I Refuse To Listen

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Georgia city preps for rally organized by white supremacists
Official Statement – City of Dahlonega – August 28, 2019
‘Someone’s Gotta Tell the Freakin’ Truth’: Jerry Falwell’s Aides Break Their Silence
‘Dying of whiteness’: why racism is at the heart of America’s gun inaction
Hey, Rep. Lawrence, gun violence isn’t a ‘black and brown’ problem
Black Privilege: NFL’s Antonio Brown Calls White General Manager Cracker
Fanny’s faggots haven’t gone down well after Google bans advert
The Phenix City Story – John Patterson’s Speech
Yikes!!! I Almost Fell for an Online Job Scam
Why Many Afghans Don’t Understand 9/11 ~ Milo Yiannopoulos Says He’s Broke
How to thread a needle with a toothbrush
Israel deploys dummy soldiers on Lebanese border
‘This tape rewrites everything we knew about the Beatles’
@icumwhenucryLet’s turn this whorehouse into a whorehome
Feminist Says Viral Video Showing Two Toddlers Hugging Is ‘Racist’
Jon Ossoff raises questions with misleading resume
PewDiePie pulls $50,000 pledge to Jewish anti-hate group after fan backlash
Fourteen Symptoms of Toxic Church Leaders
‘They Fed Me To The Beast’: Joni Mitchell At The Isle Of Wight Festival
‘I Refuse to Listen to White Women Cry’
Israel accused of planting mysterious spy devices near the White House
About Contrapoints & Non-Binary ~ Why is Contrapoints being “cancelled?”
Contrapoints Deleted Her Twitter Due to Harassment
MARTA holds public hearing on proposed bus service changes
#RIP: Illustrator, Downtown Legend, Robert W. Richards
hurt people hurt people ~ persishing point ~ magic word ~ On Shaun King ~ Republican Pariah
@chamblee54 ~ talk in tongues ~ how to tweet ~ suicide stats ~ waterbeds
The alternative weekly reader has hit the ether. Yesterday was the first day of the NFL season. At 1:05, I turned the tv on. The Falcons were making their first punt of the new year. It was blocked. ~ #PalindromeWeek is here #PalinDivorce does not qualify ~ Why do people burn chemicals in an electronic device, and pull the fumes into their body? Is it the taste? Do you get a buzz from it? What is going on here? ~ you mentioned Donald Trump very briefly and I’m not gonna get into an argument with you about whether or not he’s a racist that I don’t regard that as a productive use of our time ~ we are simply the products of an oppressive history and any flaws you find in our social functioning are to be attributed to what To white people white supremacy it smacks of somebody who we will leave nameless in this conversation but you know who I’m talking about and this house this whole shtick this whole apologia that’s what it is it’s apologia it is giving an account of failure that’s what it is it’s laying off the responsibility for failure on structured okay and you know I find that deeply philosophically unsatisfying ~ @OverheardOnDuty Wtf why is it inappropriate for a cop to tweet about sex? How do you think baby cops are made? When a mommy cop and daddy cop love each other and express that love through handcuffs, bodycam porn, and confiscated drugs, a baby cop is born. Grow up. ~ @ChaseMit Congratulations to Felicity Huffman on making it into an exclusive institution based purely on merit ~ @OverheardOnDuty First on scene to a wreck a while ago. Two were trapped and a fire was spreading from the hood. I had to break the drivers arm to get her untangled. By that point the fire was into the compartment. I’m glad she passed out in pain. She didn’t have to watch her husband burn alive. ~ @OverheardOnDuty Well at one point she was my slam piece and turned into my girlfriend. We had a kid and she dumped my for my brother. Then she married him but then got with my nephew. So that’s who she threw the hatchet at. ~ pictures today are from The Library of Congress. ~ this poem was performed tuesday night:
mankind into cattle transformation ~ democracy is only hollywood
after the seventh day of creation ~ to be great is to be misunderstood
talk enthusiasm about his youth ~ a bait he cannot resist swallowing
respect the enemy that you’re following ~ its a function of power not of truth
i never travel without my diary ~ jeremiah sings out the golden word
only judas can write the biography ~ beware of g-d if you are not a bird
jeremiah sings out the golden word ~ man devoted to wallpaper knowledge
beware of g-d if you are not a bird ~ annoying patterns like bad hair college
man devoted to wallpaper knowledge ~ only judas can write the biography
annoying patterns like bad hair college ~ i never travel without my diary ~ selah

Being Nasty Online 24/7

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How the invention of the book changed how people read
Firaq Gorakhpuri, the Epicure of Beauty
Rocky Top hits rock bottom: Where did it go so wrong for Tennessee?
Biological sex and socially-constructed gender
3 Signs You’re the Toxic Person in Your Workplace (and What to Do About It)
Nail Salon Brawls & Boycotts: Unpacking The Black-Asian Conflict In America
Roc Nation, NFL Spark Criticism For Music And Apparel ‘Inspire Change’ Initiative
APD Investigating Anti-White Graffiti in Westside Atlanta
@chamblee54 calling white people racists helped Hillary lose
Dickens or Bulwer-Lytton? Great prose, or not? by Mikhail Simkin
A Skin Too Few – The Days of Nick Drake [2000]
Facebook is being accused of ‘racially biased censorship’ by the ACLU
The Radical Faeries Of Kawashaway Sanctuary
Three quadruple shootings in Baltimore,
many with young victims, underscore tragic trend in city this year

