When You Insult People

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David Bowie Memorialized in Traditional Japanese Woodblock Prints ~ twitter poem source ~ do it again ~ twitter chat @TylerMahanCoe If you talk shit on a band and someone tells you they met that band and the band was nice, tell that person that Ted Bundy was nice. @occultauralist Your band can suck and you can still be a good human being. Bundy was great till he got you in the car.‏ @chamblee54 Debbie Harry, of Blondie, turned down a ride by Ted Bundy @TheoRobertBundy Or I turned her down. Blondes are so passé. ~ @marcushjohnson I hate the “Liberal pundits criticizing Trump plays into his hands” narrative. Nobody said conservative criticism of Obama played to his hands. Their anger was treated as righteous not frivolous. Why? @chamblee54 It is not right or wrong, or equal treatment, but political strategy. Criticism of an incumbent usually plays into their hands. The more deranged the criticism, the better. I suspect somebody said that about Mr. Obama’s critics. And they would have been correct. ~ hollywood ~ model T ~ June Dobbs Butts Poetry Reading, July 17, 2016 ~ baldwin ~ Woman trying to burn flag arrested at Philly Pride, police say ~ “other two-bit rouge regimes” Typos can be so much fun. Rouge regime might be a good way to describe President Tiny Hands. In other news, up-and-coming celebrity Jordan Peterson is in town. If you want to hear his message, and don’t want to pay $60 and go downtown, here is the show he did three days ago. ~ Georgia farms at stake in water wars ~ @Kate_Biscuit SEARCH GODDAMN GOOGLE SCHOLAR FOR THE FACTS YOU IGNORANT FUCKKNUCKLE, I DIDN’T SPEND SIX YEARS DOING A FUCKING PHD TO TEACH YOU HOW TO DO DUE FUCKING DILIGENCE WHEN YOU INSULT PEOPLE. ~ dock ellis ~ more dock ellis ~ lost john coltrane record ~ tabbi duncan ~ FIFA World Cup ~ good cop good cop ~ I don’t owe white people trigger warnings. this page comes with a popup asking for money ~ Thiccness is Getting Co-Opted By The Masc, Muscular Gays ~ WE’RE GETTING TO JON STEWART ~ cartoonist fired. ~ This Guy Served His Friends Tacos Made from His Own Amputated Leg Shiny’s is the rare case where cannibalism was not only legal but ethical. ~ @chamblee54 @AryehCW After a few sjw facebook debates, CA is a slightly sensitive issue, but I will recover from this chat comments by @conniewang about how stupid CA frequently is were appreciated As a southern white male, I am a veteran of many brainless comments about *my people* ~ Chavius Hollis ~ Joseph Villanueva ~ Pittsburgh Post-Gazette fires editorial cartoonist Rob Rogers ~ CENSORED: Ten Anti-Trump Cartoons The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Refuses To Publish Rise and Shine. The World is Doomed. The Nib, delivered to your inbox every AM. ~ 27-year-old left dead after gunfire erupts at vigil in Thomasville Heights ~ Man asks black woman if her daughter bathed before going in hotel pool, sparks outrage ~ a bizarre and transparently racist essay I called in January the worst editorial you’ll read in 2018 ~ Reason as racism: An immigration debate gets derailed ~ Woman brutally attacked at Brookhaven gas station ~ 39 Hilariously Useless Life Hacks ~ that’s not right of course its not right, you are Wright .@robertwrighter why are you doing a show with someone who is not on twitter? ~ Like a brown cow is a cow @robertwrighter What happened when Einstein and Gödel walked into a bar? ~ romans 13Someone help me out. Where does this tell people ” “obey the laws of the government.”? ~ There is a rumor that he has the Nike logo tattooed onto his penis. ~ Why I’m Not a Shaman, and Neither Are You ~ A Brief History of People Using Romans 13 to Justify White Supremacy ~ email chatter ~ Dangerous People Are Teaching Your Kids ~ watcher of weasels ~ JBP lawsuit threat Sign up to get your daily read on how the country is changing under Donald Trump. ~ incel is short for involuntary celebate ~ @THEWRENCHLEFT AS PER THREAT TO SUE FOR LIBEL, I HEREBY APOLOGIZE TO JORDAN PETERSON FOR REFERRING TO HIM AS AN INVOLUNTARY CELIBATE (INCEL), A MISOGYNIST, A COMMITTED WHITE NATIONALIST, AND SOMEONE WHO HAS DESCENDED INTO RANK BIGOTRY. ~ Jordan Peterson VS Christopher Hitchens – Were The Nazis Atheists? ~ Pro-Flag-Burning Prof Calls Child-Having Jordan Peterson A ‘White Nationalist’ ‘Incel’ ~ festive text ~ one difference between you and me Glenn ~ reject me as being representatively black ~ PG looks in his archive, and find a post for today. While looking for pictures, PG stumbled onto this video by alleged comedian Dylan Marron. They say “surface gestures are totally cool but they do nothing to dismantle systemic patriarchy” Could they be talking about Colin Kaepernick when they says this? When PG went to share that gem on twitter, he found this: @SheriffClarke “.@realDonaldTrump should invite JUSTIFY to the White House lawn for winning the Triple Crown. Justify is a WINNER like Trump who could care less about leftist identity politics. #MAGA” @ghostdancer2017 “Justify might poop on the lawn, but he would still be better behaved than some NFL players.” @JessicaHuseman “He knows Justify is the horse right” 444 words later, there is a post on chamblee54. It was impossible to focus on Mr. Franzen and Mr. Rose while posting this feature, which may not be a bad thing. ~ The FT incident this meme refers to was in New York . ~ If it is a witch hunt, why haven’t they found Kellyanne Conway? ~ @thibbye I clerked in an a C-store for a while before running it. I swore that it it ever caught fire I would lock the doors and make shadow puppets in front of the flames to the screams of the dying. The general public is a disgusting mass that you can only grow to hate. ~ There used to be a radio station, WPLO-FM, which was the most progressive station in town. When I was 14, I got my first radio that would pick up FM. One of the songs they liked to play was “Someday Soon,” by Miss Collins. I was shocked that she would say “damned old rodeo.” ~ @nihilist_arbys Hi. Sorry we’re late joining all the other cool, irreverent brands piling on ihop in the very interesting pancake/burger melee but it turns out the whole thing is incredibly stupid. Eat Arby’s. ~ If Kanye collaborated with Enya, they could call it EnyaKanye Now that ABBA is no more, we need a palindromic act ~ I just got a call from XXX XXXXX with the “Police Action Fund” He asked how I was. I said “Poor” He said to have a good day, and hung up. ~ Sign up for our Press Alerts which will keep you updated by email. Catholic League Press Alerts ~ Pessimist anagrams as piss is met Realist anagrams as ear list ~ The estate of former President Lyndon B. Johnson filed a suit directed at the use of LBJ to describe Mr. James ~ This site has been disabled for violations of our Terms of Service. If you feel this disabling was in error, please fill out our appeal form. ~ a man is drowning 50 yards offshore a democrat throws 100 yards of rope, and then walks away with fastening it to anything a republican throws 25 yards of rope, and says the swim will help build character ~ Rude assholes finish last. Nice guys finish next to last. ~ Is the way Israel treats the Palestinians racism? ~ Mr. Chamberlain actually said “peace for our time,” not “peace in our time.” The statement, by Mr. Chamberlain, includes the phrase “peace with honour.” This is how Richard Nixon described the efforts to get the United States out of Vietnam. The Paris accords, the treaty that resulted from those negotiations, was a severely flawed agreement. ~ @tcboyle Because I am a pessimist. (Realist?) @chamblee54 Pessimist anagrams as piss is met Realist anagrams as ear list @tcboyle I do like the tone of this. How about an anagram for spread the love? @chamblee54 according to anagram generator spread the love anagrams as: pothead revels, phase revolted, hovel pederast, head overslept, develop earths, develop Hearst, develop haters, deprave hotels ~ pictures today are from The Library of Congress. ~ selah


