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display of a link here is not an indication of approval ~ Jayden K Smith: Why you should ignore this Facebook hacker hoax if you search on facebook for Jayden K Smith, the suggested results are photos, suicide, friendship, memes, video ~ DeKalb Police face investigation after viral video shows officer beating homeless woman ~ Award-Winning Journalist Who Broke Story of Jewish Women Barred From Chicago ‘Dyke March’ Removed From Reporting Duties ~ Hiroshima ~ The Five Worst Pieces of Networking Advice – and What to Do Instead ~ we ain’t unicorns @chamblee54 another stereotype is that rednecks are obsessed with race… this article did not mention the black white thing at all ~ Woman accused of shooting man in Target parking lot arrested ~ Tim Wise & The Failure of Privilege Discourse ~ Dear Women of Color Who Are Told to Be Nicer to White “Allies” ~ Most recognizable state attorneys in Florida Aramis Ayala racial profiling by Orlando Police ~ RSAGARCIA ~ metta hour ~ The future of the world-famous Ghetto Burger ~ Glenn Greenwald: Donald Trump Jr.’s Emails Aren’t a “Smoking Gun” or Evidence of Criminal Collusion ~ 1995 gerrymander The State Legislature, which is controlled by Democrats, ceded responsibility for drawing new Congressional lines to the courts in September when it failed to agree on a plan in a 20-day special session. That session was called after the United States Supreme Court ruled in June that Georgia’s 1992 Congressional map was unconstitutional because race played a dominant role in the configuration of the 11th District. Represented by Cynthia A. McKinney, who is black, the 11th snakes 260 miles through east Georgia, pulling pockets of black voters into a gerrymandered district that was intended to elect a minority candidate. ~ Politics of Race ~ Longtime Kermit puppeteer releases statement about being fired ~ Williams: “Casey Cagle Likes Nickelback!” ~ press conference ~ A Klansman With Locs Showed Up To A KKK Rally Because Hate Doesn’t Make Sense ~ Michael Williams His first experience with his own business was selling candy on the school bus. Unfortunately, this was also his first experience with over-reaching government regulations. The school shut down his school bus candy sales. Michael was devastated but learned a lesson about government control that he would never forget. ~ yoko ono ~ TheDeepDark We’re sorry, that profile has been deleted. Perhaps you’d like to log in or sign up for an account? ~ History’s Greatest One-Hit Wonder ~ Five myths about Ty Cobb ~ Ty Cobb Was Not A Racist ~ How academia uses poverty, oppression, and pain for intellectual masturbation ~ Beware The White Savior ~ Caleb Edward Blaylock ~ Excommunicate Me from the Church of Social Justice ~ Colorblind Racism and the Model Minority ~ Jayden K. Smith here, glad to meet you ~ “for every vote that we lose in west pennsylvania we will pick up two in philadelphia” how did that work out? not an exact quote ~ THE MORNING BEACON: THE ONLY DAILY NEWSLETTER YOU NEED The Washington Free Beacon’s morning email lays out everything you need to know about the world of politics, foreign affairs, and national security. Get the news that matters to you, delivered straight to your inbox daily. ~ The Democrats were too freaked out about so called racism, and downplayed the more serious problems. Demoze thought calling people racist would win the election for them. ~ This is the web without net neutrality. Cable companies want to get rid of net neutrality. Without it, sites like this one could be censored, slowed down, or forced to charge extra fees. We can stop them and keep the Internet open, fast, and awesome if we all contact Congress and the FCC, but we only have a few days left. ~ I quit drinking December 31, 1988. Twenty one days later, Ronald Reagan was out of office. ~ Didn’t some Democrat big wig give his email password to a stranger about this time? ~ @chamblee54 this is from @mattyglesias who blocked @chamblee54 on twitter before @chamblee54 clicked on @mattyglesias ~ From the little that I know, I think the Rosenberg case is a good time to use the adjective alleged. ~ Think Outside The Inbox THANK YOU FOR SIGNING UP Have you liked us on Facebook? Get the important stories, told nowhere else. ~ Are you talking about Jesus? Not everyone agrees that he was the Christ. ~ When you label a text as *the word of g-d*, and make this concept one of the core beliefs of your religion, then it follows that semantics are going to be a problem. ~ i thought af meant abercrombie fitch ~ if the bible is the word of g-d, then is jehovah the g-d of word ? ~ In 1990, I was having back problems. I was determined to go to fall gathering. When I got home, and the back ache degenerated into sciatica, I regretted my decision to go. ~ I used to have a piece of cloth by my bed. When I would jack off, I would use the rag for the deposit. One day, I noticed the rag was covered with ants. Apparently, ants like dry semen. ~ Oh wow. Thankfully that hasn’t happened to me ~ decorative photgraphs for this fine collection of internet artistry are from “The Special Collections and Archives, Georgia State University Library”. ~ selah









Marilyn Monroe Reads

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display of a link in this facility does not indicate approval of content ~ richard anderson ~ dr xu ~ what is more important ~ Miss Army Recruiting of 1962 ~ Rex Tillerson Is Wrecking the State Department ~ 10 year old killed ~ Was America Founded to Be Secular? ~ Judge writes letter of support to jurors in Yanez trial ~ What Google Searches Reveal About Who We Really Are (It’s As Weird As You Think) ~ Sports Page ~ 101 shot, 14 fatally, in July 4 weekend gun violence across Chicago ~ Mom accused of killing family bows during bizarre court appearance ~ Voices from the Battle for Mosul ~ Cobb County hostage suspect told us by phone he didn’t want to hurt anyone ~ Hostage suspect served in the Marines for four years ~ Marilyn Monroe Reads Joyce’s Ulysses at the Playground (1955) ~ Can we *please* stop asking if Jews are white?: a ten trillionth blog-attempt at explaining antisemitism @chamblee54 this post did not tell me very much, other than the fact that people still use blogspot ~ Church Point woman arrested in officer-involved shooting that killed burglary suspect ~ These Blackface-Wearing, N-Word-Spewing Culture Vultures Would Like to Teach Your Kids About Hip-Hop ~ The Painful and Liberating Practice of Facing My Own Racism ~ Ending Racism Take Action Enter your email to receive tools to help dismantle racism with meditation. ~ Family and Friends Of Dejuan Guillory Are Stunned After He Was Killed In An Officer Involved Shooting ~ Ville Platte Deputy Kills Father of Three on Outing with Girlfriend ~ Is clinical depression impossible to think your way out of? ~ Charlie Brown, former owner reminisce on Backstreet’s wild Atlanta ride Queer Up Your Inbox Sign up for our weekly e-newsletter for all the best and most vital LGBT Georgia news, interviews and photo galleries of the week. ~ Why you should always ‘Like’ your own Facebook posts ~ Social Media Hacker Warning Please tell all the contacts in your messenger list not to accept Jayden K. Smith friendship request. He is a hacker and has the system connected to your Facebook account. If one of your contacts accepts it, you will also be hacked, so make sure that all your friends know it. Thanks. Forwarded as received. Hold your finger down on the message. At the bottom in the middle it will say forward. Hit that then click on the names of those in your list and it will send to them ~ Only if the gasoline in his vehicle came from a muslim country. ~ This is an ad, for a business at 2069 Cheshire Bridge Road. In the Seventies it was a lesbian club called the Sports Page. Today it is the Heretic. ~ You are blocked from following @tariqnasheed and viewing @tariqnasheed’s Tweets. ~ @NeinQuarterly I saw the best drafts of my generation. Destroyed. By hitting Tweet. ~ Before the sports page, it was Molly Malones Chowder House, aka Molly Cologne’s Powder House. It was, briefly, a drag queen show bar called Timbers around 1978. The complex on the other side of the creek, with the Dominoes, used to be a Putt Putt golf course. My mother saw a bumper sticker, that said “I play putt putt” and for some reason thought that was hilarious. ~ If the lips are moving, or the fingers are hitting a keyboard, then the result is questionable. ~ The 2nd amendment guarantees the right to bare arms. ~ Jon Ossoff lost because he was a weak candidate. I don’t believe your story about voter suppression. ~ Greg Palast: How Racist Voter Suppression Could Cost Jon Ossoff the Georgia Election That video was not believable. It was heavy on the rhetoric, and shifty with the facts. While there may have been GOP monkey business in this *race*, I don’t believe the election was decided by Jim Crow. The racism obsessed, SJW slant of this report hurts the credibility. If I had a written transcript, I could track down some of the so called facts. Except for one thing: this miserable election is over, and I am beyond tired of thinking about it. ~ Who was the Democratic Party genius that chose Jon Ossoff to be the big money candidate in #GA06 ? ~ Part of the trouble with videos is difficulty in fact checking. Is the Korean organization even in the 6th district? Maybe there were other problems that led them to be shut down. I could go on and on. The story of the missing voter applications is another one that I have not seen documentation of. ~ @ChrchCurmudgeon Funerals can be times of deep grief and sadness, but my pastor would like mine to be a celebration. ~ @ErnestPassion The people that motivate with anger, hate and jealousy have no sense of shame. ~ Thank You I don’t accept friend requests from strangers anyway. I have been receiving messages about “Jayden K. Smith.” That is a flakey fake name. ~ pictures for this monday morning detachment from reality are from The Library of Congress. ~ selah

