As He Loved Cursing

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Ta-Nehisi Coates WTF

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Episode 878 of Marc David Maron’s WTF podcast features Ta-Nehisi Paul Coates. Chamblee54 recently wrote about a video featuring Mr. Coates. This seems like a good day to listen to the show, and take notes. The spell check suggestion for Ta-Nehisi is Ta-Nemesis.

The show starts with TNPC and MDM (Is Ta-Nehisi two words?) discussing the business of writing books. The word black is not heard until 28:33 of the show. At 31 minutes in TNDC is talking about when he moved to New York, and struggled. He mentions that when you lie to other people, you begin to accept yourself as a liar. It occurs to PG that this is a problem with calling yourself n****r. You begin to accept yourself as this loathsome thing, and settle for being a n****r.

At 53 minutes, TNDC is talking about sexual harassment, and how he… a man … could never know what a woman experiences. MDM says that he … a white man … could never know what a black man feels, and how the books by TNDC made MDM realize this. You get the sense that this is what MDM wanted to talk about all along, and that TNDC is TIRED OF TALKING ABOUT RACE. In a sense, it is a moment of what you might call well meaning liberal racism. MDM had the prominent black intellectual on the show, and MDM was going to talk about race, whether PBI wanted to or not.

At 1:02 pm est, the show is over. PG has more respect for TNDC now. Most of the show was about fatherhood, writing, and the struggle to succeed. The expressions whiteness, and white supremacy, were not heard. Pictures today are from The Library of Congress. Many of them were edited while listening to this show. The depression was a different era.

Further Tales of the City

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PG finally read Further Tales of the City. The yard sale casualty, read after sitting on a bookshelf for years, was the third volume in the Armistead Maupin series. PG has written about other TOTC books recently: Whales of the city, More Tales Of The City

FTOTC is not a documentary, even if one of the characters is a doctor. (Documentary is where u are between the doc and the men.) The gynecologist, Jon Fielding, is reunited with Michael Tolliver, the centerpiece queen of the TOTC. Dr. Fielding will die of AIDS between book three and book four. FTOTC is set in 1981, when the rumors got too loud to dismiss.

Another 1981 moment involves a movie star, known only as ____ _____ . He appears throughout FTOTC. After his engagement to Gomer Pyle was off, ____ _____ shacked up with Ned Lockwood. After that bit the dust, Ned moved to San Francisco, and became pals with Michael Tolliver. ____ _____ invites the bois to a Hollywood party, where Michael gets to know ____ _____ .

A book report should mention the plot. DeDe Day returns from Jonestown, and Mary Ann Singleton is hired to tell the story. … One chapter is titled “Dede Day’s D-Day” … This is starting to be too much work. If you want to hear the story, read the book. There may be a tv show about it, if you prefer to consume story product that way.

Maybe we can just document the beginning, and the end. In the first chapter, Anna Madrigal, the landlady for many TOTC players, is luxuriating in the glory of a San Francisco spring. At the end, a society columnist leaves a shack in the park. She looks up to see a policeman, and a priest, coming out of the bushes. All four have sheepish looks.

One Star Reviews are essential to online book reports. Not worth the time. Zero stars By Kindle Customer There is nothing redeeming or enlightening in this book. It is a sad commentary on a lifestyle that creates so many problems, and in a lot of cases, ultimately sadness. I bought this book by mistake and felt compelled to read it because I bought it. For me, it was a complete waste of time. ! 1.0 out of 5 starsAbysmal By Pauline Butcher Bird If literature is one end of the scale, then whatever is the other end, this is it. A group of cardboard characters intermix in 1970s San Francisco. They have no lives but to eat, drink, have sex and take drugs together. Page after page of dreary dialogue that is easily skipped through. My book group’s choice, but even with that demand, I gave up after 40 per cent. If anyone can tell me it gets better after that, I’d like to know.

Armistead Maupin, the author of FTOTC, and possible model for Michael Tolliver, has moved from writing fiction about made up characters to autobiography. With fiction, you know it is all made up. The memoir, Logical Family, is readily available. One day, PG will find it at the library.

Logical Family: An Evening with Armistead Maupin is a recent rado show. Mr. Maupin “reads from his funny, poignant and unflinchingly honest memoir, in the company of the BBC Symphony Orchestra.” The first five minutes are special. The author makes a dramatic statement, and the orchestra kicks in with “Overture to Gone With The Wind.” You have to hear it for yourself. Pictures today are from “The Special Collections and Archives, Georgia State University Library”.









Horses On Drugs

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Today’s feature is a repost from 2014. Awful Library Books is still going strong. One of their current favorites is Teen-ager, Christ is for You. Bad books about religion will always be with us. Pictures are from “The Special Collections and Archives, Georgia State University Library”.

Awful library books is one of the actors in this drama. It is a good waste of your time. On top of the shelf today is Lee the Rabbit with Epilepsy. Other uplifting volumes on the front page include Isn’t One Wife Enough?: the Story of Mormon Polygamy and When Cavemen Go Bowling.

The book that Awful Library Books chose to “weed” was Latawnya, the Naughty Horse, Learns to Say “No” to Drugs. The links in the original post no longer work, so google was enlisted to find a replacement. Believe it or not, this galloping tale has a wikipedia page.