Cherokee Nation Names First Delegate To Congress
Meditation for Beginners: Buddhist Monks & Teachers Explain the Basics
Decimate does not mean to kill one in every 10
Top 3 Bombshells of the 950 Page Google Leak
Woman Sexually Assaulted by Stanford Swimmer Reveals Her Identity
You Know Emily Doe’s Story. Now Learn Her Name.
Johnny Cash “There You Go” (1958) Early Appearance on Country Style U.S.A.
Shakesville’s unravelling and the not-so-golden age of blogging
I see a lot of talking and like I say talking is great I’m a big talker um but
UCSB Alumna Chanel Miller Comes Forward As Emily Doe
Lynne Truss and Chicken Little
Totally written by Michelle Dauber.
Don’t Press Send: The New Rules for Good Writing
Even Chemerinsky Condemns Stanford Law Prof Michele Dauber
Jimmy Dore and Why Everyone Hates the Media | Useful Idiots
Moving Image Film Related to George Washington Carver
Who’s Lying to Us Who’s Telling the Truth? Malcolm Gladwell Has Ideas
Carl Gari Abdullah Miniawy Whities 023 (The Act of Falling From the 8th Floor)
I Don’t Want to Belong to Any Club That Will Accept Me as a Member
@harikondabolu I will never be ok with the name “Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse.”
Rebecca Solnit: The Loneliness of Donald Trump
Spacetime Continuum with Terrence McKenna live 1993
curse ~ Grand Views, Little Things ~ bullet journallingpoetry ~ california city ~ big river
william nicholas parrott ~ Sterrennacht ~ Auditioning for Auntie ~ battle lines ~ brock turner
victim impact statement ~ Gun Violence Archive ~ the stone ~ Dominate Twitter ~ trader vic
Reverent Quizzes ~ september 1, 1939 ~ Terence McKenna ~ “State law prohibits ~ philomath
I searched the wikiquotes page for Mohandas Gandhi. The search terms used were lose, find, service, others. This quote did not appear. ~ Interview lady: Kim Gordon from Sonic Youth posted this idea that women are drawn to the bass because it’s the naturally nurturing role Tina Weymouth: oh please I don’t think it has anything to do with gender and it’s one of the reasons I I don’t i’ve always (avoided) answering feminist questions it’s just such it’s so loaded if you want to do something just do it don’t talk about it and don’t criticize other women if if if they want to go out you know and swing on a wrecking ball naked why not let them do what they want we just are smart as women because we have our balls neatly tucked inside where they’re protected and that’s that ~ @chamblee54 I don’t understand that and like the amount of time I spent on this because like I’m not a professional reporter I’m not even a professional writer I don’t know what I’m doing ~ Dauber’s opponents, however, often speculate that the recall was an act of revenge because of her friendship with Emily Doe’s family. After Doe penned a searing 12-page letter to Turner that quickly went viral, critics suggested Dauber had been the author. Dauber flatly rejected that accusation, and dismissed the notion that she’s out for personal revenge as “so ridiculous it doesn’t even deserve a response.” ~ Stanford University law professor Michele Dauber is one of the leaders of the recall campaign. Dauber is a friend of the victim’s and was in the courtroom for Turner’s sentencing. She’s an outspoken on-campus activist who has helped push through more stringent sexual harassment and abuse reporting and investigation policies. Dauber also is an adept Democratic fundraiser who has organized a well-financed recall campaign with glossy mailers juxtaposing photos of Persky with President Trump and Turner’s booking mug shot. ~ and ask do you have a good working definition of racist it’s it’s a it’s a word that’s that’s often used and rarely defined okay I mean I’m not you know gonna give you a dictionary definition but I would say something like a person who has unreasoning contempt or disdain based on the race of another person a person who believes a set of things without factual foundation that are discrediting you know blacks are lazy Jews or greedy can’t be trusted things of this town okay so strong effective reaction against the group along with unfounded beliefs that support the the hostility the antagonism ~ mean it’s true that I mean like you I look on social media like Twitter and see things I consider egregious virtue signaling and they drive me nuts on the other hand what none of us is ever entirely non performative or I mean we always have a peer group in mind that we’re trying to impress right ~ Whenever Glenn talks about incarceration here, he seems to mention Stanford… they are currently in the news, with the (commercially motivated) re-emergence of Brock Turner. Some want to change the school to prison pipeline to a swimming pool to prison pipeline ~ > @existentialcoms A lot of people don’t seem to get this, but being nasty online 24/7 is “problematic”, regardless of how “correct” your opinion are. No one wants to live in the world you are creating. ~ pictures today are from The Library of Congress. ~ selah

Five Appalling On-Set Stories

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Toni Morrison Beautifully Answers an “Illegitimate” Question on Race
Georgia attorney killed man after golf ball hit Mercedes, DA says
Revolution and Chicken Sandwiches: Why Policing Black Joy is Toxic
On the great chicken wars of 2019
Danny Glover: ‘Societies Must Apologize’ for Slavery with Reparations
A List Of 8 Core Values I Live By
The Wizard of Oz: Five Appalling On-Set Stories
Alan Cumming – Not My Father’s Son: A Family Memoir
The glory of the Gettysburg Address
H.L. Mencken on Abraham Lincoln and the Gettysburg Address
Drag queen performs in blackface, wins Douglasville show
Hating Valerie Solanas (And Loving Violent Men)
‘MAGA In Nigerian Parlance is a Word That Means Easily Fooled Idiot’
Alleged Israeli Strikes ‘Attack on Sovereignty,’ Iraqi President and PM Charge
Jean Cramer withdraws from Marysville council race in wake of racist comments
Right-Wing Star Andy Ngo Exits Quillette After Damning Video Surfaces
a Vancouver Democrat Who’s Been Working Against Far-Right Group from Inside
Gwyneth, Ivanka, and the End of the Effortless White Woman
Police ID driver killed when pickup truck plowed off bridge onto I-75
‘London Bridge Is Down’: The Secret Plan for the Days After the Queen’s Death
An appointment at the house of death: the horror of the early Victorian hospital
‘Never, ever use a debit card,’ warns fraud expert and ex-con artist
‘Granddaddy Of The Jam Scene’ Col. Bruce Hampton Turns 70 w/ Lois Reitzes
I wrote some new Aesop’s fables
Opioid overdose is a public health crisis – are fentanyl test strips the answer?
Amazon rainforest fires: Ten readers’ questions answered
journalist who quit over sexual misconduct inquiry given voice by Weinstein accuser
Exclusive NYPD Data Reveals Just How Often Fentanyl Is in Cocaine
The Hidden Meanings Behind 15 Company Names
We Belong Wherever Our Hearts Fall: My Promise to Appalachia
The Science of Life and Death in Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein
Donnie Bolena and the Reality of Today’s Republican Party
Mystery of missing votes deepens as Congress investigates Georgia
Penn Jillette on What Trump is Really Like | Joe Rogan
Thelonious Monk’s 25 Tips for Musicians (1960)
The demons and obsessions of jazz genius Thelonious Monk
Waking Up with Sam Harris – Mindfulness Meditation (9 minutes)
Bolton sidelined from Afghanistan policy as his standing with Trump falters
Abdul-Jabbar: Insulting Kaepernick says more about our patriotism
tourist traps ~ big joy ~ brigitte bidet ~ t. monk ~ dictation
jon ossoff ~ Jonathan Kaiman ~ paul mccartney ~ dbf ~ stopedbuck
opiates ~ douglasville ~ emancipation proclamation ~ nick drake ~ Ten Sessions
“I’ve laid in a ghetto flat, Cold and numb, I heard the rats tell the bedbugs, To give the roaches some” B.B. King ~ Press Windows logo key  + E, then open the folder you want in File Explorer. ~ Press Windows logo key  + Shift + S to open the snipping bar, then drag the cursor over the area you want to capture. The area you snipped will be saved to your clipboard. ~ Press Windows logo key  + I, then select or search for the setting you want to change. ~ One of the first things I heard about springsteen was that he was on the cover of Time and Newsweek the same week. There was some powerful publicity behind him. I was offended that an artist, who had not yet fully fulfilled his potential, was receiving that kid of big money push ~ Does anyone else get angry when they see the name Nikema Williams? Having her as State Party chair may prove to be a mistake. ~ Thelonious Monk They tried to get me to hate white people, but someone would always come along & spoil it. ~ @DrLindseyFitz For anyone who has ever uttered the words “the good old days,” this THREAD is for you! 10 MEDICAL PROCEDURES FROM THE PAST that will make you happy to be alive in 2019. Here we go… ~ pictures for this labor day link listing are from The Library of Congress. ~ this poem was performed last night in decatur:
donald will humble himself to get paid ~ read jimmy’s bible begging to be healed
unfold your own myth do not be afraid ~ one day you will become the holy field
carry envy to the porcelain hole ~ a lamp or a lifeboat or a ladder
i am a carpenter of my own soul ~ let go the beer inside the mad bladder
illusion the first of all your pleasures ~ set life on fire to see your god in death
ignorance or blue delicate treasures ~ inspiration you seek in silent breath
set life on fire to see your god in death ~ cry like the wick of a melting candle
inspiration you seek in silent breath ~ play piano melody of scandal
cry like the wick of a melting candle ~ ignorance or blue delicate treasures
play piano melody of scandal ~ illusion the first of all your pleasures ~ selah

