Godwin’s Law

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Godwin’s Law has become an internet staple. “As an online discussion continues, the probability of a reference or comparison to Hitler or Nazis approaches 1.” Mike Godwin created this rule around 1990, when Saddam Hussein was the official next Hitler.

GL filled a need, and has flourished. GL is also misused, as when people say GL has been “proved” or “violated.” Mr. Godwin does not “personally believe all rational discourse has ended when Nazis or the Holocaust are invoked.” GL hopefully sparks critical thinking, and enables people to see through the smoky rhetoric. Maybe, if you act appropriately, you can put out the fire that causes that smoke.

The Washington Post published the article cited above. Recently, a Post reporter found an article praising Donald Trump in The Crusader. This is a 12 page newspaper, published in Harrison, Arkansas. It calls itself “The official Newspaper of The Knights Party.”

Once the Post got wind of this, it morphed into KKK’s official newspaper supports Donald Trump for president. This chestnut got into the national political discussion, where it was accepted without question. The KKK endorses Donald Trump!!! Surely, he is the next Hitler. Orange hair has replaced the little mustache. The national pearl clutching grew so intense that the pearls fell off the string.

Mr. Godwin made a mistake. “It’s still true, of course, that the worst thing you can say about your opponents, in our culture, is that they’re like Hitler or the Nazis.” No, the worst thing you can say about someone today is that they are RACIST. The scarlet R is a damaging charge. Those accused are guilty until proven innocent. The fact that many say RACISM as a thoughtless reflex action does not diminish the power. Some would say that Mr. Godwin’s assertion that the Nazi label is the worst possible insult… that it is worse than saying RACIST … that this statement itself is RACIST.

Maybe this is an extension of Godwin’s Law. As any discussion of american life progresses, the likelihood of invoking the KKK, and the R word, increases. Many see Hitler comparisons as the end of rationality in a discussion. What do white sheet jokes say about the person making the charge?

While researching this post, I dug up an article, Racism In America Is Over. The feature was published December 30, 2008. A charismatic son-of-a-white-mother had just been elected POTUS. The salient quote is more true today than ever: “When decrying racism opens no door and teaches no skill, it becomes a schoolroom tattletale affair. It is unworthy of all of us: “He’s just a racist” intoned like “nyah nyah nyah nyah nyah!””

Twitter hosted a recent exchange. It refers to a comment made by the ex-wife of Steve Bannon, during a divorce. @carlreiner “I, a Jew, was willing to give Trump a chance til I heard his cheif of staff say he’d not allow his kids to go to a school if Jews attended.” @hausmuva “translation: I was willing to empower whiteness/white supremacy until I learned that I may not be considered white in the white imagination.” Maybe this twitteration can be included in a future edition of Reductio ad hitlerum : Une théorie du point Godwin.

Maybe it is time to calm down the name calling… be it Der Führer or Grand Dragon … and get down to the hard work of getting along with each other. Pictures today are from “The Special Collections and Archives, Georgia State University Library”.








