Oscar Wilde

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October 16 is Oscar Wilde’s birthday. On that day in 1854, he appeared in Dublin, Ireland. He is one of the most widely quoted people in the english language. Some of those quotes are real. Since he was a published author, it should be easy to verify what he really said. This birthday celebration is a repost, with pictures from The Library of Congress.

One night in 1974, PG was talking to someone, and did not know who Oscar Wilde was. The conversational partner was horrified. PG became educated, and learned about a misunderstanding with the Marquess of Queensberry. Soon the “Avenge Oscar Wilde” signs made sense.

Mr. Wilde once made a speaking tour in the United States. One afternoon, in Washington D.C., the playwright met Walt Whitman. Thee and thou reportedly did the “Wilde thing”.

The tour then went to Georgia. A young black man had been hired as a valet for Mr. Wilde on this tour. On the train ride from Atlanta to Augusta, some people told Mr. Wilde that he could not ride in the same car as the valet. This was very confusing.

After his various legal difficulties, Oscar Wilde moved to Paris. He took ill, while staying in a tacky hotel. He looked up, and said “either that wallpaper goes, or I do”. Soon, Oscar Wilde passed away.











Commitment To Lassitude

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display of a link on this page is not an indication of approval ~ Trump plans to halt subsidies to health insurers, further undermining Obamacare ~ KimKierkegaardashian‏ @KimKierkegaard MILF party tonight! Our depravity is not pleasure or indulgence or sensuality, but a dissolute pantheistic contempt for the individual man ~ The 15 Most Dangerous Cities in the United States ~ Melania Trump hits back at Ivana for calling herself the ‘first lady’ ~ This Food Poisoning Expert Revealed The 6 Things He Refuses To Eat ~ ‘Senseless killing’: Slain Georgia detective shot; felon captured after manhunt ~ @espn Ditka: George Halas “throws around nickels like manhole covers.” ~ We won’t be rebuilding Houston any time soon ~ When the speech condemns a free press…(Spurious Quotation) ~ Police: Woman kills daughter’s fiancé at family breakfast ~ CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Men brutally beat customer inside gas station ~ Fake money leads to deadly shooting over cocaine deal, police say ~ I could not grieve Las Vegas because I have run out of tears for white death ~ Billy Sipple did two tours of duty in Vietnam, and was living on disability in San Francisco. In 1975, he stopped a lady from killing President Gerald Ford. A day later, Harvey Milk outed Billy Sipple. Mr. Sipple became persona non grata to his family. Mr. Sipple, who already had major alcohol problems, died a lonely drunk in 1989. Thirty people, mostly media, attended his funeral. Happy coming out day. ~ Father planned murder of 2-week-old, investigators say ~ @chrisstewartesq Shocking 2nd video of the shooting of @GeorgiaTech student #scoutschultz. Video clearly shows shot unjustified ~ Georgia Tech Shooting (Clear View) 9/17/2017 ~ Denver agrees to pay Alonzo Ashley’s family over 2011 death at zoo ~ A black man goes undercover in the alt-right ~ KIRKUS REVIEW ~ LBJ ~ Trying to discuss hard gender issues with Conservatives ~ Man shot twice outside gay Atlanta bar in Midtown ~ A Nigger and an Uncle Tom ~ The Root’s Clapback Mailbag: The Whitest Email of All Time ~ The story of the angry, ugly, fat, black woman ~ 4 way rules ~ 15 wild words to describe the natural world Gussock, Wolf-light, Ootrogue, Roarie-bummler, Hot-spong, ConkerbellMurmuration, Holloway, Donkey, Shivelight and shadowtackle, Doomfire, Smeuse, Hell-kettle, Zawn, Gall-shíon ~ #JameleHill works for a media company She is proposing a boycott of advertisers These are the people who pay her salary The lady is nuts ~ Do any of those boycotted advertisers buy ads on ESPN? ~ The fact that you have to sign in with Zuckerworld to take this test says something. The spell check suggestion for Zuckerworld is Underworld. ~ without false equivalencies there would be no internet ~ @JoeHero Jemele Hill is a good example of what is wrong with America. People with influential positions that are to stupid to know right from wrong. ~ Too bad John Osshole was such a horrible candidate. ~ how would you like to be an account executive for @espn right now? #JameleHill ~ Did the USA team stand for the national anthem before being eliminated from the world cup? ~ what does it say about our culture to have comedians as important opinion leaders? ~ #johnkelly is trending this follows a pattern the rumors arise during the week the ax drops friday afternoon ~ Maybe it is none of your business whether I am, or am not, #racist. Maybe you should be more concerned about your own racial values. ~ religion, and religion commentary, inspires many inappropriate uses of superlatives ~ TextsFromLastNight‏ @TFLN (217): She woke up with her hand super glued to the fridge….how the hell am I Supposed to get her off?? ~ nico icon ~ Delightful Definitions: 8 Words and Phrases We Should Use Again salad days, swivet, oleaginous, dorbellist, schadenfreude, politicaster, struthious, gruntle ~ If you can remember that era, you weren’t really there. ~ Talent is knowing when to quit making changes ~ Gussock, Wolf-light, Ootrogue, Roarie-bummler, Hot-spong, ConkerbellMurmuration, Holloway, Donkey, Shivelight and shadowtackle, Doomfire, Smeuse, Hell-kettle, Zawn, Gall-shíon ~ @MollyCocktail Think about it – every single corpse on Mt. Everest was once a highly motivated person. Stay lazy my friends. @SlavojTweezek I usually don’t, you know, go in for inspirational bullshit and so on. But this profound insight has renewed my commitment to lassitude. ~ Just because you are mean, does not mean that you are right
Here is the poem I read last night at Java Monkey:

#aduckwalksintoabar waddle it be ~ sends pretty lady unwanted duck pic
self medication for the mallardy ~ get a quack fix from heron dealer nick
a general keeps his army up his sleevey ~ whats red smells like blue paint red paint kiss
to hurt lady gaga poker face jubilee ~ goodbye boiling water you will be mist
a dyslexic duck walks into a bra ~ gets hammered skips out on his bill
i don’t know the tune but i’ll wing it raw ~ its donald duck not donald trump chill
watermelons marry they cant elope ~ didn’t like my beard but it grew on me
are the frogs all high they are smoking croak ~ what kind of bee makes milk? a boo bee

pictures are from The Library of Congress. ~ selah

Killed By Police Last Week

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This is the start of a feature at chamblee54. The idea is to look at the police killings on a daily basis, and report once a week. The source used will be Killed By Police. This is a spreadsheet, with links given to media coverage. Pictures today are by The Library of Congress.