Criticize White Privilege

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display of a link on this page does not indicate approval of content ~ your ride with James ~ safety pin box ~ So You Wanna Be An Ally ~ the silence of the lambs ~ New Jersey College Fires Black Professor After She Went On Fox News To Criticize White Privilege ~ ‘HELP! I Lost My Passport!’ A Short Guide on What to Do ~ Chick-fil-A President Dan Cathy – “We Don’t Like The Blacks Either” ~ Seven Tips From Ernest Hemingway on How to Write Fiction ~ Lectureporn: The Vulgar Art of Liberal Narcissism ~ Columbus Pride festival coordinator resigns after protest incident ~ Franz Kafka Agonized, Too, Over Writer’s Block: “Tried to Write, Virtually Useless;” “Complete Standstill. Unending Torments” (1915) ~ @admiralmpj America, do you see the toxic power of racism? A bill with a 17% approval rating might pass, just to erase the legacy of a Black President. @chamblee54 AHCA would result in making campaign donors major $$$ as usual talk about race is a handy distraction you fell for it @admiralmpj Right. You caught me. Never mind that I’ve been watching America all my life, and RWers like you for the last decade. @chamblee54 “RWers like you”…..all you know about me is that i disagreed with you one time on twitter @admiralmpj Hmm. I feel safe with my assumption: ~ The Problem With Writing About Florida ~ Media is wrong forensically about death of Philando Castile ~ The Best Podcasts of 2017 (So Far) ~ Diamond Reynolds, girlfriend of Philando Castile, accused of assault with a hammer ~ 74 seconds first four episodes ~ Where You From, Honey? ~ Suspect accused of killing Vietnam vet helping niece move surrenders ~ Fake News ~ Suspect shot, killed after trying to run deputies over with car ~ Controversial ‘Comfort Woman’ statue unveiled in Brookhaven ~ Health Disparities in Drug- and Alcohol-Use Disorders: A 12-Year Longitudinal Study of Youths After Detention ~ A racist stereotype is shattered: Study finds white youth are more likely to abuse hard drugs than black youth The study was conducted over the course of 12 years and interviewed 1,829 youth (1,172 males and 657 females between the ages of 10 to 18) who were detained at Cook County Juvenile Temporary Detention Center in Chicago between 1995 and 1998. ~ Olivia de Havilland sues FX over ‘Feud’ ~ A Columbia Professor’s Critique of Campus Politics ~ Maher scorches Republicans who condemn ‘President-what-the-f*ck’s’ tweets but still vote with him ~ Why white allies take up emotional space: its codependence ~ talk about race ~ russia talk ~ nra ~ Officers fatally shoot woman in Denver following Littleton carjacking, chase ~ 1 killed in 2 separate officer-involved shootings in Colorado Friday evening ~ Short Story Award For New Writers – Summer! ~ Despite Internal Turmoil, Klan Groups Persist ~ Chris Christie You go to twitter. The top trending subject is Chris Christie. He was photographed at a state beach, that is closed, due to a budget crisis. His spokesman said “He did not get any sun, He had a baseball hat on.” ~ Massachusetts Constitution of 1780, PT. 1 Part the First. A Declaration of the Rights of the Inhabitants of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. ~ broflake, poem titled america, is djt a communist, excrescence , 58 gender, eskimo brothers, bob beckel , ablaut reduplication , ~ The giant teddy bear in the corner was the wisest voice in the room. ~ #sjwprivilege it IS my business ~ #FakeFireworksFacts they’re made of faeries who turned evil and so had to be ground up in to firework dust ~ Many people say Andy Warhol was the person who erased the line between art and marketing. Is the Trump Presidency the result? ~ it is better to say shit or fuck when angry than to say G-d or Jesus ~ @RectorSun All told, 9 people were shot Thursday in Baltimore, 2 fatally. Latest was 39-yr-old man wounded in 900 blk E. Patapsco Ave about 11:05 PM. @michaelianblack At some point, it might be worth discussing whether or not the NRA is a terrorist organization. ~ @realDonaldTrump Watched low rated @Morning_Joe for first time in long time. FAKE NEWS. He called me to stop a National Enquirer article. I said no! Bad show ~ Crime and killings in Chicago have reached such epidemic proportions that I am sending in Federal help. 1714 shootings in Chicago this year! ~ If Republican Senators are unable to pass what they are working on now, they should immediately REPEAL, and then REPLACE at a later date! ~ I think this also applies to discussions of sensitive subjects, like race relations, religion, and politics. It is easy to be a hypocrite here, so lets just say it is a goal to aim for, and I don’t always make it. ~ If you want to know who your Jungle Book spirit animal is, you can always google the question. Someone else is usually doing a similar quiz. It can be fun to do several, and compare results. ~ @thehill Lewandowski: Trump is the “Hemingway of Twitter” @chamblee54 baby president for sale never worn ~ This quote is from the Massachusetts Constitution of 1780, Article VII. While Mr. Adams may have played a role in writing this, it is not certain that he deserves sole credit. In 1780, the war for Independence was still being fought. It is not certain whether an established government would have said this. There is a sentence not included in this meme… “Therefore the people alone have an incontestible, unalienable, and indefeasible right to institute government; and to reform, alter, or totally change the same, when their protection, safety, prosperity and happiness require it.” I imagine Mr. Adams would have taken a dim view of an attempt to “totally change the same” while he was President. ~ pictures for this gratuitous waste of the reader’s time are from The Library of Congress. ~ selah

I don’t know where the gun was

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display of a link in this space does not indicate approval of content ~ Mike Thevis ~ Understanding Contemporary White Supremacy ~ George Zimmerman and Jeronimo Yanez highlight the need to unpack anti-Blackness in Latinx communities ~ On Philando Castile, Akai Gurley, and Non-Black People of Color’s Complicity in Anti-Blackness ~ PARKAtlanta-induced headache is over after eight long years ~ Blotner’s Novel and Gwynn’s American Fiction Classes ~ 10 Things We Learned From Godfather-of-Punk-Rock Doc ‘Danny Says’ ~ Tyler Goodson of “S-Town” podcast accused of animal cruelty ~ Squad dashcam video – Yanez case ~ Authorities release dashcam video, other evidence from Yanez investigation 9:10 “He had a grip a lot wider than a wallet” ~ Press conference responding to verdict in Jeronimo Yanez trial ~ Jeronimo Yancz Co, Atty Compldint No: 0620373879 ~ Minnesota officer on tape: ‘I don’t know where the gun was’ An officer who arrived on the scene, Roseville police Officer Juan Toran, said he performed CPR on Castile. As paramedics were rolling Castile onto a backboard, Toran said he saw the gun slide out of Castile’s front right pocket. Toran said he didn’t even have to reach into the pocket to grab it. But St. Paul firefighter Eric Torgerson, a paramedic, testified that he saw an officer reach deeply into the pocket to retrieve the pistol. ~ @KellyannePolls Laughing my #Ossoff ~ Pro Tip to future campaigners: Don’t make a vulgar joke about your last name the campaign slogan. #VoteyourOssoff got old and annoying. ~ The Real Story of the Von Trapp Family ~ Stevie Wonder ~ Something Fishy Happened in Georgia Special Election, Thousands of Voters Turned Away ~ Young Joni Mitchell Performs a Hit-Filled Concert in London (1970) ~ An inventory of Philando Castile’s car: Life, interrupted ~ The dashcam video ~ Why this millennial Democrat’s concession speech sounds like he’s doing an Obama impression ~ John Waters’ RISD Graduation Speech: Real Wealth is Never Having to Spend Time with A-Holes ~ Another question I heard recently has the same answer. The other question: How many bullets does it take to kill a black body? The answer to both questions: All of them. ~ Use-of-force experts analyze Castile shooting video ~ @Kaepernick7 A system that perpetually condones the killing of people, without consequence, doesn’t need to be revised, it needs to be dismantled! ~ Yanez juror: ‘Nobody was OK with it’ “It just came down to us not being able to see what was going on in the car. Some of us were saying that there was some recklessness there, but that didn’t stick because we didn’t know what escalated the situation: was he really seeing a gun? ~ Timekeeping as feminist pedagogy ~ Surgeons urge people to throw away that wire bristle BBQ brush ASAP ~ Off-duty St. Louis officer injured by ‘friendly fire’ after police chase of stolen car ~ Philando Castile ~ Yanez juror: ‘Nobody was OK with it’ Minnesota Public Radio is doing an outstanding job of covering the Jeronimo Yanez trial. Today, there is a powerful interview with one of the jurors. If you want to move past the sensational clickbait, there are a few things to learn. ~ Porn, Nazis and sarcasm: How these 3 old rules basically explain the entire Internet ~ Man allegedly shot by motorist while fleeing police ~ murderism ~ People Were Mad At Campbell’s Soup Because Of Their Gay Friendly Ad And Campbell’s Had The Best Response Ever ~ wsbn55894 | Directors of “Waffle House” Group Describe Beginnings, Real Estate, Buildings, Etc. ~ I just got a robo call from the Susan B. Anthony foundation. This is different from the Susan B. Komen foundation. SBAF wants me to vote for a so called pro life candidate. Her opponent was labelled a pro abortion extremist. The #GA06 election is tomorrow. On wednesday, this nightmare will be over. ~ “Propaganda does not deceive people, it merely helps them deceive themselves.” ~ Eric Hoffer ~ Thank you for the phrase *retail politician*.Yes, Hillary was qualified, at least compared to WJC, GWB, BHO, and DJT. However, both HRC and KCH have yukky personalities. While the substance may be good, the style is terrible. And the show business part of politics is important. There is one other difference. Whatever her shortcomings, KCH is famous because of who she is. KCH is not famous because of her husband. ~ @BillKristol “Talk to the elbow ’cause the hand is on vacation” is a favorite way of mine of communicating with the young hipsters at @weeklystandard. ~ The voters of #GA06 are the winners. They have endured the well funded efforts the entire nation. This unpleasant experience will be over tomorrow morning. ~ And when I give you the stupid answer you requested… ~ A recent post is Questionnaire for left-wing hacks. One item: “Are there topics you refuse to cover because doing so would make you a pariah among your journalist friends?” Let the good times roll. ~ the philadelphia flag is ugly it does not represent a population known for having good taste ~ @rickygervais You can walk through the valley of the shadow of death and fear no evil, but an atheist tweeting an opposing view is jolly hurtful. ~ I was listening to a show about the Presidency recently. Someone asked, would you rather have a competent scoundrel, or an honest buffoon. They did not consider today, when the President is an incompetent scoundrel. ~ @realDonaldTrump Since the Obama Administration was told way before the 2016 Election that the Russians were meddling, why no action? Focus on them, not T! ~ @realDonaldTrump Obama Administration official said they “choked” when it came to acting on Russian meddling of election. They didn’t want to hurt Hillary? ~ I enjoyed seeing you last night. When I got home, I remembered that we had this online discussion/argument. At no time, when I was in your presence last night, did it occur to me to mention this discussion. Until I found this comment thread, to make this comment, I could not remember what the discussion was about. ~ @realDonaldTrump Karen Handel’s opponent in #GA06 can’t even vote in the district he wants to represent….because he doesn’t even live there! He wants to raise taxes and kill healthcare. On Tuesday, #VoteKarenHandel. @chamblee54 Replying to @realDonaldTrump With all due respect, this #GA06 voter is not interested in your opinion ~ 1- Don’t tell me what body part to vote off. 2- Do you live in #GA06? If not, mind your own business. 3- If you live in #GA06, be sure to cast your secret ballot. ~ @realDonaldTrump Just out: The Obama Administration knew far in advance of November 8th about election meddling by Russia. Did nothing about it. WHY? @jamiedupree In this tweet, the President acknowledges that there was election interference by Russia in 2016 ~ pictures today are from The Library of Congress. ~ selah

