Was The Game Rigged?

Posted in Uncategorized by chamblee54 on January 25, 2010

Was the Vikings-Saints game rigged?

It seems suspicious to some that the Vikings had so many fumbles and interceptions in the NFC championship yesterday. The Saints never did seem to stop the Vikings offense, but they stopped themselves. To this, you can add a couple of questionable calls by the officials.

There are several ways to see this. One is that the NFL would want a Favre fest super bowl, that the talking heads could blather about Saint Brett for two endless weeks. A Favre vs Manning showdown would take attention away from what Michelle Obama is wearing. The flip side is that someone, somewhere, is tired of crybaby antics, and wanted to spare America the spectacle of tmi Brett Favre.

Eleven years ago, the Falcons played the Vikings for the NFC championship. For the Vikings, a field goal kicker who had missed all season, missed. The Falcons won a game they had no business winning, and got clobbered by Denver in the Super Bowl. The Falcons once employed Brett Favre.

The NFL is terrified of a gambling scandal. There is no way to know who bet what on whom yesterday. It is theoretically possible that some big money players told Mr. Favre to throw that insane pass at the end of regulation. Or, maybe some TV folks thought the ratings would be better for New Orleans. Or, maybe some cajun voodoomeister cooked the books.

Pictures are from a beltline walk last July. The place where the beltline goes under I-75 on the south end is a contender for best graffiti in the city.

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