October 8 – October 14 saw fifteen citizens killed by police in the United States. Thirteen of the victims were, apparently, men, while two were women. Four of the victims were white, three were black, and in the other cases, the race could not be determined. In five cases (932 934 936 938 944) the victim showed a weapon to the police officer. In three cases (937 942 943) the victim fired at the police. Three cases might be labeled as suspicious.

Suspected DUI Driver Fatally Shot by Police in Torrance After Pursuit “A person described as a reckless driver who was suspected of being under the influence was fatally shot by police after a pursuit in Torrance early Saturday. The incident was reported about 2:10 a.m., when Torrance police officers tried to stop a suspected DUI driver along Pacific Coast Highway and Hawthorne Boulevard, authorities said in a news release. Police attempted a PIT maneuver on the driver, but eventually opened fire in the 2900 block of Sepulveda Boulevard, according to the news release.”

Yuba deputies involved in fatal shooting of person barricaded in Olivehurst attic “The incident started early Friday after Yuba County deputies responded to a call of a residential burglary … Once deputies arrived, they found signs of forced entry at the home’s garage and could hear someone in the attic … They attempted to talk the person down from the attic until about 7:30 a.m., when deputies then decided to deploy a canine to help take the suspect into custody. A minute later, they announced that shots had been fired at the home.”

Shots fired at man after he tried to hit van driven by Biloxi officer, police say “Around 7:53, we got a shoplifting call from the Home Depot and the suspect fled the store,” Biloxi Police Major Chris De Back said. He said the suspect was a 61-year-old man driving a maroon Dodge Ram pickup, and officers tried to pull him over for a traffic stop but the man fled. “He was stopped again and there was an altercation and officers attempted to use a stun gun on him and he escaped again and shots were fired. The man tried to hit an unmarked gray van driven by a police officer who happened to be in the area. The officer heard the pursuit over his radio and was trying to assist … The truck came to rest in the parking lot of Popp’s Ferry Sales and Service. It appeared to have crashed into a forklift.”

The video of the week is from a Miami Beach incident, Witnesses: Woman shot by Miami Beach police after she slammed her car into a cop. “Police Chief Daniel Oates said the incident started at about 6:15 p.m., when a woman driving a black BMW westbound on 12th Street hit a Mercedes with two men inside at Collins Avenue after running a red light. An officer who was nearby on foot because he was part of additional patrols for the weekend tried to get her to stop, but she accelerated and hit him, throwing him off his feet, Oates said. Another officer then opened fire. The driver lost control and then struck a parked white SUV on the east corner of 12th Street and Washington Avenue. Oates said “one or more rounds” hit the woman, who later died at Jackson Memorial Hospital. … The officer who was struck suffered lacerations to the body and loss of consciousness, according to Miami Beach Fire. He was in stable condition and alert late Sunday,”

Woman dies after being tased by deputies is the case of the week. The Arkansas incident was reported by the New York Post. “Regina Twist, 36, of Hot Springs, died early Sunday after attending a Saturday evening barbecue at a friend’s house near Springfield, 40 miles northwest of Little Rock. The woman visited regularly for weekend gatherings and had never shown similar behavior, according to the grandmother of the cookout’s host, who lives on the same property. “Everything was fine, then about 3 o’clock in the morning she got up and went into the bathroom,” Nancy Hannum said. “When she came out, she was like a mad woman.”

According to Conway County officials, the woman broke windows at the host’s home, prompting him to call for deputies. Once outside, she began tearing up the inside of her own car. “She was fighting everyone,” Hannum said. “She would say, ‘Call the cops,’ and we’d tell her, ‘These are the cops.’” Hannum said deputies spent 30-45 minutes trying to talk her out of her car before she pulled out some type of knife. “That’s when he tased her,” Hannum said. “That didn’t affect her at all, then they got her with the Mace.” Deputies grabbed the woman by her arms after she dropped the knife outside her car, then handcuffed her, according to Hannum. Once she fell quiet, the deputies realized something was wrong and attempted to resuscitate her, Hannum said. … Sheriff Mike Smith would not speculate on whether alcohol or some other substance made the woman act irrationally. Twist was pronounced dead at a Morrilton hospital and her body was sent to the state Crime Lab for an autopsy. State police said Monday that toxicology tests can take weeks.” Funeral arrangements for Regina Kay Twist, July 13, 1981 – October 8, 2017, were by Gross Funeral Home, Hot Springs, AR.

Four Way Rules

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This is a double repost . These two features have been repeated before , with text added. Whether the text adds value is a judgement question. For today’s entertainment, the added value text will be included. Historic pictures today are from“The Special Collections and Archives, Georgia State University Library”. This was written like David Foster Wallace

Two features, posted two times each, is four. These two features are about rules for living, that come in groups of four. There is a symmetry about four. Four Beatles, Four seasons, four corners, four elements. This number is a homonym partner with for and fore.

When PG was a kid, his grandmother lived in a side apartment, in a house on Virginia Avenue. The owner of the house was Mrs. Stuckey. (PG never learned her “real” name, and assumed that checks were made out to Mrs.) There was a framed piece of paper in Mrs. Stuckey’s hall. The top said “The Four-Way Test of the things we think, say or do” , and featured the logo of the Rotary Club. The four rules were simple, on the surface.
Is it the TRUTH?//Is it FAIR to all Concerned?//Will it build GOODWILL and BETTER FRIENDSHIPS?//Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?
The four way test was written by Herbert J. Taylor. In 1932, Mr.Taylor took over the bankrupt Club Aluminum Company of Chicago. Trying to revive the company during the depression, Mr. Taylor wrote a code of ethics, that would be the basis for the company’s actions.

Many said that the four way test was not practical for the business world. The balancing of integrity and ambition can be daunting. It was said that
“This emphasis on truth, fairness and consideration provide a moral diet so rich that it gives some people “ethical indigestion.”
PG maintains that fair is a baseball hit between first and third base. Sometimes, the umpire makes the wrong call. In the “real world”, the different points of view in a dispute make rendering a fair judgment a difficult task, if not an impossible one.

There is a story about the revival of Club Aluminum.
” One day, the sales manager announced a possible order for 50,000 utensils. Sales were low and the company was still struggling at the bankruptcy level. The senior managers certainly needed and wanted that sale, but there was a hitch. The sales manager learned that the potential customer intended to sell the products at cut-rate prices. “That wouldn’t be fair to our regular dealers who have been advertising and promoting our product consistently,” he said. In one of the toughest decisions the company made that year, the order was turned down. There was no question this transaction would have made a mockery out of The Four-Way Test the company professed to live by.”
How did the sales manager learn of the intentions of this buyer? Was he tipped off by one of the “regular customers” who feared competition? Was this “regular customer” lying? Many inspirational stories leave out crucial details.

