Abrasive Afterlife Alchemy

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You Said It Much Better

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There was a video posted last week. It featured a dialog between Glenn Loury and John McWhorter. Their discussions are frustrating for people who like to multitask. You inevitably hear something interesting, and need to go back and make a video clip.

This conversation has some amusing technical issues. “Because of technical problems, Glenn’s video image is frozen and his audio occasionally sounds like it is “fast forwarding” in the middle third of the conversation. We apologize.” At one point, Dr. Loury spews out some gibberish, and Dr. McWhorter notes “you said it much better than I could.”

One commenter notes “This technical problem brought a smile to my face at the moment when Glenn says, “If [Ta-Nehisi Coates] were here, I think what he might say is XKQOWDQ. Dr. Loury says that Mr. Coates has been invited to appear on “The Glenn Show” many times.

Frozen faced Dr. Loury makes a point about libruls. (spell check suggestion: Libras) He says the “patronizing liberal” folks accept anything certain POC say without scrutiny. SJW are more interested in signalling support of a cause, than in critical examination of the issues. PG agrees enthusiastically.

It was a busy video week for Dr. Loury. He had a conversation about the “meaning of life” with Robert Wright. Dr. Loury recalls the funeral of a friend who died horribly. Many of the people present said that it was a happy time, because the young lady was in heaven.

PG has long been appalled by the Christian obsession with life after death. While those ideas may bring comfort to believers, they can be infuriating to grieving people. It was interesting to hear from another man with a similar outlook. Pictures today are from The Library of Congress.









One Man Heart Circle

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It is the first full day back in town, after the 2015 fall gathering. If you have to ask where I was, you don’t need to know. This time around, the custom of the morning circle was brought back. This is where anyone, who wants to, can talk about the gathering.

Since this is the return to solitary city life, rather than in an improvised community, this will be a one man morning circle. I’m Luther, and my preferred pronoun is he. Pronouns are not a big deal to me. Since this is a one man circle, a singular pronoun is preferred. The concept of using they, as a gender neutral alternative to he/she, is problematic.

Some things are so much easier in this life. One of the chores I assigned myself was clearing weeds off a stone staircase. One of the tools needed an adjustment. I spent a half hour trying to find a phillips head screwdriver. Just now, I needed a flat head screwdriver to pry open a zipper. I found one in less than a minute. City life has advantages.

I don’t pay much attention to omens. If I did, I may have left after the first day. I put my tent up to a group of people who played canned music on a device. I moved my tent, further down the yurt yard. When I was putting my tarp up, I saw a seven foot non poisonous snake. This reptile made another appearance a couple of mornings later, when I was returning from my morning piss. After that, I looked where I stepped. The sticks always seemed to be moving.

remember mama in the rain
kobir made me miss the train
pick up truck needs oil
radiator fixin’ to boil
drunk down at the prison gate
mama you don’t need to hate

Very few people send postcards from gatherings. If they did this time, they would not say “the weather is beautiful wish you were here.” It rained every day, except for the last day. It drizzled. It thundered. It splattered. It dripped. It took away the sun. The paths turned into mud. Everything got wet. It was horrible. Yes, the rain did force people to stay indoors and talk to each other. There might be a better way of doing that.

black crostini sugar cookie tilapia
waffle blue fish mushroom pussy
camouflage stroopwaffel comando
sloppy joe donut grey bacon waffle

watermelon naked tuna corn nothing
noodles nude peach plaid pizza
purple ribs red frys hotdog anus
white burger chocolate spaghetti

There were some wonderful moments. The Know Talent show was not planned at first, and then a wonderful man agreed to facilitate. I brought some poems. It was the first time I had read in public. I was one of the last people to perform, and was wondering if it would happen at all, or if anyone would be left to watch. Fortunately, I did not have to follow an amazing musical act. The act before me was, literally, falling down drunk. Performance art.

what is hidden in there
bigger than her derriere
life is not fair
try not to stare
say a quiet prayer
for the girl with big hair

Somehow, things came together. Meals were served, and were usually fabulous. The dishes got washed. The costumes were a sight. You could overlook things like saturday morning. I was making my mandatory visit to the chapel. Someone said, could you hand me some toilet paper. Another voice said, there is none here either, and no box on the top shelf.