Rare Public Appearance

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Why Jim Gaffigan doesn’t get horse racing ~ Grubby reality inside Hugh Hefner’s Playboy Mansion The study, a musty, gussety fumoir lined with desiccated Playboys and pictures of bright-pink nipples, has barely changed since Hef moved here in 1971. ~ Joni Mitchell makes rare public appearance at James Taylor show in Los Angeles ~ Jimi Hendrix Opens for The Monkees on a 1967 Tour; Then After 8 Shows, Flips Off the Crowd and Quits ~ stacey abrams on democracy now ~ LOOKING BACK: ‘No Justice, No Peace’: The battle of Fair Street Bottom, 20 plus years later ~ Park v. City of Atlanta, 938 F. Supp. 836 (N.D. Ga. 1996) ~ Parkland shooting: Students’ summer activism tour will go to 20 states ~ proverbs 26 As a dog returneth to his vomit, so a fool returneth to his folly. ~ This Is What Happened to the David Allan Coe Band, or: Becoming the Centre of the Universe ~ original ~ best podcasts of 2018 ~ UPS employee fired for allegedly posting racist comment on WSB Facebook page Why did Channel 2 feel it was there place to contact the employer, and then brag about it on the air? There is something wrong here. I wonder if the lady has grounds for a lawsuit against channel 2 ~ Kaiser Wilhelm ~ The recall of the judge who sentenced Brock Turner will end up hurting poor, minority defendants ~ most people ~ Trump commutes sentence of Alice Marie Johnson ~ Colin Kaepernick’s legal team expected to subpoena President Trump in case against NFL ~ more racism talk ~ The Corrections ~ kissinger ~ Seven life lessons from Margaret Atwood 1. Anger has to go somewhere 2. Watch out for the zeitgeist – it’s not always your friend 3. Fiction allows us to test things out 4. Be careful who you talk to in a totalitarian state. 5. Developments in biotechnology could change our society 6. America should be wary of a Gilead-like regime 7. The future is not pre-determined ~ NRA spokesperson Dana Loesch: Some women “wouldn’t know what masculinity was if it hit them in the face” The line between reality and satire has been erased ~ I regret regret voting in the Democratic primary. Now I will not get to choose between tweedle dumb, and tweedle dumber. ~ xxx Senator McCain’s cue to reply, “I like the presidents who don’t need pardons.” ~ ‘Dancing doctor’ claimed lawsuits are racially motivated in secret recording ~ Sneaking Pot into Disneyland with Shel Silverstein ~ 10 Famous Mark Twain Quotes That He Never Said ~ Middle English Mondays: “Queynte” and Sexual Euphemisms. ~ @louminatto I think “c-nt” is a wonderful word, and it looks especially charming when inked in Chaucer’s spelling: “queynte” ~ another Einstein quote bites the dust ~ I stumbled onto this video by alleged comedian Dylan Marron. They say “surface gestures are totally cool but they do nothing to dismantle systemic patriarchy” Could they be talking about Colin Kaepernick when he says this? ~ @SheriffClarke “.@realDonaldTrump should invite JUSTIFY to the White House lawn for winning the Triple Crown. Justify is a WINNER like Trump who could care less about leftist identity politics. #MAGA” @ghostdancer2017 “Justify might poop on the lawn, but he would still be better behaved than some NFL players.” @JessicaHuseman “He knows Justify is the horse right” ~ Color film was built for white people. Here’s what it did to dark skin. ~ tao lin video ~ Is it a good idea to have an event at a swimming pool on Friday the 13th? ~ The Myofascial Experience “Please refrain from using the word massage from here on out. Myofascial Therapy” I had a few reactions to this. One, how do you pronounce myofascial? That is an unfamiliar, scary sounding word. I have known you for a while, so I am not as put off by this as a newcomer might be. Maybe, a guide to pronunciation would help. Or maybe, a less scary name. ~ After crossing the railroad tracks with my bike, a train came by. The engine was Union Pacific 9666. ~ Getting yelled at by Francesca Ramsey is not going to benefit my mental health ~ This case became famous because of a victim impact statement that *went viral.* The court of public opinion is more interested in sensation than facts. Putting judges at the mercy of the howling mob is a danger to justice. ~ The victim in the Brock Turner case, Jane Doe, when told of the Judge’s recall vote, said “I’ll drink to that” ~ #MalcolmJenkins must be stupid not to realize that people are going to be offended by this stunt. Just because you say it is about police/racism (the motive is constantly changing) does not mean that people who see you not participating in ritual patriotism and not going to take offense ~ The realtors around here used to put a tiny flag on your lawn, whether you wanted it or not. It was an ad gimmick. Do I have to tell you what happened to those flags? ~ I got this call from a drone voice representing victory processing. Would I be interested in taking part in a survey about the upcoming election. Just answer the questions by pushing the buttons on your keypad. “Do you think Georgia is on the right track? Push one for yes, push two for no, push three for not sure, I pushed three. In Georgia, not sure is usually the correct answer, no matter what the question. The robobot then said “Thank you for taking part in this telephone survey. Good night.” ~ The spell check suggestion for Kardashian is Guardianship ~ .@TylerMahanCoe You should add a trigger warning to the Louvin Brothers episode Ira was a religious fanatic with alcohol and anger management issues This is a very troubling subject for many of us _ spell check for Louvin is Loving ~ Facebook nation: A famous person made the decision to end his life. There is a word, ending in -ide, that describes this act. This s-word is in a lot of social media headlines right now. Please consider that someone who is not feeling well might see the s-word on your time line, and be reminded that this is an option. ~ Actually you could copy, delete, paste, correct, and feel good about yourself ~ @WernerTwertzog Dear Neighbor: Please pardon me, for I accidentally have eaten your emotional support pig. You will be pleased to know that he was delicious. Yours, Werner ~ .@MollyJongFast why would you celebrate #fire your social me diapers on day #fireyoursocialmediapersonday ~ mccain meme “Senator McCain’s cue to reply, “I like the presidents who don’t need pardons.” The only President who needed a pardon is Richard Nixon. He negotiated a treaty with North Vietname to release the POWs. ~ I have been looking for a source of this quote. All I can find is a tweet by @davidfrum, with the comment “”Senator McCain’s cue to reply, “I like the presidents who don’t need pardons.” I suspect this quote is the product of a creative journalist. ~ @chamblee54 .@davidfrum did John McCain say “I like the presidents who don’t need pardons”? If so, when and where? ~ When you are an adult, does that mean you have a better way of expressing concern/apathy than saying you do/don’t give an obscenity? ~ If BS had not been a Democrat when it was convenient to him, HDRC would be POTUS today. While this would not be not a perfect state of affairs, it is much, much better than DJT. ~ I thought putting a period after every word was tacky Then it became an emoji after every word ~ is your neighborhood good for walking? The streets here are a constant parade of joggers, bicycles, and the housewife/stroller/dog/cellphone critters ~ (when typing lots, PG said lost at first) ~ It is a reflex action. They have no control over it. ~ @ChrchCurmudgeon 10 signs of passive-aggressive leadership: oh, never mind. you probably don’t even want to read it. ~ @crymeariver6666 I am a white privileged straight woman. Until this THING is out of office, I am black, I am gay, I am muslim, I am poor, I am trans, I am mexican, I am an immigrant, I am incarcerated for weed, I am a feminist, I am against pedophilia(yes, that needs to be said), I am an American @chamblee54 you are also an idiot @upchuck66 This tweet is the most spiritual one I’ve read since being on Twitter. I love it! I love that, while Trump is pounding on the door of our collective dark side(fear/ hate/ rage/ envy/ greed/ separation) you are quietly knocking at the door of our collective true self. Bless your heart. @crymeariver6666 You just made me cry. Thank you. I think it’s important that the people that are not actually impacted by anything trump does, fight until the end to the ones that he does impact @rizingashren Ditto, amen, hallelujah… bless you. Any chance you wanna run for office? @crymeariver6666 I know, I just am having an empathy waterfall. And I am just so angry for everyone. So angry. ~ pictures for this regurgitation of last week’s digital dinner are from The Library of Congress. ~ selah

@Chamblee54 On Twitter June 8

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Twitter is a popular means of expression, 240 characters at a time. PG is a frequent participant in the conversation, and sometimes gets a reply. With a three digit follower count, PG is not a major player. However, he does have fun, and says things that need to be said. June 8 was just another day in the neighborhood. We can start with a few unconnected tweets. When an explanation is needed, it will be given. The delete key is for quitters, and commie fellow travellers.

@chamblee54 “this could be the turn around issue for DJT” This was in response to this: Trump says he is likely to support ending blanket federal ban on marijuana @chamblee54 “#NBAFinal is not as much fun as #WorldSeries #SuperBowl or #StanleyCup The dribblers need to get better at branding” @chamblee54 “a bunch of millionaire jocks not standing for the national anthem is not going to help the american people” @chamblee54 “”as presented in the Bible” Maybe we should say as the Council of Nicea “elevated women” We have very little idea what Jesus and Paul really said. Maybe we should talk to Mary Magdalene She is the one who would know”

@chamblee54 .@TylerMahanCoe “Ira was a religious fanatic with alcohol and anger management issues This is a very troubling subject for many of us A trigger warning might be in order _ spell check for Louvin is Loving.” PG has been binge listening to Cocaine & Rhinestones. Episode CR006 was The Louvin Brothers: Running Wild. Apparently, Ira Louvin was an incontinent preacher. Combined with alcohol abuse, this *holy spirit* fueled unholy temper tantrums. Jesus and anger is a nasty combination. The *bully pulpit* has left PG with an intolerance for Xtianity. (FWIW, at the end of every episode, CR host @TylerMahanCoe tells people to tell one person about the podcast. On the optimistic assumption that somebody reads this post … you should listen to Cocaine & Rhinestones. It is addictive, but that never stopped you before.)

Media Matters posted a tasteful item. Known Idiot @DLoesch was quoted as saying Some women “wouldn’t know what masculinity was if it hit them in the face” When you played the video, the sound was turned way, way down. ‏ @chamblee54 “Please sync the sound better on your videos I had to turn the volume up to 10 to hear this idiot” There was a block of text, to show context for this foolishness. PG took that text and made a blackout poem.

Anthony Bourdain chose to end his life. PG does not have cable, and had never heard of the gentleman, before his well publicized demise. Mr. Bourdain made some comments about Henry Kissinger, and Cambodia. PG used this text to produce a blackout poem.

One well meaning tweeter made an unfortunate mistake. @awhiskypalian “If you want to honor Tony Bordain stick up for undocumented workers, understand that someone’s grandma deserves a James Beard, and don’t be afraid of your neighbor.” @chamblee54 “If you want to honor the gentleman, spell his name correctly” @awhiskypalian “Until Twitter blesses us with an edit button, that typo will have to stand.” The spell check suggestion for awhiskypalian is Episcopalian.

Whenever a celebrity chooses to end their life, the word suicide is frequently, and conspicuously, mentioned. PG became concerned about the impact of the s-word on unhappy, impressionable people. This comment on facebook followed. “Facebook nation: A famous person made the decision to end his life. There is a word, ending in -ide, that describes this act. This s-word is in a lot of social media headlines right now. Please consider that someone who is not feeling well might see the s-word on your time line, and be reminded that this is an option.”

A facebook meme triggered the last story we will share today. “John McCain tweets in response to claim Trump can pardon himself: I like presidents who don’t need pardons.” PG’s first reaction was to leave a comment, “The only President who needed a pardon is Richard Nixon. He negotiated a treaty with North Vietnam to release the POWs.” After making this comment, PG began to wonder if the quote was legitimate. The only source Mr. Google had for the quote was a tweet. @davidfrum “Senator McCain’s cue to reply, “I like the presidents who don’t need pardons.”” ‏ @chamblee54 “Here is a meme about this quote. Is this quote a result of your overactive imagination?”

Pictures today are from The Library of Congress. Balboa Beach Bathing Beauty Parade, 1925 “Notes: J278572 U.S. Copyright Office, Copyright deposit; M. F. Weaver; September 14, 1925, Copyright claimant’s address: L[os] A[ngeles], No. 4100-2. May be a fashion parade. Rights Advisory: No known restrictions on publication. No renewal found in Copyright Office.”