As it turns out, Club Aluminum did sell enough product to emerge from bankruptcy.
“By 1937, Club Aluminum’s indebtedness was paid off and during the next 15 years, the firm distributed more than $1 million in dividends to its stockholders. Its net worth climbed to more than $2 million.”
Club Aluminum cookware was cast, not spun. It is heavy, and is a prized collectors item today. As for the Club Aluminum company
” Standard International Corporation bought it in 1968. Regalware made and marketed Club Aluminum for a while, but went out of business in the mid-1980s. The brand name was eventually obtained by the Mirro Company.”
This is a repost. Philosophy and rules for living is always a crowd pleaser. Whether or not you practice what you preach is beside the point.

There is a story above. A company, facing bankruptcy, turned down a huge order because of concerns about how the product would be resold. Today, this seems quaint. Today, the moral thing to do would be to take the order, keep your factory busy, and not worry how it was going to be resold. While some pretend that moral rules are unchanging, the truth is that they do change with the times.

This reminds PG of a story from his days as a blueprinter. With ammonia developed prints, every print is fed by hand, and you have the option to adjust the speed of the machine. Slower prints mean less background, which to some is a higher quality print. (This is not an issue with digital printing. Some change is indeed progress.)

The company PG worked for was affiliated with a small, family run company in a neighboring city. This company was run by an old fashioned lady, who insisted on adjusting every print to get the perfect background. This was different from the company PG worked for, which ran large jobs for the big city market. To his customers, quality meant getting an acceptable print, DELIVERED ON TIME. Who had the higher standards? Maybe that is a question for the customer to judge.






These thoughts are for you to use. They were articulated by a man named Don Miguel Ruiz. They are called the Four Agreements. . HT to activecitizen54..

PG does not claim to live up to these ideals. Number two is especially tough for him. The main thing is to try, and to always do your best. This is not about what you believe or think, it is about what you do.

agreement 1–Be impeccable with your word – Speak with integrity. Say only what you mean. Avoid using the word to speak against yourself or to gossip about others. Use the power of your word in the direction of truth and love.

agreement 2–Don’t take anything personally – Nothing others do is because of you. What others say and do is a projection of their own reality, their own dream. When you are immune to the opinions and actions of others, you won’t be the victim of needless suffering.

agreement 3–Don’t make assumptions – Find the courage to ask questions and to express what you really want. Communicate with others as clearly as you can to avoid misunderstandings, sadness and drama. With just this one agreement, you can completely transform your life.

agreement 4–Always do your best – Your best is going to change from moment to moment; it will be different when you are healthy as opposed to sick. Under any circumstance, simply do your best, and you will avoid self-judgment, self-abuse and regret.






Romans 1

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Pauline Kael, Gina James, And James Broughton

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Pauline Kael was the rockstar film critic. James Broughton was the radical faerie poet laureate. They were lovers, and had a daughter, Gina James. Pauline and James were not married, contrary to what some naysayers would tell you. This is a repost.

Much of the information in this feature is taken from online reviews of Pauline Kael: A Life in the Dark, a 2012 biography written by Brian Kellow. Gina James, also known as Gina Broughton, was not interviewed for the book. Neither did she participate in the making of Big Joy, a movie about James Broughton. (A wig store, Gina Beauty Supply is located at 25 W Broughton St, Savannah, GA 31401.)

Pauline Kael was born June 19, 1919, Petaluma, CA, died September 3, 2001, Great Barrington, MA, and stood 4 feet 9 inches tall. James Broughton was born November 10, 1913, Modesto, CA, and died May 17, 1999, Port Townsend, WA. Neither one had a middle name. Both used their birth name throughout life. Both had lives, before meeting in the late forties.

When she met James Broughton, Miss Kael was living what would later be called the bohemian life. After moving to New York, and being dumped for composer Samuel Barber, Miss Kael moved back to California. “Returning to the Bay Area with her tail between her legs in 1945, Pauline became involved with the incredibly effeminate avant-garde filmmaker James Broughton. He managed to impregnate Pauline but threw her out as soon as she told him, whereupon she moved to Santa Barbara to give birth to her daughter, Gina, in 1948″

“Like her early career, Kael’s personal life was also fraught with failures. Kellow says “she had a habit of falling for gay men” earlier in her life because “they tended to share her passions and enthusiasms.” She had a daughter … with one of them, experimental filmmaker James Broughton.”

“For a time, during the 1940s, he lived with future film critic Pauline Kael. She encouraged his filmmaking endeavors but their relationship ended after she got pregnant. … Pauline Kael thought that Broughton made the biggest mistake of his life when he turned down a studio film after winning the prize at Cannes.” (Apparently Mr. Broughton was from a wealthy family, and could afford this attitude. Regarding his movie The Bed, Mr. Broughton said “It was the only film I created that ever made any money.”)

“Which brings us to the strange tale of Pauline’s only child, Gina James. … In 1948, at age 29, Kael got pregnant after she “talked her way into moving in” with James Broughton, a bisexual poet living in Sausalito. By Kellow’s account, Broughton was furious at the news of Kael’s pregnancy; he felt trapped and tricked by her. One of Broughton’s friends reported that he kicked Kael out of his house. She moved to Santa Barbara to have the baby. The birth certificate listed the father as “Lionel James, a writer”. It is one of the disappointments of the book that Kellow shines little light on Kael’s passion — or whatever it was — for Broughton, on how she processed that cruel rejection and on whether Broughton ever recognized Gina as his daughter.”

James Broughton moved on with his life. He made experimental films, got married, and fathered two more children. At some point he met Joel Singer, and began the romance that would last the rest of his life. It is tough to say whether he was genuinely bisexual, or whether he was playing the role society expected of him.

This review of Big Joy continues: “But interviews with Singer, waxing poetic about his years with the artist, are balanced by reminiscences from Broughton’s ex-wife and his abandoned son. Rather than only celebrating silliness, I found it admirable that the directors didn’t gloss over the pain he caused his wife and children. After all, when you think about it, he spent all of his life unable to decide if he was gay or straight; leaving a lot of broken hearts in his wake.

We learn from Kael that he flirted with everyone he met. “He rode off into the sunset with some guy,” his wife, Suzanna Hart tells us. “That was very sad for me, but not for him, which was…very irritating.” In her segments, Hart keeps her emotions in check but you can clearly read the sadness and anger in her face. The son doesn’t have much good to say about his absent father and the two daughters (the first by Kael and the second by Hart) both refused to be interviewed for the film. Singer has a lot to say about their blissful decades together, but he also comes off a bit heartless when he shows no guilt over breaking up what he calls Broughton’s “loveless” marriage.”