Roving Gangs of Hardcore

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display of a link in this space does not indicate approval of content ~ How Cynical Are You? ~ Ironists of a Vanished Empire ~ Party Ring ~ @MarkAgee “Why can’t I say the n-word?!” You can. Ppl just think u’r a dickhead. You have free speech. What u want is constitutional dickhead immunity ~ @brinepond Reading that NYT sapiosexual article and i’m fucking screaming at this ~ CBH rally fb live 2:00 “the campaign is sense vs nonsense” ~ cbh ~ 6th district ~ cbh ~ jo video ~ Oklahoma Man Shoots, Kills Neighbor Who Was Allegedly Trying to Drown Twin Babies ~ Cash Freeman: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know ~ lies ~ two standup speech ~ one singers ~ three q&a ~ The $110 billion arms deal to Saudi Arabia is fake news ~ Qatar hosts largest US military base in Mideast ~ Dylan Nobel Prize ~ I hope so ~ When white people enter a space, anti-Blackness always does too ~ Watching The Defectives ~ In 1974, Nico and Tangerine Dream played a gig in a cathedral in Reims. Julien Rouyer recounts the concert and the uproar it caused. ~ “I do not support a livable wage” ~ Roving Gangs of Hardcore Homosexual “Manwhores” Are Tearing Our Cities Apart ~ @wsbtv copy check time …Greg Bluestein with the Atlanta Journal-Constitution severed as a panel for the debate. ~ The Culture Of The Smug White Liberal ~ How to Use Quotation Marks As a straight white man doing critical race theory, I find scare quotes to be indispensable. Whenever I’m writing on the topic of race, it’s difficult to talk about “blackness” and “whiteness” without the quotations. There is a significant degree of ambiguity at play when racial binaries appear in literature. ~ snowflake Not really. I understand snowflake to mean someone who is excessively proud of their individuality. Remember, every snowflake is different, according to legend. I have heard the sf word tossed around many times, and might have said it myself a couple of times. I doubt that many of those usages are the result of “Fight Club.” ~ the debate ~ daily caller ~ Liberal Fetishization of Non-Violence in the Wake of Alt-Right Murders ~ Ossoff money ~ Dear Black Women: White Gays Are Your Allies, So Don’t Push Us Away ~ “Can I date a white person and still be woke?” is the wrong question – your comfort isn’t what matters here ~ Philly’s Pride Flag Is About to Get Two New Black and Brown Stripes, and Here’s Why Rolyn Muad’Dib Chambers • Uhm. No. As a black man I’ve always felt a part of the rainbow. And where is the white stripe (because none of the other colours meant a specific race)? Or the trans stripe? Or the differently-abled stripe? Come the fuck on?!? It’s a rainbow. Let it be a rainbow. FYI: THE REASON WHY I WROTE, “WHERE’S THE WHITE STRIPe” — We need to ask this question if we are going to be so tokenistic and literal. It’s a rainbow. A rainbow by design represents everyone. But not literally. We don’t have green and orange people. I don’t need a stripe to represent my blackness. If I’m up there on that tacky flag so visibly, included but at the very same type pathetically separated, I demand that white people also have their white stripe. If we PoC must stand out like a sore thumb in this new age flag fuckery then I do not want all eyes only on my stripe. I want everyone to share in the ridiculousness. ~ cliff sounds off ~ Why have other Gulf states cut ties with Qatar? ~ 12 truths I learned from life and writing ~ Ice Cube Schools Bill Maher on the N-Word: ‘That’s Our Word Now. And You Can’t Have It Back.’ ~ Symone Sanders quits as national press secretary for Bernie Sanders ~ GETTIN’ FUNKY WITH BILLIE HOLIDAY AND TALLULAH BANKHEAD! “And if you want to get shitty, we can make it a big shitty party.” ~ BREAKING: ACTIVISTS SHUT DOWN CAPITAL PRIDE PARADE ~ Kendarrious Chester ~ Comey Finally Backs Trump’s Account, Too Late to Help Trump ~ ‘You thieving pile of albino warts’: Hunter S. Thompson tears Tom Wolfe a new asshole ~ The Moral Uses Of Cursing ~ n word ~ @RaceBaitR When white people enter a space, anti-Blackness always does too @chamblee54 When black people enter a space, does anti whiteness always follow? @RaceBaitR I hope so! ~ Dear Christians: When I am grieving a loved one, I am not in the mood to hear about your religion. This is not a good time. A Non Christian ~ That is too deep for monday morning ~ @realDonaldTrump Pathetic excuse by London Mayor Sadiq Khan who had to think fast on his “no reason to be alarmed” statement. MSM is working hard to sell it! ~ I enjoy having an unfiltered view of the <140 character madness that is @realDonaldTrump it is like a rt horror movie ~ Remember the incident on the Portland train. You may get killed if you intervene. ~ @emptywheel I think everything started going to hell in America when we couldn't think of more creative names for scandals than to slap a -Gate on them. ~ @RaceBaitR When white people enter a space, anti-Blackness always does too @chamblee54 When black people enter a space, does anti whiteness always follow? @RaceBaitR I hope so! ~ The question should be, why do non millennials buy diamonds? The DeBeers family has enough blood money already. ~ You are blocked from following @KiranOpal and viewing @KiranOpal's Tweets. Learn more ~ Funny to see the “Author” of this “Article” trying to be impartial when obviously he vote Republican no matter what the issue is about. Was sad to see the person invading someone’s Facebook page in the hunt for drama and to try “parasitically” try to profit from the drama by using paid ads on s blog post and worse try to link it to get viewership. Just horrible and show that who ever wrote this article (no secret) is irrelevant and a moron. ~ I just published my sixth repost of "Heather has a mommy and a daddy." That is so tasteful, and appropriate for pride month… even if Atlanta does pride in October, when the temperature is below fatality level. I am delighted to see the WCS is still publishing, despite the decided non-trendiness of blogs. As for Heather, is that satire? It is tough to tell anymore. ~ It would look better if the black stripe was added to the bottom. It would look better there, as purple is the darkest color of the flag. It would be a smooth progression. Brown would not be a good addition…there is no place where it would blend in. That said, I think the rainbow flag we have now works well. It is not broken, and does not need to be fixed. ~ @phranqueigh How dare you call me mentally unstable, on this, the day of my cat's quinceanera. ~ requested this from the library. When I got it I looked at the description. I have already read this. ~ The youtube ad was for Karen Handel. It said something about fighting waste. That is not the waist she needs to be fighting. ~ To create art on a sunday afternoon, and not worry about philosophical dilemmas on facebook. An example would be trying to spell dilemma without using spellcheck. ~ debate note 1- why is kch called Secretary Handel? 2- kh "more protection for pre existing condition" 3- debate of transit, kh mudslings about nancy pelosi ~ Try grabbing me by the pussy Mr. President ~ @jk_rowling Just unfollowed a man whom I thought was smart and funny, because he called Theresa May a whore. 1/14 @chamblee54 If you get mad at a white guy, you have permission to call him racist, and feel self righteous about it… 1/x ~ what was context of offending comment? maybe it was because TM is a politician, which means they accept bribes & campaign contributions 2/x ~ @AryehCW Some day Obama is going to be forced to go to Trump’s funeral. @Miceelf88 He'd better demand the long form death certificate ~ pictures today are from The Library of Congress. ~ selah