My Grandfather, A Killer

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Gay rights activist also invented variation on kaleidoscope
Elizabeth Gilbert on Love, Loss, How to Move Through Grief
California police shooting law death wins Newsom’s signature
Belgian Education in the Congo: A Thesis by Newt Gingrich
Precinct closures in rural Georgia approved by county elections board
Man exposes himself, falls to death at Atlanta hotel, police say
Trump cancels Denmark visit because Greenland isn’t for sale
Playing Ping Pong with Henry Miller ~ Digital Dada Library Collection
‘Scam’ Receipts On Shaun King After Rihanna Plans To Honor Him
A Gay Teenager Trolled Donald Trump in the Best Way Possible
Hollywood-DeKalb County land swap debate has reached blockbuster proportions
‘You’re the guy with the ball to the crotch’: The funniest baseball card ever made
Evidence That Disney Stole ‘Lion King’ From ‘Kimba The White Lion’
If Charleston’s East Side neighborhood feels divided, how will it move forward?
Colin Kaepernick Wants You to Know Your Rights
Ed Shaw on the Church and Same-Sex Attracted People
Tulsi Gabbard on Running for President and Next MAGA (A 2020 Slogan Quiz)
1619: The Arrival of the First Africans in Virginia
Mom accused of killing children boasted of kids on social media before shootings
Zeppelins stopped flying after Hindenburg disaster … want to bring them back.
Unhappy With Iraq Strikes, U.S. Outs Israel
21 arrested following months-long state police investigation
John Fletcher – The Shocking Tale of Margaret Seddon
Dada for Now Antonio Russolo: Corale and Serenata, 1921
trailer park hippie ~ unwholesome memes ~ chris stein ~ toni morrison beloved
history of soap ~ Dr. Squatch ~ Men ContraPoints ~ other side ~ the stranger
npc ~ mani venus ~ gene krupa ~ My Grandfather, A Killer ~ grammar nazis
lock @eugenegu in a room with @cmclymer and throw away the key ~ @sapinker The newest member of A.W.F.U.L. (Americans Who Figuratively Use “Literally”): Taylor Swift: ‘I was literally about to break’ ~ Sun Ra In order to save the Earth, I had to go to the worst spot on the planet, and that was Philadelphia, which was death’s headquarters. ~ pictures for this unexpected brief listing of web addresses are from The Library of Congress. ~ selah

Grammar Nazis

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The Night Charlie Parker Soared in South Central L.A.
Reflections Of A Ferguson Organizer 5 Years After Killing of Mike Brown
What should we call ‘Grammar Nazis’?
Ignoring Trump’s racism betrays our country’s victims
Friends Say Sibling Murdered by Dayton Shooter Was Transgender Man
Why People of Color Need Spaces Without White People
Don Lemon sued by Hamptons bartender for alleged assault
Stacey Abrams: She’s Open to Being Vice President for Any Democratic Nominee
García Márquez’s Five Favorite Cocktail Stories
To Sandy Springs and Old Cross Keys ~ Going way back to Cross Keys
Every few years I tell story of name, ‘Cross Keys,’ so our community doesn’t forget
DeKalb steak restaurant fails health inspection with a 21
The Debt and Death of Thomas Jefferson
Why A Failed Health Inspection at a DeKalb Restaurant is a Political Story
Friends mourn Mary’s bartender Bernadette Patterson
Driving under doo-doo with intent to distribute lunacy
10 Jokes That Make Russians Laugh
Shay Alexi – “And This Time the Butter Rejects the Knife”
Honeymooners Grateful Dead Dancing 1:05 “get into the groove and be gay”
Snopes Escalates Attack On The Babylon Bee, Justifies Flagging Satire
Man tried to molest boy inside restroom at popular metro mall, police say
White Arkansas woman pulls gun on 4 black fundraising teens
Actually, Gender-Neutral Pronouns Can Change a Culture
The Press in the Third Reich Establishing Control of the Press
Arlo Guthrie, Steve Goodman and Hoyt Axton on “Soundstage”
Fast Company promoted a live chat with creepy “male feminist”
Why are queer people so mean to each other?
Shifting to the Centre is No Way to Fight Right-Wing Populism
L5P ~ arlo ~ herman hesse ~ wayne’s world ~ godwins law ~ Obama’s Lost Army
Why Do I Resist Meditating? ~ why nagasaki? ~ kokura ~ GA govenors mansion ~ Ibram X. Kendi
Pickrick ~ police violence ~ brookhaven ~ dekalb history audio ~ dekalb history maps
cross keys ~ cross keys restaurant ~ brokeback mountain ~ fair fight 2020 ~ serenity prayer
web colors ~ mini-stories vol.5 ~ tarantino ~ sanctuary ~ list of links
chamblee54 – Yesterday, there was a discussion here about the term Cross Keys. Here is what I found. In four years at Cross Keys High School, I never heard anyone say what it meant. ~ Mr. Bear – Nice nosing around c54. As with any good research, the answers spur a new set of questions. Like bringing up the subject of restaurant sit-ins and of why Herren’s survived a lot longer than Leb’s and the Pickrick. I’m old enough to remember the demonstrators who were outside my high school baccalaureate ceremony. And that the issues which were raised found remedy later that summer. A different time. Thanks. ~ chamblee54 – The buildings that housed Leb’s and Herren’s are still standing. Herren’s is now a theater. The Pickrick was bought by Georgia Tech, of course, used as a storage building, and demolished. I always thought it should be remembered in some way. When you tell a story, you should tell about the villains, as well as the heroes. I worked with this man once who claimed to have worked at the Pickrick. He said they had a parrot, which he taught to cuss. The night Lester was on the Dick Cavett show, Truman Capote was one of the other guests. Mr. Capote said, in his own inimitable manner, that he had eaten at the Pickrick. “All I’m going to say is that it was not finger lickin’ good.” ~ Mr. Bear – In my feeble bear brain, I seem to remember the cussing parrot story. It’s funny what gets remembered and what doesn’t. People who make it a point to know such stuff make a point of remembering the ax handles and his penchant for riding a bicycle backwards, but they forget his opening the governor’s office to all comers for “Little People’s Day” and for his efforts toward prison reform in Georgia. However odd he might have been, he was honest. I’ve got an ax-handle story from 1968 that is probably best lost to the mists of memory…… ~ chamblee54 – The time I went to “Little People’s Day” it was held at the Govenors Mansion. “The migration north continued to West Paces Ferry Road when the current Governor’s Mansion officially opened on January 1, 1968. Lester Maddox was the first governor to occupy the current Governor’s Mansion.” The previous GM was on The Prado in Ansley Park. “The large granite home sat impressively on three hilltop acres, but the scale of the house was not considered large enough for many state functions. The grandness of the house was also not enhanced … by the goats and cows that were kept on site during the terms of both Eugene Talmadge and Herman, his son and later governor.” ~ Archival Atlanta: Electric Street Dummies, the Great Stonehenge Explosion, Nerve Tonics, and Bovine Laws : Forgotten Facts and Well-Kept Secrets from Our City’s Past is a book about Atlanta history ~ I got into a conversation about Arlo Guthrie. I saw where a post had been recycled. This was the result. This is about the perfect country western song, Ed Muskie, and the first time I heard the word empathy ~ @franssuper How in the name of the universe could I respect any fascist, nazi or white supremacist? @chamblee54 See people as human beings instead of walking labels. ~ pictures for you today are from The Library of Congress. ~ selah