Psych Recording

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Display of a link in this forum does not indicate approval of content ~ Dontavious Chancy ~ Marquez Montgomery ~ 8 Steps Toward Building Indispensability (Instead of Disposability) Culture ~ 23 Hours of H.P. Lovecraft Stories: Hear Readings & Dramatizations of “The Call of Cthulhu,” “The Shadow Over Innsmouth,” & Other Weird Tales ~ Too Much Stigma, Not Enough Persuasion It’s bad enough that liberals toss around charges of racism with more abandon than we should, but it’s far worse if we start calling every sign of racial animus—big or small, accidental or deliberate—white supremacy. I can hardly imagine a better way of proving to the non-liberal community that we’re all a bunch of out-of-touch nutbars who are going to label everyone and everything we don’t like as racist.” ~ Lawyers: Executing Georgia inmate would be unconstitutional ~ Lucian Piane calls RuPaul the ‘N’ word in racist Twitter rant ~ @BlakeTheSequel @kat_blaque GIRL. I have gotten into it with soooo many people over RuPaul’s coonery w/regards to Lucien Piane. I got put in Facebook jail! ~ Language Matters If You’re Trying to Persuade a Trump Voter ~ Comedian Ricky Smith claims black Olive Garden waitress told him she ‘doesn’t like serving blacks’ ~ @Rickonia Just got asked to leave @olivegarden because we asked for a new server because our server said she doesn’t like serving blacks… ~ ‏@kuznation @Kno I’ll I’m saying is as far as we know this guy is sitting at home making up a story everybody is a news reporter today looking for fame (((Morgana Rae))) ~ ‏@morganarae @kuznation @Kno As far as we know, you’re sitting at home with a white hood over your head. ~ two daughters ~ larry sinclair ~ ~ @chescaleigh I’m not offended by ppl calling me Franny, but i think it’s telling that randoms online use in an attempt to speak down to me @JayShabazz ~ stalingrad ~ switched at birth ~ On Colin Kaepernick, Nate Parker, and allegiance to Black women. ~ Baltimore police release video of fatal stabbing on Pulaski Highway ~ Paper Forced to Close Comments On Mall Of America’s First Black Santa Thanks to Racism ~ ‘Santa is WHITE. BOYCOTT Mall of America’: Online racists are having a meltdown over mall’s black Santa ~ Laquisha Reynolds ~ Police: Man shot, killed by woman in northwest Atlanta ~ did the demonization of @realDonaldTrump backfire? spell check suggestions: demonetization, demobilization, demoralization, democratization ~ Like reading recommendations? Subscribe to the Riot Rundown, and we’ll send you curated lists of what to read on Book Riot. ~ in my day, i liked marijuana, beer, and LSD Most of that is over now These days i might smoke a bit every six months or so, and get so wasted i don’t know what to do i don’t regret it, but i don’t miss it much either ~ Congratulations. You completed a Trump rant without using the word racist. The obsession with Mr. Trump’s racial attitudes has distracted from concern about more damaging issues. ~ @WernerTwertzog I have a cat: From time to time, I change his name. He does not care. He know that identity Is a human construct And is content Just being. ~ With the electoral college system, the only vote that counts is the state electoral votes. Your individual vote means almost nothing. If you live in Georgia, you voted for Donald Trump. ~ The comment about kids going to school with jews is hearsay from Mr. Bannon’s ex- wife. He denies saying that. As to the second comment… there is nothing good to be said about ~ Could Mr. Trump be secretly gay? What is he trying to cover up with the “grab’m by the pussy” talk, and the conspicuous womanizing? What did Roy Cohn teach him? DJT may be a closet case, which is the most dangerous kind of homophobe. Having Roy Cohn as a mentor is a, pardon the pun, red flag. ~ Brookhaven and the old fourth ward are very, very different. This area has been mostly white, with a handful of non whites, since Camp Gordon was built during World War One. Before that it was mostly woods. The street I am on was built in 1954. It is a bunch of 900 sq ft houses, that sold for roughly the same amount as one year of taxes on these monstrosities. The neighborhood never was block busted. What is happening here is not gentrification. The big new houses drive up the property values, which is only a benefit if you sell out. This increase in property values drives up taxes, which is a major problem now. The inconvenience of construction is temporary. Hopefully, we will get good neighbors when this is over. ~ Is Hillary a cuckette? ~ There is some method involving fasting, drinking olive oil, and something else. It will cause the body to eliminate them. I don’t remember the details, but google might have information. ~ Washington Post started story that the KKK endorsed DJT based on one newspaper of one chapter why do people believe them? ~ We need a word that rhymes with glissen ~ I recently went to @spkheller, with my twitter account @chamblee54. I got the following message: You are blocked from following @spkheller and viewing @spkheller’s Tweets. I have never sent you a message on twitter. And I am blocked. This does not make any sense. I enjoy Tell The Bartender. I was going to send you a compliment on your last episode. And you slap me in the face. I don’t know what the problem is. If you have the time, I would be curious what the problem is. Are you using one of those services, that block everyone on a list? This really sucks. Luther Mckinnon aka Chamblee54 ~ ~ PSYCH RECORDING ~ You are blocked from following @BGDblog and viewing @BGDblog’s Tweets ~ #OddThingsToBeProudAbout blocked by @BDGblog without having visited the page ~ @AnnCoulter Ann Coulter Retweeted Mickey Kaus Sounds like the big sell-out is coming. Oh well. The voters did what we could. If Trump sells out, it’s not our fault. ~ @facebookrehab ~ Pictures today are from The Library of Congress. ~ selah










It Is This

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The Best Way

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The story below is a repost. Pictures are from The Library of Congress. There is an appearance by Gerald Rudolph Ford, and his women. Betty was a merry soul.

