politicians How to Win
Calls Out Oprah … Why’s She Only Going After Black Men?!?
Washington Post’s Afghanistan Story Reveals Core Folly of American Defense Strategy
Jason Isaacs Wants Racists to Stop Pretending to Be Star Trek Fans
The BBC is releasing over 16,000 sound effects for free download
Dams and Reservoirs Can’t Save Us. This Is the New Future of Water Infrastructure.
Takedown: The five best sentences EVER
5 Best Sentences You’ll Ever Read By Donna Calvin Classroom Socialism
Did an Economics professor use grading of exams to teach about socialism?
From Thomas Jefferson to William Stephens Smith, Paris Nov. 13. 1787.
This Is What Racism Sounds Like in the Banking Industry
Which is worse, bigotry or cowardice in the face of bigotry?
Avoid This Pronunciation for Professional English (American) – 10 Words
Berlin’s subway sets the standard for how to treat a city’s residents
lester bangs ~ michael c. bryan ~ work computer ~ ~ gerson on trump ~ the ramones
Dorma McGruder ~ hate groups ~ n-word ~ Laci Green
ban porn ~ top 10 memes ~ white men ~ peloton
Can we find another metaphor to replace “the plank in the eye”? This bit of Christian rhetoric is past the expiration date. ~ Quit worrying about finding examples of hypocrisy. Two wrongs do not make a right. Base your argument on facts, rather than shady logic. ~ Unless they are under oath, a person who says “I don’t know” is probably telling the truth. ~ Merriam-Webster’s Words of the Year 2019 Word of the Year: They Top Ten: Quid pro quo, Impeach, Crawdad, Egregious, Clemency, The, Snitty, Tergiversation, Camp, Exculpate Spell check suggestions: Snitty: Snotty Tergiversation: Conversation ~ 1:48:40 being being friends with women is a lot of work I made this comment, so I could have the comment by the she wolf. When I clicked on the link to make sure it worked, youtube played a Dr. Squatch commercial fwiw, the entertainer said that she enjoys wolf jokes. Her twitter handle is @michelleisawolf ~ 32:15 we have to look at these things with our brains and we’re taught that when it comes to race we’re just supposed to look at these things with our gallbladders and it doesn’t work for anybody ~ Lady Windemere’s Fan We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars. Lord Darlington, Act III In this world there are only two tragedies. One is not getting what one wants, and the other is getting it. Mr. Dumby, Act III A man who knows the price of everything and the value of nothing. [Answering the question, what is a cynic? Lord Darlington, Act III ~ Chicopee Man Begs Badass 77 Year Old Chesterfield Woman To Call 911 After He Broke Into Her Home And Got Stabbed By Her ~ pete buttigieg and michael harriot systemic racism and white supremacy in particular I believe is the force that is most likely to destroy the United States of America ~ I’m convinced that if we don’t wrestle down white supremacy in our lifetime that they could kill the American project ~ we held a koala bear took a picture with a koala let me tell you they every I feel like the American version of that animal seems like so cute and like soft and light it feels like a stuffed animal what we think a koala is … it was tiny right same size that I thought it would be but the thing was like fucking three bowling balls it’s just so heavy and it’s a bear it’s a real bear … to say it’s a ball of muscle would be a tremendous understatement ~ pictures today are from The Library of Congress. ~ selah

Sounds Like Netanyahu

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Which of these 2020 Democrats agrees with you most?
Pink Floyd Playing with Stéphane Grappelli on “Wish You Were Here”
Elizabeth Warren Finally Speaks on Israel/Gaza, Sounds Like Netanyahu
Georgia Patrol: Suspect drives 125 mph, crashes into trooper
Georgia voters saved from purge by casting ballots in election
JFK at Amherst College upon receiving an honorary degree, 26 October 1963
Lachlan Mackinnon on the life of an assiduous self-promoter: Robert Frost
Great Southeast Music Hall Atlanta Concert Setlists
Paula Deen finds a girl scout camp and breaks out all of her old, most sadistic recipes.
This Interview Might Be the Closest You Get to RuPaul
Atlanta group launches bid to save Heretic from possible demolition
People Are Sharing The Revolting Thanksgiving Sides Their Family Won’t Stop Making
Caller says her brother is fighting her, he has marijuana & a shower pole
Nine cult Ancient Egyptian figures that pop up everywhere
‘How do I go back to the Debbie I was?’
Discovery Reform in New York: Major Legislative Provisions
Watch 21 Animated Ideas from Big Thinkers: Steven Pinker, Carol Dweck, more
Renderings: Perimeter’s $2B High Street project files paperwork to break ground
Northern words quiz What do these dialect words mean?
