Anger And Loud Talk

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Hanky Panky

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Pence is another Cheney, designed to be in charge, while Trump is the Bush/trojan horse, designated to win the election ~ Ryan O’Neil was a horrible casting decision. ~ d for dick @okmariIyn why send nudes when u can send me dogs??? ~ @dasvons @EricaJong It’s 2016. Our president is black. we should be better than screaming racist every time we see something we don’t like ~ did you spell Pterodactyl without spell check? ~ Account suspended This account has been suspended. Learn more about why Twitter suspends accounts, or return to your timeline. ~ Home Improvement Project Person In Excess ~ The views expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of, and should not be attributed to, Polygon as an organization. ~ is “vermin harborage” rodents in the kitchen or humans in the dining room? ~ Are you talking about Republicans,or BLM? I think you mean Republicans. The trouble is, a lot of those items apply to BLM as well. ~ Nothing says Summer Reading like one of my books ~ I can offer three more. A Health crisis for Hillary Clinton. Alienating white voters by screaming racist too often. Choosing an idiot as Vice President. An economic meltdown ~ @VeryShortStory Standing in front of you, I protected you from the gunman, but as the bullet approached, I saw it had your name on it, and stepped aside. ~ those who like to call out others do not like to be called out ~ I don’t know. Extra marital hanky panky did not hurt Bill Clinton or Jesse Jackson. Granted, they did not *play* as wildly as DJT. On the other hand, two-wrongs-make-a-right rhetoric is out of control for both liberals and conservatives, white and black, police and BLM, and any other competing identity groups that engage in questionable logic to make their point. ~ like thrift store, where you wade through mountains of garbage only to find a few gems ~ “My point here is, first, the Constitution is, according to its reading, an anti-slavery document; and, secondly, to dissolve the Union, as a means to abolish slavery, is about as wise as it would be to burn up this city, in order to get the thieves out of it. But again, we hear the motto, ‘no union with slave-holders;’ and I answer it, as the noble champion of liberty, N. P. Rogers, answered it with a more sensible motto, namely—’No union with slave-holding.’ I would unite with anybody to do right; and with nobody to do wrong.” Six years after he said this, the Union was dissolved. ” ~ The staged politi-drama between Hitlery and Orange Jesus compares to the struggle over slavery like …. ~ @The_Saunatarian ~ as anyone ever asked Hillary if she has had an abortion? ~ this post wins the overheated purple prose award for the next Warholian fifteen minutes ~ Do you know what your problem is? You enjoy telling other people what their problem is. ~ more overblown adjective abuse per square inch than anything this side of ~ 6 ways djt could win: 1-HRC health issues 2-economic meltdown 3- war 4- terror attack 5- electoral college misfire 6- hurricane season ~ You gave a monolog a few years ago, “Pink Taffeta.” You said that the people who once told you to stand up, and speak up, now tell you to sit down and be quiet. Maybe you should dig up that dress, and make a video of this post. ~ The man in Gassaway Tennessee said he was breathing, for sure … spell check suggestion for Gassaway is Passageway ~ observing the difference between there and their is not oppression ~ Can I get to touch your butt because of good intentions? ~ 1 @EWErickson at 615pm you said you had a quote that would offend liberals i listened to 15 minutes of news/traffic/commercials 2 @EWErickson 10 minutes of you talking and never did hear the quote i gave up when i arrived at dinner ~ Not only should you not plagiarize, you should show a source for your information. According to my English 102 teacher, this is a form of plagiarism. Saying “google it” does not work. ~ Milo is no angel I suspect this suspension is more for past performances – @gopackjo one tweet said to support lesdogg by seeing ghostbusters – i suspect is what this is really all about … movie promotion ~ How To Protect Your Watermelon Farm ~ @mbsycamore 1 in feb 1992 ga gov zell miller introduced bill clinton at a campaign rally afterwards, “zig zag zell” was talking to someone @mbsycamore 2 said clinton was sure to win ga primary someone said hypothetically what if he doesn’t win zig zag zell said hypothetical @mbsycamore 3 does not exist hypothetically if my uncle was a woman he would be my aunt. ~ Knowing the difference between there and their is not oppression. ~ Not everyone has the luxury.~ This whole escapade seems to be an orchestrated effort to promote a movie. @Lesdogg is probably hanging out with Milo at the hair salon now, laughing at how gullbile everybody is. ~ An 18-Hour Playlist of Readings by the Beats: Kerouac, Ginsberg & Even Bukowski Too ~ Leslie Jones Is Shining A Light On A Major Problem With Twitter ~ Misogynoir: where racism and sexism meet ~ grammar troll ~ Leslie Jones’ Twitter abuse is a deliberate campaign of hate ~ Twitter Just Permanently Suspended Conservative Writer Milo Yiannopoulos ~ @Lesdoggg ~ Milo Suspended Permanently by Twitter Minutes Before ‘Gays For Trump’ Party At RNC ~ Leslie Jones’ Tweets on Monday Night Were a Powerful Response to an Insane Torrent of Hate ~ Leslie Jones Defends Her ‘Ghostbusters’ Character After Racial Controversy Arises Over New Trailer ~ jones ~ 1937.” ~ ‘Ghostbusters’ star Leslie Jones flees social media after racist trolls repeatedly call her an ‘ape’ ~ any large social movement is going to bring out psychopaths ~ Milo Yiannopoulos Has Been Permanently Suspended from Twitter ~ video ~ Police Kill Too Many People—White and Black ~ Reducing police-involved shooting & “The List” ~ Passing for Politics ~ Atlanta mayor rejects demand to end Israel police training ~ Exposed: Years-long effort to blame Israel for U.S. police shootings of blacks ~ Brookhaven Police Department ~ “Deputy Chief Juan Grullon, Jr., ~ terror ~ “In Washington D.C. ~ Father: Son killed shielding teens from gunfire at house party ~ 15 things cops wish the public knew about policing ~ Two white women launch ‘White Nonsense Roundup’ to unburden people of color ~ milo gets down ~ The promotion of that movie ~ Library of Congress. ~ your white cisgender boyfriend can’t save you from the end of the world ~ Why Grammar Snobbery Has No Place in the Movement ~ pictures for this monday morning perversion excursion are from “The Special Collections and Archives, Georgia State University Library”. ~ selah ~









