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Today is tuesday. Those people entities in Russia that send spam messages to this blog may disagree. Tuesday is one seventh of reality.

There is a phrase in some circles, “suicide tuesday”. It seems like some people, who chemically enhance their weekends, come crashing down on tuesday. The result is not always pleasant.

To PG, tuesday is an evil day. You are through monday, but have four more days until your weekend. Tuesday is a day of intense reality, with no easy escape. Unless you are on the DOL direct deposit plan, where tuesday is just another day.

In some hispanic cultures, Tuesday is considered an unlucky day. There is a saying “En martes, ni te cases ni te embarques,” meaning, “On Tuesday, neither get married nor begin a journey.”

Elections are traditionally held on tuesday. In november, it is the first tuesday after a monday. The evil that is done on this day is balanced by the relief of the campaigns being over. According to wikipedia
“Tuesday was the earliest day of the week which was practical for polling in the early nineteenth century: citizens might have to travel for a whole day to cast their vote, and would not wish to leave on Sunday which was a day of worship for the great majority of them.”
This may be part of why carnival season ends on Mardi Gras, or fat tuesday. It is the day before ash wednesday, or the start of Lent. This is too catholic for PG to comprehend.

Nine Eleven was on a tuesday. D day was on a tuesday. A key day in the Stock Market crash of 1929 was October 29, or black tuesday. In theory, one seventh of all events happen on a tuesday.




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