Drone Strike Kills Dozens At Wedding

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Georgia teen who killed sister over Wi-Fi password gets life in prison
Why Jesus didn’t feed the 5,000, and why it matters
Classmates say Dayton gunman had a ‘hit list’ in high school
Dayton Security Footage Showing Reaction as Gunman Opens Fire
Mayor Bottoms’ endorsement of Joe Biden is all about Donald Trump
Intellectual humility: the importance of knowing you might be wrong
Want to Be a Great Storyteller? First, Break These Habits
Questions raised over purpose of fundraiser for South Bend cop in fatal shooting
Blair White Heated Debate w/ Jessica Yaniv: Trans Predator
Dayton shooter appeared to have leftist Twitter feed
No, Gloria Steinem Did Not Say That Quote About Abortion and Gun Control
Why We Care About Hair by LaDawn LBJ Jones ~ chamblee54: Is this satire?
Why Toni Morrison writes early: ‘I’m really smart in the morning.’
GA criminal investigation set an ominous tone for African-American voters
Voter Suppression or Ballot Fraud — Investigation Into a Case in Georgia
On the aesthetic appeal of powerful ideas
The 1981 Lynching that Bankrupted an Alabama KKK
Dozens killed in air raid on Libya’s Murzuq, says official
Drone strike kills dozens at wedding in Libya – reports
Opinion: What America’s gun fanatics won’t tell you
Everyone’s Canceling Equinox Membership and Dropping SoulCycle Classes
Western Philosophy as White Supremacism By Crispin Sartwell
XPN presents Woodstock — As It Happened — 50 Years On
Sorry Asians, My Blackness is Not Your Counterculture
golden ratio ~ fibonacci sequence ~ joni songs ~ carson mckee ~ led zeppelin ~ teased hair
hello isaac ~ @IsaacMizrahi ~ michael donald ~ henry hays ~ lynching picture ~ golden ratio
Gödel Escher Bach ~ white fragility ~ hairdo facebook post ~ Michael Williams ~ perception
princetta quotes ~ dayton shooting ~ In Defense of Ignorance ~ connor betts twitter ~ connor betts
School Is Accused of Racial Insensitivity Over Hairstyle Guidelines Display “What happened in DeKalb,” she said, “is the reason those natural hair ban laws should be expanded across the country.” ~ I mean yes I do think he’s a racist and I wrote a piece about it in the Atlantic about a year ago at this point where I was saying that even if he used the n-word it wouldn’t surprise me it’s clear how he feels and so part of me at this point everybody’s clutching their pearls of these things that he’s writing and I’m thinking why this is what he’s like the only question is why you have this cluster of events and whether or not he’s cannily thinking I’m gonna whip up my base by saying racist things and I honestly don’t think the man has enough forethought or mentals its flesh I don’t think he has the staying power to plan anything politically he might have a certain snail-like sense that a racist no I’m sorry I can’t even whit’s people up and he wants to start whipping up his base maybe but that’s ~ @chamblee54 @GlennLoury @JohnHMcWhorter @bloggingheads I mean yes I do think he’s a racist at a recent meeting in South Bend, some representatives of Al Sharpton tried to speak. The local activists said, this is our problem, you don’t need to be here. ~ Tucker Carlson wrongly tells his viewers the country’s white supremacy problem ‘is a hoax’ ~ If you try to draw a maze, you use the same template as when you draw a labyrinth. It is a concentric circle, with alternating layers. One layer is the path, one layer is the wall. The path defines the walls, and the walls define the path. The difference between a maze, and a labyrinth, is where you put the doors, turnarounds, and blocks. With the maze, you have choices. If you make the correct choices, you get to the center sooner. If you make an incorrect choice, you will go on a useless side journey. With the labyrinth, you have no choices. However, you have the longest possible path into the center. ~ Reporter Confronts Residents About Trump’s Baltimore Comments. They Demolish The Left’s Narrative, Heckle Al Sharpton. ~ @KidRock Taylor Swift wants to be a democrat because she wants to be in movies….period. And it looks like she will suck the door knob off Hollyweird to get there. Oldest move in the book. Good luck girl. -Kid Rock ~ #BooksForTrolls Lord of the Dings by JRR Trollkien ~ @lookner At least 62 dead in Tanzania — a fuel tanker overturned and local people were trying to siphon fuel from it when it exploded ~ pictures today are from The Library of Congress. ~ this poem was read last night in decatur:
veins unfill’d our blood is magical ~ chase individuals with putrid souls
tedious brief merry and tragical ~ begin to feel dolly parton controls
blow thou winter wind hillary scold ~ spread negativity about the man
the air bite shrewdly it is very cold ~ con man donnie doesn’t like the plan
the winter of our discontent appeared ~ hung like an icicle on a dutchman’s beard
a lily prison’d in a jail of snark ~ something rotten in the state of denmark
oh my lord what can i do for sin ~ there is a blonde in the affairs of men ~ selah

Adolf Hitler Really Said

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Christopher Hitchens vs. Jordan Peterson Debating Religion, Morality, Culture
Struggling Ga. Republicans would like to thank Democratic counterparts for this gift
Love Thy Neighbor: The Bible Belt Is Becoming a Dumping Ground
Wife killed at fire station while trying to get away from husband, sheriff says
Werner Herzog on “The Portal”, Episode #003: “The Outlaw as Revelator”
Hoteps Been Told You – Erica Thomas and the White Cuban
If You’re LGBTQ+ and Don’t Know About October 8th, Pay Attention
Erica Thomas claimed Chick-Fil-A employee told her to “go back” to her country.
Trump Proves He’s Not A Racist By Showing His Rejection Letter From The KKK
Second arrest made in alleged hate-motivated shooting of gay man in DeKalb
How Four Cities Can Predict Murder in America
Yes, Adolf Hitler Really Said He Would ‘Make Germany Great Again’
How American Jews Must Contest Trump’s Explicit, Vicious Racism
@RealisticPoetry What advice would you give to a younger poet?
4 Stupid N$$$$$ Murder A Man Over 1 Bottle Of Hennessy, Yep 1!!!
The Big Little Lie of the TV kitchen island
Elijah Cummings’ Baltimore home burglarized hours before Trump’s first tweets
The Penis on Page 602 of the 1975 Fall/Winter Sears Catalog
Lettrism and the Youth Uprising of 68
Jordan Peterson – What’s the Deal with Lobsters?
White supremacist group’s flyers posted at Jewish temple in Columbus
Linda Ronstadt In Atlanta 1977 Willin’ ~ Paul Desmond Interviews Charlie Parker (1954)
Viral post shows DeKalb school’s take on good, bad black hairstyles
How 2020 Contenders Are Approaching Police Brutality And Criminal Justice Reform
That Time NASA Wanted to Build a Floating Airport on Lake Erie
Mayor Suggests Noise Wouldn’t Bother Deaf People
list of atlanta street gangs ~ Mary Norwood Hasn’t Stopped Falling
Woman riding e-scooter in Midtown taken off life support after hit-and-run
bob dylan & jimmy carter part 1979 ~ hunter biden ~ manifesto ~ dick rhodes
semicolon ~ romani ~ Richards ~ jim goad
randy newman ~ fog ~ is snopes serious? ~ clive davis
walt whitman/mark twain ~ leyland fiction ~ leyland non fiction ~ WINSTON LEYLAND
ginsberg on arthur ~ carolyn cassady ~ ginsberg 1996 ~ gerrymandering
The r-word is a dandy distraction. Not that I would correct Mary’s babydaddy, but I would be the words “perceived as” in front of the r-word. Not everyone considers stupid tweet to be worthy of the r-slur. ~ Writing poetry is neither a game nor a chore, it is rather the art of choosing the right words and to assemble them correctly and musically. We ought to read and write and not the contrary. ~ @jordanbpeterson One more week to get something from my Rule 7 Collection from @teespring #12rulesforlife ~ Did you ever think we would be having serious discussions about “The President’s tweets”? ~ I was mostly commenting about the word tweet. Fifteen years ago, a tweet was a useless noise from a bird. I admit, I follow @realdonaldtrump. I like getting an unfiltered view of his madness. With previous world leaders, you had to wait on the press to report on their idiocy. Now, you can see it direct from the source, in real time. ~ While we are salivating about Dayton and El Paso and @realDonaldTrump , how many one on one killings have we had in the same time period? ~ Sun Ra Plays a Music Therapy Gig at a Mental Hospital; Inspires Patient to Talk for the First Time in Years ~ The Therapeutic Benefits of Ambient Music: Science Shows How It Eases Chronic Anxiety, Physical Pain, and ICU-Related Trauma Sixty years ago, when (Dr. Oliver) Sacks was still in medical school, avant-garde jazz bandleader Sun Ra had a very Sacks-like experience when he played for an audience of patients in a mental hospital, and inspired a catatonic woman who hadn’t spoken for years to stand up and say ‘Do you call that music?’” ~ story source ~ iow, if you support a politician, you deserve to be physically assaulted. That is incredibly fucked up. ~ pictures for this psycho-killer free recollection of last week are from The Library of Congress. ~ selah