ICE arrests 90 more students at fake university in Michigan
“Happy Thanksgiving… Now shut up and eat your pie.”
The Woke Attack on Pete Buttigieg ~ Americans Strongly Dislike PC Culture
Inside ‘America’s Got Talent’: Ousted Judges Had Complained of Toxic Culture
People Soon Get Tired of Staring at a Plywood Box Every Night
The Real Barack Obama Has Finally Revealed Himself
I can tell you the real reason why people love Donald Trump
Billionaire-funded protest is rearing its head in America
Anne Lamott decided to write down everything she knew for sure
Mammoth Midtown Union project breaks ground, signs boutique hotel partner
The Wartime Spies Who Used Knitting as an Espionage Tool
@VaushV Nobody writes interracial cuckold porn like alt-righters
The Year Abraham Lincoln Declared Thanksgiving
Alabama Supreme Court upholds law protecting Confederate monuments ~ rebel flag images
The survival of Sevananda, Atlanta’s only co-op grocery store
World’s Best Confederate Flag Stock Pictures, Photos, and …
From patriarchy to snowflake: five keywords you need to know
Georgia may become home to a new national park
F. Scott Fitzgerald’s 13 Tips for What to Do with Your Leftover Thanksgiving Turkey
falcon post mortem ~ sylvester ~ do you eat dog? ~ 70’s commercials ~ Purpose of Poetry
stacey movie mogul ~ Waiting for Obama ~ #WaysToRuinThanksgiving ~ mayor pete
@TFLN (310): Sooo What’s the best way tho find out it he’s into anal? (1-310): I think you have the wrong number, but good luck with that ~ @DothTheDoth Practice self-care like Medusa, take care of your hair & turn everyone who has wronged you into stone. ~ i had an adventure last night. I got up to pee, and decided to put something on my shoulder. I had a new jar of the lotion. I opened the jar, and noticed a few bits of dirt in the top. Someone had opened the jar, taken some of the ointment, and put it back on the shelf. ~ 1:10:19 I have a consulting company and I go around the country and I talk to every level in the chain of command including the frontline troops guys that work construction guys that work gas oil guys that are out do linemen that are output you know at manufacturing everything those people they’re they’re met most of them they’re not out on the fringe somewhere you know what they’re thinking about they’re not thinking about what Trump soon they’re actually thinking about you know how they’re gonna if they’re gonna get to take a couple days off over their Labor Day weekend they’re getting thinking about have the save enough money they can get a new truck that’s what they’re concerned about they’re not thinking about this they’re trying to live their normal lives ~ @USNatArchives We confess, this memo is one of our favorite #ThanksgivingDay documents. President Carter apparently did not “especially like” green peas, but he was fine with fresh (not frozen!) green beans. What dish do you dread at Thanksgiving? @CarterLibrary #foodhistory ~ @TimJDillon We let my six year old cousin say grace and they just came out as non binary and called my grandfather a colonizing pig. Interesting start to dinner lol. ~ Pete Buttigieg Is a Lying MF ~ Pete Buttigieg Called Me. I figured one of his surrogates would argue with me for a few minutes and I could continue my day trying to be a thorn in the side of white supremacy (The third thing you should know is that I actually keep a small photo of the mouse from Pinky and the Brain beside my bed that says: “What are you going to do today, Michael?” The answer is always the same: “Fuck with white people.”) ~ When people say these things, it fits their agenda at the moment. They may, or may not know, that they said something contradictory in the past. Either they don’t care, or can rationalize it away. Maybe they are paid to produce this nonsense, or they sincerely believe in what they are doing. If all else fails, make a lot of noise about your agenda, and people will be too weary to argue with you. Think of our dialog last week about quote attribution. You said you like the quote, and are not concerned about the details… or something like that. The stories you mention fit the headline vomiter’s agenda, and they are not concerned about the details. ~ At the time, an “inhalant” called Locker Room was on the market. It was a “popper”. You unscrew the lid of the little bottle, inhale the fumes, and get a buzz. Between shows, someone apparently gave Mr. Crystal some coke. He said thank you to the person, and made a snorting gesture. I was seated on the floor, in front of the stage. I said, a bit too loudly, Locker Room. Mr. Crystal stopped talking. “Locker Room. I need the hecklers rosetta stone to know what this guy is saying” ~ your racist uncle bought the turkey ~ your racist uncle paid for the turkey ~ pictures today are from The Library of Congress. ~ this poem was read last night in decatur. It is based on tweets by @sarafcarter:
another day another ponytail ~ ’cause I’m just too lazy to wash my hair
show some respect for the ladies who fail ~ i want to be hearing Lizzo down there
eye doctor what brings you in here today ~ i’m having trouble seeing the red flags
do coke in bathroom wearing lingerie ~ the fitness class was full of scumbags
don’t say it don’t say it don’t say it whore ~ single motherhood sex work addiction
or be buried inside the gucci store ~ oh thank g-d i don’t have a prescription
single motherhood sex work addiction ~ just have your cake & eat it too far
oh thank g-d i don’t have a prescription ~ therapist office right next to a bar
just have your cake & eat it too far ~ or be buried inside the gucci store
therapist office right next to a bar ~ don’t say it don’t say it don’t say it whore ~ selah

Celebrated & Sometimes Disgraced

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Why I’m not applying for promotion
Racist Like Me — A Call to Self-Reflection and Action for White Physicians
Hello all I’m back with a new fic! I’m nervous and excited about this one.