Sunday, the sun came out. I took down my tent, and got stung by a yellow jacket. I got a wheel barrow, and almost slipped in the mud. This was the last time I would walk through the yurt yard mud, hopefully for the rest of my life. I loaded the vehicle, and started up the driveway. Someone was walking in the driveway, I lost the momentum, and had to back up and try again. The second time I made it up the hill. The rest of the journey home was uneventful.

So what did I take away from the gathering? There were moments when I looked up to the sky and said thank you g-d for letting me do this. There were moments on a dance floor surrounded by spectacular human beings. There were also moments of being wet, cold, and totally miserable. I will probably want to do it again. Blessed be.








These Are The 10 Most

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PG saw a facebook post from his cousin. It was about the town he lives in: Wilton Named 83rd Drunkest Place to Live in Connecticut: Report It was based on a bit of creative clickbait, These Are The 10 Drunkest Places In Connecticut.

The distibutor of this information is RoadSnacks. “RoadSnacks is based in Durham, NC. We aim to deliver infotainment about where you live that your real estate agent won’t tell you. We use data, analytics, and a sense of humor to determine the dirt on places across the country.” Other information opportunities include: “TAT10 Poorest Places In Kentucky”, “TAT10 Drunkest Places In Pennsylvania”, “TAT10 Dumbest Cities In Illinois”, “TAT10 Cities In New Jersey With The Most Ashley Madison Accounts”, “TAT10 Snobbiest Places In Louisiana.”

When PG saw the initial TAT10, he wondered about Georgia. A google search was made for “TAT10 drunkest places in Georgia.” Apparently, RoadSnacks is still crunching the numbers on that one. Three enlightening features were available: TAT10 Most Dangerous Places In Georgia, TAT10 Most Ghetto Cities In Georgia, TAT10 Most Redneck Cities In Georgia.

TAT10 lists are not scientific. The criteria varies from study to study. (For more information, be sure to check the actual post.) In dangerous places, “If any places tied, we used the violent crime rank as a tiebreaker.” In ghetto and redneck, it seems to come down to the number of retail outlets. Ghetto was ranked by convenience stores, drug stores, beauty supply stores, and discount stores. Redneck is determined by dive bars, mobile home parks, tobacco stores, guns and ammo stores, Walmarts, Bass Pro Shops, Dollar Generals and Piggly Wigglys.

In OTP Atlanta, many areas change names at the county line. When you leave Dekalb County for Gwinnett, you go from Doraville into Norcross. One road you can do this on is Buford Hiway, which is lined with Asian businesses like My Dung video. This area is home to one of the metro area international communities, and is well known for ultra authentic restaurants. Well known by everyone except RoadSnacks.

According to the TAT10 body of knowledge, Doraville is the 5th most redneck city in Georgia. When you cross the county line, Norcross is the most ghetto city in Georgia. People who are familiar with this area are probably laughing right now. Especially when they see that most ghetto Norcross is also 15th most redneck. Doraville did not make the 90 spot list for most ghetto.

The most dangerous city in Georgia is College Park, with East Point in second place. Neither city was on the redneck list. On the ghetto list, College Park is 67, and East Point is 72.

The city of Brookhaven evidently has not been in existence long enough to be rated. The only list that included Chamblee was ghetto, at 55. Pictures today are from The Library of Congress.









Junky Part Two

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Sometimes, you do something that is so stupid. When preparing this text for publication, PG accidentally clicked in the wrong place, and started to close the file. The machine asked PG if he wanted to save the changes. He clicked on the middle option, which was to not save the changes. A split second later, PG realized what a bad mistake this was. It was too late. This story will be re-created, but might not be as good as the first one. Pictures will be from “The Special Collections and Archives, Georgia State University Library”.

This is part two of the chamblee54 reconfiguration of Junky, by William S. Burroughs, aka William Lee. (part one) The original exposure to this material was from an audiobook, with selections borrowed from the peedeeff. Some of the best writing is in the parts of the manuscript that were edited out. The limited attention span of audiobook listeners must be considered.