White Savior Simplex

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display of a link in this facility does not indicate approval of content ~ #MyDragNameWouldBe ~ Talking Back, Talking Black ~ Willie Cory Godbolt: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know ~ Victims identified in shooting spree that left 8 dead in Mississippi ~ Victims of holiday massacre that left eight dead: Gunman killed deputy during dispute with his wife, then launched door-to-door rampage until his bullets ran out – before wailing: ‘I ain’t fit to live’ ~ Suspect in Portland Hate Crime Murders is a Known White Supremacist ~ ~ Protesters call for justice for slain Bowie State student ~ trump meme0529 ~ A Harvard linguist reveals the most misused words in English ~ White Women Drive Me Crazy ~ hitting the note ~ How Much Trump Is Good for the G.O.P. in House Races? ~ Cleveland officials announce discipline against officers in Tamir Rice shooting ~ Tamir Rice Here’s the pic of Tamir’s Gun he had in his hand and a real Bullet gun…. Can you tell which is which? I didn’t think so ~ The Facebook president and Zuck’s racist rulebook ~ @realDonaldTrump Despite the constant negative press covfefe ~ @AlexanderEmmons Watch as Stuart Jones, a high-level acting official in the State Dept, is asked why they criticize Iranian elections but never Saudi Arabia: ~ Civil War letter by Walt Whitman discovered in National Archives ~ @EWErickson I worship Jesus, not Mother Earth. He calls us all to be good stewards of the planet, but doesn’t mean I have to care about global warming. ~ she was quoted as saying that Calvin Coolidge was weaned on a dill pickle. She later denied saying that. ~ Scahill & Greenwald: What If All Victims of War Received the Media Attention of Manchester Victims? ~ the president and a small group of people know exactly what he meant ~ Does Trump Really Break the Law If He Deletes a Tweet? ~ Portland Stabbing Victim Micah Fletcher Says City Has ‘White Savior Complex’ ~ Spicer’s Razor ~ Here’s what happens if Trump leaves the Paris climate agreement The optics of this decision are bad. Will it have any real effect? This article suggests that momentum away from fossil fuels is already starting. The decision to leave a non binding treaty may have little effect, other than being yet another PR disaster. ~ Leading Nowhere: The Futility and Farce of Global Climate Negotiations ~ Why the Paris climate deal is meaningless ~ An incredibly telling thing Trump said at today’s Paris event wasn’t about climate at all ~ @oren_cass I have been writing about the Paris Accord since before it was negotiated, so I am issuing myself a waiver from my no-tweetstorm rule. 1/ ~ groundwater podcast ~ The Elitist Individualism of H.L. Mencken ~ Everything Conservatives Said About the Paris Climate Agreement Is Already Wrong ~ Only a True Genius Can Pass This Anagram Quiz ~ The Racial Slur Database, since 1999. Not copyrighted in any way, shape or form. This database was created entirely from data gleaned off the ‘net and via submissions from people like you and your parents. It’s supposed to be funny and/or informational. Calm down. ~ Third of June ~ Is Condé Nast exploiting marginalized writers? ~ chris rock ~ Americans Will Always Do the Right Thing — After Exhausting All the Alternatives ~ they fixate on putin ~ I’m kind of an asshole ~ This is what happens when you encourage early voting. Many of the votes had already been cast. ~ Same thing he would say if a black man kills 8 people, including a law enforcement officer, in Mississippi ~ This Memorial Day, remember three Americans were killed by white supremacist terrorists, two victims were veterans, and the President was silent. He did take the time to congratulate a man who choked and body slammed a journalist. ~ @lntransigeance Here’s the thing though – even moderate opinions on these issues get labelled with bigotry. ~ @NeinQuarterly If you need me, I’ll be in my nihilist utopia. Redeleting my favorite deleted tweets. the spell check suggestion for Redeleting is Regretting ~ i started out with a spiral, then it shifted to the concentric ovals, i put a fibonacci grid over it, then divided the four golden rectangles in corners, then i adjusted the ovals so they entered, and left, the quadrants at the same space as the lines, somewhere along the way, i took the nw quadrant, and copied it to the other three quadrants, tomorrow, i start to build a model, to choose the colors to use, this is a lot of fun. ~ You cannot change your vote if he attacks a reporter the night before the election. ~ If you don’t live in the GA 6th district, Mind your own business ~ @badbanana Mr. President, tear down this tweet. #covfefe ~ It was fun for a while last night when the tweet hit. The concept of a sitting POTUS doing something like would be considered unbelievable fiction until recently. Today, I have not given it a second thought. I just wonder what the next Trump moment will be. ~ @StAugOsteen There will always be people hurling insults. Thou vomitest forth very freely what thou thinkest. ~ Having a credit partially obscure the last word of a meme is not very smart. ~ Is his name really Mr. Juncker? ~ That is your #WhitePrivilege talking ~ Cursing is the way you talk when trying to read cursive. ~ miss blaque has an itchy finger on the block button spell check suggestion for blaque is plaque ~ Carlos Santana is trending on twitter. He did not die. He played the national anthem at a basketball game. ~ What led up to this confrontation? Why was Rep. Waters so obnoxious? her job is not to impeach the potus, no matter what she says ~ Doesn’t Russia have bad heroin problem? Close overland to Afghanistan, lots of energy money, population that likes to get high.. why not? ~ A Harvard linguist reveals the most misused words in English Here are some highlights: Adverse, Appraise , Beg the question, Bemused , Cliché, Data , Depreciate, Disinterested , Enormity , Hone , Hung , Ironic , Nonplussed, Parameter , Shrunk, Simplistic , Verbal , Effect, Lie ~ Someone said something last week about the “talking stick.” The preferred term is talisman. The talisman is a device for controlling conversation. The idea is that only the person holding the talisman is allowed to speak. The other people in the group listen. It is best to focus on the person speaking, and not to think about what you are going to say later. The talisman can be passed around the group, either clockwise or counter clockwise. Or the talisman can be placed in the center of the group, and the next person who wants to speak can pick it up. This is said by some to be a Native American custom. It is not known what nation this custom is borrowed from. There is a possibility that someone just decided to do this, and the Native American origin tale just fit their purpose. ~ @ChrchCurmudgeon One of our kids dropped his fidget spinner in the pancake batter at the youth group breakfast this weekend. … Of course, the pancakes came out almost paper-thin. … But there it was. A spinner, saved by crêpes. ~ Georgia residents of a certain age remember Effies. Maybe covfefe is pronounced cove EFF ee ~ Attn 6th district voter: When you see an outsider comment on the election, reply with this: Has anyone who lives in the 6th district asked @_____ how they should vote? ~ G-d is the friend of poets with writers block ~ In addition to his other talents, Mr. Whitman grew a great beard. ~ @HillaryClinton put the tit back in identity politics ~ Show additional replies, including those that may contain offensive content @IR8PROSTATE Grassy ass ~ This meme is now obsolete. Bill Maher said a bad word on his show last night. ~ spell check is the progeny of a parade of pedants ~ if i see the ossoff kitchen table video one more time i am voting for …. probably ossoff, but he is running a terrible overfunded campaign ~ @existentialcoms “What do you do?” “Well, if you define me by my job, I’m an engineer. But if you define me by what I do in my free time, I’m depressed.” ~ When are we going to challenge power of n-word? hysteria is poisoning society Maybe if we focus on institutional oppression instead of word ~ @afemal3pr This one time I wish the hoteps were right and periods are something we could rid of if we just stopped eating the white man’s food ~ This Domain Name Has Expired – Renewal Instructions. ~ born on june 3: Jefferson Davis (1808), Josephine Baker (1906), Paulette Goddard (1910), Tony Curtis (1925), Allen Ginsberg (1926). People who met their maker on June 3 include Ozzie Nelson (1975), Billy Joe McAllister (1967), Ruhollah Khomeini (1989), Rue McClanahan (2010), Jack Kevorkian (2011), Muhammad Ali (2016). ~ Show additional replies, including those that may contain offensive content ~ @conjja are you saying its not prudent to bring a knife to a british beer brawl? @madfrankiewfc Not without a fork and a spoon. To the victor the spoils ~ pictures today are from The Library of Congress. ~ selah

