Rally At The Capitol Turns Nasty

Posted in Library of Congress, Politics, Race by chamblee54 on November 13, 2018

Georgia state senator, protesters arrested at Capitol while demanding ‘every vote count’ There was a protest at the Gold Dome today. The issue was voter suppression. This has been a prominent issue for Democrat Stacey Abrams. Republican opponent Brian Kemp is routinely accused of suppressing the vote, particularly among people of color. Many of the things Mr. Kemp is blamed for are done by the counties. This is not mentioned by the Democrats, who know a good issue when they see one.

Rallies at the Capitol are routine. A few years ago, Liberty Plaza was built across the street. This way, people can have their free speech, and the business of running the state can continue. For some reason, the protest today was inside the Capitol building. The crowd was shouting “no justice no peace,” among other things. The police told the crowd they needed to behave. The crowd did not. People were arrested. The election from hell continues.

Capitol and Grounds Exhibit and Event Guidelines is quite clear about this. “State law prohibits: Parading, demonstrating, or picketing within the state capitol building or any building housing committee offices, committee rooms, or offices of members, officials, or employees of the General Assembly or either house thereof with intent to disrupt the orderly conduct of official business or to utter loud, threatening or abusive language or engage in any disorderly or disruptive conduct in such buildings or areas. See O.C.G.A. 16-11-34.1 (g).”

State Sen. Nikema Williams was one of the people arrested. Some say that since she is a State Senator, she should not have been arrested. “Article III, Section 4, Paragraph IX of the Georgia Constitution, on the privilege of members, says “the members of both houses shall be free from arrest during sessions of the General Assembly, or committee meetings thereof, and in going thereto or returning therefrom, except for treason, felony, or breach of the peace. No member shall be liable to answer in any other place for anything spoken in either house or in any committee meeting of either house.” Does the protest today constitute a breach of the peace? That is a matter for lawyers to decide.

The followers of Stacey Abrams have played this game before. The rules don’t apply to them. During the Democratic primary, supporters of Miss Abrams shouted down her opponent, Stacey Evans. Miss Abrams defended the action. “I do not believe that you silence those who feel they are voiceless, because the minute we do that we are no better than those who tell people they can’t kneel in protest.” Miss Abrams was also involved in some protests in 1992, while a student at Spelman College.

Pictures today are from The Library of Congress. “Sixteenth Convention, Anti-Saloon League of America at Atlantic City, N.J., July 6-9, 1915.” Thomas Sparrow, photographer

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