Red State’s Best Signatures

Posted in Uncategorized by chamblee54 on November 13, 2011

During the recent Herman Cain scandal, the best source  for  dog stories has been Red State. The grand poobah of RS is Erick Erickson. He took over Mr. Cain’s radio show, when Big Daddy left to run for President. Red State has some lively comment threads. Many of their regulars have slogans appearing under their comments. PG thought it would be fun to collect some of these signature slogans, and post them between the pictures. The pictures are from The Library of Congress // Disclaimer: I firmly believe in conservative principles. I firmly believe in small limited government and fiscally responsible. I firmly believe in an experienced person who has a record of their conservatism. That is why I am a staunch supporter of Governor Rick Perry // In the final analysis will our children praise or curse our actions this day? // Follow me on Twitter // God save you, if it is right that He should do so – Sir William Thatcher // Remember, if the left wins, abortion will not only be legal, it will be mandatory. // “One man with courage makes a majority.” – Andrew Jackson // The point cannot be made often enough: Modern liberalism, as embodied in the Obama presidency, is the defender of the status quo. And the status quo is a road to economic ruin. Political forces cannot redistribute the wealth that the economic system does not produce. // The greatest evil…is conceived and ordered (moved, seconded, carried, and minuted) in clean, carpeted, warmed, and well-lighted offices, by quiet men with white collars and cut fingernails and smooth-shaven cheeks who do not need to raise their voice. Hence, naturally enough, my symbol for Hell is something like the bureaucracy of a police state or the offices of a thoroughly nasty business concern. -C.S. Lewis // Will YOU help make 2011 “The Year of the Precinct Committeeman?” // “There is no art which one government sooner learns of another than that of draining money from the pockets of the people.” -Adam Smith // They say Republicans are for the rich, Democrats are for the poor. If they need more voters, then they have to make more of who they are for. // We are there in the various Tea Party groups, leaderless, but not rudderless. We steer always toward the Constitutional principles this nation was founded upon. Erick Brockway // Get involved or get lost. Quit the whining and actually do something. // To me, “consensus” seems to be the process of abandoning all beliefs, principles, values and policies. So it is something in which no one believes and to which no one objects … There are still people in my party who believe in “consensus” politics. I regard them as Quislings, as traitors … I mean it. — Margaret Thatcher // Defend Liberty — Join the NRA Live in Massachusetts? Join GOAL. // Who will stand on either hand and keep this bridge with me? // “What keeps me here is the reek of beer, the ladies and the craic” // In memory of A1C Elizabeth N. Jacobson // “Lieutenant Dike wasn’t a bad leader because he made bad decisions. He was a bad leader because he made no decisions.” // Obama was The One in 2008. He’ll be a BIGGER one in 2012. // “One of the great mistakes is to judge policies and programs by their intentions rather than their results.” — Milton Friedman // The War on Poverty– forty-six years and counting! // “Proud Charter Member of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy Since 1964!” // If the mind is to emerge unscathed from this relentless struggle with the unforeseen, two qualities are indispensable: first, an intellect that, even in the darkest hour, retains some glimmerings of the inner light which leads to the truth; and second, the courage to follow this light wherever it may lead.” Karl von Clausewitz // Ignore the knownothings and snide comments. Don’t let them deter from the truth. // “The press is so powerful in its image-making role that it can make a criminal look like he’s the victim and make the victim look like he’s the criminal.”–Eldridge Cleaver // Obama = Golfer in Chief, Leading from, behind, the Back Nine. // Leaders don’t create movements. Movements create leaders. Get involved. Your future depends on it. // Govt “invests” YOUR tax money for POLITICAL return rather than economic return. // “Success is not final, failure is not fatal; it is the courage to continue that counts.”–Winston Churchill // Drill, Dig, Nuke, and Frack! // I don’t want to be Reagan. I want to be a Chance/Soros hybrid. // Envisioning when all that is Left is the Right. // “It’s such a fine line between stupid, and clever.” – David St. Hubbins // If I don’t stand my own ground, how can I find my way out of this maze? Pink Floyd (Dogs) // Ceterum autem censeo, Obamacarem esse delendam. //

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