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EPIC! RACISM DESTROYED IN ONE MINUTE! ~ taphephobia the morning after i learn chester bennington committed suicide ~ Dear White People: You Don’t Get to Decide the Time and Manner of Civil Rights Protests ~ ” 8,000 Starbucks ” overrun by nümales, dykes, and pussyhatters. Stern Men have been replaced by gloryhole faced dweebs and purple-lipped rug munchers whose only purpose is to corrupt history and erase the contributions of White men to civilization ~ roseanne ~ this is patti smith ~ Letter From NFL Jail By Brishon Bond (writing as Colin Kaepernick) ~ Did John Wayne Say He Believed in White Supremacy? ~ the bitchy waiter ~ After pointlessly groping countless Americans, the TSA is keeping a secret watchlist of those who fight back ~ donda ~ but you’re so damned ugly ~ A Black Woman Rants at Orthodox Jewish Man on a NYC Subway No wonder so many brothers are not getting married ~ MTA, you never disappoint. ~ ‘Can we please not make this a racist thing?’ ~ traffic stop story ~ @bcsproul In Roseanne’s defense, it’s hard to know the difference between racism that gets you fired versus racism that gets you elected President of the United States. @chamblee54 In the first case, she told on herself. In the second instance, the Democrats made a campaign issue out of DJT’s racial values, and never let up. The demoze were surprised when it backfired. Calling people racist, if you vote for the opponent, is a terrible campaign strategy ~ How an arcane, new accounting standard is helping reporters follow the money ~ Berkeley professor unmasks Jewish stars in blackface study ~ Drake’s blackface photo is racist and problematic ~ According to Boyer’s model, a single vial of antivenom that would cost more than $14,000 in the United States would cost $100 to $200 in Mexico. Same medicine. Same manufacturer. But a totally different pharmaceutical market. ~ madsa code of conduct ~ chicago crime story ~ the cops don’t carry guns @wadappen @robertwrighter the cops don’t carry guns here ~ did Marilyn Monroe read Ulysses? ~ did marilyn read Ulysses the tweet ~ Eve Arnold ~ marilyn tweetage ~ Coffee, Commodification and Colonialism ~ Maybe She Had So Much Money She Just Lost Track of It Somebody had to foot the bill for Anna Delvey’s fabulous new life. The city was full of marks. ~ Man charged in 2016 death of teen found naked in park also killed elderly couple ~ .@robertwrighter .@wadappen aren’t you scared of that… teaching devices to recognize your face” “there’s scarier things” Maybe you should teach your device to recognize this face … maybe you can join the party of the dead ~ world’s worst records ~ Man charged with taking pictures up woman’s skirt inside a local Walmart store ~ Chapter 28: Walt Whitman, featuring James Adomian ~ let’s read ~ kathy griffin ~ @radicalcommie So you’re blocking people for rightfully calling you out for being useless and complicit in supporting a Trump supporter ~ @handymayhem 🐐 Retweeted Wong from infinity war “Complicit in supporting a Trump supporter” Yall have lost ya minds ~ Why White Men Are So Angry | Very Smart Brothas ~ The New OLC Opinion on Syria Brings Obama Legal Rationales Out of the Shadows ~ Those People, Over There ~ Cocaine & Rhinestones ~ LGBTQ Pride Poems ~ What Did Dinesh D’Souza Do? Trump Plans To Pardon This Right-Wing Troll ~ usa today ~ melanoid nation ~ the starbucks training film ~ racist square dancing square dancing isn’t a lily-white style of dance at all. It was largely invented by slaves, who used the “swing your partner do-si-do” call-and-response technique to do away with the need for a dance instructor. ~ more racist square dancing ~ racist country music ~ Walt Whitman, Bohemian Dandy: The Story of America’s First Gay Bar and Its Creative Coterie ~ Smart, beautiful and deadly, 19-year-old Soviet sniper Roza Shanina had 59 confirmed kills, 1945 ~ forsyth county ~ another n-word incident ~ Prisons Harshly Censor Which Books Are Allowed Behind Bars ~ queer ~ @50NerdsofGrey Her whole body thrilled with anticipation as she felt him move close behind her, kiss her hard on the back of the neck, grab her beckoning hips in his strong hands, bend her forwards, rip off her black silk panties and suddenly, desperately . . realise he’d run out of characters ~ Robocalls aren’t just an annoyance. They’re an assault on the common good. ~ it is annoying when the privileged storyteller thinks he is helping the marginalized in this manner, and calls you racist when you do not applaud ~ I read PC when I was thirty something, and found it for 25 cents at a used book store i was going through the scandalous books of my youth. PC was more about being jewish than masturbation ~ @charliekirk11 People commonly say they are worried what kind of planet we are leaving our kids I’m much more worried what kinds of kids we are leaving for our planet ~ Pro-Tip ™ Google Trademark Symbol, and copy the symbol. Paste this after the text of your *trademark* ~ Don’t let writing mistakes hurt your reputation. Instantly eliminate typos, grammatical errors, and other writing issues with a single click. Redditors: Try Grammarly — it’s free! ~ The spell check suggestion for pre-order is pee-order. ~ You should not use the word *class* while discussing that person. ~ Never Be the Last to Know Sign Up for Breaking News, Exclusive Stories, and All Things EBONY ~ @TheTweetOfGod I was on Ambien when I created mankind. ~ why is the half jew Drake considered not black, when half white, raised by white people BHO and #7 are considered black? ~ Has anyone heard anything about systemic oppression today? I would be very surprised if you did. People like to say that racism is institutional. This roseann nonsense is about a celebrity saying something stupid… not systemic oppression. It is, however, what racism talk usually boils down to. ~ Luther Mckinnon Has anyone heard anything about systemic oppression today? I would be very surprised if you did. People like to say that racism is institutional. This roseann nonsense is about a celebrity saying something stupid… not systemic oppression. Wvtko Mapache Raccoon We live in different realities. Also, you should not be talking about “people” and “racism”like that. It might be non sense to you since you are white and benefit from this system. ~ People are sharing Ambien stories. When I had a sleep study done, the doctor gave me a script for one hit of ambien. It cost six dollars. I did not take it that night. A few months later, I decided to take it. It was not worth six dollars. My racial values were not affected. ~ @joerogan is the gateway drug to the #IntellectualDarkWeb If you feel the urge to see a @jordanbpeterson video, seek professional help immediately ~ @WernerTwertzog First they came for the nihilists, and I did nothing. That is all. ~ The number one song on my 14th birthday was “Honey” by Bobby Goldsboro. I did not need to know that. Mr. Goldsboro did that song on the Smothers Brothers show. When it was over, Tommy Smothers was in a gift shop selling “Honey” souvenirs. ~ Facebook Nation: If you want to promote your ideas, use your wall. Messenger is invasive. If you want people to see your meme/video, put it on your wall. You do not do your cause any favors by angering people with an invasive message. ~ This is typical internet logic. You make a dubious claim, with no documentation, and immediately ask why ~ @nihilist_arbys It’s the weekend. Time to party. Sure, you probably don’t NEED to start snorting lines of dirty speed all alone this early, but it’s not like you’re doing anything else or like anyone will care if you die. Eat Arby’s ~ I know, I know. Pop-ups aren’t classy. But that’s the point: The Internet is a messy and distracting place, and Brain Pickings is contemplative reading. So why not give it proper room for reflection? Every Sunday morning, get the week’s most interesting articles in one distilled digest straight to your inbox. What do you say? ~ putting the ass back in assimilation ~ Don’t tell Trump voters they are racist. Insulting people does not earn their trust. ~ @wadappen @robertwrighter I was listening to this show. A man from Russia was talking about being arrested, at an anti-Putin rally. He matter of factly mentioned that the police in Russia don’t carry guns ~ pictures this week are from The Library of Congress. ~ This week’s poem from java monkey is either an innovation or a deviation. It started out as a sonnet. The part two of this sonnet became the input for a pantoum. The working name, for this love child of the sonnet and pantoum, is the shakestoum.

what did the playtex bra say to the hat? ~ you go on ahead i’ll give these two a lift.
why didn’t the strip club hire the big cat ~ because she was a cheetah get my drift
what did one blue eye to the other say? ~ something smells between us out at large
i tried to buy a neutron the other day ~ shopkeeper gave it to me without charge
she went out with a girl called simile ~ doesn’t know what she metaphor you see
a mirror photography career ~ I could see myself doing it next year
doesn’t know what she metaphor you see ~ need to sell my vacuum cleaner she fussed
I could see myself doing it next year ~ ’cause right now it is just collecting dust
need to sell my vacuum cleaner she fussed ~ a mirror photography career
’cause right now it is just collecting dust ~ she went out with a girl called simile ~ selah

Marilyn Truther

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Marilyn Monroe was photographed reading Ulysses, the famously difficult book by James Joyce. 63 years later, a man posted the picture on twitter, while promoting a study course on Ulysses. If Marilyn read it, then you can too! PG said something uncooperative, and a brief twitter fight broke out. Since the Ulysses dude, and his tweeting buddy, did not give permission, they will not be quoted in this discussion. They will be known as @01, and @02.

Comment by @01
@chamblee54 It was a joke, at one time, to give models a book to pose with. It was considered funny to give them a difficult book like “Ulysses”
Comment by @02
@chamblee54 Who needs to show a citation? I may be wrong. I asked Mr. Google, and found this. …
Comment by @01
@chamblee54 According to photographer, she did not read it from start to finish. A more accurate answer is that she read parts of it Story by photographer should not be taken as unchallenged truth, but it is all we have I should have researched this before i spoke. Did you?
Comment by @02
Comment by @01
@chamblee54 I had read that about other models. I also read numerous quotes, attributed to Marilyn, that proved to be phony. Photography is a medium open to manipulation, and creation of fantasy. Just because you see a picture, that does not mean it happened. I made a mistake when posting
@chamblee54 Eve Arnold… a woman … took that picture. How do we know Marilyn told the truth? Maybe Marilyn was just trying to make a good impression on the lady. Would Marilyn have said the same thing if the photographer was a man?
Comment by @02
Comment by @01
@chamblee54 I would like to use these tweets in a blog post I would like your permission to do so If I do not have your permission, I can rely on my own text

PG disputed that Marilyn Monroe had read Ulysses, and will never know for sure either way. He was not the first person to wonder about this. “Richard Brown, a Professor of Modern Literature at the University of Leeds with a special interest in James Joyce, was intrigued by Eve Arnold’s photos of Marilyn. Curious to know if Marilyn was indeed reading Joyce’s novel or if she was merely posing for the photo, Brown wrote Arnold a letter, which she replied on 20 July 1993. Unfortunately, I don’t have Arnold’s complete letter to show you … In any case, the excerpt from Arnold’s letter is interesting as she was telling Brown exactly what he wanted to know”:

“We worked on a beach on Long Island. She was visiting Norman Rosten the poet…. I asked her what she was reading when I went to pick her up (I was trying to get an idea of how she spent her time). She said she kept Ulysses in her car and had been reading it for a long time. She said she loved the sound of it and would read it aloud to herself to try to make sense of it — but she found it hard going. She couldn’t read it consecutively. When we stopped at a local playground to photograph she got out the book and started to read while I loaded the film. So, of course, I photographed her. It was always a collaborative effort of photographer and subject where she was concerned — but almost more her input.” “Quoted in Richard Brown, “Marilyn Monroe Reading Ulysses: Goddess or Postcultural Cyborg?”, in R. B. Kershner (Ed), Joyce and Popular Culture, p. 174.”