Highway to hell: the rise and fall of the car
Werner Herzog discovers John Waters is Gay
A Black kingdom in postbellum Appalachia
Black people are not here to teach you: What many white Americans can’t grasp
I-20 reopens downtown after man safely removed from bridge
Why You Don’t See Recycling Bins at Dollywood
Trump Administration Tells Iowa Town to Remove Pride Crosswalks and They Refuse
Why are queer people so mean to each other?
82 Animated Interviews with Living, Dead, Celebrated & Sometimes Disgraced Celebrities
Are gay men at risk of becoming corporate “honorary whites” of hegemonic masculinity?
#whiteness anagrams as he witness
Black Girl Interrupted: My Body, the World, and Nonbinary Me
Stephen A. defends his Colin Kaepernick criticisms | First Take
How Every Candidate Can Win Tonight’s Democratic Debate
The AIDS Memorial Quilt will be moved to a new permanent home in San Francisco
KKK Leader: ‘We’re a Christian Organization;’ Claims the Klan Is Not a Hate Group
Why office noise bothers some people more than others
Judge Dismisses Sexual Abuse Case Against Former ARBCA Pastor Thomas Chantry
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@fallenmaster69 and then again. that was loud and clear ;) \m/
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@htmlmencken Ewww Richard Pipes, TeamB monster. that’s all I need to know
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hot piss ~ Ursula Le Guin ~ Soul Searching ~ defoor center ~ Little Richard on Jimi Hendrix
@w_h_thompson Yesterday marked the second day this year #Chicago went w/ out a shooting and/or a homicide. The other was March 21st. Prior to March 21st, it was 4 years & 20 days between free days. The final tally for 2/28/15 – 3/20/19 was 2,605 killed & 11,729 wounded. @chamblee54 Thank you #ColinKaepernick @Brian40454875 he must have passed on his accuracy to Chicago shooters ~ What has four letters, sometimes has nine letters, but never has five letters. What is the first four letter word in the national anthem. Punctuation is important. ~ mysophobia, the spell checker machine says, homophobia ~ NYPD responds to Queens Center mall after fight between 200 kids Link has a pop up ad. A stern voice starts shouting “warning, this product contains nicotine” ~ @wildethingy There are few things that can’t be improved by dipping it in cheese. *cheese covered chihuahua walks past* ~ Moment Elizabeth Warren is left shaken after dozens of protesters storm her rally at historically black college in Atlanta, demanding ‘We want to be heard!’– and freshman Rep. Ayanna Pressley has to come to the candidate’s rescue ~ Immigration is for Republicans what Racism is for Democrats. Both know that there is little they can do to fix the problem. They both know that these issues will fire up their base, and so they cynically go full bore demagogue ~ Internal Server Error The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request. Please contact the server administrator, you@your.address and inform them of the time the error occurred, and anything you might have done that may have caused the error. More information about this error may be available in the server error log. ~ erasure poems illustrating this post by @chamblee54 ~ the poem below was performed in Decatur last night. It is based on tweets by @OverheardOnDuty @chicagoscanner.
daily reminder that life does not lie ~ hitting the suspect while guzzling jack
she hates you and will eat you when you die ~ naked male using somebody’s alibi
both have been drinking in a cadillac ~ daily reminder that life does not lie
on facebook live shoplifting apple pie ~ police dispatcher priscilla payback
she hates you and will eat you when you die ~ drugs blood poop sperm vomit glorify
a half naked female on the smokestack ~ daily reminder that life does not lie
out of control block party rabbi ~ in custody at the white castle shack
she hates you and will eat you when you die ~ you guys are dramatic as hell good bye
unauthorized unicorn smoking crack ~ daily reminder that life does not lie
she hates you and will eat you when you die ~ selah