Condescending Nasty

Posted in Uncategorized by chamblee54 on July 23, 2008

Mr. Malcontent
has a feature today about the August cover for Vanity Fair. It shows JSM and the heiress bride doing a little fist bump.
The cover is an obvious takeoff on a New Yorker cover that featured BHO and his proud wife. Lots of feathers were ruffled by that cover, mostly by the humor challenged. The current VF cover will likely result in whining about Liberal Bias.
New Yorker and Vanity Fair are both produced by Conde-Nast. The corporate name is rumored to be short for condescending nasty. There is no word on whether Vogue or Conde Nast Traveler will have political satire cartoons on the cover. Maybe Vogue could get fashion icon Nancy Reagan to do a fist bump with her husband’s tombstone.
Malcontent supplied a link to a column by Leonard Pitts in the Miami Herald. Mr. Pitts opined that as a nation we were
“ignorant, irony-impaired and petrified.”
The most recent effort by Mr. Pitts was ” You Think Slavery Ended in 1865?”. It is good reading, especially for those who enjoy talk of the good old days.
One good thing did come out of chasing the link to Mr. Pitts. A bit of backtracking on the Herald page showed the list of communists columnists. The other editorial columnist on the payroll there is one of my heroes, Carl Hiaasen. If irony is going away on a cruise, then Carl Hiaasen is throwing one helluva Bon Voyage party.
The latest effort by Mr. Hiaasen (does anyone know how to pronounce that?) is about the folly of trying to solve the oil price explosion by domestic offshore drilling. This is a favorite topic for the whiners on the radio today, but a bit of research shows a bit of putrification. For instance, the drilling off the Florida coast is most likely to produce natural gas, which is not what your SUV runs on.
The fact remains that no matter how much we drill, we are going to run out of oil someday. Another source of energy is needed. The oil companies will have to find an honest way to make a living.
Spell check suggestions for this feature:
pitts- pits, mitts, putts, pints, pitas, piths
carl- carol, car, earl, marl, surl, care, call, cart, card, carp
hiaasen- baseness, unbiased, ashien, absentia
Leonard- leotard, leopard
conde- clyde, coned, code, condo,cone
nast- nat, east, last, cast, mast, past, bast, fast, vast, nasty
putrification- purification, petrification

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