Someone posted a bit of revisionism about a holiday classic. As he sees it, “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer” is about racism.

In a bit of yuletime synchronicity, the urban mythbusters at Snopes posted a piece about Rudolph the same day. It seems as though the Rudolph story was originally written for the Montgomery Ward Stores. The idea was to print a Christmas booklet to give to customers. A staff writer named Robert L. May was picked for the job.

Originally, there were concerns about the red nose, and the connection to heavy drinking. At the time, the original meaning of “merry christmas” had been forgotten. Merry meant intoxicated, and a merry christmas was a drunken one. The booklet was released. It was a big hit with shoppers.

Mr. May had a brother in law named Johnny Marks, who was musically gifted. Mr. Marks wrote the song, and somehow or another Gene Autry came to sing it. A story (which PG heard once, but cannot find a source for) had Mr. Autry doing a recording session. The session went very smoothly, and the sides scheduled to be recorded were finished early. There was a half hour of studio time paid for. Someone produced copies of “Rudolph”, gave them to the musicians, and the recording was knocked out. It became a very big hit.

Gene Autry had a radio show, “Gene Autry’s Melody Ranch”. He created the “cowboy code”. Number five gets our attention today. Under this code, the cowboy must:

1. never shoot first, hit a smaller man, or take unfair advantage. 2. never go back on his word, or a trust confided in him. 3. always tell the truth. 4. be gentle with children, the elderly and animals.
5. not advocate or possess racially or religiously intolerant ideas. 6. help people in distress. 7. be a good worker. 8. keep himself clean in thought, speech, action and personal habits. 9. respect women, parents and his nation’s laws. 10. be a patriot.

“Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer” has become a beloved standard, without the troubling religious implications of many holiday songs. It is the second biggest selling record of all time. The only song to sell more is “White Christmas”.

Vote For Trump

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Two Tweets

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Twitter can be a fun place to visit. Yesterday, this item floated ashore: @BlakeTheSequel “@kat_blaque GIRL. I have gotten into it with soooo many people over RuPaul’s coonery w/regards to Lucien Piane. I got put in Facebook jail!.” Urban Dictionary defines coonery as “Acting in such a manner as to perpetuate black stereotypes in society such as music videos solely about cars, money and women. / Pejorative term to describe behavior that is seen as unbecoming of African-Americans.” As we will see in a minute, this is a versatile term.

Music producer and songwriter Lucian Piane sometimes works with RuPaul. Mr. Piane, aka @RevoLucian, might have emotional problems. There is a series of tweets, presented here with the naughty word StarrBootied out. @RevoLucian“If black people stopped being so ashamed of themselves we could call them n*****s and they would laugh. Backwards shit.” @RevoLucian“I love @RuPaul, and he’s the wisest n*****r I know”@RevoLucian“If Jews stopped the Holocaust victim shit we would all get along. #truth” @RevoLucian“Someone please explain why Chinese guys have such tiny dicks…” @RevoLucian No drugs. Just divine inspiration.

@RuPaul has replied. @RuPaul “If you only knew how fragile your own mental health is, you wouldn’t be so cavalier.” @RuPaul “Show some compassion. Please.” @RuPaul “You can’t expect your factory job to come back AND continue shopping at Walmart.”

@chescaleigh “I’m not offended by ppl calling me Franny, but i think it’s telling that randoms online use in an attempt to speak down to me @JayShabazz” PG has interacted with Franchesca Ramsey before. It come to an end. @Chamblee54 “@chescaleigh when you say the n-word you demean yourself it is in your best interest not to use it” You are blocked from following @chescaleigh and viewing @chescaleigh’s Tweets. #tweetthatgotmeblocked

@JayShabazz aka Rick, is a “Breitbart and Sowell fan! I love the context, facts and logic! kinda agnostic. I also love comic books.” He has 118 followers, or 20 more than @Chamblee54. He may, or may not, have sent out a tweet yesterday. (Pro tip: If you see something that interests you, copy the link. You may not be able to find it later.) The comment was something about Barack Obama having Larry Sinclair killed in a hit and run accident. Maybe it was @RevoLucian who sent the tweet.