Georgia Woman Accused Of Shooting Gun

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@itsericathomas Going downtown for event I hope I bump into @JussieSmollett
SOS: Election Assistance Commission Disproves Claims Of Voter Suppression
Tinnitus: Ringing in the Brain | Josef Rauschecker | TEDxCharlottesville
Heather Mac Donald: How Delusion of Diversity Destroys Our Common Humanity
Group shoplifts, points gun at Walmart manager, police say
Uncle Hotep Factor – Erica Thomas and Supermarket Etiquette
Black Girl, Protect Your Mental Peace In Racial Environments.
Episode 62: Harry Khachatrian / Rolling Stones [Part 1]
Maria von Trapp Wasn’t Even Invited To The Sound Of Music Premiere
Story Of Black GA Rep. Being Yelled At In A Grocery Store Gets Murkier
David Bowie • Hotel de L’Europe • Amsterdam, Holland • 14 October 1977
Wildfire continues to burn on Cumberland
“Family Time Share” by Genevieve Kersten ~ Secret Life of a Con Man
Body cam footage of methadone clinic shooting released by Baltimore police
Say What You Think And Don’t Be Apologetic About It
Herbicide warfare against Gaza farmers
Downtown hotels concerned over growing complaints about homeless, panhandling
NEW DETAILS: Police report disputes Georgia lawmaker’s account of Publix incident
WABE takes a look at how these communities came to be.
Georgia woman accused of shooting gun in McDonald’s after getting cold fries
Store video made public in Georgia lawmaker’s confrontation at Publix
Erica Thomas Wasn’t National News, That Never Stops Outrage-Hungry Media
Did Werner Herzog Tweet America is ‘Waking Up, As Germany Once Did’?
Television: It’s Called a Medium Because It’s Never Well Done
Federal government to resume capital punishment
Federal government orders Louisiana man, four other inmates executed
A Rattle With Death in Yosemite
Ilhan Omar: It Is Not Enough to Condemn Trump’s Racism
The Compassionate Curiosity of Criminal
Federal Government to Resume Capital Punishment
you could leave electric scooters anywhere — then repo men struck back
This President’s Grandson Was More Interesting Than You’ll Ever Be
whitman to carpenter to arthur to cassady to ginsberg
The Gay Love Letters of Neal Cassady to Allen Ginsberg
That time Gore Vidal met Jack Kerouac
My Dear Boy: Gay Love Letters through the Centuries
Erica Thomas confronts man accused of ‘go back’ comment mid-interview
Joel Kim Booster: study on an air mattress party through sinus infection
Atlanta is Blowing all its Safety Money on a Flashy Pedestrian Bridge
Welcome To The Equifax Data Breach Settlement Website
Everybody Knows: 10 Lessons from 10 Years of Sobriety Without AA
Rep. Erica Thomas case shows feelings can get ahead of the facts
Torpy at Large: Canned racial baloney served up outside Publix
The Banana Trick and Other Acts of Self-Checkout Thievery
Why People Get Away with Being Rude at Work
Erica Thomas Now Wants Her ‘Attacker’ Jailed
“The Many Faces of Billie Holiday” – Documentário legendado –
the highwayman ~ mindfulness trouble ~ boys in the band
publix video ~ black water ~ Men. Abuse. Trauma. ~ sly stone
sly stone ~ democrats in iowa ~ robin diangelo ~ scott sohn nutrition
drink up ~ furman bisher ~ david crosby ~ tim wise
white lies ~ retweet ~ borderline ~ the circle of sex
@itsericathomas At the pool @Westin and after the waitress ask the Caucasian people on both sides of me for their order and skipped over me minutes later the pool boy ask me for my room key. This can not be real right now. I am a guest too right. #racist ~ If you don’t have a type, do you have a hand written? ~ Not many people know this, but youtube has transcripts. To see them, click on the three dots below the screen. Unfortunately, they sometimes get things wrong. In a recent episode of, Glenn Loury said “Kaepernick wants to take the knee et cetera you could go on see what I’m getting at.” The transcript said “Kapernick wants to take the neon love Ted said I could go on you see what I’m getting at.” ~ “I often think it’s a silly question when you ask me if is trump a racist I often think it’s like almost like trying to decide whether or not somebody is a terrorist or something like that because it’s like we have this moral standard and we’re not going to assign and we’re gonna judge people who’s the racist who’s not a racist” ~ BM are great initials for him. At least it is a stage name for Barry Alan Pincus. For Bette MIdler, it is her birth name, with no middle name. ~ I think this may be more about the changing ph of the oceans. The oceans have been absorbing excess CO2, and they are becoming more alkaline. This has serious implications for the food chain. Climate change may be the least of our worries. ~ I am not a scientist, but I think the water is becoming more alkaline. Acidification is a better sounding word, though. We are talking about delicate balances here. The turning point for CO2 in the atmosphere is 350 parts per million. This is 0.00035‬. These balances have evolved over 4 billion years. We have done this damage in the last 200 years. 200 compares to 4bn like one minute compares to 35 years. ~ mi cuerpo es como una iglesia catolica Lleno de pan, vino y culpa ~ pictures posted with reckless intent and shameless singularity are from The Library of Congress. Jack Delano was the photographer in December 1940. Music for the Saturday night square dances in Clayville, Rhode Island, is provided by this school teacher from a neighboring town and her son. They are also available for parties and weddings ~ selah

Meth Gators

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Inter-city beauties, Atlantic City, 1926
Georgia Family Mourns Loss Of Donkey Due To Fireworks
Why don’t they go back and help fix the totally broken and crime infested …
Suspect arrested, 2 others sought in shooting of Decatur man
Trump’s most openly racist rhetoric yet is not at all surprising
How to Become a Dangerous Person
Flushing drugs could create Alabama ‘meth-gators’
Republicans Baffled Why Trump Keeps Saying Racist Things
American Gay: Pete Buttigieg and the Politics of Forgetting
Donald Trump converted to Judaism two years ago, according to White House official
Trump tells Dem congresswomen: Go back where you came from
Kellyanne Conway Asks Reporter: ‘What’s Your Ethnicity?’
Kellyanne Conway asks reporter ‘what’s your ethnicity,’
while defending Trump’s ‘go back’ comments about minority lawmakers