“Monroe is reading the 1934 Random House edition, with the dust jacket removed. This is the edition that was famously set from a pirate version containing numerous errors. This defect notwithstanding, the dust-jacket artwork and typographic design by Ernst Reichl constitute one of the great works in the history of book design.”

What does this say about a screen icon who died in 1962? Maybe she was smarter than your typical dumb blonde. Maybe not. Marilyn had an instinct for the camera, and looking good on the screen brought joy to millions of fans. Is this post mortem resurrection, as an intellectual philosopher, merely another fantasy concocted by well meaning fans? Pictures never lie, and there is a picture of Marilyn, reading Ulysses, with a serious look on her pretty face. Of course it is real! A fantasy involving Norma Jean Baker Marilyn Monroe? How absurd! As long as the merchandise is paid for, and the instagrammers inspired, should we even care?

The cult of Marilyn has shown up on chamblee54 before. “Someone told me that Marilyn Monroe once remarked that she enjoyed reading poetry “because it saves time.” I like this quotation so much that I’ve never dared to confirm it; I’d feel disenchanted to learn it was bogus.” This search for authenticity led to a forum called Data Lounge… “… get your fix of gay gossip, news and pointless bitchery.” The “Marilyn: Smart or Stupid” debate rages through 200 comments, reaching a peak at comment 196. “Yes MM said every one of those quotes by herself! She is intelligent so don’t hate! But I’m worried for her, cause She’s my main spirit guide and Saviour and she recently commanded me to share this message! … Recently Marilyn contacted me from the spirit world!!! Being a medium, I’m used to contact with spirits, but Marilyn told me to tell this message to everyone, since she could only get in touch with only me at the moment! (She’s trying hard, she’s been contacting me frequently lately, so it must be really important.)”

In 2014, a facebook notice appeared. It was promoting a blog post by known idiot Matt Walsh. “If you can’t accept me at my worst, then you don’t deserve me at my best.”… “the original quote is from Marilyn Monroe. It’s even more vapid and nauseating when taken in its full context: “I’m selfish, impatient and a little insecure. I make mistakes, I am out of control and at times hard to handle. But if you can’t handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don’t deserve me at my best.” Out of all the profundities ever uttered, what does it say about our society that THIS is the quote we’ve decided to take to heart?” It is generally accepted that Marilyn did not say that. The top debunker is now a malware distributor, and not available for viewing. Somehow, that seems appropriate.

Pictures today are from the Library of Congress. “Listening to speeches at mass meeting of Works Progress Administration (WPA) workers protesting congressional cut of relief appropriations. San Francisco, California.” Photographer: Dorothea Lange February 1939

Abbreviation Of Facebook University Is FU

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Killed By Police ~ quillette ~ miss woolf ~ RuPaul’s Drag Race’s The Vixen Isn’t About to Be Likable for White People ~ Kanye West and the Question of Freedom ~ reformed himbo @poopclit Kicked out of the locker room at the gym for putting my dick in the Dyson hand dryer @chamblee54 don’t you worry about all the little bits of feces in the air pumped out of those things? @poopclit Absolutely not ~ tpc on kanye ~ meshon williams ~ spoon theory ~ Supporters rally for Franklin man shot, killed by deputy ~ 10 “Notes to Self” that Will Stop You from Taking Things Personally ~ 30 Things to START Doing For Yourself Get the life-changing checklist 2,924,227 people have read and used to: • start spending time with the right people • start making happiness a daily priority • let go of self-limiting behaviors • make life simple again ~ There is this thingie being hyped on the information superhighway, “10 “Notes to Self” that Will Stop You from Taking Things Personally” Mr. Google will happily show you how to get there. Anyway, I read 3 of the 10 notes. It was basically the same things the self help community always say… you are supposed to nod your head, say *of course* and go be a better person. Before I could read note number four, a pop up ad appeared. Maybe I don’t need to be a better person tonight after all. ~ The abbreviation of Facebook University is FU ~ sebastian veneble ~ tragedy of panera bread ~ if i get blocked ~ @thejournalista I was about to get #OnHere and roast the fuck out of @lanebryant for the horrible service I received from one of their customer service reps (Antoine Cooley) but Donna, a supervisor in Florida, is making it better. ‏ @chamblee54 maybe it would be the kind thing to do if you were to delete the name of the csr you did not like… there is karma involved, and it might be better for you in the long run 4:05 PM – 10 May 2018 ~ ok so you didn’t get my necrophilia post ~ This is Wayne was the headline on the cartoon. PG had seen a few more. The headline says that you should be like ___, and then lists a few agreeable traits ____ has. PG is always open to validation, but is leery of seeking it from the Zuckerberg industrial complex. Indeed, when you log onto What Be Like Bob meme applies to you?, you are greeted with a blue window that enables you to *continue with facebook.* ~ lil tay ~ emc ~ My dad painted the iconic cover for Jethro Tull’s ‘Aqualung,’ and it’s haunted him ever since ~ Meet the Renegades of the Intellectual Dark Web ~ “If racism was the deal-breaker for me, I wouldn’t live in this country.” ~ paul simon ~ john you’re going to be mad at me ~ @chamblee54 after a fire breathing rant by @GlennLoury @JohnHMcWhorter calmly says well you know glenn ~ spread sheets is one part of the computer experience to pass me by. i decided i wanted to review of series of posts on my blog, and some way to crunch numbers was needed deciphering the instructions is next to impossible i think i have figgered out enough to finish this project I am not sure i will do another one ~ This is Babylon, nothing makes sense anymore.~ This is an issue where white people need to be united with POC. I fear when you label the War on Drugs as racist, this will have the effect of dividing whites and blacks. This divide and conquer strategy has worked time, and time, again. When the government gets the white people and the black people fighting each other, the government fucks everybody. ~ I just had a customer service nightmare with tracfone. I tried to send a text, and it did not go through. I had two land line conversations with people who did not speak english very well. One told me I was out of “text minutes” and hung up. The second told me to clean the sim card. Finally, the phone worked again. I have no idea what happened… with one exception. I called a number that has recently been stolen. Perhaps there is a connection to that. Other than that, I am totally at a loss. These devices make life easier, until they don’t, and then they are a total mystery to fix. ~ .@steverogg @TweetsOfGrass @WhitmanArchive @TheWaltWhitman @wwhitmanquote ~ One’s-Self I Sing, As I Ponder’d in Silence, i sing the body electric, thou reader, Shut Not Your Doors, Poets to Come, When I Peruse the Conquer’d Fame, We Two Boys Together Clinging, Are You the New Person Drawn Toward Me?, Calamus, One Hour to Madness and Joy, Scented Herbage of My Breast, I Hear It Was Charged Against Me, I Saw in Louisiana a Live-Oak Growing, What Think You I Take My Pen in Hand?, City of Orgies, Trickle Drops, O You Whom I Often and Silently Come, Whoever You Are Holding Me Now in Hand, We Two, How Long We Were Fool’d ~ @DavisGreggL Trump is a racist and clearly sympathizes with Nazis, Klan, white supremacists. YOU make yourself deplorable by supporting him. YOU are responsible for your decisions. Don’t want to be called deplorable? Take a firm stand against racism & discrimination. ‏ @chamblee54 this is the logic that will re elect DJT‏ @DavisGreggL Weakling. Weakling. Weakling. PATHETIC LITTLE RACIST PUNK COWARD ~ Unprincipled weaklings like you always seek validation from the mob. Good people know they’re on the right side of history.~ You see, Luther, the strong with principles will stand in the face of you weaklings who cannot resist the evil in your nature. ~ By the way Luther, since you believe people become whatever other people call them, I hope you enjoy your life as a slime mold. Embrace it! Proud slime mold! ~ We stormed Normandy to rid the world of PIGS like you. Clearly we didn’t do a good enough job. Cannot WAIT for the next opportunity to cook Nazi porkers.~ Oh, OK. So he can drag us deeper into Hell. F*ck you, fascist pig ~ Pictures are from The Library of Congress. The photographer was Dorothea Lange. The pictures were taken in California, in February 1939. ~ this weeks poem at java monkey was a villanelle titled “Miss Fenwick”
why did the chicken commit suicide ~ is it a lie or can it be true
she wanted to get to the other side ~ always looking for fine feathered bride
if the lips are moving that is a clue ~ why did the chicken commit suicide
a blaze of glory like bonnie and clyde ~ left nothing but a greasy residue
she wanted to get to the other side ~ twas not a good day to swallow her pride
did not get invited to the barbeque ~ why did the chicken commit suicide
facing a future battered and fried ~ could not get away to drink a cold brew
she wanted to get to the other side ~ tired of hearing ’bout yardbird genocide
weary of all the cock a doodle do ~ why did the chicken commit suicide
she wanted to get to the other side ~ selah