The original book was targeted at African American youth. The author has daughters named Latawnya and Chrystal. The author has sued amazon, wikipedia, and urban dictionary.

A possibly illegal reproduction is found using the link. One of the comments tells a cautionary tale:
” It seems that many of these comments are viciously lampooning the work of a genius. I, however, see the visionary work of Mrs. Gibson. This insightful masterpiece presents the very real dangers of horse peer pressure. Just last week my daughter, Amber, was walking to school on a normal, idyllic day in suburbia. Then out of nowhere a Clydesdale galloped brazenly over to my precious princess and offered her a 40 oz bottle of Olde English 800 and a marijuana cigarette.”
Clydesdales have long been used to promote the products of the Anheuser-Busch company. (When you click on that link, a page pops up: WE NEED TO CHECK YOUR ID YOU MUST BE OF LEGAL DRINKING AGE TO ENTER THIS SITE) When PG was younger, he worked on the mall maintenance crew at Northlake Mall. One day, the Budweiser Clydesdales made a visit. PG was given a shovel and bucket, and told to walk behind the horses.

One of the reasons for the drug problem is drug education. Many of these programs, while well intentioned, make the problem worse.

Courtesy of Awfullibrarybooks, we can see today “LATAWNYA, the Naughty Horse, Learns to say “No” to Drugs“. This uplifting story is about the afternoon when Latawnya goes out to play with her sisters Daisy and LaToya. Suddenly they meet four strange horses, Connie, Chrystal, Jackie, and Angie. They like to drink and smoke drugs.

The author of this tale was born in Mississippi, and lives in California. She says “Thank you, G-d”.

In 1986, there was an oversupply of cocaine coming into America, and new ways of using the product were needed. Someone had the idea of making crack. The media did its part, by running scare stories about the new drug sensation. “One puff makes your head feel like it is exploding”. The stories had the combined effect of scaring parents, and making crack cocaine irresistible to certain people. Crack became a part of the life.

The first time PG heard about oxycontin was a drug education flyer at work. It promised an overwhelming rush to the user who injected the substance. PG imagined the reaction of some of the druggies he had known to this promise…where can I get some?

PG is in the detoxed, old fogey stage of his life. Millions of others are not. When they read stories about horses who drink and smoke drugs, they learn to believe the opposite of what the drug educators tell them. Many will not live to be detoxed old fogeys.







Banished Words

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With Numerous Editorial Comments

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display of a link on this page does not indicate approval of content ~ xmas brunch ~ Delusions of Candor ~ Revisiting Christmas 1957: A vicarious trip via Atlanta History Center ~ Parents Killed After Warning Daughter About Boyfriend’s Racist Views, Family Says ~ Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices for Streets and Highways ~ Well-Intentioned Acts That Don’t Actually Make Anything Better ~ Joni in Germany 1968 ~ Dozens of Companies Are Using Facebook to Exclude Older Workers From Job Ads ~ Flannery O’Connor and Freud the Meaning of Life in Death ~ I Did It For Science: Key Party ~ Whoever Is There, Come on Through ~ JCO ~ Blind Loyalty – Why Civil Discourse is Dead ~ We Need to Talk About Death ~ hillary video ~ Michael Bird: Jesus had multiple erections throughout his life ~ Terry Gilliam’s Lost Animations from Monty Python and the Holy Grail Are Now Online ~ @jasonpinter This section of Simon & Schuster’s rebuttal to Milo’s lawsuit over DANGEROUS. ~ Milo Yiannopoulos lawsuit documents: Do these reveal why his book wasn’t published? ~ Simon & Schuster’s Completely Avoidable Milo Yiannopoulos Disaster ~ Dangerous This is “Exhibit B” from a legal document. It is related to the lawsuit Milo Yiannopoulos filed against Simon and Schuster. This document has the manuscript for “Dangerous,” a book credited to Mr. Yiannopoulos, along with numerous editorial comments. The link will take a few minutes, and the 598 comments might take the rest of the week. ~ 37 Things White People Need To Stop Ruining In 2018 ~ Glenn Gould’s Shockingly Experimental Radio Documentary, The Idea of North (1967) ~ Inmate Photographs ~ 20 great storytelling podcasts to download ~ > @daxbechillin</a ~ That whole “talking white” insult just needs to be erased from black people’s vocabulary. Not only do you disrespect that person, but you also discredit your race by creating the notion that “talking white” means talking proper, while talking black would be the complete opposite. ~ Many in Milwaukee Neighborhood Didn’t Vote — and Don’t Regret It ~ I Disapprove of What You Say, But I Will Defend to the Death Your Right to Say It ~ sex pistols ~ see DAR tha gah TAH ma Siddhartha Gautama ~ Robert Wright and Dan Harris This is a podcast. It features Robert Wright, author of Why Buddhism is True, and Dan Harris, author of Meditation for Fidgety Skeptics ~ Tony Hovater ~ Derek ~ murder kroger ~ The Washington Post’s annual neologism contest winners ~ Logical Family: An Evening with Armistead Maupin ~ @JoyceCarolOates No one should censor writers–just don’t read what offends you. Start your own publishing houses & magazines as many (of us) have done. @orinbellizio Say what you want, but when a POC starts a publishing house or magazine that doesn’t focus on white voices, they soon feel the saltine fury. What I’m saying is “start your own publishing houses and magazines” doesn’t fix the core issue of marginalization and exclusion. ~ Dawgs® ~ Documents that have been entered into the minutes of the County Clerk bear a stamp stating “Filed,” followed by the date of filing (entry date) and the words “New York County Clerk’s Office.” Except in matrimonial cases (documents for which are not included in Scroll), judgments are not entered by the County Clerk until an attorney for a party to the case appears at the Judgment Clerk’s desk (Rm. 141B at 60 Centre Street) and requests entry. Copies of unfiled judgments bearing a stamp stating “Unfiled Judgment” and a notice to counsel may be found in Scroll. For technical reasons, some long form orders or other documents that were scanned in the early phase of this project may be categorized here as a “Decision.” ~ @ChrchCurmudgeon Paging the plagiarism department. Plagiarism, do you copy? ~ Brad, in exchanging Amurica for Britain, did you jump out of the frying pan and into the fire? ~ @chamblee54 .@robertwrighter In this show we learn that that .@danbharris likes to say the f word and Siddhartha Gautama never said Buddhism ~ This is a podcast. It features Robert Wright, author of Why Buddhism is True, and Dan Harris, author of Meditation for Fidgety Skeptics ~ @conor64 This is what happens when you elect a cruel fraud who openly pits people against one another to burnish his own power. ‏ @chamblee54 who defeated “a cruel fraud who openly pits people against one another to burnish HER own power” .@kausmickey ~ pictures are from The Library of Congress. ~ selah