Grammar Oppression

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An MF writer (Melissa A. Fabello) at Everyday Feminism chimes in today with Why Grammar Snobbery Has No Place in the Movement. She means a social justice movement, not a bowel movement. The two movements have a similar aroma.

With more and more people using written english, there are more grammar mistakes. Some people enjoy pointing these out. The EF post says that such behavior is elitist, privileged, and yes, racist. The distinction between written, and spoken, is not made.

“So, if a person wrote a Facebook comment that said “That their was an example of cissexism,” a prescriptive grammarian might comment back, “I think you mean ‘there,’” and a descriptive grammarian might respond, “You understood what they meant.” And while both schools are accepted forms of linguistic thought, it’s important to note that any time we create a hierarchy by positioning one thing as “better” than another, we’re being oppressive.” (“That there” sounds clumsy and ignorant, even using the correct “there.”)

“Ghanaian blogger Delalorm Semabia, in a conversation about the eradication of “the Queen’s English” in Ghana, explained, “The idea that intelligence is linked to English pronunciation is a legacy from colonial thinking.” And this is precisely where we need to start this conversation. As educated (and – okay – snarky) activists, we’re quick to respond to “According to the dictionary” arguments with “Who wrote the dictionary, though?” We understand that a reference guide created by a white supremacist, heteropatriarchal system does nothing but uphold that status quo. Similarly, we have to use that line of thinking when talking about the English language: Who created the rules? And who benefits from them? As per usual, what this comes down to is an issue of privilege (of course!). In fact, grammar snobbery comes down to an intersection of multiple privileges.

…You’ve probably never given much thought to this, aside perhaps from believing that you speak “correctly” and that everyone else who speaks a different type of English than you do speaks the language “wrong.” And perhaps you’ve noticed how often “those people” are people of color. And we (as a society) denounce any form of the language that isn’t “white” enough. Umm, that’s racist.”

English is a living, evolving language. Spoken english changes faster than written english. The written form, devoid of vocal inflection and facial expressions, is more dependent on rules of grammar to communicate.