Happily Kicking It

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display of a link on this page does not indicate approval of content ~ The Origins of ‘Horn OK Please,’ India’s Most Ubiquitous Phrase ~ A Man Went Off On A Racist Tirade Because A Guy Talked To His Puerto Rican Mom In Spanish ~ A Fuckload of Anti-Profanity ~ WSU grad student designs map of precinct-level election results ~ The forgotten legend behind the world’s most famous tongue twister ~ Transcript of New Orleans Mayor Landrieu’s address on Confederate monuments ~ In Most Expensive House Race Ever, Ossoff Takes the Lead ~ Israeli Officers: You’re Doing ISIS Wrong ~ Gorse journal Episode 3: Out of the Body ~ Callista Crosses the Tiber ~ story ~ 10 Quotes That Perfectly Explain Racism To People Who Claim They’re Colorblind ~ Migos Refused To Appear With Drag Queens For Katy Perry’s SNL Performance CHRSWLKR This comment is hidden as it has many downvotes. Click here to show it. ~ For real, though. I’m a straight white dude and I was in a bar happily kicking it with drag queens Saturday night. We even took shots out of these big black dick contraptions. Everyone had a great time. ~ Ken Kesey ~ @shujaxhaider Wanna feel old? This is what Fleetwood Mac looks like now ~ Arrest made in shooting death of HS basketball star ~ Watch The Bicycle Trip: An Animation of The World’s First LSD Trip in 1943 ~ ‘The Drug Whisperer’: Drivers arrested while stone cold sober ~ Mom facing charges for jumping in on fight at high school ~ believe ~ This is one of the sources listed. It is about the notion that George Washington used teeth extracted from slaves. This source says, in so many words, that we don’t know much about this. This is one of the issues about information on the internet. Even when sources are provided, relatively few people will read them. The information in the source often does not back up the claims that are based on it. ~ This Week in Appropriation: Kooks Burritos and Willamette Week ~ Gas station shooting sends bystanders running for cover ~ LGBTQ Perspective on 148 Bible Passages ~ campaign claims ~ ga budget ~ chair email ~ The Elements of Eloquence ~ Karen ~ doesin ~ Kafka in Vegas ~ Israel quick to exploit Manchester bombing ~ entirely too many pieces of unsolicited advice to young writer types ~ Hillary Clinton’s Self-Defeating Triangulation ~ ws thread ~ Opinion: Why rural Georgia’s plight matters to those living in the big city ~ “Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth.” ~ The Anonymous Letter to WaPo ~ 2 friends found dead in same neighborhood an hour apart ~ Lou Harrison ~ Jeff Davis ~ Suspect remains on the run after shooting 2 police officers ~ 6 Most Dangerous Snakes in Georgia Blaire White is a TERF and a bigot. ~ Mississippi shooting: 8 dead, including deputy; suspect says ‘I ain’t fit to live’ ~ Suspect confesses to C-L reporter; 8 dead, including deputy ~ @postcrunk i never want to become a reactionary hip hop old head that holds back the culture by excessively romanticizing the past ~ Look at how green Kennesaw Mountain is. A battle was fought there, and now nobody can build there. That is one thing war is good for. ~ @WernerTwertzog No, you are mistaken, I am not trying to be “emo.” @chamblee54 No you are mistaken. We think you are trying to be “Moe” Curly and Larry are worried. ~ I have read some reports about wife number one. I think they may have been separated by the time Newtie asked for the divorce. While the optics of asking for a divorce in a hospital room are horrible, I suspect the incident was exaggerated by his opponents. There are many, many other reasons to dislike Mr. Gingrich. ~ “Google ads may not be placed on pages with adult or any kinds of non family-safe content. This includes, but is not limited to, pages with images or videos containing: Strategically covered nudity, sheer or see-through clothing, lewd or provocative poses, close-ups of breasts, buttocks, or crotches.” ~ @pooroldkilgore kids are much better off learning how to be a good person from cartoons than from abrahamic religions ~ That is a problem with the Democratic Party/social justice jihad. Arguably, this is one of the reasons that idiot got elected. ~ If you only do one toe on each foot, is it a mini-pedi? ~ Get your daily dose of mindful inspiration. Join elephant’s community for thoughtfully-curated mindful offerings — free. ~ A young man, wearing a white polo shirt and plaid shorts, knocked on the door. “I am with the Georgia Republican Party. As you know, we are having a congressional runoff election soon. Do you know if you are going to be voting for the conservative Karen Handel, or the Democrat Jon Ossoff.” “That is none of your business.” ~ Fact Check We strive for accuracy and fairness. But if you see something that doesn’t look right, contact us! ~ As a resident of the 6th district, I really hate this. Mr. Ossoff is running an overfunded and clueless campaign. I see a golden opportunity being wasted. ~ Other brave men talk about white privilege, about a state where black population is .4% of total ~ Top heavy memes do not make church more relevant. They ruin good thoughts, and make Christians appear desperate for attention. ~ @ChrchCurmudgeon Denny’s has renamed its most popular breakfast “The Montana Congressman.” #GrandSlam ~ A headline, with the phrase “perfectly explains,” is a red flag. ~ the spell check suggestion for wipipo is windpipe the spell check suggestion for wypipo is pipework ~ @ChrchCurmudgeon “No way will I ever be your pallbearer!” “Hold my bier.” ~ It is time to quit saying that ____ is what ____ looks like ~ You are blocked from following @RileyJayDennis and viewing @RileyJayDennis’s Tweets. ~ i had never heard of rjd, much less said anything, and the first time i go to her profile i see that i am blocked ~ so i go to my unlogged twitter page, and check rjd out the pinned post is asking for money you can’t make this up ~@DavidKenner US investigators found its partner nations in anti-ISIS war killed 80 civilians, but the nations refuse to step up. … US is also changing its reporting rules so that it will no longer admit its own responsibility for civilian deaths. ~ “because they were racist” You did not need to say that. All you had to say was that they did not know any arabs. That gratuitous use of an offensive slur spoiled my enjoyment of an otherwise fine show. ~ Facebook is 76% Idiot. Why doesn’t the Idiot community report this Idiot Supremacist? Where are the moderate Idiot leaders? ~ You are blocked from following @MerylSKavanagh and viewing @MerylSKavanagh’s ~ pictures today are from The Library of Congress. Esther Bubley took the pictures in Washington DC in January 1943 ~ selah

Fact Checking

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display of a link below does not indicate approval of content ~ Calling Bullshit 1.1: Introduction to Bullshit ~ “Calling Bullshit”: Watch Lectures for the College Course Designed to Combat the BS in our Information Age synonyms for bs ~ Handel – Ossoff poll ~ Trump’s Best Defense on Russia Is Incompetence ~ sjw message ~ ossoff ad ~ Ignored By Western Media, Syrians Describe the Nightmare the Armed Opposition Brought Them ~ A Fox News Reporter Called A Child With Autism A “Snowflake”, And People Are Destroying Her ~ War Bond Drive show, Loew’s Grand Theater, July 10, 1944 ~ same planet, different worlds ~ fb rant Antisemitism is your privileged lilly white ass only bringing it up to get out of being called out on your white privilege. ~ On Leaving the SJW Cult and Finding Myself ~ Opinion: Atlanta Braves’ new ballpark attendance is terrible — but the mall’s great ~ An Open Letter to Rev. Franklin Graham from a “Small Church” Pastor ~ This Bill Would Officially Classify “Stealthing” as Sexual Assault ~ Fox News Fires ‘The Five’ Co-Host Bob Beckel Over Racist Comment ~ Fact-checking “S-Town”: 5 good questions with Benjamin Phelan ~ Inside Russia’s Social Media War on America ~ The war you’ve never heard of ~ I’m Not a Christian, But I Don’t Hate Them ~ How Studying Design Turned Roman Mars into a Pathological Optimist ~ A Canadian Writer Defended Cultural Appropriation and All Hell Broke Loose ~ Stand by Your Dying Man: Leslie Jordan Relives the Early Days of AIDS Don’t Count on the Precedent of Watergate to Help Depose Trump. We Got Lucky. ~ Grin and bare all at North America’s 9 best nude beaches ~ cracker ~ america you have given me a good life, vietnam ended before i got a lottery number, economy keeps going sputter roar, religion for show is name of the game ~ Not using the adjective “racist” would help The R-word is magic to some people Just say he is a crank, with small following of other cranks ~ @TheGoodGodAbove DAMN RIGHT. While we’re on the subject, please don’t. I find your many prayers to be cloying and annoying. ~ You are blocked from following @noplasticshower and viewing @noplasticshower’s Tweets. ~ Loading seems to be taking a while. ~ Twitter may be over capacity or experiencing a momentary hiccup. Try again or visit Twitter Status for more information. ~ @WernerTwertzog It is important to read “Walden” to prove that you can read anything. ~ “the media” does more than its share of lying I say trust neither ~ speaking as a non christian, i am thinking of overall social justice environment you seldom hear “a minority” but rather one person ~ Did the intel really come from Israel, or did @newyorktimes110 just say that to get an influential community mad at @realDonaldTrump ? ~ This post has a popup ad. It is a “poll,” asking if you approve of a “travel ban.” “By entering your email and submitting your vote, you will also sign up to receive our emails.” ~ if mendacious is lying, is womendacious telling the truth? ~ viewed early and quickly, ableist looks like atheist ~ Libtardia Gigantic Faggots Sal Alinsky Cucks Whines Shitard Progressives Fake FAKE NEWS Suspected Child Rapist Trolling verified FAKE AMERICANS Gay troll nerds Subverters Domestic Enemies Fake Americans Fake Verified Libtards Hillary lost suck it ~ Caution: This account is temporarily restricted You’re seeing this warning because there has been some unusual activity from this account. Do you still want to view it? ~ I said that using n word degrades person using it Frannie blocked me I think she uses group-block service You get on list and get blocked ~ article does not specify what was said…. insensitive is not same as racist … sounds like a convenient excuse to get rid of problem ~ @WasDreadHeadBlu If Malcolm X was alive during these times, the mainstream “woke” blacks would be calling him an “ashy misogynist” and “hotep” @chamblee54 it is cliche to say that white people killed MLK… next time you hear that mention that Malcolm X was killed by a black man @LL_Cool_X Fuck off cracker ~ @drhappyknuckles Hillary might have inspired my four-year-old daughter to be president one day but Trump has convinced her she could be president right now. ~ @RobertGBeckel It’s official! I’m back on Fox News and a co-host of The Five. Contributor to The Hill. Official Trump Corrector. Motto: there is no such thing as a bad day! ~ Technically, Callista is wife number three. Number two is the one who had the affair, while wife number one had cancer. While the optics of the situation are ugly, I suspect the whole thing was blown up for partisan advantage. Wife number one did not die for another thirty years. ~ Was this the print edition? Many of the AJC online articles do not have comments. ~ Edited twitter profile of recently terminated Fox news personality @RobertGBeckel … Motto: there is no such thing as a bad day! ~ Not my circus Not my President ~ @romanmars @99piorg sometimes i google 99pi and the screen says 311.017672705 ~ pictures today are from The Library of Congress. ~ selah