My AA Sponsor Tells The Best Jokes

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Hear the 10 Best Albums of the 1960s as Selected by Hunter S. Thompson ~ @MomofTeen My AA sponsor tells the best jokes. Ready? A guy tells his friend: “I think my wife is dead.” Friend: “You THINK your wife is dead?” Guy: “Yeah. The sex is the same, but the dishes keep stacking up.” ~ Kim Zolciak-Biermann of ‘RHOA’ cries while stating racism isn’t ‘real’ ~ Commentary: My $200,000 Debt Should Not Disqualify Me For Governor of Georgia ~ @awildejake dude sorry but do you need help cleaning up your word soup you spilled it everywhere and it’s kind of a mess ~ Waffle House shooting victims ID’d ~ People Are Worrying That Kanye West Is Getting Radicalized By The Far Right ~ Should Asperger Syndrome Be Renamed? Unearthed Documents Reveal Disturbing Truth About Hans Asperger ~ Heretics ~ Winston Johnson ~ Civility is more than good manners. It is an essential ingredient in an effective adversarial legal system such as ours. The absence of civility would produce a system of justice that would be out of control and impossible to manage:  normal disputes would be unnecessarily laced with anger and discord;  citizens would become disrespectful of the rights of others;  corporations would become irresponsible in conducting their business;  governments would become unresponsive to the needs of those they serve;  and alternative dispute resolution would be virtually impossible. ~ To avoid incivility’s evil consequences of discord, disrespect, unresponsiveness, irresponsibility, and blind advocacy, we must encourage lawyers to embrace civility’s positive aspects. Civility allows us to understand another’s point of view. It keeps us from giving vent to our emotions. It allows us to understand the consequences of our actions. It permits us to seek alternatives in the resolution of our problems. All of these positive consequences of civility will help us usher in an era where problems are solved fairly, inexpensively, swiftly, and harmoniously. The public expects no less and we must rise to the occasion in meeting those expectations. ~ The U.S. Has Never Had a Black Woman as Governor. Stacey Abrams Plans to Change That. ~ @StephenMolldrem “There was never a time when I did not make sentences in order to make those things that I had experienced cohere and become ‘real.’” – Gore Vidal @chamblee54 the next sentence: “Finally, the novelist must always tell the truth as he understands it while the politician must never give the game away.” ~ hair truthers ~ @ChelseaClinton Hi @amychozick! Hearing there are more tidbits about me in your book which were easily fact checked and you fact checked…none of them. Here’s an easy one: I’ve never gotten hair keratin treatment. The others would have been equally easy! ~ rock road maps ~ Claims by Joy Reid’s Cybersecurity Expert Fall Apart ~ continental baths ~ dekalb history center ~ himeros ~ How Do You Control 1.4 Billion People? ~ @chamblee54 @AryehCW @OsitaNwanevu fun chat to listen to After 26 minutes, you have not, to my knowledge, said either racism or racist. This is to be commended, as those words are used entirely too much ~ @chamblee54 .@robertwrighter iow, @RichardBSpencer is a #neonazi because .@ChrisDStedman says so maybe the problem is throwing around labels with elastic definitions ~ Michelle Wolf’s Full Performance At White House Correspondents’ Dinner ~ Miss Wolf ~ ipso facto proof of racism ~ going mickey kaus ~ andrew hollarean ~ @chamblee54 @robertwrighter @ChrisDStedman queer pro tip: be careful how you use the phrase *tongue in cheek* on a lighter note, either @GlennLoury or @JohnHMcWhorter compares social justice jihad / anti racism to religion there are many similarities ~ anybody who thinks they are indispensable should put their finger in a glass of water and look at the hole it leaves when they pull it out ~ #MyEpitaphWillSay I had the right of way ~ technically, the regrettable phenomenon known as singular they is strictly a third person affair. Second person is safe for you and y’all. ~ I just got a robo call from Rick Jeffries. Do not vote for this person. ~ When I first heard of DFTD, you could not find a copy for sale anywhere. Then I helped someone move, and he had a copy. A few days later, I saw it on the 25 cent shelf at the neighborhood used book store. ~ There is a bit where he went in the mens room, after a man he lusted after had been in there, just so he could smell the odor. That scared me. ~ @Twitter is so much fun. I was going to say #Racist I typed in #Rac and waited for the auto suggest. The top choice was #RachelDolezal ~ There is going to be a backlash to the Trump hate party. ~ Do you mean Trump haters or Trump supporters who are haters? Your wording doesn’t make it clear. ~ I mean the backlash will form in the general public, as a reaction to Trump derangement syndrome. As it did to the hysterical rhetoric surrounding Bill Clinton, George W Bush, and Barack Obama. Haters don’t know when to quit, and they assume that most people agree with them. ~ If Batman was Jewish, and had a daughter, what would you call her coming of age ritual? ~ Incident in Key West: Tennessee Williams was having dinner, with a one eyed man, and a lady. The one eyed man got upset, and threw his glass eye at the lady. It fell in her soup. She dished the eye out of her soup, passed it back to the man, and said this belongs to you. ~ #BadHygieneTips was the poem for last night
bathe in swamp water for a youthful glow ~ lose your toothbrush? find a live weasel
go lick your vibrator clean tomorrow ~ dollar store cologne instead of diesel
smoke the breath mints in the urinal ~ floss is too flimsy try a razor blade
fill both sides of toilet paper y’all ~ lick bathroom floor at the colonnade
bug spray deodorant in a pinch ~ perfume covers the republican stench
you never have to wipe a clean cut crap ~ if you piss in the sink with spinal tap
use meth to whiten and strengthen smile ~ kinky groovy sex at walmart lifestyle
pictures by chamblee54 taken in central time zone ~ selah

#MyDogStoleMyPhoneAnd Part Three

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Robert Earl Butts ~ What We Get Wrong About Closing the Racial Wealth Gap ~ VIDEO: Another racist Starbucks incident involving Black man barred from bathroom ~ @ShaunKing Here we go again. Meet Brandon Ward. He was @Starbucks – about to make a purchase – and needed to use the restroom. They denied him the code. He then finds a white man, Weston, who came out of the restroom. He had not made a purchase but they gave HIM the code. RACISM. ~ Ward told KTLA the incident happened Jan. 23 ~ Dear White People, Please Stop Pretending Reverse Racism Is Real ~ clair clairmont hurt is hurt ~ Black Guy Walks Into Starbucks, Calls Them ‘Racist,’ Demands Free Coffee, Gets It Immediately ~ @VibeHi Racism is a cash cow ~ dandelion I am listening to your gsv interview, which does not allow comments. At 1:09, you are walking across the field, while having a bad day, and see a dandelion. At that moment, the bell from a clock goes off. ~ Dear White Neighbor ~ What was the suicide rate of slaves versus that of slave-owners? ~ Laura Ingraham interviews Hotep Jesus April 18, 2018 ~ Atlanta Activist Uses Russian-Backed Media To Spread Message ~ Shouting ‘trust black women,’ Netroots protesters disrupt speech from white Georgia candidate ~ Anoa Changa ~ Fresno State professor stirs outrage, calls Barbara Bush an ‘amazing racist’ ~ Statement by the Metro Atlanta Chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America on the vulgar hit piece against member Anoa Changa ~ Ugh, cannot believe we’re still dealing with McCarthyism. ~ Bang! Clay Tippins for Georgia ~ LA fitness ~ LA Fitness “He adds that he has been a paid member of L.A. Fitness for eight years and has had “multiple problems” with workers there.” ~ Tshyrad Oates video ~ Roommates say Stevante Clark arrest came after escalating dispute in their house ~ Jayne County, the trans rock’n’roll star who influenced David Bowie, in her own words ~ Alex Robert Franco ~ waffle house sells beer ~ waceism ~ why demoze lose I fully support activists of color disrupting any centrist white person running for office. Stop ignoring the fundamental power dynamic in play because of white supremacist patriarchy. ~ Protesters Harass Stacey Evans Candidate Gov. Georgia Aug 12, 2017 ~ Stacey Abrams And Stacey Evans Clash Over Netroots Meltdown ~ Richard ‘Dick” Spencer calls @Vibehi “African Mascot” – Uncle Hotep chimes in ~ A Skeptics Guide to Jesus~ Brookhaven target of federal lawsuit alleging discrimination against Buford Highway nightclubs ~ Stacy Evans ~ Stacy Evans ~ wabe twitter ~ run out of water ~ Grocery-anchored Sandy Springs project could replace apartments, displace historic cemetery ~ America’s Southern Strategy Bamboozle ~ revelation ~ shaun king nonsense ~ @RealCandaceO Black Lives Matter protesters showed up to my @UCLA event to protest. Here is a video clip of me smacking them down with the truth; they’re a bunch of whiny toddlers, pretending to be oppressed for attention. ~ According to the Metro Nashville Police Department , three people were killed and four hurt at the restaurant, located at 3571 Murfreesboro Pike. A naked white man with short hair opened fire with a rifle about 3:25 a.m. Sunday before running away, the police department tweeted ~ Travis Reinking: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know ~ SHYTE storm ~ @RealCandaceO When @PerezHilton @TomArnold and @ShaunKing, 3 white men, rush to viciously attack the freedom of two black people who refuse to be pawns to a leftist ideology—it should ring as a wake up call to the world about who the real racists are. None of you white men own my blackness. ~ Biased Reporting by WABE and AJC Seek to Undermine My Voice and Demands for Accountability in Political Coverage ~ The 29-year-old hero from Waffle House shooting: ‘I saw the opportunity and I took it’ ~ @ThisLocalHater Is diarrhea considered a sport? ~ @HellsBelles_UK I stink therefore I am. ~ date-ah, dat-uh, or duh tah? ~ What about insincere platitudes, and a dignified silence? Do you have to speak out about everything? ~ @VibeHi I’m getting a ton of hate but I’m ignoring it because the love is outweighing it. I’m Ray Charles to it. Love y’all @chamblee54 This will not end well. There will be others going to Starbucks to demand their free coffee. Sooner or later, Starbucks is going to say no. It could get ugly. ~ Isn’t believing g-d does not exist about as silly as believing that she does? ~ @RealBillyWall What a bunch of hyperbolic nonsense! In comparison to some of the crazy stuff that has broken out in the past years with police violence, this is a cake walk. Not surprised you’re a @HuffPost writer, valuing click bate over accuracy. ~ What happened to Barbara Bush’s pearls? ~ Celebrating #JohnWaters birthday is good in theory. However, having a naked man shoot up a #WaffleHouse is going too far. ~ KimKierkegaardashian @KimKierkegaard My soul is an infinity pool over which no floatie can ever cross ~ I googled “did stacy evans say only white women can get elected in georgia” The first page did not show her saying that. ~ the sunday night poem was #MyDogStoleMyPhoneAnd:
#mydogstolemyphoneand found legs to hump ~ acts like he hasn’t done anything wrong
tweets more coherent than @realdonaldtrump ~ tail dialing friends taking hits from a bong
invites buddies over for poker night ~ sent fee fee selfies of his doggie junk
texted stormy spaniels got in a fight ~ called on uber he’s at the bar drunk
ordered pizza with pineapple donuts ~ listed pals with a picture of their butts
rude message calling our cat a jerk ~ told teacher i didn’t do my homework
joined to get dates ~ when I get a call the stomach vibrates

