Who is PG?

PG is a Zorlack. This tribe of morphodidic questagonals migrated to earth from the native planet of Thrunombulax. The time of this migration is not certain, as Zorlactites do not recognize earth based systems of measuring time.

The migration from Thrunombulax to Earth was an event of great trauma. There was an ecological catastrophe on Thrunombulax, similar to a nuclear war on Earth. The families that got out were privileged, and expect to be treated as though they were privileged characters.

Zorlacks have been the object of prejudice in every solar system and asteroid belt they have inhabited. On earth, the prejudice is fairly mild. Earth creatures are infamous in the universe for their hatred of each other. Zorlacks can fit in here without causing too much of a stir.

On Thrunombulax, there is no distinction between G-d and Man. The two are seen as part of the same continuum. The Zorlacks are amused by the belief systems that make this distinction. Some Earth people like to think that their religious ideas are universal. This is a source of derision in galaxies and black holes alike.

PG and the author of Chamblee54 are not certain how they met. The author suspects that he may indeed be a Zorlack, but the idea is too awful to contemplate. His friends are used to his ranting, and just accept it as the way he is.

The human race could learn much from the Zorlacks. The mere fact of their transportation from a planet forty four light years away, to land on the green Earth, is a source of wonder. Green is similar to a Zorlack color that is identified with untreated waste. Thrunombulax is a color and texture close to the Sun. The Zorlacks that tried to land on the Sun got a rude surprise.

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  1. biochicklet said, on February 27, 2014 at 8:10 am

    Found this PG reference after the fact (my question). Did you read this in a Big Book somewhere or did it come as a “vision”. I am just kidding. Your comment that we know only what the Bible says about Jesus. Have you read the “Third Jesus” by Deepok Chopra? He does such a nice job of explaining how acting loving towards others (as Jesus’s words preached) can be incorporated into a Hindu, Buddhist or Atheist lifestyle.

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