The baby daddy leaves, and the struggling writer becomes a single mom. “… Kael’s relationship with her actual daughter was something out of a Tennessee Williams play, and not in a good way. Kael home-schooled Gina and, as the girl grew up, kept her close, as a typist, projectionist, driver and right-hand man, and she banished any friend who actively encouraged the young woman to break out on her own. Though she was in many ways a loving and committed mother, helping to raise Gina’s son and always living nearby, one senses a Gothic selfishness in her mothering.”

Gina James declined to talk with Kellow for his book, but the author says Kael and her daughter had a sort of symbiotic relationship. “Pauline did not type, Pauline did not drive — Gina performed both those functions for her. And Gina was a very good critic of Pauline. She got to see Pauline’s copy before anyone else did and she often had very, very important and influential things to say. But Pauline really wasn’t wild about the idea of Gina breaking away and having her own life apart from her, and she didn’t do anything really to encourage her in that direction as far as I can see.”

Amazon one star comment: And her poor daughter – what a fate – TYPING all that. Poor Gina, — I can see her – Kellow described sitting silently in some coffee shop while her mother raved on and ON with her pet directors.

An affair with the experimental filmmaker James Broughton produced a child, Gina, whom Kael raised by herself, Mildred Pierce–like, heroically supporting them with a number of odd jobs, including running a laundry. Gina’s heart condition required expensive surgery, and Kael ended up enticing Edward Landberg, the owner of a local art-house theater, Berkeley Cinema Guild. They had begun as co-programmers. As Landberg tells it: “One day, when I was over at her place, I happened to graze her breast with my hand, and she kind of looked up and said, ‘What have you got to lose?’” Their marriage proved a fiasco, but Landberg agreed to pay for Gina’s operation, which Kellow suspects had been Kael’s motive all along…. Kellow shows more independence in assessing Kael’s treatment of her daughter Gina, whose ambitions to become a dancer or a painter she did little to encourage, preferring to keep her on “a silver cord . . . she had also grown accustomed to the steady, dependable role that Gina played—as secretary, driver, reader, sounding board—and she was loath to give her up.” Gina, for her part, was mistrustful of the dynamic she witnessed between Kael and her acolytes.“

“The closest and longest-lasting partnership of her life was with her daughter, Gina James … James considered speaking to Kellow, but finally declined, leaving a blank space at the center of this otherwise vividly detailed biography. Gina lived with her mother till she was over 30, typed up her reviews after Pauline stayed up all night writing them in longhand, and gave up both college and a shot at a dance career to serve as her mother’s caretaker, companion, and driver….

Kellow cites the text of the breathtakingly passive-aggressive eulogy that Gina delivered at her mother’s funeral in 2001: “My mother had tremendous empathy and compassion, though how to comfort, soothe or console was a mystery that eluded her … . Pauline’s greatest weakness, her failure as a person, became her great strength, her liberation as a writer and critic . … she turned her lack of self-awareness into a triumph.”

One more chapter remains. “Gina lived with Kael well into her thirties … That she married and had a child, Will, seemed to catch Kael by surprise, though she ended up adoring her only grandchild, someone with whom she could watch action movies with.

Kael died in 2001, when Will was about 19. Unfortunately, and Kellow made no mention of this in his book whatsoever, there’s a horrible postscript, one that may well have been the reason for why Gina declined to be interviewed for the book. On October 6, 2007, Will, then 25, went hiking in the East Mountain State Forest in the Berkshires. He was an avid hiker, not to mention a devoted martial artist. He had a girlfriend. He never came back. Gina reported him missing, but his body wasn’t found for more than week, on October 15. … “authorities found camping equipment nearby and while cause of death has not been determined, foul play is not suspected.”

Pictures today are from The Library of Congress. UPDATE These two comments were made to the original post. Anonymous said, on June 16, 2017 at 9:18 pm Your piece on Kael and Broughton is rife with misinformation and judgements galore and unbelievably badly written. Get a life and stop spreading falsehoods. And next time you put your fingers to a keyboard do your due diligence! James’ son was NOT ABANDONED! He lived happily with the two of us after the divorce. You fail to recognize that James’ ex-wife was a classic fag hag who had been married to another gay man before her relationship with James. She had been in psychotherapy for years before they got together and for many years after they split up. James certainly did not spend the rest of his life uncertain about his sexuality. Read his autobiography COMING UNBUTTONED and you’ll discover how misinformed your take on him is. You have done a great disservice to your readers by publishing such homophobic nonsense. Joel Singer ~ Sterling Wilson said, on August 19, 2017 at 1:40 pm Curious about this autobiography, I found the following from a Publishers Weekly review “Broughton forsakes introspection for literary gossip and name-dropping: Kenneth Rexroth, Pauline Kael, Dylan Thomas, Anais Nin. The birth of a daughter is dispensed with in two sentences. Broughton’s insistence on making himself the center of attention increasingly intrudes.”









The Scarlet R

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8b32490xa released another chat featuring Glenn Loury and John McWhorter. With election days 35 days away, there was lots of talk about Donald and Hillary. It only took 1:44, in episode 44020, to learn what is expected. The assignment is to call DJT a racist, and lament what a terrible thing that is. This is what passes for political discourse in 2016.

At 3:28, there was an aha moment. The line was that DJT, instead of an orange haired ogre, was really just a seventh grade bully. When PG was in seventh grade, there was a mean person who gave him problems. This individual is now a facebook friend, and regularly posts memes supporting DJT. PG likes to know what the “other side” thinks. Ignoring the memes is always an option.

At 9:22, the importance of identifying racism in others is stressed. This is said to totally justify the appeal of DJT. Once you call someone a racist, you no longer have to work to understand their motives. When the scarlet R is super glued to somebody, that is all you need to know.

The Scarlet Letter is the rip roaring tale of Hester Prynne. She got caught fooling around, and had the scarlet A, for adultery, pinned to her chest. It was pinned to her chest, and she could see who did the pinning. In today’s “woke” world, the scarlet R, for racist, is super glued to the back of the terrible person. The person never knows who gave them this dreaded, irrevocable, label.

At 21:28, John tells an amusing story. He was talking to a well meaning white woman, said to be helpful in selling more books. At some point, the woman felt obligated to say that “we don’t like to talk about race.” John was too polite to laugh in her face.

The truth is, of course, that talking about race is the new national pastime. Does anyone listen? In all that talk, is anything worthwhile said? These questions are considered rude, and probably racist.