As different people use english, they develop different ways of speaking. Many of the phrases that are common today began as slang in ethnic populations. As time goes on, these phrases become accepted as standard english. (Some see this use of “other culture’s expressions” as cultural appropriation. PG is neutral in that debate.)

The rules for written english are slower to change. At what point do we criticize the grammar of others? It can be a useful rhetorical tactic, along with -splaning what the person really meant. Or do we just accept that some people are not privileged enough to use good grammar? (There is a certain condescension in excusing the bad grammar of others because of their background. “Oh, they can’t help not knowing that, because they is a poor oppressed POC.”)

In the list of grammar nazi privileges, MF quotes Kurt Vonnegut. PG likes to research quotes, and found a reddit page about the passage. The full quote (MF only used one sentence.) “First rule: Do not use semicolons. They are transvestite hermaphrodites representing absolutely nothing. All they do is show you’ve been to college. And I realize some of you may be having trouble deciding whether I am kidding or not. So from now on I will tell you when I’m kidding.” And yes, Kurt Vonnegut does use semicolons in his work.

Pictures are from “The Special Collections and Archives, Georgia State University Library”. “Photographs taken at a horse show in Atlanta, Georgia, 1937.” UPDATE: There was an twitter exchange with the person who tweeted about the article: Knowing the difference between there and their is not oppression. ~ Not everyone has the luxury.









When In Doubt Shut Up

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When you publish a list like the one below, you are placing a target on your back. Above the bulls-eye is the word hypocrite. PG does not claim to take all of these suggestions. What follows is a goal to work for, not a script for situation comedy. This is a repost, and should not melt any snowflakes. Most people will think it is about someone else. If your head starts to hurt, skip over the text and look at the pictures, from the The Library of Congress.

When in doubt, shut up.

A halo is best worn over one ear.

If you want to be forgiven, forgive. If you want to be understood, understand.

There are few situations that cannot be made worse with anger and loud talk.

You have two ears and one mouth. Listen twice as much as you talk.

A douche is a hygiene appliance. The verb form refers to using this device for cleaning purposes. Neither the noun, nor the verb, is appropriate as an insult.

A sentence has one period, placed at the end. Do not place a period after every word to make a point. You should find another way to show that you really, really mean it.

Not everyone enjoys the sound of your voice as much as you do.

Ass is a noun. It refers to either a donkey, or a butt. It is not an adverb, nor an adjective. Do not place ass between an adjective and a noun.

Before you “call out” somebody for “racism”, drape a towel over your mirror.

The third commandment says to not use the word G-d “in vain”. The G word should only be used for worship, and respectful discussion. Improper uses include expressing anger, swearing, selling life insurance, and pledging “allegiance” to a symbol of nationalism.