Restaurant sues rival over use of the b-word — and no, it’s not ‘breakfast’
Trump, the Squad, and the “Standard Definition” of Racism
New “Offensive Speech” Rules on College Campuses
living resource compiled by Inclusive Communications Task Force at Colorado State
Troll Posing as ‘Customer Service’ on Corporate Facebook Pages is Winning Internet
Mysterious Deaths Leave Ferguson Activists ‘On Pins and Needles’
Whoopi Goldberg Tells Disney To Stop Hiding Its History
Black Conservative Destroys Black Liberal On Trump Tweets
Meet the Economist Behind the One Percent’s Stealth Takeover of America
Colin Kaepernick, Betsy Ross, and What the Data Really Say
I Wanted to Know What White Men Thought About Their Privilege. So I Asked.
Omar: I ‘Do Not’ Regret Past Anti-Semitic Comments
21 Perfect German Words We Need In English
Meteorologist sues for ‘racially and ethnically discriminatory termination’
Sharon Reed is leaving CBS46 after four years
AP tackles language about race in this year’s style guide
8 Questions to Ask Someone Other Than “What Do You Do?”
The Striking South: New vivid photos show a different side of lower Alabama from Pine Apple to Pink Bottom with powerful portraits of its people and places
Trump Is Betting That Indecency Can Win in America
Diary of an E-Celeb | A Baked Alaska Documentary
Bret Easton Ellis, political outrage machine who has never voted for president
The B.E.E. Podcast – 7/19/19 – Jonathan Tucker – GOLD ~ There Is No “Pride” in Appropriation
Officers who arrested ‘Benzino’ say they weren’t fazed by racist insults
people are getting out of control with this white privilege stuff
State lawmaker, man she accused of verbally harassing her confront each other
Health insurers make it easy for scammers to steal millions. Who pays? You.
woofs ~ erica thomas ~ mr sparkles ~ free bird ~ Cruising in the Age of Consent
kid rock has a bf ~ white fragility ~ twin anvils body genius ~ photo restoration
equine ~ equanimous ~ equanimous ~ Ramsey Orta ~ donnie loves miss graham
Michael O’Reilly, aka Penny ~ Is Consciousness Fractal? ~ Trump’s divisive tactics
On a more or less serious note: Folks…please don’t flush your drugs m’kay. When you send something down the sewer pipe it ends up in our retention ponds for processing before it is sent down stream. Now our sewer guys take great pride in releasing water that is cleaner than what is in the creek, but they are not really prepared for meth. Ducks, Geese, and other fowl frequent our treatment ponds and we shudder to think what one all hyped up on meth would do. Furthermore, if it made it far enough we could create meth-gators in Shoal Creek and the Tennessee River down in North Alabama. They’ve had enough methed up animals the past few weeks without our help. So, if you need to dispose of your drugs just give us a call and we will make sure they are disposed of in the proper way. ~ Mehdi Hasan AOC was born in the Bronx; Ayanna Pressley in Cincinnati; Rashida Tlaib in Detroit. Your regular reminder that the president of the United States is not just a brazen racist but the laziest and most unoriginal (‘go back to where you came from’) of racists ~ @MittRomney The president’s comments were destructive, demeaning, and disunifying. The President of the United States has a unique and noble calling to unite the American people – of all different races, colors, and national origins. In that respect, the president failed badly. ~ .@RashidaTlaib is going back where they came from an option for your parents? ~ @realDonaldTrump Those Tweets were NOT Racist. I don’t have a Racist bone in my body! The so-called vote to be taken is a Democrat con game. Republicans should not show “weakness” and fall into their trap. This should be a vote on the filthy language, statements and lies told by the Democrat….. ~ The Georgia Primary is March 24. On this day, you can cast a SECRET BALLOT for one of the contenders. Until March 24, you are not required to pay attention, or worry, about the Democrat clown car. ~ @AndrewFeinberg JUST NOW: I asked @KellyannePolls, who’d just said @realDonaldTrump was not telling Omar/Tlaib/Pressley/AOC to go back to Somalia/Gaza/Puerto Rico/etc, which countries he was referring to. She responded by asking me where my ancestors came from, thereby confirming what he meant ~ “booing is a bit tacky don’t you think” Dick Cavett, after an appearance by Governor Ronald Reagan, on The Dick Cavett Show. ~ The basic dimension is 1:1.612. This is an eccentric number like pi, that can be calculated forever. There are tons of mathematical qualities, which are mostly over my head. This is also known as the Fibonacci series of numbers.. My blog has 720 pixel columns. The golden rectangle for this is 720×447. On my graphic poems, all the panels are 720×447. If you look around, you will see this rectangle everywhere. It is considered pleasing to the eye. ~ Person With Incorrect Racial Values ~ Three Members of California-Based White Supremacist Group Sentenced on Riots Charges Related to August 2017 “Unite the Right” Rally in Charlottesville ~ Atlanta natives like to say “go back where you came from” Or, as Lewis Grizzard said, “Delta is ready when you are.” ~ Trapped: A Real Life Nightmare – Franchesca & Show ~ Why There’s No Such Thing as Woke Porn – Franchesca & Show ~ The Ultimate Club Anthem: “One Big Pile” – Franchesca & Show ~ @chamblee54 If I absolutely have to have a black woman trapped inside my head, please let it be someone other than Franny aka @chescaleigh ~ @TheKevinAllison Is this a personal insult? ~ @chescaleigh ah someone i blocked years ago who continues to follow my every move online lolol don’t even bother Kevin! ~ @TheKevinAllison Nuts. Anyway… that sketch is hilarious! ~ @chescaleigh welcome to my life lol and thank you! ~ @chamblee54 to the lady who blocked me on twitter? yes ~ @TheKevinAllison Yeah, she should. You’re an asshole. ~ @chamblee54 @chescaleigh likes to ruffle feathers, and doesn’t care if feelings get hurt… a bully is someone who can dish it out, but can’t take it ~ @chamblee54 she likes to say that intentions don’t count, but results are what matters… i asked her about #colinkaepernick his intention was to protest racism, the result was offending people …. she did not like that ~ @AdamSacks I don’t know dude, sounds like she’s already in your head. ~ @chamblee54 I haven’t thought about her in ages, until I saw this video on twitter… bless her heart ~ pictures today are from The Library of Congress. Jack Delano was the photographer in December 1940 ~ At a Saturday night square dance in Clayville, Rhode Island ~ selah