At 31:09, John said the n word. It is not known whether it ended with -er, or with -a. Pictures today are from The Library of Congress. This is a repost.









Are You An A$$hole?

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A facebook friend recently displayed the results of an online test, Are you an asshole? When PG clicked on the link, he was told to sign in with facebook. Going to a clickbait site, and being told to drag in the zuckersphere, is more trouble than it is worth. Fortunately, google has the answer to “are you an asshole?” The fact that google is a corporate sphincter should be disregarded. Today we will look at the page one results. Pictures for this contemptible waste of your time are from “The Special Collections and Archives, Georgia State University Library”.

How Much Of An Asshole Are You? gets the top spot. Buzzfeed paid for it. This is a typical online quiz. The multiple choice answers never quite seem to fit, so you choose one to get the results you want. “You got: NOT AN ASSHOLE AT ALL!”

Are You An Asshole?, also from Buzzfeed, asks “Have you ever…? There is a list of 22 items. “You checked 4 out of 22 on this list! Don’t worry. You’re a good person. There’s a chance you’ve been a little manipulative or dishonest, but for the most part, it was probably unintentional. The world could use more people like you.”

Are You A Certified Asshole? is a bit of self promotion by Bob Sutton, aka @work_matters. Self promoter is a synonym for asshole. “Are You A Certified Asshole? Find Out With the Asshole Rating Self-Exam (ARSE) A 24-Question Self-Exam by Bob Sutton. Click here to buy the classic “The No Asshole Rule.”” The questions deal with the workplace. “4 to 5 “True”: You don’t sound like a certified asshole, unless you are fooling yourself.”

How Much Of An Asshole Are You? is the facebook tainted thingie at the start of this post. What Kind Of A**hole Are You? has little value. There are more multiple choice questions that have no good answer. At the end, you have to click on an unknowable link, if you want the results. 8 Telltale Signs You’re An Asshole is a further descent into clickbait hell. There are eight items, many of which never occur to anyone over twenty five. Number eight is the catch all: “You don’t think you’re an asshole.”

ARE YOU AN ASSHOLE? is a devolution of the multiple choice concept. “IN YOU’RE SPARE TIME YOU…? HANG OUT WITH BUDS, CUT YOURSELF, PLOT ASSASSINATIONS, EAT SMALL CHILDREN, KILL STUFF.” When you get to question 5 / 9, you see this: “WHAT KIND OF MUSIC DO YOU LISTEN TO? This question is under review, please proceed ahead.” When you try to move ahead, you are told “Please select an option.” The Belorussian hackers have work to do.

ASSHOLE Quiz is another import from ProProfs. “Your walking down the street and you see a man on the ground and his head is blown off. What would ya do? Ask him if he is O.K., Fain, Call the cops.” After you answer the question, you are told if you gave the correct answer.

Are you an asshole? and The Asshole Test are the last two results on page one. Both are useless. “You’re a good person. You’ll help your friend if he needs you, you’ll buy him a beer if he forgot his purse, and you won’t blame your girlfriend for listening Justin Bieber just because you don’t like this stupid ass faggot. People love you.” There is nothing like validation.


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sun 1008 It is now sunday, october 8, 2017. Heston and PG left zaanaadoo yesterday. The original plan had been to leave on monday. However, reports of six inches of rain sunday night made that prospect unappealing. Today is a rainy sunday, full of laundry and unpacking. After yesterday… take down the camp, hike to the parking meadow, drive home… there is not much energy.

It was a splendid gathering. In 2015 it rained every day, while this year it was warm and glorious… until it was not. The people were great. The food and activities were great. The goats kept to themselves, and did not cause any problems. The report that follows is not comprehensive. What the internet does not know will not hurt her.

sat 0930 The first day gets off to a good start. Heston is ready at 8am. The journey proceeds smoothly, and zaanaadoo is reached before lunch. PG even gets a ride back from the parking meadow, a healthy hike over two steep ridges. After setting up camp, PG is beat. He makes it to dinner, but goes to sleep soon after. This is the first time, in a year, that PG has been away from a C-PAP machine.

Someone has a box of free books. PG finds Babycakes, from the Tales of the City series. He reads a few pages, and recognizes fresh meat. A TOTC book you have not read is a wonderful thing to find. This one star reviewer should be ignored. I hated reading it MakeupVixenon July 30, 2015 Required text at foothill college. I hated reading it. It wasn’t interesting at all. This should not be a required text for college, it was a waste. Nice bathroom break read but not for learning in school.

sun 1001 PG helped build a stone staircase in 1989. Since then, PG has devoted time to trimming weeds around the staircase. A resident now oversees the area, and PG consulted with her before proceeding. The area was in good shape, and did not need much work to look better.

Sunday morning saw the first morning circle of the gathering. Someone began by talking about the concept of eagar. PG noted that eager anagrams as e-rage, a popular pastime in modern life.

The heart circle has been described as “a faerie technology that is a cross between a Quaker meeting, a room temperature sweat lodge, and the collective experience of cruising on Christopher Street in 1972.” A talisman is passed around the circle. The person holding the talisman speaks, and the others listen. One innovation this time around was using simple, found, objects as the talisman. Many circles use feather encrusted instruments, often bought at a souvenir shop. The talismans this week included a tambourine, a rock, and the burned out aluminum shell of a small candle.

A couple of times a day, PG takes compost out of the kitchen. A collection of five gallon buckets contain food scraps. Somebody needs to take these buckets to the compost pile, and empty them. Unless you have a fork lift handy, it is best to empty these buckets before they are totally full. Taking out compost is a good job for people who want to help out, but don’t want to make a time commitment. If you have sexual fantasies involving the compost pile, you should keep these thoughts to yourself. Even if you speaking to the John Waters look-a-like.

mon 1002 Today starts with that moment when a long winded friend is talking, and a pot of coffee … which will not last long … appears on the table. Breakfast at zaanaadoo is magic. Leftovers are combined in creative and delicious ways. PG used the phrase dog’s breakfast one morning, and his breakfast companion had never heard of such a thing. Fido should be so lucky.

The circle had a theme of serendipity, with PG calling for synchronicity. The circle was preceded by a yoohoo. This is a device for calling people to an event. It is shouted with high, high notes, and dragged out ewww sounds. This is how you alert the stragglers, scattered about the land. PG has never been fond of yoohoos, preferring to silently slack off, while others yodel the yoohoo. On this day, there were only two other voices, and every one was important. PG threw his head back, and a glorious falsetto yoooohoooo left his form. Was this growth, or regression? PG had the sense of crossing a boundary, into a lavender lagoon. (The spell check suggestion for yoohoo is boohoo.)