The story begins with WSB leaving the north, and arriving in New Orleans. Before you can say Harrison Narcotics Act, (passed in 1914, after the third party manipulated election of 1912,) WSB is using junk. There are some wild and crazy junkies in New Orleans at this time.

“Another occasional was Lonny the Pimp, who had grown up in his mother’s whorehouse. Lonny tried to space his shots so he wouldn’t get a habit. … Lonny was pure pimp. He was skinny and nervous. He couldn’t sit still and he couldn’t shut up. As he talked, he moved his thin hands which were covered on the backs with long, greasy, black hairs. You could tell by looking at him that he had a big penis. Pimps always do. Lonny was a sharp dresser and he drove a Buick convertible. But he wouldn’t hesitate to hang us up for credit on a two-dollar cap.”

Before too much longer, WSB is busted. “We’re going out and search your house, ” the frog-faced cop said. “If we find anything, your wife will be put in jail, too. I don’t know what will happen to your children.” This is the first time the word wife is used. This probably refers to Joan Vollmer, who had her own set of issues. Her fondness for playing William Tell had unfortunate results.

A lawyer gets WSB out of jail. For legal reasons, WSB goes to a facility, and is to receive a cure. One doctor thinks WSB is there for a “marijuana habit.” Another doctor has a familiar conversation. “”Why do you feel that you need narcotics, Mr. Lee?” When you hear this question you can be sure that the man who asks it knows nothing about junk. “I need it to get out of bed in the morning, to shave and eat breakfast.””

After some legal shenanigans. WSB goes to Texas. There is a place on the border called the Valley. It used to be desert, until it was irrigated with water from the Rio Grande. “When I arrived in the Valley, I was still in the post-cure drag. I had no appetite and no energy. All I wanted to do was sleep, and I slept twelve to fourteen hours a day. Occasionally I bought two ounces of paregoric, drank it with two goof balls and felt normal for several hours. You have to sign for P. G. when you buy it, and I did not want to burn down the drugstores. You can only buy P. G. so often, or the druggist gets wise. Then he packs in, or ups the price.”

For the last few years, PG has been the extra name of the slack blogger. It originally stood for Piers Gaveston, a romantic figure in English history. Other uses of PG include parental guidance, pretty good, and passing gas. The two initializing periods were considered unnecessary. To have an retro narcotic preparation referred to as P.G. is a bright moment, in an otherwise dreary text.









Sally And Johnny

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PG was reading facebook, minding his own business, when he saw the splashy title White Liberals Have White Privilege Too!. There is something about online discussions about privilege that make well meaning people want to type a lot of words into little boxes. PG usually avoids such a conversation, as if it were an amway pitch, but made an exception this ill fated afternoon.

The seminal article was written in 2007, and mentioned the media controversy of the day. It seemed as though Joe Biden said
“I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy … I mean, that’s a storybook, man.” Mr. Biden is currently the Vice President, serving under the FMAA.
There was a link to Black People Love Us!, which tells the story of Sally and Johnny…
“We are well-liked by Black people so we’re psyched (since lots of Black people don’t like lots of White people!)” The fun starts when someone quotes a letter to BPLU.
“I swear, if one more white person says that they want to touch my hair, I am gonna puck a f*ckin mousetrap in it so their f*ckin hand gets caught in it. anyways… GET WITH THE PROGRAM! Have any of you ever heard of sarcasm? Irony? Satires? Canterbury Tales? Shakespeare’s “As You Like it” and “Much Ado About Nothing?” If some of you would actually get your heads out of your asses for one second and read a f*cking book or get educated, you will see that this website is NOT trying to break down PEOPLE, but break down BARRIERS and erase STEREOTYPES…With much love for Sally and Johnny… A Black University of Michigan Student with nappy-ass hair”.

The resulting visual ruined the day for PG. BUMS should keep their pants on, and not burden the world with the sight of nappy hair on BUMS posterior. The same thing goes for any asian, latino, caucasian, native american, or zorlack with this problem.

The photgraphs today are from “The Special Collections and Archives, Georgia State University Library”. This repost was modified to satisfy an writing challenge word limit.