Dumbest Theater Of Memeatic Warfare

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display of a link in this community does not indicate approval of content ~ spell check suggestions for Memeatic : Metastatic, Emetic, Teatime ~Strength Through Unity ~ 1 dead, 1 injured in shooting at Burger King, police say ~ Interview With Max Blumenthal: The Left’s Failure To Confront Root Of Syrian Conflict ~ Oops, should not have read a speech! ~ Lucky number ~ Allen Ginsberg Teaches You How to Meditate with a Rock Song Featuring Bob Dylan on Bass ~ Allen Ginsberg sings Do The Meditation Rock 1984 ~ fcc filing ~ John Oliver’s “Go FCC Yourself” Link Quickly Crashed The Agency’s Website ~ Fuckbird, Cockstand and Frigging: Some annotations of James Joyce’s erotic letters to his wife, Nora Barnacle ~ great example ~ Did God Promise Health and Wealth? ~ Why Liberals Aren’t as Tolerant as They Think ~ Washington Loves General McMaster, But Trump Doesn’t ~ ossoff ~ How The Whitest Singer Of The ’70s Became An Icon In The Philippines ~ 86 proof ~ Freedom of Racist Speech: Ego and Expressive Threats. Here is a link to the actual study. The abstract caused me to have brain damage. You have to pay to see the full study. ~ Research shows prejudice, not principle, often underpins ‘free-speech defense’ of racist language ~ Did Nixon Kill J. Edgar Hoover? Daniel Asamota (13:43:19) : I knew there was something about Nixon I liked. ~ Camp Gordon takes over Chamblee 100 years ago ~ @charliekirk11 Reagan quote ~ Ronald Reagan: Fascism, ‘Isn’t This the Liberal Philosophy?’ ~ It Was Cultural Anxiety That Drove White, Working-Class Voters to Trump ~ Beyond Economics: Fears of Cultural Displacement Pushed the White Working Class to Trump | PRRI/The Atlantic Report ~ @YAppelbaum twitter thread ~ @emmaogreen ~ Georgia Republican enraged at court order making it easier for people to vote ~ Undocumented Students ~ Roll Model Biscuit Model ~ Tales of Ordinary Madness ~ Georgia police officers are paid less, die at a higher rate than in most states ~ Knox County judge grants woman rights of ‘husband’ in Tennessee’s first same-sex divorce ~ Look past Jim Comey: The census director’s sudden resignation may create serious long-term problems ~ UCSF psychiatrist, 2nd man face charges of having child porn ~ This eerie footage shows the final days of Nietzsche, after he went mad ~ Why did Trump win? More whites — and fewer blacks — actually voted. ~ The Election was Stolen – Here’s How… ~ Two Dead Canaries in the Coal Mine ~ Mr. Roosevelt was discussing the way Woodrow Wilson conducted American involvement in World War I. He was a strong supporter of American involvement in that conflict. His son died in that war. ~ The Most Popular Slang the Year You Were Born ~ glue gun ~ Trump and Comey Go Down Together ~ The Allusionist’s Helen Zaltzman on the Pioneer Days of Podcasting ~ ESPN Gonzo 30 for 30 Short: Hunter Thompson @ Derby – Birth of Gonzo Journalism ~ The Kentucky Derby is Decadent and Depraved ~ The Cramps Play a Mental Hospital in Napa, California in 1978: The Punkest of Punk Concerts ~ j w ledford, broflake, poem titled america, poem about meditation cliches, is djt a communist, excrescence , 58 gender ~ WH is not consistent every store is different, and can be different depending on who is working there… when the order is delvered correctly, and within a reasonable time frame, it works ~ @realDonaldTrump Ask Sally Yates, under oath, if she knows how classified information got into the newspapers soon after she explained it to W.H. Council. ~ The GOP has been aggressively soliciting campaign contributions from terrorists and dangerous criminals ~ IMPORTANT: I disabled comments ONLY because there were mean-spirited, vile, hateful comments by viewers against other viewers with different viewpoints – MUCH worse than anything Buddy says in this interview! I DID NOT disable comments because I like Buddy Rich and can’t stand reading negative things about him. Trust me, I know full well that Buddy had his “dark side.” Buddy’s derogatory comments about Country Music begin at 9:45. For the record: I DO NOT AGREE WITH WHAT HE SAYS, especially that “simple” in music equals bad or inferior and “complex” automatically means better. Comments are disabled for this video. ~ @SlavojTweezek And then it hit me. The juncture of Lacanian dialectic and Badiouian inaesthetics in ontologically equivalent to de-reified Hegelian Geist. ~ Here is something you can do about net neutrality. 1. click on this link this link 2. Click on +express. 3. Then fill out the form. The first item is your name, and you must press Enter to get that item to stay. The rest (address, email address, etc.) are cooperative. 4. In the comment box, you write “please preserve net neutrality.” 5. Then you get to review it all and then submit. ~ “Cand reproof and correction” “Cespecially when false teaching” “truth and errorCto proclaim” Did you proofread this? ~ you could just as easily say avoid the plague like krystal ~ there used to be a krystal on peachtree industrial, across from Lowes at the time, the lowes space was a frito lay factory you could always tell when they cooked pork rinds In the days before they built a bridge connecting clairmont to peachtree industrial, you would take a left at new peachtree, go over the railroad tracks on a rickety bridge made of telephone poles, and then cut through the krystal parking lot good times ~ IDC about the Russian Business Ties. I just want Senator Graham to “break ranks” and vote against the AHCA ~ @NixonLibrary FUN FACT: President Nixon never fired the Director of the FBI #FBIDirector #notNixonian @chamblee54 J. Edgar Hoover died a month before Watergate break in. Hoover knew what Nixon was up to. Nixon knew what happened to JFK ~ I came to your blog after a google search led me to a 2012 post, “Did Nixon kill J. Edgar Hoover?” It makes what happened to Mr. Comey seem a bit less extreme. Anyway, congrats on still publishing five years later. ~ The senate confirmation hearings for the new FBI director should be highly entertaining. ~ It appears that Hillary’s email problems were not that serious after all… to the surprise of nobody. ~ Never play leapfrog with a unicorn. ~ I should take into account some of the people who might see this, and know that they would enjoy what many of us would see as unspeakable painful, not to mention unsanitary. ~ Wasn’t the Nixon dirty tricks crew called the Plumbers? ~ Emory will provide “a combination of grants scholarships, institutional work study, institutional loans” This is not free tuition ~ “Throwing rotten fruit would be appropriate as well.” Trump mentor Roy Cohn has been dead for a long time ~ Someone on twitter posted a picture of the Commander in Cheetoh, with some Russian buddies. The comment: This is how our president treats the country that poses the greatest threat to our democracy right now. My reaction:The country that poses the greatest threat to our democracy is the United States of America ~ it is tough to say the downtown stadiums were built in either ghetto areas (atlanta stadium, turner field) or sketchy downtown areas (georgia dome) the surrounding neighborhoods did not get any better I don’t know (or care) what will happen to the area around sun trust field My instinct is that game day traffic is an enormous hassle for everyone, and will hurt property values ~ Demoze chose to make racism an issue in 2016 with disastrous results – did anyone say in 2012 “if you vote for Mitt Romney you are a racist? ~ “descent into the bowels of a Demogorgon” ~ You live in San Francisco You gay card is safe ~ @Walldo spamming replies every time the president tweets is the dumbest theater of memeatic warfare ~ SFGATE welcomes a free exchange of ideas in the Comments section. We encourage commenters to help our moderators by flagging comments that threaten violence in any way, are spam, or use vulgarities including racist epithets or other obscene terms toward a specific group ~ @Blackedpoetry “as fuck” is my favorite unit of measurement ~ One of the things you do when editing is to eliminate widows. This is where you have a line, at the end of a paragraph, with one word, all sitting there looking lonesome. So the last line of the paragraph was: Keep the quantity up, and the quality takes care of itself. The last word was the widow. The last line was revised to read: Keep the quantity up, quality takes care of itself. ~ “The incompetent are often blessed with an inappropriate confidence.” Somehow, it makes sense for Huffington Post to publish that line. ~ I just got a phone call. The man was soliciting money “to give legal support to our sheriff and law enforcement.” I asked if the legal support was going to the Dekalb County Sheriff ~ @chrislhayes It’s done. Language is done. Words are finished. Meaning has vanished into an endless Möbius strip of self-negating nihilism. ~ PWSR People who say racist ~ this is an unfortunate incident at a new york college it is not a “teachable moment” for a white savior ~ and no doubt traffic they are installing sidewalks on johnson ferry now … i have always heard that the golf course is owned by the catholic church, and is very reluctant to give up any land for road projects… they gave a few feet for the peachtree expansion, and the land along johnson ferry is woods, so maybe that will go when the inevitable widening of johnson ferry takes place ~ 9 remaining of 10 Welcome! We hope that you enjoy our free content. ~ america you have given me a good life, vietnam ended before i got a lottery number, economy keeps going sputter roar, religion for show is name of the game ~ pictures for this waste of bandwidth today are from The Library of Congress. ~ selah

