South Carolina In Action

Posted in Uncategorized by chamblee54 on November 24, 2009

When PG was growing up, one feature of the summer was the trip to see his dad’s family in eastern North Carolina. In those days before air conditioning and interstate highways, this meant a long afternoon in South Carolina. PG decided that South Carolina was the biggest, hottest place on the planet.

PG saw two things there that he did not see at home. There was a restaurant in some small town with a sign in the window, “whites only”. ( Strange as it may seem, PG never saw a sign like that in Atlanta). The other thing was dozens of fireworks stands, often ramshackle affairs by the roadway.

These days, South Carolina gets a bit of bad press. Georgia should be relieved that some of this attention is diverted from our own perfect state. The latest item is a tax holiday friday on firearms purchases.

HT to JoemyG-d and the NY Daily News for the information in this report. New York is the ultimate destination of many weapons bought in South Carolina. It is part of the fun of states rights…when you have tight gun laws in one state, you created a business opportunity in states with less stringent laws.

According to Rep. Mike Pitts, the sponsor of the Big Bang Tax holiday,
“It’s not our lax gun laws. It’s our high crime-rate that causes the problems,”. Pitts sought to illustrate his position by noting that a burglar had recently broken into his home and stolen “about a dozen guns.” “What’s happening is people break into my home, steal my guns and get a premium price by taking it to other states and selling them,”.
Pitts has a daughter, with the unique age of 19 or 20.
“The number of gun sales is expected to grow ever higher thanks to Pitts, who also sponsored a bill that reduced the age for possessing a handgun in South Carolina from 21 to 18. “If my daughter were driving, as a 19- or 20-year-old, to Charleston, I could put my handgun in the glove compartment of my car and she could drive to Charleston without being a felon.”
The tax holiday on weapons sales
“was first tacked onto a 2008 bill that provided similar breaks for energy efficient appliances.” Maybe a higher grade of insulation would make handguns more energy efficient. The State Supreme Court threw out the tax break, because South Carolina has a “one subject rule” in the state constitution, which prohibits multiple unrelated laws in the same bill. The energy efficient legislature dropped the appliance part, and kept the tax break on firearms.
It should be noted that hiking Governor Mark Sanford vetoed the bill that enables the tax break for firearms. The veto was overridden by the legislature.

The story at the New York Daily news had a link to another story. Dean Meminger was a player for the New York Knickerbockers in the seventies, when they won two NBA championships. He was in a fire sunday night in the Bronx. Crack pipes were found in his room. “The Dream” is in critical condition.

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