Sticks And Stones

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Nothing Noodles

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Old College Friend

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A facebook post has been making the rounds. It starts off “I got a call this morning from an old college friend who’s been a lifelong Republican (for years we’ve kidded one another about our respective politics), who told me he had decided to leave the GOP.” The “old college friend” is not named. The post is a comprehensive list of “progressive” hot buttons. The ding ding ding you hear is the BS detector…looking for bovine excrement, not Bernie no-middle-name Sanders.

The perp is wannabe celebrity Robert Reich. His twitter profile mentions product for sale … “@RBReich Berkeley prof, former Sec. of Labor. Movie INEQUALITY FOR ALL now on Netflix, iTunes, Amazon. Book SAVING CAPITALISM: FOR THE MANY, NOT THE FEW out Sept 29.” The Google sidebar adds a few details. “Robert Reich Former United States Secretary of Labor · Robert Bernard Reich is an American political economist, professor, author, and political commentator. Born: June 24, 1946 (age 69), Scranton, PA Height: 4′ 11″”

His name is similar to Reichstag. In 1933, a fire broke out in the Berlin Reichstag. It was blamed on Communists. The Nazi Party used the uproar surrounding the Reichstag fire to consolidate their power. The cause of the Reichstag fire is controversial to this day.

The facebook post is flaky. The “old college friend” seems to suddenly be a flaming liberal, concerned about “a woman’s right to choose, and of gays’ and lesbians’ right to marry.” Honestly, how many sixty something republicans leave the party because of gay marriage? But it must be ok, because the obligatory denunciation of “their racism!”has an exclamation point.

OCF lists as good republicans Mark Hatfield, Nelson Rockefeller, Jacob Javits, Barry Goldwater and John McCain. Most of these white men performed before the the typical facebook reader was born. Barry Goldwater was regarded as an “extremist” when he ran for President in 1964. His supporters booed Nelson Rockefeller off the stage at the republican convention. During the November election, against future war criminal Lyndon B. Johnson, Barry Goldwater was defeated in a landslide. The only states, outside of home state Arizona, to go for Mr. Goldwater were states in the deep south. They appreciated Mr. Goldwater’s vote against the Civil Rights Act.

At last count, the post received 95,923 likes, 40,031 shares, and 7,802 comments. Critical thought is not a popular item these days. While PG agrees with Mr. Reich about many of the issues raised, he is not impressed with the way the story is told. The only believable part of this document is the exclamation point after racism. Pictures today are from The Library of Congress.









