The General Public’s Business

Posted in Undogegorized by chamblee54 on September 29, 2013

an anagram for opinion is ninipoo ~ Future task force people might want to consider this sort of thing when planning gatherings. A few years ago, there was a gathering at George Miller’s house the same night as a Georgia Tech football game. The dates of park festivals are known well in advance. A bit of planning goes a long way. ~ Why is this the general public’s business? ~ Ms. Hurlburt feels very old because she remembers wars before OIF. (Say OIF, and you have a good feel for the invasion of Babylon.) (The spell check suggestion for OIF is OAF) She is correct that the wars of your youth help to form your viewpoint about war in general. As someone who was in high school during Vietnam, I feel beyond ancient. I do not like war, period. ~ I made this comment to a diavlog with Heather Hurlburt. It was deleted within moments of being sent. Is there some policy that this comment violated? ~ oh thy dour rhyming mama, change the channell skip the drama, send kittens off to meet their maker, steal brownies from the baker, if only your blog wasn’t powered by google, the angry cow would just say moogle. ~ I shall baffle you with cabbages and rhinoceroses in the kitchen and incessant quotations from “Now We Are Six” through the mouthpiece of Lord Snooty’s giant poisoned electric head. So there! ~ “In perfume, as in underwear, the scantiest of applications provides the greatest of returns.” -Silas Sparkhammer ~ People need to stop appropriating Jesus as their reason for behaving badly. It’s so irritating. (Avril) ~ “For me, religion is like a rhinoceros: I don’t have one, and I’d really prefer not to be trampled by yours. But it is impressive, and even beautiful, and, to be honest, the world would be slightly worse off if there weren’t any.” -Silas Sparkhammer ~ “The true soldier fights not because he hates what is in front of him, but because he loves what is behind him.” – G.K. Chesterton ~ If you don’t appreciate the irony, the irony appreciates. ~ “Sappiness and medieval violence: it’s a wonderful combination. Like chocolate and peanut butter for the mind.” -me on my fantasy novel-in-progress ~ Fight evil diaper rash! ~ On the crusade to eliminate Moral Asshattery wherever it exists ~ Another GSEMH story ~ If you don’t like the text, look at the pictures. ~ It seems HO listic to me ~ Wasn’t that about the time a zombie TV show was being filmed here? Maybe one took over your being. ~ I just did a quick search on twitter for this “racist backlash”. Most of the comments were people who are offended by the anti Miss America winner. So what if a few morons make ignorant comments. Maybe the best thing to do is ignore them. ~ Perhaps ignoring these people is the best thing to do. ~ It is national gullibility week ~ This might be a good weekend for an attack on spirituality. Many of the troops are out of town. ~ Are you saying that people on facebook write badly? ~ The turtle cheated in that race with the rabbit. ~ This is so tempting to a photoshop mischief maker. ~ The problem with posting these pictures is that you make people turn on the bs detector. I have no doubt that depleted uranium is evil, and that the United States and Israel are using it. However, seeing those pictures makes me suspect a fraud. I learned a while back that when something seems too extreme to be true, it frequently is. I did a little research on this, and some of those images date back to 2006. I know the images are attention getting, but I have my doubts as to whether real living humans look like that. It could be that the truth is worse than these eye catching images. It is tough to know for sure. ~ Talking truth is better than showing scary pictures. ~ Life is not a Motivational Poster ~ Does anyone else suspect that Cher was not asked to sing at the Olympics? ~ What about a girlcott? ~ I was thinking of Hillary Clinton ~ When I worked in a downtown office, I put a picture I did, of a cow, in the window. This lady came in, took a look at it, and said “is that a cow?” I started to say no, it is a chicken, but this lady did not have a sense of humor. ~ Large art objects can become a burden. Just wait until you, G-d forbid, move again. That is one reason I do everything on a 17″x22″ flat format. ~ What do sculptors do with leftover projects? ~ 1-I don’t know how these things work, but what if he was an undercover cop? How do the rules of entrapment work? If you did give in to his demands, could he bust you anyway? 2- Would you call a massage narc a mark? ~ @robertwrighter no bullets for rapists would make a fine tweet. If we knew the twitter handle of the US Representative to the UN, we could copy her. ~ ‏@tejucole And Jesus said unto them, “Neither shalt thou feed the trolls nor shalt thou join the easy little lynch mobs that riseth on Twitter.” ~ Maybe there is a G-d, and maybe there isn’t. What I don’t agree with is the attachment people have to their beliefs. It is the belief paradigm that is the problem. Is there really that much difference between believing there is a G-d, and believing there is not a G-d? It is all about the fascination man has with the beliefs that live only inside the mind. ~ Does he open a restaurant? ~ I thought it was a Baptist Church employee in Columbus GA ~ When I was working in an office, one of the project managers said something about problems. I told him that people don’t have problems any more, they have issues. He replied, I have an old fashioned job. I have problems. ~ Don’t worry about being as easy as pie. It’s a piece of cake. Maybe you can be a roll model. ~ I would much rather receive darshan from a head of lettuce and have satsang with cats than to pay for or even listen to some FB teachers/master always hocking more crap. If you got issues then get some tissues and move on. ~ If you are a cow, it is the significant udder ~ Is that really so? There is no famous person given credit for the quote. ~ I think a man with a helmet defending his country should make more money than a man with a helmet defending a football. ~ Pictures are from The Library of Congress. These are Union Soldiers from the War Between the States. They did not wear helmets. Football had not been invented. ~ Selah

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