The Whole World Is Concerned

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display of a link on this page is not an indication of content approval ~ ALWAYS READ THE LABELS ON THE FOODS YOU BUY–NO MATTER WHAT THE FRONT OF THE BOX OR PACKAGE SAYS, TURN IT OVER AND READ THE BACK—CAREFULLY! With all the food …and pet products now coming from China , it is best to make sure you read label at the grocery store and especially Walmart when buying food products. Many products no longer show where they were made, only give where the distributor is located. It is important to read the bar code to track it’s origin. How to read Bar Codes …. interesting! This may be useful to know when grocery shopping, if it’s a concern to you. GREAT WAY TO “BUY USA & CANADA ” AND NOT FROMCHINA!! The whole world is concerned about China-made “black hearted goods”. Can you differentiate which one is made in Taiwan or China ? If the first 3 digits of the barcode are 690 691 or 692, the product is MADE IN CHINA. 471 is Made in Taiwan . This is our right to know, but the government and related departments never educate the public, therefore we have to RESCUE ourselves. Nowadays, Chinese businessmen know that consumers do not prefer products “MADE IN CHINA”, so they don’t show from which country it is made. However, you may now refer to the barcode – remember if the first 3 digits are: 690-692 … then it is MADE IN CHINA 00 – 09 … USA & CANADA 30 – 37 FRANCE 40 – 44 GERMANY 471 … Taiwan 49 … JAPAN 50 … UK BUY USA & CANADIAN MADE by watching for “0” at the beginning of the number. We need every boost we can get! Pass this on to everybody on your E-Mail Contact List!! If the government won’t help us, we MUST help ourselves. ~ Glenn Greenwald on Syria “I think we ought to have learned the lesson by now that when we cheer for military action by Western governments in the Middle East, because we’ve been emotionally manipulated to be angry about some genuinely horrific act, it doesn’t end up doing anything other than making us feel good, and it usually ends up making the situation worse.” ~ Boxer Floyd Mayweather’s bodyguard shot outside Buckhead hotel ~ Don’t Give Away Historic Details About Yourself ~ Book at Bedtime ~ A Landslide of Classic Art Is About to Enter the Public Domain ~ Truth About Homosexuality in the Roman Empire ~ medical hack ~ Jones Good Ass BBQ And Foot Massage Curry Chicken Sauce ~ Biased media coverage of ‘chemical attack’ in Syria could provoke a dangerous new war ~ ‘It makes me never want to call 911 again,’ neighbor says after Stephon Clark shooting ~ my voter page ~ 9-13.000 – Obtaining Evidence ~ Owner of Third Ward’s St. Paul Fish Company claps back on bad review ~ The American Legion Halloween Dance ~ prompts ~ Was Shakespeare one of the Translators of the King James Bible? William Shakespeare lived from 1564-1616. The creation of the King James Bible began in the year 1610, the year in which Shakespeare would have been 46 years old. If you turn to Psalm 46 in the King James Bible, and if you count exactly 46 words into the psalm, you find the word “shake.” If you count 46 words back from the end of that psalm, you will find the word “spear.” It just seems too coincidental to think that it was by fluke circumstances that the 46th Psalm would be translated around the time of Shakespeare’s 46th birthday and that the 46th word from the start and the 46th word from the end would be “shake” and “spear.” My professional opinion is, Shakespeare translated that section of the King James Bible and he slipped in a secret byline to prove it was his work. ~ But Is It Wise To Be Against White(nes)s? ~ “It’s Okay to be White” Cards Discovered in Boxes of Diapers Purchased at Target ~ How Should We Check Our Privilege? ~ patriot mobile ~ Woman pulls gun during brawl in Chick-fil-A drive-thru ~ William S. Burroughs Explains What Artists & Creative Thinkers Do for Humanity: From Galileo to Cézanne and James Joyce ~ Violence Breaks Out At T4G As Rival Theology Gangs Clash ~ @LenGourly Every night, when the painful boils that lanced his skin, the rancid smell of mutant cowdung in the air, the omnipresent glow of radiaton seeping through his purple, gnarled flesh, finally let Cowboy sleep, he always dreamt of the same thing. Getting pegged. ~ America Learned Wrong Lessons From Iraq, and Syria Suffers ~ south dekalb ~ arabia mountain ~ The end of democracy…(Spurious Quotation) ~ Black Teen Who Won Full Ride to 20 Colleges Wants Apology From Reporter Who Called His Effort ‘Obnoxious’ ~ September ~ Taylor Swift Just Disrespected Earth, Wind & Fire With Her Cover of ‘September’ ~ Philadelphia Starbucks arrests: What a witness says happened ~ police statement of starbucks ~ Willie Godbolt killed a law enforcement officer, and seven family members. Willie Godbolt was arrested alive. ~ Arrested in Starbucks ~ Can US strikes end the Syrian chemical attacks? ~ Pleased to meet you. Hope you guessed my name. ~ Ray Davies (the A-Side) ~ @kemba722 This is ___ ____ the racist Starbucks manager that called the police and had two innocent black men arrested for no reason at a Starbucks in Philadelphia! Call the Corporate office at 1-800-782-7282 and demand that she be fired!!! ~ @eugenegu Dear Starbucks, Calling the police to arrest two black guys just for being there is not an “incident.” It’s racism at its ugliest level. And it should have no place in America. ~ @sydscifi ~ This disgusting racial bias and persecution is rearing it’s ugly head because of the Racist-in-Chief, @realDonaldTrump, who sits in the White House (for now). @chamblee54 blaming this on president whatshisname is going a bit far ‏ @sydscifi Disagree. Before Trump, most racists tried to hide their true feelings. Not anymore! ~ @DennysDiner imagine the sleep lines on your face if you fell asleep on a pile of hash browns ~ @CriminalShow I listened to episode 87, Casper, Wyoming Becky is now a racial slur, used by black people to describe white women It is a cruel irony. ~ @BukowskiQuotess @BukowskiBitch @bukowskiquoteus @BukowskiDiz @Bukowski @soulhandcuffed @DailyBukowskiTw @bukowski_quote ~ if you fell asleep on a pile of hash brownsimagine the sleep lines on your face ~ @yanblaze I wish people would stop pushing that “quit your job and give 100% to your passion” narrative onto people. If you know you can’t sustain yourself without a 9-5, move smart. Don’t be out here homeless trying to follow advice from internet weirdos that don’t even live by theirs. ~ Hey Mr. Algorithm: This has been the *top story* for a few days now. It is getting old. Please show me something else. ~ Is he related to Cow Tippins, the midtown restaurateur? ~ Good thing you got your heart back from San Francisco. ~ #BoycottStarbucks Does anybody know full story? The video tells us little. How long had they be there? Were they asked to leave? How did they respond to being asked to leave? Were they abusive to other customers? Often, in a story like this, there is more that is not reported. ~ In paying clueless lip service to POC causes, the demoze alienated enough white people to elect whatshisname ~ Do you know where the event is going to take place? One aspect of the Charlottesville disaster is that the park, where the event took place, is one square city block. By contrast, Stone Mountain park, the setting for your FUBU video, is 3,000 acres. This is plenty of room to keep all the players separated, where Charlottesville packed them all into less than an acre. When all the mischief makers are on top of each other, there is a greater likelihood of conflict. ~ Queer is a great word for poets. It rhymes with many useful words, like beer and rear. Others include clear, dear, fear, gear, here, jeer, Kier, leer, near, peer, sear, tear, veer, year. ~ Last night, I received a *survey* on the phone from “victory processing”. They asked me who I was likely to vote for in the Republican primary. Then the robovoice read a biographic sketch of Clay Tippins, one of candidates. I had never heard of Mr. Tippins before this robocall. The robovoice then asked me if the Tippins talk was persuasive, and asked, one more time, who I was likely to vote for in the Republican primary. This is probably the worst robocall ever. ~ pigeon overhead, fertilizer on the way, attorney beware ~ Somebody wrote once: “The only time I felt sorry for Richard Nixon is when I found out he had shingles.” ~ @kale0579 Starbucks needed to answer certain questions in their statement and make certain clarifications also, they failed to do that. 1) why were the police called and by who 2) WE ARE SORRY TO THE TWO MEN ARRESTED AND WILL CONTACT THEM PERSONALLY 3) This is not the policy of Starbucks 4- How long had the men been there? ~ 5- Were they asked to leave? How did they react to being asked to leave? How many times were they asked to leave? Had they been asked to leave this Starbucks before? 6- Did this intown Starbucks have a problem with non customers loitering? 7- Where were the men standing? Did they interfere with other customers trying to place orders? Starbucks has been advised by attorneys to say as little as possible. Anything that might have justified this incident is not being said. ~ #ImShowingMyAge is the sunday night poem at java monkey this week. A first time poet performer slept through it.
turn the black and white TV knob slow ~ watch two five eight eleven if you dare
stay up late for the johnny carson show ~ then television goes off the air
just putting on my shoes is a chore ~ either take viagra or be obsolete
pay cash for cassettes at record store ~ dancing to the wqxi beat
leisure suit jacket looked pretty sporty ~ what once was a 6 pack is now a forty
sing along with hee haw made me smile ~ where’s the star on a rotary phone dial
no ma’am I dont know what idk means ~ why would anyone ever say cool beans