Meals at zaanaadoo are made by volunteers. PG made the mistake of standing idly on the front porch, when the call is made for kitchen volunteers. PG winds up shredding carrots for a salad, which is more work than you might think.

Dinner is fabulous, of course, and later there is drumming by the fire. PG gets into a chat, and hears some details about a shooting in Las Vegas. Zaanaadoo is off the grid, and PG is on a media fast. It was wonderful to spend a sunday without wondering who stood up for the national anthem. The outrage factory of our culture will have to feed itself.

tue 1003 This turns out to be the best day of the gathering for PG, and the one he will talk about least. Dinner was delayed, and PG fought boredom by washing dishes. These lazy days, full of time to kill with wonderful people, are a gift.

wed 1004 This was another uneventful day. At 5pm, there was a writing circle. 5 men were present, and everyone read something. 2 were porn writers. PG read a few poems. Someone read selections from Peace Pilgrim: Her Life and Work in Her Own Words.

The last man had poems about a recent breakup. He introduced one by saying it was in the voice of a wise old black woman. The word “mammy” was used, and someone objected. The poem was read. To PG … used to the rhythyms of the south, where the white people sound much like the black people … there was nothing wrong with the poem. A wise old lady is a wise old lady.

thur 1005 One of the chores at zaanaadoo is the parking attendant. You stay on top of the driveway, and tell people to be sure to move their vehicle to the parking meadow. The rest of the time you hang out with whoever is there. You will hear some good gossip.

Atlanta peeps were producing thursday night dinner. After parking duty was over, PG stumbled into the kitchen. When PG has good instructions, and adequate supervision, he can avoid causing culinary damage. This night, the contribution consisted of shredding kale for a salad, mixing the salad, and spreading cheese over casseroles. Before long, PG was getting in the way, and left.

fri 1006 PG starts to write his notes, and realizes that 66 years ago his parents were married. PG quotes two cliches at the morning circle … two wrongs don’t make a right, if you can’t say anything good don’t say anything at all. These things too shall pass away.

PG had a chair, and would try to find level ground to read, and take notes. The carefree atmosphere would vanish when the parade of goats would pass through the yurt yard. PG was attacked by a goat in 2012, and does not enjoy the four hooved company.

At some point, rumors began to spread about 6 inches of rain falling sunday night. The weather had been so wonderful, you knew payback was coming. PG and Heston had been planning to leave on monday. The incoming rain party was something to miss. Departure was moved up to saturday.

The know talent show was friday night. This is always a high point of the gathering. This year, it was in front of the barn, with no microphone. PG’s loud voice came in handy. The 4 poems he read are posted below. These poems have been previously published, in graphic form: sausage jockey, wonder weasel. sonnet number two, such bugs and goblins, strumpet derriere,

sat 1007 The gathering is over. Take down the tent, move the gear to the barn, hike over to the parking meadow, collect your rider, and load the vehicle. Going up the driveway, gravel spun under the wheels for a heart stopping half second. The ride home was totally uneventful. The trip was 476 miles, door, to parking meadow, to door. In the 400 miles of interstate travel, PG did not have to slow down for traffic one time. That has never happened before, and will never happen again. Blessed be.

brothers of the fudge big boy combo play ~ microwave popcorn hot dog engineer
bowling in the basement hershey highway ~ liquor in the front poker in the rear
intestinal tourist private first class ~ backdoor barbeque michelangelo
anal chainsaw massacre backstage pass ~ vegan hotpocket curly larry moe
hunker down brown town panorama ~ sausage jockey creeper peeper
sliding all the way to lower alabama ~ stick it in stick it in deeper deeper
dance the chocolate chacha elton john ~ driving on on on auf der autobahn

shake hands with a salami cluster bomb ~ its got a beat you can dance to it
whitewash the fence with huck and tom ~ spray whipped cream on a banana split
trigger therapeutic trouser snake ~ satin head serpent of carnal knowledge
tenderize lumberjack happy tube steak ~ put mr. kleenex’s kids through college
pull your own baloney pony weight ~ put relish on your hot dog spaghetti
play tag with your pink torpedo mate ~ wax one-eyed wonder weasel chevy
plug in semen extraction toaster ~ calibrate satanic surge protector
ram the ham secret sauce roaster ~ tip off the crazy hand jive inspector

bake brownies blow mud build a log cabin ~ bust a grumpie burn a mule blow ordure
code brown crap factory get happy win ~ lubrication defecation manure
discharge doo doo craptastic driver ball ~ drop kids off bomber pool hot honkey night
wolf bait trout duke it out go down the hall ~ dump trump wailin’ palin burger delight
deep fried twinkie luther burger breakfast ~ regurgitation free the turtle fast
expel shy hamster dumper diver lunch ~ grease the bowl grow a tail corpulent crunch
fly fecal matter effluent sinner ~ give birth to future state trooper dinner

thou errant doghearted measle squid ~ gorbellied whoreson haggard booby hatch
you should be women yet your beards forbid ~ tottering obscene greasy tallow-catch
hence, horrible villain I’ll spurn thine eyes ~ like balls before me I’ll unhair thy head
poisonous bunch-back’d toadstool surprise ~ brine smarting in lingering pickle dead
thou clay-brained guts knotty-pated fool ~ cockered ill-breeding beef witted tool
thine horrid image doth unfix my hair ~ per bootless mongrel strumpet derrière
your virginity breeds mites much like a cheese ~ as tedious as tired old whore strip tease
thou dankish unchin-snouted malcontent ~ spleeny dog hearted onion-eyed pignut
bawdy flap-mouthed giggler testament ~ frothy beetle-headed gudgeon mac butt
thy hugger bugger kiss is comfortless ~ as frozen water to a hungry snake
wayward canker-blossom pox-mark putress ~ thou mangled sheep-biting bladder forsake
i scorn you, scurvy companion buttock ~ misbegotten folly-fallen rut sock
fawning dizzy eyed porcine maggot-pie ~ roguish earth-vexing bugbear lullaby
rascally, cheating, poor lack-linen mate ~ away you moldy old rogue ruminate

A Trillion Dollars

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This is a repost, with pictures from The Library of Congress. The full text of one section is available, and has amusing stories about Richard Nixon and Antonin Scalia. This feature is about the national debt. When BHO took office, the annual federal budget deficit was over a trillion dollars. According to this source, the annual deficit is now $439 billion. This is more than the total national debt that the late Everett Dirkson was losing sleep over in the sixties. Nonetheless, it is considerably less than the deficit when BHO took office. BHO, bless his drone firing heart, is given credit for reducing the deficit more than any POTUS in history.