It’s Silly To Still Be Fighting

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BET Tries to Manufacture Fake Outrage Over ‘Black’ Little Mermaid
White Supremacist Engulfed In Flames After Trying To Set Fire To Synagogue
Working-class, Poor White People Need to Understand About Rich White People
Kamala Harris supports segregation by supporting Israel
Stacey Abrams’ voting rights group raises $3.9 million in six months
Vonnegut’s Famous Semicolon Advice Was Taken Out of Context
These Are the Only Ways You Should Be Using a Semicolon
Syd Barrett /Pink Floyd – “Pow R. Toc H. / Astronomy Domine
I pity the fool who doesn’t find at least one of these tweets worth voting for
Has “Homosexual” always been in the Bible?
Former state lawmaker wants to be first LGBTQ Gwinnett leader
Why Making Accurate World Maps Is Mathematically Impossible
Decatur Police conclude murder-suicide was caused by domestic violence
mark twain Some People Are Troubled by the Things in the Bible They Can’t Understand.
The Things That Trouble Me Are the Things I Can Understand
What Atheists Don’t Want You To Know About Mark Twain’s Secret
Judge allows outside inspection of Georgia voting system
Bicycle South closing after almost 50 years in business
ACLU lawsuit: North Georgia woman evicted for having black guests
Lawsuit: White Couple Evicted Tenant Over Black Visitors
Landlord: ‘Some of the best friends I got is colored’
Nine months after fire, Java Monkey owner decides to close business for good
@yokoono Silence is the mother of all invention. @chamblee54 unlike your singing
*dream come true*beltane set 2k19 @ bfc “instantly legendary” Hro
China, officially atheist, could have more Christians than the U.S. by 2030
The ‘Lolita Express’ and the Price of a Ticket to Ride
Why is it important to be aware of the breath?
Georgia Landlord Evicted Tenant For Having Black Guests Over: ACLU Lawsuit
Nick Mason on the State of Pink Floyd: ‘It’s Silly to Still Be Fighting’
Cyclobenzaprine ~ all about pete ~ my mayor pete problem ~ dominic dunne
tv academy interviews ~ portland ~ stable genius rant ~ are the police racist?
John Kennedy Jr. ~ rhetorical devices ~ fred is a square ~ nick drake
“I have a story out today that I’ve been working on for most of this year. It’s about the best-selling evangelical memoir “The Boy Who Came Back From Heaven,” and what happened when its co-author—the “boy”—said it was all a lie.” ~ If the possessive pronoun of they is their, then heir should be the possessive pronoun of he. The possesive pronoun of she could be Cher. ~ Without Ross Perot, GHW Bush would have been re-elected. It is eerie to have Mr. Perot meet his maker when Slick Willie may be getting in more trouble. ~ This is another manufactured controversy. Very few people have complained about a black lady playing Ariel. Even if they did, why should anyone pay attention? This is cynical movie promotion. America is being played for fools, again. Whenever race is involved. people lost their ability to think clearly. America falls for whatever outrage is being sold. ~ You’ve been recognized as one of’s top fans. Get your badge now. ~ Channel two got a juicy quote, out of a man who had a racism lawsuit filed against him. What are the ethics of this for the tv station. Obviously, the man should not have made that statement. Does the tv station have any responsibility for talking to this man? Apparently, he has not been served with any legal documents. Either he does not have a lawyer, or he is ignoring the advice of his counsel. Should channel two talked to that man on camera? ~ This is from ~ pictures today are from The Library of Congress. Inter-city beauties, Atlantic City, 1926 ~ true stable genius was performed last night at Ammazza pizza emporium in North Agnes Decatur:
a big subject today at the white house ~ the tremendous dishonesty bias
discrimination and suppression blouse ~ on fake news media miley cyrus
we will not let them get away with it ~ will all be endorsing me at some point
not important social media shit ~ not as powerful as smoking a joint
there but for those limited and shady ~ ways to become your future first lady
when I leave office in six years drooling ~ with sleepy joe biden alfred e newman
skinny nervous pocahontas penis ~ great looking smart a true stable genius ~ selah

This Whole Thing Seems Fishy

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A brilliant recap of the 2019 conference in spoken word Ryan Johnson
Rosser Shymanski Reflects On Decades In Entertainment
Neal Cassady revisited, Carolyn Cassady interview, David Heine, dec. 1999
A History of Stonewall, the Riot That Started the LGBTQ Revolution
The Difference Between Support And ‘Toxic Positivity’ In One Simple Chart
Nike Pulls ‘Betsy Ross Flag’ Shoes at Kaepernick’s Urging: WSJ
Nike Drops Sneaker Featuring Betsy Ross Flag After Colin Kaepernick Is Said to Complain
Branded as racists, Gibson family took on Oberlin College to rewrite obituary
Gibson Bros., Inc., et al. v. Oberlin College, et al.
Gibson’s Bakery paid a high cost for an unfairly damaged reputation
Oberlin College president Carmen Twillie Ambar on $44 million ruling
Nike Pulls Betsy Ross Shoe due to Colin X Kaepernick
25 Words That Are Their Own Opposites
Femme Fatale (cover by Mathieu Saikaly and Pauline De Tarragon)
White gay privilege exists all year, but it is particularly hurtful during Pride
Fourth of July’s ugly truth exposed: Declaration is sexist, racist, prejudiced
As I Please, in Tribune, 17 March 1944, George Orwell
The Nanny State: the word troubling us since the 1960s
Joan Crawford & Bette Davis Feud Documentary (2000)
Unsupervised word embeddings capture latent knowledge from materials
Colin Kaepernick and the suspicious sky cloth shoes
Mad magazine’s demise is part of the ending of a world
Step-Dad Live-Tweeted His Son Trying To Sneak A Girl Out Of The House
BREAKING: Man wanted for malice murder in Covington
People Are Unfollowing Dwayne Johnson After This Controversial Post
Stop Reclining Your Seat on Airplanes
Cher fans asked: ‘Is she a man?’
Singer was forced to reassure fans early in her career because she had a deep voice

Police officers were reportedly asked to leave a Tempe Starbucks for making customers feel unsafe, sparking the #DumpStarbucks campaign
VAGINA POWER “A man’s life force is in his NUTS” – Tylor
Joseph Campbell Lectures: The Power of Myth & Storytelling
Man out of prison for 2 days accused of stabbing 17-year-old to death at Circle K
vagina power ~ isreal’s troll army ~ apollo 11 ~ 0704 trivia
bret stephens ~ nanny state ~ MAD shuts down ~ neal cassady raps
Obama Rallies In Ohio ~ derek jarman ~ femsplainers
bandcamp ~ GLF ~ gentleman angry in court
transtrenders ~ dave barry interview ~ go home
@ericweiskott I recently learned the word JEOPARDY was originally a chess metaphor it’s from French JEU PARTI “divided game” = “chess problem evenly divided between winning and losing” ~ Has @Nike confirmed or denied the story by @WSJ ? This whole thing seems fishy Since when does a company do what an super bowl losing endorser tells it to ? #BetsyRossFlag ~ Faggots, Dykes, and Fairies: Welcome to the world of The Faggots & Their Friends Between Revolutions ~ July 3, 1981 Before posting this, I googled Lawrence K. Altman. He wrote the NYT article about the rare cancer in Gay men. Dr. Altman is still writing for the NYT, 38 years later. ~ Paris in the 40’s, and in the 50’s I read “Quiet Days in Clichy” twice. Once in the late seventies, later around 2014. My old paperback was held together with a rubber band by the time I finished it the second time. Mr. Miller has a great style of writing. I like to read in small bites. I have this idea that he thought his stories in French, and then wrote them down in English. ~ @RuPaul You’re born naked and the rest is conjecture. @chamblee54 the pro/con replacement for conjecture is projecture – the state or fact of projecting or jutting out maybe projecture is what happens after birth ~ We need a better expression for apathy. I don’t give an *obscenity* is past the expiration date. ~ From patriarchy to snowflake: five keywords you need to know Snowflake, The Nanny State, Patriarchy, Safe Space, Sovereignty ~ It would be better if #MADMagazine was writing about the @washingtonpost shutting down. ~ I was in a CB recently. In the merch department, they had a pillow. On the pillow was a drawing of a pink flamingo, in pink sequins. The lettering on the pillow said, in big pink letters, just be fabulous ~ pictures today are from The Library of Congress. ~ i065 twitter 0614_1245pm was performed in dickhater sunday night:
calamity slander and pollution ~ get arrest warrant for sarah palin
eat the salad of my apparition ~ transcendental commodification
seeking outside the perimeter sin ~ calamity slander and pollution
mister pompeo cuckoo collision ~ machine gun is mightier than the pen
eat the salad of my apparition ~ traditional goober termination
depravity cavity for the win ~ calamity slander and pollution
end-of-quarter deadline revolution ~ scandal involving cadaver drug spin
eat the salad of my apparition ~ diabolical trump hairdo collusion
institutional rachel maddow grin ~ calamity slander and pollution
eat the salad of my apparition ~ selah