Gayest Neo-Fascist Rally

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I’m With The Banned hit the innertubes recently. It is the story of how “a radical queer feminist leftist writer *burdened* with actual principles” attended the “Gays for Trump” party at the Republican National Convention. It is 2876 words of overwrought prose. In an effort to get this material to the public, here is a condensed version.
This is a story about how trolls took the wheel of the clown car … swank black trollmobile to the gayest neo-fascist rally at the RNC. … Milo Yiannopoulos is a charming devil and one of the worst people I know. … the clown car of the billionaire demagogue who, with ghoulishly oedipal glee, Milo calls ‘Daddy.’ … Milo slides into the front seat, all bleach and bling and giant sunglasses—I won’t get to see his eyes all evening. … According to the law of the wild web, the spoils go to those with fewest fucks to give (An ironic comment when used to describe Milo Y. Maybe the old saying is true… those who talk the most, do the least.) … A choreographed performance by a career sociopath who will claim any cause to further his legend. Milo Yiannopoulos is the ideological analogue of Kim Kardashian’s rear end. … the delighted Twitter martyr’s Reservoir Dogs strut through to the VIP room—a carpeted ballroom on the seventh floor of hell full of manic trolls and smug neo-fascists from every slimy corner of the internet. … Over by the bar, Geert Wilders, the Dutch far-right leader, is having a nice chat with two republicans of the sort who look like they’ve been poured into their suits. I realise that I have stumbled into a den of goblins. … most obviously disturbed member of the neo-right suicide squad in attendance. … And there is Daryush Valizadeh, also known as Roosh V, self-styled leader in the “neo-masculinity” movement, author of a suspicious stack of sex travel guides and headline-hunting nano-celebrity in the world of ritualised internet misogyny. … he’s negging me. … crucible of A-list internet con-men is playing. It’s the game of turning raw rage into political currency, the unscrupulous whorebaggery of the troll gone pro. (At some point, Hunter S. Thompson observed that “when the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.” This has devolved into “the unscrupulous whorebaggery of the troll gone pro.) … These people do not have personalities, they have haircuts. Ugly ones. … The news draws cheers from the assembled Gamergate goons whose masculinity is so fragile that they believe the new Ghostbusters film to be an active identity threat. (This might be a reference to the recent spat between Milo Y. and Leslie Jones. This was the presumed reason for twitter banning Milo Y. The promotion of that movie has morphed into an SJW cause.) … They ventriloquise the fear of millions into a scream of fire in the crowded theatre of modernity where all the doors are locked, and then they watch the stampede, and they smile for the cameras. … This is an evil place, airless and soulless as the inside of Pamela Geller’s head. … … weaponised insincerity is applied to structured ignorance. … culture war is being run in bad faith by bad actors who are running way off-script, and it’s barely begun, and there are going to be a lot of refugees.
One of the comments said “G-d, I hope everyone in America reads this.” Pictures today are from the Library of Congress. “Anti-Saloon League at Washington, D.C., Dec. 8, 1921”









Hilarious Hypocrite

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Complains Of My Gab

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How Donald Trump Could Win

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“Michael Moore is afraid and is convinced that Trump will win. Prove him wrong!” The comment supplied a link, Michael Moore Gives 5 Scary Reasons Why Trump Will Win. Against his better judgment, PG made a comment. There was a reply.

I can offer four more. A Health crisis for Hillary Clinton. Alienating white voters by screaming racist too often. Choosing an idiot as Vice President. An economic meltdown. ~ Number 2 on your list explains everything that is wrong with the US – a singular refusal by white people to admit they’re racists, especially the really racist ones. ~ You just gave me an idea for a blog post.

This post will focus on scary reasons one, three, four, and offer number five. Number two is a bunch of number two. The national obsession with OPRAH (other people’s racial attitudes hello) produces more heat than light. It is summertime. More heat is not needed.

HRC is 68 years old. She has been married, to a notoriously unfaithful man, for 41 years. If you google “Hillary Health,” you get replies from the likes of Brietbart and RedState.

There is at least one plausible story, Secretary of state faints, sustains concussion. Dec. 15, 2012 WASHINGTON (AP) — Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, who skipped an overseas trip this past week because of a stomach virus, sustained a concussion after fainting, the State Department said Saturday. … The State Department said Clinton was dehydrated because of the virus, fainted and sustained a concussion. She will continue to work from home in the week ahead and looks forward to returning to the office “soon,” the statement said.

In the next few days, HRC will announce the VPOTUS candidate. This is an important decision. The past few elections have run the gamut, from safe politicians (Al Gore, Joe Biden) to blithering idiots (Dan Quayle, Sarah Palin.) (A google spell check on Quyale produced the search suggestion “dan quayle once said “i am not a potted plant.”) A third category might be secret boss in waiting, or Dick Cheney. So far, HRC has run a smart campaign. It will probably continue, at least for VPOTUS.

In September 2008, the economy went to hell. We are still recovering. When the stock market lost 800 points in one day, the election of BHO was all but assured. Hopefully, and probably, this will not happen this year. However, in an election as goofy as this one, anything is possible.

Reason five is war, terrorism, natural disaster, oil spillage, or anything else that kills a lot of people. There is no telling what the Illuminati has planned for this fall. Whatever it is, we might not know the truth until after November 8, when it is too late. Pictures today are from The Library of Congress.









More Muscles

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Israel Trains Brookhaven Police

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Electronic Intifada has a feature today, Atlanta mayor rejects demand to end Israel police training. It is not known how many officers have participated in the training. This training is facilitated by Georgia International Law Enforcement Exchange, or GILEE. “GILEE receives funding support from private sources (corporations, associations, individuals, and GILEE graduates), and from law enforcement agencies. It also receives technical, logistical, and in-kind support from public agencies, organizations, civic associations, and government sources.” It is not known how much individual cities, many with budget problems, pay for the training.