… The last quote is from another POTUS who is no longer with us, Ronald Reagan.
“I am not worried about the deficit. It is big enough to take care of itself.” Mr. Reagan was a professional actor, and he knew the value of a good script.
This slogan is another one that Mr. Obama may find handy. It should be noted that it was a big deal when the national debt (the grand total of the deficits) went over a trillion dollars. This was during the first term of Mr. Reagan. Today, under Mr. Obama, the annual deficit is over a trillion dollars. Sooner or later, you are talking about real money.

PG suffered brain damage trying to find out more about the quote from Mr. Reagan. He went through six pages of google. There must be 25 sites which have lists of quotes from Mr. Reagan, and all of them feature this quote. None have an actual source.

What was the context? When did he first say it? One site says it was “(during the latter years of his administration)”. Another site says it was “Said often during his presidency, 1981-1989”. Maybe this is an urban legend. As Mr. Reagan said, don’t believe everything you read on the internet.

Those of a certain age remember Everett Dirksen. A Republican Senator from Illinois, he was blessed with an operatic voice, and cursed with a face that could stop a clock. He is credited (or blamed) for the quote ” A billion here, a billion there, and pretty soon you’re talking real money.” The Dirksen Congressional Center can neither confirm nor deny if he really said that. The discussion of this reputed quote does turn up a passage, that is germane to today’s conversation.
“One time in the House of Representatives [a colleague] told me a story about a proposition that a teacher put to a boy. He said, ‘Johnny, a cat fell in a well 100 feet deep. Suppose that cat climbed up 1 foot and then fell back 2 feet. How long would it take the cat to get out of the well?’
“Johnny worked assiduously with his slate and slate pencil for quite a while, and then when the teacher came down and said, ‘How are you getting along?’ Johnny said, ‘Teacher, if you give me another slate and a couple of slate pencils, I am pretty sure that in the next 30 minutes I can land that cat in hell. If some people get any cheer out of a $328 billion debt ceiling, I do not find much to cheer about concerning it.” [Congressional Record, June 16, 1965, p. 13884].

Senator Dirksen went to the fundraising dinner in the sky September 7, 1969. Twelve years later, the Reagan revolution was getting started. Taxes were cut, and spending increased. In a couple of years, the national debt went over a trillion dollars. (The annual budget deficit is now over a trillion dollars.) For those new to the game, a trillion is a billion, multiplied by a thousand. For all the numbers above, multiply by a thousand, to get a trillion.

In 1965, Senator Dirksen was losing sleep, over raising the national debt to $328 billion. The current national debt is estimated at $16,964,687,666,420. This is 5171% of 328 billion.

In 1965, the national debt was $328 billion, and we were losing 100 men every week in Vietnam. One of the more expensive things the government does is fight wars. Currently we are officially killing people in Afghanistan, and several more countries that no one knows about (nudge wink).
On September 11, 2001, The United States was attacked. Revenge was the order of the day. There are now indications that this was one of the goals of Al Queda. The Soviet Union imploded, in large part, because of the strain of fighting a war in Afghanistan. Now, the United States is waist deep in the same big muddy. Whoever is elected in 2016 will have to deal with this matter.

Afghanistan has a gross national product of $27 billion. The Congressional Research Service estimates the cost of American operations in Afghanistan for 2011 to be $119 billion. This is over four times the gross national product of Afghanistan. Pretty soon, you are talking about real money.

Detestable Horrendous Obnoxious

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display of a link on this page is not an indication of approval ~ A Military Veteran Stands up for Colin Kaepernick ~ Crime in the U.S. • 2016 ~ table one ~ table three ~ 2015 Murder Statistics ~ Upcoming Execution Of Keith Leroy Tharpe Illustrates Legacy Of Lynching In US ~ Nashville church shooting suspect Emanuel K. Samson has Wednesday court date ~ Trump’s ugly battles with the NFL go way back ~ SCOTUS stays execution of Georgia death row inmate amid claims of racial bias ~ Why Conservatives on Campus Love Milo Yiannopoulos ~ Nashville parents charged with 1st-degree murder in son’s death ~ Ginger Baker: ‘I came off heroin something like 29 times’ ~ This Week’s Stupid 1-Star Review is from Kai Yes, kids are miserable, rotten, loathsome, ghastly, detestable, horrendous, obnoxious, bothersome, aggravating, vexatious, repugnant, revolting assholes, but that doesn’t mean that everyone who has to sit next to one gets free cheesecake. ~ Megachurch pastor begs for forgiveness after wife tells NFL protesters to wait for Jesus to fix racism ~ What Happens To Your Hotel Soap After You Check Out ~ Sasse calls out Richard Spencer in tweetstorm ~ 15 former restaurant chains ~ John Cale and David Bowie ~ Nobody’s Hero: 9 Inconvenient Truths about Che Guevara ~ Mother accused of plowing car into girls fighting in street ~ Razed in Atlanta: 6 great buildings we lost ~ @Kaepernick7 A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on. Winston S. Churchill ~ 9 Quotes From Winston Churchill That Are Totally Fake ~ Has Israel Effectively Colonized the United States? ~ I think it will take at LEAST another ten years of Hillary’s fans calling me racist to convince me to vote for her. ~ Pay ATTN:We share commentary, news articles, and videos that cover important societal topics as well as give you opportunities to take action. ~ “The post continues with what Americans must do to earn Kaepernick’s respect” I do not care if #7 does, or does not, respect me. I don’t have to do anything to earn that idiot’s respect. Just because he used to play quarterback, does not mean that I have to earn his respect. For that matter, I am not interested in his opinions about the flag, the national anthem, police brutality, or anything else. He is just a former professional entertainer. His opinions mean nothing to me. ~ If something is not racist, or you expand the definition of racism to include it, that is not being objective, that is being an idiot ~ Not once have I thought, “You know, I wonder what Colin Kaepernick thinks about this.” ~ Did anyone talk about Dylan Roof’s religion? BTW, both Mr. Roof and Mr. Samson were arrested alive. ~ the re-election tradition of the “my turn” candidate for the opposition ~ Jon Ossoff attacked Karen Handel for her auto allowance, and her traveling, while she served as Secretary of State. “The luxurious life of Karen Handel” turns out to be mild, compared to what Tom Price is doing. ~ The juror was drunk when he made the statement. I question the integrity of the attorney who took his statement. ~ TWITTERSPAT ~ @docrocktex2662% of Whites said a major reason police violence happens is civilians confront the police, rather than cooperate. ~ Half of blacks say police have treated them unfairly ~ @salanfann Implicit bias effects all around this. ~ @chamblee54 or maybe reading the reports on officer involved shootings ~ @salanfann What? Are you familiar with implicit bias research? ~ @chamblee54 i have taken an online version of the implicit bias test i don’t think it tells you anything i also follow police shootings ~ @salanfann And police reports are a paragon of veracity. Too many officers are closet racists or exercising their status with a rage addiction. ~ @chamblee54 the reports i read are from news outlets i believe media reports, on many cases, over twitter/fb, on selected cases ~ @salanfann @APNews was the source of the article “Half of blacks say police have treated them unfairly” Implicit bias study’s sponsored by Harvard, and ½ or more Media Outlets routinely comb AP for “news.” If you give implicit bias no credence, kindly seek professional help for your denial. ~ @chamblee54 go fuck yourself I have read about implicit bias – it is possible the tone of this message is bullshit most ois are justified ~ @salanfann It’s not enough to read about it, if 1 wishes to be aware of implicit bias’ impact. When 1 sees their own, vulnerability of others’s clear. ~ TWITTERSPAT @BenSasse No one loves American-vs-American fighting more than Putin. His intel agencies stoke both sides of every divide. ~ @RichardBSpencer In the minds of goober conservatives, the Russians are to blame for racial divisions. ~ @BenSasse 1/Oh let goobers & nongoobers agree on this: Racists like you are to blame. But Putin’s agencies also love using you as their divisive tool ~ 2/Don’t get me wrong: we’ll always have brown-shirt-pajama-boy Nazis like you & your lonely pals stoking division. But here’s America 101: ~ 3/ You don’t get America. You said: “You do not have some human right, some abstract thing given to you by God or something like that.” ~ 4/Actually, that’s exactly what America declares we do have: People are the image-bearers of God, created with dignity& inalienable rights. ~ 5/Sadly, you don’t understand human dignity. A person’s skin, ancestry, and bank balance have nothing to do with their intrinsic value. ~ 6/ This declaration of universal dignity is what America is about. Madison called our Constitution “the greatest reflection on human nature” ~ 7/ You talk about culture but don’t know squat about western heritage–which sees people not as tribes but as individuals of limitless worth ~ 8/ The celebration of universal dignity IS our culture, & it rejects your “white culture” crybaby politics. It rejects all identity politics ~ 9/ Sometime after moving back into your parents’ basement, you knock-off Nazis fell in love with reheated 20th century will-to-power garbage ~ 10/ Your “ideas” aren’t just hateful, un-American poison–they’re also just so dang boring. The future doesn’t belong to your stupid memes. ~ 11/11 Get a real job, Clown. Find an actual neighbor to serve. You’ll be happier. Have a nice day. ~ @RichardBSpencer Wow. I take an evening off and miss epic butthurt from America’s cuckiest senator. This is going to be fun! ~ That search was amazing, but the world isn’t ready for it. ~ Has Mike Pence gotten enough attention today? ~ pictures today are from The Library of Congress. ~ selah