Larry Sinclair was a minor celebrity a few years ago. He peddled a strange story about a cocaine fueled “date” with State Senator Barack Obama. Mr. Sinclair gave a bizarre press conference, which ended with Mr. Sinclair being arrested. A book was written, Barack Obama & Larry Sinclair: Cocaine, Sex, Lies & Murder? The book was published after Mr. Obama won the election.

November 14, 2011 is the date of the alleged hit and run accident. If you google “Larry Sinclair hit and run” you will see some reports from sketchy websites. Google does not seem to have much information about whether, or not, these reports are accurate. Wikipedia does not have a page for Larry Sinclair. The Larry Sinclair website will harm your computer. For some reason, Larry Sinclair seems to have vanished. Pictures today are from The Library of Congress.














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Alan Burnett~Bill Medlock~Bill Meneely
Blaze Mills~Buddy Conine~Calvin Bunn
Danny Fields~David Chewning~David Hadden
Charlie Hall~Dwight Dunaway~Freeman Waldrop
Gary Hunton~Gene Haynes~Gene Holloway
Gibson Higgins~Glenn Krause~Greg Scott
Harold King~Hawk~Jerry Pyschka
Jim Anderson~Jim Woodward~Joe Kenney
Joe Vickery~John Harllee~Jon Gordon
King Thackston~Larry Jackson~Layton Gregory
Lee Mullis~Les Friessen~Mac Wilson
Manfred Ibis~Mark Keenum~Mark Rosen
Martin Isganitus~Michael Dollins~Micheal Mason
Moon Moore~O’Gene Donohue~Purl Sudds
Ron Davis~Sam Mitchell~Skeeter Smith
Steve Bedworth~Stuart Davis
Ti Barfield~Tom Aderhold~Tom Selman
Tom Williams~Trion~Winston Morriss