“In an unusually candid discussion … GILEE program director Robert Friedmann recently declared that, “There is no Islamophobia. There is knife-o-phobia,” as he presented decontextualized video clips of Arabs stabbing Israeli police officers.”

What harm could come from training police? On the surface, this might be a good thing. On the other hand, Israel is seen by many as a brutal, oppressive government. The optics of receiving police training from such a government are questionable.

One indication that this might be a problem is this tweet. @JeffreyGoldberg Did not realize that anti-Semites are blaming police violence against African-Americans on Jews. The tweet links to Exposed: Years-long effort to blame Israel for U.S. police shootings of blacks. The article asserts “So the likelihood is somewhere close to zero that any cop who is involved in a shooting (much less an unjustified shooting) was trained in Israel and the Israeli training contributed to the shooting.”

The EI article is illustrated by a picture from the Brookhaven Police Department facebook page. “Deputy Chief Juan Grullon, Jr., has returned home after spending two weeks in Israel for training in the latest counterterrorism techniques and technologies by that nation’s top police professionals…. Georgia’s Attorney General Sam Olens emphasized the training’s importance to Georgia communities. “The training received in Israel and their ability to deal with high-pressure situations will be valuable for day-to-day situations. There is so much we can learn to be that ‘beacon on the hill’ again.”

PG has noticed the Brookhaven Police keeping the blue lights on, even when not stopping vehicles. “In Washington D.C., for instance, police adopted the Israeli tactic of keeping the red and blue lights on their cruisers flashing at all times so that their presence is always felt.”

“Three months after the Ferguson uprising, the St. Louis Police Department, which has participated in training sessions in Israel, started stockpiling skunk water, a foul-smelling liquid developed by Israel to break up anti-occupation protests and harass Palestinian communities. The substance emits a foul stench that has been described as a mix of rotting animal corpse, raw sewage and feces. The odor sticks to walls, clothing, hair and skin for days and is impossible to wash away – Israeli forces frequently spray it indiscriminately into Palestinian homes. Skunk water hasn’t been used on US soil yet. But police departments around the country have expressed interest in acquiring it to quell demonstrations against police violence. Perhaps this is one of the counterterrorism tactics Reed had in mind when praising Israeli police.”

Pictures are from “The Special Collections and Archives, Georgia State University Library”.









Selling Ghostbusters

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Buried in the digital slushpile over Lesdoggate is a comment: The best way to support @Lesdoggg is to go buy a ticket to see Ghostbusters.(paraphrased) This is the bottom line.

The content pirates at Buzzfeed have an article, Leslie Jones Is Shining A Light On A Major Problem With Twitter. The lead picture has Leslie Jones, with the GB logo in the background. BF has lots of people saying Lesdog is wonderful. None of the *racist* tweets are shown.

At this stage of the game, it is tough to find an example of the offensive tweets. Allegedly, someone sent Lesdog a picture of semen on her face…I have not seen this picture. Monday, there were rude tweets from accounts that were immediately deleted. It is possible that Lesdog created some of these comments themself. Some photoshop cowboy issued this screenshot. Lesdog is seen with some spelling challenged no nos. Whatever nasties were said about the thespian, they are outnumbered at this point by her pearl clutching followers.

It should be said at this point that twitter, and facebook, abuse is a problem. People get online, and say the meanest things to strangers. @Nero, aka Milo Yiannopoulos, has recently been banned from twitter. The hashtag #freemilo is having a two-wrongs-make-a-right party, highlighting hateful things said by “liberals.” There is plenty of material to choose from.

The Ghostbusters remake has long been controversial. Whether the controversy is genuine, or part of a publicity campaign, is a good question. When the trailer was released in March, tongues were wagging. Lesdog spoke out in an article, Leslie Jones Defends Her ‘Ghostbusters’ Character After Racial Controversy Arises Over New Trailer. “If they made me a scientist, you would be mad at what type of scientist. Seriously it’s a f**king movie. Get over yourself.”

