Don’t Touch My Stuff Sir

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There is a video making the rounds. It supposedly proves the existence of racial profiling. The only thing this video proves is the gullibility of people.

It opens in a city park. It is a bright, sunny day. A young man is trying to break a bicycle chain. He uses a saw, and bolt cutters. He spends over an hour on the job, and a hundred people pass by. No one makes an issue about it. A reporter talks to people, and gets their reaction. No one suspects anything.

To begin with, a real thief is not going to spend an hour working on a bike. He probably won’t openly operate in a sunny city park. There probably is not a reporter nearby. The bike is chained to a short road sign. It would be easy to lift the bike over the sign.

The first actor goes away, and the second actor comes in. The shadows don’t seem any different in the park. The second actor is dressed similarly to the first, except for the extra melanin. Yea, this is about how the white guy gets away with inept thievery, and the black guy gets questioned.

Soon, there is a crowd around the young black man. People are asking him whether he owns the bike. A man “whips out a cell phone, and calls 911.” He is standing next to the actor, who continues to saw.

It gets better. The actor rides off in the bike, then it is chained back to the sign. The experiment begins again. An old white man confronts the actor, and picks up the tools. What happens next? If you have ever caught a thief, you know that at this point all hell breaks loose. The thief will start yelling, or pull a knife, or start major trouble. But in this video, the bike thief actor says, politely, “Please sir, please sir, don’t touch my stuff sir”.

This video is a scripted piece of entertainment. It is a fantasy. It has nothing to do with the reality of crime and theft. It is not even very good acting. Pictures are from The Library of Congress. This is a repost. UPDATE: When this feature was originally posted, PG was immediately unfriended by the person who posted the video on facebook.

Another issue with the video is the business of staging fake crimes, to illustrate videos about social justice issues. There is enough crime already. Police don’t need to be bothered with people staging fake crimes to make their point about social justice issues.








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