Killed By Police December 31

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21 people were Killed By Police in the United States last week. Here are the links: 1159 Jesse J. Champney 1160 Jesse Daniel Murillo 1161 Shelby Comer 1162 Cody Eyre 1163 Charlie Joseph Murillo 1164 Evelio Gomez 1165 Jacob Craig 1166 Adrian Escobar 1167 Joshua Spottedhorse 1168 Jesse Scarsbrook 1169 Salvador Byassee 1170 James Alan Berrones 1171 Jose Miguel Garcia 1172 Robert Miller 1173 1174 Nathaniel Fritz Macalevy 1175 Brooke Camacho 1176 Kenneth J. Perna-Rutsky 1177 Isaiah Christian Green 1178 Dennis Plowden 1179 Andrew Thomas Finch 1180 1181 Christopher Baird 1182 Corey Bailey 1183 Jarvis Lykes 1184

12 of the victims were white. (1159, 1160, 1161, 1162, 1165, 1169, 1174, 1175, 1176, 1177, 1179, 1181) 3 of the victims were black. (1168, 1178, 1182) 2 of the victims were female. (1161, 1175) 2 of the victims were latino. (1163, 1166) 1167 Joshua Spottedhorse was native. The race of 8 of the victims is unknown. (1164, 1170, 1171, 1172, 1173, 1180, 1183, 1184)

In 8 of the incidents, the victim fired at an officer. (1166, 1168, 1170, 1172, 1174, 1175, 1176, 1184) In 11 of the incidents, a weapon was displayed. (1161, 1162, 1163, 1164, 1165, 1169, 1173, 1177, 1180, 1181, 1182) 5 of the incidents involved a domestic dispute. (1170, 1172, 1173, 1174, 1176) 5 of the incidents involved a car chase (1168, 1169, 1174, 1178, 1182)

1179 Andrew Thomas Finch was the story that got the most attention this week. Chamblee54 wrote a stand alone story, Swatting.

Yakima WA had two fatal officer-involved shootings on Tuesday, December 26. “Yakima police were called to the West Pierce Street home about 7 p.m. Monday for an intoxicated man who said he shot people, according to Yakima police. Adrian Escobar put a gun to his head and threatened to kill himself when police arrived, (Yakima Police Captain Jeff) Schneider said. Escobar fired shots at officers from the house before SWAT teams from Yakima and Benton County arrived, and officers attempted to negotiate with him six times, according to police. Schneider said the Benton County SWAT team was brought in to provide relief for officers working in the cold weather during the six-hour standoff. Schneider said Escobar fired at officers again, and Ward, a Yakima SWAT team member, shot him about 1:30 a.m. Tuesday. Escobar died from a single gunshot to the head.” (1166)

“Yakima police responded around 7:30 p.m. Monday evening to reports of a man (Jose Miguel Garcia) at the Cascade Apartments threatening residents with a gun, according to a Yakima Police Department news release. When officers arrived, they found a 31-year-old man barricaded in his apartment. The man was blind and had an “extensive criminal history” of assault behavior, police said. Over the next five hours, officers attempted to negotiated with the man and heard him talking as if someone else was inside the apartment, according to the release. Once they obtained a search warrant, officers eventually “breached” the door to the apartment but continued to try to negotiate with the man, officers said. “…after a few minutes the situation deteriorated and two officers fired shots at the suspect killing him,” … A firearm was found in the apartment.” (1171)