William Sallie And John Moore

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Short Version: The state of Georgia is planning to execute William Sallie on December 6, 2016. Mr. Sallie was convicted of killing John Moore on March 29, 1990. Mr. Moore was the father of Mr. Sallie’s estranged wife Robin. Mr. Sallie has not been served well by his attorneys. “William Cary Sallie left his home near Peoria, Illinois, in 1985 to join the U.S. Army. Stationed at Fort Stewart in south Georgia, he dated an Alma woman and the two were married”
“The Georgia Supreme Court summarized the facts of the case as follows: The evidence presented at trial showed the following: William Sallie and his wife, Robin, separated in December 1989 and Robin sought a divorce. Sallie had been physically abusive to Robin during their marriage and his striking her with a belt had precipitated the separation. They had a two-year-old baby named Ryan. Robin and Ryan went to live with her parents, John and Linda Moore, in their rural house in Bacon County. Robin’s seventeen-year-old sister, April, and her nine-year-old brother, Justin, also lived there. Shortly thereafter, under the pretense of seeing Ryan at the Moores’ house, Sallie abducted Ryan and went to Illinois, where he lived. However, an Illinois court awarded temporary custody of Ryan to Robin, and she returned with him to the Moores’ house in February 1990.
In March 1990, Sallie returned to Georgia and rented a mobile home in Liberty County using the name Bill Simons. Also in March, he had a friend purchase a nine millimeter pistol for him in Illinois. On March 28, 1990, Sallie dressed in green camouflage and went to the Moores’ house at night; he carried the pistol, a roll of duct tape, and four sets of handcuffs. At approximately 10:00 p.m., April was talking to her boyfriend when the phone line went dead. She did not think this was unusual and went to bed. It was later discovered that Sallie had ripped the wires from the phone box on the outside wall. At 12:45 a.m., after everyone inside was asleep, Sallie pried open the back door and entered the house. He went immediately to the master bedroom, flicked on the lights, and shot John and Linda Moore as they lay in bed. John was struck by six bullets, including two that damaged his heart. He tried to get out of bed, but he collapsed, fell on the floor, and died. Linda was shot in the thumb, the shoulder, and both thighs. Sallie then fled outside and reloaded. When Robin and April were in the master bedroom trying to help their parents, Sallie fired two more shots through the bedroom window, hitting no one. They doused the light and pleaded with Sallie to let them get help for their parents. April tried to leave the house to get help (the nearest neighbor was 1/4 of a mile away), but Sallie confronted her on the porch and told her to stay in the house or he would blow her head off. Sallie eventually re-entered the house and handcuffed Justin and Linda, who was still bleeding from her wounds, to each other and to a bed rail. He bound Robin and April to each other with handcuffs and duct tape, and he abducted them to his Liberty County mobile home where he raped them both. He left his two-year-old son in the master bedroom. After a few hours, Linda and Justin managed to extricate themselves from the bed rail and reach a neighbor, who summoned the police. Sallie released Robin and April in Bacon County the night of March 29 after asking them not to press charges. He was arrested shortly thereafter. The police found the murder weapon in his mobile home.
In death penalty appeals, a frequent charge is inadequate representation by the attorney. In other words, the lawyer did not do their job. In Mr. Sallies case, this seems to be especially true. The man just can’t seem to get a good lawyer. In his first trial, his attorney was also working as a law clerk for the judge. Here is what SALLIE v. THE STATE had to say about this.
“Sallie contends that one of his appointed trial lawyers, Wendell Boyd English, was operating under a conflict of interest that effectively denied Sallie his Sixth Amendment right to counsel. We agree. Shortly after his arrest, the trial court appointed Earl McRae to defend Sallie. McRae asked for assistance and the trial court appointed Boyd English as McRae’s co-counsel in May 1990. English represented Sallie until the conclusion of his trial in March 1991.
The conflict arises from English’s concurrent employment as the sole judicial law clerk for the Waycross Judicial Circuit. Employment records show that English was employed as the circuit’s law clerk from April 1987 to May 1989, and from August to October 1990. He was rehired in December 1990, four months before Sallie’s trial, and continued as the circuit’s law clerk until 1996.
The state claims that English was a part-time law clerk who only worked for the chief judge of the circuit. English states in his affidavit that he was hired by the chief judge as his personal law clerk and that he had no contact in his capacity as a law clerk with the other two superior court judges in the Waycross Circuit, including the trial judge. Payroll records, however, show that English was expected to work at least 40 hours per week and that his monthly pay ranged from about $1,800 in 1987 to $2,350 in 1996. In addition, English’s personnel forms list his position as “Law Clerk — Waycross Judicial Circuit,” and state that he serves the circuit….Although English served at the pleasure of the chief judge of the Waycross Circuit, it is clear that his position served the entire circuit and all three superior court judges in the circuit…. We have never before addressed a conflict of interest that arises from a lawyer’s simultaneous role as criminal defense attorney and law clerk in the same court where he is trying the case. We have also not uncovered any cases in other jurisdictions that present the same issue. Most criminal conflict-of-interest cases involve one attorney representing multiple defendants…. The situation in this case is unique because English occupied the job of criminal defense attorney and law clerk in the same court at the same time.
We conclude that an actual conflict of interest existed in this case and reverse the convictions…the conflict here is obvious and, given the enormity of the penalty in this case, completely impermissible. Sallie did not waive his right to conflict-free representation. The evidence is uncontroverted that he was never informed of English’s role as the law clerk for the Waycross Judicial Circuit. Sallie’s lawyer represented a capital defendant in the same court in which he was a full-time law clerk. We cannot allow such a conflict of interest to exist in a death penalty case. … We therefore reverse and remand for a new trial.”
There were some lawyer problems at the second trial. “On direct appeal, Sallie was represented by Palmer Singleton and Christopher Johnson, both with the Southern Center for Human Rights (“Southern Center”).” The legal opinion linked to goes into great detail. The issues are convoluted and legalistic, and will cause brain damage to observers not used to legal opinions.
Then there is the juror at the second trial. “During jury selection in February 2001, jurors were asked a series of questions, including whether they’d been victims of a crime or known a crime victim, if they’d been victims of domestic violence, if a family member had a criminal history and if they’d been in a child custody fight.
Sallie’s lawyers contend a 28-year-old Houston County woman ultimately chosen to be on the jury withheld information about her “messy divorces,” domestic abuse, participation in an “ugly” child custody fight and other details that they say would have disqualified her from jury service on a case “so bizarrely similar” to her life experiences, according to the lawyers’ news release.
She “maintained positions regarding her personal experiences that are starkly at odds with the extensive court records and other public documents and information manifesting her background,” Sallie’s lawyers have written in court filings. Court records have shown the woman had been divorced four times, with the most recent divorce being finalized in Houston County during the same month as Sallie’s trial….Later asked about her answers to questions asked during jury selection, the woman submitted an affidavit affirming her answers, according to court filings in the case. … She later bragged to an investigator that she convinced an evenly divided jury to vote unanimously for a death sentence, according to the release.
Although Sallie’s trial lawyer did seek a new trial, he didn’t conduct research on the juror, even after he learned of her “adulterous liaison” with a fellow juror. The jury had been sequestered in a hotel during the trial, but was released after the sentencing. Sallie’s lawyers allege the woman enticed a married man on the jury to stay with her after the trial.
Days after Sallie’s sentencing, a juror’s wife called the judge to ask when the trial would be over. Bailiffs were sent to the 28-year-old woman’s home to inform the male juror that his wife was asking about his whereabouts, according to the release.The judge informed lawyers for both the prosecution and defense about the situation about a week after the sentencing.
As the execution date nears, more information is coming out about the wayward juror. The woman said “she would follow Biblical law over Georgia law.” This same woman had been divorced four times. The judge at the trial presided over three of the woman’s divorces. “One of those divorces … was particularly acrimonious and contained dramatic courtroom scenes.” The judge allowed the woman to serve on the jury. Mr. Sallies lawyers could not stop it, which led to these lawyers resigning from the case… they knew they would have to file a claim of inadequate representation against themselves. As a result, Mr. Sallie was without a lawyer at a critical time in the appeal process, and missed an important filing deadline by eight days.
UPDATE William Sallie died at 10:05 pm, December 6, 2016. His request for the last meal was ” a medium pizza with sausage and pepperoni, chicken wings with buffalo sauce and a large soda.”
Pictures are from The Library of Congress. These men fought in the War Between the States.