Study Whiteness

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Police search for man they say fatally stabbed 2 people, including teen ~ Teen returns to church he vandalized to apologize before turning himself in ~ The Stormy Daniels 60 Minutes interview, Has anyone ever seen @StormyDaniels and #kellyanneconway together? Maybe they are the same person. ~ Claudia Rankine: why I’m spending $625,000 to study whiteness ~ Bright Neocon Years ~ CHARAT ~ 19 Great Truths My Grandmother Told Me on Her 90th Birthday ~ Alaska State Troopers Press Release of Saturday, March 24, 2018 Any charges reported in these press releases are merely accusations and the defendants are presumed innocent unless and until proven guilty. ~ Body Language Success & Emotional Intelligence ~ mapping police violence ~ Kentucky teen used money mom gave him for tattoo to buy AR-15 to shoot up school, police say ~ Car leaves road, climbs a wire near Emory ~ Spurious charts ~ Wow. This Is The Kind Of Data Facebook And Google Have On You ~ #StephonClark: Sacramento, Calif., City Council Meeting Descends Into Chaos After Interruption by Stevante Clark ~ seinfeld ~ Non-Black People Of Color Perpetuate Anti-Blackness Too ~ Turns out people get angry when you say white Americans are terrorists, too ~ White supremacists’ favorite myths about black crime rates take another hit from BJS study ~ racism hissy fit ~ The far-right was responsible for the majority of America’s extremist killings in 2017 ~ My Life in Public Radio | Lois Reitzes ~ A compelling look at the flaws in the Chinese economy ~ 11 people arrested, 9 on murder charges, in gang-related killings of siblings ~ Why Are So Many Unarmed Black People Being Killed by Police? Sacramento Activist Speaks Out ~ Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to reform (or pause and reflect). – Notebook, 1904 ~ misquoting mark twain ~ How Not to Care When People Don’t Like You ~ The Voting Rights Act of 1965 Section 2 of the Act, which closely followed the language of the 15th amendment, applied a nationwide prohibition against the denial or abridgment of the right to vote on the literacy tests on a nationwide basis. Among its other provisions, the Act contained special enforcement provisions targeted at those areas of the country where Congress believed the potential for discrimination to be the greatest. Under Section 5, jurisdictions covered by these special provisions could not implement any change affecting voting until the Attorney General or the United States District Court for the District of Columbia determined that the change did not have a discriminatory purpose and would not have a discriminatory effect. ~ terminate gerrymandering ~ GA congress districts ~ extreme gerrymander ~ Court Draws Georgia Map Of Congressional Districts The State Legislature, which is controlled by Democrats, ceded responsibility for drawing new Congressional lines to the courts in September when it failed to agree on a plan in a 20-day special session. That session was called after the United States Supreme Court ruled in June that Georgia’s 1992 Congressional map was unconstitutional because race played a dominant role in the configuration of the 11th District. Represented by Cynthia A. McKinney, who is black, the 11th snakes 260 miles through east Georgia, pulling pockets of black voters into a gerrymandered district that was intended to elect a minority candidate. ~ garymandering ~ The Gerrymandering Project ~ stephon clark talk ~ Denying Genetics Isn’t Shutting Down Racism, It’s Fueling It ~ Great TED Talks to inspire fiction writing ~ facebook live ~ Locals Reveal Why Tourists Might Not Want To Visit Their Country ~ Black Lives Matter activist arrested after dispute at anti-racism training ~ These Are The Mistakes You’re Making At Fancy Restaurants ~ Thelonious Monk’s 25 Tips for Musicians (1960) ~ @chamblee54 #QuotableVegetables “I yam what I yam” Popeye Translate from Turkish ~ Tear down this paywall, Mr. Sulzberger ~ I use PG as a doppelganger on my blog It stands for Piers Gaveston Parental Guidance Perverts Galore Passing Gas and now Personal Gain ~ @dumbbeezie Before you state your opinion, remember that you can always shut up ~ @chamblee54 I just copied a url, went to another browser, to see a tweet by someone who has blocked me… i should add, without my knowing them or leaving them a tweet… i saw the word cognitive dissonance @tcboyle Ah, well. The mysteries of the universe didn’t used to involve the mysteries of social media, but that is no longer the case. ~ It is a magic moment when you look at the word count, and see 665. All you have to do is add one more word. ~ “We are monitoring this situation closely #Monkenzie. According to the Fraternal Order of Police handbook, and Codex of the Blue Wall of Silence, police can only get away with running over #Negroes and #Niggralinos. They are authorized to run over certain types of white people. The woman in this case appears to have been completely innocent and was just going on about her business, not bothering anybody. We’ll conduct a thorough, internal investigation to see if this cop was actually responding to a high priority call, or speeding past traffic to hurry up and get some donuts or something. Similarly to the case of a woman in a town outside of Buffalo, who was walking in the woods near her house, who was shot and killed by a hunter (who was hunting after hours) who thought he was shooting a deer – we may very well take some minimal criminal action against this officer. We’ll have to finish our investigation to sort out all the details. #LonnieBarlowShow #Niggerology” (311) ~ @TweetPotato314 Jesus: *doing crossword* I’m stuck on 2 across. ~ @pdxjohnny99 The last time I danced in public people gave me money to find a cure. ~ In 2016, 574 white people were killed by police, while 266 black people were killed by police. source In 2016, there were 6,576 white homicide victims, and 7,881 black homicide victims. source If you divide the first number by the second number, you get the percent of homicides by police. For white people, it is 8.72% For black people, it is 3.32% ~ selah

And The Media Mostly Shrug

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display of a link on this page is not an indication of approval ~ read it and weep This comment was made 03/28/2016: The people who think that racist is the worst insult imaginable are probably not going to vote for DT. Demoze might be making a mistake in their hysterical insistence that DT is a racist. They might impress themselves. It might also drive marginal voters into the DT camp. ~ No, Stormy Daniels’ lawyer didn’t say he has Trump dick pics ~ @TrueFactsStated Stormy’s Lawyer on MSNBC. I’ll paraphrase. “We have photos of Trump’s penis”. ~ Middle East civilian deaths have soared under Trump. And the media mostly shrug. ~ The Last Conversation You’ll Ever Need to Have About Eating Right ~ Andy Warski and J.F Gariépy Smeared by Leftist Media Attack Dogs ~ How They Sold the Iraq War ~ The ‘WKRP in Cincinnati’ closing theme lyrics are all gibberish ~ Actually, Palestinians Are Doing Pretty Well Under Israeli Rule ~ Once A Young Woman Named Alice Used A Dynamite Stick For A Phallus. ~ 12 things I wish I knew before visiting Paris ~ Oscar-nominated ‘Traffic Stop’ puts focus on police brutality ~ Woman fired by Hawks sues, claims discrimination against white employees ~ Lets quit calling people that we think are weak pussies. Try delivering a baby out of your dick hole and see whose gentials are stronger ~ Count Dankula convicted for Nazi pug antics ~ Plight of Phoenix: how long can the world’s ‘least sustainable’ city survive? ~ 31 Morning Journaling Prompts that Will Change the Way You Think ~ Racial Division: A Real Problem, A Real Opportunity ~ The Austin Bomber Is Dead, But His First Victim’s Family Still Doesn’t Feel Safe ~ Peachtree Street 08/30/1957 ~ How to download and save your Facebook data before deleting ~ @zora Same thing has happened with “racist”–its meaning has expanded beyond someone who uses racial slurs, marches w/ KKK, etc. That’s good we’re all more aware of everyday racism! But convos still break down at “You’re a racist”/”No I’m not” b/c people don’t agree on definition. ~ dear black people ~ buffet talks ~ Swatting ~ @SethAMandel This is also what’s created the third camp–ppl like me who are interested in the flow and substance of cultural flashpoints but are instantly bored by the tribal commodification of the avatars of those ideas. @chamblee54 *tribal commodification* commodification is a fun word depending on pronunciation, you either convert someone into a commodity, or a commode in the case of @jordanbpeterson it is tough to tell the difference ~ shaun king on stephon clark ~ The Last Temptation ~ John Bolton, Lover of Drama and Wars, Is a Terrible Fit for His New Job ~ one minute art history ~ cum town ~ women on men 46 minutes Aubrey O’Day ~ What we know (and don’t know) about the police shooting of Stephon Clark ~ Names of officers in Stephon Clark shooting released by civil rights attorney ~ backache ~ Police search for men involved in shootout at Chick-fil-A ~ Mother crashed car into pole to prove to kids God is real ~ RAC says new headlights ‘blinding drivers’ ~ gerrymandering ~ The Gerrymandering Project ~ The Gerrymandering Project rss ~ Dick Clark Introduces Jefferson Airplane & the Sounds of Psychedelic San Francisco to America: Yes Parents, You Should Be Afraid (1967) ~ Connor Fionn Hale ~ Is Gerrymandering The Best Way To Make Sure Black Voters Are Represented? ~ Jordan Peterson Is Driving His Critics to Desperate Attacks ~ This Incredible Lost Footage of Judy Garland Singing “By Myself” Never Aired Because Producers Thought It Was “Too Dark”. ~ What do you do if you believe in the Flying Spaghetti Monster, only to learn that you are gluten intolerant? ~ Being in a silent circle, waiting for the next person to speak, is a cherished part of the heart circle. Sitting in comfortable silence, with people you have chosen to be with, is a gift. ~ KimKierkegaardashian @KimKierkegaard He was like, Didn’t you guys see the memo that said DO NOT LEAK?! ~ This e-mail message (including any attachments) is for the sole use of the intended recipient(s) and may contain confidential and privileged information. If the reader of this message is not the intended recipient, you are hereby notified that any dissemination, distribution or copying of this message (including any attachments) is strictly prohibited. If you have received this message in error, please contact the sender by reply e-mail message and destroy all copies of the original message (including attachments). ~ *This video may contain graphic images and/or profane language. Disclaimer: Personal information (names, addresses, phone numbers, identities ETC.) have been redacted in the following audio/video clips to protect the privacy of those involved. ~ US Congress just passed HR 1865, “FOSTA”, seeking to subject websites to criminal and civil liability when third parties (users) misuse online personals unlawfully. Any tool or service can be misused. We can’t take such risk without jeopardizing all our other services, so we are regretfully taking craigslist personals offline. Hopefully we can bring them back some day. To the millions of spouses, partners, and couples who met through craigslist, we wish you every happiness! ~ Would police be as quick to shoot people, if it was not reasonable to assume that anybody they encounter is probably armed? In other countries, do police mistake a cell phone for a handgun? If an officer is wrong, and that object is a handgun, it might, very quickly, be the last mistake they make. ~ trivialization of racism ~ first first .@GlennLoury defends the intelligence of @realDonaldTrump then says that he is stupid to be honest about his preferences .@AryehCW ~ @zora We need a new word, instead of “terrorist,” to describe how people can now act on ideology independently, w/o the cells and networks people usually associate with the word. “Terrorist” is deployed in racist ways & is no longer useful; useless to argue for broader application. ~ @zoraSame thing has happened with “racist”–its meaning has expanded beyond someone who uses racial slurs, marches w/ KKK, etc. That’s good we’re all more aware of everyday racism! But convos still break down at “You’re a racist”/”No I’m not” b/c people don’t agree on definition. ~ @chamblee54 the definition of racist has expanded to the point that it no longer means anything ~ @zora I would say it has meaning, in its current incarnation, although it’s a kind of abstract, self-helpy meaning that applies to everyone (which in itself is useful to point out). But now there’s no way to identify the “legacy” meaning of the term. Well, ‘cept neo-Nazi. ~ @zora Which reminds me, “white supremacy” has also expanded massively. Most people think KKK in white hoods. Current students and activists mean a whole system. Which is legitimate and true. But, again, conversations break down rapidly over terminology. ~ @chamblee54 i have always thought that liberal conservative racist terrorist were weasel words that should be used with much more caution, if at all… white supremacy might be a good choice for that list, I am sure there are others I prefer racial values to racism it is not either/or ~ sunday, i got in from dinner, and decided to go to java monkey. I tried to print the poem, and the printer gave me an error message. I had to restart the computer to get it to work, while the clock was ticking, and i was later and later on the performing list. the poem was a combination of 15 words that time magazine wants deleted from the language, and a collection of words that somebody thinks have a funny sound. I finally got on at 10:45, just before the 11 pm curfew. Here it is:
maybe i never just went very honestly ~ swashbuckling rutabaga mannequins
i hope that i should but i can’t literally ~ skedaddle spelunker shenanigans
i’ll try but i’ve got a problem absolutely ~ brouhaha pumpernickel appetite
irregardless i have to stuff things really ~ quintessential humbuggery morphodite
strumpet ragamuffin charlie mingus ~ discombobulated cunnilingus
umpteen bunghole kaleidoscope fantasy ~ nincompoop fooey latrine manatee
cuckhold phalanx tomfoolery bongo ~ nincompoop kumquat lollygag mambo ~ selah

