Sing About John Lennon

Posted in Uncategorized by chamblee54 on November 24, 2010

PG is stalled at page 738 of The Lives of John Lennon . He got a beatup paperback copy at booknook for 25 cents, which works out to .0338 cents per page. This does not factor in the parts that were skipped over. This volume was written by Albert Goldman, who likes to go off on tributaries.

Mr. Goldman has written several other biographies. The one that PG read was Ladies and Gentlemen, Lenny Bruce . This was over 700 pages of drugs, backstabbing, drugs, comedy, drugs, sex, and more drugs. Mr. Bruce was not a very nice man. Mr. Goldman does not put lipstick on the hog.

Much the same could be said for John Lennon. According to this account, John was Brian Epstein’s rough trade boytoy. He did mountains of heroin, LSD, marijuana, alcohol, and breakfast sausages. He told Yoko she could sing. ( Yoko’s singing is also compared to a stomach pump after a suicide attempt.)

John Lennon had a tough beginning. His mother abandoned him, and he was raised by an aunt. His father disappeared, only to show up after John was a superstar. After playing in a band with Paul and George for a few years, John became incredibly popular. His comment that the Beatles were more popular than Jesus may have been the truth.

It was thirty years ago that John went to Strawberry Fields forever. Albert Goldman left the building in 1994. Yoko survives. Pictures for this evening are from ” The Special Collections and Archives,Georgia State University Library”.

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