These stories were considered noteworthy. “A 26-year-old Enfield man was attempting to avoid being arrested on an outstanding warrant when he was shot by a state trooper in a field, according to his fiancee, who was a passenger in the car that police had tried to stop along Route 4 in Canaan Saturday night. In an interview on Wednesday, Saeti Tobin said she and Jesse J. Champney had set out on Saturday to go to a convenience store in Canaan and return a car they had borrowed. Before they could do so, the pair noticed they were being followed by police, so Champney turned onto Switch Road. But when he did, the car plowed into a snow-covered field, Tobin said. Champney told her to run and he himself fled toward the woods, she said. “He was never trying to advance on anyone, he was trying to get away,” said the 23-year-old Tobin, who also has had run-ins with police. “There was no high-speed chase, there were no drugs involved, there were no weapons involved, there was no stolen car and there was no serious crime committed. … The New Hampshire Attorney General’s Office has confirmed that Champney was shot four times, and on Wednesday identified New Hampshire State Trooper Christopher O’Toole as the officer who fired the fatal round. Authorities also said Canaan police officer Samuel Provenza was at the scene during the incident. He did not discharge his firearm, according to a news release. Tobin was more specific about the circumstances surrounding the stop than she was about the shooting itself. The incident took place around 6:30 p.m., when it was dark, and Tobin stayed with the vehicle after Champney fled, placing her some distance from where the shooting occurred. She said she believes Champney was not armed at the time. (Champney’s brother, Josh, who also was present for the interview at a home in Danbury, N.H., said Jesse Champney sometimes carried a pocketknife.) … Tobin and Josh Champney both asserted that Provenza had it out for Jesse Champney. They said they feel he was targeted. … Jesse Champney had his run-ins with the law. In May 2016, Champney was arrested in Lebanon on a felony charge of possession of heroin with intent to sell and resisting arrest. He failed to appear for a court date in that case, which prompted the warrant to be issued for his arrest. Champney also was convicted of a few other nonviolent crimes, including theft in 2012, for which he served prison time, Tobin said. Prison changed him, and although he took some college courses while there, he left addicted to opiates, Tobin said. He had, however, recently turned his life around and had been in a Suboxone program — medication-assisted treatment for opioid addiction — for the last few months, she said. “He was a tough kid because he was made to be that way,” Tobin said. “But he was the biggest sweetheart.” (1159)

“Tammy Murillo said her 32-year-old son, Jesse Murillo — whom authorities say was a battery suspect armed with a metal bar — was a Navy veteran who had been deployed overseas for a time. “We called 9-1-1 to have the police come and help calm the situation; never did we anticipate the outcome,” … Around 7:10 p.m. Saturday, Los Angeles Police Department officers from the Topanga Division responded to a radio call of a battery … Upon arrival, an officer was met by a victim at the house, who police said had an injured shoulder. While they were speaking to the victim, the suspect exited the home armed with what officers initially described as a possible machete. It was later determined to be a metal bar, Madison said. Officers broadcast a call for help and the suspect fled on foot, he said. “They located him in an alley to the rear of the home and there was an officer-involved shooting,” Madison said. The suspect was struck by gunfire and taken to a local hospital, where he was pronounced dead a short time later, authorities said. Tammy Murillo said her fiancé had called 9-1-1 after her son and daughter had gotten into a verbal argument and the fiancé intervened, which unintentionally escalated the situation. Following that call, the son injured her fiancé’s arm, she said. “What set my son off was the 9-1-1 call,” Murillo said. “He didn’t want cops involved at all. He did not plan to die that day.” Murillo said her son had been wearing a gas mask, which he had acquired from his Navy days, because he had been doing some drainage work underneath her house with his uncle, she said. … Tammy Murillo said her son was “a good kid” who was planning to go Christmas shopping that night for his nieces and nephews and had just gotten a haircut. … the Navy may have changed him. “When he went into the service and came home, he was not the same kid.”” (1160)

“One woman is dead and a man is in the hospital after an officer-involved shooting in Grundy County. According to the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, 20-year old Shelby Comer was found dead in a car following the shooting. The suspect, Jackie Wayne Bean, per the Sheriff. was taken into custody and transported to the hospital around 8:00 Sunday morning. Sheriff Shrum said it’s unclear if Comer died during the shooting, or before. The shooting happened around 10:30 Saturday night in the Coalmont area, according to the TBI. A Grundy County Sheriff’s deputy attempted a traffic stop on B Mine Road, when the driver allegedly pointed a firearm at the deputy. The deputy then fired into the vehicle several times, according to the TBI, then the vehicle drove away, hitting the police cruiser. Roughly 20 minutes later, a person saw the suspected vehicle crash off the side of the road. According to the TBI, the suspect said he was shot and asked for the citizen’s vehicle. That person drove off and called police. When officers arrived, the suspect was gone, but Comer was found dead in the back of the car. … Grundy County Sheriff Clint Shrum says that 32-year-old Jacky Wayne Bean, of Soddy Daisy, is being held without bond following Saturday’s incident. Bean has been charged with attempted first-degree murder, evading arrest, 3 charges of reckless endangerment, DUI, and violation of implied consent. More charges are expected later this week.” (1161)

“Multiple sources confirm to News 4 part-time Grundy County Deputy Mike Holmes fired a shot that may have struck 20-year-old Shelby Comer on Saturday evening. … When reached by phone Thursday, Deputy Holmes, who is also the fire chief of Monteagle, TN, declined to comment. Sheriff Shrum said he “will not confirm or deny at this point” whether Holmes is the deputy who fired the shots into the car. There are also questions about how much law enforcement training Deputy Holmes has received in the past. He works as a part-time deputy, meaning he is not required to be certified by the Tennessee Peace Officer Standards and Training, or P.O.S.T. commission.” (1161)