Produced By External Characters

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display of a link on this page is not an indication of approval ~ kkk ~ @VinceHanna7 @StormyDaniels hey “Stormy” , why don’t you just go back and continue doing porn movies? It seems best suited for you. We are tired of you and quite frankly don’t even care. The Pres has work to do. You allegedly got paid more than you deserve, so go away. ~ @StormyDaniels “Go back”?… I shoot a movie EVERY month. I never stopped working in the adult business. I actually just signed a NEW contract making this my 17th consecutive year as a contract star and 15th as a contract director. ~ Brazzers, Digital Playground Announce Exclusive Stormy Scenes ~ Tex McIver Trial ~ YouTube Extremism and the Long Tail ~ @seanspicer Secretary Tillerson is a true patriot that has severed our nation well. Thank you for serving. Mike Pompeo will be an outstanding Secretary of State – the Senate should act swiftly to confirm him ~ The American Shine : Please stop using the term “Person of color” ~ @NewYorker To its devotees, Reddit felt like one of the last Internet giants to resist homogeneity. Then it began shutting down the communities where harassers and conspiracy theorists thrived. @andrewmarantz reports on the social network’s efforts to curb toxicity: Reddit and the Struggle to Detoxify the Internet @chamblee54 you said u/penisfuckermcgee on podcast sixteen words later, you bleeped the n-word it is good to have standards ~ “The Secretary had every intention of staying”: State’s shocking Tillerson statement ~ eg01_02 ~ Plato, Phaedrus and now you, who are the father of letters, have been led by your affection to ascribe to them a power the opposite of that which they really possess. For this invention will produce forgetfulness in the minds of those who learn to use it, because they will not practice their memory. Their trust in writing, produced by external characters which are no part of themselves, will discourage the use of their own memory within them. You have invented an elixir not of memory, but of reminding; and you offer your pupils the appearance of wisdom, not true wisdom, for they will read many things without instruction and will therefore seem to know many things, when they are for the most part ignorant and hard to get along with, since they are not wise, but only appear wise. ~ pessimist podcast ~ In final appeals, Stocking Strangler attorneys say Ga. is about to execute innocent man ~ Carlton Gary last meal ~ Georgia “stocking strangler” denied clemency on eve of execution ~ Gary dna evidence ~ ‏ @KimKierkegaard I am so excited to get back to my natural dark hair after the false & foolish hope of being blonde KimKierkegaardashian ~ @tsengputterman Beware the man of color who considers the white woman an acceptable outlet of his misogyny. ~ The real problem with the New York Times op-ed page: it’s not honest about US conservatism ~ When you say the internet is dumbing down culture, you are saying the same thing Plato said about the written word. The spell check suggestions for dumbing are numbing, dumping ,dubbing ,plumbing. ~ I quoted this post. I like to start my paragraphs with a link, and will quote the first few words, and see what google finds. That is how I found this post. I see that you are still posting to this blog. The blog format… state of the art in 2004, considered obsolete in 2018… is yet another example of the changing nature of recorded communication. ~ California to Georgia: Trust [some] Black Women ~ Explanation and apology: The multipolar spin: how fascists operationalize left-wing resentment ~ Dylann Roof’s Sister Arrested After Bringing Weapons to School Walkout ~ toxic masculinity ~ downtown projects ~ I Went Undercover In The Alt-RightThe last line: “By coming to know my enemy, I came to know myself.” Maybe the problem is seeing your neighbor as the enemy. ~ Tony’s Talks: An Anti-gay Cardinal And A Gay Prostitute Are Bedfellows In Italy ~ Phil Lesh w Terrapin Family Band and John Scofield The Capitol Theatre, Port Chester NY March 15 2018 ~ And again, more mis-attributed quotes online ~ Photogrammar ~ Let’s Go Play In Traffic: 1957 ~ YouTuber Beloved By The Alt-Right Bragged About Sexually Assaulting A Drunk Woman ~ endonym map ~ peaches records handprints But after the company filed for bankruptcy in 1981 and the Atlanta store closed, the prints were unceremoniously destroyed, says Cochran, “smashed to bits in a single afternoon.” ~ Rainer Werner Fassbinder (1945-1982) ~ Towards a truer multicultural science education: how whiteness impacts science education ~ @RealPeerReview Meanwhile in Cultural Studies of Science Education ~ McCabe’s Firing Wasn’t Political. Until Trump Made It Political. ~ When Did ‘Amnesty’ Become a Dirty Word? ~ How The New York Times Is Making War With Iran More Likely ~ 15 words 1. That 2. Went 3. Honestly 4. Absolutely 5. Very 6. Really 7. Amazing 8. Always 9. Never 10. Literally 11. Just 12. Maybe 13. Stuff 14. Things 15. Irregardless ~ Escort Who Outed 40 Priests Speaks Out! ~ president smug and president troll ~ smugness is a form of trolling yes smugness is a form of trolling… there is gameplaying, and attitude display throughout the arena … Jon Stewart exemplifies the problem of using comedians for serious social commentary ~ @ChrchCurmudgeon My doctor wasn’t able to go to the urology conference this week. I told him not to worry, there will probably be a live stream. ~ It is a slippery slope. First you hate racism, then you hate the racist. The terms have elastic definitions, that change according to the motive of the accuser There is the element of name calling. It is easy to call someone racist. It is done casually. It is tough to refute. ~ @RickyCries You never get a second chance to make a first impression. So if meeting someone goes bad you gotta kill em. Can’t let them go spreading that bad first impression around. ~ March 14 Births Albert Einstein (1879) Hank Ketcham (1920) S. Truett Cathy (1921) Ada Louise Huxtable (1921) Diane Arbus (1923) Quincy Jones (1933) Billy Crystal (1948) March 14 Deaths Friedrich Gottlieb Klopstock (1803) Karl Marx (1883) Chic Young (1973) Susan Hayward (1975) Busby Berkeley (1976) ~ Actually, the popular use of “America First” by Charles LIndbergh, among others, was a reaction to the horror of World War One. America lost over 100,000 men, in little over a year of combat participation. Many people thought that America had been duped into participation in that war, and wanted no part of any more European wars. ~ @AmishPornStar1 Why do we call them “designated drivers”… Instead of “people who drive us to drink”? ~ KimKierkegaardashian @KimKierkegaard People say your brows should always match your hair, but I actually think it’s more flattering if they’re dark like your soul ~ @AngryBlackLady is an idiot. ~ words that rhyme: beer, dear, fear, gear, here, jeer, kier, leer, near, pier, queer, rear, tear, year ~ many people pronounce it muff uckers, which may have a clue to the real meaning ~ Stand against hate. From white supremacists to the radical Religious Right, right-wing extremism is on the rise. Pledge to stand against hate. ~ @madbarrister It was the best of times It was the worst of rhymes #MakeAQuoteRhyme ~ this is the poem from last night at java monkey. This piece is based on an internet quiz, Dylan Thomas vs. Bob Dylan, where you are given quotes by Bob Dylan and Dylan Thomas, and asked to identify which Dylan said it ~
an alcoholic is one you don’t like ~ who drinks as much as you confess
old age cafeteria morphodite ~ he who seeks work will find a rest
people seldom do what they believe ~ they do what’s convenient and repent
there’s only one day at a time to leave ~ or tomorrow will be today’s lament
he who seeks rest will find santorum ~ with agatha christie drinking sweet tea
lie in a hot bath sneaking whoredom ~ someone’s boring and i think it’s me
i’ll let you be in my dream flying ~ a thousand different angles in school
he not busy being born is busy dying ~ with grace to become community drool