Hurtful And Obsolete

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display of a link in this forum does not indicate approval of content ~ Updated: Georgians squeeze into metro Atlanta. Here’s how much. ~ Counties Population Totals Tables: 2010-2016 ~ “If You Keep Fucking With Mr. Trump We Know Where You Live” ~ gross creepy guy ~ @jendziura I just heard the term “broflake” and I think this is gonna change my life ~ Frederick Douglass, the Accurate “Without Struggle/No Freedom” Quote ~ Brookhaven closes on purchase of 33 acres of Greenspace at PDK ~ I write on the internet. I’m sorry. ~ The Strange & Gross Origin of “Cuck” ~ Ohio Teen Couple Commits Suicide Within Days of Each Other ~ n Anonymous White House Official (Who Is Totally Steve Bannon) ~ Stephen Colbert in Hot Water Over ‘Homophobic’ Donald Trump Joke ~ Gay Man Sues Funeral Home That Refused His 82-Year-Old Husband’s Body ~ The Utility of Precision in Opposing Injustice i have been called r****t I have been called n****r lover both star crossed words are hurtful and obsolete we would be better with them ~ Jackson holds “open house” at the White House ~ Woman home from college killed in wreck at dangerous intersection ~ Man arrested after shooting, chase outside popular bar ~ Explore Atlanta 1968, Downtown Atlanta, and more! ~ @experiencedquot Don’t ever wrestle with a pig. You’ll both get dirty, but the pig will enjoy it. -Cale Yarborough ~ i unfollowed Famous Quotes after this ~ Joe Pyne ~ is cuckold derived from cuckoo ~ Cuckolds, horns and other explanations In Britain, the word “cuckold” is old-fashioned. But youngsters still love to stick their fingers up behind their friends’ heads in photographs, to make them look silly. ~ The Philosophical Fascists of the Gay Alt-Right ~ bill evans trio ~ War Between The States ~ Federal Judge: Georgia must re-open 6th district registration ~ This Controversial Beer Ad Is Going Viral And It’ll Leave You Questioning Everything! ~ This Is What a Modern-Day Witch Hunt Looks Like ~ Ex-band director arrested, accused of having sex with 4 students ~ White American Evangelical Christianity Is a Bubble — and It’s About to Burst ~ Help Me, Christian—I Can’t See Jesus ~ The 10 Best Sex Podcasts for Whatever You’re Into ~ Director’s Cut: ‘The Kentucky Derby Is Decadent and Depraved,’ by Hunter S. Thompson Editing Hunter was like picking up the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle that had been dropped on the floor and trying to put them back together to make sense without having the benefit of the picture on the cover of the puzzle box.” ~ RuPaul Keynote at RuPaul’s DragCon 2017 ~ 12 things you might want to delete from your Facebook page ~ Wife killed, husband shot at during robbery at apartment complex ~ MOST WANTED: ‘Dangerous’ man wanted in connection with teen’s death ~ Why Can’t the Left Win? ~ Edward Crawford, The Ferguson Protestor In Iconic Tear Gas Photo, Has Been Found Dead ~ Folk Art Vs. Code Enforcement: Atlanta Artist Heads To Court ~ namaste ~ Gout: Facts and Information ~ Joanna Brouk Hearing Music 2016 Full Album ~ DIVINE – “E” TRUE HOLLYWOOD STORY ~ Need-Based Financial Aid Program for Undocumented Students, including Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival (DACA) Students ~ Police: DeKalb sheriff ran after being caught in Piedmont Park for indecent acts ~ Will Mr. Cagle have an assistant, under his desk, to tie his shoes? “Casey Cagle has been called unethical, an adulterer, and corrupt. As a Georgian and a political observer, I sought out exactly what it was that Cagle has done that is just so bad.” This is going to be fun. ~ the word racism is now officially obsolete criticism of a former POTUS for cashing in is NOT institutional systematic oppression ~ @SlavojTweezek Exercise excuses me to eat crap; eating crap does not compel me to exercise. I am the product of a failed dialectic ~ KimKierkegaardashian‏ @KimKierkegaard I like my men like I like my coffee: a momentary comfort in the midst of all my suffering ~ Will you focus on demoze obsession with racism? Why did they think calling voters racist is a good idea? did Obama rant abt racism? he won ~ Jesus forgives them, so quit worrying about it ~ Mr. Burnside and Mr. Hay appeared together on the Joe Pyne television show in Los Angeles. ~ Speaking as a retired drunk, I do not appreciate this. ~ THE MORNING BEACON: BE PART OF THE CONVERSATION The Washington Free Beacon’s morning email lays out everything you need to know about the world of politics, foreign affairs, and national security right in your inbox. ~ there is a fine line between alliterative enjoyment and tongue twisting disaster ~ Mahmoud Ahmadinejad @Ahmadinejad1956 Happy #CincodeMayo to all the freedom loving people of the world. ~ Christianity in the U.S. Has Been Co-Opted Join us to offer a prophetic voice in these times. ~ We noticed you’re using an ad blocker Hey, we get it. But our advertisers are pretty great and those ads support the writing and editing of all these articles. Would you consider a quick donation to offset those costs? ~ I would be curious to know how many people register in the next two weeks. I doubt that it will be very many. ~ Don’t go near Plaza Fiesta Sunday afternoon. You will be there a while. ~ Poet pro tip: Deuteronomy rhymes with misogyny ~ @Mardigroan You think you’re a wordy over thinker? Hold my crisp, refreshing hoppy, amber beverage with a roasted malt character & slight citrus notes. ~ @WernerTwertzog Twelve apostles are about six too many to have a decent meeting and reach consensus unless one has divine powers. ~ This embedded content is from a site that does not comply with the Do Not Track (DNT) setting now enabled on your browser. ~ What about those rumors about HIllary’s big dick? ~ “The Georgia GOP is blaming us Californians and I am loving every bit of it.” I hope this does not lead to a Handel victory. ~ pictures for this gratuitous waste of bandwidth are from The Library of Congress. ~ selah