More recently, Lesdog gave an interview to The Guardian. ““We’re sad, [the US is] the most depressed nation in the world and I blame comedians for that. I blame the industry for that, because it is so politically correct.” Pictures today are from “The Special Collections and Archives, Georgia State University Library”. “Photographs taken at a horse show in Atlanta, Georgia, 1937.”









Rumors Of War

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Matt Taibbi (pronounced like Tybee Island) spent some quality time with his computer the other day. The post was about the Tea Party, but took a couple of detours en route.

The preamble was about the execution of John Wayne Gacy . For those with short memories, Mr. Gacy was not a nice man. He entertained children wearing a clown costume, before he molested and murdered children. The crawl space to his Illinois home was used for storage. After a while, Mr. Gacy was caught, and sentenced to die.

This is where the story kicks in. A friend of Mr. Taibbi covered the scene outside the prison, on the night that Mr. Gacy was poisoned by the state. A festive crowd had gathered to celebrate. As the party was breaking up, the reporter started to interview a young man. The chat went like this:
“You’re not against capital punishment, are you?” “I’m not against capital punishment,I’m against enjoying capital punishment.”
A few years ago, PG was working with someone who told stories. A celebrity murderer was going to be executed, this time using the electric chair. An Atlanta radio station had a parking lot party to celebrate the frying. (PG cannot remember the name of the murderer, nor the state of the execution). The wife of the co worker baked a cake to celebrate the occasion. It was decorated with a bright yellow icing, to resemble a fried egg.

The arguments for and against capital punishment are many. For the foreseeable future, it is a fact of life in Georgia. PG (who has written several posts on the subject ) feels that, while there are some despicable people, the justice system is too flawed to administer capital punishment properly. At the very least, the execution of a criminal is not a time for celebration.

Capital punishment is compared to war, abortion, and euthanasia. All are times where a conscious decision is made to end a human life. Is it proper to enjoy any of these activities?

The easy one is euthanasia. Does anyone enjoy euthanasia, or spend much time campaigning against it? The case of Terri Schiavo is the most prominent, and some did try to make political hay out of it. That really didn’t catch on, as many people saw the shades of gray involved, and were mostly glad they were not the one to make the decision.

Do people enjoy abortion? The procedure itself is not celebrated, and is cloaked in quiet shame. On the other hand, PG suspects that the opponents of abortion are having a bit too much fun with their activities. The morality of using abortion as a vehicle for power is another subject for debate.

Do people enjoy war? HELL YEA. Firing up people on the home front is an essential part of a successful war. When the conflict drags on, and victory or truce begins to seem impossible, the war may lose some of it’s luster. The glamorization of war makes the conflict much more likely. Maybe if the attitude about war was similar to the attitude about euthanasia, we would have less of them.

Tom Dispatch has an audio feature about Afghanistan, and the many unanswered questions about our war there. It is apparent to PG that we invaded Afghanistan to get revenge for 911, and looked for a reason later.

Tom begins the monologue by discussing the prospects for Gen. Petraeus (spell check suggestions:Petroleum, Perpetrates,) and how a success there may actually be worse than failure. If we “conquer” Afghanistan, we will hold “the fifth poorest country on earth, the second most corrupt country, the world’s premier narco state.”

At the 3:06 mark on the tape, when Tom makes the comment about narco (spell check suggestions: Narcissus) state, PG had a flash of understanding, and a possibility for the reason behind this war. This may even have been powerful enough for the powers that be to ignore the reports about a terror strike in September 2001, and passively let 911 happen.

The rumors of CIA involvement in drug trafficking are wide spread and long term. When planes went to Central America in the eighties to bring arms to the contras, they came back to the United States loaded with cocaine. There are stories of collusion with the government in Cuba. There are many, many more stories about connections between the US government and the drug trade.

When the Taliban took over Afghanistan, they cracked down on the poppy farmers. Much of the raw opium for heroin/morphine/opium is grown in Afghanistan. This was not a pleasing for the CIA.

Could it be that the real reason for our involvement in Afghanistan is to ensure the flow of narcotics into the hungry world? This would be a big cash cow for the CIA, although not enough to justify the amounts of money being spent on the conflict.

This is a double repost. Pictures are from The Library of Congress.


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