As I Sit Writing Here

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Vacillation Violence

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Cyber Monday Sixteen

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Display of a link in this forum does not indicate approval of content ~ young ~ The quiet racism behind the white female Trump voter ~ the crusader ~ Donald Trump lands a high-profile newspaper endorsement—from the KKK ~ An Open Letter To The Good Guys ~ George P. Bush III: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know ~ Black on black crime: Myth or not? ~ Thanksgiving Letter to the Family 2016 ~ Dark Tourism ~ 16 Years Ago, William F. Buckley Wrote This About Donald Trump And It’s Eerily Accurate ~ Race in Trump’s America ~ Ten Reasons Bernie Sanders Would not and Could not have beaten Trump ~ Donald Trump Is a Racist ~ Hear a Great Radio Documentary on William S. Burroughs Narrated by Iggy Pop ~ We need a ‘PC’ that includes white people ~ Let’s Be Careful With the “White Supremacy” Label ~ Jameca Price ~ ~ Those who forget the past are condemned to retweet it. ~ Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony. ~ This channel doesn’t have any content ~ Dig this friggin’ article? We send pieces like this twice a week, and we bet you probably would like to read more oddball pieces just like this one. We respect your inbox, BTW. ~ i have a tough time modulating my voice because i’m always yelling” Marc Maron WTF 761 1:03:15 ~ instead of crying wolf, the public screams racist, which has the effect of obscuring much more serious issues ~ Joe: Barry, this is big fucking deal ~ The election of Donald Trump is G-d shitting in one hand. ~ ‏ Most sources on the first google page say this is an exaggeration. ~ @nihilist_arbys In honor of all you fatty animals ripping each other to shreds in Walmart for a slightly cheaper TV, Arbys is serving shredded animals today ~ There’s nothing here. Whatever you were looking for doesn’t currently exist at this address. Unless you were looking for this error page, in which case: Congrats! You totally found it. ~ Comments are disabled for this video. ~ is G-d Speed his drug of choice these days? ~ Vote for Hillary or you are a racist. ~ talk about racism is ultimate distraction.. get white people & black people fighting & you can steal anything ~ Pictures for your virtual entertainment are today are from The Library of Congress. ~ selah