“A Progreso police officer shot and killed a man Sunday who was carrying a machete, according to a Hidalgo County Sheriff’s Office news release. Deputies responded to Encino Street in Progreso where the officer shot the man at about 9:24 p.m. Initially, officers were called out to the area to investigate a disturbance involving a man who was wielding a machete. “The officer made contact with the male subject and a struggle ensured,” according to the news release. “During the struggle, the officer discharged his weapon fatally shooting the male.”” (1164)

“Monday’s events began when a neighbor called police to say the man, Jacob Craig, pointed a gun at him, (Capt. Mike) Williams said. The neighbor reported that the man has caused several disturbances in the past. When the officer arrived in the neighborhood, he was confronted by the naked man, who either ran out of a home or appeared from between two homes, carrying a gun. Williams said the man was given several commands to put the gun down, but he “continued to aggress” the officer, who fired multiple shots. The man was taken to a nearby hospital, where he was pronounced dead. The encounter lasted “a matter of seconds,” the captain said. Detectives did not yet know whether the man had a mental issue or was under the influence of alcohol or drugs.” (1165)

“Craig’s mother, Kim Flanagan, told the Tulsa World her son was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder and depression after witnessing the death of his pregnant fiancee about 10 years ago. The woman reportedly died after their vehicle was struck by a drunken driver. She said Craig tried to revive her but couldn’t. Flanagan said her son’s issues with mental illness surfaced after the death of his father when he was 8. “That was trauma one,” she said. “With his fiancee, that just pushed him over the edge. He couldn’t recover from that.” Craig, who had an 8-year-old son, began experiencing significant paranoia and depression to the point where he rarely left his room. Before, according to his mom, he was outgoing and funny. The tragedy changed his entire personality. Medication he took for the paranoia and depression helped relieve the symptoms. Flanagan said he stopped taking it about 6 months ago because he could no longer afford insurance and the price became too high. Since then, he had struggled to overcome his emotions and made multiple attempts to kill himself, she said. He also experienced bouts of anger but nothing that was extreme, she added. “It just got worse and deteriorated,” she said. “I could tell he was getting more and more depressed.”” (1165)

“Around 5:45 a.m. Tuesday, police said a suspect, Joshua Spottedhorse, walked into the Safeway on Northwest Blvd and threatened a clerk with a gun. Police said a witness followed the suspect and then the suspect began firing a weapon. Witnesses backed off and police took over the pursuit to a neighborhood near Madison and Sharp. “During the course of developing that tactical plan, the subject did try to leave in the vehicle,” said Spokane Police Chief Craig Meidl. “Officers moved to block the vehicle in and the subject then fled on foot.” At some point, an officer opened fire and shot and killed the suspect.” (1167)

“28-year-old Jesse Scarsbrook … was involved in an armed robbery at a local hobby shop. When police arrived, they say Scarsbook stole a car and led officers on a chase. He later crashed the stolen car at the intersection of 46th and Mitthoeffer and carjacked another vehicle while two people were still inside. The police pursuit continued to Pendleton Pike and Post Road, where Scarsbrook crashed. He then got out of the car and fired at officers, who returned fire. Investigators say Scarsbrook was hit and killed in the shootout.” “Witnesses say Scarsbrook got out of a vehicle Tuesday, after crashing it, like a madman. They say he started shooting with no regard for the busy intersection of Pendleton Pike and Post Road, or nearby businesses. “I’m thankful the cops, they didn’t start returning fire until us vehicles had got out,” said Craig Walker, who witnessed the shootout. … Tuesday’s shootout with officers isn’t the first time Scarsbrook has faced trouble with police. According to online records, he was found guilty of armed robbery in 2009. His projected release date was November of 2016. In September of 2008 he was found guilty of theft/receiving stolen property. And in March of 2008 Scarsbrook was convicted of carrying a handgun without a license.” (1168)

“A woman was killed and a Farmers Branch police officer was wounded in a shootout during a traffic stop late Tuesday, police say. Brooke Camacho, 38, who was a passenger in the car that was stopped, pulled a gun and fired on the officer about 11:30 p.m. … stop, police said, the officer asked the woman in the passenger seat to get out of the car. Police said she got out, pulled a handgun and shot the officer in the chest, NBC5 reported. The male driver was arrested but later released.” (1175)

“The incident started about 8:30 p.m., when two plainclothes cops stopped a 2013 Hyundai on Nedro Avenue near 16th Street after confirming it was connected to a Dec. 21 murder that happened about 5 miles away, on East Atlantic Street near Stouton in Harrowgate. But before they could talk to the driver, he ( Dennis Plowden) took off — hitting one of the officers as he sped away, (First Deputy Commissioner Myron) Patterson said. Police caught up with Plowden three blocks away, where he’d crashed into two parked cars at Nedro and Opal Street. He got out of the car, and things turned bloody. “After repeated commands by the plainclothes officer to show his hands, he makes a furtive abrupt movement, and the officer fires one shot, striking the male in the head,” Patterson said. Police said Plowden was sitting on the sidewalk and had put his hand in his jacket pocket when the officer began shooting. Plowden died at 7:18 a.m. Thursday …” (1178)