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It started out slowly. PG saw a tweet. It was a promotion for a blog post, featuring William Seward Burroughs reading The Masque of the Red Death, by Edgar Allan Poe. WSB has a great voice. The wealthy Missouri background, filtered through years of high class schooling, and low class abuse, comes through whenever WSB spoke. In the helpful links, there was an opportunity to hear an audiobook of WSB reading Junky. As with other addictions, you begin slowly, and do not realize you have a problem until you are helpless to deal with it.
Junky is the first book that WSB published, using the pseudonym William Lee. It is reputed to be semi autobiographical. In Junky, WSB wallows in the gutters of New York, New Orleans, and Mexico City. For this armchair degenerate, whose severest vice is peanut butter sandwiches, Junky is a glimpse into a picturesque alternate reality. With the aid of copy friendly peedeeoueff edition, we can enjoy samples of the nightmare.
Perhaps the best review of Junky is this Amazon One Star comment.
Dissapointing Tanya N. Miller March 22, 2014 “This is a book that goes nowhere. It ends up right where it started. Every line in the book is about getting drugs and doing drugs then getting off drugs and back on drugs again with some sex thrown in. The only reason why I finished this book is because of my compulsion to finish books that I start and the only reason why I picked it up in the first place is because I wanted to know just who William S. Borroughs was and what he wrote. What a dissapointment and what a total waste of talent.” The spell check suggestions for junky:hunky, junk, gunky, funky.
The story begins with a semi normal childhood. It gets interesting in New York, during the war. A person named Norton
(“a hard-working thief … did not feel right unless he stole something every day from the shipyard where he worked) has a tommy gun he wants Bill to sell. When Norton arrives, he has “a flat yellow box with five one-half grain syrettes of morphine tartrate.”
The story mozies on. Bill tries one of the syrettes, then another, then another. Then there is an episode which is in the book, but not the video.
“Ronnie’s was a spot near 52nd and Sixth where musicians came for fried chicken and coffee after one p.m. We sat down in a booth and ordered coffee. Mary cracked a benzedrine tube expertly, extracting the folded paper, and handed me three strips. “Roll it up into a pill and wash it down with coffee.” The paper gave off a sickening odor of menthol. Several people sitting nearby sniffed and smiled. I nearly gagged on the wad of paper…. Mary selected some gone numbers and beat on the table with the expression of a masturbating idiot.”
The video picks up with Bill trying to sell marijuana.
“Pushing weed looks good on paper, like fur fanning or raising frogs.” Tea heads turn out to be too much trouble. Bill swears to never sell pot again, but not before ranting about the drug laws.
Bill has a habit now, working mostly with prescribed medication. Doctors are known as croakers. Soon the croakers quit writing scripts, and Bill gets busted. Some technicality about giving the wrong address. The case drew a four month suspended sentence. After a few weird scenes involving robbing drunks on the subway. Bill starts to sell junk. His partner is a piece of work.
“One of Bill’s most distasteful conversation routines consisted of detailed bulletins on the state of his bowels. “Sometimes it gets so I have to reach my fingers in and pull it out. Hard as porcelain, you understand. The pain is terrible.” This might be a by product of opiate consumption.
Before long, Bill thinks he is about to get busted, and leaves for Texas. By the time he gets near Lexington, he has junk sickness. He checks into an institution to receive the cure. We learn a new word… shmecker is a user of heroin. Bill leaves the Lexington facility without completing the cure. The next stop is New Orleans
“New Orleans was a strange town to me and I had no way of making a junk connection. Walking around the city, I spotted several junk neighborhoods: St. Charles and Poydras, the area around and above Lee Circle, Canal and Exchange Place. I don’t spot junk neighborhoods by the way they look, but by the feel, somewhat the same process by which a dowser locates hidden water. I am walking along and suddenly the junk in my cells moves and twitches like the dowser’s wand: “Junk here!”

WSB co wrote a musical, “The Black Rider.” The performer is Tom Waits, whose voice sounds like WSB. There is a song, Crossroads. This is probably not about Robert Johnson. In this song, we learn about a gun with magic bullets. In the moment of aiming, the gun turns into a dowser’s wand. The bullet goes where the bullet wants to go. Some say the magic bullet is a stand in for junk. When Junky was written, junk was not used as slang for peckers.
It has been noted that WSB is as queer as a crochet bathtub. This circumstance is not noted in Junky. But then, WSB does not speak well of drug addicts either.

“In the French Quarter there are several queer bars so full every night the fags spill out on to the sidewalk. A room full of fags gives me the horrors. They jerk around like puppets on invisible strings, galvanized into hideous activity that is the negation of everything living and spontaneous. The live human being has moved out of these bodies long ago. But something moved in when the original tenant moved out. Fags are ventriloquists’ dummies who have moved in and taken over the ventriloquist. The dummy sits in a queer bar nursing his beer, and uncontrollably yapping out of a rigid doll face. Occasionally, you find intact personalities in a queer bar, but fags set the tone of these joints, and it always brings me down to go into a queer bar. The bring-down piles up. After my first week in a new town I have had about all I can take of these joints, so my bar business goes somewhere else, generally to a bar in or near Skid Row.”

Before long, Bill goes into a queer bar, and gets in trouble. It seems to be a way of life, for someone who says that junk is a way of life. Maybe the magic bullet was aimed at him all along. At this point, we are roughly half way through Junky. The attention span of both reader, and writing, is maxxing out. In case we get druggie withdrawal, a podcast with Keith Richards is freshly downloaded. Pictures today are from The Library of Congress. These pictures are Union soldiers from The War Between The States. Much of the action in Junky takes place in wartime.