May Day

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display of a link on this page does not indicate approval of content ~ Privy Privilege ~ Why Georgia won’t celebrate Confederate Memorial Day today ~ 17 Words that Describe Themselves Autological ~ 5 Buzzwords Black Millennials have played out problematic, cis-het/cis-gender, white supremacy, privilege, systematic racism ~ neologisms ~ us population clock ~ fricative ~ Why Weed Decriminalization Alone Won’t Fix Racist Drug Enforcement ~ Mike Rowe offers frightening insight on United Air incident that few people are brave enough to read ~ Unstrategic Impatience ~ Is It Art or Is It Competitive Therapy? The Paradox of the Slam ~ Marc Kelly Smith ~ Residents of So-called ‘Shit Town’ Are Conflicted Over S-Town ~ Black Sheep Entertainment ~ CONTROVERSIAL SHEA MOISTURE VIDEO ~ Aretha Franklin Resurrects 5-Year-Old Beef With Dionne Warwick Via Fax ~ Atlanta’s Controversial ‘Cityhood’ Movement ~ Handel on gay adoption ~ Donald Trump, The Accidental Fascist ~ Is a Management Shake-up Looming at Fox News? ~ @seanhannity Gäbe i pray this is NOT true because if it is, that’s the total end of the FNC as we know it. Done. Best Sean ~ Heineken’s new ad gets totally political, and it’s surprisingly great. ~ J.W. Ledford ~ On the Red Line: A daily racial transformation on MARTA ~ I, a White, Rode the Train With Blacks 1 Day, and It Was Crazy: An Atlanta-Newspaper Reader Writes on Race ~ How Does One Become a Good White Ally (Asset)? ~ 8 Reasons Why San Francisco’s Original Gayborhood Remains Timeless ~ Nietzsche’s 10 Rules for Writing with Style ~ A conversation with the Goat Farm’s Anthony Harper about the Beacons project, past and future ~ Examples of Onomatopoeia Poetry ~ Karen Handel’s Accidental Audio ~ Booze-Soaked Shoots, Hot Gay Sex, And Elizabeth Taylor’s Poop Problems: Behind the Scenes of Dominick Dunne’s Infamous Last Film ~ Five Questions To Ask Before Getting Into An Online Argument 1. What Am I Trying to Accomplish? 2. What Will This Cost Me? 3. Where Am I Coming From Emotionally? 4. Whose Space Is This? 5. Where Is My Stopping Point? ~ Wypipo’ Explained ~ spell check suggestion for Wypipo: Pipework ~ posts to write: systemic or systematic, neologism, uncle hotep’s fabulous five, think piece on slam ~ KimKierkegaardashian‏ @KimKierkegaard A military jacket gives an outfit that extra edge without making it too hard or rough. It says: My fight is not with man, but with God. ~ Did you read the post? You say you are “genuinely curious” ~ BTW My problem with WaPo is not that there is white nationalists that support Mr. Trump. My issue is blowing an article in an Arkansas tabloid … which is no longer online … into a blanket statement that the “official KKK newspaper” endorsed djt. This was conflated into the “KKK endorses Trump” trope, which is not true. This also served as a distraction from the more serious issues that DJT had, like his crookedness, emotional instability, and ties to Russia/communism/organized crime. ~ Dear @HuffingtonPost Asking me for my email address is not going to make me more likely to look at your clickbait. ~ We are talking at cross purposes. I mention that WaPo has given a minor newspaper article much more attention than it deserves. This minor newspaper article was used to justify the claim that the KKK endorsed DJT. This claim distracted from the more serious charges against DJT, and arguably led to his election. Yes, the KKK is an obsolete bunch of kooks that wear bedsheets. They are best ignored, as is the WaPo. ~ There is a meme You list 10 bands, and invite people to guess which one you did not see. I saw nine of these acts at the Great Southeast Music Music Hall: Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, Steve Martin, New Riders of the Purple Sage, Weather Report, Rahsaan Roland Kirk, Sex Pistols, Chick Corea and Return to Forever, Keith Jarrett, Martin Mull, Melissa Manchester ~ Thirty poems is not happening this Aprl. I only have eleven so far. ~ @GonzoVice I miss Nixon. Compared to these Nazis we have in the White House now, Richard Nixon was a flaming liberal. ~ Mr. Obama is a politician through and through. The good news is that he won two terms. Maybe if Hillary more of a skillful politician, she would have won. Also, the Democrats seemed to be smarter when BHO was running. Did anyone ever say “If you vote for Mitt Romney you are a racist”? ~ Bret Stephens … Ann Coulter … Barack Obama aka who what & why? ~ Important Please switch to another browser or quit incognito mode to play our quizzes. ~ if your tongue was made of glass, it would never get anywhere near my ass ~ @ChrchCurmudgeon They’re releasing a brand new font for the 500th anniversary of the Reformation. Times New Protestant. ~ pictures are from The Library of Congress. Esther Bubley took the pictures in September, 1943. “A Greyhound bus trip from Louisville, Kentucky, to Memphis, Tennessee” ~ selah

Einstein Probably Didn’t Say

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display of a link in this facility does not indicate approval of content ~ Quotation ascribed to Benjamin Franklin “We are all born ignorant, but one must work hard to remain stupid.” ~ Boy crushed to death at Atlanta revolving restaurant ~ Why Chelsea Handler Refuses to Stop Posing Topless ~ The Very Gay and Interesting History of the Almost Lost Tradition of the Sunday Tea Dance ~ Hugo Lit Series: Alexander Chee, Kirstin Valdez Quade, Mattilda Sycamore, and The Royal Oui ~ What cartoon character does the #6thdistrict look like? ~ “whats really fun about North Korea” ~ idk what North Korea thinks ~ eric clapton ~ Why the Yezidis of Iraq are still not safe ~ As L.A. Pride embraces anti-Trump resistance, advertisers head for the exit ~ Special election off to a rocky start for some voters ~ Charlie Parker Plays with Dizzy Gillespie in Only Footage Capturing the “Bird” in True Live Performance ~ Long-time Atlanta restaurant fails second health inspection in seven months One violation included rodent droppings in drawers with utensils, on prep top counters and on food contact surfaces. … Other health inspection violations included a spider crawling on a food slicer, ~ 10 Things Einstein Probably Didn’t Say ~ @realDonaldTrump Despite major outside money, FAKE media support and eleven Republican candidates, BIG “R” win with runoff in Georgia. Glad to be of help! ~ Georgia special election: one local penny for every $10 in national cash ~ How the Bible Belt lost God and found Trump ~ What is the problem between Russia and Chechnya? ~ results 6th district election ~ early christian texts ~ Baltimore homicide closure rate near 50 percent, but figure is complicated ~ wwdw podcast ~ Georgia state senator lets it slip: GOP gerrymandered Ossoff’s district to disenfranchise Black voters ~ The Heart of Whiteness: Ijeoma Oluo Interviews Rachel Dolezal, the White Woman Who Identifies as Black ~ GOP strategists: Georgia results are a wake-up call ~ Sanders on Clinton’s ‘I’m with her’ slogan: ‘It’s so phony’ ~ jolene ~ is that green ~ eli speaks eli lake logic ~ Richard Spencer’s Racist Little Secret ~ Conner Habib’s 10 Tips For Writers ~ handel the hot woman ~ Yikes! New Behind-the-Scenes Book Brutalizes the Clinton Campaign ~ Georgia Is Trying To Block Newly Registered Voters From Taking Part In Fierce Runoff Election ~ Can Legalizing Weed Fight Racism? ~ Caitlyn Jenner Took a Stand Against Donald Trump By Turning Down a Recent Invitation to Play Golf ~ ‘The Ideas Made It, But I Didn’t’ ~ @ShaunKing 7 people were killed by American police…YESTERDAY. That’s more people than police in most developed nations kill in an entire year ~ Killed By Police 2017 ~ Six People Killed By Police ~ DaRonald Wilkerson ~ The salacious 40-year history of Studio 54 ~ Trump at Studio 54 ~ Black Hair Discrimination Is Real—But Is It Against the Law? ~ @wordnik The word “haiku” translates from Japanese as “amusement sentence.” #NationalHaikuPoetryDay #NationalPoetryMonth ~ I just got a robo call, with Marco Rubio telling me to voter for “Justin” Hill #nevervotefore #6thdistrict ~ Mar-a-lago #anagrams as amoral gal ~ I just received another robo call for Judson HIll #nevervotefor #6thdistrict ~ the only haiku that was too long to fit on one line: Bread bread bread bread bread ~ Ham and cheese and ham and cheese ~ Bread bread bread bread bread ~ @SlavojTweezek Philosophy is, you know, the science through which profundity is conjured from bullshit. ~ @existentialcoms Nietzsche in a nutshell: God: dead. Morality: meaningless. Humans: idiots. Existence: suffering. Would I do it all again? You’re damn right. ~ often the word cosmic is misspelled it includes an s which does not belong there ~ @natsecHeather @dandrezner ~ have you checked your fifteen minute timer lately? ~ There is a problem with hashtags that glue words together. #sadbuttrue could either be sad but true, or sad butt rue. ~ Actually, she may be talking about her own parents. Karen Handel does not acknowledge her birth family. A few years ago, I was writing about her. I had to call her campaign to find out her maiden name. The person I talked to said no one had ever asked. How is that for family values? ~ @karenhandel is the Republican @HillaryClinton ~ My sense is that Mrs. Handel is the republican Hillary, and could not get elected dog catcher. She has the charm, and charisma, of a door knob. However, after the November election, and the super bowl, I am not taking any thing for granted. ~ also, calling Mr. Spencer a nazi is a joke… the third reich, for all their shortcomings, had some standards ~ I went for a walk to the Ashford Greenspace. About halfway down Tobey Road, somebody left a black plastic bag in the roadway. The bag contained dog waste. Somebody had run over the bag, and ground the contents into the pavement. ~ A few yards down on Skyland Drive, some Jon Ossoff campaign product was laying on the pavement. It had been attached to the outside of a mail box, and fallen into an ant hill. The ants were crawling over the rain damaged image of Jon Ossoff. ~ At the Skyland Drive entrance to the Greenspace, there is a trash can. It does not get emptied very often, but is still superior to having trash left on the path. A lime green plastic bag, containing dog waste, was sitting in the path. The bag was three feet away from the garbage can. ~ writing is a part of who you are not just something you do. writing well requires rhythm sacrifice reading. not writing is part of writing be a person who enjoys sitting. it’s not about being finished it’s about knowing when to stop and when to keep going. finish what you’ve started . you can do anything you want. style is a mood you generate out of yourself. don’t listen to anyone who tells you how to write. ~ In 1966, Republicans voted in the Democratic Gubernatorial runoff. They thought Lester Maddox would be the easier candidate to defeat in the General election. We know how that turned out. In the aftermath of that election, a rule was put in place. If you voted in the intitial primary, you chose democrat or republican. You must vote in the same party runoff, that you voted in the first time. With this sound principle in mind, I think the rule that you must be registered tor the initial primary, to vote in the runoff, is a sound one. ~ Is this what we have come to..spending saturday night discussing georgia politics on facebook? ~ @vornietom I honestly feel bad for the people on the Placebo March who thought they were at the Science March but double blind testing is important ~ I would look at the source, and remember some of the other bs stories they have peddled ~ pictures today are from “The Special Collections and Archives, Georgia State University Library”. Pictures of African American voters were taken 02-13-1946, and 06-03-1946, at Forest Avenue School ~ selah