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Today’s adventure in clickbaitery began with a headline, Math is racist: How data is driving inequality. It seems to be a rule that you get the r-word into every title, whether it is justified or not. The story promotes a book, Weapons of Math Destruction: How Big Data Increases Inequality and Threatens Democracy. “A former Wall Street quant sounds an alarm on the mathematical models that pervade modern life — and threaten to rip apart our social fabric.” This is a repost.

The thesis of the book is that big data is running amok. “Denied a job because of a personality test? Too bad — the algorithm said you wouldn’t be a good fit. Charged a higher rate for a loan? Well, people in your zip code tend to be riskier borrowers. Received a harsher prison sentence? Here’s the thing: Your friends and family have criminal records too, so you’re likely to be a repeat offender.”

Is this racist? Maybe, and maybe not. Are records secretly coded with with an indication of the persons race? (With the Health Insurance Marketplace, this information is explicitly on the application.) Or, is race just a divide and conquer tactic? While America has a hissy fit about a second string quarterback sitting down, big data is making life tougher for the ninety nine percent.

“O’Neil calls on modelers to take more responsibility for their algorithms and on policy makers to regulate their use. But in the end, it’s up to us to become more savvy about the models that govern our lives. This important book empowers us to ask the tough questions, uncover the truth, and demand change.” This sounds good on talk shows, but ultimately big data is going to continue doing what they do. With the Donald and Hillary show going full bore, there will be plenty of distraction.

The one star reviews at Amazon make their points. Aaron C. Brown skewers the book. His review is well written, but too long to quote here. “This book tackles an important subject on which the author had a lot of knowledge and expertise, and interesting incisive opinions. Unfortunately it is marred by appalling journalistic lapses, bad enough to taint not just author, but publisher as well. Crown Publishing Group should have done a little fact and reference checking.”

The other one star folks have the zesty quotes. “She claims to be a mathematician; she’s certainly not a logician.” ~ “Author clearly wasn’t payng attention is math class. The logic used in the book is contradictory at best, nonsensical at worst and racist all throughout.” ~ “Expected a nice educational read, got a book written by a SJW with an ax to grind.”

PG saw another race based article yesterday, It’s time to stop talking about racism with white people. It was written by Atlanta resident Zack Linly. Out of 1869 words, they appears 28 times, or 33 if you include they’re. (There is used 4 times, and their is used 12 times.)

The fifth sentence of this paragraph has two, of the three, homophones. “I understand that white people are mad. They’ve gone their whole lives being the default for social and cultural normalcy and never really had to think critically about race at all. Now a black first lady addresses the nation, and she talks about slavery. Now social media identifies and challenges their micro-aggressions. They’re getting the tint snatched off of their rose-colored glasses; that “Shining City on the Hill” they know as America is starting to lose some of its gloss. And they ain’t here for that — but we are.

The full article is available at the link. Here are a few more quotes.

“When Rachel Dolezal got her counterfeit black card snatched, we struck comedy gold for black meme-makers all over the web. The “Ask Rachel” hashtag was born, and scrolling through your Black Twitter feed became something like running a marathon, only the people on the sidelines were handing out little paper cups filled with white tears instead of regular drinking water.”

“When Beyoncé released the video for “Formation,” featuring a black kid in a hoodie, a “hands up, don’t shoot” banner and a sinking police car — then performed the song while paying homage to the Black Panther Party smack in the face of white America during the Super Bowl halftime show — she provided us with a bottomless open bar of white tears.”

“The fact is, we can fight systemic racism without white validation. We can continue shutting down bridges and highways every time there’s a new Alton Sterling, Philando Castile or Korryn Gaines in the news and let white folks complain about the intrusion on their lives.” (The names of citizens killed by other citizens are not said.)

As this feature is written, there are 3280 comments. scotpowell 6:29 AM EST “I bet this guy is fun at parties…..” Pictures today are from The Library of Congress.