Life Is Bad Fiction

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LBGlass - 092z

LBGlass - 169z

LBGlass - 170z

LBGlass - 174z

LBGlass - 177z

LBGlass - 207z

LBGlass - 223z

Dansk Deutsch English English UK Español فارسی Suomi Filipino Français עִבְרִית हिन्दी Magyar Bahasa Indonesia Italiano 日本語 한국어 Bahasa Melayu Nederlands Norsk Polski Português Русский Svenska ภาษาไทย Türkçe 简体中文 ~ 10 Ways White Liberals Perpetuate Racism ~ Marriage is between a man, a woman, and his intern. ~ @AndyMartindale Saw Mary Poppins trending and feared the worst for a minute. Phew, she’s fine. ~ We Looked Everywhere For This Page! (Error 404) But maybe we can still help you find what you’re looking for: ~ Their There They’re now ~ @ChrchCurmudgeon I could be an ice cream socialist. ~ If you take this to school, will it be confused for a bomb? ~ your opinions are not always welcome ~ A writing teacher said once to go on an adjective diet. ~ Junky ~ William S. Burroughs Reads Edgar Allan Poe ~ 10 Ways White Liberals Perpetuate Racism ~ The Dummy’s Guide to the One True God ~ Luther Mckinnon This applies to this video.@chescaleigh We live in a society that normalizes oppression of others. So very often the “jokes” you make or things you say are unconsciously hurtful NRAGOAL Shut up cracker SunyiSideUp “You said being basically decent to other cultures doesn’t deserve self-congratulations. This confuses me, and when I’m confused by concepts, I get upset.“Luther Mckinnon ” “You said being basically decent to other cultures doesn’t deserve self-congratulations.” I don’t recall saying that. I do feel that you should be decent to other human beings, and that you should not receive an award for this. What I said in the above comment was that Ms. Ramsey said one thing, and did the opposite. The good news is that most white people who watch this video don’t take it seriously.SunyiSideUp Ok, pops. ~ When whatshisname said to honor the Adams family, I thought he meant Gomez and Morticia ~ Maybe you could promise to end drone warfare. I am not sure those Republican clowns need to be raising children. ~ pedantic and pretentious are words that describe themselves ~ @puddinstrip I’d rather have 11 million illegal Mexicans in our country than 1 legal Canadian telling people not to immunize their kids #CNNDebate ~ ‏@nihilist_arbys RT if life’s an unbearable misery & only the occasional pile of Arbys-brand corpseflesh & lines of cheap cocaine keep you from ending it all ~ ‏@chamblee54 spell check suggestion for Arbys-brand is Bystander ~ Be a free spirit. Quit your job. Travel the world. Follow your dreams. Express yourself. Use your parents credit card until you die of a drug overdose. Its all good. ~ Are you smart AND magical? Sign up today and you’ll receive updates from BAD WITCHES plus our free PDF Guide to Love and Attraction Magic that Works! ~ Once vehicles start driving over the crosswalk, and dripping oil on it, the crosswalk will be gnarly looking. If it is scrubbed after pride, this will not happen. ~ The stars and bars is a bad example. That debate has gone on for a long time. The debate over the Georgia state flag was going on twenty two years ago. ~ I wonder how many people have made that comment ~ God created war so Americans would learn geography ~ Is including PhD in a twitter handle pretentious? ~ Life is bad fiction. ~ #yardsales. For $2.30: wig mannequin,yard saw,wallet,copy of “Fifty shades of Gray”,lavender bowling ball,black bowling ball,bike ride ~ PRAYER WARRIOR ALERT: Print out this FREE Bible tract to thrust into the unrepentant hands of unsaved trash. Trust me: You’ll run out of paper before you run out of sinners! ~ Maybe the problem is calling your ideas “beliefs,” and attaching too much importance to them. Remember, the middle three letters of believe is lie. ~ The war on Republican Presidential candidates was a bad idea. ~ Is proscience the opposite of conscience? ~ pictures are from “The Special Collections and Archives, Georgia State University Library”. ~ selah

LBGlass - 225z

LBGlass - 228z

LBGlass - 229z

LBGlass - 230z

LBGlass - 236z

LBGlass - 244z

LBGlass - 261z


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