“Preliminary information from law enforcement agencies indicates the Georgia State Patrol and Columbus police were conducting a DUI checkpoint near Cusseta Road when a Kia driven by Jarvis Lykes turned around before reaching officers about 9:30 p.m. A trooper attempted to stop the driver but Lykes failed to pullover. The trooper pursued Lykes who drove into a residential neighborhood on Lumpkin Court, a dead-end street. After stopping his vehicle, Lykes exited the car and a physical altercation between Lykes and the trooper occurred as Lykes attempted to re-enter his vehicle. The trooper, during the altercation, fired one shot, striking Lykes in the upper torso., the GBI said.” “A search of the Kia Forte by GBI agents found a handgun inside a container in the driver’s area.” (1183)

Pictures today are from The Library of Congress.











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1179 Andrew Thomas Finch was going to be the story of the week in the Killed By Police series. However, the story keeps getting bigger, and weirder. There are enough notes now to justify a stand alone story. Pictures today are from The Library of Congress.

Andrew Thomas Finch “is dead after being shot by a Wichita police officer who was investigating a call of a possible homicide and hostage situation at the corner of Seneca and McCormick on Thursday night. Deputy Police Chief Troy Livingston said police received a called of a shooting at around 6:15 p.m. “It was a shooting call involving hostages,” he said. “The original call, we were told someone had an argument with their mother and dad was accidentally shot. And now that person was holding mother, brother and sister hostage. We learned through that call that a father was deceased, and had been shot in the head. That was the information we were working off of.” Officers went to the 1000 block of McCormick, preparing for a hostage situation, he said. “A male came to the front door, as he came to the front door, one of our officers discharged his weapon,” Livingston said. … When officers got inside the house, they didn’t find anyone with gunshot wounds, Livingston said.”

“Online gamers have said in multiple Twitter posts that the shooting of a man Thursday night by Wichita police was the result of a “swatting” prank involving two gamers. Swatting is an internet prank where someone makes a call to a police department with a false story of an ongoing crime – often with killing or hostages involved – in an attempt to draw a large number of police officers to a particular address. The prank has gained traction across the country with online gamers. Those who try to cause the swatting incident will use caller ID spoofing or other techniques to disguise their number as being local. Or they call local non-emergency numbers instead of 911 …”

@vNatsu_ “So this is what happened on this “swatting” between baperize/Baperizer or what the fuckever. And miruhcle/7alent and the swatter. If you are confused just ask me and i can clear it up.” @OMGLove “Someone tried swatting someone over an argument over a $1 wager. Swatted the wrong house and an innocent man got killed. WHAT IS WRONG WITH OUR COMMUNITY? WOW :|” @Parasite “Unbelievable, two kids in the community got in a verbal dispute and thought it would be funny to swat each other which resulted in an innocent man being killed by police officers responding to the swat calling. Disgusted.” @_Cuvey “Actual thing that happened between the whole swatting and Baperizer situation* RT to spread awareness”

Lisa Finch, mother of the deceased, tells her story This is tough to listen to. After Mr. Finch was shot, the police handcuffed his mother, and forced her to step over her son’s body. She then went outside, without having a chance to put her shoes on.

Police release ‘swatting’ call, video of man being shot to death as a result of hoax “At 6:18 p.m., an officer working at City Hall received a call from an unknown man who said there was a disturbance with his father. When dispatchers spoke with the caller, he said he got into an argument with his mother and shot his father. “They were arguing and I shot him in the head, and he’s not breathing anymore,” the caller said. Asked if he had any weapons on him, the caller said, “Yeah I do.” He then said he was standing by his mother’s closet holding a black handgun. “I’m just pointing the gun at them, making sure they stay in the closet,” the caller said. When the dispatcher asked if he could put the gun down, he said no. He then made further threats. “I already poured gasoline all over the house, I might just set it on fire,” he told the dispatcher. “Do you have my address correct?” “It’s giving me anxiety, making me paranoid,” he said. When the dispatcher asked if the man was white, black, Asian or Hispanic, heavy breathing could be heard. Then the call disconnected. ” (Is it a good idea to fire on a house that is soaked in gasoline?)

As officers arrived to 1033 W. McCormick, Livingston said they were prepared for a hostage situation and were posted on the east, west and north sides of the house. However, there was no hostage situation and family members of the man shot — identified by family as Andrew “Andy” Finch — said he doesn’t play video games. His mother, Lisa Finch, said Finch saw police lights outside, and opened the door to see what happened. She heard him scream, then said she heard one shot fired. … “Officers gave him several verbal commands to put his hands up and walk towards them. The male complied for a very short time and then put his hands back down to his waist. The officers continued to give him verbal commands to put his hands up, and he lowered them again. “The male then turned towards the officers on the east side of the residence, lowered his hands to the waistband again, then suddenly pulled them back up towards those officers at the east. “The officers on the north side of the street feared the male pulled a weapon from his waistband, retrieved a gun and was in the process of pointing it at the officers to the east. Fearing for those officers’ safety, the officer on the north side fired one round.” Officers removed four people from the house and then searched it. They discovered there were no hostages or deceased people, Livingston said. Emergency medical crews were standing nearby, he said. “They can’t go in and treat somebody until the house is cleared and made safe,” he said. “An individual was shot at 6:47 and was at the hospital in about 17 minutes.”

