Willie and the Senator

Posted in Uncategorized by chamblee54 on February 27, 2008

01-restricted06.jpg02-magbrik016.jpgSomething Something happened at a John McCain rally Tuesday. Radio “Personality” Bill Cunningham spoke before Senator McCain. “Willie” said some unkind things about Senator Barack Obama. After the rally, Senator McCain repudiated the comments by Mr. Cunningham.
To begin with, let me voice my suspicion. This may have been a strategic move by Senator McCain. If he hadn’t made comments about the comments, the original comments would have been ignored. As it is, these rude charges against Senator Obama are reprinted verbatim in hundreds of newspapers. Not only did he get attention paid to this dirt; he can appear to be taking the high road about wanting to have a clean campaign.

Or, it could be that he is sincere. The desire to have a clean campaign, and be able to work together after the election for the common good. If he were sincere, this would speak very well for Senator McCain.
Then there is the “Conservative” reaction to all this.
Rightwingnews opines:
“Incidents like this one are exactly why so many conservatives loathe John McCain: the man is reflexively hostile to conservatives who support him while he bends over backwards to cater to liberals who think he’s two steps away from being Hitler merely because he’s a Republican.”
And over the top rhetoric like that are exactly why so many people are tired of conservatives.
I consider myself an independent moderate, who is tired of labels and pigeonholing. I have no time for the tit for tat, two- wrongs-make-a-right rhetoric spewing out of wingnut world.

Now, I have plenty of Issues with Senator McCain, as well as Senator Clinton and Senator Obama. (Is this the redo of Mod Squad?). I suspect that all three are clueless as to how to deal with the war in Babylon, as well as repairing the rest of the damage done by the reign of W. However, a call for clean campaigning does look mighty good for Senator McCain. Maybe he could find Reagan’s hairdresser and dye his hair premature orange.
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