Tim Tebow Very Blunt

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Tyler Perry Reveals The Racist History Behind His Atlanta Studio
Atlanta radio host complained of gender discrimination. She was restructured out.
Tim Tebow very blunt about UGA: ‘This needs to be Georgia’s year’
First look: Transit-focused, brick-clad condos on tap for downtown Chamblee
Jealous boyfriend at center of deadly triple shooting, police say
South Bend cop in fatal shooting did not have body cam on
Pete Buttigieg, police chief again face calls to act after South Bend shooting
New Policy: Do Not Post In Support of Trump or his Administration
Can White People Say The N Word? – YMH Highlight
NY Times publishes call for Palestinian “national suicide”
The Real Cast of the Brady Bunch Led Extremely Tragic Lives Behind The Scenes
Democrats hope Stacey Abrams holds the key. But can anyone else use it?
The mistaken old fucks at The New York Times
After the verdict, the Nxivm prosecutors, men and women, wept
Everything You Need to Know About the NXIVM Sex Trafficking Trial
June 26, 1964: Life Magazine Covers “Sordid World” of Homosexuality In America
a personal letter from Steve Martin
Jack Kerouac’s Life in Orlando Florida
Long-Lost Letter to Jack Kerouac Reaches Its Final Destination
Christie’s sale of Neal Cassady’s 1950 “Joan Anderson Letter” to Jack Kerouac
Neal Cassady: The Denver Years Extended Trailer
Citizenship question will not be added to census for now, Supreme Court rules
Halos Were Inspired By Magic Mushrooms – Joe Rogan
Boston’s ‘Straight Pride Parade’ is happening and here’s when
Dalai Lama: Trump has ‘lack of moral principle’
Dalai Lama just said some controversial things about women and migrants
Officer disputes Netflix portrayal of Central Park Five case
Dad Buys His Daughter A Car For Her Birthday, Then Finds This Letter Inside
What’s the path to true dialogue about gender in the church?
Sikh drivers are transforming U.S. trucking.
Take a ride along the Punjabi American highway

Reflections of a Gay Activist at the Start of the LGBTQ+ Movement in Chicago
Trump and Putin Share Joke About Election Meddling, Sparking New Furor
The Culture War Has Finally Come For Wikipedia
How Cinemas Taught Early Movie-Goers Rules & Etiquette for Watching Films
No Whistling, Standing or Wearing Big Hats (1912)

How Ambient Chill Became the New Silence
With Change Lingering, Can East Atlanta Keep Its Cool?
Mother Who Killed Her Children Wants Custody Of Her New Ones
Judge: Guardian to make decisions about Wares’ 3 children
The Stonewall of the South That History Forgot
No Drips, No Drops: A City Of 10 Million Is Running Out Of Water
More evidence that autism is linked to gut bacteria
@BlindDensetsu What kinda psychopathic behavior is this?!
Protestors block 2019 SF Pride Parade, bring festivities to a halt
Streaming TV is about to get very expensive – here’s why
short actors ~ episode 117: the lake ~ credit card skimmer ~ bret stephens
cain and abel and oil ~ trans drama ~ teen idol ~ this is it
lunch box museum ~ friendly giants and bliss ~ stonewall 50 reading
scotus opinion ~ john allen cassady ~ neal cassady estate
Ordinance 19-0-1151 ~ BEE – Shannyn Sossamon ~ sticker picture
Lizard (No. 56) ~ stonewasn’t ~ al hinkle ~ Mysteries Of Paris
What’s Wrong With Palestinian Surrender? “Yet a national suicide of the Palestinians’ current political and cultural ethos is precisely what is needed for peace.” ~ Actually, Ronnie (or government actors while he was POTUS) sold weapons to Iran, with Israel as the middle man. Ronnie also sold chemical weapons to Iraq … Iraq and Iran were in a gruesome war at the time. Ronnie took the profits from those deals to buy weapons for terrorists in Central America. Ronnie used drug runners to transport those weapons to Central America. The drug runner planes were not empty when they returned to the USA. ~ “One day he (President Trump) says something, another day he says something, but I think (there’s a) lack of moral principle,” the Dalai Lama told the BBC.” I disagree. Mr. Trump has a lack of moral interest. ~ Marsha Johnson did not show up at Stonewall until the riot was in full swing. “Marsha: The way I winded up being at Stonewall that night, I was having a party uptown. And we were all out there and Miss Sylvia Rivera and them were over in the park having a cocktail. I was uptown and I didn’t get downtown until about two o’clock, because when I got downtown the place was already on fire. And it was a raid already. The riots had already started. And they said the police went in there and set the place on fire. They said the police set it on fire because they originally wanted the Stonewall to close, so they had several raids. And there was this, uh, Tiffany and, oh, this other drag queen that used to work there in the coat check room and then they had all these bartenders. And the night before the Stonewall riots started, before they closed the bar, we were all there and we all had to line up against the wall and they was all searching us.” ~ well you joke but I think if maybe if you learn to drink it responsibly you know we adults drink throughout the day and then just sort of go to bed at a reasonable hour because we’re tired if they learn to do that you know maybe this this would be a slightly less bad thing ~ @gaywonk The worst part of Pride month is realizing how many of your new gay friends would’ve criticized the Stonewall riots for not being “strategic.” ~ There’s no use arguing with Andrew Sullivan gays you just have to drag them kicking and screaming into a better future. ~ Don’t let your queer rage be shaken by white gays lecturing about “tactics” or “respectability.” They were wrong yesterday, they’re wrong today, they’ll be wrong tomorrow. And eventually, they’ll be toasting you at a fancy HRC gala, swearing they were behind you the whole time. ~ Donald Trump Jr. shared a racist tweet about Kamala Harris and then deleted it after it went viral, fanning the flames of a new ‘birther’ conspiracy ~ @ali Kamala Harris is *not* an American Black. She is half Indian and half Jamaican. I’m so sick of people robbing American Blacks (like myself) of our history. It’s disgusting. Now using it for debate time at #DemDebate2? These are my people not her people. Freaking disgusting. ~ pictures today are from The Library of Congress.
i064 #sixwordhorror sonnet was performed last night in decatur:
title of your sex tape #sixwordhorror ~ slobbering slithering serpent hissing
hand pulls her into the grave your honor ~ nobody saw that the gun was glistening
restaurants are all a taco bell feast ~ take a dump with toilet paper missing
handsome werewolf is really a priest ~ he doesn’t mean to kill them kissing
butt boyfriend leaving for a psychopath ~ go skinny dipping in an acid bath
penguin bloodlust is inexhaustible ~ melania won’t quit screaming impossible
push in my back door looking for squeal ~ purple tentacle porn smells mighty real ~ selah