“Los Angeles police arrested a 25-year-old man in a suspected “swatting” hoax 911 call in Kansas that ended in the fatal police shooting of an unarmed man. The LAPD took Tyler Raj Barriss of Los Angeles into custody in that city on Friday afternoon, on a fugitive warrant stemming from the Thursday evening incident in Kansas, a spokesman for the Los Angeles Police Department said.”

Mr. Barriss “resided at a transitional recovery center in south Los Angeles. … In October 2015, Barriss was arrested in connection with making a Bomb threat​ to ABC Studios​ in Glendale, California​.” His twitter handle was @SWAuTistic. The account has been suspended.

Mr. Barriss gave a remarkable interview on youtube. The voice is similar to the one in the 911 call. In the video, Mr. Barriss admits to making the “evacuation” call, but denies responsibility for the death of Mr. Finch. Mr. Barriss was at the library when he got the message, asking him to “evacuate.”

This video might be up for very long, but it is worth watching. In an ironic touch, the video was interrupted four minutes in for a commercial. The music for the commercial was “Singing in the Rain.” This song was featured in “A Clockwork Orange.”

Milo Gets Edited

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LBGlass - 043z






Milo Yiannopoulos is getting attention again. It seems as though the the editor’s notes for his book have been leaked to the press. Many of the comments are unkind. If you have ever wanted to see bad writing dissected and disembowled, this is the time. PuffHo, which knows a thing or two about recycling free product, has a helpful list of some of the zingers. “No need to drag the lesbians into this!” “Three unfunny jokes in a row. DELETE.” “This is definitely not the place for more of your narcissism.” “So much inappropriate humor is irritating.” “Can you really prove a causality between [Black Lives Matter] and crime rate?” “DELETE UGH.” “Too much ego.”

Two things should be noted. Milo did not actually write Dangerous. Miloproduct is produced by a crew of interns. One of these drones got in trouble: Milo Yiannopoulos Speaks Out About ‘Bonkers’ Former Intern Arrested for Murdering Dad. Nobody seems to know who gets the copyright credit, or blame, for Dangerous. It might be a good trivia question.

@DALIAMALEK “Simon & Schuster: We were ready to give Milo’s perfectly acceptable racism a voice, but it was poorly written & structured Twitter: Look at the witty editor that worked to normalize white supremacy slaaayyy” Some people think Milo’s book was cancelled for moral reasons, like being politically incorrect or badly written. Actually, the deal was trashed after Milo opened his mouth once too often, and became too controversial.

Simon & Schuster is not opposed to selling bad books to make money. In 1981, S&S published HOW TO STAND UP FOR YOUR RIGHTS— AND WIN! This tome was written by Roy Cohn, who probably would have thought Milo was too old. The NYT review notes “Despite his reputation as a playboy bachelor, Mr. Cohn believes that a marriage should be ”kept intact” if there are children.”

Chamblee54 has written about whatshisname one two three four five six seven times. The pictures are usually better than the text. In one episode, Bill Maher said “Stop looking at the distractions and the clown show and look at what matters.” Then, without a trace of embarassment, Mr. Maher introduced Milo, who is both distraction and clown show.

The first time chamblee54 wrote about Milo had a prophetic quote. “This is the first time many have heard of Milo Yiannopoulos. Unfortunately, it probably will not be the last. He authored a piece at Breitbart, where he said “Trump’s critics have accused him of being over-the-top in his response. Surely, say his critics, insulting a rival’s wife for being too ugly is simply crass, classless, and rude. I agree. It’s all of those things. But that’s a good thing. … In the process, he’s certainly lowering the tone — but it badly needs to be lowered. Only by totally ignoring people’s feelings can we end the left’s culture of grievance, offense, and victimhood. …”

@FrankConniff “The editor’s comments on Milo Yiannopoulos’ manuscript were harsh, but if Milo had been willing to take constructive criticism, the result could have been a whimsically racist book that everybody loved.” Many of the naysayers are calling Milo, and his product, racist. This is a reflex action to many SJW, who seldom miss an opportunity to scream racism. The ironic thing is that Milo talks loudly, and often, about his fondness for black men. (Those who talk the most do the least.) On page 96, Milo says “”I love black people. Indeed, I love black people so much that my Grindr profile once said “No Whites.” I’d considered “Coloreds Only Served in Rear,” but that was a little too edgy, and Grindr once deleted my profile once for writing: “Don’t contact me if you’re under seven inches or you know who your dad is.”

Hopefully, Milo’s fifteen minutes will be over soon. There will always someone else to call racist. Pictures today are from “The Special Collections and Archives, Georgia State University Library”.









#ReallyBadSafeWords Part Two

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Bowel Games

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The story below is a repost from 2013. The Dawgs® had a good year, and are in the final four. The pictures are from The Library of Congress .

The Georgia Bulldogs beat somebody’s Aggies in Shreveport, Louisiana last night. The affair is something called the Independence Bowl. The Fishwrapper has an ad for a casino-hotel-spa. The link no longer works. Athens can go back to creating a school the football team can be proud of.

This is the season of bowl games. A few years ago, any town with a stadium, and a chamber of commerce, could get a bowl game. Any school with .500 season could go to a bowl, many of whom now had grafted on corporate names. There was, literally, the poulon weedeater bowl holiday classic.

What follows is a story PG read in Sports Illustrated when he was a kid. There is no source, and there is a slight possibility that it is not true.

In the sixties, NBC had a new years day triple header of bowl games. The sugar bowl was followed by the rose bowl was followed by the orange bowl. Hangovers and national championships were fixed in one day. NBC made handsome profits.

An Olympic committee had a meeting one day, to determine who would telecast the upcoming games. The man from NBC went in, with charts, and promises of money for the amateur athletes. The presentation from NBC centered on the january first triple header, the sugar bowl, the rose bowl, and the orange bowl.

Another network won the bid to telecast the games. After the meeting, an Olympics official had a private conversation with the NBC man. The committee felt that their emphasis on the bowel games was in bad taste.








Hollywood Babylon

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PG recently read Hollywood Babylon: The Legendary Underground Classic of Hollywood’s Darkest and Best Kept Secrets. It was the second time read the book. A yard sale last summer had a deluxe edition on sale. The man asked PG how much he thought it should cost. “If you are going by the amount of truth in it, the price should be a nickel.” In a fit of synchronicity, PG was on his way to a party, “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”. This is a repost.

HB is highly entertaining, despite those troubling concerns about the facts. The cover has an NSFW picture of Jayne Mansfield, where the top of her dress serves as a display case for her boobies. HB goes all TMI about the death of Miss Mansfield, but it is a model of good taste compared to Find a death. The *bottom line* is that Jayne Mansfield was not decapitated in that auto accident.

While asking Mr. Google whose jugs adorned the cover of HB, this article came up: Satan and Mummified Psychics: A Kenneth Anger Marathon at Sweat Records Tonight. Someone with too much free time was promoting an evening of the short films of Kenneth Anger. Mr. Anger, born Kenneth Wilbur Anglemyer, has the copyright credit for HB. PG suspects that other scribes helped out. In some parts, the prose is purpler than in others. Of course, when writing about Hollywood, it is fitting that a committee produced a book filled with lies.

The Miami story disputes the notion that Kenneth Anger was a child star. “Almost exactly 83 years, 7 months, and 21 days ago, a little boy named Anger was born in Santa Monica, California. (Actually, the kid’s birth name was Kenneth Wilbur Anglemyer.) He attended a school for child stars, did dance steps with Shirley Temple, and minced about as the changeling prince in the 1935 Warner Bros. movie version of A Midsummer Night’s Dream. But all that might be bullshit. There’s not much documentation of Anger’s alleged child star days. The one legit source that seems to corroborate the claim is Mickey Rooney. He played Puck in A Midsummer Night’s Dream and he says Anger’s mommy dressed him up as the girl named “Sheila Brown” who officially played the Changeling Prince.”

A website called managed to snag an interview with Kenneth Anger. The introduction has this story. “He went on to recount the time Kenneth showed up at fellow director and mutual friend Curtis Harrington’s funeral at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery wearing a black raincoat, eyeliner, and fingernail polish. His shirt was opened to his navel, revealing the giant lucifer tattoo emblazoned across his chest, and he was accompanied by a boyish photographer who took pictures as Kenneth kissed Curtis’s corpse before its cremation. Before he was ejected from the premises, Kenneth handed John a small plastic vampire figurine that contained mint candies inside, clarifying its original use by saying, “It’s actually a dispenser for tickle-ribbed rubbers.”

The interview had a few high moments. VICE But it did attract the attention of sexologist Alfred Kinsey, whom you befriended. Did he encourage your work?

KA Yes. Kinsey was doing interviews for his book Sexual Behavior in the Human Male, and I don’t know… What if you are not human? The title is kind of awkward, but that was what he called his research book. He was basically a biologist, an expert on wasps, of all things. When he came to LA to do interviews, I met him. He came to see Fireworks at the Coronet Theatre at a midnight showing, and he wanted to buy a print for his collection at Indiana University. I agreed, and that was the first copy I ever sold. But I remained good friends with him until the end of his life.

VICE Do you have a favorite star from this era?

KA I love the career of Rudolph Valentino, who died at 31 and had an amazing trajectory in that short time. His life continues to fascinate me.

VICE Do you continue to find new information?

KA I have plenty of information on him. There are facts, and then there is gossip. I go for the facts, but I will listen to the gossip. [smiles]

VICE Your willingness to sift through the gossip was a point of contention with some people when Hollywood Babylon was published, especially after its second printing. Some have accused you of muckraking, and others have even gone further and claim that it contains factual inaccuracies.

KA Well, I’ve never been sued…

VICE In other words, your detractors can’t prove it.

KA No one ever came up to me and said, “Well, you made the whole thing up.” Because I didn’t.

HB is a fun book, with great pictures. The stories are mostly lies, but this is Hollywood we are talking about. With its continued popularity, there will be plenty of copies at yard sales and used book stores.
Pictures are from “The Special Collections and Archives, Georgia State University Library”.
This feature presentation was written like Kurt Vonnegut.